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August 31st, 2009, 11:34 AM
Instead of the usual rhyming type poetry, I decided to use Haiku style. For those who don't know how Haiku structure works, look it up in Wikipedia. Now this tale is about a beautiful Milotic, who lived in the waters, and a Tyranitar, who lived upon land. During this time, there is a harsh rivalry between the land Pokémon and the water Pokémon. There's more but, I don't want to spoil anything; you'll have to read it yourself to find out.
Once I have completed the story, you'll find out that this reminds you of something familiar.
Until then, enjoy.

Tyranitar and Milotic
Written by: TJgamer

{Chapter 1: Introduction}

Back in an old time,
Pokémon have lived in peace,
Unity and love.

It was beautiful,
Harmonious, calm, special,
Over all, the best.

Yet this cannot last,
For one particular time,
Earth and sea had scorn.

Upon land and sea,
Pokémon had rivalry,
Between eachother.

How did it begin?
I'm afraid I can't explain,
The story is long.

Our true story starts,
With a pretty Milotic,
Who lived in the deep.

She was quite charming,
Her beauty beyond compare,
Her colors blinding.

Her mother was kind,
She cared much for her daughter,
Keeping her happy.

Her father was tough,
Noble-hearted and gallant,
Watchful over her.

Over the long years,
Milotic grew up in peace,
And tranquility.

But peace did not last,
The war between land and sea,
Soon came upon them.

Her father watched her,
Day after day for her sake,
For her own safety.

And in addition,
He forbid her to go up,
Up to the surface.

For earth Pokémon,
Might see her and attack her,

But she was discrete,
She wanted to see the sky,
She wanted freedom.

How could she do it?
She did not know what to do,
To have this war end.

Meanwhile, upon land,
There lived a Tyranitar,
Who lived with his dad.

The Tyranitar,
Handsome, strong, and diligent.
Overall: caring.

But he had a dad,
Who was very obnoxious,
Boastful, and burly.

Throughout his lifetime,
His dad told him eerie tales,
About the seashore.

He says there're monsters,
Living within the waters,
Fierce, vicious, savage.

So for all his life,
Tyranitar was afraid,
To go near the sea.

But deep within him,
He had the urge to go see,
What the sea was like.

These two downcast souls,
Tyranitar, Milotic,
Both sought great freedom.

Now I'd really appreciate it if you don't claim that this story is too boring.....it's not. There's more, and it'll get much more exciting later on. Believe me, it will.

August 31st, 2009, 12:13 PM
These two downcast souls,
Tyranitar, Milotic,
both seeked? great freedom.

to keep her quite safe. "Quite" should be refrained from using but is mediocre in some cases such as this one. Perhaps very safe or by his side, something like that.

But she was stubborn,

stubborn: unreasonably obstinate; obstinately unmoving

That means they are against the opinion in this case would be her father's disliking of her going up.

I suggest 'stubborn' be replaced with something different. Perhaps like "she had different thoughs" or something. Just replace stubborn somehow.

Ok. I like the topic that you've written on - two souls that are very different that are forbidden by their parents to do what they want to do - Sounds like a Romeo and Juliet story, which I like. :)

Overall the topic and the way you're putting things is excellent. Its just a change of words and grammar and your story will be perfect (well not perfect, nothing's ever perfect, lol.)

Great story, and I can't wait to read Chapter 2.

August 31st, 2009, 10:08 PM
I fixed up the grammar you mentioned. Thanks.
And you're exactly right, this story will remind you of Shakespeares' famous Romeo and Juliet.
Chapter 2 will be done soon.

September 5th, 2009, 12:39 PM
Here's the next chapter. It's a bit shorter than my previous one, but it's still good. In this chapter, Milotic tries to think of a way to see the land above without her father's notice. While Tyranitar wants to see for himself the vile creatures of the waters. Enjoy.

{Chapter 2: The Plans}

"How troubled I am."
Milotic said in her thoughts,
"I have no free will."

She was determined,
To go see the world above,
She started thinking.

It seemed impossible,
Her father watched her all day,
He was very strict.

"I must find a way,
Without my parents knowing,
Sneak away upwards."

Over one nightfall,
She came up with an idea,
To escape the sea.

Within the same day,
Tyranitar was thinking,
About his dad's tales.

"Are they really true?"
"Are there really beasts within?"
Tyrantiar thought.

