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BLAH for drama. xP

Okay, first off, this fanfic is rated, currently, PG-13 for violence and occasional swearing. It's a little hard to explain what this fic is about and in which general direction it's heading for. The first couple of chapters will be just the start, as it usually is. This is an action/adventure fanfic with a few genres to add in (like drama, comedy, etc.). Mainly it's action/adventure.

Note: This fanfic was posted on a different website, but now I'm starting to post it in lotsa places ;)

Also, this is going to be a long fic with long chapters. This is just a warning to you now.

Brief summary:
A tragedy, now known as the Blood Feud, ruined the lives of thousands of people. Because of this event, caused by the vengeful Pokémon Mewtwo, Team Rocket is considered heroes because of their bravery in the battle. However, one year later, a girl named Hayley Jace—along with former Rocket, Asher Helmcruft—discovers who Team Rocket really is and what their plans are. Now the world is in grave danger and so are the Legendaries that roam it. They will have to go on a journey like no other to protect the world, the Legendaries, a mysterious rebelling team, mysterious accessories known as Plates, and all of these things which lead up to one astonishing truth and the key that answers it all: the Realm. The hunt has begun.

Below is the Pronunciation Guide
Hayley Jace -- HAY-LEE CHASE

Asher Helmcruft -- ASH-ER HELLM-CRUFFT

Lyla -- LIE-LA

Solis Stryder -- SOUL-IS STRY-DER

Arenglintine (Ren) -- AH-REN-GLIN-TYNE (REN)

Furor -- FUH-RORE

Jet -- JET

Aurion -- OR-EE-ON

Neal -- NEEL

Felix -- FEE-LICKS

Fayeze (Faye) -- PHASE (FAY)

Argyles (Lyle) -- ARG-EE-LES (LIE-ALL)

Kitty -- KIT-TEE

Ludicrous -- LOOD-EH-CRUS

Spike -- SPYKE

Terrence -- TERR-INCE

Jewelsie -- JEWEL-SEE

Scallop -- SCALL-IP

Gene -- JEAN

Dragoneilm (Dragon) -- DRAG-IN-ELM (DRAG-IN)

PS -- PS

Jacoby Herring -- JAH-COE-BEE HARE-ING

Alisa Bonnet -- AH-LIS-AH BON-NIT

Kendrick Hart -- KEN-DRICK HARRT or HEART

Passer -- PASS-ER

Cleanip -- CLEAN-EP

And I would put more on here, but the rest of the characters aren't expected to make an appearance for a long time (; I'd rather not spoil any others. Maybe after I put a few more up, I will.

PM List:

Okay, before you look at the miniature chapter list in disbelief, I must say that I've only planned up to six chapters so far. The fanfic is going to be extremely long, and I hope you trust me when I say that. I already have everything planned out. I just have to sort everything into each chapter, type the rest of the chapters and post them. There's going to be a lot of chapters :/ A lot. Thankfully, however, I've already got all the details planned out and written down. Well, not the descriptions, but the twists and the plot and everything like that. I'm going to sort the plans out into the chapters, name the chapters, and then I'll begin typing each of them and actually give it description and content. When I write some more chapters, then I'll post the progress. I'm waiting for reactions to this prologue, however, before I post the first chapter. I estimate that, for this fanfic (and Book 1 to a possible series), that this will have at least...umm...30 chapters. It's an estimate for now. There could be less or more, but I'm thinking at least 30.

Main details:

Updates: Several chapters still being planned. Up to five chapters completed! This is just the prologue, but more will be posted once a few reviews are received ;3

Chapter list:

Prologue (continue scrolling, located in post) (Status: complete)
Chapter 1: Another Tragedy (Status: complete)
Chapter 2: The Great Capture (Status: complete)
Chapter 3: The Great Escape (Status: complete)
Chapter 4: The Meeting (Status: complete)
Chapter 5: Two New Towns Lead to a Rescue (Status: complete)
Chapter 6: Another Meeting (Status: in progress)
Chapter 7 (Status: being planned)
Chapter 8 (Status: being planned)
Chapter 9 (Status: being planned)
Chapter 10 (Status: being planned)

*The Hunted Realm*


Not much was known about the Realm. Countless leaders and scientists had attempted to gain access to its forbidden entrance, but none have succeeded. Some said it was the sleeping place to the almighty Arceus. Others said it was merely just a fantasy, a legend that was born from Pokémon obsessions. Those who spoke of the legend as if it was unreal were mistaken.

The Realm was real. The Pokémon that resided in it were realer.

The clouds bloomed beds that contained the same substances used to make their plump, cottony appearance. Resting in these light beds was a majestic deer, surfaced with a milky white texture. Unlike a deer, this creature was not fragile or timid; he possessed the potential to be a God. At the ends of his long, thin legs were yellow nails, jutting out from where feet would usually be. It stood determinedly on all fours with a face that looked more like a helmet, a jagged horn merging from the features and pointing backward. Around its stomach area was a gleaming golden crest that acted more as a convening belt, piecing the halves of its body together with a firm clasp.

