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September 13th, 2009, 4:11 PM

Table of Contents

Prologue: Currents in the Air (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5119760&postcount=2)
Chapter I: The Sparks of the Flames (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5119766&postcount=3)
Chapter II: Over Protection, Under Control (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5123079&postcount=6)
Chapter III: Martyrs and Might (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5124584&postcount=7)
Chapter IV: Son of the Vermilion, Strike Your Lightning (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5132190&postcount=10)
Chapter V: Celadon Eclipse (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5136573&postcount=11)
Chapter VI: Monsters and Angels (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5142779&postcount=12)
Chapter VII: Shedding Moonlight (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5146251&postcount=13)
Chapter VIII: Fossilized Flames (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5149987&postcount=14)
Chapter IX: Triad of Tyranny (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5154311&postcount=16)
Chapter X: What's More Than A Monster? (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5161302&postcount=17)
Chapter XI: What's Makes A Monster? (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5169945&postcount=21)
Chapter XII: To the Messenger... (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5181632&postcount=25)

Intermission: Bursting Storm Clouds (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5186220&postcount=26)

A Bridge under A Night Rain: Astraphobia (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5192624&postcount=27)


Table of Contents

(http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5199600&postcount=28)Chapter I: My Reunion, Our Seclusion (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5199600&postcount=28)
Chapter II: Sprinkle of Rain... (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5217305&postcount=33)
Chapter III: A Broken Mirror Makes A Good Knife (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5236749&postcount=37)
Chapter IV: How Loud Can A T.Rex Roar? (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5248961&postcount=40)
Chapter V: Scherzo of Violence (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5273357&postcount=45)
Chapter VI: Waltz of the Bloodied (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5288612&postcount=48)
Chapter VII: Out of the Frying Pan... (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5303882&postcount=50)
Chapter VIII: Spiraling Madly (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5314004&postcount=55)
Chapter IX: To Those Who Fell In Darkness (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5338636&postcount=56)
Chapter X: Acerbity Makes Things Sweeter (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=5361828#post5361828)
Chapter XI: The Fragrance of L.O.S.T (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5371418&postcount=59)
Chapter XII: The Despotism in Duality (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5386151&postcount=61)
Chapter XIII: Death is only mourned once... (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5397336&postcount=64)
Chapter XIV: Dura Lex, Sed Lex (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5426662&postcount=68)
Chapter XV: Sleep's Half Brother (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5452298&postcount=69)
Chapter XVI: The Scars Left Behind (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5475891&postcount=71)

Intermission: Howling Breeze--Peaceful Wind (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5485247&postcount=72)


Chapter XVII: Breathing Air, Exhaling Gust (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5564802&postcount=74)
Chapter XVIII: Reflection Against A Dark Plane (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showpost.php?p=5693333&postcount=76)
Chapter XIV: Standing on A Burning Bridge (Coming Soon)

General Information

Brewing A Storm, Black Night Clouds, and On the Wind's Surface is a three part fan fiction . The story follows a trainer by the name of Josh Surge, son of Lt. Surge of Vermilion City. It starts by him catching his first pokemon at the Power Plant. Though the story starts off rather light hearted, it evolves into something deeper when things aren't as good as they seemed on the surface. Blood has been poured against the white sands of innocence. Trainers no longer just use their pokemon to just obtain gym badges but to obtain what they truly desire in life. Crime has sky rocketed in each region of the world. The society of Pokemon is nothing like people had expected. A Mafia by the name Kanto Killers as well as the newly reinstated Team Rocket is running wild. Not to mention the increasing numbers of lone wolves. Under it all is a single project. P.E.T. Pokemon Eclipse Theory.

With tough times comes even tougher justice. The International Police has broken up into several different departments across the world to protect the security of the Pokemon World. But even these are not enough. The scarcity of members is become evident and many do not wish that they are doing their job enough. So even with a shining pathway to tranquility, the world continues to blacken into the darkness of nigh. Can a person bring justice to a land scarred by the flames of crime?


The rating of the fan fiction is actually teen. It's kind of darker than a normal pokemon fan fiction. It does have cussing (to some degree) and violence. It does get pretty bad in Black Night Clouds but not so much in Brewing A Storm. But do not believe that this story does not have an humor in it. I put comic relief as much as I can when I see fit to relax the reader from the dire situations. Just because it is dark doesn't mean people cannot have a bit of humor in their lives. Some parts leans towards [M] so I will tell you what those chapters are when I get to them in Black Night Clouds. On the Wind's Surface is going to be board and rather lenghty. XP

Warning : Please read the stories in order or confusion will occur. The symptoms of confusion is a 50% chance of hitting yourself and being completely bewildered on the storyline. You have been warned.


Please review. Feel free to review after any of the chapters. Thanks for the help. Keep me motivated! Positive and negative comments are accepted (though I long prefer positive, I take the good with the bad). All constructive criticism will be accepted in stride. So give it all you have when you are reviewing.

Recent Updates: 4-7-2010

I'M BACK! Sorry for the wait guys. New chapter is up. Hope ya like it.

Sgt Shock
September 15th, 2009, 7:29 AM
Prologue: Current in the Air

The walk through the underground path was like no other Josh had experienced. It was long and agonizing, it was like the small tunnel was getting longer and longer the more that he walked. Perhaps time had stood still for a while as he walked through this space for the rest of his eternity. The dim lights of the path to create a path on its own as it futilely shimmered upon the mustard colored tiles. Josh was currently looking down, viewing the long red, blue, and yellow streak that too stretch out infinitely into the space ahead. It was like torture as the excitement was swelling in his stomach. The length of the tunnel was equal to that of Josh's anticipation seemingly.

On any other day, it would have been a quick walk for Joshua. As soon as he entered, he would exited in what felt like seconds later. But today was like no other day; he was going to the Power Plant on his own for the first time. Every other time, he would be with his dad as he searched the area for a legendary electric pokemon. Josh would be forced to wait near the water, while several Pokemon the scurried in and out of the grass most of them his dad's favorite as well as his own, electric. He never had a pokeball on him, so he could only watch them. Even if he did, he wouldn't have caught one because it would have lead to a scolding by his father.

But now, Joshua is sixteen year old teenager and his father was powerless to stop him now by his own words. “When you turn sixteen, I'll take you to the Power Plant and you will catch one of those pokemon.” He remembered the exact wording and often told himself in the morning and night that this day would come. Now it was the day.

“Excited,” his dad's deepen voice spoke suddenly breaking the silence.

“Of course,” Josh said gazing up to the person beside him.

Not many people had to glance down towards him. He was one the tallest, if not the tallest man in the Kanto Region. His dad had spiky deep blonde hair, sharp blue eyes, and tan colored skin. The man's face was clean cut but still appeared to be rather rough and dangerous. His eyes always appeared to be calculating as though he was thinking of war tactics as he walked. He was a well built man from his days in the military. But, the most defining feature was that broad smile that reached across his entire length of his face. The smile and the calculating eyes often lead people to a paradox if he was a kind person or not. The thing that could be answered was that he is Lt. Surge of the Vermilion gym and the father of Joshua Thor Surge.

Josh shared many of the features as his father. He inherited the bleach blonde hair but wore it shorter than even his dad (it was a military shaved cut). Along with the hue of his hair color, his eyes reflected that of his dad but with a bit more of green from his mother that he couldn't remember. He obviously inherited the height as well, he was almost to his upper portion of his dad's arm and that was an impressive feat in itself.

They were dressed similar, this wasn't coordinated however since Josh wasn't in the military yet. The two were wearing a short-shelved camouflage shirt with pants of the same pattern. Josh however was wearing shorts while his dad was wearing long pants. Josh was wearing a turquoise colored pattern while his father was the standard green. The both of them wore gloves while sunglasses was left for just Lt. Surge alone.

“What pokemon are you looking for, son?” Surge spoke trying to start conversation.

“I haven't decided. There are many pokemon at the Power Plant.”

“You are bounded to see the one that you like. Just hope it's enough to get you started. I wasn't about to let start you off with a weak pokemon from the Professor like those other kids.”

“Sure, dad…”

Lt. Surge quickly assumed that to be an agreement to his statement. He assumed most of the things that Josh said to be in complete consignment with himself. Though Josh never verbally disagreed with his father, he never agreed to all of the things that he said either. Who would have the nerve to be subordinate to a former commander? Josh would kept him silent and let the assumption flying through his father's head.

Surge glanced at his son who seemed to be contemplating on the question he asked earlier. They could always could read each other like books but this time it seemed like ink was spewed all over the pages. Was it something that he said? It as possible. He never really noticed the difference between wording things. So perhaps he said something that was a bit offensive. Surge was always a hard nose, straight forward, and ridiculously strict commander. This made talking with is son difficult. He often wished that his wife was here. She could relate to him better.

“I don't mean what I said. I was just...”

“Being you,” Josh said sharply staring at his dad from the corner of his eye.

“I guess that's true,” Lt. Surge's voice became amused, the exact opposite reaction Josh wanted. “But, I'm just looking out for the best interest.”

Josh just gave that smile. That smile when he had nothing to say. It was his choice what pokemon would be his in the end. No matter how big or how small that it was going to be. It was going to be his, no matter what. He probably couldn't understand him. His mind had always been locked on the idea that his son is going to be a carbon copy. Though they had many of the same interest, they were not the same person. Surge would have to realize that one way or another.

They stopped at the stairwell leading to the small route to Cerulean City. Excitement had flashed on Josh's face as he quickly took the first step before Surge could even react. Surge's smile seemed to pose a certain conflict as pushed his sunglasses on his eyes. He watched his son ascend the stairs. He felt like he was ascending more than just those slate colored stairs. It was the day the Surge subconsciously dreaded. The day that Josh would come face to face with the world ahead him. He could only hope that Josh could pick a pokemon that could actual protect him and become strong enough to be with the gym leader. Surge wanted him to be the successor and bearer of the Vermillion Gym and Thunder Badge respectively. But things never went as planned. Surge was one to attest to that fact. Things hardly went to plan where he had come from--war.

Surge ascended the stairs as well. Things felt different, it was a certain static in the air that he didn't like.

Sgt Shock
September 15th, 2009, 7:32 AM
Chapter 1: Spark of the Flames

The time was here. Josh had finally made it to the Power Plant, around it really. The workers there would not allow him inside due to the high voltages but there were plenty of electric Pokemon around to get by. But yet, Josh hasn't found the right one. From those he have seen, which was not much either wasn't an electric pokemon like he wish such as Grimers or wasn't the electric pokemon that he wanted such Pikachus, Magnemites, and Voltorbs.

Josh had learned to be careful. He was attacked earlier by a Voltorb, which used "Self-Destruct" when it was spooked, that forced Josh to jump backwards to avoid the blast radius. He was one of the lucky ones. Many beginner trainers were seriously injured or even killed by wild pokemon without protection of a pokemon. That is why many new trainer traveled to Pallet Town to obtain their starter Pokemon to provide protection. This luxury was something that Josh did not have so remained on the outside of the grass trying to find this ideal pokemon. Though it has been hours, he hadn't flinched. He just held on to the red and white ball as hard as he could. At times, Josh thought the pokeball was going to crack due to the pressure that he was applying. But I hadn't yet, perhaps that was good sign.

Like a hawk, he watched. Nothing left his sight. From a polar ends of a Magnetmite, squared tail of a Pikachu, purple slime of a Grimer, he had seen it all. But none of those pokemon even gave a glance at him. “Maybe I'm being to a bit too picky?” Josh thought. Josh contemplated that thought. Was he being too picky or just particular? “Maybe a magnemite...” Josh thought trying to convince himself that was the pokemon that he wanted as his first.

No matter how hard that he tried, he couldn't convince himself. He knew there was another pokemon out there. It was like something was telling him, not to throw it yet because something else is meant for you. Josh was one to listen to his conscience. It normally would lead him in the right direction. Should he listen to it this time?

After another full hour, Josh stretched himself on the patches of light green grass bordering the taller grass. Josh knew even the lighter grass wasn't safe but it was just easier to avoid pokemon that way. Yet, he just stretched himself like it wasn't a hazard at all. He was used to danger anyway. His dad is slightly paranoid due to his times at war so he would normally install traps in the gym. Josh in turn had to either avoid the traps or activate them. Each of which he had done many times. This destroyed many of fears that Josh would encounter since his life was on the line every time that he entered his dad's gym.

Josh pressed the back of his hand against his forehead as he lied. He realized that his right hand was still clutching the pokeball and half way became numb due to hold it for so long. He glanced at the pokeball for a little while. Why was it empty? Why was he so cautious in making his first pokemon choice? Perhaps that its the same cautious nature that gives his dad the impulses put traps in his gym was inherited as well. Josh cringed at the though of that. They were alike on many different levels: emotional, spiritual, and physical. Josh often wondered what he had inherited from his mother. He sighed at the thought.

Josh sat up and gazed into the grass once more. It was there that he noticed a bit different. It wasn't like any other pokemon that he had seen in the hours. Only seeing only a glance of its small, yellow and black striped arms, he knew it was different. Josh stood up.

He slowly maneuvered his body to view the pokemon within the grass. From his new angle, he could see the pokemon clearly. It was a round yellow pokemon. Its arms were short but appeared they were a bit bulkier compared to smaller pokemon. The yellow creature had two black stripes around its arms as well as one black stripe around it stomach stopping in the middle. At where the two ends of the one stripe of the stomach ended was a thunderbolt. The defining feature of this small creature was two small horns that appeared to be prongs of a plug.

The small creature looked over its shoulder. Its small dot of a pupil stared sharply into Josh's eyes. It had an unmistakable flame in its eyes. It stopped moving. Examining Josh like Josh was examining it. The both of them were calculating each other movements. “This one is just like me. It’s an Elekid.”

Josh heart pounded in his chest. He wished he could appease this Elekid by ripping his heart to give it to him. “Should I just throw this?” Josh said pressing the button of the ball causing it to expand. “But maybe, I can wear it out.”
Josh seemed more pleased with that than actually throwing the ball or ripping his heart out.

The small Elekid took small steps forwards while Josh took larger ones. The Elekid stopped itself for walking and began to charge electricity. It wanted to fight now as though it too had a plan for Josh. It suddenly disappeared from where it was standing to close the gap between Josh and itself. It suddenly charged its hand with electricity and shot a smaller bolt of lightning from its fist.

