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August 29th, 2009, 8:44 AM

The story starts off with two sixteen year old boys and one fourteen year old girl from Littleroot Town, named Cody, Quadem, and Cierra. Cody has messy blond hair and blue eyes, and has a small scar on his left eye brow. He wears a long jade grean coat that goes to his knees, which is usually unbuttoned, a white shirt underneath it, and brown pants. He also wears black boots, black gloves, and a golden Sharpedo tooth necklace that belonged to his father who died when Cody was born. His pokemon are Electrike, Grovyle, Numel, Golduck, Flygon, and Shuppet.

Quadem has buzzed black hair, silver eyes, and dark skin. He wears a black belly cut vest, a fishnet shirt under it, and tan shorts. He wears black fingerless gloves, glasses, and black skate shoes. He had a gold loop ear ring on his left ear, and his pokemon are Blaziken, Breloom, Huntail, Magnemite, Salamence, and Ninjask.

Cierra has long dark brown hair and emerald eyes. She wore a pink belly tank top and dark blue skinny jeans. She wore black sandals and an emerald necklace, given to her by Cody. She also wore a pink and orange striped bandana on her head. And her pokemon include Marshtomp, Delcatty, Gorebyss, Pikachu, Tropius, and Beautifly.

These three trainers have been through every thing together. Now soon there going to face there toughest challege yet. Let's just hope they can get through it all.

Ok for those of you who don't understand how I work with my stories. I don't post the next part until I get at least two comments on this. I'll post Chapter 1 but only because its an actual chapter.

August 29th, 2009, 11:22 AM
Chapter 1

Sandstorm Strategic

“Ok, Cody, you ready?” Quadem asked, grabbing a hold of his pokeball.

“Ready when you are!” Cody replied, with a large smirk on his face.

“Alright, lets go!” Quadem exclaimed, throwing his pokeball in the air. “Blaziken, you’re up!”

“Flygon, you’re in charge!” Cody said, releasing his pokemon.

Both pokemon came out of there pokeballs ready to battle. Cody gave the first command, “Flygon, start things off with Steel Wing!” Flygon flew into to air and charged straight for Blaziken as its wings glowed white. Blaziken dodged under its trainers command, jumping high into the air. While Flygon turned around and headed straight for Blaziken with a powerful Aerial Ace. The Aerial Ace hit knocking Blaziken into the ground, unfortunately for Flygon, Blaziken landed it.

“Blaziken, Flamethrower!” Quadem commanded. Blaziken sent a blast a flames straight for Flygon, hitting Flygon directly. Flygon was pushed back a little, but was still in the air. Under Cody’s command, Flygon shot a powerful Dragon Breath at Blaziken, which the fire pokemon easily dodged. Blaziken headed straight for Flygon with Blaze Kick. Flygon dodged it and hit Blaziken with a strong Steel Wing.

“Ok, Flygon!” Cody yelled, smirking, “Sandstorm!”

Flygon did exactly what Cody wanted her to do, she sent a power shockwave of wind towards the ground. Flygon controlled the dust and sand from the shockwave hitting the ground by flying around it and created a large dome of sand around the area, trapping Blaziken in it. Blaziken had to keep his eyes closed tight, otherwise he’d be blinded by sand. Flygon easily flew into the sandstorm, her eyes being protected by the google-like substance around her eyes.

“Good, now hit Blaziken with back-to-back Dragon Breaths!” Cody commanded. Flygon kepting striking the blinded fire type, with powerful Dragon Breath attacks. This was the battle strategy Cody had been working on with Flygon for a few days now. It was one of Cody’s best strategies, and it worked perfectly.

“Ok Flygon! Let’s end this with Aerial Ace! And stop the sandstorm while your at it!” Cody commanded. Flygon did just that, she went in and charged into Blaziken from behind and stopped the Sandstorm once the Aerial Ace hit. Blaziken skidded across the ground and was knocked out.

“Blaziken is unable to battle! Flygon wins!” Cierra stated as the referee.

“You did well Blaziken,” Quadem said, returning his pokemon to his pokeball, “Now take a nice rest.”

“Flygon you were awesome out there!” Cody complimented, “Now we can use that strategy against Norman’s Slaking!”

“Fly Flygon!” Flygon cried.

Wow, Cody really is getting strong, Cierra thought, But he still doesn’t have what it takes to beat the Pokemon League Champion. At least…I think he doesn’t.

“Cody’s training skill have improved a lot,” Quadem said to Cierra, “Am I right, Cierra?”

“Yeah, I guess your right,” Cierra replied watching Cody train his Electrike and Grovyle, “But if he thinks he can beat the Pokemon League Champion, he’s still over is head.”

“Maybe,” Quadem stated, “But from what I can see, he might not be able to win right now. But I believe, in time, he could become powerful enough.”

“Your crazy,” Cierra quickly replied, when she believed the same thing, “There’s no way he can. I’ll admit he his strong, but Steven can easily find a way around that Sandstorm strategy.”

“You’re lying,” Quadem stated while turning around and walking off the go gather food, he knew when she was lying about something, “Sure, you’re right about Steven getting past that Sandstorm. But you do believe Cody will be able to beat him. I’m going to go and gather food for lunch, so I’ll be back in ten minutes.”

Cierra looked at Cody as he with trained Grovyle and Electrike. She saw Grovyle using Leaf Blade as a defense against Electrike’s Charge Beam by spinning around like a ballerina with Quick Attack’s speed. Cierra has had a crush on Cody ever since he saved her life. Cody saved her life from a group of group of angry Seviper, which is how he got the scar his eyebrow, from Seviper’s Poison Tail. He could’ve been dead from the poison if Quadem didn’t heal him, with his medical kit.

Cierra never forgot that moment, and though she didn’t show it, she was more thankful that Cody saved her. She almost felt bad for herself, due to her being so hard on him. She remembered the exact words that came out of Cody’s mouth when she ask what he was doing when he popped up to save her. Those words were, “I’m here because I’m not going to let you get killed…I don’t care how bad you treat me sometimes. You’re my friend… and I’ll put my life on the line to save you…even if it costs me my life. And that’s the number one promise I’ll make to you .”

Why? Cierra thought to herself, Why is it so hard to tell him how I feel?

“Delcat del?” Cierra’s Delcatty said, rubbing up against her trainer.
“Don’t worry, I’m fine Delcatty,” Cierra said, scratching her pokemon’s head.

“Cierra, Cody!” Quadem called out, returning from getting food, “Lunch’ll be ready soon! So can you two set up table and give the pokemon there food for me?!”

“Sure, Quadem!” Cody said, just finishing training with Shuppet and Numel, “Ok Golduck, Flygon, I’ll start training with you two after we eat ok!”
Ok sorry if it's a little long, but I just don't like people complaining about short chapters. Anyways I hope you enjoyed this Chapter! ^_^

August 29th, 2009, 12:48 PM
Well, heres comment one:
I like the story, but I think that the chapters actually need to be longer, as its shorter than you may think.

September 1st, 2009, 4:00 PM
seriously? XD it seemed bigger on microsoft word