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November 7th, 2003, 9:06 PM
In every generation, an oracle is created by spirits of each region (Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn) – one oracle representing each region. This generation, however, there has been a slight mix-up. The spirits had accidentally granted more than 3 beings with the powers of the oracles. The powers of the oracles have been split, sharing equal amounts with each person. Seeing how there are more than 3 oracles this generation, the powers have been greatly weakened. The 3 original oracles don’t even know what powers they possess yet, and the spirits don’t intend on telling them… At least not until they realize the mistake they have made. Using your pokemon, you help the oracles through their quest to find the temples of there region, commune with the spirits, and try and rid the powers of the false oracles to bring them back to where they belong. (This has MUCH more to do with pokemon than meets the eye, put it into perspective)

Note: I’m hoping this will be a slow paced rp, so try to be patient, and wait for people to post after you, rather than having one-sentence conversations for hours. This takes up a lot of space, and make the rp look bigger than it really is, making people that can’t keep up with the rp, wanting to abandon it. So please be patient, thanks!

Sign-up form

Oracle: (orignal {which region}, false, not an oracle
Past: Oracles (if anyone has done any studies on divination/religion, you’d know) can see into the past/future, giving your past (like, what happened in the past life/what you were in your past life) may help produce a deeper plot, the future can be developed throughout the story

Note: You can create as many characters as you wish, as long as you keep ALL of them active

Name: Ali Kabania
Age: 14
Gendre: Male
Appearance: purple hair, split through the middle, peachy skin, brown eyes, wearing a black over-shirt, black pants, and a white under-shirt
Personality: tries to be nice, considers himself quite intelligent, and loves to draw. The one person he has always had competition with, is christina hearde.
Oracle: none
Past: wrote religious books, and drew borders when he didn’t feel like writing. He was burned at the stake for claiming he was the one writing the books, not spirits.
Location: Ollivine city
Pokemon: Raichu, Blaziken, Bessy (Breloom), Pelly (Pelipper), Mittens (Delcatty), Mightyena

Name: Christina Hearde
Age: 14
Gendre: Female
Appearance: long blonde hair, fair skin, pale blue eyes, wearing a red mini-skirt, and a long “fuzzy”, red shirt
Personality: very bold and outgoing, loves to draw, and is incredibly intelligent. Is at constant competition with Ali.
Oracle: none
Past: wrote and illustrated religious books, burned at the stake with Ali for similar reasons
Location: Ollivine city
Pokemon: Lapras, Persian, Charizard, Ninetails, Seadra, shiny minun

Name: Julia Kabania
Age: 11
Gendre: Female
Appearance: peachy skin, deep blue eyes, long blue hair in two braids, wearing large circular earings, a thin, long coat grey coat, a black mini-skirt, long black turtle-neck shirt, with a few bangles on her left wrist, and a green canvas bag around her neck
Personality: Very spunky and outgoing, isn’t afraid to speak her mind. She can seem very rude at first, but eventually opens up to people who take the time to get to know her.
Oracle: Original, Johto
Past: was a guardian angel after dying of a sudden sickness, said to be caused by a dark pokemon. At the time, dark pokemon hadn’t been discovered yet. This event was considered a prophecy, causing more investigation of super-natural pokemon, eventually leading to the discovery of a Murkrow in the Ilex forest, very close to the shrine
Location: Ollivine city
Pokemon: Marill, Alakazam, Houndoom, Murkrow, Sharpedo, Shiftry

I will start the rp once we have enough people

Fallen Angel
November 7th, 2003, 9:15 PM
Name: Anna Hunter
Age: 14
Gendre: Female
Appearance: Blonde hair, glasses, white tank top, and black jean flares with flames at teh bottom.
Personality: Sweet, Caring, bossy to any boy except for Ali. And is a snob to Christina.
Oracle: none
Location: Ollivine city
Pokemon: Sceptile (Nick: Kimi, Female), Tentacrule (Diver, Male), Raichu (Sparkle, Female, *Shiny*), Blaziken (Takashi, Male), Swampert (Mako, Male), Sneasel (Frost, Female)

