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July 31st, 2009, 9:52 PM
One-shot I wrote involving the RBYFRLG events with the Pokemon Tower and Team Rocket, spiced up.
Did this to kill writers block, "<text>" indicates Pokemon speech, and holy hell there probably is things I can work on with this one-shot.

Lavender's Orphan -

It was a cold day as usual in Lavender Town of the Kanto region. However, the little place was at peace. A light rain fell onto the town, so none of its inhabitants were outside. However, two Pokémon were outside. The bigger creature held the smaller, crying one. The larger one ran through the wet grass and towards a giant tower. Once inside, they shook themselves off. The bigger creature put the petite one down, but it was still crying. Once the larger one said its name, it became clear that the Pokémon were Cubone and Marowak, and that they were a family. Obviously, the Marowak was the mother. She comforted her unmasked Cubone son, and he ceased crying afterwards.

"<Thanks mom, you're the best!>" The child Cubone said as he admirably looked up at his mother and smiled.

"<Not a problem son!>" She said as she looked down and hugged him.

The two hugged, but the embrace ended when the child Cubone asked a question.

"<Mom, where are we?>"

"<We're in the Pokémon Tower son, where the dead are buried and respected.>"

"<Spooky! Well anything is better than that mean, old sky water!>" He said as he shook at the thought of the rain.

"<That's called rain, son.>" She smiled as she pet his smooth, brown head.

The child laughed and smiled. He waved his arms in the air, "<Up mommy, up!>"

The mother picked her son up and held her in one arm so she could hold her bone in the other. The Pokémon Tower was a mysterious place, and a building the mother Marowak has visited multiple times. However, since the place was a mystery, anyone inside it had to keep their guard. She walked up a set of stairs near the wall. The second level was slightly foggy, but anyone could still find their way around without a problem. Multiple headstones were also visible, each with writing on them to pay tribute to the buried Pokémon. Cubone paid no mind to it when he was set down, as his curiosity was set on his mothers bone club.

The mother looked off in the distance to look at each of the graves. Meanwhile, her son waddled over to the hand she was holding the bone in. He jumped, but it wasn't a high one. But, it was enough for him to grab onto his mothers weapon. She looked down when she noticed the extra weight on her weapon. She smiled as she set her son back down.

"<Hey son, I see you like this club I'm holding, but it'd be far too heavy for you to use.>"

"<That's what you always say momma! But I want one!>" He pouted.

"<Okay son, okay. I can probably find a small one for you in here. Would you like that?>" She asked.

"<Yes! Yes! Yes!>" He excitedly exclaimed. He jumped up and down with joy.

"<Okay, son. Stay here, though; this place can get a little spooky, but anything will ignore you if you don't bother or move around them.>" She said.

Her son nodded and sat down on the floor. His mother took off in the opposite direction. Soon, he couldn't see his mother through the fog. However, he could see other Cubone either wandering around or sleeping. They paid no mind to him. They were different from him, however. They all had skulls and bones. He wanted to go play with them, but he obeyed his mothers word. He thought about the day he would be like all the others with a skull and bone.

Meanwhile, outside the Pokémon Tower...

Ten men stood in a two by five formation. Each of them looked very disciplined, as they all stood still. Each of them had the same uniform. A black suit with gray gloves, boots, and belts. A red 'R' logo was visible on the uniforms torso. They all listened attentively as another person wearing a similar uniform paced back and forth barking orders.

"Alright team, many Cubone wander in the Pokémon Tower. The skulls they wear can be sold for a very high price. We need to remove the skulls to make some money. According to the boss, we will all get a share of the final profit if we see this through. Is that clear?" He stopped to look at all of the grunts.

The men all yelled right in unison to show that they understand what they have to do.

"And, if anything gets in the way, we will deal with it with brute force. Recite the Team Rocket motto and storm!"

All the men yelled right one more time before yelling the motto.

"One, Profit! Two, Economize! Three, four, five, Pokémon!" They said in unison. They all ran into the building, ready to fulfill their assigned task.

Their leader walked into the building calmly while asking himself a question, "Why do they always have to yell?".

Back inside the tower...

The first of the Team Rocket grunts made an appearance. He came into view of the baby Cubone. Clearly his mother wasn't back yet. He looked up at the dark clothed man and talked, though he clearly didn't know that humans couldn't understand Pokémon language.

"<Excuse me mister, would you like to play?>" He asked.

The man looked over when he heard the Cubone. He sighed when he saw that it wasn't wearing a skull. He approached it with his fists tightened.

"Out of the way you skull-less reject!"

