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Midori Chi
October 9th, 2004, 11:02 AM
Here's something I thought of that might be itleast a LITTLE interesting:

Have you ever thought of something in your head that would make a cool story to write? If so,than you might wanna join this!
You write your little story,(one chapter at a time) see if anyone likes it,and if so...continue writing it!

There are no rules for this. If this doesn't do well,than I'll just admit that it's hard to make up something interesting.

Electric Hero
October 9th, 2004, 6:40 PM
MAYBEEEEE.....this belongs to 'other writing' , or it can stay here. I'm with my idea that this belongs to other writing, 'cause you don't rp, you just write a little story. But anyway, the moderators will do something about this.

Midori Chi
October 9th, 2004, 6:44 PM
ooc:Yeah...I was thinking about that. I didn't know where to put it though. Anyways...are you thinking about joining it?It's okay if you say no...

Electric Hero
October 9th, 2004, 6:50 PM
mmmmm, maybe , but ,you make a little story, and if you see that ppl likes it you continue with it, right? but what happens if ppl doesn't like it?

Midori Chi
October 9th, 2004, 6:53 PM
ooc:You're right! And if the person doesn't like it...you can continue it if you'd like. It would be too rude to just stop it. Besides,I doubt that will happen. Everyone here has wonderfull imagination!

Electric Hero
October 9th, 2004, 7:09 PM
mmmmm, why you just don't make yourself a fanfic?

Midori Chi
October 10th, 2004, 8:42 AM
ooc:sigh....This is a fanfic? Are you saying maybe I just shouldn't of made this? ...It IS not doing too well. Maybe I need to ask someone to close it and, I admit,"It's hard to make up something interesting.

Electric Hero
October 10th, 2004, 7:08 PM
oh c'mon , don't give up! , mmm well I will join, but you will the first story, ok?

October 11th, 2004, 3:42 AM
I'd join man but i like can't write very well... i i think this would belong in other writing.

Burne Starcofski
October 11th, 2004, 3:56 AM
I'll join too, but this belongs in the "Mixed Groups" thread. The storys should be in a separate topic under "Other Writing".

October 11th, 2004, 3:21 PM
-Takes a deep breath, sighs and starts.- What about a story (yes, this will be common...) but, in a day without electronics, gasoline, or steam powered utilities....People are friendly, the air is clean and what not... towns are pretty much in one area, protected with state officials, whose 'weapons' against all crime are, -sigh- pokemon/nets/capturing tools..while kids at a certain age, are allowed to travel from their home, with their poke'mon...as young children like to do...or stay home if the child wants to, until criminals get a little more advanced, leaving the authorities in the dust, and towns no longer safe....you don't really have to even think about this I guess...just..posting it up.

Midori Chi
October 11th, 2004, 6:07 PM
ooc:Thank you! And I would LOVE to start! I'll start with one of my latest books,Mai...


Pass me that purple potion over there. a witch said to four other witches. There were five witches around a big bubbling cauldron. So, when will this be done? asked a different witch.
The leader witch said, Well, we just need some living dust and then our ultimate witch will be created. One of the witches handed her the living dust. As the leader witch poured some living dust in the cauldron, she said, With all the power of an extremely itching itch, make this potion the most evil witch! At this point, one of the witches tripped against the cauldron which caused the cauldron to spill. Since the spell had already been said, green smoke started to form. The leader witch said to the one who tripped, You idiot! The smoke was supposed to be orange and because of you, the smoke is green! The one who was still on the floor from the trip said, Im sorry, Im sorry! All five of the witches ran to the forming room of their castle to see what they made. As soon as the smoke cleared, they saw a human girl with wings on her backa fairy. The leader shouted, Well, shes the total opposite!! The fairy was crouched down in a ball. As she opened her eyes, she stared at the five witches with their shocked expressions. The leader of the witches said, Welcome to the witches of Bolores castle. You are to live with us until we are done training you. The fairy asked, What am I to be trained for? The ditsy witch responded, Evilness. The fairy asked, What is my name? The leader responded, Ugh.. Mai.

Mai decided to walk around the castle to see who else would be in the castle. She went up to one room that said on the top, Classroom Mai decided to walk inside the room. When she walked in, she saw a girl that looked older than Mai and was part cat. She also saw a boy with a horn on his head and long pointy ears. And the rest were just regular humans. Mai walked over to the half cat. Mai asked her, What is this classroom for? The half cat responded, This is where we learn and train for evilfrom the witches. Mai responded, Then I will be in this class then. The half cat stared at Mai for a moment. She said, Well, my names Nuku. Hey, arent you the one who were just created? The witches announced it on the speakers. Youre a mess up just like us. You see, the witches are trying to make the ultimate witch and still have still failedThey need to get rid of that ditzy witch. I tell you, the reason for the failure is because of that one ditzy witch. Mai and Nuku laughed. The two walked over to the boy with the horn and the long ears. Nuku said to the boy, Hey, look Yuji, the new creation. Her name is Mai. The boy ( known as Yuji ) responded, Welcome Mai, Im wellYuji. He was about to show the two something but then, an announcement came on. It said, A new creation has just been created. The brother of our last creation,Mai. Nuku and Yuji both stared at Mai. Mai walked up to the door to see her brother come in. And by just a minute, he walked in. He had green hair, red eyes, green clothes, and half red half green colored wings.

