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A Real True Winner Is Me
August 7th, 2009, 8:48 AM
I got first place in this writing competition with this story. Have fun!

Oh, yeah. Has nothing to do with the song by Offspring.

The day was young, and two children have been playing outside since the break of dawn. The both of them sat on the cement ground, positioned parallel to each other and holding numerous playing cards in t heir hands. The cards faced themselves, disabling the person in front to look. Once their minds have been set, they quickly drew out the card they chose and slammed it hard on the cement.

"Kristy, I beat you," the boy said, chuckling lightly and gathering the cards that had been placed down on the ground, claiming it to himself.

"Aw, that was no fair, Evan. You drew your card too early, and that made me lose," Kristy, who was a little girl and about nine years of age, said. She watched as Evan huddled his winning cards with much interest. Kristy watched his every movements, wishing Evan would like her back by noticing that she had been staring at him. This won't happen, Kristy thought. So, she remained quiet about it.

"Well, all is fair and fair is all, am I right, Kristy?" Evan, a close friend to Kristy and was about ten-years-old, said.

"That didn't even make sense, Evan."

"Whatever, want to go again?" Evan asked, shuffling the cards that he had with both of his hands.

"No, I want to relax," Kristy spun around and pointed at a tree, which provided a great amount of shade, "over there, by that tree, Evan."

"Okay," Evan agreed, standing up to his legs and offered a hand to Kristy. Kristy nodded and grasped Evan's hand, and then, the both of them walked slowly to the tree, bowing their heads down and conversing along the way.

"Hey, did you know?"

"Did I know what?" Kristy replied, stopping in her tracks and facing Evan.

"Uh, there's, like, this mass outbreak in our region," Evan announced.

"What mass outbreak? A Pokemon outbreak, you mean?"

"Yeah, that and whatever it's called. Well, I was planning to go to the east side of the city today, to see if the news on TV about the mass outbreak-" Evan was cut off by Kristy.

"It is Pokemon outbreak, Evan!" Kristy interjected.

"Whatever, Kristy, I'm going there tonight, to see if the Pokemon outbreak was true."

"Oh, that sounds so cool. Do you mind if I tag along, Evan?" Kristy asked, staring at Evan with her big, round navy blue eyes and long eyelashes.

"Nope, I don't mind, and also, it will be fun having a partner tagging along," the boy said.

"Okay, so, like, what time do we leave?" Kristy asked, walking toward the tree now.

"I'll leave about 7 PM, are you sure you want to come, Kristy?"

"Yeah, of course, I'd like to spend time..." Kristy paused, shuffling her thoughts and setting aside her thoughts about Evan.

"What was that, Kristy? I didn't quite hear you."

"I'd like to spend time with my best friend, and also admire the nature at night."

"Well, okay, then, I'll call you tonight for confirmation," Evan said. Then, he turned around and walked back to the place where the two started.

"Oh, yeah, Kristy," Evan paused, arriving at the spot and crouching to his knees, "don't tell your parents about our little 'trip'. I'm sure they will freak out or something."

"I wasn't planning on it, Evan, I knew that already. Remember that time the last time we sneaked out?"


The two continued to reminisce about the past experiences they shared. After gathering all of his playing cards, Evan stood up and briskly walked back to the tree, where Kristy waited patiently and staring at the boy with much interest. As he got closer, Kristy blushed and her navy blue eyes twinkled.

Once Evan sat down right beside Kristy, they continued talking again...


Bright, yellow lights flickered continuously on and off inside a dark, vacant, ghost-like corridor of a tall tower. Silent whispers of children came from behind the flashlights. Shuffles of feet came with them, sounding the room with a vibrant tone. The circular-shaped spots on the floor reminded the beings of bright polka dots. Against a rusting wall, shapes of human beings were silhouetted, hiding their true identities. The blinding light of their hand-held devices lit the way, illuminating a path on the dark floor. They flashed their lights up and down and side to side, observing the painted murals on the cracking walls. The beings stared at them, wondering what they meant.

"Whoa, that's a nice dragon right there," a boy said, pointing his flashlight on the wall, lighting the wall. It revealed a spectacular image of a winged dragon; the mythical creature twisting its long, slender body likes a snake. Its tongue was sticking out; the boy concluded that it was designed like that to scare away the lost visitors in the tower.

"Evan, Evan, I don't think we should be here at this time of the night," a little girl said, clutching her black flashlight with her right hand and a person's arm with her left. They stood next to each other, combined by something.

"Oh, my God, Kristy, relax. Nothing's going to happen to us, okay?" the boy said, calmly walking through the corridors, looking up at the ceiling and observing it, swallowing in all the intricate designs and styles. He stared at it for a moment before looking forward. He felt sudden shudders from the girl as she tightly held his arm. "Kristy, you are suffocating the blood flow of my arm. Let go!"

