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A Pixy
August 27th, 2009, 5:59 PM
To anyone who thought this was about Heart Gold and Soul Silver, too bad!


Oh, you got me heart and soul

I wrote you a love song to let you know

That I want to be with you till’ the end of time

Even when the sparkle fades

The doubts invade our once trusting minds

Promise you that I will stay

We’ll find a way

To look through the cloudy skies

We built a castle of sand

And now, we’re watching it wash away

It doesn’t have to end

We’ll start again, but this time ‘round

We’ll build a stronger love

Oh, you got me heart and soul

I just want to hold you and not let go

You know that I’ll be with you till’ the end of time

Oh, you got me heart and soul

That’s what Misty finally decided to do after Ash came home from his Sinnoh Journey. She had to let all those pent up feelings go somehow so she got a computer and wrote her feelings in a song. Now comes the difficult part. Does she send it to him? It seemed like it was taking longer to decide this than it was to write the song until she finally decided. If she sends it to him, then that burden that's been on her shoulder, practically since she met him will be gone. But on the other hand, it might break their friendship if she does,” I need something to drink.” She decided

Misty got up, stretched a little and started walking away. And went to her kitchen to grab herself a Peppy Cola (what, you don’t like iCarly?). A minute or so later, she came back to her predicament. She opened the can and well, it kinda sprayed all over her face. She was silent for a moment,” Peachy.” She uttered sarcastically. And that’s when the Spinarak jumped from Misty’s open window and on to her cola-coated face,” BUUUUUUUUUUUUG!!” She shrieked before panicking, trying to get the bug Pokemon off of her face.

And when she did manage to get it off her face she accidentally threw it at her keyboard, causing it to fall before the Spinarak crawled out of the window, back into the wild. Misty wiped all the remaining Peppy Cola and Spinarak web off of her face before checking on her keyboard. Luckily all the keys were intact so she placed it back on her desk and continued her deep thought about whether to send the song to Ash. Little did she know, fate already picked for her.

Misty sat back on her desk to see something that would be worthy of a fanfic,” E-Mail sent?”


The song is actually "You've Got Me", it's the third One Piece Ending