Josh side stepped it quickly. The Elekid actually packed a punch with its electricity especially for just a Thundershock. Josh quickly measured the the distance between the two of them. The Elekid seemed to do the same but acted on it by throwing several lightning bolts this time instead of just one. Josh managed to dodge them with evasion maneuvers managing to close the gap. The Elekid looked a bit surprised at Josh's agility and prepared itself for another thundershock but realized that it was quickly out of power. It seemed clinched it teeth and cursing itself for its own feebleness. It suddenly performed another quick attack trying to create distance.

Josh just closed his eyes for a moment. Josh knew the distance of that quick attack despite only seeing it once. That was one of Josh's innate skills that he learned living in Vermilion Gym. He had to remember the distance between each pole within the gym because of the discharge. In result, distancing something by the **** of the eye was something he was good at. He planned to throw it ahead to catch the Elekid to catch it in the middle of the next quick attack. He opened his eyes and threw the pokeball. The pokeball was launched ahead of his opponent and opened. The Elekid was soon enveloped in white light, entering into the pokeball. But the battle wasn't over yet the button was still red. The pokeball shook several times, swaying back and forth. At last, the creature finally succumbed to being caught allowing the pokeball's button stopped glowing red.

Josh smiled. He walked up to the crimson and white ball to pick it up. He looked at it for moment. He was more than proud but was impressed as well. This Elekid was just like him. It had a strategy coming into battle and used performed it to perfection.

“I'll name you when we get back. You must be tired,” Josh said.


“It's a male. It seems pretty uninjured. Did you weaken it?”

“I managed to wear it down. It is my first pokemon.”

“Wow. That's impressive. I'm surprised that I'm not treating your injuries. But, you are the son of the “Lightning American” So being careful is part of your nature.”

The young nurse tapped her nails against the heal chamber. Her pink hair, in two distinctive loops, bounced up and down as she worked behind the counter. She had fair colored skin as well as blue eyes. She was one of many of the same features, almost like clones. However, this was Nurse Joy of Cerulean City and obviously she was thinking about something other than Josh's pokemon. Her eyes had revealed that much.

“Nurse Joy. Is something wrong?” Josh found himself asking.

“Oh it's nothing.”

That was obviously a lie. Josh could see from behind the counter that she was fumbling with many objects that he knew she was accustomed to holding. Something was worrying her. Was it about his pokemon? Or was it something more?

“It's not about your pokemon. He is perfectly fine,” she said staring off into the small television on the other side of the room. “Its just these attacks that have me bothered.”

“Attacks?” Josh cocked his head in confusion.

“It's nothing for you to worry about. It's not like you’re going too far away....” the nurse faded off. “So what you are going to name it?” she said conveniently stopping the conversation at its root.

“Volt. I want him name, Volt,” Josh said smiling.

“Well, tell him that,” Nurse Joy said also giving a smile.

Nurse Joy grabbed the pokeball from the small healing chamber and placed it on the counter. Josh picked it up and then thought about it. This would be the first time that he and Volt would meet without being enemies. Josh had prepared himself for the worst cast possible, that being that it probably hated him for taking it away from its home.

He gave a slight toss. The pokeball bounced on the ground and opened. The small pokemon appeared from the dim white light. Volt the Elekid gazed up to its new master.

Josh approached the creature and placed his hand between the two plug-like horns on his hand expecting to be shocked. Instead it just stared at Josh, a bit confused on his courage to actually place his hand there of all places. It seemed to be pleased all of a sudden. Though it appeared to not trust him entirely but it wasn't complete disdain. That was a good start. Josh had read many people hated their trainers in the beginning. He hoped that he wasn't going to have to deal with that.

“Do you like the name, Volt?” Josh asked.

It nodded it head a bit before saying its name in a low tone. It appeared to want something else added to it. Like a title. Josh smiled. It was just like him, always wanting something more. It was just so adamant.

“Sergeant Volt?”

It was suddenly pleased a lot more than it previously was. From this excitement, the Elekid began to admit static forcing Josh to quickly take back his hand. It gave a resemblance of a light laughter as Josh check his hands.

“You two will make good friends,” Nurse Joy proclaimed.

“Yes we will. Right, Sergeant.” Volt nodded his head in agreement.

“You must have really impressed him out there.”

Josh picked the pokeball from the ground and closed it. He wanted to have Volt walked around with him a bit more to understand his character. But that planned quickly changed when Lt. Surge entered the Pokemon Center. Josh found himself quickly returning Volt to his pokeball before his dad could get a clear view through those opaque glass doors. Josh quickly shot up to his feet when his dad entered.

Lt. Surge quickly glanced over the area. This was an habit of his. Anything could be a threat and he was going to be the first to see it when it happened even if it was a Pokemon Center. During this initial scan, he found his son. It was only when he scanned back over when he approached him.

“Josh,” the man's gruff voice spoke towards Josh at full force.

“Sir,” Josh responded.

“Did you find one?” Surge spoke with taking his sunglasses off to polish them.

“Yes. Sir,” Josh remained concise.

“But, Matis, I would advise Josh's pokemon to get some more rest before coming out again,” Joy suddenly interrupted.

Anyone who spoke Lt. Surge's first name knew him well. He never revealed that information to anyone excluding medical professionals who wouldn't dare to call him by his first name anyway. Yet the Nurse Joy of both Cerulean and Vermilion could speak his name and without getting the blue eyed death stare. The same stare that Josh was holding off right now.

Nurse Joy of Cerulean knew his name and personality well. She nursed him back to health in the war. She knew that he could be both paranoid and caring at the same time. She knew that inner soldier that cares for the protection but that same inner soldier was the person who couldn't stand not evolved pokemon.

“I'm glad that you caught one, son,” Lt. Surge said obviously with a piece of candy in his mouth.

“I am too, sir,” Josh trying to keep the conversation short.

“We are heading home. Get ready.”

“Please give it the chance to rest,” Nurse Joy giving a wink towards Josh.

“I will.”

Lt. Surge gave a sharp turn towards the door. Josh knew this is going to be a problem. His dad probably read through Nurse Joy's bluff. He had interrogated people in the past so he knew the differences between a lying face and a truthful one no matter how hard they tried to mask it. Josh was no exception to this rule.

Josh followed his father out of the door but not before nodding towards Nurse Joy for the temporary buffer. She sighed and waved goodbye as Josh followed closely behind his dad. She knew it will probably be a long day for Josh.

September 15th, 2009, 4:55 PM
I. love. the. story.

Really great job, I think the best part about it is the realism of the dialogue. It seems like some real character emotions. The only negative I could think of is that it get's a bit repetitive in some parts, but that's just really minor.

Keep it up, and I'll keep reading!


Sgt Shock
September 16th, 2009, 4:45 AM
I. love. the. story.

Really great job, I think the best part about it is the realism of the dialogue. It seems like some real character emotions. The only negative I could think of is that it get's a bit repetitive in some parts, but that's just really minor.

Keep it up, and I'll keep reading!


Thanks. It does get a bit repetitive at parts so I have been proofreading the entire thing to add variety. Thanks. Dialogue has been my best asset really. :P It's a time I can show my character's personality.

Thanks for responding. :)

Sgt Shock
September 16th, 2009, 9:28 AM
Chapter 2: Over Protection, Under Control

“What is it?” Surge's voice thundered.

Josh couldn't hold off his father's glares any longer. His stare was like he was piercing into his very heart to find a piece of information that he wanted. Josh had managed to hold him off until they got the Vermilion Gym but this was breaking point. Surge's face had harden; like it had be pressured like coal to create a blood-filled diamond.

Lt. Surge struck the switch to activate the lights of the gym. Josh felt as though the light just merge together to form one heated spotlight. Perspiration broke on Josh's brow though the the gym itself was still cold and slightly darker than it normally was. This felt like an interrogation room and Josh was the witness.

Surge walked through the gym, but stopped at two silver poles. Apparently he forgot to inactivate his traps when he last exited the gym so he would have to do it manually. There were several long silver poles throughout the gym, when an intruder would step between them it would activate a large lightning bolt. It was unknown to Josh if these lightning bolts actually killed someone before but they have done damage to him once or twice before. He wanted to run in between them to get away from his father right now. He quickly written it off as a stupid idea.

Surge quickly jumped onto one of the poles and leaped his way to the other side of the gym to inactivate all of the poles. Of course, he didn't step off of the last pole. He flipped off it to his chair on the other side of the gym. He stared at his son from afar. Josh really didn't want to tell him now especially after he pulled something like that.

“Show me now, son."

“Okay…” Josh’s voice lost all of its power.

A person really couldn't argue with a former commanding officer nevertheless with a person that was just inactivated traps in his own gym. He was already in a bad mood; Josh could see it within his father general facial expressions. Did he already know?

Josh quickly took the pokeball from his pocket, expanded it, and tossed it. The pokeball opened revealing Volt. He looked around to collect its thoughts but quickly ran to Josh's side when it observed Surge's obviously angered face.

“It’s an Elekid, huh?” Surge said calmly, his face was within an odd discord with his voice.

“Y-yes sir,” Josh could feel how this conversation was going. He hated it already.

“You know what I am going to say then.”

“Evolve it?” Josh said grabbing at the last piece of air he could muster from his lungs.

“I have Rare Candies in the back.”

“But dad...” wanted to say but knew that it wasn't going to come out. He foresaw that he was going to say it. He pressured all of his trainers in the gym to do it when they caught a pokemon why would he be any different? Josh couldn't put himself to do it. It was like forcing his pokemon to skip its entire childhood to become an adult. That wasn't the way that Josh wanted Volt to take.

“i can't Dad.”

“You will!” Surge suddenly snapped.


Surge paused for a moment. His anger was flustering. He couldn't put his anger into words. The fact is, he wanted his son's protection over anything. Small pokemon couldn't protect anything, Surge found that the hard way especially with an Elekid of all things.

Surge couldn't help but remember in his times at war. That raid. It was that horrific day. When they raided the town, there was something that hurt him more than anything. Out of all the dead bodies that he saw, it was that one that bothered him. The enemy had attacked a small hut with only a child and his pokemon left inside. The pokemon, an Elekid like the one that stood before him now, was being held hostage along with the child. The Elekid tried to fight off the enemy but before Surge had the time to jump in both the kid and his young pokemon was dead. It tried and failed to protect its trainer. Small pokemon wasn't strong enough to protect its master nor itself.

“Small pokemon can't protect anyone, son!” Surge shouted as flashes of the mangled body of the Elekid and its trainer flashed in his mind.

“But, all pokemon starts off small.”

“That doesn't mean they have to stay that way! They die if not protected. There are people out there that are dangerous and you need all the help that you need in life!”

“Not every place is war, dad!” Josh found himself shouting.

“Not every place but everybody is one! Now, evolve it. That's an ORDER!”

“You're my dad not my commanding officer. You never could understand the difference.”

Volt stared up to his master. Small drops of water fell from Josh’s eyes on to its head. It quickly registered in his mind that its master was somehow hurt by this other person and took its ground in front of Josh.

“No...Volt...” Josh spoke calmly.

Josh quickly scooped his Elekid up and ran out of the gym. Surge clinched his teeth as his watched his son silently cry. He hadn't seen him cry since they discussed about his wife. But he knew it was for the best and he was going to stand his ground. He was right, Josh was wrong. He knew that from experience and he wasn't about to break.


“He never could understand me...”

Volt responded with a buzz between the openings in his horns. It couldn't help to feel a bit concerned for its new master, so it lunged at his leg grabbing it tightly. Josh looked down to him and smiled through the silent tears. Josh couldn't understand why it trusted him so much.

“T-thanks, Volt.”

More than ever, Josh wanted to leave this town. If he had entered back into that gym, he would have to evolve it. That was the simple fact that even he couldn't ignore. Even if it meant running away, he wasn't going to evolve Volt. Josh of all people should know that a childhood should be one of memories. His dad couldn't understand it since he never had a great childhood himself, he went into the war when he was eighteen.

Josh opened the door to their house. Aside from popular relief, the gym leaders do have homes other than the gym. Josh entered the home and proceeded upstairs to his room.

It was a smaller room decorated as expected of a son of a war leader. The walls were a deep green color with matching striped bedspread. The walls was decorated with several knives and guns were polished and in working condition to the respective weaponry. Josh figured that he would at least take one knife and one pistol. He grabbed a small silver pistol as well as a sliver blade with a black hilt from the wall.
He then approached the small desk on the north side of the wall right beside the window. Upon it was a small silver laptop. He unplugged it from it charger and wrapped it around his arm to coil it. He then scooped the laptop itself up.

Volt watched as Josh prepared all of these things, slightly confused what was going on. After a few more minutes of being utterly bewildered, Volt took a spot on a small stool beside Josh's bed. It swung its legs as it watched.

Josh proceeded to closet, then the cherry wood colored drawer, and finally ended it back in the middle of the room. He gazed up into the ceiling and sighed. He was really going through with this. But what was it right? Josh glanced over to his Elekid would found itself playing with the bedspread. He knew then, it was the right decision.
Josh found the knife leather sheath as well as the pistol holder and placed the weapons within their storage. He then placed them within a large black storage bag.

“Well. Time to get some food too,” Josh said staring down at Volt who appeared to be hungry.

Josh felt his stomach growl slightly as well. It was a good idea to get some food.


“So he's planning to leave...” Surge spoke as he looked through his binoculars.

“Rai...?” a small but low sounding animal spoke.

“I shouldn't stop him. He needs to get away from this city and explore anyway.”

Lt. Surge was obviously concerned considering he was using binoculars to view his son packing. Surge's Raichu was standing right beside him, he too with a pair of binoculars pointing at the home across from the Gym. The large orange mouse with yellow checks shared glances with its master several times.

“I'm worried. You know that. Stop staring at me!”

“Rai..” the Raichu nodded its head.

“But the world isn't as well as this town. The six regions; Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Firore, and Almia are corrupted with criminals, thieves, murderers. The Pokemon world isn't sunshine and daisies.”

Raichu placed down its binoculars and tapped Lt. Surge on his shoulder. Surge looked towards his Raichu and was met by a punch. Surge glared at his Raichu after recuperating silently cursed on his way.

“Bastard, why did you do that for?”

Silence filled the void between the two creatures. They seemed to be reading each other’s mind during that time. Surge at times seemed to be arguing with his eyebrow movement and facial motions. He finally gave up and sighed realizing that what he's Raichu had implied was right.

“Fine! You're right! I think he know that,” Surge shouted grabbing his blonde hair.

Pleased at the fact, the Raichu took its binoculars and glared back out of the window. Surge clinched his teeth, obviously still concerned. Josh might not understand completely what this world is coming to but he will not conform to the things but fight against it. This was his journey like the war was his. He just wished that he picked a better time than these times.