He kicked the child Pokémon without care before walking by. Tears began to well up in his eyes as he tried to land safely in the ground. He was in disbelief at what was happening. The child held his arm out, but this proved to be a mistake. When he landed, all his body weight went down on his little arm. He felt and heard it snap. He cried loudly at the unbearable pain of his arm breaking in such a manner. He held it and flailed his legs around as he watched the rest of the Team Rocket crew pass by. None of them paid any mind to him, knowing their assignment. He cried as he thought to himself, 'Where are you mommy? Where are you!'.

Team Rocket took the wild Cubone of the Pokémon Tower by surprise. They held the Pokémon down on the floor so the procedure could begin. There were only ten rockets, and two of them had to be assigned per Cubone, and the wild Pokémon were greater in number. The extra ones had to be held by Pokémon owned by the Team Rocket grunts. All it took was two Ekans to wrap around and contain the Pokémon, while one Machamp held other Cubone down with its four powerful arms. Each of the contained wild Pokémon struggled to get free, but these efforts proved to be futile. The Ekans and Machamp were too strong for them, as were the the Team Rocket grunts.

The process of skull removal was simple. One rocket member held the struggling Cubone down while another pulled the cap off. Once the skull was off, the rocket member holding it down simply tossed it aside like a rag doll. Each of them were unprotected now. Most passed out at the sudden change of life. Losing the skull they held so dear wasn't something they could simply accept. Those who remained conscious held their heads and cried or watched in horror as their brethren got their skulls removed, one by one.

"Last one!" A rocket grunt said as he removed the last Cubone skull.

"Very good job people, applaud yourselves before going to the next floor." Said their leader. He seemed happy that the job went by without a hitch.

However, his happy mood was contradicted. One of the now mask less Cubone stood up with bone in hand. Anger was seen in its eyes as it blindly ran for the group leader. He picked it up, stopping it dead in its tracks. It attempted to whack the man with its bone, but he simply grabbed it and threw it. He held the Cubone by its neck, choking it for attempting to attack him.

"This is fair punishment, you worthless pile of trash!"

The grunts emotionlessly watched as their leader rose his fist. His fist impacted with the Cubone's defenseless face. The punch was powerful enough to force its facial bones into the rest of its head. The bones inside the front of its face shattered and stabbed into the rest of its face. This proved to be fatal, as its nasal bones stabbed right into its brain. This killed it instantly. It bled as its killer tossed it. It landed on the ground, hard. One of its fellow Cubone approached the lifeless body and touched it with its bone, hoping for some reply. It cried when it figured out the fate that fell upon its friend. The Team Rocket members laughed at the situation, knowing that now they'd be rich and with no consequences for them or their team leader.

Mother Marowak held many bones small, twig sized bones in its arms as it walked down the stairs. It was cheery until it opened its eyes and saw the unmasked Cubone surrounding their fallen brother. The sound of their cries was gut wrenching to the mother, thinking about her child. She dropped the bundle of bones and worriedly rushed over to small group.

"<What happened!?>" She asked as her heart raced.

One of the crying Cubone turned to her. Its sobbing almost prevented it from talking. When it did speak, its voice cracked and hiccuped with each word.

"<Those bad people over there took our skulls and killed our friend... Why did they kill our friend, why?>"

"<Those awful...>" She said as she squeezed her fist, "<Was anyone else hurt?>" Marowak asked.

"<One of them kicked another kid who already didn't have a skull...>" It said.

An unbelievable amount of anger rushed to the mother when she heard that. She gripped her bone tightly as she looked in the direction of her baby. She could faintly hear the boy sobbing. She glanced at the Team Rocket group before rushing through the crowd. They all noticed the larger version of Cubone pass by them. They paid no mind, and looked at their leader for guidance. The group leader had a shocked and pleased look on his face. He turned to his subjects.

"Alright grunts, seems we got a Marowak on our hands. Their skulls can be sold at a much higher price than a Cubone skull! More profit, lets get it! Be careful, though. Marowak are far more powerful than those Cubone weaklings."

The team nodded as they slowly approached the mother and son duo.

The mother held her son in her arm. Both of them were crying, though the Cubone son was happy to see his mother.

"<Mommy! Mommy! I'm hurt!>" He whined.

"<Son! Who did this to you!?>" She asked as she examined his broken arm.

"<Th-that man over there!>" The child Pokémon pointed his unbroken, stubby arm at one of the Team Rocket members.

