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September 8th, 2009, 6:45 AM
These poems are old!
This was done as a class project to emulate the styles of the poets we were studying at the time. We were asked to choose a single topic that both poets would find interest in and write about those topics in their perspectives. My topic was "thought."

I prefer the first poem because, frankly, I dislike Whitman's poems -__-

Furthermore, these poems will not change. Please leave thoughts about them, but know that they are old works and I do not wish to go back and modify them. I know exactly where the style / content deviates from the poet they reference, so please mind that you don't mention that.

[css-div="width:500px;border:1px solid black;background-color:white;padding:20px;"]X
Unfettered roams the simple Thought --
On Freedom's wings -- it dies --
Confinement brings but only joy --
For Thought -- detained, defies --

In flight -- the Psyche does indulge
In that which it ought not --
Drinking from the forbidden spring --
Itself -- denies the Thought --

The brain becomes detached from mind --
Sense is in darkness veiled --
The Self within becomes without --
And understanding fails.

For liberty is solitude --
And solitude is Death --
If Freedom be the only song --
Then let the Thought be deaf.[/css-div]

[css-div="width:500px;border:1px solid black;background-color:white;padding:20px;"]When the Eternal Sun Dawns
When the eternal sun dawns,
The immortal mind reveals its peerless perplexity
In morning dew-drops atop blossoming blue and purple lilacs that
Beckon the passerby to indulge in their angelic aroma.
What splendors do the mind enable!
To love and think like philosophers and scholars,
Tell right from wrong, and sing the everlasting song of sympathy.
Oh! How the mind is elegant, pure like the newborn fawn.
The mind is strong, unmatched in capacity.
The mind is limitless, unfathomable, extending its boughs into the clouds.
The mind is forever, never alone when accompanied by thought.
The mind is free to ponder the world as it pleases, nourish its children with the ..............subtlest of pleasantries,
Free to interpret, flourish in its own complexity, vibrant and vivacious,
Free to observe, absorb, grow tall and bear fruit for all eternity,
Free to live and plant its roots deep into the ground from whence it came,
Free to ascend into the azure and scarlet skies where it will go.
And although the mind may wilt,
Its thoughts live on tomorrow.[/css-div]