Surge grabbed towards the remote control and turned it on. The images flashed causing Surge to sit up. It was yet another death, this time and visiting executive of the Devon Corporation from the Hoenn region. That was the second death in the week and really didn't settle well with Surge's paranoia at all.

“Damn it. I can't let him leave! I'm so PARANOID!” Surge shouted allowing almost everyone that was present in the gym to hear it.

His Raichu rolled its eyes but crunching its fist. It walked over to its master once again. Surge sighed and waved his hand telling the Raichu another punch wasn't necessary. Surge just turned the television off before he could see anything else about the story. It would bother him more than he already was. He ended just looking out the window as his son prepared himself to leave. He sighed like any father would; maybe this was a lesson for him too.


“Are you ready to go, Volt?

Volt nodded his head in confirmation. Josh had prepared himself to at least make it to Saffron City. He hadn't decided how he was going to make a living while he was out there. He never found gaining Gym Badge real appealing. Maybe just traveling would be enough while training Volt as well. Other than that, he did not know what he was going to do.

“Sir Surge!” a gentleman cried out.

Josh turned around to see a lean man from the general direction of the gym. Josh quickly assumed it to be one of the trainers from the Gym. "Tucker, maybe?" It appeared to be him. He had the graying black hair, brown tuxedo, brown hat, as well as the flamboyant mustache.

The man appeared to be running but didn't have the speed of a running pace. It was more like a jog really. Nevertheless, the older gentlemen made it to Josh. He was panting but obviously he was fine.

“Tucker, what are you doing here?” Josh asked.

“T-the...” Tucker took some more time to breathe. “The Lieutenant wanted to give you this for your journey.”

“Isn't he upset that I'm not coming...wait,” Josh looked towards Tucker in confusion. “How does he know that I'm leaving?"

Josh glared up the highest window of the Gym to see a pair of binoculars glaring down at him. He rolled his eyes in disgust. “Should have known...” Josh exclaimed loudly in his head. Tucker waited for Josh to finish the rest of his previous sentence.

“Isn't he angry that I'm RUNNING AWAY?” Josh said shouting slowly for his dad could read his lips properly.

“Of course he is. He's contemplating out loud again about should he actually let you go through with this.”

For a commanding officer, Surge was indecisive. He couldn't help but think twice about ever action that he made when it came to Josh. But this time more than ever since his son's life was the life in danger. It was like one of the many war commands that Surge had to give. Josh just gave sigh thinking about his dad pacing the gym.

“But he does know that you probably need to leave here...” Tucker spoke clearly without a pant interrupting him this time.

“That's good.”

Tucker poured out all the contents in his pockets and placed it within Josh's palms. Josh looked over the assortment of items within the palm of his hand. It consisted of a five pokeballs, some money, and a mysterious red device. Josh placed the pokeball and the money in his pocket but he stared at the small device for a bit longer. It was a Pokedex. But how did his dad get it?

“It's your dad's. He never really used it because he was drafted in the war before he could actually start his journey. It's practically empty but the scanner function is broken beyond repair. But perhaps it could be of some use somehow.”

“Tell dad thanks,” Josh said. “But I would have long preferred that he came down here and talked to me personally."

“He's a confusing individual,” Tucker quickly said in defensive, obviously disgust was written on Josh's fast.

“Tell me about it,” Josh agreed.

“But he cares for you. See you with an Elekid probably worried him.”

“One day. I'll bring home an Electivire. But on his time, not mine.”

“That's good,” Tucker spoke stroking his mustache in the process.

“Well. I'm off.”

Josh adjusted his back pack. He looked towards Volt who appeared to be a little tired from walking. It stared at the pokeball on Josh's belt and then pointed. Josh accommodated this by returning him to the pokeball.

“It will grow strong and so will you, Josh. Come back safely.”

“I will. But tell dad; DO NOT send a search party. I know he has “friends” in every branch of the POCE.”

“He will not call the Peacekeepers Organization of Commanding Elites. I won't let him do that,” Tucker giving a reassuring smile out of that.

“You don't know him like I do. Keep an eye on him for me, Tucker.”

“I will.”

Tucker wrapped his frail arms around Josh's neck. Josh returned the hug. Tucker was like an uncle to him. He has been working at the gym for years so he watched Josh grow up. It was hard for him to see Josh leave but he was leaving now. He knew it was probably harder for Surge. Tucker released his grip on Josh and Josh did the same.

“Be careful.”

“Remember, careful is in my blood.”

“Ha ha. That's right you're a Surge. You should know how to be careful.”

Josh turned towards the exit leading to Route 6. He could feel his stomach curl slightly. Josh felt nervous but he knew his father wasn't going to go back on his word. It was here, he was going to start his journey.A road had painted itself in front of him with many possibilities. Where that road lead, he couldn't predict.

Sgt Shock
September 16th, 2009, 6:27 PM
Chapter 3: Martyrs and Might

Route 6 wasn't a tough road for Volt. For an Elekid, it handled Bellsprouts superbly despite the grass type pokemon’s ability to transfer the electricity through its roots. Amongst the Bellsprouts, Volt had fought several Pidgeys, Ratattas, and Meowths. It even disposed of a Pidgetto after working hard to defeat it. Volt had a spirit of a warrior within such a small body. It was however bleeding slightly from Gust followed by a Tackle but, it struck back hard with a Thundershock. But even as the victor, a large gash was seen above Volt's eye and trailed down to below it. Luckily its eye wasn't hurt too badly for it not to see from it.

“We need to make it, Saffron City. Do you think you can make it?” Josh spoke to Volt who touched the blood dripping from its eye.

He nodded its head. It was tough, indeed. It hardly even appeared to be in pain though obvious it was. How was it so determined? Was it listening to what Surge was saying about small pokemon? Was it trying to make a point?

Volt smiled slightly as the blood poured from its wound. Josh quickly took a small cloth from his pack to clean the wound slightly. Before he could finish Josh heard a slight ruffle in the grass. Josh looked over his shoulder to see a Mankey now lunging at him. Josh managed to dodge it but before he could order the Volt to do anything, the Mankey was engulfed in flames. Josh quickly searched for the source of this flame. He managed to catch a glimpse of a red bird. As soon as Josh approached it, it was gone.

Josh began to tend to the small Mankey, previously the assailant, now the victim. Its breathing had began to slow but managed to stop the flames by rolling itself in the mud. The burns were severe and it needed to go to the Pokemon Center now above anything. Josh scooped up the Mankey, holding it tightly to his chest.

“We have to get to Saffron fast before this Mankey dies.”

Volt seemed to agree by taking his space in front of Josh though its own blood stained the very blades of grass that it stood on. Josh quickly ran onto the dirt path and began sprinting as fast as he could. Volt cleared the way of any pokemon that could get in his way by scaring them off with Thundershocks paving a safer path for his trainer. When Josh got to the small building at the end of the road, he was slightly exhausted but knew he had to make it a bit longer to get to the Pokemon Center.


“It is a gamble if we can save it or not. Did you do this?”

“No I didn't. I would never hurt a pokemon to this extreme.”

“These are flame burns. So I guess that you are not the perpetrator. Besides if you were, there would be an entering and exiting point from the lightning.”

This scene felt like Déjà vu to Josh. He sat within the silk red chair as Volt was being treated by Nurse Joy's Chansey for his wound on its left eye. The Nurse had told Josh that the pokemon would recover but he probably never would get rid of that scar of his eye. It would lead to some discoloration of that eye, but nothing that would harm the pokemon from seeing the things in front of him. Josh knew that Volt would be okay, however the pokemon that he was worried about was the Mankey. It was in horrible shape when Josh had finally got it to the Pokemon Center. The Mankey’s white body was covered in repulsive black scars as well as blood filled blisters. Nurse Joy of Saffron was forced to gain some assistance from the Nurse Joy from Celedon to find a way to heal its wounds.

The Chansey handed Josh back Volt’s pokeball with its normal jovial smile written across its face. Josh gladly took the ball and placed it back on a latch on his belt. The Chansey nodded when the deed was finish and progress back up to the counter leaving Josh alone to again think about the Mankey. Josh dug his elbow into the arm of the red chair, looking down into his own reflection in the off-white tile.

“Today has been so horrible…” Nurse Joy looked into the white ceiling watching the fan perform its normal rounds.

“W-what's wrong with today?” Josh spoke.

“This isn't the first charred pokemon that we have had today. There were a Ratatta, another Mankey, and a Bellsprout. Only this Mankey has a chance to survive. The others were dead before we got the chance to try to recover them. Oh dear and above that...”

There was an above that. Three pokemon were dead from burns and the other on was on critical condition. How could it get any worse than that? A person was on the loose that killed people and left their body to decompose into the earth. What could be higher than a person killing pokemon for amusement? “Unless…” Josh came to the conclusion.

“Above that, another executive of the Silph Corporation has been given a death threat.”

Josh's heart stopped. Was someone going to be killed? Not that the pokemon being dead was enough, a murder was planned to happen in this very town. Josh felt his stomach quiver from the fear that swelled within it. Who was doing this? Why were they doing this?

While Josh was pondered these questions, a young man entered the Pokemon Center. He scrolled up the counter observing everything around him. He seemed to be pleased by the general layout of the Pokemon Center. He placed his hand on the counter and flashed a smile towards the woman. Nurse Joy still hadn’t acknowledged him so the man took it in his own hands.

“Ah-em,” the young man suddenly coughed to obtain the grasp on Joy's attention.

“Sorry. I'm a bit out of it.”

“You're not allowed to be out of it. You're a nurse. You need to be into it,” the young man said waving his finger from side to side.

“Forgive me....” she said as she took in his face then squealed loudly when it processed. “You're Gabriel “Redheart” Kirk.”

“Oh, Kanto people know about Contest. That's pleasant.”

“Who wouldn't know you? You're an amazing coordinator,” the Nurse Joy had increased to a normal fan to a fan girl in seconds. Nurse Joys were widely known to be fans of contest, no matter what region the inhabited.

“Oh. It's not like my ego needs to be fed anymore than it already has,” the young man named Gabriel spoke.

“What do you need?” Nurse Joy spoke merrily.

“Zuri needs rest. She's been at it all day.”

“Is this Zuri the Combusken? Aww, she is just beautiful when she's in contest,” Fan Girl Joy kicked into overdrive.

“She knows and I know. I don't win contest with just a pretty face…” Gabriel paused that wasn’t entirely true. “Well...it helps,” he admitted.

“That's right. Would you mind waiting for a little while longer? I’m in a bit of a coil right now.”

“Oh that's fine. It's not like I have anything better to do.”

The young man walked over to where Josh was sitting and took the seat right beside him. He appeared to be rather young despite his height. His face was young with no trace of aging. Around his checks and across the bridge of his nose were freckles that made him off to be innocent yet charming. He had long blonde hair that covered one of his eyes. It was tied into a ponytail by a line of feathers and a red hair band. He placed his hand on his small face showing that he had black painted nails with small skulls and roses on each finger. His blue eyes darted over to Josh who was still kind of staring behind the counter as well as glancing at Gabriel at the same time.

“Hm, you look familiar,” Gabriel said staring the conversation with his smooth voice.

“Everyone says that. I'm Lt. Surge's son, Josh Surge.”

“Oh! I heard about your Dad. Great man, I’ve heard.”

“Yeah…He is...” Josh tried to keep his voice from fading into the recesses of the conversation. Gabriel quickly caught on.

“Hm...That’s interesting. So what are you doing here? You don't look much like a badge collector.”

“I’m trying to find a purpose while getting Volt stronger. Badge collecting isn’t topping my list,” Josh knew too much about gyms to travel to go see them.

“Ah I see. You don’t want to follow in the footsteps of your father. I know that can be…” Gabriel flicked his hair from his face. “Difficult.”

“What are you doing here? I thought you were some Coordinator. Kanto doesn't have things like that.”

“I'm business trip. I’m just killing some time until my next contest, which is not until months from now,” he dreaded the word months. Master rank contest were few and in between thus he had nothing to do but train during those times.

Once Josh got a good look at him, he did look like he was a Coordinator. Like all the coordinators on television, he was dressed unusual. He was wearing a long red jacket which sleeves ending at his fingertips. He wore long red pants that hid his feet with a large yellow belt to keep it up. He wore black gloves which with his long black nails made it seem like he had talons hidden with his sleeves. If Josh didn't hear his voice, he would have thought him to be a female.

“I have an idea. I think you look tough enough to join the KRPD.”

“KRPD?” Josh questioned.

“Kanto Region Police Department, get with the program,” Gabriel said. “They are part of the Interpol of the Six Regions. They are kind of like Rangers but more of a SWAT team kind of thing. They protect the regions from bad people that abuse pokemon or hurt people. You can still capture pokemon yet you protect the weak and innocent of the world. Simple.”

“You think I can make it.”

“After that performance with saving that Mankey, I think you can handle it,” the thought that Gabriel knew of the Mankey did not even cross Josh’s mind.

“You know a lot about KRPD. You work with them?” Josh found himself asking.

“I run into them all the time. They are nice people.”

“Gabriel! Your pokemon is ready!” Nurse Joy shouted.

“I guess that is the cue for me to leave. Remember; try for KRPD. I’m sure that we will meet again some time. Bon voyage...”

Gabriel stood up and approached the desk. He quickly picked up the orange and red ball that stood on the desk. “It must be a custom made ball or something,” Josh told himself as Gabriel polished it off. Gabriel gave a glance towards Josh for a minute as though he just remembered something. He snapped his finger when the idea came to his mind.

“There's a police department on the north end of this town matter a fact. Go get them.”

“Thanks man. Good luck on your contest,” Josh spoke thanking him.

“Merci. But I don’t use things like luck,” he shrugged his shoulders. “Well, I have to be going. I have things to do, people to see. Au Revoir.”

“See ya.”

Gabriel disappeared out of the Pokemon Center like he came, leaving once to think about that Mankey actually going through this KPRD headquarters. “I'm probably not going to make it. What purpose would I have? I couldn't...”

The thought halted as soon as the two Nurse Joys from Celadon and Vermillion walked into the room with morbid expression penciled over their normal jovial ones. Tears streamed down one of the nurse’s face (which one it was Josh did not know) whilst the other seemed to be more quickly upset over the matter at hand. Josh found himself standing up to approach the two ladies.

“Its condition suddenly turned to worst....and it passed...” the Nurse Joy tears were flowing as she spoke. It was hard enough to hear the news but to hear it through sobs made it worst. A part of Josh’s soul hardened.

“We tried. I'm sorry. You did good bringing it here,” the other Joy remained optimistic about the situation.

“But I didn't save it. It's still dead.”