The godly Pokémon gazed down at the universe he had created, seeing the Pokémon world light up before his eyes, standing out from the rest of his creations. He knew that disaster was about to strike since this was his world after all, but that seemed of no concern to him at the moment. The Pokémon knew the people that roamed the land would recover from the oncoming tragedy.

What really concerned the Pokémon was the group behind it, plotting the world’s downfall. He had not faltered in creating the world and the Pokémon that helped make it, but why would someone even consider betraying him in this way? Why would anyone be willing to capture him—the unreachable, untouchable Pokémon—to obtain what they wanted most?

He couldn’t help but pity the humans. Most were innocent, but malice lingered cruelly in the others’ hearts. He could only stand by and watch the world fall into its demise.

Why did they seek the Sealed One? Why were they aiming to awaken his long forgotten brother?

The wise Pokémon knew this much: if the Sealed One was awakened, it would be the end of the world.

The Pokémon leaned back and watched the tragedy that had just begun, tearing his thoughts temporarily away from the disturbing one known as the Sealed One. What he saw made his heart ache.


Ash—appraised and created by the intensely burning flames—acted as a replacement for the eradicated soil, blanketing the smoldered grass in numerous piles of soot. Trees, overpowered by the forceful, uncharacteristically powerful hands of the wind, had no choice but to leap into the air after their roots were plunged and plucked from beneath them, forever torn. The sky was no longer visible due to the shield of smoke stretched over its momentous blue shade and the large glowing lantern known as the sun. A noise—thundering in volume, sleek in quality—impaired the polluted air, protruding a cornflower blue aura after its dizzying roar had reached all ears.

Beings with strong limbs and tight black uniforms scrambled through the smoke that had encircled over the damaged ground. Some carried machinery, which they spoke into with fear and anxiety, as if they knew that the end was near, that they weren’t going to live and desperately hoped someone would reach out to assist them. Others held weapons, ones that were constantly shot toward the sky, hoping to strike its desired target. A colossal roar filtered from nearby, almost as if it was warning them; the uniformed humans spoke faster into their machinery, urgency flaking off their terrified tones.

A genderless being—definitely not human—dove through the smoke, causing it to evaporate upon making contact. Its body was sleek and strong, dowsed with milky lavender. It looked oddly like a feline—a cat with no nose, a cat with the ability to stand on two legs instead of four. Once really looking at this being, however, you would say it bears more resemblance to a human. Its eyes were usually a mesmerizing shade of purple, though at the moment it sparked fiery red, glowing with rage, icy and cruel in substance. This being—this Pokémon—would spare no mercy.

“Lyla!” A boy dragged his body along the ground pathetically.

The Pokémon’s attention quirked after hearing the deep cry of the frantic male human calling out urgently to their loved one. The confused and enraged feelings catapulting through the Pokémon felt essential to it, almost like the feelings were its blood, but it knew what it was doing was wrong. Horribly wrong. So why did the Pokémon continue?

“Lyla!” The boy crawling along the ground, face tainted by char and stains of red, cried out yet again.

The Pokémon turned wistfully and slowly, as if to add more tension to the already tense atmosphere. A pit of regret settled into its chest, but as soon as it saw the boy garbed in black—a color of evil in the Pokémon’s eyes, the color his enemies would wear— all of that regret faded, as if it hadn’t even been there. The Pokémon saw who the boy was reaching toward, a girl who could barely move, her body looking like it had been painted in crimson blood. She, too, had a black uniform, though most of it was torn.

Rage consumed the Pokémon’s mind. He held out his hand awkwardly, dangling it. The girl’s body was abruptly covered in blue, an aura gifted from the psychic Pokémon. Then she screamed, revealing that the aura was crushing her, crunching against her brittle flesh, which was already plastered almost entirely with blood.

“NO! LYLA!” The boy reached out with his remaining strength, constantly wailing for the survival of the girl, begging the Pokémon to stop.

When the girl went completely limp from her hopeless struggles, the aura vanished, exhausted from its victory, but the Pokémon lingered, hovering in midair, seemingly larger up-close.

“I have dealt with you humans long enough!” The Pokémon screeched in a male human voice, yet its lips did not move. “Heed this warning or perish in ignorance: bring me infinite power or surrender thou treasures.”

With its final words, it vanished, leaving the area stirring with bitterness and sorrow, most of which coming from the boy—one of the only survivors—as he swore vengeance under his breath.


“We are live at the scene of Kanto’s tragic incident.” A tall, slender woman with tanned skin and a blond bob flashed across the screen, a microphone held tightly in front of her solemn face. “This is Debra Dasher on the scene in the obliterated Viridian Forest. It has been two days since the fatal massacre currently named the Blood Feud, but there is still a search occurring on the premises. Pokémon Centers have been in constant pursuit of locating survivors, though it has been shown that thousands are already deceased. There have been reported to be about three survivors at the moment, but they are searching for more. We have only gained a little information, but we will try to get as much information as possible.

