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Pokémon Symphony


The small, calm, and homey beach town of Prelude. It is only home to a small number of residents, all of whom live happily but without much excitement. The young children of Prelude Town have never been to the world outside of their homes. The many tourists that come to visit Prelude Beach often like to share grand stories of travel throughout the wondrous land of Harmone. Some even hail from faraway lands such as Hoen, Kanto, Sinnoh, Jhoto, Almia, Orre, and many more. Such tales have always amazed and astounded both the jovial children, and the adults who never adventured. While most of the kids dreamt of someday journeying off on their own grand adventures, one particularly shy boy was content with his home life. The boy didn’t have many friends, and those he did make, he interacted with little. His name was Kalak. It wasn’t that Kalak disliked others, he was simply very shy and was intimidated by the concept of making friends. If he was given a push, however, he could connect and show people that he was really a nice boy.

Kalak lived with his mother and father, neither of whom had ever been travelers. All that he had known of adventure was that which he watched on TV, and heard from travelers. That was also all that he knew of Pokémon. He had seen them before, many times to be sure. He had never interacted with them however. Just the same as his shyness towards children, Kalak found it intimidating to try and befriend a Pokémon. He had but two friends in all his young life, and they were the girl next door, Kira, and her companion Eevee. Kira was always kind to Kalak, even though much of the effort came from her. Kalak would talk with her and play on the beach with her, and they would sometimes even pretend to adventure through the world while they played in the nearby woods. There was never a time, however, that Kalak truly showed any interest unless Kira came looking for him.

Kira only lived with her mother and Eevee. Eevee had been a parting gift from her father when he went off to adventure as he once had, leaving his family behind and never bothering to stay in touch. Kira and her mother were not particularly fond of him, as he never put forward any sort of effort towards the family while he was still around. He was always going on about how he was once a great trainer, and how he was destined for more than this small town life.
One day, Kira- who was now 11 years of age, one year younger than Kalak- came to his bedroom with a tear in her eye. She was leaving Prelude Town with Eevee to start an adventure of her own, hoping to become a great trainer and eventually find her father. She hated to admit it, but she was also not cut out for living a calm, small town life. She was far more upset that she knew that Kalak would not come with her. It was not in his nature. Her last words to him before leaving were:

“Do me a favor, Kalak, and promise me that we will meet again…That we may share a destiny. I don’t plan to return for a long time, because I want to accomplish so much, and I won’t stop until I have succeeded. I want to make something of myself, and I can’t do that here…So goodbye Kalak. I truly hope to see you again, so maybe, if something changes, you can come out and join me?”

She said this as she turned and left Kalak with a kiss on the cheek and a few more tears. All that Kalak could do was look sad and nod with a single tear on his face, but then he softly said, “Kira, I wish I could come too. I just don’t have the will…I want to be brave like you someday”

“Then strive for that Kalak. Do it so we can see each other again” She said as she began to walk slowly down the stairs. Then she turned and smiled, tears still shimmering, and said, “Goodbye Kalak, wish me luck!”

It would be four years until Kalak would be able to keep his promise…But on his 16th birthday, his entire life would collide head on with what can only be described as a symphony of destinies!

Without Kira

The years that followed Kira’s leave from Prelude found Kalak falling into depression, as he never made any friends. He began to realize that although he’d never understood it before, having a friend like Kira made him very happy. He now felt utterly alone other than the company of his parents. He was 12 years old when she left town, and on his 13th birthday, everyting changed for him. He met his best friend for life. The gift he received from his parents was something he had never dreamed of. The previous night, his father had left for the nearby store in Chime Town. It turned out that his business there had been purchasing a very common, yet very special item. It was a single pokéball. They hoped that he may find it easier to make friends with a Pokémon since he was not very interested in befriending people. This was just the kind of push he needed to make an effort, the catalyst in a chain reaction that would alter Kalak’s entire future.

