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August 18th, 2009, 4:42 AM
Chapter One “Born to be a Winner?”
Shock Wave” Gomer yawned. It was the final round of the Cherrygrove Trainers School tournament. So far he and his Aipom were able to sweep the whole thing. His opponent was Chance; his pokemon of choice was a Wingull. The electricity nailed the Wingull and grounded it.
“The winner is Gomer.” The teacher, yelled from the sidelines. The audience clapped slowly. Gomer understood why they weren’t enthusiastic, he had won every tourney this year, and there was one last one tomorrow, one that he wasn’t going to lose. The students quickly filed out not wanting to stay around Gomer anymore.
“You did great!” Gomer encouraged his pokemon. Aipom rolled its eyes. “You’re right, I do say that all the time.” He looked around “It’s cool you knocked-out that Wingull with one hit.” Aipom frowned. He quickly returned his pokemon and left.
Chance was waiting by the gate. Chance had to be Gomer’s best friend, the only one who didn’t think he’s a show off. He hated slaughtering him like that, but he couldn’t lose.”Man, you really rocked out there.” Chance shot Gomer a smile

“Chance you do understand that you compliment me every time, right” Chance frowned. “No man” Gomer corrected himself. “Don’t be hurt, It’s just that” Gomer trailed off” It’s just that I want to be challenged by something, for something to be difficult to me.” There was a long silence between the two of them. Finally they came to the corner of Rose and Mary. “Bye” Chance said as he turned down Mary Street.

Cherrygrove wasn’t that big, it had a population of about twelve-thousand. And when your parents are each two time winners of the Grand Festival, Your name gets spread around pretty fast. He has always wanted to move to Olivine, where the big timers go. His parents insist on staying in there little home town.

Gomer knew why he swept the tournament every time. Back when he was little, He spent all his time training. He would look out and see the other kids playing, but he didn’t care. He all ways said “They think life’s all play and to work, well I’m going to be the Pokemon Champion one day. Then I’ll have the life of luxury I want. I’ll have the biggest estate in Olivine ever.” he’d smile then go back to training. It paid off, no one in the school could beat him, not even the teachers, but no one wanted his company either. He knew Chance just hanged out with him because he felt sorry for him.

Gomer arrived at his house. “Mom, were are you?’ “Outside”. He opened the back door and stepped out. “Whirlpool, Starmie.” “Lucario use Aura Sphere.” The energy ball called Aura Sphere smashed into the whirlpool and vanished.
“Ha, it’ll take more than that to diminish my attacks.” The raging water hit Lucario and sent him into a tailspin. His father’s pokemon hit the ground and failed to stand up. “Yes, you lose again Hubby.” Mike bit his lip “Dang.”

“Dad, just think about it you’re up against a Psychic Type, you’re not going win with those conditions.” “Shut up.” He shot Gomer a look that made Gomer jump.
“Hey, mom is there anything out there that you would think would challenge me.” His mom began to think. “Well you already said you wouldn’t try Pokémon Contest, so I don’t know.” Gomer frowned “You really want me to compete in contests don’t you?” “Why, yes I do Honey.” Gomer raised an eyebrow “Was that sass I heard, you think you can take me well come on let’s do it!” His mother scowled “You’re always so rash.” “Well, do think you can take me?” His mom looked him in the eyes as Gomer unclipped a pokeball from his belt.

“No” his mother said calmly. The fire in Gomer’s eyes faded as he stashed his pokeball away. Gomer turned around and walked up to his room. Once there he pulled out his full length mirror and looked at him.
Gomer was around five-foot five, with ebony hair that hanged below his ears and bangs that tickled his nose. He wore a sleeveless orange shirt that showed his biceps, they weren’t huge, but they weren’t twigs either. Beige slacks that came to three-quarter thigh. His broad shoulders stuck out the sides of his shirt.
“Water Pulse” Gomer heard from outside his window. “What is going on now” Gomer walked over to his window and opened to curtain.

Outside there was Sarah and her Froslass. Working on there contest combos. There was an airborne water ball.

“Ice Beam it.” The bolt of white energy froze the water solid.

“Giga Impact” The pokemon crossed her arms and her body started to glow and it went full speed and smashed the ice ball. When the female ghost unfolded her arms, the ice shards sprinkled down on her like glitter powder, Gomer grinned out of pride.

For Sarah’s seventh birthday he bought her a Dawn Stone. She was so excited, but after a couple minutes of consideration she decided to wait one more year to evolve Snorunt. Everyone was confused why she wouldn’t evolve her then, but they figured out why. She was waiting until Snorunt was stronger. Now it was paying off.

Gomer turned back to his desk. Tomorrow was graduation day at the Trainers School, he had skipped to levels of classes. He was graduating two years early and already had Faulkner, Bugsy and Whitney’s gym badge. He sighed and went downstairs to talk to his parents.

“Mom” he was having troubles asking the question.” Mom when’s the next pokemon contest? I want to enter it. I want to become a full time coordinator. ” His parents looked up alarmed. “You… want to be a coordinator?” “Yes” Gomer strongly answered. “The next one is in New Bark town next Monday. If you want to enter and win then we’re going to need to train you.” Gomer nodded “We can start tomorrow.” Gomer spun on his heels and walked back up the stairs. Leaving his parents exchanging confused expressions.
so this is it my first Fic, hope you enjoy and constructive criticism is always welcome

Rose Maid
August 18th, 2009, 12:06 PM
Um... it's a good story but, um the dialouge is mismatched in someplaces. and I don't really get your chapter title.

August 18th, 2009, 12:21 PM
Thanks, Roozu. Yeah i knew dialouge wasn't my thing. The title ends with a question mark to pose that maybe he's does not really have geneticly superior skills.