"So sorry, Evan, I'm so sorry," Kristy backed away, releasing her clutch from Evan's arm. She bowed down her head, embarrassed.

"Thank you, Kristy. Now, let's focus on getting to the second floor, okay?" Evan asked her, looking at her silver eyes. The round, white lines of her eyes matched his, and Evan thought this was peculiar.

"Okay," Kristy said, trailing Evan by a couple of feet.

The fast shuffling of their feet made an echo in the rooms before them. Their little eyes were fixed forward, unknowing what was waiting for them. Still, they continued, not hesitating on looking back and running. There were no voices other than the chattering of the children inside the hallowed tower. The two walked side by side, watching each other's back for surprises and mysterious creatures or beings that inhabited the dark halls of the tower. The two children wandered around, searching for an ancient-looking staircase that led to the upper floor, which is the second floor.

"Are we lost, or are we heading the right direction, Evan?" Kristy asked Evan, staring deeply into his also-silver eyes.

The boy, Evan, shook his head and kept walking. Kristy followed, not wanting to be left and getting lost. She slid her arm inside Evan's arm, latching around it and leaning her head against his scrawny shoulders. Evan looked down, without Kristy noticing, and then, he smiled. He rested his chin on her head as they walked. After minutes of wandering around, the two came to a staircase, which led up. They concluded that it led to upstairs, since it was going up. Evan walked up first, quickly followed by Kristy, whose eyes were drifting side to side, looking scared and frightened. Evan looked back at his comrade, and he smiled. He kept walking up until they reached the top floor's stairwell. After Kristy arrived not long after, they talked.

"So, which way do you want to explore first, Kristy?" Evan asked.

"Well, I don't know, Evan. You pick, since you are the one who brought me here," Kristy replied, shrugging at Evan.

"Okay, then. Let's head this way," Evan pointed to the left, to a slightly-lit corridor with many windows on the rusting walls. Evan walked first, and with his hand, he felt the wall. The scraps of falling pieces of the walls parted, floating to the ground like dark snowflakes. Kristy followed him.

A bit amount of light shone through the tinted windows, showing the great moon in it’s blurriest. Tall trees covered the shiny, round ball, disabling it to give light inside the mysterious towers. Muffled, bird callings rang outside the walls, providing the area a sound. Inside, the reflection of the floor, from the moon, shone. The color of the floor was a bluish and greenish mixture. Evan walked into the part where it had light, and the kid looked out the window. Evan breathed in the sweet scent of air before pulling his head back in and continuing.

Kristy held her arm close to her stomach, hungry and tired. She did not complain, though, trying to impress her best friend that she was a strong-hearted chick. She was staring at the back of Evan's 'cute' head as she followed, wetting her lips every now and then. She had a great relationship with Evan, and she did not want to break that relationship by saying, 'I love you' to him. No, that was not one of her future actions.

"Kristy, hurry up. It's getting darker and darker outside. The sooner we finish this adventure, the sooner we will get back home," Evan said, trying to motivate her best friend.

As Evan said this, a bright smile flashed across her darkened, shadowed face. She sped up towards Evan and held his hand. She smiled in content.


It was early morning.

It was the sixteenth of June, a sunny and hot month. Children outside were happily playing under the hot sun, basking its warmth and vitamins in as they pranced around with their circle of friends. They were all enjoying their summer break. But, two kids- two very unfortunate kids- failed some of their classes and had to take their summer school. It sucked, and they knew. Day after day, they get to spend time in classrooms, reading useless, boorish material for the school re-opening.

Inside, it was hot. The air conditioning system was not turned on; making the children inside feel it was hell. The sun shone through the glass windows of the classroom; the teacher was happy that she did not have to turn on the lights, and she gets to save energy. She smiled. The classroom had few posters hanging on the burnt sienna-colored walls. White fluorescent lamps were attached to the ceiling, and they were off. The seats and tables inside were arranged properly: one table and chair in front of the other.

Sitting in an empty classroom was one thing. Listening to the happy voices of the children was another. The two trapped children came up with several of excuses to sharpen their pencils. The pencil sharpener was by the window, sitting under a bouquet of flowers that hung above. Outside the window were the playing children, and the two grunted when they saw them. They wished that the children outside where them, but sadly, they weren't.

"Okay, Kristy and Evan, can you tell me why the status called Poison is effective in battles?" the teacher asked, shifting her eyes back and forth to look at the two kids. The teacher was a tall woman, who wore a brown blazer shirt and black dress pants. Her eyes were blue, and her hair was red. She had glasses on; the lenses on her glasses were thick, as seen sideways. She walked around the kids, looking stern, watching their every movement.

