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August 15th, 2009, 3:41 PM
Hey this is my first pokemon fic on this site. This is a fic version of Fire Red, and Leaf Green. I know it's a bit slow at first, but bear with me please. I have made some changes, but for the sake of story telling. Thank you for at least entering this thread.

.....to be the greatest Pokemon Trainer, that is my dream!

Pokemon Ocean Blue

In country called Kanto, there is a small town. While the town is barely regarded as part of the Region, as there is nothing unique about it, besides a special old man, a Legend is about to come forth....

"Mom, I don't care what you think I'm going, I'm old enough, I'm 14 and am gonna go to the nearest city with a Pokemon Center to get my Trainer's License, and then I'll catch Pokemon and be a great Trainer"! Red said.

Red was one of the youngest kids in Pallet Town. Once a kid turns 14 years old, they can apply for a Trainers License at a Pokemon Center, However, There is no center in Pallet.

"Fine then, If your going, then at least have this" Red's Mom said. She gave Red a hat, it was a red and white hat, with a symbol on the front.

"Mom, thanks, it goes with my jacket". Red said, he examined the hat, and then put it on and smiled.

"It's a gift from your dad, he had a simmilar hat when he started his journey, so when you were born, he picked it out, and said, 'when my son follows my footsteps, and chases his dreams, he will earn this hat as my blessing'!"

"Thanks Mom" Red said. He got his backpack, and put it on. He got his wallet, with only a little money in it and put it in his pocket. Red got another pair of cloths, a blanket, some food and water in his bag, and walked out the door.

"I can't believe I'm actually doing it, I'm gonna be a Pokemon trainer"! Red said to himself as he walked at the edge of town, and took a step into the tall grass.

"Well, your not going to become a great trainer if your walking into the tall grass without a pokemon, do you know how dangerous that is, Red"? a man asked.

"Do I know you"? Red asked the man

"No, but I'm sure you've heard of me, and your mother and I know each other, I'm Professor Oak"! the Pokemon Professor said. "Come with me, I'll give you a pokemon" Oak said.

Red followed Oak back into town, to his lab. "wow Professor, thank you" Red said.

The two walked into his lab, and went to the back. On a small table, three Pokeballs sat. Red looked at the back of them, on the black line that seperated the red and white half's there was a black line, and on the opposite side of the button, in small white font was the name of the Pokemon.

"Gramps, I'm fed up with waiting"! Green said. Green had always been a rival of Red, the two hated each other.

"Oh yes Green, I called you here too" Oak said.

"There are three Pokemon here. The Pokemon are held inside these Poke balls. When I was young, I was a serious Pokemon Trainer, but now, in my old age, I have only these three left. You each can have one. Go on, choose!" Oak said. He pointed to the table.

Red and Green went over to the table, both looking carefully. Finally, Red took one.

"I'll take this one then" Green said taking one.

"come on, I'll take you on, Red!" Green said.

"Alright, lets go!" Red said. The two threw their Pokeballs, and in a flash of light, Squirtle and Bulbasaur appeared.

"Hmm, I'll name you Kame" Red said to his new Pokemon. Kame made a grunt in agreement.

"Hmph, naming it, it's not a pet, its a thing to battle with, and I'll win, my Bulbasaur has the advantage. Bublasaur, Tackle!" Green said, and with that Bulbasaur charged at the turtle Pokemon, and hit it.

Kame went flying, but Red caught him and set him down.

"Red, Kame is at level 5, it can use the attacks Tackle, and Tail whip" Professor Oak said.

"thanks. Kame tackle!" Red yelled as Kame charged at Bulbasaur and tackled it.

"Bulbasaur, Tackle again!" Green yelled as the grass type tackled Kame. Kame managed to avoid the attack.

"Tackle again Kame!" Red yelled as Kame tackled Bulbasaur another time.

"finish it with all your might, one last tackle bulbasaur!" Green yelled, and with that, Green won the battle.

"Loser, it was inevitable that I would win, and you would loose, you know why? Because you are at the bottom, and I will always be at the top, anyways, smell ya later looser, and thanks Gramps" green said as he walked out of Oaks lab.

"It's okay to loose your first battle, I lost the first 13 if I remember correctly, but I came through, and become a great trainer, and look were I am today, Helping trainers like you!" Oak said. "Now, Lets get that Squirtle of yours healed, and I'll get you a Trainers License!"

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August 15th, 2009, 3:56 PM
It seems pretty well written, I saw a few grammatical errors like

Green one the battle.

one should be won

"Looser, it was inevitable that I would win, and you would loose,
"It's okay to loose your first battle,

Looser is the comparitive form of loose, it should be loser
and loose means not tight and should be lose

Besides that the intro seems pretty generic, so i hope there will be a big change of events later on

August 15th, 2009, 4:35 PM
Yea, can't believe I made those spelling mistakes, oops. Yea, like I said please bare with it, it was the only way I could really get it off of it's feet. I promise it will get better.