“An unknown Pokémon went on a lustful rampage just two days ago. During that rampage, squads from former-felons Team Rocket attempted to stop the beast, but many were lost in trying to do so. Not only were many lives lost, but apparently before the Pokémon left, he spared a warning to those that lived. Our question is what was this warning? What did it mean? We will return with more news on this tragic tale momentarily.”

The television screen went blank. A tall boy with hair as dark as night and blue eyes as bright as the morning sky sat up in a stiff hospital bed. He winced and examined his body carefully, taking in the bandages that were wrapped firmly around several of his limbs, hugging his flesh. He felt weak and unbalanced, but his mind was all too clear, like a fog that had dispersed. His whole body was exposed to searing pain, but despite this, he yearned to stretch and relieve the tension that had built in his sore muscles. His bones (the ones that weren’t broken) popped painfully once he did.

“Asher, good morning.”

The boy looked up questionably to the voice and saw a tall man with long red hair and glasses that transparently covered his jade-green eyes. He wore a brown buttoned up jacket and long raggedy black pants that looked like they had been exposed to hard work. Although his smile appeared welcoming, it had no effect of pleasing Asher, who watched him both reverently and angrily, as if he was disappointed in this man but knew he shouldn’t be.

“Where were you two days ago? You were supposed to be there, in the middle of the fight! Your Pokémon team would’ve been useful! You’re one of the best in Team Rocket!” Asher spat. He coughed, showing he had overworked himself. His heart was racing as well, anger surging through the blood, into his hands that his fingers yearned to clench.

The man pushed his glasses up since they had begun to slide downward along his nose. “I wasn’t aware of what was happening, and I had important business to attend to. You should think twice before talking to your commanding officer in such a rude manner. I am pleased, however, to say that you’re still alive and operational. Everyone else is rather down, aren’t they?” He chuckled at his little joke.

“Why are you joking about that? It’s not funny! Lyla is dead! She’s gone! And I saw it right before my eyes! Damn that Mewtwo! Damn it!” Asher continued to curse until the man stopped him by holding his hand outward. The room seemed to spin as Asher realized the hand's position was dangerously close to his bandaged neck.

“Enough,” he growled, and pulled his hand back once Asher’s lips went into a hard line. “Now instead of yelling or wasting your breath, maybe you should focus on resting. You have an interview with Poké News.”

“An interview? About what?” Asher fumed. Just because he had to work under his commanding officer didn’t mean he had to listen to him all the time. Why was he giving out orders anyway when he was trying to recover?

“About Mewtwo’s warning. I’m going to tell you what to say and you’re going to say it. Is that understood?” His gaze was piercing as it stabbed menacingly in Asher’s direction.

“Why?” Asher narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

“Because it’s beneficial to our cause. Understood?” The one-word question was rhetorical, but Asher proceeded to answering it anyway.

“Understood.” He stared blankly across the room, unable to think or move. It was too painful to.

“Now when do you think you could do that interview?”

“Now.” Asher slowly shifted himself to where the hospital blankets were off of him and his legs were pampered with cool air. He gritted his teeth, the pain too explicable and excruciating as it prickled from the inside and out.

“You’re not fully healed,” the man reminded him.

“I know, Solis, but I need to see something,” Asher said with impatience, grunting as he slid toward the edge of the bed, being careful about his injuries.

“What do you need to see? Do you want to see Lyla?” Solis shook his head, pitying him. “Why must you torture yourself, Asher? A trainee cannot handle this kind of anguish. It’s best if you forget about her.”

“If the reporter is there right now then we may be able to interview her if we get there fast enough. I have to see if Mewtwo really did kill her. I just have one question.” Asher was about to fold his hands, but the movement made him freeze, causing him to instantly regret moving in the first place. “If I do what you tell me to do, will we be able to catch Mewtwo?”

“Yes. We will.” Solis’s smile was reassuring, but there was something about the way his eyes glowed fiercely that made Asher become immediately suspicious.

“Fine. Then let’s go.”

It took time until Asher was roaming about, but with Solis's help he was successfully walking, though he couldn’t help the pain that stabbed through him whenever he moved. They argued senselessly with one of the nurses to let him out for a bit, and when she finally gave in, they ambled out of the Pokémon Center. By the time they got to the scene, Asher’s body felt like it had imploded with pain, and he was using any strength he had left to bar his pained screams. His commanding officer allowed him to sit on the ground and rest for a bit while he got a hold of Poké News.