“I wonder what kind of Pokémon I can catch out in the woods. I’ve only seen the ones that come into town” Kalak thought out loud, his golden eyes lighting up enthusiastically.
“Please be careful Kalak,” his mother interrupted. “Don’t go much further than the woods…We wouldn’t want you to find any trouble!” She warned him. Kalak promised that he would stay close by, and then he ran out the door with a broad smile flashing at everyone in town, which they were happy to see from such a shy boy. He dashed into the woods and down the familiar paths he had spent hours on with Kira, suddenly remembering her and wishing she could be there to see this. Upon finding his first few Pokémon, however, he discovered that he was a bit frightened of them out here without Eevee to protect him if they attacked. He continuously ran from them as soon as he encountered them.

Kalak was beginning to lose hope of ever finding a friend since he was too afraid to even approach one. While he tried to build up the courage, a far off cry sounded weakly. It was a very quiet sound, but Kalak had always had acute senses. More cries broke the still evening air, and Kalak eventually decided to investigate. What he found was something that saddened but excited him at the same time. It was a Pokémon that he had never seen in the area before, and it was injured from battle. He knew that this was a Shinx because he had seen them on television shows, but never once had a Shinx entered Prelude as did the occasional Zigzagoon or Wurmple. The way its blue fur matched his hair color made Kalak toy with the idea that they would look great together. Cautiously, he approached the Pokémon slowly, making sure it was not going to harm him. It was lying on its side, eyeing him carefully, and yet it sensed that he was no threat. Then, Kalak scooped it up in his arms slowly and whispered, “I’m here to help you out little guy. I won’t hurt you” and Shinx nodded weakly. Kalak then ran as quickly as he could without shaking up Shinx too much in the direction of his house, then stopped suddenly. He realized that there would be nothing he could do for him there. So he ran the other way towards Chime Town. There was a pokécenter there that could heal the wounded Shinx. After a long run through the woods, the breathless boy rushed through the small town and through the sliding glass doors of the pokécenter, wondering what to do next. Then he remembered a time when he and Kira had been playing in the woods. Eevee had knocked out by a wild Zigzagoon, and they had run to this same place and handed her pokéball to the nurse at the front desk. Kalak approached the desk and asked a red haired woman if she was a nurse, even though her outfit gave that much away.

“Oh, your Shinx! He looks bad! Hand him to me, please.” She said in an urgent but soft voice. She seemed like a very nice woman. She carried Shinx to a back room and Kalak just sat in a chair, waiting. After about a half hour, the nurse returned the Shinx in perfect condition to Kalak, who thanked her very much. “Have a nice day, and be careful!” said the nurse. Before leaving with Shinx at his side, Kalak turned and asked,

“Excuse me…do you know if a red haired girl who has an Eevee ever comes through here?” He suddenly felt stupid for asking, but was surprised by the woman’s response.

“Actually, I do.” The nurse said rather quickly. “Are you talking about a girl named Kira? She returns here every now and then, but she never goes to Prelude Town. She is always going to the Pokémon research lab. But Prelude is where she lives though, isn’t it? I seem to remember her and yourself coming here once long ago, simply because an Eevee is no common sight. I thought you looked familiar, by the way” She said with a smile.

“Oh, ok…well…thank you, um…nurse” Kalak said weakly.

“Please, you may call me Nurse Joy” she corrected.

“Oh, Nurse Joy…Ok. My name is Kalak…but I doubt I will be coming here often” Kalak said. “Thank you very much again…goodbye” Then he left and the Shinx followed him out. After a short walk back in the direction of the woods, Kalak stopped and turned to Shinx.

“Listen, you…I wanted to help you out there because I care about you. And you seem to not mind my company…so I have to ask you this. Will you come with me, back to my home and be my friend? I promise you’ll like it, and you may have heard me tell the nurse that I used to be friends with an Eevee, but that she went with that girl I knew, her trainer. I know that I can’t be that bad if Eevee liked me! She was always very particular about the people she liked…very much like her trainer…” Kalak said, his mind momentarily reminiscing once more. Shinx seemed to perk up upon hearing this offer, clearly grateful for being saved and also taking a liking to Kalak. He nodded once with a small bark and jumped towards Kalak. He jumped up, grabbing the pokéball from its place on Kalak’s belt in his teeth. It then nudged it towards Kalak’s feet in encouragement. Although Shinx was not one hundred percent certain that Kalak was a good person yet, he could feel the friendly vibes he put out. There was some sort of emotional connection right away.