August 15th, 2009, 4:55 PM
In the title you just have Ocea which I'm guessing should be Ocean since you had Ocean written later.

All I can say is that it's just a little too generic. Try to 'loosen up' a bit I guess is how I could put it.

August 17th, 2009, 4:48 AM
Once again, I ask please bare with me. By chapter 4 the story will pick up, i just need the first 3 to kinda get the story started/

"Great, I got Kame Healed, My Trainers License, I look handsome, If I do say to myself, and I'm ready to head out to Viridian City!" Red said. He had put Kame's Pokeball in his Pokebelt, a special belt that holds pokeballs for ease.

"Thanks a lot Professor, by" Red said waving as he left town.

"It was my pleasure Red, I know you'll become a great trainer!" Professor Oak said. "Those kids, have started an all new generation"

Red began walking in the tall grass, with Kame's ball on the first slot on his belt, ready to pull him out if a Pokemon attacked.

Red had walked about 10 minutes out of town when he saw a man with a uniform on that said 'Pokemart'

"Hi sir, are you a trainer?" The man asked.

"why yes I am, who are you" Red said, happy at the fact he is being acknowledged as a trainer, and not just a kid.

"Hi, I work at the PokeMart in Viridian City! would you like a free sample?" The man said.

"PokeWho? What do you sell?" Red asked, he still had a lot to learn, he was sharp, quick witted, but simple things could pass right through him.

"Oh, well we sell Potions to heal your Pokemon, PokeBalls, and tons of other things" the man said.

"Yea then, I'll take a free sample!" Red said putting his hands out.

The man put a bottle in Red's hand. The bottle read 'potion', it had a trigger, and the nozzle was turned to be closed.

"Just turn the nozzle to get it ready, and just spray it on your Pokemon. According to the Pokemon League rules, during any official battle between trainers, you can use certain items, and Potions and other healing merchandise is legal!" The man said. "So please stop buy in viridian city when you get the chance!' the man said.

"Will do!" Red said. He walked into the next patch of tall grass. Suddenly, a Pokemon jumped up and lunged at Red. Red didn't have time to even pull the PokeBall off of his belt, he just punched the button and Kame popped out.

"Kame, use Tackle Attack!" Red said as the Rattata tried to attack. Kame hit it directly, and it fell back. Kame gave it three more tackles and it was knocked out. However, Kame's power was also lowered by a tail whip, and gotten two tackles itself.

"Come on Kame, Return" Red said, he pressed the button on the ball and Kame turned into pink energy and returned to the PokeBall.

Red continued to walk, and eventually had gotten to a sign that said, 'welcome to Viridian City!'.

Red entered the city, and looked around. He was so exited, the first stop on his journey, and he had made it in one day. He has spotted the Pokemon Center and walked in.

"wow, My first time in a Pokemon Center! Well, guess I should go get Kame healed" Red said. He had walked up to the counter, and tapped a bell. The nurse there had turned around.

"Hello, How can I help you?" She asked.

"I need my pokemon healed" Red said.

"Okay, no problem, I just need the pokeball and your license" The nurse said. Red handed her both things, and she had looked at his card for a second, making sure the License was legitimate. She put the Pokeball on a machine, with 6 slots, and pressed a button. The machine began to beep and the Pokeball was glowing. After a minute, it made a 'Ring' sound. She opened it, took the Pokeball and his license, and handed it back to Red.

"There you go, all ready!" the nurse said.

"How much does it cost" Red asked.

"I beg your pardon?" The nurse asked.

"How much does it cost, how much do I have to pay for healing him?" Red asked.

"Oh sweetie, Pokemon Centers are free to use" The nurse said.

"Oh, thank you!" Red said. He looked around the center, and found a computer, right next to a map of the country.

Red remembered what Professor Oak said, "Computers in certain places have slots for Pokeballs, and your License, here you can see what level your Pokemon are, and what moves they have. Pokemon can only know four moves at a time, and for about a day as the pokemon is using it, you can help it decide to learn a new move, or get rid of another. You can also store Pokemon, in the storage system. Because of the laws, people can only have six pokemon with them at a time, but with this you can switch out which ones to keep with you, or store"

Red put his card in, and looked at the info on Kame. It had a brief Summary on him, and his moves. Kame had reached level 7, and has the moves Tackle, tail whip, and Bubble. Red took his stuff and turned off the computer and left.

"I wonder, maybe I should check that Pokemart out, get some Pokeballs to start catching some" Red said. He walked in and went to the counter.

"Hey, are you from Pallet Town?" The clerk asked.