Asher sat down carefully and painfully, trying not to stare at the dried blood smeared along the ash-covered ground. Most of the land was cleaner from when he had last seen it, but the haunting memories of that day cursed his mind and caused chills to flow like a river down his spine. His eyes closed and then scanned, searching for bodies or appearances that were familiar to him. He saw a few comrades he had worked with before lying peacefully on the ground. He was surprised he could even identify them because they were covered with soot, and it looked like before their death they had suffered severe injuries.

With a heartfelt glance, he peered away and noticed, with ripping anguish, that he sat in the same spot that he had been dragging himself on just two days ago. With high hopes, he searched the area in the best way he could, not caring for the pain, not caring that every time he moved his nerves would react sharply. He even began to walk, limping painfully in whichever direction he could. He got a pitying result.

No Lyla.

It was a strange thing indeed because he had seen Lyla that day, but suddenly he could not find her body, which means he couldn’t clarify whether she was dead or alive. Had they already begun to gather bodies from the scene? Had they taken Lyla for her to be cremated or put in a coffin?
The only remaining thing left to do was talk to that reporter, and Asher knew exactly what he was going to say now.

Why would you do this to her, Mewtwo, when she was the one that saved you? When she risked herself to save you? Damn you for doing this to her! was the last thing that flooded his mind when he saw Solis and the reporter approaching him.

Claimer: Asher, Solis, the Sealed One, the Realm, Lyla, and Debra Dasher the reporter are all mine. I made them up.
Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or any of the Pokemon mentioned (ex: Mewtwo, Arceus, etc.). Pokemon belong to the ones that created it. Not me.
Feel free to critique, comment, etc.
This is just the beginning, and I know it was somewhat difficult to comprehend, but I promise everything will be understood in the rest of the story (; And, *sigh*, yes, I know. Some of the sentences written were quite bad. I'm going to have to work on my description :/ And prepare yourself because the next chapter is going to switch to 1st POV! BUM BUM BUM! Yes, I know. You're not supposed to switch from different POV's, but this is like...the 1st time and most likely last time. *holds up right hand* Scout's honor. I will, however, switch to 3rd POV occasionally. But then it'll switch automatically back.
Anyway, hope you enjoyed, and thanks for reading! Chapter 1 coming soon! IN 1st POV! Remember that!

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Once again, this is rated PG-13 (this chapter is pretty clean though) for violence and occasional swearing.
Sidenote: I promise you the story will get better. I've got everything planned out, and I'm excited just thinking about it. For extra suspense, I may put chapter 2 up, though in my opinion, the story doesn't start getting good until chapter 3...(or, really, chapter5...6...7...You get what I'm saying xD The first couple of chapters are just the start.) so maybe I'll put that one up, too. xD
IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: Pokemon will talk with these: <> For example:
He turned toward me and raised his head, saying, <We've got to get out of here.>
That way it's easier, and it's not as confusing. Anyway, enjoy the chapter! =DDDD
(On another random sidenote: I suck at chapter names >.<)

*Chapter 1*
Another Tragedy

One year later…

Clouds as puffy as cotton were pasted along the calm azure sky, causing a cool shroud to befall the land, sending a misty wind to serenely peck along the open streets of Viridian City. The sun, unbidden despite the land’s desire for warmth, pronged a massive cloud rotating overhead, peeking out from the bare center of the crack, sending tiny rays to fend off the chilly, collected atmosphere of the day. The streets seemed wide but thinner for some reason, almost as if they had worked out overnight or their usual length had been reduced to a tiny strip. For whatever the reason, my feet weren’t doing a good job at rocketing over its pebbly surface. In fact, I should say that I tripped a few times…or a lot. It was more jagged from the usual, but I didn’t care. It was the least of my worries.

I had to stop a few times to grasp what I was actually doing. I froze in the middle of the street, confused and alarmed, wondering exactly where I was and where I was headed. Then my mind flooded with my location, and I understood exactly what was happening. A goofy smile lit up at the corners of my lips, feet plummeting forward again, accelerating to get to my desired location with just a little time left over.

My name is Hayley Jace, and I’m fifteen years old, living in Viridian City with my grandparents. I’m 5’6”, have long dark auburn hair and light green eyes. I guess you could say I was one of the students that didn’t try too hard because it took me years to get my Pokémon Trainer license. Whenever you turn thirteen years old, you take exams to obtain your license, but if you fail it, you have to take the exams again the following year. I failed the exams a couple of times, but I got extremely lucky on my fifteenth birthday. I was told that the reason I kept failing the test was because I have some sort of memory problem…and I forgot the rest of the explanation. See what I mean? It’s the whole reason how I don’t remember most of my childhood. Odd, isn’t it?

Anyway, I was supposed to be heading over to Professor Oak’s laboratory at the moment because today was the day I was going to receive my license and my starter Pokémon. My grandparents helped me debate over which one to choose out of the three: Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle. I was uncertain because I admired all three of the adorable Pokémon, but I was informed that Charmander was my best option because after all of his evolutions he would become the almighty Charizard.

