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August 19th, 2009, 5:44 PM
Phoenix Rising

From the ashes, scattered remnants of a hundred stars, fallen from grace
and is purified by the fire, purged of all sin and suffering
In chaos the nightingale sings, the ethereal tone of retribution
that penetrates every soul of the chosen, now rendered defenseless
and naked before the mercy of the universe.

Though heavy clouds appear to loom before mortal eyes,
it is merely a warning to say, 'may the undeserving keep away'
And piercing voices that echo through the night
of those left behind, yet still oblivious
to the serenity found deep within destruction.

When rain beats upon the sodden earth, all traces of what once was
will be swept away. Though its legend forever remains,
in this insubstantial crossroad of humanity's footprints
Gone with the wind, is that moment the world stood still, and they vowed to remember;
the merciless rage of time and mortality unbeknown.

And it is here I have discovered thee, as gentle and silent as the boundless sea.

I wrote this some time ago, it was just an idea that suddenly came to me in a moment of inspiration. I'm just looking for any feedback, comments or criticism...