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August 22nd, 2009, 2:57 PM
Okay, okay. I know I'm a relatively new guy to the site, and I know it's been a while since I've posted, but... I've decided to post my OC fanfic here on this forum.

I'm a pretty strange user, I know, but this is my first fanfic work, Like a Line Drive!. I won't give too many details just yet, but think of it as a parody of a parody of a somewhat serious ideal of the Pokémon fandom. The center universe is the various mangas of the fandom, but it does veer into the game territory, to poke fun at the NPCs we know and love.

There's a link in my sig for the FF.net version, if you wish to read on there, but (eventually), I'll add a chapter index guide for easy access to the chapters, in case anyone gets lost in review posts (If there's a lot, anyway. ;^^)

So let's begin, with... Actually... With the magic of Spoiler tags, let's add the first 3 chapters, those chapters in the count of "lessons". Hopefully, these are enough to keep you hooked on for a while.

Lesson 1 - The End to a Boring Life

There was the sound of heavy breathing, as well as the sound of moving feet, slamming on the ground. Particles of sweat dripping off, hitting the ground like raining pins. The movement of limbs brushing up against polyester gave off a distinct sound, as if someone was in a haste to go somewhere, a place of safety and solace.

These were all from a young man, appearing to be around eighteen years of age, with his black, puffy hair bouncing in the wind. His black shoes appeared to be relatively fresh and clean, and his white T-shirt and blue jeans’ original colors were faded away, perhaps from the sweat he continued to profuse.

Behind him, were two other men, who were much older than the teen. They were balding, and wore red jackets, and a black t-shirt. As well, they wore long camouflage pants, with the pockets bulging from whatever items were concealed in them.

“Hey! Get back here!” said the man on the left, whose gray headphones were almost disguised from whatever hair he still had.

“Yeah, what he said! You shan’t escape us!” said the other, whose remainder of hair was the shade on the teenager’s.

The teen was eventually led into dead end. His brown skin was covered in his sweat. He sighed, and attempted to rest for a bit. He calmed down, and turned around, knowing he‘d have to face up against his pursuers. He tried to remember how he got into this situation, but his time to think was interrupted by…

“Hah! We have you now!” yelled both of the men, as they threw a small, red and white colored ball on to the hard pavement.

The balls opened, and a stream of light poured out. Something started to appear through the light, and the teen was hardly impressed at all.

“Great. You’re gonna use those li’l monsters called ‘Pokémon‘, am I right?” question the adolescent, with a rather sarcastic tone. He saw the form of the pokémon he was talking about, the form of a black dog, with skulls on its back as if it were armor. Both of their ears twitched, as they growled in a low tone.

“Shut it, William!” yelled the man at the left. He seemed to be easily aggravated, and his expression changed to a fierce gladiator, but his partner eased him.

“William, you took the Snag Machine, didn’t you?” said the right-sided grunt, with a voice that sounded as calm as the sound of waves of the sea.

“Uh… I only touched the thing. The alarm went off, and it kinda disappeared.” replied William, whose arms were crossed on his body.

“He’s lying!” yelled the left-sided man, as he immediately commanded his own pokémon to unleash a technique.

You see, in this world, many humans use these creatures called Pokémon often for battle. It is a general sport that both children and adults spend their time doing out of fun. Who would not want to use their cherish partners in a fun game?

It is rare, however, that a pokémon would ever strike a human, under any circumstances. In today’s society, it is nearly a hushed taboo for pokémon to attack humans, and is quite strange for such events to happen.

William somewhat foresee this event, as he leapt over the flames that rushed forth from the two dog-like pokémon. Heh… They fell for it, thought William in his mind, as he managed to dash away from the creature’s flames, and pounced on the man on his right. “Heh! How are you gonna attack me now?!” he proclaimed.

The man with the grey headphones backed off, as his black little dog pokémon growled under his breath. “Tch! You win this round!”

William dusted himself, and dashed off, through the city. It was looming towards night, and his already low vitality diminished quickly. I want to live, he thought, but his legs felt like they were on fire, and he could not move them. He eventually collapsed, after running at least a block, and seemed to be in such pain…


… In a rusty cell in a jail room, did bark a yell from the dark. A question about where the person was, and why.

“Great. I don’t even know what happened, but I’m in my same clothes…” William started, still annoyed at his situation. He laid down on what he left was the bed, and just stared at the ceiling, annoyed with his problem.

A sound emerged. At first, William did not pay attention to it. He was still watching the ceiling, staring at its bleak gray color. After a minute, the sound emerged again, but much louder. Eventually, William dared to find out what the sound was, and started walking to where it originated.

A booming cry woke forth, and William was pushed back into the opposite wall. He felt as if blood was rushing towards his back, but he struggled, and managed to get his hands onto the ground, and crawled towards the hole. Someone’s voice started to speak.

“Do you wish to escape?” it boomed, with a hint of wisdom.

“Uh… Who are you?” William questioned, completely puzzled by the situation he was in.

“A person, with a proposition for you. Would you want to escape, or rot?” the voice answered, with a blunt tone.

William contemplated about the strange offer. If he refused, he would surely die in jail, as the voice said. But, why would anyone care about a cellmate in jail? “You got a deal,” he answered hesitantly.

Rolled out from the hole, was a ball. William quickly recognized it as a pokémon, but could not recall its name. It was colored the same as the balls that the other adults had from before.

“Voltorb!” the voice cried, “Explosion!”

The pokémon lit up in a glow of white, and William jumped back at the first moment possible. He knew what explosion meant; wouldn’t anyone else?

Soon, the pokémon unleashed a tremendous amount of energy at one time, with the exchange of its own vitality, and broke down not just the bars, but also most of the walls in front.

When William got up, he saw that there were guards already at the scene. They had their nightsticks at the ready in their arms and were ready to knock William to sleep. Apparently, the guards here were rather diligent with their jobs.

William, however, could only grin when he saw them. It’s strange, but… When William’s mind is focused on fighting, an odd side of him rises to the surface. A side that desired and loved the entertainment that came with throwing a few punches and jabs.

William leapt, as if he were a feral wolf, and struck the guards with his fists and his feet. The left took a beating in the form of many, many blinding punches to the gut, while his partner was shoved away with a square tackle in his own gut.

God, this is how I would’ve been if I said no to that guy? He thought, finding it silly how he doubted the old man upon retrospect, but realized he was at another dead end.

The dead end itself was in the form of a large man, muscle-bound, and had a wild, brown mustache. His eyes stared, and pierced straight into William’s heart. “So… You’re the one who defeated my grunts, eh?” he started, and paced in his dark boots, as his long, rough ‘n dirty pants started to make a scratching sound, “Well… I am Gonzap. And I am not allowing you to leave this facility.”

“Well… I’m leavin’, whether you like it or not!” William exclaimed, and he dived under Gonzap’s legs. He ran, so far away, just like Bowling for Soup’s single.

He jumped past trashcans, as they eventually met their downfall by Gonzap’s immense rage, as his red jacket flew open, revealing his nicely cut chest. William knew his terrible running ability, so he devised a plan, however silly it sound in his head. He opened up a random shop building, and flipped the sign to “Closed”.

Even though Gonzap was powerful, he was not very bright. People do wonder if he was actually successful at anything, considering how he saw the shop, but… He only noticed the “Closed” sign, and didn’t suspect William would go into hiding for any reason. He just couldn’t picture William with that character, or anyone, for that matter.

William peered out, and when he saw that it was safe, he walked out, quietly… But was sprung up by a brown-haired young man. The curly locks he had gave him a casual look, that fact bolstered from his “Casual Fridays” engineer wear, red tie, and his long beige slacks.

“Hello! The name’s Bill!” the person said, extending his hand out to William. Apparently, he believed that William tried to bump into him.

“Uh…” was all William could manage, he did not seem used to surprise greetings.

“You kno’, you should come to my house ‘n meet my parents!” Bill finished, and walked William to his house, on the other side of city, despite the fact William was reluctant to go.

Bill’s house looked similar to many of the houses in the city, which were all colored in a gold hue. William kept imagining Bill’s family talking in the same matter he does: a family of casual-wearing hicks with that weird funny accent.

Instead, the thought was proven incorrect. Bill’s family was actually rather polite and cheerful. However, in the back of William’s mind, he left as if there was an inconsistency somewhere with Bill’s parents.

“Hi! You must be Bill’s friend, William, right?” said an older woman, which William assumed was Bill’s mother. She was wearing a yellow dress, with violet flowers decorated on to it. As well, she gave an air of calm and serenity.

Wow, this is unbelievable, William thought. Bill’s dad was in a lab coat, sitting silently at the dinner table, showing off his long jeans on the table. Even from seeing Bill’s parents, William still had a nagging feeling that there was an oddity in the room.

While Bill’s mother stepped out of the living room to William assumed would be the kitchen to cook up dinner, a young girl poked William’s arm with a black variant of the balls the two pursuers of him had.

“Here. My brother calls it an Eevee,” she said, with a timid tone. One may assume that she was Bill’s sister, judging from her young age, and also the fact that she did appear to live in Bill’s home.

“Uh… I don’t ‘do’ pokémon, sorry.” William replied, trying to be sincere without showing off his sweatdrop.

“But don’t cha know, William?” interrupted Bill, with his odd accent, “This Eevee is a special pokémon. It could evolve into seven different forms!”

“I stand by what I said.” William felt adamant about the problem.

“Take it, it’ll serve you well.”

“Why are you trying to give me a free pokémon?”

“It’s not like they’re going anywhere.” Bill shrugged his shoulders. “You don’t seem the type to harm people, and I think that this Eevee would be a nice addition to anyone’s party.”

William remembered the term party from somewhere. He believed it had something to do with the number of pokémon a person could have with him at one time.

Bill placed the small ball into William’s hand, and showed him to another room, which was filled with clothes of all sorts. After about an hour, William was dressed in new clothes, a black t-shirt, khaki shorts, and wore his signature black shoes, clean and fresh.

William eventually left, and said bye to Bill, despite considering deep in his head a weird person. All that was in William’s head at the moment was why did he even receive a pokémon from Bill’s family in the first place. Was it free for every person who comes into the city, or did Bill really believe in him?

After chucking at how one of the friendlier people he met on this day had a name similar to his own, he tried to figure out where to go in this large city.

He assumed, from the color of most of the buildings, that he was currently in Goldenrod City, a city known for its casino, its mall, and even how large and glorified its own Pokémon Center was.

