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August 18th, 2009, 3:21 PM
Ok, before I start the story, I'd like to clear up a few points/rules here:

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Rated PG for it's PGiness XD (I can't tell you... it will give it away) (people will probably ask why many times so I'll tell you now. It will be in other chapters! Maybe not this one, maybe not the next, maybe not the one after that, etc.)
Don't hold back when wanting to encourage :D
So, now that we got that all out of the way, lets begin!

The Loveless Chao - A Love/Sad Story

Chapter 1 - The Hatch

At the Black Market...

"Hmm... Who to pick, who to pick... There's only 3 chao left!" said Cream. " I know!, I'll pick all three!" said Cream. "Thanks, miss." said the Black Market guy. "No thank you!" replied Cream.

At the Hero Garden...

Cream set down the eggs and sat down next to them. She noticed that she only had two eggs! She retraced her steps. She had accidentally dropped 1 of the eggs! The egg was already hatched. She went searching for the little guy, then she finally found him behind a fallen down pillar-shaped ruin that had seemed to be cracked.

"Oh there you are little guy!" said Cream to the black chao. "Oh no!, don't cry! Please! I beg of you!" cried Cream. "Heh beh... heh beh beh... Twa... Ta tee... Heh beh beh beh... Behhh..." literally cried the chao.

The chao stopped crying and looked up at Cream. "Chao?" whimpered the chao. "Hi sweetie heart sweetie heart." welcomed Cream.

"Chup, chup!" whined the chao. "You want to go up?" asked Cream. "Ches!" answered the chao. "Do you mean, you want me to hold you?" asked Cream once more. "CHES CHES!" whined the chao loudly. "Okay okay!" almost yelled cream.

Cream picked up the chao and rocked him. "Hmm... I'll name you... Sai." said Cream. "Chai?" asked Sai. "Yes, Sai..." answered Cream and she looked up with a thinking face. "Oh! I almost forgot!" said Cream.

Cream set down Sai and flew over the ruin, twirling her ears around. One of the eggs had already hatched. Just when she was about to search for the chao, she heard a crack. She looked back, and noticed the egg jumping up and down, making a cracking sound.

She sat down and watched. The chao came out. "Awww... a cute little white chao..." said Cream in aw. The chao started to roll around on the ground, doing somersaults over and over. Cream clapped with her eyes closed while the chao continued.

Sai looked back, sneaking a peek over the fallen ruin. He saw the newly hatched chao and hearts began to grow in his eyes. "Chaaaaaaooooo." Sai said in happiness. Sai wondered what her name was. A question mark appeared over his head.

"Hmm... now what should I name you..." asked Cream. "I know! I'll leave it up to the two others!" said Cream. "Now if only I could find the other little rascal..." said Cream. "Oh little chao... where are you... come out, come out, wherever you are..." whispered Cream creeping around on her tiptoes.

Finally a little blue and yellow two-toned chao, popped up from behind a flower bush, from the back of a tall tower, with stairs attached to it, including a diving board. "Oh there you are little rascal!" said Cream. Cream picked up the chao and put him in front of the girl chao.

Sai came crawling out from behind the ruin. Sai sat down next to the girl chao, blushing. "Okay you two, it's up to you two decide her name." stated Cream. Sai and the two-toned chao took out their crayons, and drew on the grass. Sai took out a red crayon, and drew a crooked, messed up heart.

The other boy chao took out his white crayon, and drew the name "Pleepie", in cursive. The little white chao was deciding between them. "Heart, or Pleepie." she thought. "Chao." decided the little white chao. She pointed at the un-named chao's drawing. "Okay!, it's official!, her name is Pleepie!" stated Cream.

Sai sat up straight, and crawled away in sorrowness and maddness. "Grrr..." Sai growled. He sat back behind the same ruin again. His arms crossed, eyes mad, and a snarky looking mouth frown, showing his sharp looking teeth.

Sai looked back again and stared at the two chao. The un-named chao was "showing off", standing up and all. He fell down from standing and Pleepie giggled secretly. A calm, smiley face appeared on Sai's face, just looking at the beautiful, flawless chao.

"Hmm... now what should we name you little boy? Perfect! Tangi!" shared Cream. "Mmm." said Tangi thinking about his new name while a question mark above his head. Sai finally had enough and crawled out, all mad and everything. "Bow be bo!" yelled Sai.

He crawled up the stairs, and over to the diving board. He stated(in chao form) that he was going to, "jump off this cliff, fly in a circle, and swim in the pool.". So he jumped off, attempted to fly, and attempted to swim.

Well that didn't work. He jumped, flapped his wings, and drowned in the pool. Tangi went out to save him but Sai refused to let him so he hit him a couple of times and finally gave up and just held onto his arm.

Tangi couldn't swim either, but he was tall enough to stand in it. "Oh no! Are you ok Sai?!" asked Cream. Sai ignored her and crawled away back to his little ruin, soaking wet. Pleepie just kind of, sat there innocently, blushing, holding her knees, rocking her self back and forth.


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