My breaths felt shallow, lighter, but my chest felt like a weight had plunged into its center, so I leaned against one of the buildings nearby, cooling off in the shade while also trying to catch my breath. I was offered a bike to ride, but I had turned it down because of my beaming excitement. It was a rather stupid move, wasn’t it?

I brushed a strand of auburn hair out of my eyes and looped it behind my ear, peering upward with a cautious, defensive look, as if a predator was approaching me overhead. The grass was shaped by the indefinite wind, which continuously rocked against it, flattening the tops of its tall exterior, as if to bother whatever was rousing inside it.

“Shoot!” I cried suddenly, slapping my knee, as if to say duh! “I forgot Jet!” Jet was my grandparents’ Beedrill, which they had first caught as a little Weedle in Viridian Forest. They had told me the other day that I would have to bring Jet to get to Pallet Town—where Professor Oak currently resides—because of stray or wild Pokémon.

“It’s such a long way back,” I said with a sigh, talking to myself in disbelief. Nonetheless, I whirled around and traced my steps, feeling ignorant to have so foolishly gone without a bike and Jet.

My legs had just begun to function at a faster speed when the grass ruffled noisily from behind me, causing my attention to wane with fascination in its direction. I pondered which Pokémon could be filtering in its plant growth. A Pidgey? A Rattata? We had studied in class that these Pokémon often settled in Route 1.

A purple rodent flexed its way out from the ruffling bushes, maddened ruby eyes watching and front teeth poking outward from its mouth, looking sharper. Its tail was long and curved into a swirling loop as it stuck in the air. It stretched its front paws and hissed, warning me. A Rattata.

I stared at it with clear interest. I had never seen one up-close, and it looked exactly like it did in the books I read. Then I remembered reading about how cautious they were of their territory and how they would try to take care of a threat, but flee if the threat was too dangerous.

I gulped. Oh crap.

“Hey, little guy,” I cooed, trying to soothe it. “What’s your name?” I had taken plenty of classes on Poké Language, classes that taught you how to associate with Pokémon in their own language. It was a difficult class, but I had taken it ever since I first came to town, so I was pretty good at speaking with Pokémon.

The Rattata hissed, stepping forward, looking in no mood for useless chatter.

I frowned. A thought returned to my mind. Wild Pokémon often relied on instinct and didn’t use Poké Language, unless they were captured. Because of their instinctive habits, they often used body language to socialize instead. The only way I’d be able to communicate with this Rattata would be to capture it and then call it out. Otherwise, it would continue to hiss at me or even attack since that’s what its instincts told it to do. Unfortunately, I had no Pokémon or Pokéballs with me, (since I wasn’t allowed to have them without my license) so the only options I had were to cry for help—I doubt anyone was near—or run.

I picked running.

I had just begun to bolt when the rodent tackled me from behind, causing my body to fall forward and hit the ground. I yelped and clambered to stand, but the rodent whipped me with its tail, giving me a headache big enough to make me forget where I was.

I stared confusedly at the Rattata repeatedly attacking me—ow! He’s a strong one—and then I remembered where I was: in Route 1, on my way to Pallet Town to receive my license and starter Pokémon.

Should I fight back? Well if the Rattata saw me as a threat then he would run. It was worth a shot. But there was also a law that humans could not attack Pokémon head-on in the same way that Pokémon could not attack humans; Pokémon were the ones that were supposed to do the fighting against Pokémon.

Looks like I’m breaking some rules today, I thought, and swung my leg, slamming it into the Rattata’s side.

With a shriek, it flew and landed in the bushes. I listened carefully, hearing the soft pitter-patter of its paws fleeing into the distance.

I sighed with relief and silently gave the Rattata my apologies. Then I stood up and continued my route to Pallet Town, entering the small village with quick feet and an eager face. Small buildings with green roofs and a nice clean look were scattered over the town. The aroma in the air was fresh, like a scented candle that had just been lit. The trail I walked on was rough at first, but it seemed smoother once I applied more pressure to my feet and actually looked at where I was walking. I sauntered calmly to the very end of the town, where Professor Oak’s laboratory resided. I was about to grasp the doorknob when I squinted and saw a sign, reading on the front: “Closed for today.”

“Closed? How can a laboratory be closed?” I questioned aloud. Surely there must’ve been a good reason for this.

“Hi! Are you one of the students expected to pick up your Pokémon and license?” Words belonging to that of a male’s voice drifted from behind me, and as I turned, I saw a man of moderate height, shaggy brown hair and gray eyes. His smile was aged, and the laugh lines stretching from the side of his eyes proved that he was older than he looked, but there was a softness about him that made me relax.

“Um, yes sir…Are you Professor Oak?” I asked, eyeing him warily.

“No, no. I am, however, one of his successors. I’m Don León. Your name please?”

“Hayley Jace,” I answered.

