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September 6th, 2009, 5:06 PM
Hello, and welcome to the pokemon Weekly spriting contest! In this contest, I (And any other judges) will decide the winner and have your sprite displayed on the winners section! Each week will have a different theme and task, and all will be explained in the rest of this post!

-You must be the only person who has worked on the sprite.
-In scratch challenges, all 100% of the sprite must be completely made by you.
-You may only use tools you would find in microsoft paint.
-All sprites must be taken from Spriters resource.
-You may do any challenges you want for each week.


[To become a judge, please request that you should be one in the thread. I'll take 3 more judges maximum]


Current Challenges (Week 1):

1. Simple Recolor
Choose any pokemon, and do a simple recolor. You are only required to make a front Sprite. Those are the only rules, but you will receive more points for intricacy.

2. A Hot Devamp!
Choose any Fire type pokemon that was introduced in the R/S or D/P's Platinum Sprite, and Devamp it into a R/B form.

3. Mr. Morph
Using the Platinum Mr. Mime Sprite, morph Mr. Mime with at least one other pokemon. There is no requirement for how much of Mr. Mime you need to use, but you must use part of him.

Past Winners:

You could be here!

September 6th, 2009, 5:11 PM
Ummmmmmm.... did you get approval for this from Fox or Amachi?
If not, which I assume is the case since you haven't indicated approval from either of them anyhwere in your post, you need to.