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beauty. proletariat
September 10th, 2009, 2:07 AM
I have to present this tomorrow morning at 9 AM. Its a speech on why I should be chosen as School Captain.

Please comment + critique so that I have a better chance :) Score brownie points ;D

[css-div=width:500px] Good morning students and staff of James Cook Boys' Technology High School.

I'm here today to tell you why I feel that I should be elected as your School Captain.

My name is Miraj, and I'm currently studying in year 11 with ambitions of being a doctor.

A school captain is someone that will think positively no matter how heavily he is weighed down by his personal commitments, or social life. I believe that a good school captain is someone that is able to put the entire school, and its needs, before himself. He needs to be honest, hard working, well spoken, and also be very approchable.

I am someone who fits into this criteria.

I believe that respect is something that cannot be bought or stolen as it must be earned, and in saying that, I only respect those who respect other people. To me, it is one of my greatest assets, but also a major flaw.

My main concerns at this school are Uniform, and Punctuality. Which is something I believe our school needs to work on. The most important part of school is not your marks, but how an individual can be a part of the community. Arriving late to school, truanting classes, wearing the wrong uniform, are all negative influences on our school community. It creates a gap of knowledge and also breaks the sync between staff and students. If this is reduced, and our community goes back in sync, it will greatly enhance the schooling experience for both students, and staff.

Other concerns I have include what goes on outside of school. Our public image and our lifestyle play a great part in our school life, and if this is improved, the pattern will follow through. I believe that we also need to give due respects to those staff that work behind the scenes to make it much easier for us at school. The canteen staff, the office ladies, our cleaners and ; not to mention the teaching staff that work every day to teach us something new.

I am not the person who has been a good kid all my life, I havent even been good for all the time I've been in James Cook Boys, but with the support from my teachers, parents, and peers, I have changed both my views, and my behaviour. This has allowed me to be more involved with school activities such as taking part in the debating team and looking over sections of the school newspaper, "Voice" as an Editor. I believe that this is something that allows me to excel as a school captain. That I have already been in my peer's shoes allows me to make accurate decisions that will benefit the school as a whole.

Being able to see and process from a wide range of views, experiences and ideas is something that is paramount in a leader and rolemodel. I believe that is my strongest trait. I can empatise with teachers, students, the public, and this all counts in the wellbeing of the students, and the school.

I feel that I have what it takes to represent our school, and sympathise with all students, and this is what makes me a good choice as School Captain for 2010.[/css-div]

September 10th, 2009, 8:35 AM
Not a bad speech at all. Quite similar to what our School Captain said and he succeeded in his endeavour to become captain.
Well done.

September 10th, 2009, 3:54 PM
whatever you do, don't say buttrice