“Ah, I see. Pleasure to meet you, Hayley. I realize you must be confused, but you see, today is a holiday—well, not really a holiday, but more like a day of remembrance, to those that lost their lives—”

“Wait, it is?” I stared with puzzlement, thinking that he was speaking nonsense.

He nodded. “Yes, today is in remembrance of an event that happened exactly one year ago. We call it the Blood Feud. Professor Oak decided to close his laboratory for the day. There will be a ceremony occurring in Viridian City, so that’s why he’s not here right now.”

“So he’s in Viridian City?”

“Yes, that’s correct. I’m sorry to say that you’ll be receiving your license and Pokémon tomorrow.”

“Really?” I groaned. “Oh this sucks.”

He blinked. “Yes, I suppose it does.”

I sighed. “I guess I’ll be going back to Viridian City. Thanks.”

“Oh you’re welcome. Come back any time.”

I waved goodbye to Don and entered Route 1 with disappointment, dragging my feet uneasily. What were the chances that today, the day I got my license and Pokémon, was the day of the Blood Feud? I suppose returning to town would be the right thing to do at the time.

I got back to Viridian with no problems, but as soon as I got there, I realized that the street was paved and completely covered by strangers and their Pokémon. Trainers, large and small, were accompanied by their loyal companions and partners, who kneeled or crouched beside their master with pure innocence and fidelity. I was about to ask the nearest person what was going on, but I recalled that Don mentioned that a ceremony was occurring in Viridian, in remembrance of those that lost their lives in the Blood Feud. How did the street get so crowded so fast?

“Are you here for the ceremony?” I asked the nearest person, who had, strangely, a Granbull perched by their side with a large slacking jaw and beady narrowed eyes, resembling a dog.

The boy I had asked, who had brunette hair and dark brown eyes, nodded. “Yes. I came all the way from Johto.”

“Really? Which city?”

“Goldenrod. It’s so sad, isn’t it?” He shook his head with his bottom lip puckered.

I blinked, calculating what he was talking about, and then nodded. “Yeah. The Blood Feud.”

“So many people lost their lives. Everyone heard about it; even Sinnoh heard about it, and it’s nowhere near Kanto. My best friend lost his father in that battle because he had business in Viridian.”

“I’m sorry for your friend’s loss. Wait, it happened in Viridian?”

He stared with bafflement at my dumbfounded expression. “Yes. You didn’t know that? It happened in Viridian Forest. The forest still hasn’t recovered from that battle. It’s still in bad shape.”

My face was flushed, and I was tempted to explain that I have a memory problem and the event was probably erased from my mind. “Oh. Well thank you for speaking with me. I must go now.”

“No problem.” His attention focused on the Granbull that leaned down before his feet, pawing at his trainer’s almost torn shoes, which had probably been damaged by the Pokémon himself.

I shifted through the crowd, apologizing to some of the Pokémon and trainers that I bumped into along the way, and eventually made it to my grandparents’ house, which I soon discovered to be locked. Sourly, I slipped my fingers under the welcome mat at the bottom of the door and found the spare key, slipping it into the keyhole and stepping into the house once it had opened. Everything was ordinarily the same—furniture scampered on top of wood-plated floors and unbelievable cleanliness featured in the house to where there wasn’t a speck of dust in sight. The only thing missing from the scene was my grandparents, who I guessed were at the ceremony.

I was about to dash up the stairs when a huge metallic cone-shaped dagger was aimed directly at my throat. I cowered fearfully. Once I realized who was there, however, the fear deceased from my trembling lips and a relieved smile took its place.

“Jet! Hey, Jet!” I greeted the Beedrill with thrill, and he stared at me silently until yanking his menacing daggers away from me, seeing that I was no longer a threat.

His eyes were bulging red, his body mostly yellow with about two or three black stripes striking through the bright color. His limbs were like black sticks, though his arms held the two large cone-shaped daggers he had been pointing at me earlier. The daggers were not as threatening as the dense, yellow stinger at the bottom of his hard shell. His immense translucent wings were what suspended him in midair as they constantly folded and flapped.

<I did not know you were back,> he said quietly, his voice on the brink of a breath. <I am sorry for almost attacking. Did you get your new Pokémon?>

“No, not yet. I’m going to have to get it tomorrow. Why didn’t you come with me?” I inquired, crossing my arms, ready to listen to his explanation.

<You were running, and I saw no need to catch up.>

“You mean you were too lazy to catch up?”

He lifted his arms upward, doing what I called a Pokémon shrug.

I laughed. “Okay, okay. Hey where are—”

<—your grandparents? They are at the ceremony. I was told to watch the house. Watching I am.>

I paused, hauling all of this information carefully. “Hey, Jet, were you with my grandparents at the time?”

<At what time?>

“During the Blood Feud.”

<I am afraid not. They, however, rescued me. My family was killed in the event. I never saw them again.> His voice became even quieter when saying the last sentence.

“I’m sorry, Jet.”

