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August 17th, 2009, 10:43 PM
Burning in the nursery
Chapter One

"What did you do? What did you do?" Nikki's Mother fell to her knees and examined the burning barnyard.
"I don't know." Nikki Cried. "I don't know." She stepped back as her father approached her. He grabbed her arm. He was crying.
"Do you know what you've done? I'm ruined. That's it. I'm over. I'm finished." he sobbed.
"Daddy, Don't say that. Please don't say that." Nikki cried.
"Forty Years. Forty Years I've lived on that farm. All of it ruined. All of those Militank and Pokémon eggs. What are we going to do with them now we have no home. You, You!" He pointed at Nikki. "Now, I've had enough of you. Failing in school, never listening, all day - playing with that stupid vulpix!" he yelled at her.
“She’s not stupid!" Her Father slapped her across the face and threw her to the floor. He kicked her in the stomach. "We have to find a new home, a new farm, for me and your mother that is. You can go wherever you want. Come on Mother, The Militank are getting restless." Nikki's Father marched off to talk to the firefighter.
Her Mother came up to her. She gave her a hopeless look, almost a goodbye and walked off.
Nikki started to cry, thinking where she would go and how she would live. Her father walked into his truck followed by her mother. She sat there for another 5 minutes and got up. A firefighter was walking towards her.
"What is it?" she cried.
The Firemen started waving his hand in her face.
"Nikki!" He murmured. "Nikki Get up." He continued to wave his hand in her face.
"What?" she whimpered.
"Nikki get up! Nikki!" he looked at her and finally yelled "You're a fat, lazy snorlax!"
"Whoa, I am not fat!" she yelled at Wesley.

She looked around her. She was sitting in the Dairy Farm she worked in with Wesley, her co-worker.
"You can't keep dozing off like this. It's only your second week here. You don't want the boss to fire you." Wesley explained.
"Yeah like I'm really dying for this job." she moaned.
“Actually you are." he handed her some milk.
”I know I am." she gulped the milk down. Her vulpix was drinking from a bowl next to her.
Nikki Koriyama was a 17 year old girl from Solaceon town. She was expelled from school after "accidentally" letting a militank on her math teacher. She burnt her father's farm down and was working in a dairy farm outside Hearthome. She had Blonde Puffy hair and wore a yellow shirt with skin tight jeans.
"So when are you leaving?" she asked Wesley.
Westly Nakamura was a 18 year old man from Hearthome city. He had black hair and brown eyes. His dream was to become a Pokémon Trainer but he was caught with no money, forcing him to work in a barren dairy farm. He decided he would leave the dairy farm when he had enough money.
"Tomorrow." he said with a bit of grief.
"Tomorrow, what do you mean tomorrow? If you leave, it's only me a Helga, the crazy lady with the giant mole! I can't stay here. I'm not fit for this place. I'm coming with you." she cried
"Listen, you can't come. You're not financially and or emotionally ready for this. And what do you mean by "I'm not fit for this," you grew up on a farm in solaceon town!
"I have my entire life savings, plus the money I'm making from this job and I'm emotionally set for this journey!"
"Nikki, you woke me up in the middle of the night last night because you 'need a girlfriend to cry too’."
"Fine, don't take me I'll just milk millitanks the rest of my life. Go, I don't care."
Wesley thought for a second. "I think before we go you should clean that mess you made in your room."
Nikki looked at Wesley. "You're the best. I've only known you for a couple of weeks but, Oh my god you're the best!" She hugged him.
Vulpix hopped excitedly as it drank the rest of its milk.

"Wesley Wake up, let's go!" Wesley woke up from a deep sleep and said sleepily "what, Nikki what are you doing here? I'm not dressed.
"I'm waking you up sleepyhead! Get up, get up. I got dressed, cleaned up my room and I packed and I'm completely ready!"
"Great now can I get ready?" asked Wesley as he stood up.
"Can I help?" She asked.
"No, Nikki just go to you're room and watch some TV." she shrugged.
"Oh a Pokémon contest is coming on, with some girl named Dawn and Zoe. I'll go watch.
"This girl is crazy." examined Wesley as he got started to pack for the trip.