Kristy raised her hand upwards, trying to make the teacher notice and call on her to answer. She waved her hand busily, trying to get the teacher's attention. She whispered, "...me, me, me..."

"Kristy, can't you see? There are no other children for you to compete with. It's only you and Evan, no one else," she said.

"Oh, right," Kristy said, embarrassed in front of Evan, “Well, could I answer the question?"

The teacher sighed and nodded, closing her eyes and massaging her forehead.

Kristy jolted up and began talking," Poison status are effective in battles because they deal great amounts of damage in the opponent's, or your, Pokemon. Gradually, they make the Pokemon weaker until they are eliminated to dust. They are very effective against weak Pokemon since they are very vulnerable to it."

Mrs. Walberg boringly opened her eyes, and before she could speak, a loud thump sound rang out from the windows. Everybody, Kristy, Evan, and Mrs. Walberg, looked. White and brown, oval-like mark were printed on the walls by the ball that hit. They dirtied the mirror, which was jsut clean in the morning. Due to the marks made by the ball, Mrs. Walberg got furious.

"Stupid kids. Why can't they play away from the school with their little, brown balls?"

Mrs. Walberg rushed over and examined the scene. She looked outside, staring at the couple of children running for their lives, running away from the school. An angry expression flashed across Mrs. Walberg’s red face. She grunted and walked back to the desk. Then, she gathered all her belongings and stashed them into a brown leather bag. She forcibly crammed all her things together, and viciously, she zipped her bag tight. Then, she walked out of the room, stomping her foot as she went.

Immediately, Kristy and Evan looked at each other, sporting happy smiles on each of their faces. They turned back to their tables, and quickly, they shoved everything inside their book bags and stormed outside, not looking back. They ran towards the exit, and once they crossed the imaginary border of the school and the free world, the two children were welcomed by the sweet, warm kiss of the sun. They fell to their jeans-covered knees, dropping their books and extending their arms. Both of them sighed in relief.

"God, I'm glad I'm out of the school. It feels so good to be back out here," Evan said, sucking in all of the nutrients the sun has to offer.

"Yeah, I feel that way, too, Evan. It was kind of boring there, sitting inside those barricaded things they call 'chairs'," Kristy said, getting up on her feet and grabbing her bag along the way. "Oh, God, it's that time already?" Kristy said, glancing down at her wrist, checking the time on her Pikachu wristband. The time read 11:09 AM. "I'm missing my show!"

"What show, Kristy?" Evan asked.

"Pop of Love, it's hosted by Chet Michael," Kristy explained.

"Chet Michael? I'm not familiar with that name," Evan said, shaking his head.

"You know, Hot Chet?" Kristy said.

"Nope, I still don't recognize the name."

"Oh, well, Evan. Well, I'll see you later," Kristy said, dashing off to her house.

Evan was left alone, waving at his already-departed classmate and best friend. After Kristy's disappearance into the streets, Evan found himself bored, as usual. He did not have anything to do, so he compromised. Evan took out his cellular device and called his friends. The distant chattering of his friends rang out from the phone. His phone glued to his right ear and speaking, Evan started walking in the direction to his house. He walked slowly. He walked down the flight of staircase and underneath an ancient arc. Then, he disappeared into the horizon of the rows of houses that covered the area.

A Real True Winner Is Me
August 7th, 2009, 8:49 AM
"Awwwwwooooooooooo!" a lone, distant howl came out of the woods to the east of the city. Seconds and moments later, the howl broke out again, but this time, it was lengthened. "Awwwwwwwwwwwooooooooooooooo!" It stopped howling after the second howl, and it probably went back to its underground cavern, tending to the needs of its little cubs.

It was night. The moon overhead shone a white light, looking down at the city and watching out for the invaders and muggers with its bright eyes. The bottom of it was covered by a set of fluffy, dark gray clouds. The billowy pillows of the sky didn't shift at all, but they remained as still as a rock, preventing the bright moon from doing its nightly job. The night was a cold, breezy one. A gush of wind rattled the trash on the ground near the city park. The wind swept the ground, cleaning it in one place and picking up the trash along the way, and emptying them out in another place. The cycle went on and on for hours until daylight came.

Several, boring hours passed slowly, tiring the people even more. At 6:09 in the morning, a beam of light from the sun rose up from the endless horizon on one side of the world, and it was slowly drifting upwards, waking up the sleeping city of Karua on its way. The beams of light produced lit the city, providing it with sunlight. Morning lights started coming on and yawning sounded out.

Over on the other side of the city lay a boy, about ten years of age, sleeping on his bed. His snoring came out of his lips like bubbles, floating into one's pair of ears. He laid there peacefully, eyes closed, and mouth opened. The boy stirred and cuddled with his little blue teddy bear. He rested his head on the fluffed toy and snoozed.