After a second of observing the small sphere that glowed softly red and orange in the light of the setting sun, Kalak tossed it lightly in the air in an arc towards Shinx. Just moments before hitting him, it stopped in midair, opened with a hollow sound, and then it released a bright red stream of energy that encompassed the smiling Shinx. Engulfed in energy, Shinx’s form disappeared and the energy returned to the ball as it dropped to the ground with another hollow noise.

Kalak retrieved the ball with a wide smile on his face as he observed it, no longer aglow as the sun had set in that lightning quick instant in which Shinx had been caught. He smiled even more as he tossed the ball again and said, “Now come on out, Shinx!” The ball rebounded to Kalak, releasing red beams as it did so and Shinx emerged, smiling as well. The new friends eyed one another, and then embraced for a moment before turning around and walking back to Shinx’s new home in Prelude Town.

Kalak arrived home around 11o’clock, and his parents rushed from the kitchen table to the door to welcome him and ask why he had stayed out so late. They had been about to call the police to look for him they were so worried.

“You guys, I’m ok. I’m sorry I stayed out for such a long time, but I can explain myself. You see, I ran into an injured Pokémon in the woods and took it all the way to Chime’s pokécenter to have it healed!” Kalak explained in a hurry. He was still kind of breathless from running home.

“You did all that? That was kind of you son. You know, Pokémon get better on their own, but I’m sure it was grateful for the help” His father said, patting Kalak on the shoulder.

“Well, there’s something else about the Pokémon too…you should meet him! Come on in boy!” Kalak called out the door, no longer hiding his excitement from his parents. Shinx stepped nervously through the door and gave a weak, happy bark, looking for approval.

“Oh, Kalak, he’s adorable! Look at that hon, he caught a Shinx!” Kalak’s mom squealed. She quickly moved in to hug it, and Shinx crouched defensively with a growl.
“Give him some room dear, he is just getting used to all of this. But congratulations Kalak! You know, Shinx are very rare in Harmone. This one must’ve somehow found its way over from the Sinnoh region, because they are not actually native here! What a catch son!” His dad exclaimed proudly with amazement in his tone.

“Shinx and I are going to be best friends you guys! Right pal?” Kalak said to Shinx. Shinx gave an approving bark, followed by a wet kiss that tingled on Kalak’s cheek with weak electric current, and then the two went up to Kalak’s room where Kalak made Shinx a comfortable bed out of spare blankets. Before falling asleep however, Kalak talked to Shinx until late about Kira and how even though she was gone, he wouldn’t be lonely anymore. Shinx was finally used to the idea of being Kalak’s Pokémon and friend. Neither of the two could explain it, but there was some strong emotional force that jumped between the two like sparks. As far as Kalak was concerned, this had been his best birthday ever. Shinx couldn’t complain either. He was warm in his new bed with a friend close by.

Even though Kalak didn’t know it, Kira hadn’t forgotten his birthday. Far away from Prelude town, in the large but peaceful Serenade City, Kira sat under the stars, listening to the sound of the nearby waterfall with Eevee and her Ralts and Pidgey, wishing him a silent happy birthday with nostalgic tears that hadn’t been shed for almost a year now. Kalak even awoke the next morning to find a small wrapped box sitting outside his doorstep addressed to him. It seemed to bear talon marks, and contained a card with a photograph of Kira and her Pokémon on it. The present was a photo of Kira, Eevee, and Kalak sitting on a boulder on the beach and it was placed in a silver frame with a pokéball on it. The card read:

Dear Kalak,
Happy birthday! I’m sorry for not visiting at all, but I have been busy lately, as always. I have made some new friends, and hopefully you have as well. My friends however, are Pokémon. I have a Pidgey and a Ralts now! And guess what? I’m taking the gym challenge! Tell your family hello. I will visit someday, I promise. It just may not be soon. I am doing some work with the researchers in Chime Town. Maybe we can meet there sometime? I miss you the most of all Kalak. No new friend can replace you.

Wishing you the best, Kira and Eevee (and Pidgey and Ralts!)

P.S.- Eevee misses you a lot too. When I bring you up, she whines a little! Isn’t she the cutest?

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