It was easy for his mother to identify the rocket grunt who hurt her son, as they were all approaching at once. She angrily looked at the entire group before focusing her attention on the single Team Rocket underling who damaged Cubone. A look of terror grew on their face as the Marowak glared at them. She tossed her bone like a boomerang. She had great skill in doing this, as the thick as steel bone hit the knee of her sons attacker. All the other grunts stopped in their tracks so they wouldn't be attacked either. The grunt fell to the ground and tended to his knee. Their leader spoke as he pointed at the Marowak.

"Get it, now!" He yelled.

The Marowak mother jumped in the air and aimed herself at the grunt with her glowing fist raised in the air. Her attack was cut off, however. Two grunts bravely rushed in and grabbed a hold of her before her attack could make contact with their fellow grunt. She struggled to get free, causing some trouble for the two Team Rocket members holding her. They held their ground, however. The group leader approached the secured Marowak. He smirked as he thought about the riches her skull would bring. A failed attempt was made to remove her skull. It was attached to her head, and it clearly wasn't going anywhere. He tried and tried again, but still failed. Marowak yelled with each attempt.

"You obsolete..." He gritted his teeth.

He picked up the bone she threw earlier. Luckily for him, it stopped and landed on the ground after hitting the Team Rocket grunt. The underling was still on the ground, knowing he couldn't stand on that pain. So, he watched in joy and anger as his leader struck Marowak across the face with the bone. She yelled in agony as part of the skull cracked. Her son cried as he watched in horror. Again and again his mother was hit with the bone. Marowak summed up enough strength to yell.


Cubone turned around and began running, but the child wasn't able to run very fast on his short legs. The leader watched him waddle away.

"Get it and bring it over here!" He commanded.

One of the grunts obeyed without question. Cubone was too slow for the much larger man. The Team Rocket member swooped him up with ease and held the frail Pokémon with one hand. Whenever he wiggle and escape, he hurt his already broken arm even more. He began crying and thinking about what these Team Rocket grunts were going to do to him and his mother. The grunt holding the child Pokémon stood near his leader. Now, his fellow member was standing up, but would most likely walk with a bit of a limp.

"So, this Cubone doesn't have a skull, and this Marowak is being resilient." He glared as he held his free hand out.

The grunt handed the child Cubone to his leader. The man then held the ground Pokémon towards its mother. Both were releasing tears from there eyes.

"<Mommy, what's going to happen?>"

"<I don't know son, but I swear you'll be okay...>"

"Cut the chatter." The man said.

He made the Cubone watch as he struck the mother multiple times with the thick club, over and over again. Small cracks appeared on her skullcap wherever the bone hit her. Cubone waved his one working arm and legs around as he watched his mother being mercilessly attacked. He cried more and more, knowing there was nothing he could do. Still, he let his instinct as a Pokémon take over. He bit down on the mans finger with his small, razor sharp teeth. The man ceased another attack on the mother to pay attention to the child Cubone. He glared down at it and hit its head with the bone. Marowak cried seeing her son being struck. Try as she did, her struggles were futile. She yelled to get the mans attention.

"Worthless mask-less Cubone." He said before looking at Marowak, "Since your skull won't come off, and forcing it off isn't working, we'll just have to finish you."

He then turned to the Rocket Grunt who was damaged earlier, "You, hold this Cubone. Make it watch as its parent suffers for its defiance."

He tosses the Cubone in the air. It spun a couple of times before being caught by the grunt who had kicked him earlier. It cried and tried to escape once more while in his hand, but all attempts were futile.

"Prepare to watch your world disappear." The grunt scoffed at the Cubone.

All the grunts formed a circle, including the ones who were holding the Marowak. After the leader struck her one more time with the bone, the grunts threw her to the ground. She landed on her skull, causing it to crack a little more. Before it could get up and attack, the grunts began kicking her back and forth. They seemed to be enjoying this, knowing that they would make enough money off the Cubone skulls as it was, and they knew there would be no consequences. So, this little distraction didn't matter.

Cubone watched in horror as his mother was beaten, attacked, and weakened by the horrible Team Rocket members. He tried to turn his head, but the rocket grunt holding him forced his head to turn and used more force to hold the eyes of the child Pokémon open. His mother was unable to anything about her situation or her sons. She couldn't even move in the midst of the attack. Once the Rocket Grunts saw that she was weakened enough to not do anything, they stopped the beating. She lay on the floor, crying.

"Get the Pokémon." The leader calmly stated.

One of the grunts nodded and instructed the three Pokémon that were already outside their Poké Ball's, two Ekans and the Machamp.

"Ekans, attack!" The leader commanded.