"Evan, Evan," called out his mother from below, impatiently tapping the walls. The tapping noise reverberated through the house, and the boy heard it. His eyes jolted up, and then, he yawned. He stretched his arms and walked downstairs, with his head drooping down. He blinked his eyes a couple of times before seeing clearly. Little teardrops flowed from his eyes, trickling down his cheek. The boy walked into the kitchen where his mother awaited.

He opened his eyes and looked at his mother. The expression on his mother's face was stern, and the boy didn't look at her completely. He glanced up at her and then looked down. His mother's arms were folded on her elbows, staring at him like a disappointed hawk.

"Evan, do you know what time it is, young man?" she asked Evan.

Evan shrugged and tilted his head to the left, trying to look at the time behind his mother. The mother tilted to he left, blocking Evan's vision of the time. Evan gave up and stood there, yawning. He rocked forward and backward, leaning against the invisible air.

After minutes of his mother yelling and complaining, Evan got done with breakfast, washed his plates, and cleaned his room. After, the boy showered up and got dressed in to his everyday clothes, not his pajamas. He walked downstairs with his backpack latched on his back and said goodbye to his mother. His mother, dazed and confused, asked where he was going.

"I'm going to Steve's house, Mom," Evan replied, reaching out his hand to grab the silver doorknob.

"Oh, no, you're not, Evan," his mother said, shaking her head left and right.

“Mom, why can’t I go?” Evan demanded, spinning around and staring at his mother.

"I don't want you to go there because there are mysterious and frightening Pokemon that lurk at night. And, they might hurt you, or possibly, kill you."

"But, why are you so protective? Steve's house is just six houses down. Gosh, Mom."

"Evan, you have to understand. If your father was still here, he would let you go without any hesitation. Now, he isn't here, and therefore, he can't let you go."

"Dang it!"

"Why are you going there anyways?"

"Because, he has this Pokemon Computer, which allows him to check on his Day Care Pokemon. And, I want to some updates on my Pokemon, too."

"Why can't you just call him?"

"Because, that would ruin my talking-with-someone-in-real-life thing. Please, Mom, can I go?"


Evan grunted and stormed up the flight of stairs. Evan stomped his foot on the way to his room and shut the door angrily. Evan screamed inside his room as loud as he could. The scream sent out vibrations that rocked his room, and then, it disappeared. He mumbled words, but they were muffled by the pillows that were pressed against his face. The boy punched his pillow as hard as he could before getting up and punching the walls.

Some words and phrases that came out of Evan's mouth were clear.

"Mom's just like that because Dad left us. Why does he have to do that? Why can't he just stay? If he just stayed here, Mom would let me go to Steve's house. God darn it, why won't she make me go there? Dang it. I got to find a way to get out of this heck hole that I'm living in."

Evan looked around and spotted his window, about seven feet off the ground.

"I bet I could get out of the house by climbing out of the window. Yeah, that's what I'll do."

To fake his mom by thinking that he was asleep, Evan, with his mischievous and genius mind, placed three long pillows underneath his blankets, which made it look like Evan was sleeping below. But, he wasn't. Then, Evan packed the things that he needed and sneaked out of the house.


Night came so fast for Evan, having his head pressed inside a pillow and slept.

The night was beautiful. No clouds were in the sky, no birds flying around- everything was peaceful. The night breeze was light and wasn't cold. The low howling of the mysterious creatures that surround the tower cried out. The moon was shining gloriously. It shone its true light, providing the Karuan citizens light and a romantic atmosphere. It was 8:06 PM, and the night was still young. There were lots to do before the clock reaches twelve...

Two kids, a boy and a girl, probably in their tens or elevens, stood in front of a dusty, ancient door that led up a tower. The massive door was unhinged and unlocked, allowing the children to walk right in. Instead, the children observed the sight, shifting their eyes right and left, taking in all they can find. Then, they blinked and sighed. The boy turned to face the girl, who had her hands clasped together and against her chest. The boy reached out his hand to touch the girl's right shoulder and pulled it, making the girl face towards him. The boy smiled.

"Kristy, this is the second time we've been here," the boy said, staring deeply into her silver eyes. "We will get through this, Kristy, trust me. Remember last time we were here?"

"Yes, that was very scary, Evan," she said, gulping. "I don't want to be here again." The girl wrapped her arms around the boy, cuddling him towards her. She snuggled her head inside, fake crying.

"Calm down, Kristy, geesh."

