View Full Version : Safe Points! Almost too late...

October 2nd, 2004, 7:59 PM
We are running away from thieves, the evil teams, even the police, you name it, but lucky for us there are safe points... a pokemon is at each safe point and teleports us to the next 1 if we do certain tasks for it... if we dont rely on these safe-points then we die... if u want to stay in this rp but leave the team, then you have become a traitor and cannot ever come-back to the team unless u manage to over-throw the leader (which is me) and still manage to convince the other members of the team, that you are a better leader. if more than me/1 leader is booted from the team by beating beaten in a 2vs2 battle (which is how u overthrow a leader) then those ex-leaders make a new team and try to overpower/destroy the other team while making it out alive, also the traitor team (ex-ldr team) is going to the same town/safe-points in the same order as the original team, *so just let me decide where it is since i made this rp*... but tries to get to the safe-points first... this rp ends when sum1/a team gets to the final safe point. there are 11 safepoints. also no1 can try to overthrow me/any leader if the leader has only been a leader for 2 safe points only or less. (so if u want to be the first to over-throw me then u have to wait till the 3rd safe point). being a leader gives you command over your group's decision over where the next town will be (if ur not me/dont know where the next town in rp is, jsut pick a random city we havent been to, and have that as your next safe-point). you as the leader have to write your journey there and your battles to get to the next safe point, also for the tasks make 1 up, but it has to be challenging and not the same 1 twice... (if you want to keep this simple then just keep me as the ldr.) each safepoint is in a seperate city and can be in any region that I/the current ldr chooses. let the story begin! also here is you required profile/mine as an example:
Name: kirby
2 pokemon: hypno, Breloom
Rank: (if you become a ldr/former ldr after me, then say that in your next post after becoming ldr/former ldr so we all know/remember, otherwise every1 but me is a grunt)
**FINAL NOTE**: THE POLICE, THEIVES AND TEAMS (AQUA, MAGMA AND ROCKETS) are all enemies, but for now they are temporarily allied to get us. During this rp however, the LEADER (ONLY) of The original team, and the leader of the EX Ldr team can make up realisitic explanations that make them fight eachother. Ie: I thoguht we wouldn't make it, but I managed to convince the police that the thieves were more of a threat due to their machine guns. The police believed me and went aftre the thieves giving my team time to get out b4 they came back after us.