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Comic Tragedy
September 1st, 2009, 10:41 AM
Meet Bill.
Spawned from a musky corner of a forgotten Adobe laboratory, Bill the morphing vector man knows nothing else but his own erratic metamorphosis. For whatever reason, the evil that lurks the cosmos of the adobe world and our own have taken a hold of Bill, and thrown him into a graphic section of a Pokemon forum.

For the sake of spawning a new graphic section game, with a semi epic prologue we, the graphic section's inhabitants, are that evil. And with pentool in hand, we sure as heck will mess this guy up for the better, worse and of course for the lulz.

So with all my pleasure I present to you Bill:

How to play the game
Bill the morphing vector man is more or less the graphics section's version of that pass the sprite game. The "objective" is to download Bill's picture (or current state), and change it in some way. When you have finished with you're change, upload the new version's psd to a site like mediafire, as well as posting a png. This allows the next person to see Bill's current state (in png form), and then download his psd file and in turn edit him as well.

I've seen variotions of this game in a few diffrent places, including my own digital art class at my school. If it is done correctly it makes for a great, and laugh inducing game.

Lastly, I would like to encourage everyone to use their pentool rather than treating the game as a photo manip. Though I am not outlawing things like inserting images, the game was initially intended as a vector exercise. But whatever floats you're boat I spose.

Things you may not, and must do to poor o'l Bill
This section lists all of the things you may NOT, and MUST do to Bill.

You may not include any nudity in the image.
You may not kill Bill for good.
You may not make Bill spout profanities.
You may not make Bill offending to different minorities
Background and foreground changes must be in a different layer.
If you have a feeling someone might not want you to change something they had made, you must contact them first. For bill's sake.
You and Bill must follow the PC, and Graphics section rules.
You may not include more than three other "characters" with Bill.

As time goes by and you want me to add another thing to the list please tell me in a PM, VM, or tell me in this thread.

Taking turns, and signing up.
As some of you may have realized already, simply jumping in and editing Bill will prove to be impossible as he is not a sprite and it will take more time to edit. So I have come up with the idea of having people sign up over a 5 day admission period, and then devising a rotation order accordingly.

Signing up is easy as pie. Simply post in the thread and tell me that you are indeed wanting to play the game. Just to test out the game in our community I will only be accepting five other participants.

So you're probably wondering right now, "Comic Tragedy! I have a life unlike you. I won't always be ready or willing when my turn comes around!". But haha! I have already anticipated this problem and have allowed a 1 week grace period for each stage of Bill's metamorphosis. And if this period is still not enough time for whatever reason we can simply skip you're turn. As it is a friendly game there is no reason for you to be "kicked out of the game", we should be having fun.

The participants

Comic Tragedy <---- its his turn!

Following Bill
This section is where you can follow Bill's progress, and download his current form.
The metamorphosis of Bill
Bill's change can be monotired on his Deviant Art account here: http://thepcbillgame.deviantart.com/
What Bill currently looks like:

Download Bill
Bill 1.5 has been graced by the touch of Counterfeit. (http://www.jetrix.co.uk/pokecommunity/thepcbillgame/bill_v1_6.psd)

[/prepares for worst welcomed PC game ever]

September 1st, 2009, 2:24 PM
Seems like a really fun game. xD Sign me up.

September 1st, 2009, 2:49 PM
Hahaha i wonder how it will turn out.
im in this.

September 1st, 2009, 4:41 PM
I should have been an automatic participant. :<
I'm in bby. <3

Comic Tragedy
September 1st, 2009, 6:03 PM
You're all in! Ooooh, only one more slot.

September 1st, 2009, 10:24 PM
Sure I'll do something to that face.

Comic Tragedy
September 2nd, 2009, 11:34 AM
It's always a pleasure to have you screw up a face munna. xD
Except what you did to that lady at the Christmas banquet. That was unpleasant.

So I guess you can download Bill Cherrii, and get to work. As soon as you're done doing whatever upload the psd file to a file sharing site, then post the png file along with it.

Go, go go.

September 2nd, 2009, 4:00 PM
Wow I fail at this lol.

I call her Billette.


Comic Tragedy
September 3rd, 2009, 11:30 AM

Nice addition Cherri. Despite what you call him I still him as Bill, and now Bill the morphing vector transvestite. XD

September 3rd, 2009, 8:12 PM
i fail too lol

September 3rd, 2009, 8:49 PM
Did something quick before going to sleep:


September 4th, 2009, 4:41 AM
Whhhaaaaaaat........five participants max? ¬_¬

Comic Tragedy
September 4th, 2009, 7:41 AM
Haha, adding Joe to the list of participants. :]
I don't really know what i was thinking... If you want to join just say so here.

I might be able to post, but I wont have photoshop till after the 7th of September. So if my turn happens before then, which I hope it does (our game is working well), then skip me.

And you do know you can expand the canvas right?

Anywho, good luck munna.

September 4th, 2009, 12:48 PM


Way too lazy.... plus i prefer vectoring in illustrator xP

Comic Tragedy
September 6th, 2009, 5:36 AM
Joker is win.

I'm away from home so I wont update the first thread but please Joe, go ahead.

September 13th, 2009, 5:40 AM
Sorry guys, didn't check back to see if I was allowed to play. xD