The first purple serpent Pokémon opened its mouth and shot out many purple darts. The Poison Sting attack made contact with Marowak once more as she attempted to get up. She yelled in the agony of the attack, but stood her ground. When she stood, though, she was wobbly. She attempted to move out of the way when the second Ekans rushed for her. The snake was too fast for her. It coiled its body around her and squeezed with all its power. Her bones slowly began to snap, as she began to become short of breath. The second snake sunk its teeth into here wherever parts of her body were exposed. Her shoulders and legs began to bleed. The snake Pokémon let go of her just in time for the other one to slam its body into her.

"<Mommy!>" Cubone cried as he watched his mother get attacked.

"Ekans, leave. Raticate, Hyper Fang!"

The two Ekans retreated as a grunt released a large, brown rat. Its large intimidating teeth glowed as it violently rushed for Marowak. The mother opened her eyes just in time to see a Raticate in her face and clamping down onto her skull. Its fangs were powerful enough to completely break through the thick skull. The fangs punctured her face, leaving her with a bleeding sore. She let out a blood curdling scream when the Raticate used the Hyper Fang attack many times on her body. She began bleeding more and more. The bleeding Marowak weakly stood before the Raticate.

"<Why... Why do you obey such... Such evil humans...>" She asked as she fell to her hands and knees.

The rat Pokémon didn't respond to her question, knowing it would probably be scolded when it should be attacking. It was returned as she faintly heard the leader say something about a Golbat.

The beating continued. Cubone cried more and more as the giant blue bat Pokémon bit down on her already cracked skull and released powerful Supersonic waves. The mother went crazy and held her head. She even began slamming her head into the ground. This of course, cracked the skull more and more. She managed to shake the confusion off, but she cried, knowing she couldn't take much more. The leader of the group noticed this.

"Alright, it can't take much more; Damage her with Sandslash and get Machamp to finish it off."

Marowak gasped, though she knew her fate was inevitable. A Pokémon with sharp, deadly claws approached her. Its black eyes stared at her before attacking. It rapidly swung its claws. Many cuts, large and small were visible all over her body. As if she wasn't bleeding enough before, she was now leaving a trail wherever her rag doll body went. One of the worst wounds given to her by the Sandslash was the ground Pokémon stabbing its claw into her body. When she stood on her shaking legs, she held her open wound. She held one eye open as the Sandslash approached her for one final attack, an uppercut. She completely closed her eyes when the sharp claws struck her. Another cut appeared going straight up her body before trailing up to her head. Her skullcap cracked more as the deadly claws penetrated it and slashed her almost exposed face.

She looked at her son and ignored the giant Machamp approaching her. The Cubone looked at his mother as she was tossed around and beaten by the giant Pokémon. Marowak looked at her son the entire time, almost paying to mind to the pain she was receiving from the giant fighting Pokémon. One punch after another, blow after blow. She released a tear as she was tossed onto the ground. She thought the attack was over, but Machamp curled two of its fists together and slammed down on her face, completely cracking the skull. Bones inside her face smashed from the impact. The side of the skull Machamp hit almost fell off completely, but it held its own.

Her tears mixed with her blood was it poured onto the floor below her.

"Alright team, the rest of the Cubone in the tower have most likely ran after this display of power. Let's go collect their skulls and get out of here. We have ran into too much trouble just for collecting skulls." He said as he walked by the Marowak as life began to leave its body. He spat on it before continuing.

The rest of the team continued to the next staircase, all but the grunt holding the crying Cubone. He dropped it to the ground and kicked it towards its mother. It didn't mind the physical pain it received right there. It ran over to its mother. He lay on her body, crying uncontrollably.

"<Mommy! Get up! Please!>" He sobbed.

Her mother didn't say a single thing. All she could do is look at her crying son on her body. Her vision had become blurry, so she could barely see the Team Rocket grunt approaching the mother and son. He picked the child Cubone up and added more and more pain. He squeezed his little body, smashing brittle bones. She cried and wished he would stop, as her voice was long gone by now. All she could do is watch as the evil Team Rocket member snapped its arms and legs, leaving it completely immobile.

"And just to completely make sure you worthless, not good enough for money Pokémon pursue us..."

He coldly stated as he put his hand on top of the Cubone's head. He made sure the mother watched as he quickly turned his wrist. The Team Rocket member had snapped the poor Cubone's neck. He threw the dying Pokémon on top of his dying Marowak mother. Both cried as life left their bodies. Their last thoughts were of the good times that were head between the parent and child. Cubone uttered something with his dying breath.

"<I love you, mom...>" Were his last words.

