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October 10th, 2004, 10:34 AM
In this rp its a tournament of all trainers that join... after 3 members join i will set up the battle order of who battles who. any new members after the 3 that join will be assigned to battle the members that battle after them. There is a max of 11 memebrs (and im the 12th) to join.
it goes from 12, to 6 remaining, to 3 remaining=*battle royal*, to the champ! you can only use moves that have a base power of 80 or higher (base power doesnt include stab), and any moves that dont do damage directly ie: toxic, leech seed, leer, hail, etc. are also not permitted.
you are allowed 3 pokemon, and it will be in double battles. so basically u have to choose 2 of your 3 pokemon to battle... choose wisely!
if u make it to the next battle, you must replace 1 of your pokemon, so if u have gastly, abra, and yanma, and u use yanma and ghastly, u have to use abra in your next battle, but it doesnt matter which pokemon u replace it w/. and if u make it to theifinals (3 ppl remaining), u must switch 1 of your pokemon again!
No baby/basic pokemon are allowed. so u cant use pichu, or pikachu, but u can use riachu. you may not use the same pokemon, or an evolved form of a pokemon and a prevolved form, ie : Golbat, and Crobat
P.S. Although you dont have to list your pokemon's moves, during this rp make sure you dont use more than 4. ty

ok here is your profile set-up
Name: Kirby
Pokemon (3 max, no legendaries, ancient, or baby/basic pokemon): Blastoise, Crawdaunt, alakasam