This was when William thought, what’s there to lose about going to a little building that was pretty much a cheap hotel? In his mind, a free stay at a place is a great thing to not pass up.

Upon entering, the teenager already left a lump of depression on his back. Most of the passerby had one thing on their mind: Pokémon. He had on his left discussion about the tactics and strategies in battling, while on his right, how to groom them, and make their fur shine. After walking a bit, he saw that a nurse was walking towards him, and, with a smile, sweetly started a conversation.

Oh? Are you new here, young man? You appear foreign.” she said, with a hint of grace.

“Are you saying that because of my black skin?” replied William, not knowing the rudeness of his statement.

“Hm! I bet you have a mangy pokémon, too, am I right?” it seemed apparent that the nurse’ attitude flipped as gracefully as a flip of a coin

William shrugged his shoulders, threw down the black and gold ball. It released out a snow white fox, known by many trainers as an Eevee.

“Oh! It’s SOO cute! It’s even shiny! You must be a master breeder to raise this, huh?” exclaimed the nurse, in complete awe of William’s Eevee. “Oh! Did you give it a nickname? It’s a cute one, right?”

William stared at the little fox. Then looked at the nurse. Her pink dress was only overshadowed by her charming smile, and cheery disposition. He even saw the nameplate that said, ‘Joy’.

“Uh… It’s name… Is…” William began, and started to think. Nurse Joy started to run inpatient after a minute, and at that moment… He thought of the perfect name “It’s called Berri.” he finished at the nick of time.

“It’s such a cute nickname! Come on, I’ll show you to your room.” she said, with a cheery grace.

William saw that the Pokémon Center was mostly colored in strawberry and vanilla colors, which he thought was… Rather childish. But, he remembered that most trainers start at the age of ten, which one could be satisfied with that as an excuse.

Eventually, he was in his own room. Rather small and quaint, like a hospital room. He noticed that there was also a bag in the room. … Is it me, or does this place just happen to have everything a trainer would want…

He jumped on the bed, and laid there, staring at the ceiling in deep-thought. … The door’s locked, good, he sighed. Hasn’t it been a long while since I associated myself with pokémon?

After a few minutes of contemplation, he actually went ahead and unzipped the top zipper of the bag, not considering if the room he was in could possibly be someone‘s else room. By logic, if he were to be in someone’s room, that one person would’ve already tried to sneak their bag back, right? Not that he really cared about it, it just seemed strange that a nurse would let a person stay in a room that has not been cleaned completely out yet, and the room itself smelled and looked nice, evident from how many of the surfaces in the room gave off a polished glow.

The bag itself revealed many of what people say are considered to be the trainer’s essentials, which included: A Pokétch (A watch that uses different applications to help trainers), a VS Seeker (To challenge old trainers), and a PokéNav (A… map?)


Eventually, after William placed his clothes into the washroom’s hamper, left his Eevee’s small black and gold ball on the sink table, ran some water, and got into the tub.

After a while, he started to drift asleep, and thought about his life. He felt that it was for the most part… Dull. No matter what he learned, he went at it with a peculiar innocence, and generally put 100% into everything he did without thinking about the consequences of these actions.

Pokémon were strange to him. He felt that their use all the way back in the long history of the world was only to be just like tools for humans, tools that required little effort to use. The concept… It just seemed so odd and silly. Where there actually unbiased legends about pokémon being… Equal? Or at least treated in a manner that seemed to give them dignity?

His thoughts moved on to trainers in general. … Back in, did I really want to be a trainer? William remembered how his parents weren’t into battling or any type of pokémon career at all. Really, the only thing related to pokémon his family had was a pet, a pet he remembered very clearly by the name of Rukia.

Before he had a chance to reminisce, someone woke him from his dream-like stream of consciousness. The voice sounded like an aging man.

“Hello, William.” said that old man, with brown hair that was starting to grey, which seemed evident anyway from his facial appearance. He wore a lab coat, just like Bill’s father, and seemed to be staring at William’s body.

William yelled out a scream. “Who the hell are you?” he stared,

“Calm down. I’m not a pedophile, I ju-”

“Yeeah, you’re the old man with the guilty conscience about it.” interrupted William, he went on to say, “Then who really are you?”

“I’m the authority of the Pokémon World, Professor Oak.”

“Oh… kay. Why the hell are you in the washroom? I mean… A guy can’t take a bath, while there’s another guy, you know…” William used his fingers as emphasis, moving them back in forth into a water wheel sign, “Watching? Isn’t that kinda uncomfortable in your head?”

“Well… I wanted to explain something to you.”

“… You go into people’s rooms, and ‘lecture’ them about ‘Pocket Monsters’?” remarked William.

“Well, I WAS going to give you this PokéDex, but seeing as you know everything about Pokémon…”

“Yeah. I say I do.”

“Then… Pray tell…” Oak began, and lifted Berri’s ball, “What is this Poké Ball called?”

“Uh… A Poké Ball that’s black and gold?”

Oak chuckled. He put back Berri’s ball on the sink, and laid a small pamphlet and a strange black device on the same counter.

“With those… You could travel the world, and get to know the various species of pokémon. Sounds exciting, right?”

“Meh.” William sighed.

Oak left the room, and William sunk back into the tub.

“What the hell did I get into from going into that building? Heck, would I be at peace if I just stayed where I was back at the junkyard?”

“Oh! You wanted something from me?” Oak asked after re-entering the washroom.

“Get the **** out!” William exclaimed, still agitated at how an old man just randomly waltzed into a locked room unannounced.


It was finally night, and William was still up. He was reading that small pamphlet Oak had given him, and learned a few things.

“So… Berri’s in a Luxury Ball. Heh.” he commented, and kept reading on. He finally fell asleep after some time, not knowing the adventure he will have, from his boring, unattractive life.

Lesson 2 - Brand New Morning

William woke up with a yawn. He was still in the same room he was last night. Same strawberry and vanilla colored scheme, and his Luxury Ball was right on the desk next to him. That one ball contained his only pokémon, Berri, which was a shiny Eevee to the nurse he met last night.

He lifted up his Luxury Ball, and pressed the grey button in the middle. A stream of light flashed, and hit the floor. Soon, his small fox pokémon, Berri, came to reality.

“Hm… You’re a girl, right?” William asked, already in his inquisitive style.

The small fox pokémon nodded its head in excitement, much to William’s disappointment.

Normally, I would’ve been scratched, slapped, or even bitten for asking a rude question like that, thought William in his head, still thinking in the same mentality.

He immediately slapped Berri, which she simply started to pour out tears from her eyes. Annoyed, he pulled out his manual he received from Professor Oak (Which he still believed was a pervert) and started trying to figure out ways to anger a pokémon.

This manual, however, seems to answer questions in the most peculiar way. It seems to… ‘Speak’ to the person, as if it knew the question being spoken towards it.

It said on one of its pages, ‘In order to piss a naïveté like your pokémon Eevee, it is always a good idea to poke it with a pencil of some sort.’

“… Are you kiddin’ me?” William replied, annoyed by his manual.

‘Yes.’ one of the pages said.

William sighed, gave up on messing with his small pokémon, and returned it into its Luxury Ball. After a brief 10 minutes, he was prepared to leave the small Pokémon Center, with his day clothes on, being a black T-shirt, light blue shorts, black shoes, and his Pokétch on his right wrist.


William looked around, at all the golden buildings this city had to offer. He finally realized that he had no idea where he was. He pulled out his PokéNav, which was hidden under his shirt, right on his right pant area. He grabbed it, flipped up the screen, and saw an image of a green shape, with red dots randomly scattered across.

“… How the HELL am I supposed to read this?!” he yelled, and some random passerby started to look at him with a puzzled appearance. William then started pressing random buttons on the copper device, until one of them seemed to change the image, into a much less magnified map of the region he was in, which was Johto.

“Oh awesome. I could push this button… And it changes the map’s layout.” William said, in complete awe at the PokéNav’s button. Eventually, he got tired of its appeal, and set it to display the city’s name, and a clear view of the region.

“Hm. I’m in Goldenrod City.” he stated, and started to giggle a bit at the name. He did hear a small tune, though. Somewhat quiet, but a jolly tune, it was. He started to follow it, and he heard this:

Tatoe hi no naka Mizu no naka Kusa no naka Mori no naka, all in a young girl’s voice.

William finally saw that the music originated from a large, wire-covered tower. The tower was built five stories, and there were large sattelites on top of its roost. William was also disappointed that there was already a large crowd surrounding his small discovery. He shrugged his shoulders, and went off to the south, hoping to find something much more valuable.


William made his way to Route 34, a small, but somewhat natural road, leading to… Well, somewhere interesting, for William’s sake. He eventually came across a small house, with what he assumed was a farm.

“Hello, young man.” said a senior citizen, whom wore a blue suit, long khaki pants, and held a brown cane. He seemed to have a stern look in his eyes.

“Uh… Hello?” William replied, and was rather uncomfortable, since the old man appeared from arbitrary nowhere.

“Now, this is the Daycare Center. We raise the precious pokémon of trainers.” the old man started, and went on, “Now, sometimes, we find an egg here, but me and my wife never quite figured out how they get there.”

At this point, William just HAD to say something. He could not find a plausible reason for not knowing how an egg would appear.

“Now, the trainers leave TWO pokémon here, right?” he said.

“Yes, one male, and another, a female,” the elder replied.

“Uh… And HOW do you not notice what they’re doing?”

“How should I know?! I go to the bathroom! I might even need to go inside so that way I don’t miss my radio dramas! What do you want from me?!”

“Well, I want to know when my pokémon are having their way with each other or not without having an old man NOT knowing what my pokémon are doing. I mean, this is a DAYCARE Center for effing sakes!”

“Well, you can take this Odd Egg I found, and leave!”

“I’ll be glad to!”

“Good-bye, and come again!” the old man replied happily, and waved as William walked off.

William grabbed one of his spare Poké Balls, and hit the egg with it. The egg converted into energy, and with a red beam, was absorbed into the ball. William yawned, and looked in disbelief. He seemed to have lost his way in the long route. He whipped out his manual, and looked for guidance.

‘Catch a pokémon in the tall grass,’ was all it said.

William spied a small patch of grass, and started doing a few leg stretches. After his small exercise run, he bolted straight through the grass. Faster, faster he went, until he tripped! He fell face first into the ground. He got up, spat out some dirt and grass, and checked behind him.

