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September 8th, 2009, 2:10 PM
A/N: Ok, this is my first Pokemon Fanfic. If It doesn't belong here, don't hesitate to move it, as I have just joined and have never submitted one. And don't expect the chapters to be like as long as an Office Word page like they did on Supercheats. Ok, I have text limits on my DSi, so now you get why. I might try to update constantly. And I know there is another fanfic on Fanfiction.com called reborn, but these are not the same. Besides, almost all of these Fanfics are like this there...

Chapter 1
Reborn 1

I'm Jason. Always wanted to be a Pokemon Trainer, but never could. Unfortunately, I still have to go to Pokemon school. I've lived in Jubilife, but one day I was reborn as a Pokemon. But I'm getting ahead of the story. Let's get started.

Just like any other day, I was heading to school. Unfortunately, It wasn't even close to sunny out. Anyone would enjoy a school day, but not me. I dread it. And you're about to see why.

"Yo, Jason! Heads up. The school bully just arrived."

This isn't the reason I dread school, that's just my best friend Benjamin. Ben for short.

The school bully walked towards me, looking steamed. While he was arriving, Ben ran away.

" What do you think you're doing on my property?"

" You're property?"

" God, you're stupid. I'm the principal's son! I own this area."

Just then the bell rang.

Good, now I don't have to mess around..

Let's just skip the school day. Nothing of importance happened then.

After I arrived at home, my mother greeted me as usual. Unfortuneatly, and I hate to say this,

A/N: What I am about to say is not true in the least.

but my father is drunk. He has had a lot of attepts to kill me, though he never succeeded. Little did I know he would today.

My father had arrived at home a few minutes later. He had brought a gun. He came up to my room, just to be followed by my mother. He loaded the gun and aimed it at me.


Continued in PT.2

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September 8th, 2009, 2:47 PM
Chapter 2
Reborn Pt. 2

As he was about to fire the gun, My mom pulled him back. As he was pushed back, he accidently pushed the trigger in all the chaos.

It was head straight towards me.
I couldn't move at all. I was immobilized by fear. As the bullet went through me, I began to lose conciousness. I fell to the ground, and everything went black...

"This isn't good..." I thought to myself.

Then, a mysterious pink figure appeared out of nowhere. But right next to it, appeared a void of darkness. Both of the lights started to fade, and first to talk was the Pink Figure, which looked like Mew.

"Mew? Where am I?"

Mew replied. "I'm sorry to say this, but you are dead..."


"You have two choices... You may either become the parter Pokemon of someone you know well, but is not related to you, or..."

The dark void had disapeared, leaving Giratina.

Giratina continued Mew's sentence.
"Or you may enter the dead world."

After a few minutes of thought, I picked to become a Pokemon.

"You have made your choice..." Replied Mew. The room, or whatever I was in glowed white, then disappeared.

Did I mention my friend has a Pokemon Egg? This will be a long experience...

I woke up in a.. thing. I was in some kind of goo. It actually felt Comfy...

I heard a voice... It was telling me to push through... But this is solid, isn't it? I managed to push through, and the... egg? Anyways it broke.
I looked up at a person, I couldn't see who, but eventually I saw who it was. My best friend, Ben!

"Hello little Turtwig!"

Wait, who was my friend talking to?
Oh, god it was me. I looked down, and saw Turtwig feet. This really surprised me. This means that I really did die... My mom must be heartbroken. But it seems that the news hadn't reached Ben. He seemed... Happy.

This is definatly going to be a long life.

Ok, so lets see.. I died, was reborn, and now I'm a Turtwig. I'm a Mammal/Plant thing!

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September 8th, 2009, 4:49 PM
A/N: I was wondering if C-r-a-p would be appropriate for PG-13. Please answer.
Chapter 3
I'm a Turtwig...

"Don't you understand?! I'm human!"

Of course all he heard was "Tur-Turtwig!"

"Maybe I should show you to Jayson."

Now he would find out.

We headed over to "my" house.
And god was Ben surprised.

"I'm sorry Ben, but Jayson is dead..."

Ben replied, "I'm sorry..."

"It wasn't your fault..." Then my mom began to cry.

"Maybe I should leave now..

By the time we had leaved, Ben was in tears.

I also forgot to mention that I was in his arms the whole time. It sucks not being able to walk yet. I was never even set on the ground.

Most of the tears had fallen on me. But my shell had absorbed them.

By then, I was crying too. I was sad that I died, but it had a hint of anger because my dad killed me.

Ben had noticed that I was crying too.

"I forgot. Pokemon feel the same emotions of their trainers. So you're sad because I am."

"Um.. Yeah."

We had arrived back home, and I was finnaly set on the ground. I tried to walk, stumbled a lot of times, but eventually got the hang of it.

Later, I was greeted by the family pet, a Growlithe.

A/N: This part is definatly copied and will be used in my story multiple times. I do give credit to the person that came up with this idea.

The Growlithe weirdly locked eyes with me.

"You're a reborn. You're Jayson."

I replied, "How did you figure out?"

Pokemon have special abilitys as well as reborns. Whenever a Pokemon or Reborn sees another Reborn, they can see how they were killed. Like a vision."

"Ah, ok. I think I get it now.

A/N: I never got a chance to say that the Growlithe is female. And if any of you hve read "A Little Night Music" On fanfiction.com, you would know they have a growlithe with them. This Growlithe will be almost nothing like that one. She will
Be sane though. only a few will though. (:

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September 11th, 2009, 1:02 AM
A/N: If you read the pokemon reborn fanfictions, you would know that the reborn can't eat solids for a while. I'm not using that.

Chapter 4
First Battle

"Let's see... Flare alrady has a name... I need one for you. How about Storm?"

I nodded my head in agreeement.

"Ok. Then I think we are almost ready to go.

To where? Oh wait, Ben was supposed to leave to leave when his egg hatched.

Yay. We were doing the Sinnoh league...

We ran in to our first trainer on the way there. Of course I had to battle. (Flare was left home.)

"Go Storm!"

"Let's do this, Starly!"

How was I supposed to battle? All I knew was to get on th bttlefield.

God I'm gonna hate this...

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