Name: Hikari
Age: 14
Gendre: Female
Appearance: Just like Anna, but with a white angel wing on her right, and a white and black (it is turning into a devil wing) angel wing on the left and an angelic outfit.
Personality: Lost, Sweet, Kind.
Oracle: Original, Kanto
Past: An Angel that was to be an ArchAngel but was framed for trying to help Satan, and was banished to earth, where she found Anna, and became her alter ego, she is madly in love with Ali because Anna is. She is Anna's Past Life (if you watch Charmed you'll understand), and died at 14 due to a strange illness. Her only friends growing up, where her boyfriend (Ali's past life), and her pokemon, which died shortly after their trainer and moved on with her that is why they are Angel pokemon. She um.... kinda lived inside Anna untill she was able to live on her own.
Location: Pallet Town (her birthtown, but is with Anna.)
Pokemon: Angel versions of Anna's pokemon

November 7th, 2003, 10:49 PM
Name:Rob sinstrife
Age: 13
Appearance:Red hair with blue streaks. wears black,baggy pants.black shoes.purple shirt
Past: Heart broken,dreams shattered (but he doesnt know it)thats why he went on the journey

Littleroot town


Blaziken lv.85
Flygon lv.46
Sceptile lv.48
Rayquaza lv.71
Swampert lv.41
Exploud lv.47

November 7th, 2003, 11:16 PM
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November 8th, 2003, 8:48 AM
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Please read the form and follow it.hey dude...dont talk to a mod like that!!!

Fallen Angel
November 8th, 2003, 8:59 AM
Hm? The form was including Beyblade, Digimon, and pokemon. I accendetly deleted to form.

November 8th, 2003, 6:49 PM
Name: Myrra "Umbra" Nenyare
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Long black hair swept up into a half-ponytail (think LOTR elves), bangs frame her face. She has crimson eyes, black pants that billow out behind her as she moves, and a golden halter top secured at the back of her neck into a tight bow.
Personality: Though she can (and usually will) be detached, she attempts to tone down her cool exterior with those who she is more comfortable with. Memories of the past conflict with her desire to reach out.
Oracle: False
Past: An Absol who brought nothing but pain for her trainer, though she tried.
Location: Ecruteak City
Pokemon: Mirror (Absol), Estelle (Vulpix), Lirayl (Vaporeon), Chare (Chinchou), Naenflye (Seadra), Desu (Houndoom).

Note: I've edited my chara to become a false oracle.

November 8th, 2003, 9:26 PM
Julia, Hakari, and Rob are the three original oracles, we don’t have any false oracles yet, so if you want to be a false oracles, that’d be awesome. We can’t start until we have 1+ false oracles, so tell your friends to join! :)

November 9th, 2003, 1:14 PM
Name: foxworth(fox) kabania
Age: 15
Gendre: male
Appearance: spikey red hair, peachy skin, blue eyes, baggy black cargo pants, black hoody with a skull on the front.
Personality: easy going, nice, kiind to others
Oracle: not an oracle
Past: a spirit (fox spirit), burned at the stake for agreeing with a writer.
Location: olivine
Pokemon: queeny(evee) flarey(flareon) jolts(jolteon) vapour(vapoureon) starlight(umbreon) gypse(espeon)

Name: jenna
Age: 15
Gendre: female
Appearance: long strawberry blonde hair, peachy skin, brown eyes, black tank top, grey hoody (with zipper), black sweatpants
Personality: doesn't like to lose, nice,
Oracle: false oracle
Past: was a simple peasant and was acused of being a witch but won the trial. after found out that she was a witch and became a warrior for the oracles
Location: olivine
Pokemon: murcrow umbreon wailord carvanha sharpedo

November 9th, 2003, 7:27 PM
Ok, we’ll start for now then, I guess.

5 (yes 5, you’ll see why once we deep enough into the rp) figures, floating like bubbles in the air, glistening in the pale sunlight. A soft whisper heard from all directions, “The Oracles…” Wanting to run, but having no control over themselves, they were forced to listen. “Find them…” It whispered again, in a much more dismal tone. “Leave… The shrine… Find the shrine… Shrines…” The voice seemed to begin to fade. “You must leave… You must stay…” It paused for a moment, the 5 figures were not able to shift there heads the least bit to see who was with them. “YOU WON’T LEAVE!” The voice boomed through the entire area. One of figures managed to move out of place, there was a loud gasp, the other 4 were left to wonder what was happening to them. “We will leave when we want to!” It was a feminine voice, the 5 figure walked behind the other 4, evidently trying to hide itself. Another figure began to levitate higher than the others, “YOU TWO MUST LEAVE, NOW!” The three remaining figures, almost scared to death, quivered rapidly, hoping it was all a dream. “YOU THREE MUST BANISH THEM! RID THEM TO THE SHRINES!”