He saw a small bat pokémon the ground, with an injured left claw. This pokémon, however, was rather tenacious. It got up quickly, pointed its right claw straight at William, and started yelling intelligible cries. William took it as a challenge, and started to spin his right arm.

“Heh. Wanna play?” he said, with his eyes already gleaming that same bloodlust he had when the guards from yesterday wanted to catch him, a wild look only a wolf would know.

The bat pokémon flew at him, and aimed its right claw straight at William.


William triumphantly held up his bat, too weak to go on. The young teen was hardly injured at all, just small scratches around his person. His manual flew out from his right pocket, and it was open to a page that stated, ‘Trainers are not the ones who are supposed to battle pokémon, it’s supposed to be Pokémon vs. Pokémon!’

William chuckled to himself, pressed his second Poké Ball on top of his new pokémon, which he found out was called a ‘Gligar’, and it was sent inside it.

“Hey! There’s William, boss!” said a familiar tone.

William did a double take, got up, and saw that the same bandits from yesterday were back to; chances are, take William back to jail.

“Gah! Not you guys!” William yelled out, and noticed that the two grunts had someone behind them.

This man pushed the two other grunts out the way, and was revealed to be wearing a silver breastplate, a red scarf across the neck, platinum leg armor, and silver gloves. He roared and threw a Poké Ball.

A stream of blue light emerged, a large black dog came out, and it growled with an intense pressure.

“Heh. I guess the trainer catches pokémon that acts exactly like them,” giggles William, with a cheery pleasure.

“Heh! But this time, there’s no way you will win!” yelled the gray-haired grunt, smiling at their penultimate victory.

“You said it, partner. No one has beaten Dan in battle!” said the black-haired grunt, also jeering with his partner.

The armor-clad, muscle-bound giant simply bellowed out a roar, and beat his chest multiple times, as if he was a gorilla. His demeanor made it seem he was born to fight, just like William whenever he was challenged.

William pulled out his PokéDex from his left pocket, and pressed a button on the side.

The PokéDex’s screen flipped up, and an image appeared when William pointed its black sensor bar at the dog. It also played a message:

‘It chases down prey in a pack. It will never disobey the commands of a skilled trainer.’

“Hm…” William yawned, “This guy’s supposed to be skilled? Interesting.” He put his PokéDex back into his left pocket, grabbed his Luxury Ball from his right, and threw it at the ground. Soon, Berri came out of the light, cheery as always, much to William’s disappointment.

“Hah! That’s what you call a pokémon?! An Eevee?!” chuckled the gray-haired man.

“At least he knows what he’s doing for once.” sneered the black-haired man.

William crouched down towards Berri, and said only one statement, “If you do not follow all of my commands, you’re Mightyena chow. Got it? Good.”

Berri only made a small blush, and her eyes widen. It is to be assumed that it was scared that it would not follow its trainer’s orders to the letter.

William finally stood up, and pointed his finger straight at Dan’s chest. “You are going bye-bye, bish!” he yelled out with a fiery spirit, his eyes gleaming that familiar wolf’s charm.

“Dude… What’s he sayin’?” the gray-haired peon said.

“Um… I think he’s gay.” The black-haired peon replied.

“Makes sense.”

“Shadow Ball!” yelled Dan, with his immensely deep voice, which scared everyone within a 3-yard radius, and his Mightyena obliged. Suddenly, clouds of darkness started to spin and form around the mouth of the black dog, and it growled deeply.

“Berri, simply run forward, and tackle it, sort of like a football player.” William said, with a calm and sleepy tone.

Berri stared at her trainer, surprised by an order, and looked at the Mightyena. The Mightyena’s sphere was nearly charged, and she could not figure out why her trainer would want it to take a hit like that. But, she remembered William’s threat, and hesitantly ran at Mightyena.

“What?! He makin’ his Eevee RUN at Mightyena?!” exclaimed the gray-haired man, completely confounded.

Dan smiled, and chuckled at William’s so-found logic. He thought the game was already won, and William was just forfeiting.

The Mightyena unleashed its heavy, dark ball straight at the small Eevee, but Berri kept moving, regardless. Her spirit was with William’s decision, no matter how unenthusiastic he was about the battle.

William, however, was actually excited inside. You see, his face does not truly show his emotions, and he often appears sad when he is actually happy, or even angry with someone. It is as if his face has become a permanent frown. He was used to being ridiculed so much, that he did not care for his face’s appearance. Perhaps this is why he seems to be bored and has no zest in his life?

Now, the Shadow Ball DID hit Berri, but there was a slight surprise: Berri seemed to go through the sphere, as if the sphere was made out of, nothing.

Dan and both of the peons’ mouth became agape. William started to chuckle. “That is why, my friends,” he started, and Berri went into a tackle on Mightyena’s head, “I win, and you will always lose to someone like me.” he finished, smiling at his knowledge of pokémon types.

“All night, I was studying this,” he went back on, and pulled out his manual from his right pocket. Berri started to do more tackles against Mightyena, that it had trouble blocking them with its claws.

“A book?” said the gray-haired man, confused by William’s knowledge.

“You see, Shadow Ball is a Ghost type technique. My Eevee, Berri, is a Normal type. The move does not affect Berri, in this case. Oh, and you lost.” William said, and pointed out that Berri delivered a finishing Tackle against Mightyena, straight in its stomach.

Dan’s mouth stood ajar, while William returned Berri into its Luxury Ball. He started grunt, then exploded into a frenzied rage, like a great ape.

William smiled, and tripped the armored man’s legs as Dan stampeded towards him. Dan fell face-first into the mud, and the peons at first wanted to chuckle, but instead ran off, leaving some amounts of money behind. William walked over, took the bills, and finally ran off, towards the gate, not just going to the next town, but away from Dan when he wakes up.

Lesson 3 - Through the Forest, We Go!

It started to get late in the plains of Route 34. Our protagonist, William, has made it to the gate crossing, which, from his PokéNav’s direction, would lead him into the Ilex Forest. His puffed-out hair was a bit scraggly, but nothing a good bath will not fix right after he reached Azalea Town.

On the left side of his belt, were three different Poké Balls. The only different-colored one, being a Luxury Ball, contained his shiny Eevee, Berri. The second Poké Ball contained his freshly caught Gligar, whom he named Hiruma. The last Poké Ball held the Odd Egg, an egg given to him by the male of the Daycare Couple. Even with this small collection of pokémon, his opinion upon them as a whole still stands.

… I guess it was sorta cool how Berri literally pulled a move straight out of Eyeshield 21... He supposed for a while that it was no escaping the fact: People and Pokémon were naturally attracted to each other. He nodded at this revelation, considering that, just for a while, he would take care of the pokémon that were traveling with him currently.

As he walked into the front gate, he bumped into a certain girl, a girl that would become one hell of a friend to him.

“Hiya!” greeted the girl, her expression filled with a sunny cheer. She stood at least a foot shorter than him, with her blonde bangs traveling towards her shoulders. A green bandana was tied around her head, as she wore a orange shirt with her black, her tight shorts overshadowed. As well, her sneakers were a light yellow, with white detailing.

“Uh… Hello.” replied William, and went through the exit with no trouble at all. After taking a few steps through the forest, he noticed it was dark, as if it were night. He checked his Pokétch, and noticed it was only 1:13 PM.

“What the hell is going on here?!” he exclaimed, and did not notice that the same girl from before was tapping his left shoulder, with a small smile on her face.

“In the Ilex Forest, it seems to always seems to be night, because of the trees, see?” she said, and pointed upwards, which the trees seemed to go into the heavens.

“Oh wow, thanks. I could not go and look in my PokéNav for the answer.” William replied sarcastically, annoyed by the fact that someone was following him. He looked around him, and saw nothing that appeared to be a set path. After a sigh, he went along his own path, hopefully leading him out of forest.

Eventually, he found a young boy, who was hitting a tree with his head, as if he was a goat trying to dull its horns. William sweatdropped, and attempted to talk to the seemingly idiotic person.

“Dude, what’s the point of hitting your head?”

“Oh. Did you know there’s pokémon in trees?” he replied.

“… No. I don’t even care ABOUT pokémon.”

“Well, I learned this move called Iron Head, and I think this move could knock pokémon out of trees. Do you want your pokémon to learn it?”

“Uh… sure?”

“Then reveal your pokémon, please.”

William threw down the first two Poké Balls from his belt, and from them, released Berri and Hiruma, with Berri sitting next to William, trying to be cheerful. While Hiruma started to fly around, as if it did not have a care in the world.

“No, no… Those won’t do. I need pokémon that could hit their heads HARD on trees.” the boy replied, a bit sad at William’s pokémon.

“I bet Hiruma could crack your head open like a walnut using its claws. That’s not enough?” William replied, without noticing his change of tone.

“Well, see you, then.”

William traveled on his path again, this time slightly curious by the boy’s choice of words. … I didn’t know people could teach pokémon moves by themselves. All this time, I was under the impression that Pokémon just, I don’t know, learn the moves out of thin air.

He eventually made way to what he thought was the center of the forest, and met the same stalker he saw earlier. He attempted to avoid her, trying to hide amongst the trees in the forest, however, he made one error.

The error was in the form of Berri, the pokémon he was entrusted the care of by Bill’s sister. The silver fox-like pokémon stepped on a twig while she was following her master, which alerted the attention of the girl to see what made that snapping sound.

“Hello?” she said, trying to figure out why a small pokémon like Berri would rummage around such a large forest.

“I’m serious. How in the hell do we keep meeting each other in this forest?” Annoyed, William started about to leave, dusting off any moss he had on his hands on his shirt. However, what the girl said next did struck a chord to him.

“I dunno. I guess it’s because you’re trying to stalk moi? I didn‘t even know you were behind the tree.” She rolled her eyes, trying to think of the reason why William talked to her in such a negative manner.

Hiruma came straight out of nowhere, and aimed his claws around the girl’s neck. Berri jumped and sat next to William’s leg, charmingly rubbing it as if she were a loyal pet.

“You see, I don’t like being followed. And, I find to be a bit suspicious that we’ve met thrice in the same da-, no hour.” William’s voice turned hoarse, as if he was trying to impersonate the film noir genre, his voice close to Don Corleone’s.

The girl started to squirm, and tried to fight Hiruma off. Nevertheless, Hiruma’s appendages had the girl’s neck, and wanted to slice her in two immediately.

“If I may, can I at least know what’s your name?” William said, in a mafia-styled demeanor.

“It’s Stephanie. But my friends call me Steph.” she replied, sweating because of the sudden depression of the conversation.