Kristy let go of Evan, standing up straight close to him, looking forward but glancing at Evan at the corner of her eye. Evan, on the other hand, remained calm and still. He was determined to go inside the building and explore. Evan wore a headlight cap on his head and a one piece black outfit. The black outfit was loose, however, letting his skin breathe and not suffocate. He had a utility belt wrapped around his waist, filled with batteries of all sizes and other necessities. The belt was angled down from the left side, looking hip from a distance. In his hand was a black flashlight, which was turned off and pointed down. His fingers rested on the switch, ready to flick it up and to be turned on.

"Are you ready, Kristy?" Evan asked Kristy, holding her hand with his right hand firmly. He started moving forward, reaching out his arm to sway the door open. Evan left Kristy behind him, hoping that she would follow and not chicken out. Evan's figure disappeared once he stepped into the dark realm that awaited them behind the open door. His body was sucked in by the dark shadows that lurk within.

Kristy blushed and fainted on the inside. She nodded repetitively, showing her happy emotions on Evan. Kristy's hand relaxed, letting Evan guide the way with his firm hands. Kristy sported a dark red outfit that covered her entire body. A red zipper was attached at the top of the collar, just underneath Kristy's chin. She had a headlight cap, as well, matching with Evan's. A burgundy-colored utility belt was wrapped around her waist, angling down from the right side of her hips. Inside the belt were batteries and snacks. In her right hand was a clutched black flashlight, which was turned on. Her fingers rested above the switch, ready to turn the device off. She pointed the flashlight downwards, lighting the path below.

"Yup, Evan, I'm ready," she said, following Evan's footsteps into the hallowed tower. She stepped inside the door, and quickly, her image faded away.

Then, the fun began.

Bat wings' sounds fluttered across an entire hall where Evan and Kristy stood. They shivered as a winged, vampire-like creature swopped past them, making the flinch back to avoid collision. Their eerie screams rang inside of the children's body, frightening them at the same time. With Evan leading, the two adventurers walked past a lair of bats quietly, hoping to not them wake up. The shuffled forward, unknowing of what kinds of creatures that lay ahead.

Kristy's covered hands were clasped with Evan's hand, guiding her through series of dark halls and empty corridors. Kristy tried hard not to faint, but love surpassed that. Every step they took when going down a staircase, Kristy would fake-fall behind Evan, hoping that the boy would turn around and catches her with his strong arms, but that never happened.

Suddenly, a noise rang out from the rooms the two children had just passed.

"...Kristy....Evan...," a voice, from the shadows of the room the just passed, announced.

Rattled, Kristy spun around, investigating the back area. She spotted an unlocked room, which was open wide. It was dark inside, but two yellow slits appeared, deeply staring into the girl's eyes, hypnotizing her. Kristy stared back; her jaws hanging down. Kristy's eyes drifted towards the creature in the room, wanting to find out what it was. But, the mysterious eyes blinked, and instantly, Kristy fell, without warning. A loud thump followed the crash, and the eyes inside the room disappeared.

Hearing this, Evan stopped in his tracks and quickly spun around, looking at his fallen comrade. Evan knelt down beside her, sliding his arms behind Kristy's head and picking her up. He had a worried expression flashing across his face. Evan stood up, carrying Kristy by his arms. He let go of his right hand, making him carry Kristy with one hand. He didn't care; he stroked Kristy's covered head with his free hand.

All of a sudden, silent whispers and rattling sounds came from the corner of the hall.

"...Amn, dude, we coulda had that Gastly if it wan't for your stupid mistakes..." a voice said, muffled by something.

"...uck that, dude, that Gastly was too hard for the both of us, so quit whining, won't ya?" another voice said, again, muffled by something.

The voices came around the corner and stepped into the hall Kristy and Evan were in. They passed the open room and continued on, not noticing what was, or were, inside.

Evan jumped out of the scene and called out to the mysterious beings, "Hey!"

The two voices-people stopped and turned around. They looked at the boy, and all of a sudden, they broke out in a giant laughter.

"Hahahahahaha! A little boy? Please," the person said, grabbing his stomach to control it.

"I know, Rev," the other person cried out, forcing the laughter out of his system. "Why are you here anyways? This is our headquarters, did ya know that, punk?"

"Uh, no, sir. My friend and I just stumbled here accidentally. We'll go if you want us to," Evan explained, looking innocent.

"Nah, nah, battle us," Rev said in a strong, low voice. He was a tall-looking man, wearing black overalls and sunglasses. His jet-black hair was kept inside a black hairnet and he wore a plain black shirt underneath his overalls. His face was covered with a black mask; only his eyes were shown. He had blue eyes that shimmered.

"Yeah, we want to battle you, little person," the other person said in a slight lower voice than the guy standing next to him, agreeing with Rev. He wore the same black outfit as Rev. He turned to Rev and said, "Hey, hey, if he wins, we'll let him have our mystery Pokemon, all right?"

Mesmerized by something, Rev agreed to it, "Yeah, whatever, we'll give him it, Nick."