He opened her door and said to her "Alright let's go." She grabbed her backpack and vulpix and walked out of the house with him.
"So how did the boss react when you told him?" Wesley asked Nikki.
"He didn't seem that sad. He gave me my pay check and he even gave me some free milk. He offered to escort me out of the farm. It was weird. Anyways, hey Wesley, You're going to be a Pokémon trainer but you don’t have any Pokémon!"
"Yeah I do." He grabbed into his bag and pulled out a pokéball and out came a magmar. Nikki's Vulpix started examining Magmar.
"Oh it's so cute and I think they like each other. So where do we go now?" she looked at Wesley.
"I have an idea. There is a tournament going on in Pastoria. We could go there."
"It sounds great but we’re going to need to toughen up our Pokémon and get a Pokemon liscence." Nikki turned to Wesley. “Pokémon Battle right here, right now, let’s go!
"Oh come on, we haven’t even exited this route yet, Oh no, no chicken noises. Nikki stop. Stop...Fine Let’s go! You and me right now." he turned to Nikki and stepped back. "Magmar get ready"
"That's the spirit. Vulpix get ready to kick butt!"

So, this has been my first fanfic. I don't even know if it's any good. Constructive critisicm will be very much appreciated. *_~

August 18th, 2009, 4:00 AM
It's a great start for your first fic. I cannot wait for the second chapter. The timlapse between the burning dairy farm and the Solaceon town here is a little confusing though. It would be better if there was a pause there.

August 18th, 2009, 10:15 AM
It's a great start for your first fic. I cannot wait for the second chapter. The timlapse between the burning dairy farm and the Solaceon town here is a little confusing though. It would be better if there was a pause there.

Hey thanks, I'll definitly work it out. *_~

August 18th, 2009, 11:58 AM
No problem. If you have a PM update list, add me please.

August 24th, 2009, 11:32 AM
Burning in the Nursery

Chapter Two

Nikki took a deep breath. It was her first pokémon battle. The morning air blew in her face. The sky was pink and yellow. She stared at Wesley and at her vulpix.
"Ok Vulpix, Iron Tail!" Her Vulpix accepted the command and started to charge at Magmar. It seemed extremely confident.
"Magmar, dodge it." The Magmar simply stepped out of the way as the confused vulpix stumbled to its feet. "Now, use Focus Punch!" Wesley's Magmar got ready. Its arm started to glow as it geared it back and it Punched vulpix in the stomach.
"No, Vulpix!" Nikki yelled as she saw her vulpix slowly get up on its feet. "Ok, you're OK!"
"Magmar, Focus Blast!" Wesley demanded. Magmar concentrated and a light blue ball of energy formed in his hands.
"Vulpix, Charge!" Vulpix hesitated and started to run at Magmar, directly into the path of the focus blast. Suddenly, Magmar unleashed its focus blast right at vulpix. "Vulpix dodge it, and use Swagger!" Vulpix swayed out of the way. Its body started to glow red as Magmar walked around in circles, confused. "Now, Vulpix, use Zen Headbutt!" Vulpix's head started to glow blue. The red and blue created a stunning illusion. It was right under magmar’s arm.
"No! Magmar, use Giga Impact!" Magmar snapped out of confusion and let out a roar. It forced its fist at vulpix.
The impact was unbelievable. Wesley and Nikki had to step back as the wind forced them back. Vibrant colors filled the air. Vulpix smashed its head into magmar and was torpedoed away when hit.
"Vulpix!" Nikki cried as she went to pick up vulpix. They both didn't seem too hurt and vulpix and magmar still seemed friends. Wesley walked up to Nikki.
"Congrats on the win..." Nikki said hopelessly at him.
"Don't be too hard on yourself, my magmar is alot more experienced than your vulpix.
"But you made it look so easy!" she moaned. The two walked to a Pokémon centre on the way to Pastoria City.

“Hello, my name is Nikki and this is Wesley. We’re here to get our trainer cards.” Nikki said to Nurse Joy.
“Oh wonderful, now I just need to see some ID, good excellent. While those are being made, here are your Cases to keep your badges or ribbons in, and here are some pokéballs. Alright here are you’re cards.” Nurse Joy said as she handed them there cards.
“Thanks!” Wesley and Nikki said together. They headed out of the Pokémon Centre after getting their pokémon healed.

