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September 1st, 2009, 5:43 AM
This a fan-fiction I wrote a couple of years back to help track my progress through Pokemon Colosseum, hence the diary style format. It is written from the perspective of Mirei (Rui), and gives an insight of what it was like helping Leo (Wes) with putting a stop to the Shadow Pokemon project.

Cast of Characters

Leo and Mirei: the main characters and run around division of Kid's Grid.

Rest of the cast are themselves.

Extra information

Although Mirei did not have any noticeable Pokemon on hand in the game, in the fanfic she was taken to Orre by HO-OH (Prism) and is always accompanied by a shiny Celebi (Star) and Flareon (Smoulder).

September 1st, 2009, 6:00 AM
Chapter 1: Dream or Reality?

The sun beat down over the cavern as a Skarmory, with a strange purple aura, flew overhead towards a building that seemed to be carved in the cliff, with a patch-work of corrugated metal for a front wall. In the ravine itself, a trainer, about 17, in a long blue jacket, leather trousers, and biker boots sat atop his hover cycle while his Pokemon, Espeon and Umbreon, sat quietly in the side car. All I could see of the trainer was that he had a white strip tattooed across the middle of his face which seems to continue around to the back of his head, and a large pair of wrap around sunglasses. All of a sudden there was an explosion from another part of the building, startling the Skarmory, and the trainer casually approached a newly created doorway, his Umbreon tagging along behind him. Motioning for the Pokemon to stand guard he disappeared inside the building. 'Who are you?' a voice rang in my head as I approached the bike and then noticed that Espeon was looking at me.

"I'm Mirei... um, where are we?" 'Eclo Canyon; I'm not sure how you got here but I advise that you leave, for your own safety.' "I got it! Let's get outta here!" the trainer called triumphantly. "Oh no you don't, treacherous brat!" a tall man boomed as the main door opened. "Get him!" he said as several similar looking men ran forward; the group, however, were too slow and could only watch as the pair made it to the bike and started the engine, "Umbreon?" [Who were you talking to?] the dark Eeveelution asked as the vehicle roared into life. "Espi." [Her...] he replied, referring to their red haired spectator. "Hey, you never heard of 'green fuel'?" she protested, coughing and spluttering as a cloud of dust and diesel fumes surrounded her. Oblivious to Mirei's protests the trainer held up a small detonation device and set off bombs inside the building, sending the gang all over the show and her to scream in fright. "CELEBI!" [MIREI!] the legendary Pokemon cried as her trainer fell from Prism's back only to suddenly stop in mid-air.

She gingerly opened her eyes and noticed a long vine wrapped around her body, "Thank you, Star." "Bi..." [No problem...] the pink bee-like Pokemon replied with a shrug. As we traveled south over the desert we took in the vast wilderness below us; as expected the central and eastern areas of Orre made up an expansive, barren desert, "Any luck in seeing them, Prism?" "Ho-oh..." [No...] he replied, searching around for any signs of three fast moving creatures. A few weeks ago the infamous legendary beasts of Ecruteak City in Johto had gone missing and, after being tipped off that they may be in this region, we had been sent to retrieve them. "Ho-oh!" he continued, looking at the Celebi disprovingly. "What do you mean by 'or the Time Flutes'?" "Bi, Bi, Celebi..." [I dropped them not long ago...] "You what? If the Professors find out..." "Bi." [I'm sorry.] "Ho-oh..." [Never mind that; there's a town down there...] the bird Pokemon interrupted. When we landed we looked into the town and noticed it had a western look and feel to it.

"Come out, Smoulder..." I said, calling out a fiery dog Pokemon. "Flareon?" [Is this a movie set?] "No clue... Prism, can you look for... Prism?" "Celebi Bi." [You should know by now that we legendary Pokemon are wary of others.] Star explained as we entered town and saw various trainers duelling with each other; not wanting to disturb them or draw attention to myself, I continued on the northern part of town and noticed that another group of trainers were also battling. "Flareon?" [What's wrong?] the Eeveelution asked upon noticing her trainer looking at a small, pudgy yellow Pokemon skeptically. "Excuse me... what is with that strange aura around your Pokemon?" "Aura? What aura?" a guy in a woolen hat asked. "That sparkly purple cloud; a Skarmory in a strange dream I had earlier also had the same aura." "You must be dreaming again..." one of the girls commented. "Maybe you're right, is a bit hot and hazy around here; sorry to bother... hey, look out!" I cried as the Pokemon tried attacking the trainers. "Celebi!" [That's enough!]

September 1st, 2009, 6:43 AM
Chapter 2: Desert Trek.

Leo sat, resting against a large stone on one of the many cliff-sides south of Eclo Canyon, and inspected the device he had taken from the large building earlier that day, "I must admit, that was fun..." he smiled to himself. 'Did you say something?' the psychic Eeveelution asked and his trainer stroked his head, "I was just thinking out loud, Espeon; what do you think though?" he replied, putting the device on his left arm. "Umbreon!" [Suits you, sir, suits you!] "Thanks, Umbreon." 'So, Leo, what Poke Balls do you have?' "Poke Balls?" "You know, those capsules we Pokemon tend to stay in when caught or snagged; the machine's not much use without them." "Er, yeah... um, well..." "Umbreon?" [You didn't grab any, did you?] "Hey, quit ganging up! I was in a rush, alright?" Leo protested before rifling through his pockets. "I did manage to filch all these healing items from a cupboard on my way out; not to mention..." he cut off and turned on his P*DA, a small computer-like device that many trainers in Orre owned.

"Gonzap's... erm... funds might come in handy!" "ESPEON!" [10,000 DOLLARS!] he exclaimed, the red jewel on his forehead suddenly glowing brightly. "Espi Espeon?" [Have you let the heat get to you, or something?] "Hey, after all the things we did for the team, it's only fair we get some kind of compensation for our hard work!" the former Team Snagem member retorted. "Either way, I could use a drink of something; how about you guys?" "Both Eeveelutions nodded in agreement and hopped back into the side car of the hover bike; after a bit they came across an old run down locomotive engine and, sniffing the air, Umbreon hopped out of the car. "Umbreon..." [Hi there...] he said upon noticing another Umbreon and she motioned towards a red-haired girl nearby, whom in turn motioned for him to keep quiet.