"Okay, thanks, Rev," Nick said, and then, he turned around to face Evan and continued, "Let's get this thing started, shall we?"

Evan nodded in agreement, and the battle between Nick and Rev began.[/SIZE]

A Real True Winner Is Me
August 7th, 2009, 8:50 AM
Evan stood on one side of the dark hallway while the other two opponents, Nick and Rev, stood parallel, over on the other side of the hallway.

"All right, I'll start the battle," Evan called out to Rev and Nick, signaling them that he's going first.

"Okay," Rev cried out.

Evan reached over his belt to grab a Pokeball. Once he did, he grasped it with his mitten-covered hands and stared at it. Evan whispered some encouraging and motivating phrases to the ball before throwing it high up into the air. The ball whooshed in the air as it opened up, releasing a silhouetted Pokemon. The Pokeball landed back to Evan, and the black-covered Pokemon stood on the makeshift battlefield proudly. "Growlithe, go," Evan said, calling out to his sent-out Pokemon, "Here's another one!" Evan pulled out a Pokeball and again, he threw it up in the air. Then, it released a black-silhouetted Pokemon in a form of an upright-walking Pokemon. Behind the blackness, it looked like it was sharpening its claws, but nothing could be assumed. "Sneasel, go," Evan cried out once again.

On Evan's side, two Pokemon stood next to each other, about ten feet away from their trainer. One was a Growlithe, which resembled a puppy. It had bright orange fur with black stripes running across its whole body. Its belly, tail, and fluff on top of its head are a cream color. The puppy-like Pokemon had large ears and eyes, and Growlithe had sharp claws. The other Pokemon was a Sneasel. The Pokemon was a bipedal Pokémon, which vaguely resembles a weasel. Its body was predominantly black, but it possessed bright red feather-like growths on its left ear and lower back. Sneasel's most striking features were the two retractable claws on its front and back paws. It also had distinctive yellow markings on its face and chest. Sneasel had unusual facial markings, which resembled eyelashes.

Over on the other side of the battlefield, Rev and Nick conversed.

"Rev, he sent out Sneasel and Growlithe," Nick said.

"I know that, you fool! We'll have to just hope for the best," Rev assured. "Hey, Evan, right? It's our turn now! Prepare yourself, little twerp, because you're ours."

Rev reached over to his belt and pulled out something. In his hands was a clutched Pokeball. Without further ado, he threw it up in the air, and the Pokeball released a Pokemon, which was covered in black. Beams of light escaped, and quickly, those lights returned to the Pokeball and it shut close. The Pokeball returned to Rev, and the Pokemon, which was released, stood on the battlefield. Rev cried out, "Go, Sandshrew, let your opponent feel your wrath!"

Nick reached over and took out a shiny Pokeball. He tossed it into the air, and magically, it opened, releasing streaks of red light all over and a Pokemon covered in black. The ball landed back to Nick, and the Pokemon it released stood side by side with Rev's Sandshrew. Nick called out, "Go, Duskull!"

Rev's Pokemon was a Sandshrew. His Pokemon was a yellow, ground-dwelling Pokemon. Its body was mostly covered in a dry, tough hide, which was colored to blend in with the sands of the desert. It curled into a tight ball, about the same size as a basketball, to protect its soft underbelly. Sandshrew's primary weapon was the small but sharp claws on its paws. Nick's Pokemon was a Duskull. His Pokemon was a dark grey-colored one. It resembled a small hooded masked form in a black robe with a crossbones drawing on its back. Its mask resembled the front of a skull. It also seemed to have a single eye that floats between the eye sockets in its mask. Duskull levitated off the ground.

"Yo, Evan, you move first, and then, we alternate," Rev said.

"Okay, I'll go," Evan said, bowing his head down and clutching the tip of his chin. He looked like he was thinking, and he was! "Okay, got it," he whispered. He raised his head and called out his commands, "Sneasel, use Ice Beam on Sandshrew, and Growlithe, use Flamethrower on Duskull, now!"

"Those are bold moves, Evan, very bold," Rev said, "but not bold enough! Sandshrew, use Dig on Growlithe!"

"Yeah, they are, Evan," Nick agreed, "Duskull, use Mean Look on Growlithe!"

Sneasel started off, opening its mouth wide and building an icy spiral in its mouth. Seconds later, Sneasel released its attack. The Ice Beam zigzagged its way towards the awaiting Sandshrew, which was over on the other side. Growlithe was next, opening its mouth as well and building a fiery spiral at the base of its tongue. Moments after, the puppy-like Pokemon released its attack. The Flamethrower snaked its way towards the ghost-like Pokemon. Duskull, on the other side, waited, carefully watching the oncoming attack.