He wanted to view,
The waters and the dry sand,
To breathe ocean air.

He wanted to prove,
If his father was correct,
About the fierce beasts.

"I have an idea,
Maybe I could go away,
While Dad's occupied.

But it was risky,
If his dad caught him leaving,
Who knows what he'll do.

"I must find somehow,
A way to keep Dad busy,
Until I return."

An idea struck him,
Marowak, his old time friend,
He could help him out.

I shall continue with this story until its end. I really hope you'll enjoy the rest.

September 15th, 2009, 4:36 PM
The third chapter in my poetic story. Don't worry, the romantic scene which you are probably thinking about is coming soon. ;)

{Chapter 3: Schemes in motion}

Milotic prepared,
To get her plan in action,
To see the dry land.

She grabbed her flower,
Her very special flower,
And hid it from sight.

She packed some supplies,
In case anything goes wrong,
Or if there's danger.

She gathered some fruit,
And packed her mystic water,
Which her mother gave.

After she was packed,
She searched the coral reef,
To find her father.

She found him talking,
With other sea Pokémon,
About a treaty.

For a long, long time,
The water Pokémon tried,
To end the foul feud.

But each time they try,
They lose confidence and faith,
And they don't bother.

"Father, may I ask,
If maybe you could help me,
Search for my flower?"

"It's my favorite.
I wear it every midday.
So could you, father?"

Her father pondered,
The feud's end was important,
He was nearly done.

But his own daughter,
Was always more important.
"Of course." He answered.

"Excuse my leaving."
He explained to the others.
"My daughter needs help."

They searched through the reef,
Where Milotic says it's lost,
No flower was found.

"It would be better,
If we were to both split up,"
Proposed Milotic.

Again he pondered,
He wasn't sure to trust her,
But she was honest.

"Alright, search southwest,
And I'll look in the northeast,
Be sure to return."

"Also remember,
Don't go up to the surface,
And try to be safe."

"I will." She answered.
But she felt rather nervous,
About her lying.

She has never lied,
Not straight in her father's face,
But she knew she must.

So they both parted,
And she hid from her father,
And swam far from sight.

Meanwhile, upon land,
Tyranitar found his friend,
Loyal Marowak.

"I need a favor,"
Tyranitar spoke to him,
"And I must trust you."

"What is your favor?"
Asked curious Marowak,
"I'll try very hard."

"Go find my father,
And try to keep him busy,
While I go travel."

But Marowak asked,
"But where will you be going?
Not somewhere awful?"

"No, I'm sure it's safe.
You must help me with this task."
Said Tyranitar.

"Well...alright, I'll help.
But please be careful out there."
Implored Marowak.

"I will be careful,
And if chance I don't return,
I want to say this."

"Please don't tell Father,
About how I disappeared,
He'd be heartbroken."

Marowak was scared,
"I'll try to keep that promise,
So long, my best friend."

"Farewell, Marowak,
I hope I'll see you again."
Right then, they parted.

Please tell me what you think so far. Also let me know if there are any errors or poor writing.

September 23rd, 2009, 9:03 PM
My next part is here, Sorry for the delay,
I had a very busy week I must say.

{Chapter 4: Out in the world}

Marowak parted,
Towards Tyranitar's house,
To fulfill his pledge.

And then he saw him,
Tyranitar's own father,
He was big and strong.

He was hard at work,
Smithing different items,
That were used in duels.

Facing his own fear,
Marowak walked up to him,
And began to speak.

"Pardon me, mister,
...Is it okay if we chat?
I am...feeling bored."

The father replied,
"Of course, I would love to talk.
I'd love company."

While all this happened,
Tyranitar traveled north,
Towards the seashore.

He treaded steep hills,
He trampled through thick forests,
Until he made it.

Through the thick bushes,
He could see the blue ocean,
It was beautiful!

But he was nervous,
So he crept very slowly,
Out onto the sand.

He looked all around,
But he didn't see monsters,
Nor any creature.

But before he left,
He noticed something out there,
Peeking out the blue.

He couldn't quite tell,
But he could see a living being,
A sea Pokémon.

As it ascended,
Tyranitar took caution,
In case it's a foe.

But to his surprise,
It didn't look ferocious,
But magnificent.

Its hair was gorgeous,
Its eyes glowed red in the sun,
Its skin shined brightly.

From a far distance,
He spied on its behavior,
For it saw him not.