“I-” the optimistic Joy was shot down by pessimism leaving her lost without words to say.

What could she say? You will save the next one. She hoped it wouldn't be a next time. But this boy, any other person would have left the Mankey to continue their training. Morals were like a lost art now, only a few practiced it. But yet this child was so determined to save this pokemon’s life. Nurse Joy had long thought that almost everyone had lost their principles in this moral-deteriorating world. She was happy to see that she was wrong now. She watched the general passion for justice flower in the eyes of Josh.

Josh's teeth gnashed against each other, grinding them like an axe being sharpened against a stone. “Who would do that even when it came to pokemon?” Any person that knew pokemon wouldn't order a pokemon to attack at full strength. Training was meant to just gently faint the pokemon for they can later recover in no more than five minutes max. Training wasn't meant to create pathways of death to make your pokemon stronger. Not meant to pave a pathway in blood. What was this world coming to?

“You seemed angered,” said the green-eyed Nurse Joy spoke.

“Who would do this?”

“This is not the first….nor the last…” Nurse Joy sighed a moment. “I don't know.”

“You should head back to Celadon, sister,” the Nurse Joy with amber colored eyes spoke this time.

“I will. I'm sorry I couldn't help.”

Josh made a mental note that the Nurse Joy from Celadon had green colored eyes as she walked off. But she stopped at the door to view, Josh for a couple of moments. She truly loved trainers who actually had a set of morals. Though there were few, they were like a precious gem to her. She couldn’t bring herself to leave without a word of encouragement for the young child. It would be a shame to both her and him.

“Change this world, Josh.”

The Nurse Joy left before Josh could say anything else leaving Josh with her sister from Saffron. “Change this world?” Josh pondered as the woman’s white apron drifted out of the door along with her body. “How can I change the world?”

The Nurse Joy with amber colored eyes released all the stress that was building in her chest with one exhale. It had been a bad day for her. It was a bad day for Josh as well. It was there when Josh figured that this might be the feeling of seeing causality on the battlefield. He never wanted to see that again.

“Nurse Joy,” Josh spoke sternly.

“Yes,” she said waking form her self-induced trance.

“Where is the police headquarters?”

“Um...it's the building beside where the Fighting Dojo is. Why?” the Nurse said pressing her fingertips on her cheek.

“I think I just found my calling...”

Josh stood up. Whoever commented this crime was never going to get away with anything else like it. He wanted to stop anyone that was like him or her that could bring his or her self to the point to kill pokemon, discarding them like toys. He hated them already. He knew that this was the right decision. It was meant for him to do. He was going to rid this plague of crime that poisoned the world, causing it to die along with innocence creatures that inhabited it. That was his goal and he was going to achieve it.
Nurse Joy folded her arms as she looked into the flames that consumed Josh's eyes. Like her sister, she had realized the difference in how the world used to be and how it was now. It was rare that someone wanted to do something productive instead of just aimless doing whatever they wished with Pokemon at their side. Justice was nothing more than and crumbling word of consonants and vowels. It was a shame. She was going to do all she could do to help this young man.

“Chansey,” Nurse Joy beckoned.

The Chansey that Josh had seen earlier suddenly manifested out of nowhere behind the desk. It happily sung and raised it hand like it knew what Nurse Joy was about to ask. It’s egg-like body moved in wave like motions performing some sort of a “happy dance” for the job that it was about to be given.

“Take care of any patients while I show this young man to the KRPD center,” Nurse Joy sweetly commanded.

The Chansey stretched its arm out happily and quickly began working on various tasks behind the desk. Nurse Joy slipped from behind it grabbing her white leather purse on her way. She quickly checked the charts and other things before approaching Josh. She nodded her head and exited. Josh followed not so far behind.


In Silph Co

“Who's there?”

He interlacing his fingers nervously together he waited. Maybe it was some Pidgey or Spearow that accidentally knocked window. That had to be it. No one could get to the window of the Silph Building without being seen nevertheless get through the window without gunned down by the security. Then why was he on edge?

Seth Martin of the Silph Corporation has been drenched in sweat since he had received a message on his desk that he was going to die today at 12:00 P.M. At first, he wouldn't have believed it. He would have just flicked his brown hair aimlessly from his face and continued to his business. However he knew that the same murderer most likely killed someone from the Devon Corporation in Hoenn made him think more and more about it. He knew Mr. Devon well, he wasn't a careless individual. So how was he killed so easily?

He took the normal measures that anyone else would have taken. He stationed so much security around the building that even a fly couldn't be seen without noted by someone else. It was tight no one could get in or out. It was the best course of action. He had planned an escape, but the fact of him being in broad daylight with the killer most likely being in the city was unsettling as well. He opted out of leaving the building, feeling that he would be safe if he was in a highly secured area. But he couldn’t shake of this feeling, this feeling of futility and helplessness that he had been soaking in along with his own sweat. What did he do to deserve this fate?

Martin's suit was now abhorrently sticking to his skin. He could feel his hands were quivering from all of the fear that was building up. It was 11:58. “Are these the last two minutes of his life?” He stared off into the sky. Was he going to ascend to the clouds today?

“Why hello...”

Martin was suddenly seized by a small arm around his neck. He stole a glimpse of the blonde locks of this person's hair that fell in front of his face. The person wrapped his small arm tighter around Mr. Martin's thick neck. He was surprisingly strong. No matter how hard Martin tried to pry this man's arms from his neck, he was still ciphering air from his throat. He maneuvered in his chair just trying to escape the grasp of the grip. But the lost of air and energy made it harder and harder to do so.

“W-who are you,” Martin said trying to grasp for air as he talked.

“Just a man trying to have fun as all…”

Martin glared at the small red button on his desk. That crimson dot was his savior. As planned, if the assassin would have gotten in without notice somehow, he was to activate that small button. He reached toward it but was stopped by a small bird's talon around his wrist. The bird sudden grabbed Martin's wrist, crushing the carpals within them as he did so. They made a sick crunching sound.

“Do I have to keep on saying this to everybody that I kill? Do not call anyone,” the man said waving his fingertips from side to side in front of the executive's face with each word of the last sentence.

Martin could feel his heart beating harder and harder. He never had seen a pokemon’s eyes like this before. It was cold, empty, showing no ounce of mercy in its eyes. The bird would have been beautiful in any other occasion. It had a clean yellow upper body and orange lower body. It had large white talons that were clutched on Martin's wrest as well as brown talons as its feet. But those cold red eyes, it was like staring into the blood of your own veins.

“Looks like you've met, Zuri. Beautiful isn't she.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“It seemed fun. Too bad it wasn't.”

The assassin grabbed Martin's face suddenly with his free hand and forced his face to meet his. Martin gasped (or more like attempted to) from the sight that he saw. His assassin was no other than the famous coordinator, Gabriel Kirk. Gabriel stared within Martin’s brown eyes studying them for fear. Though they were basically bulging out of his head from Gabriel’s tight grasp, Gabriel found a sense of awkward beauty in them. He always thought a person’s eyes always looked their best just before they died. This was no different.

“I'm pretty disappointed here. I expected better. Oh well,” Gabriel said pressing his fingertips against Martin's nose.

“Why did we not...know...”

“Because I'm famous and I will NEVER doing anything like THAT. There are plenty trainers with fire pokemon. No one would suspect me. Besides, would someone really suspect an assassin show his face television? Come on, really.”

“Even if you kill me, the security camera has caught your face. You won't last long.”

“What security camera, Zuri?” Gabriel tapped on his face with his nails. “Did you see some security camera's when you came here?”

“-ken...” the Combusken shook its head.

“Oh that's right!” Gabriel snapped his fingers. “We disabled them before we got in here. Oh my god, I'm just so forgetful. Well, I'm well over time, Mr. Martin. I promised to kill you at noon and now its ten minutes after. Urgh, I’m so late.” Gabriel's hand suddenly ignited into dark purple flames. “Now you die,” Gabriel finished making a sweeping motion with the flames.

Mr. Martin’s screamed echoed to the streets below, flames had enveloped the office.

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Aww! Damnit, you beat me to the 3rd chapter! : D

You were certainly right, the action picked up at this point.

Keep it up fo' sho' :P


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Aww! Damnit, you beat me to the 3rd chapter! : D

You were certainly right, the action picked up at this point.

Keep it up fo' sho' :P


Told you. ha ha ha.
I'll keep it up. :p
Can't wait for your 3rd chapter.

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Chapter 4: Son of the Vermilion Strike Your Lightning

“You found the right place, Mr. Josh Surge!”

“Really, I didn't think it would be this...small.”

“Ha ha. We get that all the time. But I'm surprised someone of your age wants to join the force...” the receptionist stopped for a moment to think about her own age and the way he was dressed. “Well. I’m in the force and I’m here. You're a military son as well. You'll be fine."

The receptionist brushed hair light brown hair from her face. It was tied in a bun but her bangs were long enough obscure her vision. She seemed to be the same age as Josh, about sixteen or seventeen. Her green eyes were fixed to the papers in her hand but obviously she was still paying attention to Josh who calmly waited over the white desk. The woman pushed up her glasses before handing Josh the necessary paperwork.

"I can sign these...I'm not quite eighteen yet.”

“I don't see why not. We are short people here.”

When Josh thought about it, he hadn't seen many people here. It was almost barren in the entrance hallway. The black tiles and white furniture made the room look even large. I guess that is the appeal they wanted since the building itself was small. In the middle of the large room was a glass table and chairs, in which Josh was sitting at reading until the lady had called him up.

Josh quickly read over the paper work which consisted of him filling out tons of personal information. If his dad would have seen him doing this, he would have quite possibly asked why many of these questions were even up here. But he wasn't, so Josh did not worry about it. He stroked the black pen aimlessly through question to question, answering them as best as he could. It was only a couple of things that he couldn't answer and one was his mother's name. He couldn’t remember it even though his dad had told him when he was five and again at six years ago. He felt bad not knowing the woman’s name. It held painful memories.

He passed the assortment of yellow and white papers to the receptionist who quickly glanced over them. Josh was honestly surprised that the young lady could read his handwriting. That was an accomplishment that only his dad could accomplish aside from reading his own.

“Wow. This is a pretty masculine handwriting...” she said deciphering the words while putting it into the computer.

“You can read it though...”
“I've seen worst....” she paused thinking it was an insult. “I’m—“

“Nah. It's fine. At least you could read it.”

“Why is your mother's name blank...” she paused again realizing that might have been another incorrect thing. She stood there embarrassed.

“Because I can't answer it....” Josh said taking up the pause chain soon after it.

“I'm sorry. I lost my mom at an early age to the Unown Virus in Soloceon Town. I know how it is not to know her.”

She looked towards him for a little while to soak up what he just said as well as what she said. She assumed that this was inappropriate question and lowered her head slightly as she typed on the small desktop computer on her desk. After a few moments of silence, Josh smiled.

“Its fine ma'am, you wouldn't have known. I’m sorry about your mom.”

“It can’t be helped. How is your dad as a dad?” the woman smiled.

“My dad is a good single father. Strict....” he paused for a moment to look at his pokeball. “But he is good dad.”

This made Josh think about his statement when he stormed out of the gym. He felt bad for saying that now. He obviously did know the difference between being a commanding officer and being a father. Now that he thought about it, he was immature back there. He sighed.

“If you need any information, please call my dad. I want him to know that I made it here safely.”

“Yes sir...” the lady said with a smile. “Please proceed to the lounge to meet all of the officers.”

“Alright,” Josh nodded. Josh began to go but noticed that he had no clue where the lounge was at.

“Go down that hallway and it should be the fourth door on the right.”

“Thank you...” Josh paused for a moment realizing that he didn't know the woman's name.

“Katrine, Katrine Black. My dad is the Chief here.”

“Okay, Katrine. Hopefully I get to stay here.”

“Don't worry. You'll make it.”

Josh nodded his head and headed in the generally direction as the tan girl pointed. She watched him down the hallway and began working on the phone call to speak with Josh’s dad.

The hallway was a bit longer than he expected. When Katrine said four doors down, he thought it would be a little shorter than this. The reason why the hallway was so lengthy was a showcase displaying various pictures on the side. These pictures were of past Chiefs of the Police Squad of Kanto, several of them having the last name as Katrine. Josh quickly assumed that to be a family tradition to take on the Police Squad making him wonder if Katrine was tough enough to uphold the legacy.

Josh found the door after walking for what appeared to be quite some time. The white walls were becoming a blur to him so he was more than happy to have actually made it here. He glanced at the black label on the door to make sure it was the place that he was looking for. “LOUNGE” was craved and traced with gold paint within the small black plastic plate. Josh quickly assumed that it would be more appropriate to knock on the door than barging in.

“Come in,” a voice shouted from the other side.

Josh quickly obeyed and entered the area. It was smaller than most lounges. The lounge like the rest of the rooms that Josh had seen so far only considered of whites. There were three chairs; two sofas and a recliner forming something like a double sided “L”. In the middle of the furniture was a long black table. On the west wall was a vending machine for both snack and sodas while the east wall was relatively blank aside from artificial plant. Only three people were inside; two men and one woman.

The first man, who was reclining in the black chair, was a younger man in his early thirties. He had deep blonde hair similar to the color that Josh had achieved but it little darker due to some brown. He was a darker skinned man, probably from a warm climate or region. His facial features seemed to be young; perfect white smile, trimmed bread, and slicked back hair. The only thing that was different about the man was that his right eye was covered with black eye patch.

The next was the woman who was seating in a black long sofa that stretched across the length of the wall. She was a thin lady and appeared to be in her twenties. She had short red hair against her pale skin. She was wearing deep red lips stick but it appeared to be rather professional. Her dazzling tangerine color eyes flashed as she smirked.

The last person was a decent size gentleman, only slightly shorter than Josh's dad. Out of the three of them, he appeared to be the oldest from Josh's assessment and also appeared to be like the pictures that he saw outside. He had light brown hair that was tied loosely in a makeshift ponytail. Unlike the first man, his beard wasn't trimmed at all, almost appearing to have a light brown mane around his chin. His skin was the medium between the other gentlemen and the pale lady coming off as a light bronze color. His black eyes were gazing off into the ceiling obviously not into reality all that well. But the clue that tipped Josh off that he wasn't into it because he was lying on the table.

The blonde haired man gazed over to Josh and smiled suddenly at the new face while the lady observed him closely. The man on the table didn't observe him at all.

“A new guy?” the blonde hair man voice sounding light but rather strong.

“Want to be...” Josh timidly spoke.

“Ah. Then you come here for a test,” the man said sitting up in his chair.