Sandshrew crouched down and sank its sharp, almost-unbreakable claws into the cement hallway, and then, it disappeared from sight. Sneasel's attack cold shot past the now-underground Pokemon, missing. Sneasel grunted and stomped its foot. However, Duskull received the powerful blow of Growlithe's Flamethrower. Duskull was thrown back, with a burnt mark on its grey chest. The ghost Pokemon quickly got to its feet and attacked.

"DUSKULL!" Duskull opened its eye wide open, popping out its one eye. The eye popped out of its socket, and on the back of the eye, the veins throbbed endlessly and oozing out white pus. Duskull's eye emitted a menacing spectral light that blinded the puppy Pokemon. The whole hallway lit up, erasing the darkness.

Growlithe flinched back and shielded its eyes from the blinding light, walking back to its master. Sneasel did the same. Both of them waited for the next commands.

Their opponent, Duskull, floated towards its master. Nick smirked and laughed. Rev quickly joined, and both of them broke out in a nonsense, irrelevant, no-point laughter.

Knowing about Sandshrew's Dig attack on Growlithe, Evan scrambled through his mind of a counter he could use against. Seconds later, Evan's face lit up and snapped his long, skinny fingers, and he said, "Growlithe, leap! Sneasel, use X-Scissor on Duskull!"

Nick calmed down and ordered, "Duskull, use Ice Beam on Growlithe!"

Rev ordered his Pokemon, which was underground at the moment, "Dig up, Sandshrew, dig up!"

Growlithe leaped off the solid, cement hallway floor, hoping to avoid Sandshrew's devastating underground attack. Growlithe hung in the air for a matter of seconds before starting to fall down again. Sneasel quickly drew its attention to the falling puppy-like Pokemon. Sneasel knew that if it didn't help its friend, Growlithe would faint. So, Sneasel rushed forward, attacking. A couple of feet away from Duskull and a few paws away from Growlithe, the weasel-like Pokemon leaped up into the air and met with Growlithe. Along the way, Sneasel bumped its head on Growlithe's fiery body, causing Growlithe to soar higher and not fall down. After, Sneasel continued with its anticipated attack. Sneasel's claws was glowing a bluish-white color, and it shone. Crossing its claws over its small face, Sneasel pursued Duskull.


Sneasel slashed Duskull's body with its crossed arms. Duskull, on the other hand, screamed in pain as the weasel Pokemon ate up its body with its sharp claws. Duskull tried to shield itself with its invisible arms, but it didn't work.

With the command of Rev, Sandshrew drilled out of the ground and aimed its sharp claws at Growlithe, which was in midair. Sandshrew, with determined eyes on its face, soared high in the air, puncturing a cut on Growlithe's butt. Growlithe screamed and got furious. Both, Sandshrew and Growlithe, of them landed back on the hallway and pounced back to their respective owners. Duskull and Sneasel did the same, backing away from each other.

"Growlithe, use Fire Blast on Duskull and Sandshrew, and hopefully not Sneasel! Sneasel, use Blizzard on the both of them!" Evan screamed, pointing his fingers at his opponent.

"Sandshrew, use Protect!" Rev called out, ordering his Pokemon to shield.

"Duskull, use the move Psychic on Evan’s Sneasel!" Nick yelled, commanding his Pokemon to attack.

Growlithe began forming a fiery spiral at the base of its mouth, which was opened wide, while staring at its opponents. Sneasel opened its mouth, s well, and began forming an icy spiral at the base of its tongue. Both of them concentrated on their attacks. While Sneasel and Growlithe were preparing for their respective attacks, Duskull seized the time to attack. Duskull clasped its 'invisible' hands together and freed them again; the palms facing Sneasel. The levitating ghost Pokemon concentrated its Psyche energy on its hands, and all of a sudden, they started to glow a bluish-white color. Then, Duskull started lifting its arms, and Sneasel was lifted up. The Ice-Type Pokemon was surrounded by a round and unbreakable bubble. It hovered up, controlled by Duskull.

"Sneasel, Sneasel," the poor weasel-like Pokemon cried out, punching and clawing the sides of the bubble, trying to escape. Its attack had faded and disappeared. It cried out for Evan and Growlithe for help.

Growlithe snarled and barked. Its eyes started glowing blood red suddenly, showing how mad it got. White saliva dripped down from its dangling jaws. The fiery spiral had gotten bigger from before, and in one huff of exhaled air, the spiral escaped from its mouth, heading for Sneasel, Duskull, and Sandshrew. Numerous streaks of fire escaped from the spiral as it snaked its way down the hallway. It hissed and looked like am ablaze serpent.