It swam gracefully,
As it surveyed the water,
And breathed the fresh air.

But then suddenly,
It swam in his direction,
Closer and closer.

Tyranitar hid,
Behind a large, stone boulder,
Just when it arrived.

To his amazement,
He saw it's a Milotic,
Pretty as can be.

His heart pumped quicker,
Both in fear and in passion,
He must say something.

This Haiku stuff is hard,
Tedious it might get,
But don't you worry,
I will finish this story, you bet.

September 23rd, 2009, 9:51 PM
I think it is a beautiful poem! Great Work, and I will hope to read more of your poems in the future.

September 28th, 2009, 6:07 PM
Show me your opinion,
What's on your mind?
Give me a suggestion,
Maybe a good ending I'll find.

October 5th, 2009, 6:19 PM
{Chapter 5: They Meet}

"...Hello, fair maiden."
His greeting had her startled,
"Eek!" Milotic screamed.

Before you know it,
She dived back in the water,
Right out of his sight.

"Young maiden." called he,
"I didn't mean to scare you,
Could you please come back."

Why was he calling?
He thought he should have been scared,
Yet she was gorgeous.

He stayed and waited,
But nothing ever came out,
So he turned to leave.

But before he left,
He saw a head peeking out,
Just above the sea.

Instead of speaking,
Tyranitar approached slow,
So he won't scare her.

She started to rise,
Hoping that it would be safe,
To approach the shore.

He was very big,
Had a handsome appearance,
And had burly strength.

Through Tyranitar,
She was gorgeous, beautiful,
Her red eyes shone bright.

Her slender body,
And her shiny scales,
Had him attracted.

"Are you good or mean?"
Milotic inquired,
"Answer me at once!"

"...Why would I be mean?
What makes you think of such things?"
Tyranitar asked.

Milotic was shocked,
The first thing she'd think to see,
Was him being nasty.

Milotic answered,
"Father told me about it,
That we were at war."

They were both confused,
Until Tyranitar said,
"I'm, how you say, nice."

Within the minute,
He was no longer afraid,
Of the Milotic.

In her point of view,
She was feeling more relieved,
In fact, spirited.

But she wasn't sure,
If he was just tricking her,
Into a keen trap.

"Are you against us?
Do you hate sea Pokémon?"
Milotic asked him.

"Absolutely not.
For I have never met one."
He replied to her.

"And for my first one,
I meet one of great beauty."
He continued on.

"...You think I'm pretty?"
Milotic smiled as she blushed,
He was courteous.

"Of course, Milotic,
Your grace stuns me with passion."
Said Tyranitar.

"Thank you so kindly.
You are quite handsome yourself."
She commented him.

"Oh, that reminds me,
Are there other Pokémon here?
Those that are peaceful?"

"I'm not quite so sure.
I don't get to go out much."
Told Tyranitar.

"I mostly spend time,
With my dad and Marowak.
They're both very kind."

"Come and meet with them.
I'm sure they'll love to see you."
Bid Tyranitar.

"That'd be wonderful."
But then she noticed the sun,
It started to set.

"I'm afraid I can't.
You see, I must go home soon.
Milotic explained.

"My father worries,
If my father caught me here,
He will punish me."

"We must meet again.
When will you return up here?"
Tyranitar asked.

"I don't know." She said.
"Possibly never again.
But do not worry."

"I won't forget you.
You were the first I have met,
Outside the waters."

"Farewell, Milotic,
I shan't forget you either."
Tyranitar said.

With one final glimpse,
Milotic turned and dived,
Back into the blue.

Missing her so much,
Tyranitar turned and left,
Heading for his home.

Both of them desired,
To meet eachother again,
Perhaps forever.

This was the first time,
That they have experienced,
Noble and true love.

How penetrating love can be,
It is a great way to be free.

Ray Maverick
October 23rd, 2009, 4:10 AM
Its like a love story! I'm wondering why people didn't post here..

October 23rd, 2009, 5:31 PM
your poem is very creative. The Haikus must take you a while to write. and your responses and comments come in poems too. The couplets are really great I'm trying to write some to share on PC. Oh by the way, I think it's funny that a tyranitar is scared, in my mind they are fearless since they are so strong and feared. keep up the good work!