“Sooo, contests or gym battles?” Nikki asked Wesley.
“Gym Battles of course, what are you going to do?” he asked in reply.
“I’m not the Pokémon Contest type, nor am I a gym battle person.”
“Then what else is there?” Wesley looked at her in a funny way.
“I don’t know I just want to be, like, one with my pokémon you know?” Wesley laughed. “I want to make them grow and maybe start a family…Umm but never mind. I can’t believe I’m a trainer now... What’s that?”
A trainer was walking out of it with a pokémon egg.
“Nothing, what, let’s just get to Pastoria, okay?” Wesley tried to persuade Nikki away but she had already confronted the youngster.
“It’s my pokémon egg. I left it at this daycare for the day.” The youngster said with a little fear.
“I want one! Where did you get yours?” she grabbed his shirt.
“Well, umm, I think sometimes, I mean I heard stories of them having extra unwanted eggs…” The trainer ran away at full speed.
“Two steps out the door and we’re already off track.” Wesley mumbled to himself.
“I want one I’m going to the daycare!” she grabbed his arm.
“We are crashing off the track Nikki, CRASHING!” he exclaimed. They entered the daycare where there was some people handling eggs and workers tending to pokémon. “May I help you?” a lady asked them.
“Yes! I am here in search of a pokémon egg! She almost yelled at the poor lady.
“Well, we usually don’t just give them away, some eggs are unwanted by their trainers and are donated to us, and some are shipped in from shelters. Do you really want one?” the lady took out a pokeball.
“Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes and so does my friend Wesley.” She nudged Wesley.
“That’s right it’s my dream…” Wesley muttered. The old lady called over her husband and they whispered something into each others ears. The husband spoke: “Alright young one, we will give you both a pokémon egg if, you can beat us in a tag battle. Please follow me outside.”
“That’s what I’m talkin’ about.” Nikki muttered in an almost ghetto fashion. She and Wesley followed the old daycare couple outside. Wesley was wondering what a daycare was doing in some random place.
“Alright, I send out Mothim!” The old man shouted as his butterfly like pokémon shot out.
“And I send out Vespiquen!” A beehive pokémon shot out of the pokeball.
Wesley smiled at Nikki and said “Nikki, we have fire pokémon, which means they’re no match for us” she smiled at him “right!” she reassured.
“I’ll send out Vulpix” vulpix stepped up. “Go, Magmar” Wesley’s pokémon stepped forward as well.
“Oh my!” said the daycare couple. The old lady made the first move. “Vespiquen, Power Gem on Magmar!” and the old man replied “Mothim, Mud-Slap on Vulpix!” Vespiquen started to make a yellow energy ball in its hands and released it at magmar and Mothim battered it wings so mud started flying at vulpix.
“Magmar, dodge and use heat wave on vespiquen!” Magmar quickly got out of the way and used heat wave. A huge breath of fire escaped from its mouth and hit vespiquen in the face. It hit the ground and looked badly injured.
“Oh my!” screamed the old woman. She zapped the injured pokémon back in its pokeball.
Vulpix dodged them itself. “Great, now use Flamethrower!” Vulpix blasted a spiral of fire at mothim. It hit the ground fast. “Yes!” yelled Nikki.
“Oh, how unfortunate.” The old man sighed; it put mothim back in its pokeball. “Very Well, I will take you the room we keep the eggs. They followed the old man and woman to the room. About 2 hundred eggs lined up the walls. “Have your pick!”
Nikki nudged Wesley. “I’m choosing this one!” She picked up a pink egg with a yellow blotch on the top and a light pink spot on the front.
Wesley picked up an egg with an odd black pattern on the bottom. “And I’m choosing this one!” he said in a mocking sarcastic voice. It shocked him. “Oww crap!”
“Yes, nice decisions Young ones.” They both said. They both escorted them outside.
“Thank you for your generosity.” Wesley muttered. “Yeah Thanks!” Nikki shouted behind him. They both waved the old couple goodbye.
“Now, can we go to Pastoria City?” Nikki thought for a minute. “Nikki!” Wesley yelled at her.
“Yes, Yes! 1 hour in and we already have a pokémon egg. This is so uber!” The Heroes set off on there journey to Pastoria city with there new pokémon eggs. Nikki Could feel her pokémon shaking in it’s egg and Wesley’s pokémon…was still shocking him.

So that was chapter 2, for chapter one just search “Burning in the nursery” in the search. Constructive criticism will be very much appreciated.