Sandshrew, on the other hand, set up its protective shell around itself, which could withstand even the most powerful attacks. As the fiery spiral of Growlithe shot past the protective covering, it pounded against it like a drum, sending vibrations inside. Sandshrew tried its best not to let go, and it didn't. It stayed inside. The spiral traveled towards Duskull and Sneasel now. Upon impact, the spiral bounced off the psychic bubble and hit Duskull. Since it was for Sneasel and it got bounced, Duskull received twice the damage. The ghost-like Pokemon let go of its arms, freeing the entrapped Sneasel. Duskull knelt on its knees, facing the floor, gasping for air. Its eye wandered out, drifting its eyesight from right to left and vice versa. After seconds of gasping, Duskull finally gave out, fainting.

"DUSKULLL, NO!" Nick screamed, rushing over to the fallen Pokemon. Nick hugged his Pokemon before going back to his position, sobbing. He stored the fainted comrade inside its Pokeball and let it rest. Then, nick leaned over to Rev and whispered, "Kick his ass, Rev."

Sneasel dropped to the floor, hurt and weak. It trembled and shook violently before giving out its final breath. Then, Sneasel lay on the floor with a peaceful look on its face. Out of nowhere, Kristy came out and rushed over to the fallen Sneasel. The girl hugged the weasel Pokemon tightly. She rested her head on Sneasel's stomach.

"Kristy, get out of there! You're going to get hit with our attacks!" Evan warned Kristy.

"I don't care, Evan, I don't care," Kristy replied.


Suddenly, a rock the size of a computer mouse soared in the air, aimed at Kristy's head. A split second later, the rock collided with Kristy's sensitive cranium. Kristy screamed out and fell back, still holding Sneasel's hand with her right hand. She lay beside the fallen Sneasel, peacefully and with a blank face. On her head was dripping blood, slowly making a pool. The rock was pointy and jagged, easily puncturing through the thin layers of skin that surrounded the brain.

"Kristy!" Evan yelled out to Kristy. Evan was about to rush over, but he was stopped by a barrage of poisoned darts. One stung his elbow and another one on his knees. Evan halted and tended his now-wounded skin. "Growlithe, use the move Take Down on Sandshrew, quick!"

Growlithe barked and charged towards the opponent, not hesitating on the attack. Growlithe traveled at an incredible speed that Sandshrew did not have enough time to duck and cover. Instead, it stood there, dazed. Growlithe bowed its head and smashed it against the body of Sandshrew. The impact caused the ground-dwelling Pokemon to fly back. Without further commands, Growlithe pursued Sandshrew, charging again with another Take Down. Both collided again, but this time, Sandshrew was hit in the stomach. Red blood and taken-out teeth escaped from its mouth as it soared in the air and landing on the ground, head first.

Growlithe never let up, but instead, it continued with its rampage and took down Sandshrew. After minutes of beat-ups, Sandshrew's face was bloody and had no teeth. Its eyes were swollen by the attacks of the rampaging Growlithe. Its body was scarred in different places. ITs then-sharp claws were now blunt and dull. Finally, Sandshrew gave up by surrendering its life to Growlithe. The puppy Pokemon took down Sandshrew for the last time, and the rodent-like Pokemon fainted.

"You gave it your all, Growlithe, thank you so much," Evan said. The boy was petting Growlithe's head, and then, Evan stored the puppy-like Pokemon back inside its Pokeball. Evan then latched it back on his belt and walked over to Kristy. He knelt down beside her and whispered to her ear, "Kristy, are you doing okay?"

Kristy stirred and came to, rubbing her eyes and touching the blood on the floor. Then, she asked, "What happened, and why do I have such a massive headache?"

Evan smiled and chuckled, and then, Evan hugged Kristy. Unknowing and blushing, Kristy went with it, hugging back Evan.

"Kristy, I like you," Evan said.

"I like you, too, Evan!"

Rev walked over to the newly-found couple, clutching a round, shiny Pokeball in his right hand.

"Augh, new couple, it makes me sick. Well, here ya go, Evan, as promised. You get the mysterious Pokemon that Nick and I caught last night at Burbank. Have fun with it," Rev said, handing the Pokeball to Evan.

"Why, thank you, Rev, that's very kind of you," Evan said, looking up and receiving the Pokeball. Rev passed it and Evan finally got the hold of the ball. The boy looked at it for a moment before stashing it inside his pocket.

"Well, I got to jet. I'll see you around, probably," Rev said, bowing his head and walking back to Nick. Then, the waiting friend, Nick, tagged along, and both of them disappeared into the dark mist of the hallway, leaving Kristy and Evan on the floor, alone.

"Evan, maybe we should be getting back now," Kristy said, "It's almost four!"

"I know, Kristy, let's go," Evan said, getting up along with Kristy. With his arms around Kristy's waist, they walked down the hallway, happy and joyous...