October 23rd, 2009, 5:50 PM
de javu! haven't i seen this before on another sight?
well, i really like it. it's starting to soudn liek "Romeo and Juliet" though, but that's cool!^^

October 29th, 2009, 7:49 PM
Yes, it is rather hard to think of the right words for my poetry. And also I believe I have said that this story is based off Romeo and Juliet before.

Thanks for the comments.

I apologize for the long delay. Life has been most busy this month. I hope you understand.

{Chapter 6: Returning home)

On his way back home,
Marowak ran up to him,
As if in worry.

"Thank goodness, you're fine.
You're father was worrying."
Marowak explained.

"I'm very sorry,
I didn't notice the time."
Apologized he.

"Tell me everything,
What was it like? The waters."
He asked eagerly.

"Very beautiful.
More than I have ever seen,
In my life." He said.

"Wasn't there creatures,
Bizarre and frightening ones?"
He once more asked him.

There was short silence,
He didn't know what to say,
Without causing grief.

"...I did meet someone."
Tyranitar responded.
"And she was gorgeous."

Marowak was shocked.
"That's amazing! Who is it?"
Wondered Marowak.

"I'm sorry, I can't say.
You wouldn't understand why."
He quickly answered.

"What are you meaning?
You are old enough to mate,
What's strange about it?"

He again pondered,
For Marowak did not know,
That she's from the sea.

"You don't understand,
It's not the mating that's strange,
It is who she is."

"You can tell me, right?
I would much love to meet her."
Marowak replied.

"Now is not the time,
Now excuse me, I must leave."
He then set for home.

Back in the deep blue,
Milotic just returned home,
Where Mother waited.

"Milotic, you're home.
I was starting to worry."
She said with relief.

"Where on earth were you?
I was afraid you were hurt."
She asked worryingly.

"I'm sorry, Mother,
...I got lost within the reef."
She falsely told her.

Have you ever felt,
That you had to continue,
Telling false stories?

If you never have,
Then you cannot imagine,
How Milotic felt.

"Where's Father?" She asked.
"He is out looking for you.
He should return soon."

"Get ready for bed.
I'll tell your father you're safe."
Ordered her mother.

Not saying a word,
She swam into her bedroom,
And prepared for bed.

As she slept that night,
She thought of Tyranitar.
Handsome, big and strong.

A kind attitude,
Had no evil intentions,
Nor traces of war.

But how could they meet?
An idea then struck her head:
A secret message.

She got out of bed,
Grabbed her writing utensil,
And a thin, flat rock.

If you are wondering what utensil she is using, it's a thin piece of colored coral that water can't wash off. ;)

October 31st, 2009, 11:36 PM
I can't wait for the next installment
According to R and J it's the scene that brings lament....

....I think, I don't remember how the story goes.

November 17th, 2009, 1:17 AM
I'm partaking in a roleplay, so I tend to be a little slow in my writings. Also I am careful to use the right words within.

{Chapter 7: A Future Engagement}

In the next morning,
Tyranitar was awake,
Along with his dad.

What happened last night,
Was that he never noticed,
His son's long delay.

Marowak spent time,
Helping him with his smithing,
To buy some more time.

He closed up his shop,
Just after Tyranitar,
Returned to his home.

Now in the present,
His father just opened his shop,
And set up his wares.

His son watched in thought.
He tried thinking of way,
To bring word to her.

If he could do so,
They could make an arrangement,
To meet each other.

"A signal?" He thought,
"Something that will let her know,
That I will be there."

But there's first things first.
He has to get there somehow,
Without suspicion.

He started to think,
While he was helping his dad,
Open up his shop.

But this very thing,
Gave him another idea,
To leave for some time.

"Excuse me, Father.
But I left some of the tools,
At Marowak's house."

"Then go retrieve them."
Tyranitar's dad replied.
"But don't be too long."

He then did just so.
But if he was to be gone,
He thought ahead first.

At Marowak's home,
He told him about his plot.
Marowak was shocked.

"You can't leave again.
Your dad will get suspicious."
Marowak replied.

"I know that." He said.
"But I won't be gone for long.
I know where to go."

"So I ask of you,
Please don't mention my absence,
I will return soon."

Before he could speak,
Tyranitar left his friend,
In slight confusion.

Since he knew the way,
It did not take very long,
For him to get there.

He looked all around,
And saw a few Barboaches,
And a few Wingulls.

But nothing hostile,
Nor anything beautiful,
(If you catch my drift).

But among the rocks,
Something else was in his sight,
A flat, shiny rock.