“Excuse me? I was just...”

“Obviously, Katrine didn't tell you. Hey, Wayne!” shouted the man.

“W-what...” mumbled the man on the table.

“There's a new recruit here...” the man continued.

“W-what?” the man named Wayne repeated acting like he didn't hear anything or maybe he didn’t hear him at all.

“He's totally wasted...” the woman said calmly running her fingertips through her hair.

“Figures...” the man spoke glimpsing over to the brown bottle beside the table. “I'll guess I'll be the one testing your strength. Nick Guerrero,” the man said stretching his hand towards Josh.

“Josh Surge from Vermillion,” Josh took the hand shake.

“You Surge's son?” Nick asked.

“You know him.”

“We've met. Introduce yourself, Naomi,” Nick looked to the girl.

“I’m Naomi Cordell from Olivine City. It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Surge.”

A sudden laughter from the man on the table interrupted the conversation. It was obvious that he was over the legal limit of drinking in probably several different worlds. Naomi just sighed while Nick gave himself a face palm.

“Wayne. You shouldn't do this every time that you're stressed about something,” Nick gave his thoughts.

“What are you talking about?” Wayne hiccupped. “I'm just fine...”

“He reminds me of my nephew when he is like this,” Naomi said shaking her head.

“You're out of control....” Nick said giving a slight sigh. “You're the Chief of Police drinking like some thug at a bar. I know a guy likes to have fun but this is over the top.”

“Then dig a hole....” Wayne said hiccupping and rolling over.

Naomi busted out in a sudden laughter leaving Nick laughing a tad too.

Nick quickly regain his composure while Naomi continued to chuckle underneath her breath. He quickly took a small pokeball from his side and expanded it.

“The test is a battle. But not just a normal battle but you'll see it when was get it started.”

“Alright,” Josh said nodding.

“The test ends when a pokemon is either fainted or when either of...” Nick wanted to say us three but obviously Wayne was in the condition to judge. “When Naomi and I think we have seen enough.”

“Don't worry. If we need to break a tie, we will think of some random want to break it like flip a coin,” Naomi added.

“Fantastic. If they don't agree, it’s going to a coin toss. What kind of Police Department is this?” Josh thought to himself.


“We are doing it here?”

“You have to battle everywhere and anywhere when you are stopping crime sir. So bring out your pokemon.”


Josh quickly grabbed the pokeball from his side and threw it. Volt suddenly appeared on the white tile of the lounge now with the wound on its eye healed from the Pidgetto attack. It was only a scar now. But now it could be seen that his left eye was coming off to be clear instead of black now.

“Wow. How did it get that scar?”

“He got it from a Pidgetto's talon. It was pretty bad.”

“Woah. We have something in common,” Nick said bringing up his eye patch to show his heavy burned eye. “Mine is from a Charmeleon,” he placed it back.

“An Elekid...” Wayne suddenly spoke. “It's...”

“Don't even joke. You came here with a Magby remember!” Naomi shouted.

“You came here with a Staryu...” Wayne retaliated with his slurring voice.

“What do you think is worst?”

“Naomi. Drop it! Geez guys, I'm trying to talk?”

“Sorry, Nick. But you have to be this tall to talk...” Wayne said making stretching his hand to his chest.

Nick gritted his teeth angrily. He was a short individual; Josh literally was several inches taller than he was.

Nick ran up to the table and kicked it over. It surprisingly flipped over despite Wayne' massive size. Wayne landed face first on the tile while the table landed on his back. He was okay however because he was still breathing but he remained on the ground. Josh quickly decided his drunken state had numbed all the pain. These people were real unique.

“Okay. Now that is done,” Nick smiled. “Let me reveal my poke, eh?”

Nick glanced over his belt of pokemon that was on his waist. It was full at eight compared to a normal trainer six due to their lives being on the line. Nick looked over the red tops several times before deciding the first one. He snagged the pokeball from his waist and threw it to the ground.

From the pokeball appeared a small bug creature that appeared to cicada. The bug creature had deep red eyes, a yellow top, black bottom, as well as red and white wings. On the bottom of its body, it had two claws that appeared to be blades.

“Meet Speedy the Ninjask.”

“Aren't you being a bit overconfident? I have the type advantage,” Josh pointed out.

“He's not being overconfident although he can be...” Naomi shrugged.

“Naomi, stay out of this. Let's begin.”

“Special rule...” Naomi reminded Nick.

“Oh that's right. Unlike a normally battle, attacking the trainer is allowed. It shows how tough you are...”

“Woah. What?'

“Let me explain...” Naomi intervened again.

“I'm quite able to explain, NAOMI,” Nick shouted her name.

“You can't explain well,” Naomi said completely ignoring Nick's request. “In the field, criminals aren't going allow you to call out your commands safely especially when they are dangerous enough to kill the trainer. I'm sure your Dad would tell you that if you were on the battlefield.”

“It's not like a normal battle. It's a fight for your life,” Nick added.

Josh clutched the palms of his hand. Nick and Naomi were right. It wasn't like a pokemon battle. It wasn't a constructed fight. Any criminal organization wants to trainer dead than just faint their pokemon. But for some reason, he wasn't scared. It felt more like a thrill that any person’s fear. Besides, justice never lost to evil.

“Can we start or do you want to quit?” Nick said smiling.

“I'm ready. Volt and I are a team...” Josh said staring down at Volt, he nodded.

“Than let's start this thing, Ring the bell!”

“Such a wrestling fan...” Naomi whispered from her breath.

Nick pointed his finger towards the Josh and Ninjask suddenly disappeared. Before Josh knew it, the Ninjask was in his face about to perform a Slash. It halted by Volt Thundershock that streamed across Josh's face. It was quickly dodged by Speedy and followed by an Aerial Ace to Volt's face forcing him to hit the wall.

“Nick is not even calling out attacks yet this Ninjask is performing beautifully,” Josh thought to himself. “Volt. Thundershock. Halt then my left.”

The Ninjask suddenly appeared on Josh's right and tried attack him with another Slash attack. Josh managed to dodge the attack while forcing the Ninjask on his left. Volt fired the thundershock to Josh's left where the Ninjask was now positioned. Though a nicely calculated attack, the attack failed due to Ninjask escaping through speed alone. It appeared beside Nick's side buzzing lightly.

“It's faster than before.”

“Looks like you understand Speed Boost...” Nick exclaimed watching Josh's eyes calculating. “But you can't read them.”

“It's impressive that he dodged a Slash...” Naomi added.

“So that thing gets faster during stationary moments. Hm...if I can't attack it directly, I have to do something else. I'll better predict its movement at one speed and keep its speed by forcing to move all the time. Sounds good...” Josh thought it out for a couple more moments. “Volt, Thundershock then Quick Attack.”

Volt nodded before performing the Thundershock. The Ninjask quickly assessed the attack and disappeared. Volt decreased the distance between the two. It followed up with another Thundershock trying to hit it with a close range one, but it dodged it. Volt began to get frustrated, a trait that his trainer felt as well.

“Got it, it's moving about three quick attacks.” “Thundershock, Quick Attack three times, than another one.”

“Nice predictions...” Nick smirked. “But you're not protecting yourself.”

Volt performed the Thundershock forcing Speed quickly appeared toward Josh with a swifter Fury Cutter. Josh just found himself smiling. He knew that he was going to do that. That's why he stepped back enough for a space between the Volt and himself would increase to about three quick attacks as well. Volt stopped the attack with a Thundershock forcing the Ninjask to form a substitute to avoid the attack.

“It's so quick...But....” Josh quickly grabbed at another strategy.

Volt quickly grasped Josh's idea and performed a Thundershock towards Nick to force Speedy back into action. It quickly protected its trainer with a green shield, a Protect. Speedy quickly tried to attack with another Slash attack but towards Volt this time creating an opening for Josh. Josh quickly ran up to Nick and tried to punch him but he effortless dodged it. Nick countered with a powerful drop kick to his Josh's chest.

Josh skidded across the floor before hitting the wall. Josh could feel a bit of blood trickle from his mouth. “Shouldn’t have tried that,” Josh state bluntly. The stinging in his chest began turn to a bumping. Nick was incredible powerful for such a small man. He could easily collapsed Josh’s chest with that. Volt quickly went to his trainer’s side.

“That ends it...” Nick said getting himself off the ground from the drop kick.

“That hurt...” Josh tried to get his breath back into his lungs while getting to his feet.

“Naomi. Let's discuss.”

“I WANT TO TALK TOO!!!” Wayne suddenly proclaimed from underneath the table where he had slept.

Nick returned Speedy back to his pokeball and sat beside Naomi. He tried to put his arm around her but failed miserably by Naomi avoiding his arm entirely. Nick quickly withdrew his arm before Naomi could actually crush it with her back. From that moment on were just whispers aside from Wayne's random shouts of things irrelevant to the rest of the conversation (such as derogatory statements about Naomi etc.). After a few moments of discussing, Nick was standing once again.

“We came to a conclusion...”

Josh's heart stopped. He though it would have stopped long ago from the dropkick but it official stopped for a moment now. They could have least asked him to exit the room to make it seem like they were making a decision but obviously they weren't of people of order despite being a people of justice.

“You're in,” Nick said with his patented smile.

Josh exhaled a sigh of relief as did Volt. Josh quickly grabbed Volt from the ground and began swinging him around. After becoming dizzy, he fell to the ground along with Volt.

“Ha ha. He'll fit right in.”

Sgt Shock
September 20th, 2009, 12:59 PM
Chapter 5: Celadon Eclipse

“I'm assuming that this place doesn't have a dress code?”

“Nah. We have to stay as casual as possible for we can easily investigate.”

“I think you are too lazy to make one.”

“True. I wouldn't expect anything less than that from Wayne.”

Josh really could have made the assessment when he entered into the Lounge yesterday. The closest person that looked like an officer here was Naomi and even that was a bit far off. For example; Nick was dressed lightly in just a pair of black wind pants with a green stripe down the side, black tank top, and black boots. So from what Josh could tell he didn't have to worry about a uniform. That pleased him because he liked camouflage.

“Can you tell me a bit more about Wayne?” Josh asked.

“Wayne Black and his family are from Solaceon City. He's a great Chief but tends to get stressed out easily. Sorry that you had to see him on one of his drunken states.”

“It doesn't bother me...” Josh lied a bit, it did bother him a bit but it couldn't be help.

“Really, it bothers me,” Nick spoke.

“Okay it does. An authority figure shouldn't drink.”

“But he has a reason....this is the first mission he can't solve.”

“What mission?” Josh paused. “Do you mean the planned murder?”

“More like committed murder. The person is dead now.”

'What? How?”

“The man was killed by arson,” Nick took a breath in.

“So they burned his office.”

“No, they burned his face off his skull.”

Josh collected that thought for some moments. That was a gruesome way to die; it reminded Josh of the Mankey's condition. Were they connected somehow? Josh quickly discarded it since it problem was a loose string within a pool of metal chains.

“It was two different charred marks. One was obviously pokemon-related while the other...not so much. “

“Then by matches or something else...” that was the logical thing to say. But however it was incorrect.

“I'm going to have to get out of that habit of thinking inside the box. Think like a soldier. I know you can,” Nick said flicking Josh's forehead.

“Is there any other way a person could burn things?”

“Didn't you wonder how Speedy was using attacks without me saying a thing,” Nick said looking over his shoulder.

“Instinct,” Josh asked.

“Inside the box,” Nick answered.

“Training,” Josh asked again.

“More inside the box,” Nick rolled his eyes.

“Reading its thoughts!” shouted Josh out of frustration.

“That was just like your dad,” Nick said laughing. “Yes.”

“You're a psychic.”

“Do I look psychic?”

“No...” Josh blandly answered.

Josh couldn't help but feel a little angry. Dragging people on was one of his pet peeves and Nick was basically dragging him through the mud like a fish onto marshland shores. He then saw a red device on the end of Nick's belt. It appeared to be a Pokedex at first but then again, it didn't. Josh tried to get a better look at it.

“What's that?” Josh asked.

“Your answer....” Nick replied.

“You mean you're communicating with pokemon.”

“Actually we are communicating with each other using the Pokevoyace.”


“Pokevoyace is a play on the word Clairvoyance. Clairvoyance is the ability to communicate or gain information from things other than the human senses. It's a better way to communicate with pokemon. You understand their feeling as well as hear their “voice”.”

Josh stopped walking through the dim hallway and blinked several in confusion. It was definitely a possibility considering many Psychic pokemon could talk to their trainer using their telepathy as well as someone pokemon such a Lapras and legendaries that could do it even though they are not psychic. But to create a machine that could do this, Josh thought was completely impossible. Technology had advanced more than he had thought.

“Many gym leaders already possess the skill to communicate with pokemon. Sabrina of Saffron City, Erika of Celadon City, Misty of Cerulean City, and of course Lt. Surge of Vermilion City possesses this ability. So I'm guessing you have it to, you just need some training wheels.”

“Are you pulling my leg?” Josh finally asked.

“No I'm not.”

Nick stuffed his hand in his pocket and continued up the hallway. Josh followed behind him still contemplating the concept of the Pokevoyace. Nick glanced from the corner his eye to see that Josh had stopped for a moment. He looked at his pokeball for a moment before seeing that Nick had to stop.

“Don't worry. You'll enjoy what your pokemon has to say. I would love to discuss more but we need to get briefed.”

“Will Wayne be okay briefing? I mean he did kind of gulp down...quite a bit of alcohol,” Josh stated it downplaying it a bit.

“He had briefed with a hangover before so I won't take it from him. We'll be okay.”

Nick cursed underneath his breath about Wayne's drinking habits before continuing up the hallway. Josh smirked. Nick was obviously a caring individual and didn't want to see Wayne drink himself to death. “Oh. He'll stop drinking while I'm here.” Josh exclaimed in his head. With that in mind, he followed Nick into the Conference Room.


Celadon City, Midnight

“Did you finish the mission?”

“Name the last time that I haven’t finished the mission,” Gabriel smiled at the lack of a response. “How's the Ranger life? Being the protector the entire universe and what not.”

“I protect pokemon and people in trouble.”

“Whatever. Oh, I made a new friend today. Or maybe an enemy,” Gabriel put his fingertip to his chin.

“What did you do this time?”

“I recommended this fellow for the KRPD. I found him interesting...”

“Gabriel. You shouldn't be recommending people to the organization that's out to kill you.”

“Don't you mean us, Jiro?”

“I don't do that stuff anymore.”

“Unless you have to, right.”