“My name’s William and, well… I have no nicknames, I‘m afraid.” William sighed, and twirled his wrist. Hiruma nodded, and flew over to William’s shoulder, which, at that point, William pressed Berri’s and Hiruma’s Poké Balls that were on his belt, and allowed them to return back.

After that, he turned towards Stephie, and asked, “So why are you following me, Stephie?”

“Uh… Well…” she began, and started to blush slightly.

If she says it’s because she likes me, I’ll bite her on the spot, William thought, with his face still in its neutral frown position.

“Um… Don’t you know that it’s better to make friends, us trainers? I mean, we could go exploring together, and I’ve heard that it would be twice the fu-” she was interrupted by William’s hand, which was covering her mouth.

“And… Why me? I don’t even care for these damn creatures. All I see them as are small pointless conveniences, similar to robots. They’re only purpose is to allow me to travel this land, and hopefully find something that will shake away this boredom I have. Alas, my opinion still stands for these things. I can’t figure out why someone would want to train them…”

Stephie out-right made a quick jab using her right fist at William, which he quickly grabbed using his left hand. “You don’t know what you’re talking about! Why are you ranting at me for!” she yelled.

“I quite frankly do. If I don’t care for something, I wouldn’t care for it. It’s simple logic.” William said, “… And you did start this argument, in a way.”

“But they could be your friends! Pokémon always give a feeling of happiness!” Steph didn’t want to try and argue who started what; She actually wanted to hear William’s problem with pokémon.

“Friends that will, eventually, stab me and the back and leave me for death. Nothing stops them from

“What’s your bias against them?! Why don‘t you get rid of the ones you have now?!”

“Again, a simple question. The only way to travel is with these things. When I’m done with them, I’ll dispose of them. Easy enough.”

Steph then grabbed William’s arm. “If that’s the case…” she began, and slipped her right hand into her yellow bag that wrapped around her waist, and pulled out a gray device. “We should train together, and I’ll help you love pokémon, and you’ll help me become stronger., right?” she finished, with a smile.

“First off, I work alone,” William’s voice seemed to regain its regular tone, “And second, I don’t want to be taught how to become a furry, sorry.” he replied, and his eyes eventually gazed upon the device Stephie was holding. “What is that thar, anyway?” he pointed.

“This thing? It’s called a PokéGear. It works sorta like a cell phone.” she said, and started to look away, sad. “I was going to give it to my partner, but…” Tears started to form from her eyes.

William stood there, with Stephie now crying on his chest. He made a blank face, and eventually took the PokéGear from her hand. “If it’ll get you to shut up and quit crying on my shirt, I’ll tag along with your adventure.”

She lit up, and jumped up happily. “Yay! Come on! We have to get to Azalea Town, right?” she happily exclaimed, and tried to pull William’s arm.

Yet, he was not as enthusiastic as Stephie. “I’m sorry, but please go on your own. I need to do a bit more exploring here…” he said, and started to wander off through the forest.

Stephie looked back at him, and gunned her arms. “I’ll do it! I’m going to become a Pokémon Trainer, with William by my side helping me!” she smiled, and ran off to in the other direction.


William found himself lost again, traveling through the forest. It still looked dark, with the trees and their collective moss being enough for the weak-stomached to vomit. He sighed, and eventually turned his eyes to see an yellow blur.

He smiled. “Interesting. Looks as if a pokémon’s in the midst.” He knew he didn’t have his pokémon out currently, so whatever it was, he has to face with his own person.

He walked towards where he saw the blur, through various branches. He knew already that he might get even more lost if he continued on his path, but he did not care. When something sparked his eyes, he really wanted to know what it is, without regard of his safety.

The yellow blur seemed to belong to an yellow weasel that, in William’s eyes, was fighting against a small blue wolf cub. He saw that it was time to use his PokéDex, which was sitting in his left pocket. He aimed it at first the blue pokémon.

Shinx, the Flash Pokémon. All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded. Its forelegs have a muscle-based system of generating electricity. Its body shines if it’s endangered.

Hm…, William thought, it seems to dislike fighting, as if it were a timid coward. Yet, it was actually putting up a good fight against that weasel. He then aimed his PokéDex at the yellow weasel, curious to see what it actually was. The weasel itself was already about to chop the Shinx’ head.

Buizel, the Sea Weasel Pokémon. It has a floatation sac that is like an inflatable collar. It floats on water with its head out. It swims by rotating its two tails like a screw. When it dives, its flotation sac collapses.

And a pokémon that acts like Miles Prowler? Heh. William then walked towards them, while the Shinx was busy tackling the Buizel away into a tree.

“Both of you, quit it.” William said, and noted that both of them did not take quite a liking to his person. “What is wrong with both of you?”

The Shinx and the Buizel pointed towards a tree, moss-covered and with a few weeds surrounding it. But, on closer inspection, there was a small fruit in the tree.

William pulled out his manual, which said that fruit was known as an Oran Berry, and is a very delectable snack for humans and pokémon alike.

He sweatdropped. “You were fighting over a berry?” he said, with a firm tone.

Both pokémon looked down, sad about themselves. William also noted that Shinx had a lot of dark fur on its hind legs, and the Buizel had one cream-colored spot on its back.

“How about this: I’ll get the berry for you if you tag along with me. Sounds good?”

The pokémon nodded their heads, and happily jumped towards William, which he had two Poké Balls already in his hands.

“Two pokémon for me, and a berry I need to get.” he said, surprised at how easy it was to capture pokémon. “I wonder why in most comics I read of trainer’s adventures, it took them forever to get even three pokémon…”

He walked over to the tree, and picked around it. From his search, he pulled out first a bag, which looked to be used for mainly gathering fruit. Finally, he grabbed the berry, and plucked it.

“All right…” he began, “Why the hell was there a bag in the tree again?” He shrugged, knowing there was no one that can possibly answer his question. He put the poké balls that were in one of his hands on his belt, and placed the berry into the bag he found.

I do wonder what that berry is, though… His thoughts were answered almost immediately by his PokéDex.

Oran Berry, a Super Hard berry. Nature's gifts came together as one in this Berry. It has a wondrous mix of flavors that spread in the mouth. Oran Berries grow in half a day.

He placed the bag itself in his book bag, and flipped it on his back. Sastified with his answer, he then went out to find his new “companion”, Steph.

After a long, uneventful walk, he found the gate, which said it led to Azalea Town. He opened the door, and saw multiple people on the floor, singed and burned, evident from their tanned skin and charred clothes.

He ran towards them, and asked whether they were okay or not. They did not answer. His eyes started to tear up, but made sure not to. Can’t stop now, I need to fix whatever fire’s going on near them…

He ran out the exit, and saw just one thing. Buildings under fire, the citizens of what he assumed was the city running in panic.

As he tried to find some way to put out the fiery sea, he spied Steph trying to soak out the fire with a seagull-like pokémon.

“William! I don’t know what happened b-”

“Stephie. I know you do not know what’s going on. But, I’ll fight with you, and take on whatever antagonist stands in my way.” William interrupted, and threw down a Poké Ball. Hiruma came out, with his eyes shooting first to the left, then the right.

“You actually will help me?” Steph thought it was strange how the person who was a jerk to her was now trying to support her, even if he said that he would be her partner.

“Hiruma, follow me. We need to find the person who started this, ” he commanded, as he went off through the town, completely ignoring Steph.

Hiruma loyally followed, as Stephie was left behind in the dust, at first sad that she did not seem much of help, but cast that aside.

“Hmmph! I could set the fires out, and help out anyone who’s injured!” she yelled, and her seagull rested on her shoulder. “Peter, use Water Gun!”

The Wingull shot out a stream of water from its mouth, and poured out most of the water from a certain building, which revealed to be a Pokémon Center.

William, however, was having trouble navigating through the engulfed town. “Damn it!” he yelled, as a tree collapsed in his way. “Hiruma, break that tree!”

Hiruma made a salute, flew straight at the tree, and broke it with his claw, as William immediately darted through.

Eventually, he crossed through the town, and saw no one suspicious during his small journey. He sighed, and at the next moment, his neck was at the mercy of someone’s arm.

“Heh. Kid, you messed with the wrong person.” said a feminine voice, as he was choked to death.

It was said that after 30 seconds, you would first faint if you cannot breathe. But, the area was covered faintly with smoke, which obviously meant this time would go by a lot faster. William was not the type to let himself die so easily, as he quickly kicked up his legs, and dived his body into the ground, which led the person to flip over. After catching his breath, William looked up to see a girl has tried to kill him.

“Who are you?” he breathed, while Hiruma swooped down on his shoulder, surprised at there findings.

Make sure to review and tell me about any mistakes I've made. Considering my skill, I bet there's quite a few here and there, considering the age of these chapters.

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Hmm... No posts, eh. Lesson 4's coming to any lurkers way!

Lesson 4 - Burn, baby burn! Azalea Inferno!

“Peter, Water Gun!” Stephie instructed, and Peter, who was a small Wingull, let loose a stream of foamy water at a building, engulfed in orange flames.

“Heh! I’m sure William will fine me a good partner now! His sarcasm‘s no match for my strength!” she proclaimed, and saw that she actually saved a Pokémon Center, with a Nurse Joy caught under a beam. She tried her best to pull her out, with her Wingull, Peter, pulling her shirt. Eventually, the beam gave way, and she managed to pull Nurse Joy out, way out. She landed on the ground, dizzy from the fumes.

When she woke, a young person, not too older than her, splashed her face with water. The person appeared rather feminine, with her purple bags covering her forehead.

“Gack! What was that for?” she said, surprised at the action the young boy had just done.

“You fainted, and I was trying to wake you.” she said, with a calm tone. Her purple hair seemed to tell her everything was going to be all right, and her green camper’s outfit told her that she seemed to be a reliable person. “I thought it was the proper thing to do…”

She smiled, and tried to shake his hand, confusing the poor girl.

“Uh… What are you trying to do?” she said innocently, as if she did not understand the gesture.

“Oh come on, it’s called a handshake.” Stephie said, and moved the person’s left hand towards hers, “That’s how people greet each other back in my own town…” her voice trailed off.

“What’s wrong? Homesick?”

“Yeah… A bit. I ran away from home, and now…”

The person quickly pounced towards her, as a tree nearly landed on them. Stephie started to blush, as she stared into the person’s deep, violet eyes. Without noticing, she was blushing, and that was the person’s cue to get off her.

“You know… The town’s on fire, right?” Stephie said, still a bit giggly from the person’s saving leap.