Julia woke up in a cold sweat. She looked over to her clock, only 7:00 A.M. She wanted to walk down to the living room, but was too frightened to. She has had dreams like this before, but it was the first time that other people were involved with it. The voices she heard sounded threatening, this dream definitely meant something, but she would have to wait a bit to understand exactly what to do… Suddenly she heard Ali call from downstairs. “Julez! Get ready for school! I have to hand in a project today, I can’t be late again!” Julia slowly put down her two feet, one after the other. She looked to the door, and slowly crept downstairs. “I hope you’re not going to school in your pajamas!” Ali said, giving her an awkward look.

Fallen Angel
November 9th, 2003, 7:36 PM
Anna looked down from her bunk bed as her new friend, or rather, her alter ego and past life, Hikari awoke quickly from her sleep. Anna hopped off her bed and looked to the Angel.
"What's wrong Hikari? Rough night?", Anna asked.
The Angel folded her wings in, so the looked like they dissappeared and she sat up.
"Yes. I had a very strange dream.....", Hikari sighed.
The doorbell rang and Anna rushed getting dressed and ran downstairs. As she got there, Hikari teleported in and opened the door. Ali was at the door.
"Oh, hi Hikari! Are you and Anna ready for school?", Ali asked seeing Anna grabing her stuff. Hikari nodded, snapped her fingers and was dressed in a long sleaved white shirt and blue flares and she grabbed her stuff and walked out to the sidewalk.
"I HATE it when she does that.....", Anna sighed grabbing her keys as she walked out the door.

November 9th, 2003, 8:35 PM
*Rob falls out of bed*''WHAH!''shouts Rob. "Im late for school ok Blaziken get my clothes,Swampert get my breakfast and Sceptile get my toothbrush."After getting dressed brushed teeth and a peace of toast he heads out."oh yeah blaziken swampert and sceptile return,i have to take you all with me."

November 10th, 2003, 7:22 AM
fox woke with a start, he had that feeling, he looked at his clock"o no"he exclaimed "o no o no o no o no, im late for school again. this calls for dirastic measures!" he quickly got his clothes on"ok now wat..o yeah breakfast!" he ran down the stairs to the kitchen and found that there was a bowl of cereal waiting for him"o so they already left...how many times do i have to tell them to wake me up"he said in frustration the ereal was a bit slimey bit it was good enough for a boy in a hurry. after eating the cereal he reached for his belt and pulled out a pokeball "go gypse...can you teleport me to school" he said "espe" yawn gypse and with a poof they were at school...not just at school but in the math class fox looked around everyone was staring at him "return gypse"he said quickly "well at least our teacher isn't her-" he was cut off "FOX!!! YOUR 5 MINUTES LATE FOR CLASS" yelled the teacher who was apparently right behind him the entire time fox slowly turned around and looked at his teacher"hello"he said briefly and sat down in his chair at the back of the class with jenna and ali "you could have woken me up you know" he said "how" asked jenna "could i have woken you up when i was barily on time myself?" fox pretended that he hadent heard her and looked at ali "why didn't you wake me up? now im late for class...again!"

November 10th, 2003, 12:55 PM
Myrra awakened rather early that morning. She was feeling more tired than usual, though she couldn't determine why. Thanking the elderly woman she had been staying with, she released her vulpix. "Estelle," she whispered as they left entered the route that would lead to Olivine, "we're going to Olivine. Would you like to walk beside me?" Estelle nods. The pair leave Ecruteak and head to the port city. It would be a few hours before they would reach their current destination.