Marowak shut her eyes as she summed up the strength to tell her son she loved him too. This was the last thing either of them heard before their final breath. The rocket member left the scene, knowing he had to obey orders.

One week later...

Team Rocket was long gone by now. They had all the Cubone skulls they could get their dirty, money grubbing hands on. The evil plan of the team went by without a hitch. No one saw them enter the Pokémon Tower, no one saw them leave. They had gotten away with murder, and each member who participated in the mission got a fair share of the wealth made off the Cubone skull sales. Life was going good for the evil Team Rocket members, none of them even paid thought to the lives they took in the Pokémon Tower.

Life was not going good in the Pokémon Tower, however. The Cubone's who lost their skulls were unable to adapt to life unprotected, and stayed away from anything else. Their spirits, and lives were crushed. Especially those related to the Cubone who had lost their lives in the skull removal process. Eventually, a wild Cubone would pay their respects to the mother and son.

Their bodies were decomposing by now, and the blood had dried. Their bodies were completely still and unmoving. Other Cubone had cried at how they went, it was unfair with the disadvantage they were at.

A fog began forming around the bodies. A mystical property of the Pokémon Tower had taken place, as a transparent entity rose from Marowak's body. It had the same physical appearance as the dead body. The skull was still cracked, and the wounds she received from her attackers were also visible.

The ghost of the Marowak mother looked down upon her own dead body and her Cubone son's body right next to her. All she could do was cry at the sight, there was nothing in her power she could so. She failed at protecting herself, and more importantly, her son. She got down on her hands and knees. Her ghostly tears disappeared before they hit the floor. She crawled over to her son, wishing she could so something. She looked up into the sky and yelled, wishing her son was alright. Something started happening. Perhaps a blessing?

A mysterious aura became visible as it surrounded her ghostly body. It swirled around her with great force. She didn't know what it was until it began entering Cubone's lifeless body. The blue aura flashed once more around his body. His eyes slowly opened. The decomposing effects that had taken place disappeared, making it look as healthy as any Cubone. However, it wasn't happy like a normal Cubone is. It looked down at his mother's dead body before noticing her ghost behind it.

He was overjoyed to see his mother, but he didn't know what at all was happening. He rushed over to his mother's ghost and gave her a hug. She gave him a hug too. The embrace didn't end when another mysterious aura surrounded her body. Cubone looked down, and noticed his mother was slowly disappearing with each passing second. Both cried.

"<Mom, please don't leave!>" He whimpered.

Marowak remained speechless at her sons request. Her final tear hit his head before she completely disappeared into the afterlife. Cubone cried, knowing he was all alone now in this world. He didn't have a skull to protect his head, nor did he have a weapon to fight with. He looked at his mothers dead body before deciding on something to do.

He had a struggle dragging his mother over to a headstone. One of them had nothing written on it, so he assumed he could use it as a grave for Marowak. This assumption proved to be correct. He sloppily scratched barely legible letters onto the headstone.

The words read 'Here lies Marowak, loving mother'.

He couldn't dig, so he had no choice but to leave his mother's dead body in front of the headstone. He took one last look at his mother's body before leaving the place, knowing he could spend the remainder of his days inside the Pokémon Tower. He moved on, but remembered what a caring mother he had. He had nothing to prepare him for the outside world, but after what he went through with Team Rocket, he didn't care what might happen in the future. He stayed completely silent as he walked through Lavender Town, all alone. A heavy rain poured down on him, but the Pokémon didn't care.

An old man stopped before the child Cubone. The child Pokémon looked up when he noticed that the rain wasn't hitting him. He was in a state of fear, thinking that the human was a member of Team Rocket. He held his hands in front of his face to protect himself, but he was surprised at the warm feeling he felt when he was picked up. The old man as wearing a jacket, which was warm to Cubone's soft skin.

"Now what's a young Pokémon like you doing out here all alone? Come with me if you want a home. You can trust me."

Cubone wasn't scared at all when he heard the man speak. He was used to the deep, mean, and rough sounding voices of the Team Rocket members, so the kind and comforting voice of the old man was a nice change of pace. He didn't even know this man, but already Cubone was beginning to trust him. The man took him to a small house. A couple other Pokémon were inside the house.

"Sorry for not properly introducing myself. My name is Mr. Fuji, and I give homes to abandoned Pokémon. Please, make yourself at home."

Cubone was amazed at how warm the home felt compared to the rain. When the old man let him down, the child Pokémon waddled all around the place. He smiled, knowing he had a home and a parental figure now. Sure, he would miss his mother, but at least he's not all alone in the world.

Team Rocket r evil in this lazily written one shot.