He walked up to it,
And saw that there was writing,
Upon its surface.

In writing, it said,
"Please meet me here at night, late,
When no one is up."

Was this Milotic?
Or someone else's writing?
He'd have to risk it.

So he buried it,
So that no one else finds it,
And traveled back home.

Luckily for him,
No one noticed his absence.
Except Marowak.

"Thank goodness you're back."
Marowak said, "Don't worry,
I have told no one."

"Thank you, Marowak."
Responded Tyranitar.
"I owe you my debt."

Throughout the whole day,
Tyranitar kept in thought,
The future meeting.

Don't think I'm being too lazy. Writing Haiku can be tricky.

November 19th, 2009, 11:12 PM
This part was shorter than the rest but I don't blame you. Haikus take a long time to write even if you have lots of spare time.

December 15th, 2009, 10:08 PM
Have you ever tried to bite off more than you can chew? If you have, you're definitely not alone.

{Chapter 8: Reuniting in Twilight}

Evening was near,
And Milotic was hoping,
That he got her message.

For if he didn't,
Who knows when she will see him.
He was very nice.

And then she waited,
Until they were all in bed,
Then likewise herself.

Once everyone dozed off,
She sneaked right out of her bed,
Making not one sound.

Soon she reached outside,
And then she shot straight upwards,
Closer to the top.

Before emerging,
She peeked around the darkness,
For nightly creatures.

Not one was in sight,
So it was safe to come out,
And wait for her "friend".

She tried to recall,
The landscape where they last met,
Yet made her best guess.

From what she had thought,
There was an extra large tree,
Next to a rock pile.

Again, she waited,
Until Tyranitar came,
That is, if he does.

To stay occupied,
Milotic drew an image,
Upon the dry sand.

She visualized hard,
Of Tyranitar's image,
And copied it down.

The head was splendid,
Though the front a bit too broad,
It was to admire.

Over an hour,
And still no notice of him,
And she was tired.

Then, the leaves rustled,
Footsteps quietly thumping,
Her heart pounded hard.

She watched motionless,
Prepared for a sudden move,
The creature appeared.

Milotic's heart leaped,
Not for fear, but of great joy,
It's Tyranitar!

He looked just the same,
As when she first laid her eyes,
Upon his bold face.

"Oh, Tyranitar!"
She cried, "You found my message,
There, clutched in your hands."

True, he had it held,
The message she wrote last eve,
And left upon shore.

"I hoped it was yours,
And now we are here again."
He replied, smiling.

He continued on,
"When I first laid eyes on you,
I thought many words."

"Words of description,
Of your glamorous beauty,
And made a poem."

"May I recite it?"
Tyranitar asked gently,
"My voice cannot wait."

"I'd love to listen.
My ears can't wait." She answered,
"You may take your time."

He then commenced thought,
To remember ev'ry word,
Of his poetry.

But looking at her,
Refreshed his mind completely,
And then he began.

Unless you have a lot of spare time, do not attempt to do what I just mentioned before. Try if you want, just be careful. :cer_blankstare:

December 24th, 2009, 3:05 PM
{Chapter 9: Tyranitar's Poetry}

After a brief thought,
After clearing up his throat,
He then spoke with grace.

"The moonlight is bright,
Brightening up the dark land,
It appealed my sight.

I glanced at the sea,
And I saw two red gemstones,
Such shining beauty.

But when the lights rose,
I saw something more precious,
It cleared all my woes.

She was aquatic,
She had a cunning physique,
Her face, dramatic.

In the silver light,
Her glimmering scales stunned me,
I squinted so tight.

I wanted to speak,
But my heart jumped in my throat,
My voice was so weak.

Then I heard her voice,
It was so nice and calming,
That my ears rejoiced.

We were together,
Throughout all the afternoon,
In the nice weather.

Though yet, we must part,
Back to our separate worlds,
With love in my heart.

I hoped to return,
To see your bright face again,
For a long sojourn.

My grand wish is this,
That our worlds would get along,
And all live in bliss."

After he was done,
Milotic stood still with awe,
Towards such talent.

"How miraculous!
Your words are beyond compare."
She admired him.

He was surprised too,
His words were subliminal,
Yet said perfectly.

"Thank you, Milotic.
I'm very glad you listened."
He shyly replied.

She continued on,
"I hope that your wish comes true,
That we may have peace.