“Not a problem.” she said, and threw a poké ball on the ground. A large green mantis-like pokémon appeared. Aside from its height, its appendages were scythes, and its wings, spanned.

“Fury Cutter!” the personyelled, as her mantis quickly hacked a multitude of flames, with growing intensity, the town was cooled down by its shock waves.

Stephie had to see what this pokémon was called, so she dug through her fanny pack, took out her pink PokéDex, and aimed the device straight at the mantis.

Scyther, the Mantis pokémon. It is nearly impossible to parry its attacking scythes. Its movements are like a ninja's.

She watched in awe, at the person’s movement, and saw that the majority of the flames were gone…

I hope she realizes that I’m… Well, I think she can tell now…


“I’ll say it again, who are you?” William stated, with his Gligar, Hiruma, still on his shoulder.

The person in front of the young teen was a woman of what he assumed to be of 18 years of age. She seemed to be wearing a dark grey shirt with an equally colored pleated skirt lined by a red border, and a short red jacket with a black volcano-like insignia. She also wore matching red leg warmers, and her jacket had a hood that appeared to have two black horns, one on each side.

“I already have one pussy, and I don’t talk to it. Why should I talk to you?” she said, with a malevolent tone.

“Look. Why the hell would you burn a town like this? All that’s here are …” he paused, and pointed at a pink pokémon. It slowly moved, even with its tail on fire, and stopped for a long yawn, “Those things, that can’t harm anyone!”

“Well, when you have a job…” she began, and got up, “You’ll do it, or you’d get fired and have no pay, right?”

William knew he was getting nowhere, and his thoughts were trailing away through the flames… Until he hatched an amazing, but reckless idea.

William dashed straight at the woman, but he quickly found her PokéGear, slammed it into his on accident, and spread his arms wide.

“Hiruma, now!” he yelled, and Hiruma swept in, grabbed his arms, and flew him away from the girl.

She stood in awe, at William’s skill. She felt a little sad that she could not stop him, but shrugged her shoulders.

“Like my boss could even intimidate me. Oh well.” she said, and walked off.

William flew through the various trees, until he saw the singed Azalea Town, finally cooled down from the flames that was originally destroying it. Now, it appeared to be a growing town, a town that would blossom into a great city.

He sat on one of the trees, looking from afar at Steph. “Great.” he yawned, seeing Steph with a young purple-haired girl. They appeared to been fast friends. “Looks like she found her own partner. Meh.” He then checked his PokéGear, fastened on his wrist.

“Her name is… Riyu. Hm. Not good to call her, yet.” He started to smile, and jumped off the tree, and Hiruma’s gliding skills allowed him to sail over the mountain ahead, called Mount Union. He flew for a short while, and once he crossed the large blue mountain, he returned Hiruma back into his poké ball, and jumped down towards the cave’s opening.

“Hey, young boy! Want to buy a Slowpoke tail?” yelled out a salesperson, completely stunning William.

“Why the hell would I buy a tail for? ‘Specially one from a pokémon that I don’t even know!” he yelled back, completely annoyed from the salesman’s cheer.

The man held up a picture. “See? Doesn’t that tail look delicious?!” he smiled.

“Oh great. You want me to eat the tail of those idiot pokémon I saw in Azalea, huh?” William was sure the tail belonged to the same dopey little pokémon he saw earlier, reminded him that it didn’t have a tail at all.

“Well, I thought kids were loaded these days.” the salesperson retaliated, with a scoff.

“Correction: You’re really a hobo that couldn’t get a job, so you cut pokémon tails off.” William said, and ran off through Route 32. I wonder if he was the one who hacked off the tail from that pokémon…


Steph eventually found that the girl she met was Bugsy, the leader of the Azalea Gym. After a brief discussion, Stephie was allowed to challenge her.

“Go, Dewdano!” Steph cried, and threw a Poké Ball. When it hit the gym’s grassy floor, the small gecko laid on the floor, crawling back and forth through the room.

“Heh. A Treecko. Haven’t seen any of those around here.” said Bugsy, now holding her bug catching net. “It even gains an slight advantage, because of the forest-like interior of my gym.” she smiled, and threw his Poké Ball, Scyther flying right out, and posed for combat.

“Like the rules say, a 1 on 1 pokémon battle, no switching allowed. Got it?”

“Fine with me.” Steph said, cheery as ever.


“What are you talking about?! This IS a fish!” yelled William, straight at an angler’s face.

“Hell no it’s not! Get the hell outta here!” said angler replied, his orange fishing gear slightly covered by his cigarette’s ash.

“It swims! It’s a fish!”

“No! It means it’s a water pokémon!”

“Well, Magikarp’s a gay fish! I’m not using it!”

“Oh no you did NOT insult Magikarp!”

“Oh hell yeah I did!”

“Bring it, then!”

“I’mma bring it, it’s on like Donkey Kong!”

They seemed to be arguing whether or not William’s Buizel, Annetta, was a fish pokémon. Nevertheless, the only consensus they could come up with is with a battle. They were on the pier of the Route, and both of them were rather angry.

“Go! Berri and Kimba!” he shouted, and threw his Luxury and Poké Balls. His silver Eevee Berri came out first in a sparkly flash, and then Kimba, his newly caught Shinx, came second.

“Heh! Poliwhirl and Finneon, attack!”

The angler’s already sent out pokémon, Poliwhirl (A bipedal tadpole?) and Finneon (A fish?) aimed straight at Berri first.

“Wow. Berri’s already strong enough to hammer BOTH those fishies, right?”

Berri nodded, and then started charging a black aura near its mouth.

“Kimba, intercept their attack with Spark!”

His Shinx quickly ran through its opponents with the technique, only enough to distract them as Berri charged.

“Now Berri! Fire!!”

Berri shot its attack, known as Shadow Ball, and it only hit Finneon at first, but…

“Sam Hill! Poliwhirl, go attack with Water Pulse already-” the angler started, however became interrupted by William’s commands.

“Kimba! Hop on both Finneon and Poliwhirl! I need them distracted, quick!”

Kimba jumped, still in Spark mode, and managed to do perfect landings on both pokémon, first Finneon, who fainted and sunk temporarily into the sea, and on top of Poliwhirl, whose Water Pulse wad cancelled from the shock.

“Berri, now Quick Attack!”

Berri ran across the pond, and struck Poliwhirl hard in the stomach, caught Kimba on its back, and ran back to the pier, all from one attack.

The angler paid 423 PokéDollars. “Damn son, you’re good. I never seen a boy with that much guts since… Ever!”

“’Course not. You need to run and explore other places, and a different world you see now. That’s what I’m doing, with these pokémon I have.”

“You must’ve invested a lot of work into them, ‘cause I haven’t seen any pokémon with that much of a good condition. Only on TV!”

“Well…” William started to trail off, remembering how much he hated pokémon. However, he looked at his pokémon, Berri, Kimba, and Annetta, and simply thought, Heh, I guess these li’l things could be good.

His PokéGear rang suddenly. William looked at his wrist, and noticed the ID of the caller, which… Was Riyu.

“Oh damn it.” he swore.


Steph was having trouble in what many people call, “a gym battle”. They are battles waged in gym all across various regions and lands, all for trainers to attempt at gaining the gym’s badge. The badges themselves… Well, people generally have different uses for those earned badges. Let’s see what Steph wishes to do with them…

“Dewdano! Come on! Just one more airborne Pound!”

Dewdano stood, a little battle-damaged, but managed to crawl onto a tree.

“Heh! Scyther, cut that tree, too!”

Scyther quickly hacked the tree, unaware that Treecko had Pound already set up, and quickly flew straight down, and smashed Scyther’s face.

“Dewdano, now slam ‘em!”

The small gecko aimed its hammer fist straight at Scyther, and quickly coupled the punch with another Pound.

“Scyther!” Bugsy yelled, but saw it was over for her.


“I present to you, Stephanie, the Hive Badge.” the gym leader said, and placed his red and black badge in Stephie’s left hand. It shined in the artificial lighting as a beautiful ladybug. “I’m surprised how you knew I was a boy, though. Many people consider me a chick these days.”

Steph placed it on her fanny pack, and ran out the door, cheerful. She has now two Johto badges, as shown from the pack’s exterior. The first appearing to be silver bird wings. “I’ll become stronger, and become the perfect partner for William!”

She then remembered how William left her to clean up most of the town, and how he seemed to be scared of the fire. “I wonder where he is…”

Unbeknownst to her, William was already in deep trouble by the mysterious woman named Riyu.

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Sorry for the long wait, considerin' school and my rather off schedule, well... Let's say I haven't put in enough time for gettin' LaLD! out on other sites. ;p So let's open up Lesson 5, eh?

Hooray for adding in another one of those useless NPCs we all know and love, and we normally don’t notice a few flaws that are in the game’s data. Eh, what cha gonna do?

Lesson 5 - As They All Say, Let’s Kick It Up!

“Bonjour, this is Restaurant le Crap.” William said into his PokéGear, pinching his nose, and making a parody of a Brooklyn accent.

We join the trainer and some other fishermen at Route 32, the whole group now seemed to be rather friendly with each other after a battle from one of the fishermen in the group. He received a call from Riyu just recently, whom William suspects of committing arson in Azalea Town. His only plan? Pretend he’s a French guy at some fancy restaurant, hoping that would buy him time to devise a better strategy.

“I’m sorry ma’am, but we are also booked indefinitely. You should’ve planned a reservation in advance, so you may enjoy our fresh Slowpoke Soup. Adieu.” he hung up and all the fishermen started to laugh.

“Oh man, dude! You got her good!” said one of them, with a red jacket.

“Hell yeah, he did! Stalker got what she deserved, right thurr!”

After a few high fives, claps, low fives, and chuckles, William went off from the long wooden pier, into the next half of Route 32.

“Who’s there?!” he yelledsuddenly, and did a double take. He could’ve sworn he heard a noise from behind him.

The fishermen just waved at him. He sighed, and thought. Hmm… If I read the manual correctly, trainers respond to eye contact as a means of battling. So, if I were to shield my eyes… William found another loophole in the odd logic that is of the Pokémon World.

First, he returned his two new members to him team, Kimba and Annetta, being a Shinx and Buizel respectively, into their poké balls, by using the gray button without needing to take the small objects off his belt. But, Berri laid beside his leg, trying to show him that she would do anything he tells her to.