November 11th, 2003, 12:52 AM
“so, if the first ordered pair is X=4, y=7, and the third one is X=12, y=21, then the second ordered pair wo-” Christina’s hand shot up into the air. “X=8!!” She yelled loudly. “Um… and…?”
“And what?” she asked confused. Ali quickly put up his hand before Christina had a chance to speak, “Y=14!” He said, trying to sound softer than Christina. The teacher gave them an awkward look as the bell sounded. Ali and Christina tailed behind the mob of students, “So, you gonna enter the pokemon-sketching contest?” She asked, trying to keep her voice down. “Obviously! That’s the contest where you have to draw your party on stage, right?”
“Duh! How could you forget!?”
“Good point, I won last year, didn’t I!” Ali said, proudly. “You won by default! I was sick that day!”
“Yeah right, you chickened out!” A Delibird stared at the two of them, carrying a large sac of letters to the staff over it’s shoulder. They both glimpsed at it, then continued to walk down the hallway. “I was really sick that day! I didn’t even come to school!”
“That’s just ‘cause you SKIPPED THAT DAY! SKIPPED! SKIPPED!”
“DID NOT!” She began to whisper something into his ear. “What about the time you…during block… with…” Ali gasped, “How did you find that out!? I was sick that –“
“Block? Yeah, you went to the doctor, and came back the very next hour, makes sense, pretty ironic how she was gone too!”
“We were doing a project! Simple as that!” The bell rang again, “Shoot, now we’re gonna be late again!” A sparkling Minun crawled up Christina’s back, “Minuun! Min!” It said, jumping up the stairs, “Wait up!” Christina yelled, following closely behind.

Fallen Angel
November 12th, 2003, 2:02 PM
Anna and Hikari rushed up behind Ali and Christina. Anna gave Cristina a dirty look, then smiled at Ali. As they walked to the door for their next class Hikari fell to the floor.
"OMG! Hikari! Are you alright?", Anna gasped as one of her pokeballs opened to reveal Sparkle, her shiney Raichu.
"Christina! Go get help now!", Ali yelled at her.
Go to Kanto, your home town and region needs your help..... a drifting voice said in Hikari's head as she started to hear more voices.

November 12th, 2003, 4:04 PM
uh oh fox thought to himself did i have science homework last night? O WHY CAN'T ALI BE IN MY CLASS? i could really use his memory right now he continued to walk down the hall to the science room when he noticed a sign on the door

The class is at the park showing our gravity projects to each other if you are late please hurry down to the park as fast as possible...and if you didn't do your homework there will be a makeup sessoin in which you'll have toclean all the chalkboards in the room (all 12 of them incse you were wondering) and dust all the chalk earaser thingies ......

hhhmmm i wonder why she always underlines her writing he thought to himself its a good thing im not late just then the bell rang "o"he said then he ran over to the park.

November 12th, 2003, 5:27 PM
Ali stood in front of the door to the next class, waiting for Christina to get help for Hikari. Christina finally came running back, but no one was with her, “I couldn’t find anyone, guys!”
“Well maybe we should just wait for the teacher to arrive then?…” All of a sudden, a face that no one would ever imagine seeing again, walked right through the hall… It was Professor Lavender! Ali and Anna gasped, “Professor Lavender! What are you doing here?! What happened before at the academy!?” Ali asked, with his mouth dropped to the floor. “Ms. Lavender, please…” She said, giving him an awkward look. “Hikari will be fine, don’t worry, we’ll just bring her into class…”
“Well… What exactly are you doing here?” Professor Lavender laughed softly. “I’m teaching academic classes now, it’s good to see you again, I’m subbing for your usual teacher. She’s away on vacation on the SS. Tidal… Where is Julia?”
“Oh, well… Shouldn’t you know?” He winked, “Well obviously if I did know, I wouldn’t be asking!”
“’k, I’m confused, how do you guys know each other?” Christina looked very confused. “-wait, you don’t know where Julez is? You know where EVERYONE is!” Professor Lavender seemed to be a bit annoyed now, “Let’s get inside! I’ll talk to you during break – after this class is over…” So 2 students brought in Hikari, while everyone else got settled into there desks.
Julia was walking through the virtually dead halls, in her P.E. strip (a large, loose shirt, a pair of shorts, and some dirty old shoes). She saw Jenna, sitting on the stairs. “What are you doing? Shouldn’t you be at class?” Julia asked, “you should be too! I have english right now…” Jenna replied, sourly. “Ah… I see… Well, can I talk to you about something?”
“Hah! You should be down at the field right now!” Julia looked shocked, “… It’s P.E.!!! They expect me to RUN! And not just run, but run LAPS! What do they think I am!?”
“Haha, okay, well if anyone asks, we have a free block. Actually, I wanted to talk to you about something, too…”