Yet, Father won't try.
He doesn't have will or faith,
To make a treaty."

Tyranitar sighed,
"My dad doesn't even know,
Of your tranquil lives.

Tell me, Milotic,
Are there monsters in the blue?"
Asked Tyranitar.

"Most life at our home,
Are harmless and affable,
Why thou ask?" Said she.

He then told her all,
All about his father's tales,
Of large sea monsters.

After this, she said,
"Your father is mistaken,
None of it is true."

He was shocked as well,
"Perhaps my dad just heard wrong,
Or they were mere myths."

While he was in speech,
He looked at the horizon,
And saw a faint light.

"We had best prepare,
For another gathering."
He reminded her.

Happy Holidays everyone!

January 8th, 2010, 2:40 PM
All I can say is wow. There are so many great fanfics on this site, and yours is an excellent example of the beauty that effort and talent can create from Pokemon. I can't wait for the conclusion.

January 10th, 2010, 6:55 PM
Thank you very much, VinceLevi, but don't think that the tenth chapter is the final one. If I did, the ending would be very abrupt, and I want to avoid that.
Don't worry, the ending is near.

January 14th, 2010, 5:36 PM
Oh by the way, I think it's funny that a tyranitar is scared, in my mind they are fearless since they are so strong and feared.

If your father told you throughout your life that there are fierce monsters and beasts in the sea, wouldn't you be afraid as well? Even if you were strong and big?
I understand how funny it sounds though.

I Am Very Pokemon
January 16th, 2010, 12:52 AM
This story totally reminds me of the war between team magma and team aqua
and kyogre and rayquaza.

January 16th, 2010, 3:41 AM
Such a great poetry ! Keep it up mate

January 16th, 2010, 9:49 PM
Writing has been pretty slow lately. Then again, this is one of my longer chapters as well.
Thank you for the complements by the way, and enjoy!

{Chapter 10: Fishy feelings}

Just when the sun peaked,
The two from the land and sea,
Planned to meet next eve.

Not taking a chance,
They both said their brief farewells,
And sadly parted.

As she returned home,
The morning sun gleamed brightly,
Down into the sea.

The reef was quiet.
Everybody was sleeping,
Likewise her parents.

No one was watching,
Milotic rushed off to bed,
Before morning broke.

After a long while,
She started to hear noises,
Coming from outside.

Perhaps they all woke,
Or someone knew of her plan,
And wants her answers.

It was very tense,
Then someone tapped on the door,
And a voice called in.

It was her father.
"Hurry out of your napping;
Morning has risen."

She felt insecure,
Her guilt made her paranoid,
Of any sound or voice.

Just as Father said,
She yawned and rose out of bed,
She had little sleep.

So brushed her red hair,
Polished her colorful scales,
And primped her tail scales.

As she swam outside,
To do her daily business,
Her father was gone.

"He must have left early."
Milotic thought to herself.
"Must have been urgent."

Seeking company,
She ran into her mother,
Who was sorting gems.

Her mother loved jewels,
Whether valuable or not,
But for their beauty.

The mystic water,
Which Milotic often wears,
Was her most special.

"Good morning, Mother."
Milotic cheerfully said,
Along with a yawn.

"Did you rest enough?
You're usually active."
Her mother wondered.

"I'm very sorry,
It was a long night." said she,
With another yawn.

"Well, keep your head up,
Especially for tonight,
At the Coral Ball."

It struck her so hard,
She forgot about the ball,
That was held tonight.

How could she meet him,
If there is a ball tonight?
This did not look good.

Back on the green land,
Tyranitar was waking,
From his brief napping.

Last night, he returned,
When an unexpected friend,
Ran up to meet him.

Marowak spoke this,
"Why did you make me worry?
I thought you were killed!

Prior to this time,
I heard footsteps in my sleep,
And they were from you.

I saw in the black,
A large, dark figure walking,
Again, this was you!"

This was a surprise,
Tyranitar said nothing,
But stared on with shock.

His friend spoke again,
"Were you in your secret place?
Did you see the girl?"

"Yes, friend." He replied.
"You don't need to fret for me,
It's perfectly safe."

"How do you know this?
After all what your dad said."
Marowak asked him.

"My new friend told me.
And maybe Father's stories,
Were rumors." He said.

Back at the present,
Tyranitar woke slowly,
His head felt heavy.