“Fine. Berri, I need to do this one simple task:” William instructed, an odd plan already in the works, “I’m going to shield my eyes. You have to tell me which direction to go by using this code.” he gave Berri a small note, easy to look at and understand, for it was all in symbols. “If you cannot do it, you’re cow manure.”

Berri winced. The small silver Eevee did not like pressure. But, she remembered that her trainer, William, was counting on her, so she nodded, and started studying the note.

“Wow. In the immortal words of Lieutenant Mustang, ‘Dogs are truly man’s best servants! They obey their master’s commands without question! They don’t complain when they’re treated severely and they don’t need to be paid a salary!’” he started to laugh triumphantly, but paused, and simply thought in retrospect, Does this make me worse than a rapist? Well… As long as Berri doesn’t end up AS cow manure, don’t know I guess. He shrugged.

The plan was a simple idea. Berri would guide William as if he was a blind prophet. The first thing Berri had to do walk, and tap either William’s left or right foot, to guide him through the trainer-heavy area of the route.

“Oh look! A trainer! Darn, his eyes are closed.” said a young picnicker, watching the sight of William and his silver Eevee walking down the path.

It was mountainous, with various rocks on the road, but they persevered. William’s task was difficult, since he often wanted to remove his hands from his eyes. But, he knew the minute he removed them before town, he would be challenged to a battle.

Berri emitted a loud growl, noting that they made to their next destination, Violet City. William removed his hands, and saw the quaint town.

“Japanadelphia, much?” he chuckled, looking at the stereotypical Japanese town. The buildings and homes were colored in light lavender; he even saw both a large wooden tower, plus the gym, being an ancient site.

Berri jumped happily, overjoyed by her success. William sighed at her stupidity, and yawned to himself. Heh, I could grab something to eat, take a nap, and be ready to go off to New Bark City, he thought and chuckled to himself. He was about to press the gray button that would return his small Eevee into its Luxury Ball, but was rudely interrupted by…

“Hello! Winner you want to be?” said a chubby man, about middle age, and wore a matching blue suit and pants ensemble. After his small query, he made a twirl, and smiled.

“Uh… Kweh?” William answered, completely surprised by the spectacle. He was now hoping that he would not act like Bill from before, but this was entirely speak of the devil…

… For he was dragged into an Academy, known as the Pokémon Academy. It stood proud on its shining foundation, the heavy doors of pure bronzed steel showing its old age. Even the oak wood it was made from seemed to show some its longevity, despite however many polishes they had over the past years.

Either this is a Yu-Gi-Oh GX parody, or the guy that made this place is a total conceited, pompous little man, William thought to himself, annoyed that he seemed so vaguely important to people here. I mean, there HAS to be some other trainer who has some magic ‘destiny’ to be the best. All I want is well, nothing. Just to not be bothered, and explore places. Oy.

Berri was snug in William’s arms, tired and wanted something to eat already. She seemed sad that it was not at the potential her master seemed to wanted, but it would not let hunger stop her. She would fight hard, to please her master. Whatever demand he gave, she’ll follow to the bone! … What more could a trainer ask from a pokémon? she wondered, as she nodded to sleep.

The two were eventually led into a room filled with young children, obviously talking about learning more about pokémon. The caramel room had a bounty of books, filled in their respective shelves, toned in amber.

The Academy did have what William and Berri truly wanted, however. Food. Curry rice, steak, pork chops, sushi, it was an immense spread of divine cuisine.

William and Berri’s eyes lit up the minute they saw the food. Their mouths agape, drooling. They quickly ran towards the food, and were about to greedily eat the buffet, until…

“You like, yes?” the man said, which both William and Berri went into an “Uh…” look.

“My name? I say, yes. Earl, the name. Teacher of the Pokémon Academy, I am. Hungry you must be, yes?”

“Of course I’m hungry!” William yelled, which surprised everyone in the small building. He started to become timid, almost forgetting to at least try and be respectful to such an “important” person, and went on with, “Uh… Me and my pokémon are hungry, sir.”

“Yes! Knowledge, you want! Lesson in middle, we were! Sit down, sit down!”

William politely sat in an empty sit, with Berri on his lap, looking at the other trainers. She was surprised at the happy children, with their charming pokémon, such as a blue mouse and a violet rat.

“Now, class.” said a young woman in a green dress, holding a rod. It was clear that she was the teacher. “We’re going to discuss evolution today,”

The class erupted with a yell of “YEAH!”, but William was the only one silent. Even his Eevee was childishly in a joyous mood. What does this class have that my manual wouldn’t tell me, William thought, and yawned from his boredom.

“Oh look. This young man has the perfect example of a pokémon that could evolve. Can you please stand up?”

The teacher seemed to direct her question towards William, who now felt uncomfortable.

“Come on, stand up. It’s not like I’m going to beat you, yet.”

William got out of his seat, which was already a tough feat to deal with, because of the tight squeeze he was in. However, he simply crashed into the ground, earning him a few laughs from the children. He got up, dusted his black shirt, and walked all the way in front of the room, where the teacher was waiting for him

“You see, class, the pokémon this young man has is known as an Eevee. It has the ability to evolve into seven different forms. But from this child, I’m assuming he wants this form…”

The teacher rolled down a projector screen, and pressed a button on the wall with her rod.

The projector flashed on, and showed an Eevee, just like Berri, but it was brown. Surrounding the said Eevee were seven other pokémon, which William has yet to see.

“This one.” the teacher hit the dark pokémon with her rod, “Is the pokémon I am talking about. Umbreon.”

Many of the children were in awe of the pokémon. It had yellow rings on its black body, and had blood red eyes.

William was the complete opposite. “Wow. It’s ugly. Why would I even WANT to evolve somethin’ like that?”

The teacher nearly struck his right cheek. “You idiot! Good trainers WANT their pokémon to evolve! It’s a mark of their hard work!”

“Yeah, but this pokémon has hardly any talent at all. It’s pretty much worthless.”

The children gasped. They never knew there were people like William who had such a strong dislike towards Pokémon. They started to well up tears.


The buffet was literary everything William and Berri wanted. Even his other pokémon, Hiruma, Kimba, and Annetta, were enjoying being pampered by the various schoolchildren.

Potatoes, steak, pork chops, boneless baby back ribs, even turkey! The two quickly devoured most of the food, until they were interrupted by a teen, nearly his age.

“Heh! Some idiot with his shiny starter pokémon, just like in those fanfics I read! How many times have you boned with it?”

William looked at him, then at the barbeque rib he was holding in his hand, the sauce glimmering from its zesty flavor. He looked just once more, and started eating again. Berri was doing the same, except with mashed potatoes.

“I’m Kaiser, ‘kay? You, me, front of the schoolyard. Battle time, got it?” the teen said, and walked out the door.

William rudely burped, and said his excuses. He yawned, pressed the three Poké Balls buttons connected to their respective objects, returned Kimba, Annetta and Hiruma (“We still wanna play with them!” cried most of the class), and went off to wash his hands.

Berri hopped upon the counter, and went into the sink with William’s hands.

“… Am I really that bad a trainer to you, Berri?” he sighed, looking back at the day he received Berri. Only one day, and he’s already starting to feel bad for it.

The small fox shook its head, as it was playing in the sudsy water.

This only made William a lot more nervous. He thought of all the mean things he said at first, but eventually… He saw something that made him forget all of that. Berri was smiling. It wanted to become strong with William, he saw. He started to smile. “Berri, we’re gonna kick that guy’s ass, right?”

Berri nodded in excitement, knowing she can do anything as long as she follows William’s commands.

Why do I even care about that kid? Hell, he probably doesn’t know much about battling except spam x attack. William pondered a bit, while washing Berri’s body, … Maybe I should give up this little wangst act.


It was 7:00 PM. William’s battle with Kaiser was about to begin. The moon loomed over, with its pale white light gleaming over them. Sure, there were the lights from the buildings, yellow and eerie. Nevertheless, their battle was going to become something of legends.

“Nah! Go Totodile!” yelled Kaiser, as he threw his Poké Ball.

A small crocodile was revealed from the bright blue light of the ball. It was smiling rather sinisterly, with a chuckle that sounded like cackling.

“Berri, simply go by my plan, ‘kay? Make it look as convincing as you can.” William stated, as Berri nodded, and walked to the battlefield. “Or else, you’ll become a brassiere for a cheerleader.”

Berri smiled, and looked at her adversary. The Totodile stared at her with an intimidating look, but she was not affected. She blew a small kiss, and Totodile became flustered. It actually blushed.

It’s working, William thought. His secret plan seemed to be growing into fruition.

“Hmmph! Furry tricks aren’t gonna work! Totodile, Bubble!” Kaiser commanded, and Totodile shook its head. It was trying to remove any thoughts it had for Berri.

However, Berri was not going to give Totodile that chance. She simply strolled in front of it, and wafted her tail right in front of Totodile’s nose.

Totodile started to blush again, and could not concentrate on the battle. He wanted to get it on with precious Berri…

Much to Kaiser’s disappointment. “What?! Did I lose?!”

“’Course you did.” William said, and chuckled. Your pokémon technically cannot go on anymore. It’s completely overwhelmed by Berri’s cuteness. There’s more than one way to win the battle, don’t cha know?”

Berri smiled, and blew another kiss at Totodile, which it went completely head-over-heels in love for the silver fox.

Kaiser fell on the ground, stunned. He lost only because his pokémon fell in love. However! He thought of something. “Make me your apprentice!” he proclaimed.

“Kweh? I don’t do apprentices. Go see Yoda or something’.” he replied, while cleaning his right ear with his right pinky finger.

“DO IT!” Kaiser yelled, and dashed straight at William.

“Holy crap.” was all William managed to say before he and Berri had to dash off to the closest Pokémon Center in Violet City. What a way to end the night…

October 2nd, 2009, 2:00 PM
A'ight, here's Lesson 6, right off the pan!

Lesson 6 - Counterattack!!

William woke up with a yawn in the cream-colored Pokémon Center this morning. It was dawning.

“God dammit, why does my life have to make reference to popular culture these days?” he swore, and quickly got himself dressed. He also noticed this was the third day of appearing in this land. “I wonder if my parents even care I’m gone… Knowing my mom, she’ll have a big party, just because of it.” he sighed, and read one of the pages of his manual.

‘… Furries are bad.’ was all it had.

“Great. Not even my manual has good advice for once. Shoot.”


There William was. At the top of the Sprout Tower. The room was furnished in a rich oak, and had the scent of nostalgia. In front of our protagonist, is the Sage known as Li.

