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August 8th, 2009, 8:44 PM
My last shop didnt go so well I didnt list much pokemon (also i got lazy and stop putting stats)
1.No hacked pokemon. If its hacked it must be from a person that knows what theyre doing. No one likes a bad egg.
2. Yes these pokemon may suck but quit crying and complaining
3.No spamming
4. Wait your turn, if the person before takes to long to respond i will skip them
5.Have fun (thats what everyone puts :P )

TO:Touched once
PKRS:Has pokerus
HPKRS:Had pokerus
CB:Can breed

Legendaries (not much)
Giratina:calm natureLV70 HP304, ATK138, DEF182, SATK153,SDEF194,SPD144 (moves are the ones it came with)
Rotom: Calm nature HP44, DEF28, SATK35, SDEF31, SPD34
(moves are the ones it came with)
Rotom lvl 1

Under LVL 10
F.Phanpy: LV5 Quirky nature, ATK11, DEF11, SATK10, SDEF10, SPD9

M.Charmander: LV1 Bold nature, HP11, ATK5, DEF5, SATK6, SDEF6, SPD6

F.Shuppet:LV1 Calm nature HP12, ATK5,DEF5, SATK6, SDEF5, SPD6

F.Surskit: LV2 Sassy nature HP14, ATK,6 DEF6, SATK7, SDEF7, SPD6

M.Dodou: LV2 Rash nature HP13, ATK8, DEF6 SATK6, SDEF5, SPD8

F.Wurmple:LV6 Quirky nature HP22, ATK11, DEF10, SATK8, SDEF10, SPD8

M.Togepi:LV1 Bold nature HP11, ATK4, DEF6, SATK5, SDEF6, SPD5

JAPM.Shroomish:LV7 Naughty nature HP26, ATK11, DEF14, SATK12, SDEF12, SPD10

F.Gible:LV1 Adamant nature HP12 ATK6, DEF6, SATK4, SDEF6, SPD6

M.Abra: LV7 Bashful nature HP17 ATK7, DEF6, SATK17, SDEF10, SPD14

M.Zubat:LV7 Hardy nature HP24 ATK12, DEF11, SATK10, SDEF11, SPD13

F.Parchirisu:LV9 Modest nature HP31 ATK13, DEF19, SATK15, SDEF23, SPD23

M.Starly:LV6 Relaxed nature HP21 ATK12, DEF11, SATK8, SDEF9, SPD11

M.Squirtle:LV1 Lax nature

JAPM.Munchlax:LV1 Lonley nature

M.Sunkern:LV6 Adamant nature

M.Combee:LV8 Sassy nature

F.Tailow:LV1 Naive nature

M.Torchic:LV1 Sassy nature

F.Cacena:LV1 Serious nture

M.Charmander:LV1 Bold nature

Nicknamed M.Crandios:LV Quirky nature HP64 ATK57, DEF22, SATK19, SDEF21, SPD29,

M.Carnivine:LV23 Lonley Nature HP72 ATK61, DEF35, SATK53, SDEF45, SPD31

M.Golbat:LV33 Lax Nature HP98 ATK58, SATK56, SDEF50, SPD73

I got lazy here so spoink lvl 23 rash nature

Cradilily Lax nature lv 40

Rydon lvl 55 hasty nature

Sharpedo lvl 30 quiet nature

poliwhirl lvl33 Jolly nature

delibird lvl32 basful nature

Clefairy lvl36 mild nature

octillery lvl48 lonley nature

jigglypuff lvl27 adamant nature

Over level 50: Dragonite, Pidgeot, Garchomp, Honchkrow, Raticate Fearow, Primeape, Xatu, Ampharos, Steelix, Luxray, Magcargo, Skarmory, Spinda, Cacturne, Hippodown, Giratina, Corsorla, Haunter, Kingler, Rhydon, Weezing, Seaking, Volbeat, Illumise, Scyther, Gyrados, Ariados, Wailord, Grumpig, Whiscash, Cradily, Alakhazam, Bellosom

MANY MANY MORE TO COME.... (Well i do have alot more just dont feel like typeing anymore)
Also I wont always be on. So please be patient if i speak with you and take more then 4 days to respond back you get a free poke. That doesnt mean you ignore me for 4 days. You wont get it. Ill just skip you.

Oh yes my current wants are: Spirit tomb, Kecleon, Bulbasaur, Caterpie, Weedle, Ekans, Arbok, Lapras, Male ralts, Porygon, Magmar, Electabuzz, Jynx, Spheal, Mamoswine, Scizor, Female snorunt, What ever legendary you feel like offering if your genorous.

Also there might not be enough info on a certain poke so just ask what level it is and stats if you feel the need to.