Gabriel looked at the larger man beside him smirking. He's was trying so hard to turn over a new leaf in his life for his little sister. It almost made Gabriel throw up in his mouth a little. But he was proud of his brute of a friend.

Jiro Shiba, hailing from Haruba Village in Almia, was a former assassin. He was often partnered with Gabriel of stealthier missions but quit being a full-time assassin for his little sister's sake. He couldn't stand the blood on his hands that Gabriel often dipped his hands to for sheer pleasure. Now Jiro would only accept mission that involved a crime lord or someone was harmful to the rest of the world. That he could stand.

Jiro stood at about six feet with some to spare. Jiro was a bit chunky for his age, about two hundred or more pounds. He had darker color skin, mainly from living in the desert, and short black smoothed hair. His eye color was a lighter red to orange color, no one knew how his eyes had made to that hue but it did. His face was clean cut but his eyebrows were slightly on the bushy side. The ridge of his eyebrow formed an overcast shadow over his eyes making him to appear to be rather threatening. Though he appeared to be intimidating he was nothing more than a gentle giant under the impression of a merciless killer.

“Why are you here for Gabriel? Are you after someone here as well,” Jiro slow but clear voice spoke.

“Hm...no. I just plan to talk with someone here.”


“You’re as intelligent as usual Jiro.”

“Don't hurt her,” Jiro eyebrows sulked slightly.

“I'm paying a visit, Jiro. Don't you have some RANGER things to attend to?”

“I'm on vacation, remember. You are just trying to get me out of the way for you can have no conscience.”

“I have no conscience anyway. It's not like I'm going to kill her or anything,” Gabriel voice became a little hollow when he said the word kill. Jiro’s eyes narrowed.

“You sound utterly unconvincing.”

“I do. I’ve been practicing that all day and you still saw through it,” Gabriel snapped his finger loudly. “Anyway, I'm sure that Wayne and his new toy is going to be coming here next.”

“How did you know?”

Gabriel put the tip of his finger into mouth and smirked. If he told Jiro that he left a list of the places he was going to attack, he would be furious and a furious Jiro destroys things like building or his face. So he was going to omit this conversation. He filled the conversation with Gabriel smile. They were never convincing enough for Jiro.

“How do they know?” Jiro eyes sharpened.

“Lucky guess, I presume,” Gabriel said with a straight face.

Jiro glared at him for a couple more moments and then sighed. He could never read if Gabriel was lying or not unless it was something dealing with him. Gabriel could keep that smile on his face and people would think that he was contemplating about nature or something like solving world peace (his favorite lie). But in the crown of the head laced with blonde was a man thinking of his next victim, his next source of fun.

“Actually,” Gabriel sudden snapped the silence. “You know what. I don't want to hurt her. I just want to bring so attention to myself. I know that he passed that test....”
“Who are you talking about?” Jiro roared slightly.

Gabriel stopped by the small lake in the middle of the town and gazed at his reflection. He then took a seat on the pale white pavement. He brushed his hand from side to side in the water looking at Poliwags and Magikarp slowly swimming under the glassy surface. He watched his head move from side to side in the fragmented reflection. Gabriel finally decided that he would tell Jiro who exactly he was talking about.

“Josh Surge. Son of Lt. Surge...” Gabriel voice was colder like it was bringing up a bad memory.

“You still haven’t let that go have you,” Jiro’s stoic voice picked up emotion like magnet picking up metal.

“The way the hurt a person the most is through the people they care about.”

Gabriel stood up and looked to the gym to his south. From what he could make out, the lights were still on. He would have to cut through the trail of trees to get to the gym and its surrounding buildings but nevertheless, he would make it to the gym. A wicked expression crawled upon his innocent appearing face. Things of evil crossed his mind. Jiro could feel it.

“Go to bed, Jiro. I'll see you in the morning.”

“Don't do anything that you will regret...” Jiro said turning towards the Pokemon Center.

“Name one thing that will,” Gabriel’s voice was a low growling now. It resembled that of a Mightyena after it’s pray.

Jiro remained silent. He couldn't answer that because it didn't exist. He just continued to walk towards the Pokemon Center. Hopefully, he wouldn't hear about a murder tomorrow morning. He always hated when he was this.


Back at Saffron City, KRPD Center

“So the next town is Celadon. It's not too far from here. But do you think that he would attack two in less than a day span?”

“It wouldn't surprise me. Whoever he is, he's a bold one. It's better to catch him in the act.”

Wayne was much more an enjoyable person when he wasn't on the floor. He could think straight and hold conversation like an intelligent person could. It was obvious that he was the Chief of Police compared to what Josh saw earlier yesterday. Though he had the appearance of a complete brute, the man had a mind on his shoulder. He was headstrong and concise yet he was rather humorous and jolly.

“So tell me, Josh. Can you go tonight?”

“I'm not tired. So sure...”

“I wasn't going to ask if you were tired or not,” Wanye smirked and pulled his black cowboy hat over his eyes. “I was going to ask if you are ready for something like this.”

Josh never really contemplated that until Wayne spoke it out of his thin lips. Was he ready? Of course he was, it was his job now. But what exactly was he going to be ready for? Was the person a serial killer or more?

Wanye stared for a couple of moments expecting an answer. With a lack of one, Wayne pushed the paperwork of the background of the case towards Josh. Josh skimmed over the yellowed pieces of paper before actually picking them up in his hands. Of course, the culprit's information wasn't filled out. No one had even witnessed the deaths. But his series of crimes was listed and was almost over two pages long. Murder by arson and murder by stabbing were the two main categories but there was so many people. The most recent being “Murder by Arson – Seth Martin, Executive of Silph Corporation”. Josh gritted his teeth slightly before placing the papers back on the desk for Wayne could scoop them all up effortlessly. He tapped them on his metal desk before placing them back in the manila folder. He pushed it aside.

“Do you understand? I was just showing you the person that we are up against...."

“Then why did you mention it.”

“Because I'm sending you on a mission to protect Erika of Celadon Gym, That's why. This person obviously uses a fire type pokemon and since Erika is the only viable person in Celadon, it is likely she is the target. That's why I 'm sending you and Naomi.”

“Naomi's a water specialist?”

“Good observation.”

“Then why me, Electric isn't going to do much damage to Fire type.”

“I'm thinking that the culprit might have another pokemon. Electric is our best bet since it only has one weakness. Of course, Nick could go but…he’s is going to have to leave somewhere else after you two.”

“Volt isn't that strong yet,” Josh shoulders lowered.

“He needs the experience. Fight all pokemon on Route 7 even though it is a short route,” Wayne proclaimed.

“Hm. Okay.”

The door suddenly opened allowing the moonlight to pour. From the shadows came Naomi dressed in a black pair of slacks, white button up shirt, and a red tie. Naomi took a gander at Josh before taking his side. She stuffed her hands in her pocket while she viewed Wayne. Wayne was obviously embarrassed about what he said earlier since the man’s face flushed into a pool of whites. He gulped loudly.

“Naomi,” Wayne smiled.

“Are you going to make another remark about my...”

“Uh...no. I'm sober now,” Wayne said. His face once lost of color was now red as a beet.

“Anyway, I believe that we should get going now. Rayne felt a bad aura coming from Celadon.”

“Naomi will train your pokemon as well, Josh. Just make it time before things heat up,” Wayne remarked.

“Was that a pun?” Naomi asked.

“It wasn’t meant to be?” Wayne said questioning where the pun was in the first place.

“Never mind, we will be going.”

“Then move.”

Josh stood up and took Naomi's side. She nodded and they left out of the door together. The source of light from the hallway was no longer there leaving the room to be rather dark and grim.

Nick, who had been silent throughout the entire briefing, was sitting in a small red chair in the corner of the dark office. He sighed heavily before standing up to actually view Wayne face to face.

“Something wrong...Nick,” Wayne said suddenly standing from his chair as well.

“Josh and Volt are strong. But not strong enough, this person...”

“Is an animal? Do you think I know that?”

Wayne walked up to the window and laced his finger together behind his back. He gazed up to the moon which seemed to be fading into the blackness of the night sky. Though it poured light into the area, it couldn't stop all the darkness that surrounded. Wayne grabbed the collar of his trench coat.

“You'll try to teach him something...that....life isn't...”

“He knows that. But he has to see it for himself.”

“So you don't expect him to win if Naomi isn't there.”

“I don't them to win. This man is cunning. I'm expecting someone to see him.”

“Did you tell Naomi?”

“Yes. I did. She is ordered to battle at the best of her capability but retreat with Erika if something were to arise.”

“What about Josh?”

“I just hope he lives…”

“You know. This is a cruel way to introduce you.”

“It makes them strong. This is my burden if I have to bear it.”

Nick sighed. Wayne didn’t think about the consequences that this could bring about. This could hurt Josh's morale more than anything but it could also make stronger. It was a gamble for both Volt and Josh. He just hoped that the coin flip would at least give a positive outcome.


Celadon Gym, Midnight


“Yes. Erika.”

“I feel something is astray. Vileploom feels something…”

Erika brushed hair midnight blue hair from her face as she stared out of the window. She pressed her hand against the reflection in the mirror trailing her fingertips from the underneath her green eyes to end of her reflection’s cheek. The cold glass of the window made her feel uneasy. Tonight was supposed to be a warmer night yet this window was freezing. An omen perhaps, goose bumps was trailing up her light skin. She never felt a wind like this before.

“Your tea is done mistress...” a woman's light voice rained in Erika's ear.

“I’m delighted to hear that, Rosemary. Put it on the table.”

The porcelain tea cup was set beside Erika upon a small tea plate. The scent of the mint was delightful; Rosemary almost didn't want to set it down. Rosemary took one more smell of the tea before it was seized by Erika's delicate hands.

Rosemary Kimura was a maid at Erika's gym but she had a history all in her own. She was a former Ranger from Fiore but now she was just a trainer. She was often complimented for rose red hair which fell to her shoulders then to her back. It was currently in a ponytail. She would often accent her hair with various flowers that she found in the garden or on Routes, today’s was purple.

Like Erika, she had green eyes but appeared to be teal instead of the emerald green eyes that Erika was blessed with. Her skin was fairly lighter but did possess some color due to her enjoying the outside more than the inside. Her faces were like that of an elves; pointed chin, slightly slanted almond eyes, and rather small ears. She wore no makeup beside that slightly shaded lip gloss. Her cheeks were naturally rosy which played with her name quite nicely though she preferred the name Romy to anyone besides Erika.

Romy was Erika's top maid and right hand woman when it came to trainer times. She was the only person who didn't use Grass pokemon in the gym aside from one pokemon out of the three that she had possessed. She would go anywhere that Erika had gone and was her protection if thing were to go wrong. This was her job and she loved it.

“Rosemary. Do feel that in the air...”

“Feel what, mistress,” Romy spoke completely confused.

“I feel like...”

Erika finished her tea and placed it back on the table. She then looked up and then stood up. She quietly counted out second from her lips leaving Romy a bit confused in what was going on. Erika quickly dodged an oncoming aerial attack by rolling effortlessly out of the way.

“Stun Spore...” Erika said as fragments of dust flew into the air.

From what was thought to be the spotted flowed within the Garden, yellow spores exited from the dark opening in its head. Stun Spores sprayed the air. A paralyzed Combusken gritted his teeth as it kneeled to the ground in pain.

“Who are you?” Erika said calmly closing her eyes.

“Gabriel...” he walked through the smoke. “Gabriel 'Redheart' Kirk.”

“Do not under estimate me, Gabriel. I am the leader of this gym and I am something not to be taken lightly.”

Gabriel walked beside Zuri to spray it with a “paralyze heal” to loosen its limbs. He then glared at Erika for a couple of moment to allow that soak in for a while. She was living up to the hype. Out of all the gym leaders, he thought that Erika was the daydreaming and peace-consumed freak. She rather focused she was serious. Gabriel found that to be of very interesting trait in her.

“Can we talk this out?” Gabriel said soothingly.

“You lost all talking when you attacked me with your Combusken. Prepare for battle,” Erika said opening her eyes.

“Don’t you mean prepare for a fight? Flamethrower, Zuri.”

“Bellossom, Leaf Blade.”

Before Zuri could execute the order, Gabriel was forced to step back for a moment to avoid a threatening slash from a nonthreatening source. The small flower creature almost sliced his neck with the blades of what appeared to be its yellow and green skirt. Two red flowers could be seen from its green body, on its face as a sadden expression on the missed attack. It fell to the ground softly before quickly fleeing to larger flower beside Erika that was still in the ground.

“How irritating, a two on one. That's not very gym leader like.”

“I fear that you have a fire pokemon that I cannot play fair especially when my life is at state. Bellossom, Vileplume, Double Poison Powder.”

“Let me heat things up.”

Purple spores stormed into the area in which Gabriel and Zuri was standing. Gabriel snapped his fingers allowing purple flames to emit from his hands. He swirled his hands around both him and his Pokemon to create a tornado and burned all of the flower's spores from the area. Erika showed an ounce of concern.

“Like I said before, Flamethrower,” Gabriel pointed to the three bodies ahead of him.

From the purple flames shot a powerful stream of orange fire heading towards Erika and her two pokemon. The Vileplume finally emerged from the ground and formed a large Substitute to protect both its trainer and its friend. The substitute was easily destroyed by the flames but the three was safe.

Vileplume's dark purple body seemed to go up and down from exhaustion. Its beady red eyes looked at Erika. Erika knew that move took a lot of a pokemon, but what else could she do both Vileplume and Bellossom were in a disadvantage.


“Yes...” Erika's head turn towards Romy.

“Let me handle this.”

Romy stood in front of Erika and her party. She knew that this man was more than dangerous. She knew his face. It was the same Gabriel that wins contest after contest with his beautiful style and passive nature. But the look in his eyes was like none that she had ever seen before. A killer lived within those eyes.

“You ready, Zirk!”

Romy threw her pokeball quickly from her hand. The pokeball crashed into the ground and opened showing a four legged pokemon. It had a purple body with dark purple spots. It appeared to rabbit like since its ears was larger with a teal blue inside. Its teeth were sharpened and it had a large horn in the middle of its forehead.

“A Nidorino? How ugly...” Gabriel spat.

“Say that after your precious Combusken is on the floor.”

“Trash talking? You're a bit over your head...”

The Combuksen attacked with no warning with a powerful Blaze Kick sending the Zirk the Nidorino flying. When it hit the ground and dug its claws in the ground to stop further distance from its trainer. It quickly ran back only to be first kicked into the air and then kicked back to ground by a powerful Double Kick. Gabriel just watched on with a smile while Romy hand quivered seeing Zirk receiving damage so much damaged.

