View Full Version : Can some people help me? (MANGA ARTISTS NEEDED)

Danielle The Great
August 30th, 2009, 4:10 AM
So, a little while ago, my after school class (Manga drawing) was accepted. Well, my dad gave my a wonderful and glorious suggestion.
I'd like to use some drawings for a slideshow to show to my class.
If you reply on this topic, saying you want me to use your manga drawings for the slideshow, I will add 4 of your best pictures to the slideshow, and yes with your username for the credit.
I'd really appreciate if you let me use your manga drawings. I won't claim credit for them, and I won't say I did them.
I don't care what category it falls in; Fan art, original art, single panel comics, single page comics, fan characters, etc. I don't mind.
I also don't care whether it's digital art or traditional art. As long as it's all manga, I'm fine.

If you want me to use 1-3 certain (well done, manga) drawings, I will use them, and pick the one(s) you can't choose.
If you pick 4 manga drawings you want me to use, I will use all of them and I won't pick any. Just send me a link to the drawings! Please!
Also, if you want me to pick all the 4 drawings, that's fine with me too.
Another thing. I don't care whether it's chibi or not, any manga picture will be fine.

No adult content, swearing, blood/gore or any of that please. My class is for grades 2-4 and I don't want to scar them for life.

Thanks for your time, and please help me out, because this is really important,
~Danielle The Great
I need your art by September 9th. That's when school starts, and my class starts on the Monday after school starts for me.

PS: If there's another place in this forum where this should go, please move it, and sorry if I put it in the wrong section. ^^;

August 30th, 2009, 5:11 AM
This isn't the right section for this sort of thing, and besides, why don't you just get some actual manga to show them?

But yeah, I don't think this has any place on PC.