When he walked outside,
His father was opening,
And setting his shop.

"You are up late, Son."
He said with a jolly voice,
He seemed to not mind.

That hot afternoon,
Tyranitar was sweating,
Over an anvil.

His father trained him,
How to smith and forge items,
That others may use.

The whole day boiled on,
The sun beaming down on earth,
On his sweating head.

Tyranitar worked,
Slowly swinging his hammer,
As he forged onward.

Sweat poured from his head,
But the thought of Milotic,
Brightened up his soul.

Then a voice shouted,
"Son, your leaving the anvil!
Keep yourself focused!"

His father was right,
The smelting was improper,
His fatigue was strong.

The lack of bedrest,
Thoughts of Milotic, the heat,
They effected him.

"Son, is something wrong?
The heat never wears you out."
His father wondered.

"I am alright, Dad.
I just didn't rest too well."
Said Tyranitar.

"Was it a bad dream?
Or you just didn't feel well?"
His father asked him.

"I was spending time,
...With a...friend." He said slowly.
"Are you upset, Dad?"

Now that I think about the upcoming ball, I can really think of more ideas for the story.

February 11th, 2010, 10:57 PM
I have hit a few snags here and there, thus having me think very hard to have the story fit well.
Well, it's here now, so no matter.

{Chapter 11: The Coral Ball}

"Why of course not, Son.
But you have to let me know,
When you leave from home."

His dad continued,
"I know you trust Marowak,
Just be responsible."

"I will." He answered.
But after he said, 'a friend',
He meant Milotic.

Late that afternoon,
Milotic was modeling,
For the Coral Ball.

No outfit seemed right,
Many of her old dresses,
Were too small for her.

She found a worn one,
That belonged to her mother,
It was a bit snug.

It was scarlet red,
With yellow laces and bands,
And a green waist sash.

After she was dressed,
She thought over a new plan,
For her special night.

She had to see him,
She couldn't disappoint him,
On a night like this.

But she had no time,
Soon after she fully dressed up,
Her mother called her.

It was time to leave,
And attend the coral ball,
Down at Aqua Hall.

The great Aqua Hall,
Is her father's meeting place,
Where he held meetings.

For tonight's event,
It is where all will attend,
This splendid party.

With her family,
Milotic wasted no time,
And were on their way.

Meanwhile on the earth,
The sun sank towards the west,
As sundown approached.

After their small talk,
Tyranitar was packing,
For the scheduled night.

He packed some berries,
Also, an extra large cloak,
And his power band.

With all of that done,
He walked out of the back door,
And sneaked to the trees.

Knowing the way well,
He climbed over the steep hill,
And was on his way.

Within Aqua Hall,
The guests already arrived,
And started dancing.

It is tradition,
That one will choose another,
To be friends for life.

After the ball ends,
The new friends would return home,
And become soul mates.

Milotic looked on.
Most of the males were handsome,
Some daring, some bold.

But not one of them,
Could replace Tyranitar,
He was very kind.

Milotic believed,
That it is the soul that counts,
Not the appearance.

This made her feel strange,
She is going against law,
And her father's word.

But she promised him.
And the other Pokémon,
Were not right for her.

She stayed for a while,
To minimize suspicion,
Until sundown came.

She could not be late,
So she met with her father,
And implied to him.

"I know whom I seek,
But the gift I want to give,
Is back at our home.

I must retrieve it."
Her father had a slight doubt,
But he trusted her.

"If you move with haste,
You may make it back in time."
He so responded.

With the privilege,
She darted out of the hall,
And straight towards home.

I'm not too sure, it's either what I said from above is true, or I was just being a little lazy at this time. My apologies for either one.

Sweet Jasmine
February 12th, 2010, 3:44 AM
All I can say is this is a beautiful piece. : ]

Good work~ : D

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You have inspired me to put a poem in my signature.

Your poetry is divine,
It forever surpasses mine.

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February 12th, 2010, 1:07 PM
Your poetry is divine,
It forever surpasses mine.

Heh, heh, that's a pretty good one.

And thanks for the comments.

February 12th, 2010, 6:24 PM
Thanks! And you're welcome!

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April 24th, 2010, 5:40 PM
Wow! TJ, this is incredible. This is like world class. I read the thing and all I can say is wow. It obviously reminds me of Romeo and Juliet, but that was a given. I loved Tyrannitar's poem, and the whole Haiku theme. Like I said, world class man, world class.

