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October 6th, 2004, 11:23 AM
This is a game for DS that will get you thinking differently about video games.

As you all know, DS was made for video game designers to try out new things, and Sega might have gone too far.

This game was previously known as Project Rub, and then as Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru ("I Would Die for You") and is coming to the US as Feel the Magic: XY-XX. For starters, you play as the protagonist, You, and you(you) progress through the game through completing crazy challenges to impress a girl.

Sega welcomes us with the message "Do not attempt to recreate any of the situations in this game." Which really got the people at IGN thinking... how exactly are you supposed to recreate any of them? Here are some examples:

Challenge one: Through a ridiculous circumstance, you must rescue an assortment of marine animals that have been accidentally swallowed by one of the characters. By using the touch screen of the DS, you must push the fish around the stomach and try to force them up the esophagus before they escape down the "other end." The lower screen shows the quivering stomach, while the upper screen shows the creatures escaping out of the character's mouth when he "gags."

Challenge two: Wash the girl. The girl of your affection gets dirt all over her, and, being the gentleman that you are, you must wipe her clean of the crud. By using the touch screen, you'll wash the dirt spots off her arms and face...but don't rub too forcefully or she'll get irritated in more ways than one. She coos and grunts at you as you clean her off, which should get you some glances if you play this game in public.

Challenge three: Show your lung power in this unique challenge where you must blow out a series of candles. Blow onto the system...your breath power and duration will be registered by the Nintendo DS' microphone, and represented on the screen as you watch the candles extinguish by the wind. Don't blow too long or your on-screen persona will get lightheaded and dizzy, wasting precious candle-blowing time.

Challenge four: Scorpions! Your girl is suddenly covered in creepy crawly, dangerous bugs, and you'll need to pick 'em off one by one. Since she doesn't trust you, she'll get extremely upset at you if you touch her instead of the scorpions. So it has to be a careful but quick task of tapping the stylus on the scorpions and ONLY the scorpions. Don't let her get mad!

Challenge five: Treasure hunting! Your "girlfriend" has tripped on the beach and lost a lot of her possessions. It's you to the rescue again, as you'll need to dig through the sand to get each of the items she's looking for. On the upper screen, she'll call out the exact item in mind...and on the lower screen, you'll need to scratch at the sand to reveal several hidden items. Uncover the right item and she'll love you for it. Uncover the wrong item, and she'll get mad. It's key to look at the details of the item, because several object look the same when covered by sand.

Challenge six: It's the running of the bulls! In this boss "battle", a stampede is taking place and you'll need to eliminate charging bulls as they're running towards you. Tapping them will remove them from play, but some bulls are stronger than others and require much more tapping to get rid of them. You'll be penalized if you tap on a human that happens to get in the way...so make sure your aim is true.

Just lovely...

Touch me!

Reminds me of Brock...

Is this what Sega meant by "Don't recreate the situations?"
Looks like Challenge 6...

You obviously play as some kind of Pimp... XD

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