He dipped his head lowly and then raised it, cocking it to the side.

“What’s wrong? Do you hear something?” I glanced toward the door with unease.

He shook his head, antennas bobbing. <No, but I do hear the start of the ceremony. If you wish to attend then we must leave now.>

“Okay. Sure. Maybe we’ll even see Professor Oak.” I shrugged and led him to the door, opening it and allowing Jet to fly out before I closed it and locked it again.

I strayed from the regular path and sauntered to the crowd, a sea of faces gathered with their devoted Pokémon. I stood awkwardly at the back, though it was terribly hard to see from where I was. Jet didn’t have a problem with it, however, since he was floating at a high height, head pressed against his chest as he stared straight forward. I stood on my tip-toes and saw a sliver of what was happening overhead. A man stood behind a brown podium, blond hair sleeked back, blue eyes both piercing and captivating the crowd as everything fell into silence under his bellowing voice.

“Residents and visitors of Viridian City,” he began, his voice an inhuman roar as he spoke into the microphone, “we are gathered here today to recall an event so spiteful, so frightening that every region knows of its existence.” He paused, gaining a silent, dramatic gust of air in return. “The Blood Feud.
“As all of you are already aware, the Blood Feud was a tragedy this city has never endured until exactly one year ago. A rampaged Pokémon, revealed to be a genetically created Pokémon named Mewtwo, started destroying the city and the forest named after it. Many were caught in the battle, such as the noble heroes we call Team Rocket, and innocent citizens. Why did this happen? We are not certain of that answer. Perhaps Mewtwo went wild with rage. Perhaps he couldn’t control his savage heart. We are still determining the answer.

“For now, we present you with one of the only survivors out of approximately 3,567 people—Asher Helmcruft!”

For what would usually be an applause there was nothing but silence—silence as stale and cold as the expressions on everyone’s faces. Sadness was obscured, but stillness was shown as everyone took in a deep breath at the boy who now stood at the podium.

I took a hard look at Asher. He was thin, his dark hair untidy and—I had to admit, sounding stupid as it was—charming as it framed his slightly pale face. His eyes were striking and bright—an incredibly bright blue that I could pick out even if I was a mile away. His face was expressionless, allowing no emotions to leak—a perfect mask. I wondered how it was possible and how he could even do it, but then he looked away, his lip letting loose a twitch of annoyance as the crowd continued to watch him like he was some sort of exhibit or display.

“Hello, Viridian City.” He spoke with not as much as enthusiasm or strength as the man before him. Looking at him closely, it was almost as if he was ill from depression. His voice was filled with boredom and sadness, as if recalling the events was something he did always or it brought back harsh memories. “I come here to tell you that…the Blood Feud was the worst day of my life. Not only did I see the most evil, lustful, villainous creature to walk this land…but I saw someone, whom I loved very much, killed right before my eyes.” He gritted his teeth, his glower aimed downward at the microphone, fury flowing with cruel radiance from his firm gaze. “I saw many people killed before my eyes. Pokémon, creatures big and small, the kind of Pokémon you’d imagined wouldn’t ever be defeated, were killed right before my eyes. Lots of the trainees in Team Rocket, some of them being my comrades, were killed right before my eyes.”

His voice trembled, his eyes closing, almost as if to recapture what happened on that day. Then they opened, a few tears slithering down his cheeks as he spoke the next words. “Bottom line, many people were killed in that event, and that is why we must handle this so crucially. And Mewtwo…that bastard…that thing caused suffering to so many people. And then he has the nerve to say that if we don’t bring the Legendaries to him, we’ll all die!” He slammed his fist on the podium, causing the microphone to wobble slightly. Alarmed murmurs began to rise in the crowd. “So do you want to die?! Are you willing to sacrifice anymore people to that monster?! Would you want your Pokémon or your family to get killed?! We can put a stop to this! We can defeat Mewtwo!”

Loud agreements cheered in the crowd. Those against it were still murmuring. I stared at the podium with indecision. Jet swerved from above, and I could faintly hear him chuckling.

A tall man with long red hair and square-shaped glasses transparently concealing his emerald green eyes stood beside Asher, gently nudging him off the miniature stage. I couldn’t help but stare at Asher and the man, thinking that I had seen them before since they seemed so familiar. Team Rocket usually did business in the city, so that’s probably where I’ve seen them. Curse my weak memory.

The man with the combed back blond hair stood at the podium again, bowing his head as he said, “And now, a moment of silence.”

Silence swept the city, the crowd ceasing volume for the first time. I froze and kept as quiet as possible as the time ticked by. Then, once the moment of silence had ended, the blond man began to invite several people to the stage to share their loss. I listened to some stories and then, after about ten more minutes, clambered away from the crowd, trailing back to my home.

Jet hovered by me. <Leaving so soon?>

“This whole thing bothers me,” I said quietly, in a moment of concentration.


“I’m trying to figure that out myself.”