Fallen Angel
November 12th, 2003, 5:41 PM
Anna sat in her usually set in the back corner of the room inbetween Hikari and Ali. Anna looked at Ms. Lavander and went into deep thought reading her subs thoughts. As she did, she was blocked out. Disapponted she looked to Ali smilied and then to Hikari, who was hastily writing down the assignment.
"I thought I had all that academy stuff behind me, and now my sub is my favorite Professor is my Sub!", Anna whispered to Ali. Ali just looked at Anna smililed and handed her a note.
"Meet me behind the school after we talk to Ms.Lavander. =)" -Ali
Anna thought for a second, lunch was right after this class and she nodded and smilied at Ali, and caught sight of Christina who had her snobby grin on and Anna squinted her eyes and the pen Christina was holding burst and blue ink all over her. Anna, Ali, and Hikair laughed so hard.

November 12th, 2003, 6:09 PM
fox arived in the park five minutes after the bell rang "FOX"siad his teacher "why are you late....again?"fox was kneeling over"because"he panted"i didn't know we were supposed to come here" she just looked at him"where's your project?"she asked fox just smiled and ran out of the park im gonna be in so much trouble for this he thought to himself o well im gonna have fun now!!! he ran all the way to the school and then walked over to his locker and sat down.

November 13th, 2003, 5:39 PM
“wow… I had a dream just like that…” Jenna said, looking awkwardly at Julez. “But – I was the person up in the air…”
“That doesn’t make sense, you were the person who got mad at the voice?” Julia asked, “No, no, the person that moved up into the air after the other person got angry at the voice…” The bell rang loudly as a crowd of students from all directions came stampeding in every possible angle.

November 13th, 2003, 5:45 PM
as Rob starts down the hallway he sees the yard duty yelling ''Hey you!"Rob ran down the hallway and went into a dead end"Oh great"rob said."Iv'e got weapons here ive got my blaziken
and Exploud here

Fallen Angel
November 13th, 2003, 8:06 PM
"HEY! Ms. Lavander! Wait up!", Anna said running up to the sub, grabbing on to Ali's hand VERY tightly.
"Let...go....of...my...hand!", Ali gasped.
Anna nervously giggled and let go of her grib on his hand.
"We have to hurry, I made up some excuse to....", Anna started to say before she was tapped on the shoulder by a flying Raichu, Sparkling Angel, Hikari's angel Raichu.
"Um.... ok lets go!", Anna gasped pushing Ali and Ms.Lavander.

November 15th, 2003, 2:54 PM
fox started to wonder around aimlessly why did i run away? he asked himself he looked around "oh" he said "is that proffessor lavender?"he ran up to her "hello there proffessor"

November 15th, 2003, 8:47 PM
“Uh… I’m confused, what are we doing?” Ali asked, confused. Julia and Jenna walked up the stairs together with foam-containers filled with fries and gravy. “Who is she?” Julia asked, seeing everyone gathering around Professor Lavender. “That’s Julia, correct?” The Substitute asked, “I’ve been wanting to talk to you… And a couple of other people as well…”

November 15th, 2003, 9:00 PM
Myrra and Estelle reach Olivine City. Estelle was taken to the local Pokemon Center due to several run-ins with aggressive wild Pokemon. The pair get a bite to eat, and Myrra spends the better part of an hour feeding the others. She catches herself casting glances at a school. Desu, her houndoom, watches his mistress with renewed curiousity.

Fallen Angel
November 22nd, 2003, 10:57 AM
Anna looked behind her to see Sparkling Angel weakened and she rushed to the angel pokemon's side.
"Ali, grab my hand I'm teleporting to the PKMN center!", Anna said. She glowed red and a weird wind rushed into the hall way as Ail grabed her hand.
"Olivine City Pokemon Center," Anna whispered, and her voice echoed through out the hall way as they appeared at the center.
"SA, hide your wings, so we can heal you," Anna said to the Raichu.
"Chu...", Sparkling Angle sighed as the wings dissappeared and they rushed into the center, Hikari was already there.
"Angel!", Hikairi gasped as she rushed to her pokemon. But she stoped in her tracks as a chilling feeling washed over her.
She looked over to the window to see Myrra, her glace shifting from the shcool to the center.
"What's wrong?", Ali asked.
"That girl out there, I have a weird felling from her," Hikari said, her wings appeared and her body glowed a white light.