April 24th, 2010, 5:56 PM
This is...absolutely amazing. Even though based off of animated Japanese creatures, you manage to use your brilliant poetic skills to create a true love story of Pokemon that is not in any way stereotypically romantic or corny. I can't believe the amazing work you must have put into this- please, please keep it up, I want to keep reading!

April 24th, 2010, 6:21 PM
Oh... my... god... I LOVE this! So romantic...

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To new readers, enjoy the next chapter.
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{Chapter 12: A Night to Never Forget}

The moon shone brightly,
Down upon the grassy hills,
And tall trees below.

They cast long shadows,
And so did Tyranitar,
Who still wandered on.

"Will she make it there?"
Tyranitar spoke softly,
"Will she remember?"

She must remember,
For she was very honest,
And they promised too.

Hours of walking,
The cove was getting so near,
Yet, it was so far.

Through the dark passage,
Milotic swam with great speed,
And saw her homeland.

When she found her home,
She went 'round to her garden,
And searched for her gift.

Underneath a shrub,
She pulled out her precious gift,
A glowing blue plant.

In an instant flash,
She quickly left the garden,
Heading for the shore.

She soon saw the light,
It was the bright, silver moon,
She was near the top.

Her head she emerged,
And she breathed in cool fresh air,
It felt wonderful.

The cove was close by.
She approached shore with caution,
And watched out for him.

It was not too long,
Before she heard deep footsteps,
Thumping near the trees.

She stood very still,
And peered into the darkness,
Veiled from the moonlight.

A figure arrived,
With a familiar size.
It was her kind friend!

They stared silently,
Only the waves and the wind,
Were making soft sounds.

Tyranitar smiled,
As he saw Milotic's eyes,
Glowing like jewels.

She wore a red robe,
Lined with bright yellow linen,
And a dark green sash.

His heart, beating hard,
His eyes, glued to her beauty,
His legs, quivering.

"...You've made it." He spoke.
"...You have, as well." She replied.
They were both happy.

Milotic's head turned,
Facing towards the bright moon,
As full as their love.

"Such luminous glow.
It lights our way in the black."
She said with wonder.

"Just like you, my love."
Tyranitar spoke to her.
And she understood.

Their lives were empty,
But now that they have met,
Life itself was filled.

"What is that you hold?"
He spoke, pointing at the glow,
She held behind her.

She raised it to him,
And smiled, saying, "It's for you.
An Indigo Bulb."

He gently took it,
A held it close to his breast,
And sighed of delight.

"Thank you, Milotic."
Tyranitar said softly,
"It is very nice."

Milotic was glad,
And smiled at his compliment,
And remained silent.

Tyranitar glared,
At her luminous present,
And then towards her.

Her glamour was grand,
More than anybody else,
He had ever known.

His heart pounded still,
Such great beauty deserves more,
Than to just be watched.

He held out his arm,
Very slowly and gently,
Hoping she'd respond.

Milotic leaned back,
But she knew she could trust him,
And stood motionless.

Slowly leaning forward,
She calmly rested her head,
On his open hand.

It was very warm,
And it was rather cozy,
For a stone hard hand.

She slid up his arm,
And laid upon his shoulder,
Hearing his soft breath.

Keeping his posture,
Tyranitar stood frozen,
Both in shock and joy.

Her alien scales,
Brushing against his shoulder,
Felt so strange to him.

But, it was warm too,
The silky, fluent texture,
Was very calming.

Having the courage,
He carefully placed his hand,
On top of her head.

He touched carefully,
He didn't want to scare her,
And stroked her red hair.

It felt genuine,
As if it were made of silk,
Far smoother than that.

Its fragrance was sweet,
Smelled as a Pecha berry,
Only with more strength.

Milotic relaxed,
Feeling his warm, tender hands,
Stroke her bright red hair.

Now having no fear,
She wrapped her delicate tail,
Around his shoulders.

Forgetting his fear,
Tyranitar relaxed too,
And smiled in relief.

She smiled back at him,
Seeing his kind, trusting face,
With his toothy grin.

And soon after that,
They were in a sweet embrace,
Happy as can be.

The ocean waves,
The wind blowing through the trees,
Kept these souls in peace.

{Upcoming: To be announced...}

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What do you think?

February 18th, 2011, 10:21 AM
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And I will no longer procrastinate anything.
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