View Full Version : Cascading Starlight

Hyper Chibi Absol
August 4th, 2009, 7:21 AM
I look amongst the sky,
the crystal rain falls,
cool and crisp against the moistened soil.

Most of the dwellers of this 'land of dreams',
have bundeled up for warmth,
taken shelter for the night.

Not I,
I wish to see you.

Though I have obtained the fear of this liquid ever since birth,
bitterly chilling my skin,
I feel as if it is my duty to seek you.

Ever since our childhood years, we have been exposed wars,
however, we were told not to live in hate.
Only friendship and love could save us.

O my dearest friend,
I loved you,
And I still do to this day.

Your eyes- a beautiful, gleaming maroon.
the passionate warmth of love as your soft lips pressed my own.
Your voice- deepened with true emotion abd tenderness.

All of this...

I regret that day,
your life in which I held so dear,
taken by my very hand- my very blade.

You became a demon out of love,
to save me,
thus becoming a star like your father.

I was born a demon,
to kill,
I cannot bask in your brilliance.

If we live in hatred,
nightmares bloom and shadows fall,
our stars die.

You have been my guiding star,
but, I have been blinded by fury,
that creator of mine, drove us apart.

I apologize for not keeping your father's promise,
but the evil must pay for his deeds,
such were... unforgivable.

Though I see only darkness in these raining lands,
your light- your love,
guides my soul.


This was a poem written for Meta Knight and Jecra from Hoshi no Kaabii. Meta Knight is enraged because Nightmare drove him and his love apart. (Yes this is Yaoi.)