“… And that’s where babies come from.” he said, with a hint of wisdom.

“Uh… I just asked for an opinion on where to go, dude.” William said, now freaked out by the monk’s mannerisms.

“Then train in Sinnoh, you must,” the sage replied.

“Sinnoh? Is that another one of those regions with these crappy creatures called Pokémon?” he questioned, now ready to get up and leave.

“Of course.” the sage said, and clapped his hands.

A large brown bird pokémon flew down, and nearly swamped William with the shockwave of wind it caused. The bird quickly grabbed the back of William’s shirt, and took him up into the air.

“D-Damn it! What’s going on?!” he yelled, and struggled against the bird’s talons.

“Heh. Riyu, we have the boy,” the sage said into a mic on his shirt. He jumped onto the bird’s back, and together, they soared away from the Sprout Tower. “This is SO fabulous!” he muttered under his breath.

Elsewhere, Kaiser was kicking a small walk, while his hands rested in his turquoise and black puffy vest. He looked up in the sky, and saw a black object in the blue sky, like a plane. “Wow. Didn’t know jets flew through here.” he sighed, and looked at his Totodile’s Poké Ball. “Totodile’s lovesick, and I need a master to apprentice me…”

William kept struggling, as the large bird captured him. “What the hell do you want with me?!” he yelled, but to no avail, he received no answer. He looked at his surroundings. A lot of clouds, blurred from the speed of the bird’s flight. The buildings appeared as if they were from a Game Boy Color game that relied on overworld spriting to be played, like Fire Emblem.

After an hour of annoying, forceful capture, he saw a lighthouse. It was white, large, and reminded him of his original task. To simply explore the land, catching the creatures he hated called Pokémon.

“This is where I getting off!” he shouted triumphantly, as he slipped his left hand into the left side of his waist, and pressed one of the buttons of his Poké Balls. His Gligar, Hiruma, quickly appeared to the scene.

“Hiruma, punch that bird’s talons off me!” William instructed, and Hiruma saluted.

It flew straight at the bird’s legs, and without warning, the bird flinched. It let go of William’s raw black shirt, and he fell right into the water, but managed to float ashore.

The bird crashed into the land far from the beach, which William chuckled about. He managed to outsmart a monk.

“And they told me I’m not enlightened. Hah!”

His victory was cut short, as he was quickly struck in the stomach. His eyes only saw a bright red before he fainted.


When he woke, the first thing he noticed he was in a bed, judged from how he could “bounce” on whatever he was laying on. The room he was in was dark, so he could not obverse his own surroundings well.

He sighed, and walked out of the bed. After that, he checked his person. Nothing felt missing. He knew his backpack was missing, but did not really care. The only thing that was in it was… Nothing. Honestly, he can’t recall anything in his bag that’s actually valuable to him. He felt around the room, and found an exit. He carefully opened the door, and noticed the same woman from Azalea, Riyu, was right out in front. He back-stepped, and she smiled.

“So you finally awoke. I’m impressed that you haven’t tried to hit me yet.” she said.

“Yeah, I obviously knew someone was out the door.” William sarcastically replied, and started to walk off, but Riyu grabbed his shoulder.

“Where you think you’re going?”

“Simple. Figuring out where the hell I am.”

She tried to chop his neck, which William easily retaliated with a quick grab at her hand. “Yeah, I did NOT see that coming.” William said, annoyed. “God, will you just leave me alone? If you want to find someone who’s a threat, look for that Ash Ketchum kid. He does stuff.”

Riyu simply backed off, and gave William back his bag. “Don’t think of me as anyone special.” Her way of walking gave the message to William that she could easily **** with him at any time and any moment.

William really didn’t bother to care, and went off to explore wherever he was, which, he believed, was some form of a luxury cruise liner.

For one, the carpet was just too clean to just be any ol’ hotel or home’s hallway, especially judging how long the hallway William was in was. The flower design also seemed to be slightly too fancy for any one in a casual home to bother purchasing. He also noted the many doors in the hallway, easily showing that he was NOT in any house, or really, any small building.

When he walked out of the hallway, he saw that he was on the second floor of what he concluded was, a luxury liner. He looked at the many trainers, trading, battling, even discussing pokémon. He could not believe how many fancy denizens he saw down there, without there old stereotype of being snobs.

… Pokémon can actually do these things to people? He shrugged, as his mind went on to Riyu. What did I do to piss her off, anyway… He then giggled to himself. It’d actually be quite hilarious if she had a small crush on me.

He knew the chances of that were obviously low as hell, but still, the impossibility was that comedic to him… To the point where when a young girl tapped on his shoulder, he jumped and turned around in such a haste to find out who surprised him in such an erupt way.

“Oh yawn, what’s with you today, Wills?” said the girl, who appeared to be already familiar with William.

“… It’s been a long while, Karina.” William averted his gaze nervously, blushing slightly, “You’re still wearing that jacket my mom made for you, huh?”

The jacket William meant was the small pink one Karina wore, already zipped up on her black mini-dress. The jacket itself appeared to be as old as time, as if the girl worn since she ever even had it. Her ensemble also consisted of her pink boots and her pink fanny pack.

Karina waved her blue tuft of hair from her red eyes, “Why wouldn’t I still have it? It’s a present from you, isn’t it?”

“It’s just a little weird wearing something from like, nine years ago… And it’s not like it shrunk or anything, seriously.” William was quite surprised at how Karina was. He could still remember the spunky friend he had in school…

Karina flicked her long hair, tying it into a ponytail with a pink bandana that she slipped out from her small fanny pack, making sure to tie into cat ears, “You don’t like my immaturity anymore? You were the one who said that I was special for it.”

“Well…” William sat on the railing he was near, careful enough not to let himself slip off, “You’re about what, 15 now? Shouldn’t you be a little, you know…”

“Teenage? Snobbier? You know I can’t get along with other girls! They hate me for who I am!” Karina’s fiery self was a welcome return for William; He couldn’t remember a day when Karina would defend his innocence with that weapon of hers.

“It’s just that, Karina…” William got off the railing, and carefully poke Karina’s large chest, “It’s just that you’re older, and those things you have there are the problem…”

Erupting from her bag, came out one of what any bystander can see would be Karina’s proudest pokémon, a large bipedal bird, its wrists aflame.

William did not even need to check his PokéDex to learn what pokémon that was. It was a Blaziken, and one of his worse training partners.

As the Blaziken dashed for a quick kick at William, he grabbed the leg, and chucked the pokémon out of his way.

“You really need to control that Horus of yours, as well.” William remarked at Karina’s training, believing that, over the years, Karina would’ve made Horus get over its over-protective nature for Karina.

“It’s not my fault Horus is the only guy in existence other than you who’d talk to me.” Karina wipe a small tear from her eye, as she sent Horus back into his poké ball.

“Like I said, you should probably try acting your age.” William sighed, “You’re a very pretty girl, hell, I think all the guys you’re trying to talk to are just creaming their pants over the fantasy that YOU are talking to THEM!”

William remembered those times, when they graduated, where every “Hello!” Karina said meant for whomever she was talking to to babble like a complete simpleton. It was quite hilarious, considering how Karina was the only girl in school with lovely tan skin and ruby red eyes.

“But, that doesn’t explain why girls don’t like me.” Karina bit her pointer finger ever so playfully, going back into her child-like state.

“Again, you’re pretty. For all I can assume, those girls are jealous at how you look. You really shouldn’t sell yourself short.”

“I guess…” Karina then took one of William’s poké balls, and swapped it with one of hers. “And I also guess you could call that payment for helping me out with one of my problems.” She winked with a mischievous charm, as she hopped on to William’s back.

William quickly got her off his back, exclaiming, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

She giggled, looking at her friend’s expression, “Though you look like you’re trying to be a tough guy, you’re still the awesome kid I met when I was younger.”

“And you’ve… Grown. A lot.” William still couldn’t believe Karina’s development, to him, it’s as if Karina’s soul was took out of her body, and placed in the body of some other girl’s.

“Well, I guess I should go, hu- Oh! Wills, I didn’t know you had a PokéGear! We should totally register each other’s numbers!” Karina clapped her hands together, and quickly bent over to type in various numbers and buttons on William’s small PokéGear.

To any onlookers who were watching the to friends, all they can see was an odd teenager bending over to show her strawberry-lined bloomers, all of each of them could either disregard it as something that everyone sees around the streets, something sexy to stare at for the duration, or to say that the boy’s a perv, and the girl’s a complete *****.

When Karina was done registering William’s number in her own PokéGear, she flipped her hair over again, “So you really made a few girlfriends since we went our separate ways, huh?” Her tone made it sound that she believed her old friend became a rather sexy character.

“… Friends? Girl? Doth not compute.” William joked, snatching his arm away from Karina’s view, “There’s no way I hav-”

“Steph, Riyu~ Two names that do sound a tad girly.” Karina rolled her eyes, “Come on, William. It’s not like WE were ever dating or anything, I mean, if we were, I’d surely be a bit peeved, but really…” Karina held up her wrist, showing that the only numbers in her PokéGear were William’s and a person named “Erika”, “It’s not like any of these people in my li’l toy are my significant other or anything.”

“Well, I don’t want you to get the wrong idea or anything.” William nervously stepped back, “You seem to like over-speculating things.”

“Oish! ‘Course I do!” she gunned her arms, “You always believed anything I told you! Hell, I’d wouldn’t be surprised if you DID have a girlfriend by now, or even got laid!”

“… Where HAVE you been?”

His question, however, was interrupted by the P.A. system, which stated simply, “WE ARE NOW DOCKING IN TWINLEAF TOWN. THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING AIR WHATCHAMAHCALLIT.”

“… Sounds painful, for one…” William muttered, then he asked Karina, “What did he mean by ‘dock’?”

“Uh, duh?” Karina pet William’s shoulder, “This is an airship! Where in the world was your MIND when you got on this thing?”

October 9th, 2009, 2:08 PM
And here's Lesson 7!

Lesson 7 - A Crushing Truth…

After a certain chain of events, William has been led to a luxury airship, its destination that just happened to be for Sinnoh, a land for training and proving the greatest of fighters. During his small trip, he was re-acquainted with one of his old friends, the well-matured Karin-

“Woah! ‘Well-matured’?! I’m the same as I was five years ago!” Karina yelled, annoyed by my skills at narrating, “Sure, I may’ve grown taller, but that doesn’t mean I’m different or anythin’ ‘cause of it!”