"Yes" Red answered.

"Hey, Professor Oak had something ordered and it's ready, think you could deliver it to him?" The clerk asked.

"Yea, sure" Red said. Red took it and put it in a part of his bag.

"Say hi to him for me" The clerk said as Red walked out.

Red began walking back to his home town, and faced another Rattata on the way. Kame wasn't hurt battling this one, all it did was use Tail Whip.

It took my about 20 minutes, but I made it back and headed to the lab.

"Oh Red, What are you doing here, Oh and how is the Squirtle I gave you?" he asked.

I pressed the button and in a flash Kame came out. Oak examined him. "My my, he seems to be growing more attached to you. this shows me that you should also help me with this task of mine" the old man said.

"Oh yea, Here is something for you, a person at Viridian's Pokemart asked me to give it to you" Red said as he took the box out of his bag and handed it to Oak.

"Ah, Yes, my Custom PokeBall I ordred, Thank you"

Just then green entered. He had a small bag with him I guess he was leaving on his journey today too.

"Gramps, I almost forgot, What did you call me for" He said walking over to us in the back.

"Oh right! I have a request for you two. On the desk there is my invention, the Pokedex! I automatically records data on Pokemon you've seen or caught. It's a high-tech encyclopedia! Red and Green, Take these with you"

Oak handed the two boys the Pokedex's. They were red with a blue light on it. I opened it up, it had a couple of buttons. Oak pressed some of the buttons in a code on it, and the blue lights on both of our devices flashed. Then it read that the pokemon seen on the Pokedex was two, Pokemon caught: one.

"I synced it with your trainer cards, it will record your catches too! But you can't get detailed data on Pokemon by just seeing them, You must catch them to obtain complete data. So here are some tools for catching wild Pokemon" Oak said as he handed the two each five Pokeballs.

"Pokeballs" the boys said at the same time.

"A wild Pokemon is fair game, Just throw a Pokeball at it and try to catch it! This won't always work however. A healthy Pokemon can escape. You have to be lucky! To make a complete guide on all the Pokemon in the world, that was my dream but I'm to old now, I can't get the job done. So I want you three to fufill my dream for me!" Oak said.

"Three of us" Red asked "There are only two of us"

"No, Another person is coming by to get the third Pokemon, and I will ask her to take the third Pokedex" Oak said. "Now get going, become legends"

Green ran out, ready to leave Pallet and beat Red, however Red wouldn't let Green Show off. Red left the lab, and said, "I'm gonna be the Pokemon League Champion! The youngest one too!"

Red had walked past his house, and gave it one last look. He looked at Green's house, and his siser Daisy was near it.

"Hey Red, Are you leaving too like Green?" She asked

"Yea Daisy, I'm gonna be a great Trainer" Red said smiling.

"Then take this, it's a map, You'll need it, Green took one too" Daisy said.

"Thanks" Red said as he took the map and put it in his bag.

Red left town, and began walking back to Viridian City, when a Pidgey came out of the grass and flew at him. He pressed the button, and Kame came out.

"Kame, Bubble!" Red said. Kame blew a large amount of foamy bubbles that exploded, and hurt Pidgey.

The Pidgey tackled Kame, hurting it a bit. Kame quickly got on it's feet and avoided another tackle.

"Tackle attack" Red shouted as Kame tackled the Pidgey. It was bruised, and weakened.

"Now is my chance!" Red said. He reached into his bag and took one of the five Pokeballs Oak gave him. He pressed the button and threw it! It hit the Pidgey and it turned into pink energy and went into the ball. The ball shut closed and it was shaking, the Pidgey was angry. The ball made a noise, and it stopped shaking.

"I did it! I captured my first Pokemon!" Red said as he got the ball and held it high! "I'll name you, Aero"

He put Aero's ball on the second slot on his belt and continued, with no interuptions until he got to Viridian city. He went into the Pokemon center, and healed his two Pokemon. He had looked at his Pokedex, and read up on his new info on Pidgey.

"Oh cool, The Pokedex can read the moves and levels of Pokemon too, this will save time so I don't have to find a computer each time. It says Aero is level 3, I should probably train her to level 7, to be equal to Kame" Red said.

Red walked around town, looking around. He walked north of town, and found.....A POKEMON GYM!

"A Gym, I'm gonna get my first badge today!" Red said.

"I don't think so young man, this gym is never open, I wonder were the leader is?" The man said.

"Oh man" Red said, now sad.

"It's okay, this Gym probably isn't for a beginner anyway, The closest Gym is in Pewter City, It's not far" The man said.

"Thanks" Red said as he ran off.

"Hm, It's getting pretty close to night, I'll train for the rest of the night with Aero, and Then at sunrise, go onward to Pewter City!" Red said.

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