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August 22nd, 2009, 9:36 PM
Pokemon: The Ultimate Journey

Rated: PG-13

Genres: Action - Adventure - Journey - Romance

Chapter One - Introduction

At four in the morning, most of the sleepy town of Perdone could be found asleep. Actually, a city wide curfew was in effect after the massive storm that struck just a few days ago. However, in a small house near the edge of town, one window shone bright with the rays of a lamp. A flickering light provided enough evidence that some form of television was being watched. Inside the room, a teenage boy scoured through multiple books, which overlapped each other on his desk. The boy’s name was Artemis, and he was approaching the day that many children dreamed about.

As customary in the country of Rovalda, a child was given the option of becoming a pokemon trainer at the age of fifteen. The age minimum had been debated to death, with arguments of lack of maturity from one side, and freedom to live from the other. On the dawn of one’s fifteenth birthday, the option to go to the state capitol and choose an available pokemon was granted. The choices are somewhat limited, as certain pokemon are generally only found on certain continents. Only the few that have braved the elements, and crossed into other continents displayed pokemon that very few had seen.

“This is the choice of a lifetime,” Artemis said aloud, despite the fact that he was alone. Being an only child, Artemis had grown accustomed to talking to himself in times of trial. “Whichever pokemon I choose will be the one to help me on my journey, and it will be my new best friend.”

Moments later, Artemis’ phone vibrated, and the familiar text message symbol appeared on the screen. Without looking, he already knew who it was. All that was left was to see what had been said.

“I think I have decided,” Artemis read to himself. “I’m going to leave it as a surprise, but I will tell you my choice may leave you on fire.”

“This is what I’m going to have to deal with all the time,” Artemis chuckled to himself. “Kyle is never one to pass up a lame joke.”

Kyle was Artemis’ closest friend, and certainly was as much of a pokemon lover. The two had decided three years ago that they would be going on their journey together, even though they both had similar goals.

“Obviously, Kyle is choosing a fire type,” Artemis pondered to himself. “I must be the last person who is undecided so close to decision time.”

With a loud sigh, Artemis resumed his studying. He had narrowed down his choices to either an electric type, or a water type, but even he didn’t know exactly which pokemon were going to be available. He remembered stories of friends who were dead set on a pokemon choice, only to get there and realize it wasn’t available. Most of them were already back home, never to venture out on their journey’s again.

“Poliwag has some powerful evolutions, but Shellder might be a good defensive start to my team,” Artemis painfully debated. “I’ve always sort of liked Electrike, but Shinx can grow into a real powerhouse.”

As his debate raged on, the Sun finally began to rise. Artemis was set to meet Kyle in 20 minutes, and he was still unsure of what his choice was going to be. He crossed out two more names on his list, and finally narrowed it down to his top three. Now all that was left was picking the order, and hoping that one of them was available.

A few minutes later, Artemis’ doorbell rang. Kyle waited outside, whistling the latest hit songs on the radio, with a bag packed. Artemis gripped his list in one hand and his bag in the other. He closed his eyes and took, what he hoped was, the last steps out of his home for a while. As he reached the downstairs, he picked up the note from his parents that he was expecting. They were too sad to see him go, and instead said their temporary farewells in writing. As Artemis placed the note back on the table, something flashed in his mind.

“I’ve got it,” Artemis exclaimed as he grabbed the door knob and greeted his friend.