“Karina, please don’t interrupt the narrator. New readers wouldn’t even know where the hell the story is without him, not to mention the note that you’re up against my body a bit too close for my comfort.” William remarked, his gaze still averted from Karina’s body. He was describing the manner Karina was to his own person, which appeared as if the two were extremely close lovers.

“Oh really?” Karina winked, her cheeks showing a slight tint of red. She had her whole body up against William, against his wishes, as she carefully motioned her finger around his back, feeling for a weak spot. “I thought we were friends, friends that used to do this whenever something good happened at school.”

“Well, uh… I, um…” William couldn’t speak correctly; every one of his thoughts were on Karina and her bombshell of a body. What the hell do I do?! This girl’s driving me nuts, and for what?! Doesn’t she know about how sexy she looks now?!

Not noticing William’s inner despair, Karina began to ask her question, with the same enthusiasm she exhibited since her youthful days, “Then answer my big question: What is it about me that’s making you feel so…” She then whispered into William’s ear, clutching his shirt tightly, “Un-Com-For-Ta-Ble?”

William felt of a stream of heat emitting from his body, as he moved out the way of Karina’s clutches, nearly making her trip, “You want… the truth? You can’t HANDLE the truth!”

“Can so!” Karina started to spin her arms, pumping them as if she were going to make a fiery jab, “Are you sure it’s just my beauty that’s gettin’ you in a knot, or is it just that you can’t believe one of your ol’ friends that you never made a hit on has went totally hot and you’re thinking to yourself,” she then tried to disguise her voice to be as deep as William’s, “’Oh Karina, we should’ve went out together!’ You’re like uber hot and super attractive now!’”

“I wouldn’t say that!” William didn’t realized while he was yelling, he was also blushing.

“Hehe, it’s still a laugh trying to get you hyped up! Sure, you’re all big ‘n tall now, but…” Karina then put her arms around William, making him feel uncomfortable again, “You’re still the same innocent boy that I had to try and protect you mean bullies.”

“… I could take care of myself, thank you.” … Does she really believe I’m still… Me? I was a lot more innocent and childish back then, wasn’t I?

Karina got off William, and placed her hands behind her back, “I just hope you’ll take care of whatever pokémon you catch.” Her smile always pepped William up, no matter what the situation was.

It’s just that now… He knew that the two of them were different. Sure, Karina is still the same perky and spunky girl that William always relied on in school, but… Look at her. Her eyes, her lips, her chest, her hands, her hips, her legs… She looked all too perfect.

As William’s thought weighed him down, the two trainers were heard something that drove them wild. A certain mocking phrase of words.

“What are you two, a couple of pervs? Why don’t you take your baby to the bed and do it already, fatass?”

Those words came from a pretty strange child, one who appeared to be a starting trainer. His pale skin was filled with freckles, as he scratched his brown hair.

Both William and Karina didn’t take that line so well. Both of their facial expressions became replaced with what one could say were demonic.

“Did he… Did he just call me a fatass perv?” William’s eyebrows were twitching at the fact that there’s actually a person who considers him in such a way.

“Baby?! Did he just call me a baby?! I’ll kill that motherfuc-!” William covered Karina’s mouth before she said some she’d probably regret, making her look up at her friend, trying to figure out why he’d do anything like that.

“Karina…” William moved his hand onto her right shoulder, while his inner thoughts went wild about her soft body. “… Yours is a drill that will pierce the heavens.”

“But William…” Karina asked, with her caramel right index finger in her mouth, “Should I believe in myself?”

“No Karina, don’t believe in yourself. Believe in me that believes in you!”

“What the hell are you guys on about?” The boy was curious as to why Karina and William were suddenly so calm, and started to back away from their creepiness.

“Who the HELL do you think we are?!” William exclaimed, his index finger pointed straight at the boy, “You don’t even have a name!”

“Yeah I do, it’s Jonny! Out of the boys here, there is NO ONE that can beat me!” the boy punched his chest, trying to prove his gutsy strength. Anyone with good eyesight could notice that his legs were shaking from the shock of the impact, though.

“Who the hell do you think we are?!” Karina quickly chucked one of the poké balls from her fanny pack, releasing out from its white beams a small pink cat with a coiled tail.

This alerted William’s PokéDex, which activated nearly in an instant after Jonny threw his poké ball, releasing out whatever pokémon it had.

Glameow, the Catty Pokémon. With its sharp glare, it puts foes in a mild hypnotic state. It is a very fickle Pokémon. It hides its spiteful tendency of hooking its claws into the nose of its Trainer if it isn't fed.

Pidgeotto, the Bird Pokémon. This Pokémon flies around, patrolling its large territory. If its living space is violated, it shows no mercy in thoroughly punishing the foe with its sharp claws. It flies over its wide territory in search of prey, downing it with its highly developed claws.

“Oh wow Karina, way to go. Catch a pokémon that is prouder than even that Maurice.” William’s sentiments were somewhat appropriate for this situation, considering that he knew Karina would forget to do simple tasks, with her innocent mentality.

“Wills, mah boi…” Karina muttered, “This claw is what all true warriors strive for.” Karina then gunned her fist, pointing it straight out at Jonny’s bird pokémon, exclaiming, “Tekirai, Scratch!”

Karina’s small Glameow leapt straight at Jonny’s pokémon, swiping at his bird with multiple claw strikes. The Pidgeotto tried to fight back by an attempt of blowing Tekirai back with a gust of wind, but how could it possibly move when it’s being scratched to death?

Before Jonny could even make a command, Karina continued her assault by commanding Tekirai to finish off her opponent with a Shadow Claw.

This was when William realized a flaw in Karina’s plan: He remembered, just a few days ago, that Shadow Ball went straight through Berri, on the account that Shadow Ball was a Ghost type move, and that Berri was a normal type pokémon, therefore, she would not be affected by the technique at all. William’s question was this: What the HELL can Karina be thinking, using a Ghost-type move on a Normal pokémon?

William even saw that Jonny caught on to this obvious trap, seeing how Jonny instructed Pidgeotto to not fret and let the attack hit it head on.

However… Karina really was throwing an obvious trap ON the trap, and Tekirai, in actuality, tossed Pidgeotto into the air with its coiled tail, while it proceeded to pummel the bird down with more clawing strikes.

“Now Tekirai, finish him off!” Karina’s control of the battle was a surprise to William, remembering the days how he had to help Karina cram facts upon facts of battling when they were kids.

As Tekirai delivered the final paw strike that made Jonny’s Pidgeotto faint, an old elderly person was laughing from the distance.

William, Karina, and Jonny all glanced over to the hallway, as they caught a glimpse of an old man, appearing to be around 60 years of age. This was evident from his large gray mustache, his large frame, and his intimidating demeanor.

“Hm-Hm!” he coughed, looking surprised at the battle. The large man put down his attaché briefcase, dusted his brown coat, and went on, “I’m surprised at you, young girl! It’s been a long while since I’ve seen a pokémon such as your Glameow! It battled hard, from what I‘ve seen.”

This struck a cord of joy in Karina’s heart, as she ran straight up at the man, asking questions about how she did in the battle, how could she could improve herself , and even how stylish her pokémon was in the battle.

Jonny seemed depressed over his loss, judging from the way he left the second floor of the ship, trudging away. William really did feel a little sad at Jonny, knowing that he lost to an odd girl like Karina. He even thought of helping Jonny cheer up, but…

“Wills, Prof. Rowan wants to see you.” Karina’s peppy voice surprised William, who was still in thinking about Jonny in a somber tone.

“So…” Prof. Rowan’s deep voice was completely different from Oak’s calm tone. William could see that he was talking to a much different professor than he assumed, “I believe this little girl’s one of your special friends, I assume? One that you taught about training pokémon and battling them?”

“Uh… Sure, let’s go with that.” William’s voice was less sarcastic this time around, as if the good professor knew how to soothe the wild child.

“Well, my boy, I was thinking that you could help me on a quest of mine. A simple task, really.” Prof. Rowan covered his already hidden mouth to cough, and then sighed.

“Can’t you just get her to do it?” William pointed to Karina, who seemed busy petting her Glameow’s head, “It’s not like she’s an idiot or anything.”

“Well…” Prof. Rowan noted Karina’s mannerisms, the most peculiar one he saw was the fact that she seemed more like a child than an actual teenager, “I believe she’s a few bolts loose of a full party.”


“She actually is dumb, and I find it strange what can you possibly see in her.” Prof. Rowan opened up his attaché case, giving William a poké ball, “Now I’m sure you don’t have a PokéDex, so…”

“Uh… I actually do.” William whipped out his black PokéDex, making Prof. Rowan feel a little silly trying to search his case for another one of those devices.

“Hm, so I see. I guess you won’t mind trying to see all the pokémon that is to see in the world, correct?”

“The hell? Of COURSE I mind!” William exclaimed.

“Really…? Why wouldn’t a boy like you want to see pokémon? There’s only about 500 of ‘em to try and see.”

“… If you know that, why do you need me to see them then?”

Rowan laughed, as he discovered a sandwich in his case, and took a bite from it. While he closed the case, he went on to say, “I just want to know if it’s possible for anyone to catalogue all the pokémon in the world, is all. My colleague just can NOT outdo me in such a contest like this.”

“Then get her to do it.” William pointed to Karina again, “She’s a reliable girl, you know.”

“As I said before, she’s dumb, and as her boyfriend, you should be able to…”

“She is NOT my girlfrien-”

“Ah, young love, and how you hopelessly deny your closeness. Everyone knows it’s an eventual thing that you two lovebirds will fall in love, and find a nice bench at the park to hang out at, and then the two of you would kiss, and finally, that will lead up t-”

“Sh-Shut up!” William’s cheeked blushed a slight pink, “Our relationship’s nothing like that!”

Rowan coughed, noting how he was getting ahead of himself, as he went on to say, “Alas, I do hope you realize… If you’re not her perfect one, I don’t see who else would want an idiot like her.”

This statement hit William like a rock. Of course he’s right… William thought. Other than Maurice, I don’t believe there’s anyone who actually fell in love with Karina, and is still infatuated by her dense air-headed self. Deep in William’s heart, it was almost as if Karina was his responsibility to protect…

“Well, I’ll be off. Remember, my boy, see every pokémon you can.” Prof. Rowan walked off, knowing that William was still in a daze from what he just said before.

William held the poké ball he was given tightly, feeling sad at the fact that he treated one of his closest friends in a way that no man would ever treat a good woman. … It’s almost like… It’s almost like I even care for Karina now…