“Zirk, Poison Sting,” Romy gave a panicking command.

“What a weak move.”

Zirk's horn turned a deep purple before it charged towards its target. The Combusken effortlessly dodged the attack but the Nidorino continued to charge towards Gabriel, he just smirked. Gabriel too, effortlessly dodged the attack but attacked with kick aided with a stream of purple flames to knock it back into the air.

“Zuri. Aerial Ace...”

“This...can't be...happening...” Romy choked.

But yet it was. Zuri had followed the attack with a powerful slash in the air causing Zirk to fall to the ground bleeding. Romy ran to her Nidorino and managed to catch it. It was in pain but was still alive. She clutched to her chest. Zirk had never lost in such a way. Who was this man? She feared for what was to happen next. She wanted to cry.

“I see the strongest person here is the Gym Leader and she is at a disadvantage.”

“How dare you attack a pokemon with your own body?”

“It attacked me. Rules don’t apply to fights young darling.”

Gabriel moved his hair from his face as he approached Erika. Erika glared up to him preparing herself to attack with yet another pokemon from her arsenal but Gabriel had grabbed her hand to prevent her from throwing it. Vileplume and Bellossom prepared themselves to attack but Erika shook her head. It was too dangerous with that Combusken around.

“Now...tell me...are you scared?” Gabriel's hand was engulfed in flames. The flames burnt in his emerald eyes yet Erika wasn’t even panicking.

“No...I'm not.”

“Even if I burn the entire gym with everyone in it, you would die a horrible death…”

“You're a monster...” Erika said calmly.

“Stop right there!”

Just as he imagined, they came. Gabriel turned his attention towards the door to see Josh and Naomi each with their pokemon already chosen and out of their pokeball. Josh of course with Volt the Elekid while Naomi was assisted by a double purple starfish with a red core. It was a Starmie. The starfish quickly flashed its red light before performing a powerful Hydro Pump towards Zuri's way. Zuri barely dodged but it did force Gabriel to release Erika's hand.


“Gabriel....it was you....” Josh eyes narrowed.

“I'm surprised you didn't figure it out at the Pokemon Center especially when I said that I saw you try to save that Mankey. People can’t take a clue,” Gabriel shook his head.
“You're the killer of those pokemon and the man at Silph Corporation.”

“Killer is such a bad word. It has no finesse, no charm, nothing. Wording would be appreciated.”

“No need talking to the enemy, Josh. Attack...”

“I want to talk with Josh. So...everyone butt out,” Gabriel's voice changed once again to the demons.

As soon as Naomi was about to execute an attack, she was trapped with a tower of flames reaching to the ceiling but not quite. The fire was something that Naomi had never experienced before. It was like a cold fire. It produced minimum heat but it wasn’t warm at all. She came to the conclusion that her Starmie’s surf might be enough to douse the flames.

“Surf, Rayne.”

The Starmie did as it was commanded and formed a tidal wave from its body. But the water evaporated as soon as they hit the purple flames. This wasn't a pokemon's flame, it was much intense. Naomi looked at the purple flame kindle in front of her. Was this even a flame at all to not be extinguished by water?

“Now we are all alone, Josh...”

Josh realized that he was the only person that wasn't engulfed by the large towers of flame. What did he want? Was he looking for a fight? Gabriel. He had the name of an angel, sins of devil. What kind of monster was he?

“Why are you doing this Gabriel? I thought you loved pokemon.“

“I know you are everything I don't like, Josh Surge. You're pokemon trainer, you're a warrior, you're son of a gym leader, and you use disdainful pokemon. But it is one thing that I like. You sound interesting.”

“This is not about interesting things, Gabriel. You kill people. I won't allow you to do anything.”

“Life is about interesting things. Life is stage. You are always pleasing a crowd or keeping them interested. But unlike most I am the audience and the performer. I want things that will keep me pleased. You seemed like the next valuable target.”

“So you were playing me...” Josh breathing became harder with anger.

“Are you going to avenge those fifty people that I have killed and thousands of pokemon? Or are you just going to play dead allow me to escape?”

Josh didn't respond but Volt did with a Thundershock toward Zuri. Zuri blocked it with the back of its hand barely recognizing that Volt had done an attack in the first place. Volt quickly ran up to his opponent and tried to give it a Low Kick but was easily jumped over Combusken who followed up with Blaze Kick. Volt was sent flying into the shrubs of the gym.

“This is obviously a mismatch. Return Zuri. You've had enough fun for today,” Gabriel returned Zuri back to his pokeball.

“You think this is done!” shouted Josh.

“OH. I know it’s not. Rainey, it’s your turn.”

Gabriel threw a blue and white pokeball from his belt on to the ground revealing a pink eel like creature. Its body glimmered like a precious stone as it exited the white light of pokeball. On the sides of it were two purple seashells that dangled from its body. On the top of its head was a long antenna that seemed to reach the entire length of its body. It beautiful but the look in its eyes gave the look of narcissism just like its master.

“Meet Rainey the Gorebyss...”

“You're really cocky enough to use a water pokemon against Volt.”

“You're the one being cocky. You need a lot more to defeat me child. This is a treat for me.”

“Volt. Show him your new move. Shock Wave...”

From the bushes of the garden a powerful waves of electricity headed towards the Gorebyss. The Gorebyss wrapped its body to avoid the attacks before launching an Ice Beam towards the general direction.

“Quick Attack, Shock Wave!”

“Amnesia...Water Pulse....” Gabriel spoke in retort.

As Volt closed in for the attack with Quick Attack, the scales on the Gorebyss began to glow a pink aura. Volt shot another wave of electricity, but this time the Gorebyss took it head on without problem. It was hardly affected. It responded with a powerful ring of water that sent Volt flying once more but this time knocking the Elekid out. It fainted.

“Just one Water Pulse, imagine if I used Surf....”


Rainey suddenly wrapped itself around Josh's neck. It constricted harder and harder until Josh barely had any breathe left in his throat. Josh tried to pull it off but it did not budge. This monster was going to kill him.

Gabriel walked over to Josh and grabbed his blonde hair that he could. He forced Josh to look up and gazed at him. Josh was losing consciousness but he was still glaring Gabriel. Gabriel just smirked as he slapped him. He was enjoying the sound that Josh was making trying to get air to his trachea. He was trying to yelp but the air wasn’t coming. Gabriel hunched over to view Josh who was now to his knees.

“You lost...it pains me to see that this Elekid had found such a weak trainer. Unlucky for it, it would have been better off in the wild.”

Josh fell to the ground and the Gorebyss released its grip on Josh's neck. Gabriel gave a smirk. He liked that look in Josh's eyes as he was losing consciousness. He was now unconscious like his pokemon. Gabriel looked back and forth at the trainer, then the pokemon, then back at the trainer. He laughed and returned Rainey back to his pokeball. He exited the gym before snapping his fingers to release the flame towers on Erika, Naomi, and Romy.

“He might just be interesting...but not now.”

Gabriel entered the darkness of the night with a smile on his face. He tossed his pokeball into the air and back down. If that doesn't give him something to fight for, he didn't know what would. It was nice to have a rival.

Sgt Shock
September 22nd, 2009, 8:59 AM
Chapter 6: Monsters and Angels

“That wasn't the way to get the man into reality, sir.”

“I know. I know. I struggled with that myself.”

“Then why did you allow him to go?”

“Nick it was simple. He needed motivation.”

“Why did you say that?”

“He won't even tell us the person's name. He wants this person to himself.”

“Did Naomi get a glance?”

“Glance is all she got. She didn't get a name. Obviously she was trapped within flames before finding Josh unconscious.”

“I was at least hoping to get information out of this.”

“Well, it backfired!”

Naomi clutched her hand as she watched Nick and Wayne argue. It wasn’t often that they did, they agree on most things. She felt guilty that it had happened; she hadn't seen Josh all day since. On his first mission nevertheless, yes, Erika was okay but that defeat was nothing that he was used to. A child is always taught that evil will never be victorious over good. But in the real world, things never had a story book ending.

“Josh will recover.”

“That's if we can find him,” Naomi said staring at the ceiling fan.

“He's in the building.”

Katrine, the receptionist and Wayne's daughter, entered the room. Concern was washed over her face. She knew exactly where Josh had been the entire day since he had woken up. She promised not to tell anyone. Of course he was depressed and didn't want anyone to talk to him. Volt hasn't woken up from it unconscious state, that did not help his mood any.

“How is Volt doing?”

“He's unconscious at the moment...” Katrine said looking down at the floor.

“Reality slapped him hard in the face. Did he not think the he wasn't going to be beat...?”

“That's not why he is depressed, dad....” Katrine clutched her shoulder as she spoke.

“See you don't even understand,” Nick spoke chastising Wayne more.

“He felt like that was his chance to change the world and he failed...”

Wayne touched the bottom of the beer bottle. He sighed before taking his hand away. Why would he be drinking at a time like this? One of his newest officers just was defeated effortlessly, morale broken. He gambled and lost. Maybe he should stop doing both.

“I'm going to go see him. No one follow me...” Katrine spoke.

Katrine left leaving the people in the room to be enveloped in silence and in guilt.

Within the hallway, Katrine noticed a new person. She appeared to be someone from a more elegant background than herself. Her red hair swinging back and forth as she walked. She was dress in an elaborate lace white dress with a short purple jacket over it. She wore long white boots with black straps on them. The woman wore a red flower in her hair.

“Who are you?” Katrine asked.

“Rosemary Kimura. Just call me Romy. I'm looking for Josh to give him this Old Amber as thanks from Erika.”

“I'm...I'll hold it for him.”


Romy pulled out a tightly wrapped stone from her large bag. It appeared to be an amber color. It appeared to be not very valuable but very rare. Katrine was impressed that someone in Celadon would have found something like this. They were only found at Mount Moon so Katrine found the opportunity to ask. But before she could it was answered.

“Erika found it when she went to Mount Moon on day. She had kept it ever since. But she figures that this is going to be in better hands if it was with Josh.”

“This can be transformed into an Aerodactyl, correct.”

“It would be a good addition to his team,” Romy said delighted.

“That if we can get him back to his feet.”

Romy recollected what had happened last night. Josh was unconscious when the flames subsided along with his pokemon. She had to bring both Volt and her pokemon, Zirk to the Pokemon Center while Naomi took Josh here. She expected him to be upset not depressed. She didn’t exactly win last night either. She was absolutely demolished. At least Erika was alive, that was what really mattered.

“I didn't win either, yesterday. But, Erika is safe at her gym taking challengers. That is something to be happy about.”

“But Josh suffered a big loss. Volt hasn't awoken up yet...”

“He's not dead though!” Romy shouted.

“It's the thought...of losing doesn't settle well in his head.”


“I can't tell...”

Katrine's mind wondered back to the conversation that she had had with Lt. Surge on the phone while she was trying to get information on Josh. It was a tough discussion to listen to.


Flashback conversation with Katrine and Lt.Surge

“Mr. Surge...”


“I'm here to talk about your son.”

“Don't tell me that he's dead.”

“No no. He's just fine. We just need some information. He wants to join the Kanto Region Police Department.”

“W-what, really?”

“Yes. He's such a good fellow. We are kind of short here.”

“That's good. I'm glad he's okay. What do you need?”

“Let's start with his mother's name.”

“...Yuki Surge.....”

“What happened...?

“She's dead. She died protecting Josh when he was just a child by Team Rocket.”

“Oh...I'm sorry.”

“Ever since I've told him, he promised not to lose anyone again or lose to anybody with no morals.”

“....because he couldn't protect his mom.”


The water dripped down his face. He did not know where the tears ended or where they began. He just knew that he was crying. The rain from the shower continued to wash over him as he just sat under the head. Clothes still on, head against the wall, and tears fall from his face. His fist was balled and slamming against the tiles of the white wall. He was depressed. His soul shattered into fragments that he couldn't piece back together. He couldn't even look into his reflection in the water that pooled on top of the tiles.

Josh found himself looking at his bare feet as he sat. Running was something that he was always good at. He ran as his mother was protecting him, he ran away from his dad. When he couldn't run, he failed. Just like the failure. The water was a cold and empty. Josh had lost all feeling his fingertips as well as he feet but the feeling of his heart was numb as well. He did not know that he was crying. He couldn't force himself to think.

Josh rammed his head into the wall over and over again trying to create a thought in his head. It wasn't working. He felt like an empty marionette being dangled from a string as his master looked at him fall into the backdrop.

Thoughts entered his exited his mind involuntary was ones that he didn’t want to think about. Those venomous thoughts seemed to pile in his head: the thoughts of the death of his mother, the thoughts of the battle, and the thoughts of those people and pokemon that Gabriel killed. Hunting him down was a road, but was it the road that he was going to take?

“Josh...” a voice rung into the air.

Josh's empty eyes glared over his shoulder to view Katrine and another girl. The other girl he did not recognize, she appeared to be someone that has seen him. He didn't register who it was or nor did he care. His heart had emptied into a pool of blood that had settled into his heart. Josh just acknowledged the women with a colorless stare from his eyes.

“Josh you have to stop now. It's over...” Katrine lightly spoke.

“Josh....” Romy spoke.

Romy extended her hand to feel the water that rained down from the shower. It was ice cold. It was like thawed icicles dripping from the heat of the sun. Romy had never seen any person this seriously upset before. It was kind infuriating.

Romy reached over to Josh and pulled him out of the shower quickly. His clothes were drenched and his skin felt like it was frozen. But his eyes were colder than his skin. A sudden anger swelled in Romy's chest and before she knew it her fist was connected with Josh's. His face hit the ground under the water.

“Who are you to hit me in such a fashion?” Josh spoke but the water mad his voice echo, configuring his voice like an artificial protocol.

“I am Rosemary,” Romy started timidly but her facial expression change when Josh's brought his head up.

Water dripped from his hair and his eyes were even icier than before. It was like they were contemplating death itself. This look infuriated Romy more than she already was. She hated that look. It made people look like beast, not pokemon, beast. Like the uncontrollable monsters locked in a bipedal body and flesh.

“I might not know you but you need to get out of this mess!” Romy shouted.

“....You're right. You don't know me.”

“That's all you heard.”

This time the grab from the water wasn't a gentle tug, it was like she was seizing him from the depths of darkness. She pulled him from the ground and slammed him against the wall as hard as she could. Romy then raised her fist and was about to punch him as hard as she could but found her stopped as soon as the fist turned his cheek. His eyes were still staring at her while hers was more of a glare.

“People shouldn't act like monsters. You will be no different than he if you act like this...”