<Perhaps it is the sadness influenced by the survivor and his heartbreaking tale,> Jet said after a pause.

I shrugged. “Yeah, probably. Why were you chuckling?”

He paused and then chuckled. <I was chuckling because it is ridiculous.>


<Yes. Why would Mewtwo want the Legendaries?>

“For power maybe?” I suggested.

<Yes, I have considered that possibility, but think about it. If Mewtwo is so powerful as to destroy everyone if they do not bring him the Legendaries, why does he not just go and get the Legendaries himself?> Jet chuckled again, amused.

“Maybe he’s just too lazy like you,” I suggested again, smirking at how quiet he got after I said that. “I’m just kidding. I don’t know. But you do have a good point. The Legendaries are really powerful. Probably more powerful than Mewtwo.”

<Yes, so that explains why Mewtwo does not get them himself. However, if they are more powerful than Mewtwo, then we could just use them to battle against Mewtwo instead of capturing them for him. That sounds more reasonable, correct?>

I paused, nodding slowly. “Yeah, I guess so. But I’m against the idea of capturing the Legendaries.”

<Me too. That is why I believe that there has to be a reason for the Legendaries to side with us instead of capturing them. It is more reasonable,> Jet said, and then fell silent, his wings buzzing the rest of the way home.

I didn’t say anything to his response but thought carefully of his words instead. It really didn’t make sense that Mewtwo demanded Legendaries. Had Asher, perhaps, heard wrong? Or was Mewtwo just crazy? Crazy with power no doubt.

“Do you think they’re home?” I asked Jet, referring to my grandparents.

<I do not think so. I believe they are still at the ceremony,> he replied.

“Right. The ceremony isn’t over yet.”

I sat down on the couch and waited by watching TV. Lots of the news channels were airing the ceremony live and talking about it between intermissions, but I flipped through the channels until I found one that was often called the Discovery Channel, which was talking about Viridian Forest, probably in memory of the ceremony yet again. Jet perched himself on the empty side of the couch, making sure his stinger and daggers were in no danger of harming the furniture.

<You cannot avoid the memory of this day, it seems,> he pointed out, and I sighed heavily, turning off the television.

“Yeah, you’re right. Everyone seems deeply affected by this.”

<It appears so. The world must hate Mewtwo now.> He lowered his voice. <I know I do.>

I was about to question him on his remark, but then I remembered that he had also been a victim of the Blood Feud. He had lost his family, but he had also been rescued and saved by my grandparents.

<I do not mean to be rude or ill-mannered, but I have a question for you, Hayley,> he said abruptly, his voice so quiet it resembled a whisper.

“I don’t mind at all. What is it, Jet?”

<Why are you living with your grandparents and not your parents?> he asked. <This question has been haunting me for awhile now.>

I was about to answer, but then I remembered that I didn’t know the answer myself. Grandma had told me something long ago, but I forgot what she said. It was something about the Blood Feud, but I just didn’t remember.

Then a thought hit me.

“I think my parents were killed in the Blood Feud,” I muttered, pondering.

<They were?>

“I’m not really sure. I think they were. Grandma told me something long ago about the Blood Feud, but I just can’t remember what it is. My memory sucks.”

<Sucks it does.>

I rose. “Anyway, want to go back to watch the rest of the ceremony?”

He sighed. <What was the point of even coming back here?>

“Sorry. I’m just bored, I guess.” I smiled sheepishly. “And I really want to see if we can find Professor Oak. Maybe if we do I’ll be able to get my license and Pokémon right after the ceremony is finished.”

He sighed yet again. <Very well.>

We were about to exit the house when, what sounded like an explosion, occurred from outside, and the windows lit up for a fraction of second. I covered my ears during the noise and then scrambled outside, gaze scanning the land furiously.

A scorching ball of fire lied beside the crowd, which now looked like a bunch of screaming, panicked individuals fleeing for safety and shelter. The fire spread effortlessly along the ground, tainting the rich blades of green grass with heat and transforming them into ashes. Countless numbers of water Pokémon were aimlessly trying to put out the fire with as much water as they could conjure. The aroma drifting in the area consisted mostly of smoke, causing me to cough as my lungs were filled with its putrid contents. The heat emanated off the flames and warmed my skin even as I remained a distance away. I inhaled the smoke accidentally once again, tasting a revolting, acidic flavor, also reminding me of barbecue due to how smoky it tasted.

“What’s going on?!” I screamed, following to where Jet gestured.

I ran, all the while listening to the screams trenching the air.

“He’s back! He wants revenge!”

“Does anyone have a Legendary?”

“Someone please save us!”

“Mewtwo! It’s Mewtwo!”

“In the sky! Mewtwo!”

“He’s come back for the Legendaries!”

<Look!> Jet hissed, and pointed one of his thick daggers toward the sky.

I looked up fearfully, gasping and falling to my knees at what I saw.

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