Mai stared at him for a moment. She said, Well ,brother What is your name? The brother responded, Junichi Mai said, Im guessing they messed up again. Junichi responded, No, Im not. Mai said, So, what do they want you to do? Junichi responded, I am to be the teachers assistant of this class. Mai, Nuku, and Yuji were all shocked. Mai took her brothers hand and led him to an area of armchairs. Mai thought to herself, No way is a little brother going to boss me around. Mai examined him for a moment. Mai then faced toward Nuku. She asked Nuku, Do we have uniforms? Nuku responded, Actually yeah. Why do you ask? Mai responded, Just wondering. Junichi got up from the armchair. He shouted to the whole classroom, Witchs orders Time for bed!! Everyone started walking toward the door next to the chalkboard. Mai asked to Nuku and Yuji, Do we have bedrooms? Nuku and Yuji both nodded. When she walked in the bedroom, she saw rows and rows of beds with even curtains for privacy. When Mai was at one of the very last rows of the big room, her name had finally appeared on the headboard of a bed. Luckily, she was right next to Nuku. All the boys were heading toward another room. (Yea! The boys and girls were separated.) Mai looked at her closet to see what she had. The first one was very black. Nuku blurted out, Thats your uniform. Mai then looked at the next one. She could easily see that they were her pajamas. As soon as she looked at the pajamas, it magically appeared on her.

Then she looked at the last one. It was a pair of play clothes. She shut the closet doors and hopped in bedAs well as the other girls and boys.

While the girls and boys were asleep, the five witches quietly tiptoed to the boys room. They went up to Junichis bed and took out a bottle of a weird colored looking potion. They poured some in his mouth and then went away.
It was soon the next day and everyone had just awoken from the noise of the witch s voices on the speaker saying, Time to get up! Class will start in thirty minutes! Mai sat up from bed and made a big yawn. Nuku was already dressed. Mai went up to her closet and pulled out her uniform. After she dressed herself, she made up her bed and had a few bites of her breakfast. Mai finally caught up with Nuku. The two were now seated at one of the first rows in the classroom. There was a black leathered book sitting on everyones desk. Mai opened the book to the first page and read it. It said:

To all those who read this book, you shall be cursed. If you read this page, strange things shall happen.

I dont want to be evil! Heshineyou shall pay!!
Signed, Nora Kindersley

Mai closed the book. She asked to Nuku, Whos Heshine? Nuku looked terrified. She asked to Mai, How do you know about her?

Mai responded, Theres a message to Heshine in this book.It says whoever reads this book is cursed. Nuku asked, Whos the message from? Mai opened her book to the message for Nuku to read instead of asking questions. Nuku looked shocked again. At this point, Yuji walked in the classroom and stood by the two girls desks. Yuji was reading it too and also became shocked. Mai looked up at both of their expressions. She blurted out, So, whos Heshine? Nuku said,Not now, Mai. Class is about to start. The leader of the witches walked in also with Junichi. The leader witch started writing something on the board as Junichi told the class to open their books to page 79. The witch turned around from the chalkboard and pointed her finger to the word she wrote on the board. The word was, ghanell Mai looked at page 79 to see if she saw the word. And she did. Its definition said, A potion used by Heshine; a substance used for controlling minds. Mai looked back up at the witch. She gave the witch a questioned look. The witch said to Mai, Come up to the board, Mai. Mai did as she said. The witch said to Mai, Heshine is the mighty sorceress of evil. You are to respect her, praise her, and know her forever. And if you turn your back away from evil, you shall join Nora Kindersly in the cell. Mai muttered, I dont want to be evil either. Mai means,bright. And bright is the opposite of evil. The witch said, I heard you. Fine, Junichi will led you to the cell then. Junichi took Mais hand and the two had left the classroom. The witch responded, Is there anyone else who wants to go to the cell? Quickly, Nuku and Yuji both stood up from their seats. At this point, Junichi was already back .He walked to the two and once again lead to the cell.

Electric Hero
October 11th, 2004, 8:15 PM
ooc: shall I give to that story a 7.9? since when I say things like a fic critic?

Midori Chi
October 12th, 2004, 2:30 PM
ooc:out of 10?....Yay! Here's chap. 2...


As Nuku and Yuji walked in the cell, they saw Mai and a girl with short green hair and fairy wings who was apparently Nora Kindersley. (Wow, Mai now has 3 friends!) Mai and Nora turned to them, both very surprised. Mai asked, Nuku, Yuji, why are you here? Yuji responded, We dont like Heshine either. Its hard to believe all the things Heshine has done. Nora said, Well, welcome to the club. Nuku and Yuji walked over to the empty armchairs aside from the chairs Mai and Nora were in. As they sat down, they heard footsteps coming from outside. The leader witch walked in the cell. She asked to the four, Who put these armchairs here? This is a cell and a cell isnt a place for fancy things. You are to be starved!! Junichi had apparently learned a levitating spell so he levitated the armchairs out of the room as well as everything else in the room. The four sat on the cold cement ground as the leader witch slammed the door. The only thing that Junichi didnt take out was a pile of hay in the corner. Mai was the first to look at it and thought of something. Maybe, she could split the big pile of hay in four groups and then shape them into mattresses.

Mai told the others and it ended up perfectly. Later, Nora told the newbies about how she got food. All she did was get up early in the morning and take some food before know one could see her. It was soon midnight as the four talked. They went to bed in their mat of soft hay and drifted to sleep easily.
It was soon the next day as Mai, Nuku, and Yuji had woken up with the smell of bacon and milk of Noras food. They ate it without question and had enough energy for the day. The three sat on the floor and thought what to do. The three saw Nora get something from under her hay mat and smiled. She was holding a container of pens and pencils and had a thick stack of paper. Nora said cheerfully, This will keep us from boredom. We could draw or write on this or even play games such as tick tack toe. The three looked pleased and they drew, wrote, and played games till lunchtime. Nora took out four peanut butter sandwiches with once again, milk. Mai asked to Nora, Do you get all three meals in the morning? Nora responded, Well, its impossible to sneak in the afternoon and evening, so I get it all in the morning. Im an early bird. As the four finished their food, they heard the footsteps again. The four quickly demolished the rest of their food and wiped their mouths. The leader witch had walked in and saw the hay mats. She shouted, You think you are so clever? Well luckily, I have an assistant!! Junichi came looking very sad and pitiful as he levitated the hay mats and lead them out of the room. The witch had now seen the paper and utensils and they were out of the room too. But lucky for the four, the witch didnt see the stash of food. Before the witch left, she turned around and said, Oh Mai, may I see you for a moment? Mai looked worried and walked to the witch. The witch had leaded her to the place Mai was created; the forming room. Junichi was with them and he stepped in a pod. The witch said, I am controlling him. I am using channel. I am sending him to Levlias; the world of evil gods and goddesses.

Mai looked confused yet shocked. Her brother was going to leave to a place even more evil than where he is now. Even though Mai didnt see her brother much, she still felt worried. She asked, why are you doing this? The witch replied, Your brother is my greatest creation. He has just the perfect amount of evil in him. After he is trained at Levlias, he will fulfill my dream of ruling this world so everyone will serve me! Mai muttered, clich The witch had heard her and responded, Well, say goodbye to your brother. It will be your last time to see him. And to let you know, you will be the first to be killed by his power because you are just another messed up creation and is the worst of them. I never liked you. Junichi was already transported in just a few seconds later. Mai was depressed the whole day and didnt tell her friends about it. Not until when Nora had asked her. Mai started to cry and tried to get the words out, but she couldnt. The words came out, JJJunnchi haa leffff ooo Levvvvvvv Nora rested her hands on Mais shoulders. She said, Its okay; you dont have to tell me. Mai stopped crying and lay on the floor in the left corner of the cell. Nora, Yuji, and Nuku lay too and they all went to sleep so they could wake up early the next day.
It was the next day and the four all woke up at 6:00a.m. There was food again and also entertainment again. The four even was able to sneak in some mattresses. Things were happy again other than that Mai had to tell them something that she just couldnt. It was just another plain day really. There was nothing unusual until Mai was able to say what she needed to say and just blurted it out before she could cry. Nora responded, WHAT!? Levlias is a horrible place! Yuji took out a book from under his mattress that was a book he had took from the classroom that morning. The title read How tos and places. He flipped it to a page and started reading it. Nuku leaned forward to see it. It was a page about Levlias; how to get there, the history, etc. Yuji responded, Levlias is pretty far from here.

Mai responded, I dont care. I know he is a brother that doesnt even like me but, I dont want this world to be ruled by her. Nuku replied, Yeah, youre right. Do you think we should never mind. Mai asked, What? Nuku said, Well, we dont want this world to be ruled by that witch so how about we stop Junichi from doing this; like going to Levlias. Besides, it will give us something to do. Mai replied, Yes Nora said, Okay then, Ill get us a big stash of food and a bag for everything. As for leading the way, Yuji will guide us from his book. So everyone packed what they needed that afternoon.