Romy threw him to the ground before she could get another glance at his eyes. Romy quickly grabbed Katrine on her way out but stopped at the door.

“Let the monster stay in its cage for a little longer.”

With that statement, Josh turned off the shower head allowing only the drops from his drenched clothes to be heard. He did feel like a monster. Telling him that didn't make him feel better, but being compared to Gabriel was over the top. A monster was compliment. Josh looked at his hand for a couple of moments, a crackling of lightning linked between his fingers. It hurt slightly because his hand was drenched. He face showed emotion for the first time of the day. Volt was trying to reach him.

“Volt...I'm coming...”

Josh grabbed the towel from the shelf and wrapped it around his neck. He felt cold now. He smiled for a while as he grabbed the dog tag from his neck and stared at this. The tag itself had been the only thing that reminded him of his mom while the chain itself reminded him of his dad. “I'm not going it up. Volt I'm coming...”


“It's not waking...I don't understand.”

Naomi tapped her hand against her waist as she observed the small yellow body on the bed. It was breathing, its pulse was steady, and she could even hear some whispers from the small one's mouth. But it hasn't woken up since. They used everything that they could. They even took him to the Pokemon Center and used the heal chambers there. Yet, Volt wasn't waking.

“Come on. Wake...” Naomi said trying the shake the creature to awakening it.

“He won't wake...without me...”

Josh's bare feet could be heard on the hardwood floors of the infirmary. It was obvious that he had been running since the soles of his feet trickled blood. Only the sharp rocks of the walkway could have done that and while running, it must have hurt. Naomi could see that his clothes were wet as well causing him to shiver in what felt to be warm air to her.

Josh hardly acknowledged Naomi's existence, he just walked pass her and pressed his hand on Volt's chest. A current of electricity flowed from Josh's palm into Volt's body. The flow of electricity kept constant until Volt eyes opened. Josh smiled and looked at his hand; they were burned slightly from the electricity. Josh pulled up his arm to see the rest of his arm was covered in burns to. The pain was unbearable but seeing Volt okay made him feel a bit better about them.

“Did you think about taking those clothes off before you did that?” Naomi shouted.

“I wasn't thinking...” Josh said clutching his right arm were electricity once surged.

“Let me get a tourniquet for that...I'm surprised that you developed a Trainer Skill so early.”

Volt sat up and Josh rubbed it between the horns of his head. Volt was obviously a little tired but it was aware that Josh was the one rubbing its head. Its face was serene until it saw that his master's arm was bleeding. All alarms within the pokemon’s head went off at once, causing it to charge electricity.

“This was of my own stupidity...don't worry about it, Volt.”

“That's for sure,” Naomi said as she placed a bottom of rubbing alcohol on the table as well as the bandages.

Naomi seized Josh's burnt arm and began rubbing an alcohol to it. Josh's facial expression burst into one of anguish with the stinging of the anesthetic. She rubbed in circular motions to soothe the pain a bit but in the end, it still stung like a beast.

“You'll get him next time...”

“Did you tell them yet? That it is Gabriel Kirk...”

“No I haven't.”

“Why not?”

“Because that is your fight...” Naomi spoke with a smile as she picked up the white bandages.

“What's a Trainer Skill?”

“A Trainer Skill is a skill the trainer can use to protect themselves created by the bond between the pokemon and tamer. The skill somewhat mimics the pokemon's ability. That's why Gabriel can create flames.”

'So that Combusken was his first pokemon....it is probably...”

“No. Pokemon has the ability to be good or evil just like trainer. Not all pokemon are good, Josh. That Combusken or Torchic for the matter was probably just as violent in the wild as it is now,” Naomi said as she finished the wrapping of the arm now just tightening.

“I guess you have a point...”

“Oh. Have you heard? A new girl is becoming part of the KRPD. Her name is Rosemary Kimura...” Naomi wasn't quite sure of the name because her voice swayed a bit.


It then struck him. That was the girl that was trying to wake him out of his “state”. “What a first impression...” Josh thought to himself. “I have to apologize and I have to apologize now.”

Josh grabbed Volt from the bed and placed him on his neck. It was surprised at first but soon decided that it was nice being on its master shoulders and reclined. Josh dashed out of the door.

“Remember to change clothes and clean your feet. You are still bleeding...”

Josh shot a thumb up as he dashed away. Naomi just smiled and folded her arms. She never seen anything like that kid before and she doubted that she will ever seen anything like him again.

Sgt Shock
September 23rd, 2009, 9:42 AM
Chapter 7: Shedding Moonlight

“Hello. I'm Rosemary Kimura from Celadon...”

The sentence was stopped with a burst through the door. Romy looked from the corner of her eye to view the blonde hair kid, dressed all out in gray and black camouflage with an Elekid on his shoulder, enter into the room. She made a makeshift smile. “It's that monster from the showers. What is he doing here?” Romy kind of glanced over to him for a couple of moments as he took a seat on into one of the stained brown chairs. She had to admit, he was kind of attractive when he wasn't being emo but that didn't stop him from being a monster.

“You were saying...” Wayne suddenly snapped her back into reality.

“Sorry. I thought I saw a monster or something enter the room,” Romy paused staring at Josh who looked dumbfounded from that remark. “Like I was saying, I'm Rosemary Kimura from Celadon. I prefer the name Romy though. I'm an understudy of Erika. She advised me I should explore my horizon a bit more and urged me to assist the fine people who saved her.”

“Really now, that's sweet of her,” Wayne spoke.

Wayne saying the word “sweet' did not settle well in Josh's nor Nick's head. With his rugged cowboy voice, the word ‘sweet’ sounded like a claws of a Sneasel against a black board. Nick just stroked his chin while Josh observed Romy a bit more. She looked like a sweet girl but obviously that first impression was a killer.

“Is there any missions that I can assist with?” Romy said crossing her arms and bowing, generally like a maid.

“No bowing please...” Wayne stretched please like a rubber band.

“You're not one for honorifics either?” Romy asked quickly straightening her stance.

“Please don't call me sir or gentlemen or anything of that nature,” Wayne almost sounded like he was begging. Wayne’s father was pretty bad on being referred to by honorifics thus Wayne himself disdained them entirely.

“YES SIR!” Nick shouted all of a sudden causing Wayne to cringe.

“Anyway, I have a mission for the both of you.”

“Both of us...” Romy eyes dashed towards Josh for a moment.


Josh stood up and approached the desk. He took his seat beside Romy and they shared a look, more so a glare on Romy's half. Josh heart skipped a beat. It was like she wanted to take that same heart that just missed that beat and throw it against the wall. Josh took Volt from his shoulders and placed him on his lap to assure some protection. Volt just gave a look of confusion.

“New recruits, Josh Surge and Romy Kimura, the both of you are to head to Pewter City. There is supposed to be some Team Rocket activity going.”

“With him?!?” Romy shouted.

“Team Rocket....” Josh eyes narrowed and he clutched Volt suddenly cause him to give a spark of electricity to stop the suffocation.

“Something wrong...?” Wayne pondered.

“Nothing, nothing is wrong. I'm willing to go.”

“Good good.”

Romy crossed her arms as she viewed Josh a bit more. She knew something was up because a glimmer of the coldness was back in his eyes. But this time was for a more subtle reason. She couldn't read it totally.

“Team Rocket, eh? I assume I can work with him if they are involved.”

“I'm definitely going...” Josh reassured both himself and Wayne.

“It settled. Be sure to strengthen your pokemon on the way there.”

“Affirmative,” Josh said almost doing a salute but stopped himself in the process.

Romy did a double take hearing the word affirmative. He was obviously a military son to use a word like that. She just presumed that he liked camouflage and combat boots. Many males did. To tell the truth, she never really caught his name. The only really reason that she knew it because she talked with Katrine.

“What's your full name?” Romy asked suddenly demanding it out of Josh.

“Josh Surge. Why?”

“Oh....OH! Lt. Surge's son, no wonder you looked familiar.”

“You know my dad?”

“He's a jerk some time. He thinks Erika's grass pokemon are too weak for battle.”

“Sounds like my dad. But he is far from a jerk. Do you use grass pokemon?”

“I have one. But I prefer Dark and Poison types more,” Romy shook her head rapidly realizing that they were having casual conversation. “But that's NOT THE POINT. Your dad can be such a jerk and obviously you can be one too.”

If Josh didn't know that first impressions left a lasting one, he did now. This girl obviously disliked him because he transforms into this robotic emotionless person when he is upset. It also deducted like eight point from his resume for being the son of the person that called her gym leader weak. “This is going to go swell...” Josh thought to himself.

“Josh. Rosemary brought a gift from Erika which can be used at Pewter City as well. Katrine is holding to it so please pick it up on the way out.”

“Okay,” Josh said nodding towards Wayne. “Thanks for bringing it, Rosemary.”

“Call me ROMY. R.O.M.Y!”

There goes another eight points. Where was he now, about 76 on her general grade of him? This wasn't going to go well at all.

Romy suddenly stood up. She quickly headed towards the door and slammed it. Josh looked over his shoulder for a moment before turning back to Wayne.

“What did you do to her?!? Are you some kind of womanizer?” Wanye closed one eye and opened up the other really wide as he said his statement.

“That's calling the kettle black,” Nick remarked took the seat that Romy once occupied.

“Hey hey. What was that supposed to mean?”

“Like it sounded, that's why you don't have a girlfriend now....” Nick said shrugging.

“And do YOU have ONE?” Wayne retorted.

“At least I'm HOT on the MARKET!” Nick remarked.

The bickering continued back and forth so Josh took this opportunity to leave. It was going to be a long day of bickering anyway so he might have well started on a good one with silence to himself.


“Here's the Old Amber that your Rosemary brought. Remember in Pewter City there is scientist from Cinnabar Island stationed there they can resurrect pokemon. An Aerodactyl would be nice addition to your team.”

“Yeah it will. I kind of like them anyway.”

“Good. Keep it safe. I tucked it pretty tightly in additional wrappings so be careful.”

“No problem, I can hold onto it.”

“By the way, your Pokevoyace should be done by time you get back.”

“I wasn't aware that I was getting a Pokevoyace?” Josh kind of acted like he knew what it was capable of besides that brief mentioning by Nick.

“You will be briefed on it along with Romy when you two return. All officers have one. But I have something to ask you. Do you have a pokedex?”

“Not a working one...” Josh stated.

“That's good enough. Nick can fix it.”

Josh pulled the small red device from his bag and placed on the desk. Katrine grabbed it and slipped it underneath her desk for future storage. Josh nodded and prepared himself out.

Romy entered the room, this time in a more fitting clothing for traveling; a white blouse with denim shorts and tennis shoes. She still had a different flower on her head this time; the flower was an indescribable mixture of various exotic colors.

“Romy. Are you ready?”

“I presume that I am since I'm dressed...”

Josh faced contorted in a fashion that Katrine did not think that could. Katrine laughed lightly as Josh gave a look towards Romy. She was obviously still upset at him for a reason that remained anonymous.

“Romy if we are going to work together, we are going to have to talk.”

“Working together doesn't mean being best friends.”

“Okay. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot...definitely got off on the wrong foot. But I feel like we can become friends...”

“Let's go to Pewter City.”

Romy quickly exited the building without resuming the conversation. Josh’s shoulders sulked a bit before exiting the door as well. Perhaps he should talk to his dad about this.


In Pewter City

“It looks like we have a bit trouble on our hands.”

“Trouble, what do you mean by trouble?

“Yes. I feel a presence, a strong one coming this way.”

“Are they KRPD agents?”

“I cannot tell by the signature alone. But they are differently a lighter one.”

A small boy and a teen sat upon the purple roof of the Pewter Museum of Science. The difference between the two boys was obviously there but the similarities were there as well. The both of them seemed to be calculating plans with their features both appearing to be emotionless while they did so.

The smaller boy, to be no older than twelve, appeared to have redefined silver constructed into a ring to create his iris. His skin was white as a dove's wing as so was his short hair. His build was small, appearing to be frail like a new born. His face was that as a child but his eyes was a seldom as any adult. His face showed nothing of a kindred spirit, only expression that was attainable by chiseling it in concrete.

The teen seemed a bit livelier than the boy beside him. His eyes were a sharp dark brown, almost a thick maple syrup color. His medium length hair was of a mixture between ripe strawberry and sunlight in its purest form. He was built strong like a fortress but was of relatively slimmer stature. He appeared much older than the other younger gentlemen due to the slight trace of facial hair on his chin as well as he lively features.

“Brother...” the younger person spoke.

“Yes. Gray...”

“I believe they are currently not a threat,” the child name Gray spoke.

“How can you be sure? They have strong traces of will power.”

Gray clutched the small stuffed Teddiursa toy as he looked to his older brother. He turned away in disgust before looking into the sky. Gray began playing with his messy white hair before speaking.

“Willpower doesn't equal battle prowess. You should know that.”

“I presume that you are correct. You have defeated every Johto Gym Leader when you were five with just your logic alone...” the older brother trailed off. “But I feel like something is astray with the two people coming here.”

“You don't expect us to leave, Dusk. We are under strict order not to,” Gray said still not amused.

“I know...” Dusk turn his head away.

“Team Rocket cannot be defeated by children...”

Gray pulled this black scarf that was clutched tightly to his neck. On the side of it was a Celtic red R. He was dressed all in white other than this scarf so it stood out more against his flushed skin. Dusk was wearing all black with a white scarf with the same Celtic R on it as well. They were both part of Team Rocket.

“Understanding logic in its purest form is the correct way to battle. We will fight them at Mt. Moon.”

Gray stood up before Dusk could say anything more. He just held tightly to his Teddiursa stuffed animal and jumped off the building. Dusk found himself smiling.

“That child is more than dangerous...better back him when they get here.”


Route 4 to Mount Moon

“Thunder Punch, Volt!”

“Giga Drain, Marigold!”

The Spearow and the Sandshrew went down effortlessly as the two pokemon finished their attacks. Though Rosemary and Josh was as distant as the sea and the summit of a mountain, they made a good team when they actually worked together. Josh had to admit for a Roselia, it was tough as bricks.

Marigold was what was known as a shiny pokemon. It had a different color scheme (though not all pokemon had the same color scheme shiny pokemon had a signature one) as normal Roselia does and it looked absolutely stunning when it battled. It had a golden yellow body with a lime green leaves on its shoulder and torso. It had real thin arms that exploded into different color flowers; her right being a purple flower whiles her left being a black. Josh could never see the color of its eyes since its eyes were always closed like it was in meditation.

“Marigold is really impressive...” Josh said giving a compliment.

“Yes. She is. I'm surprised that you are impressed with a Grass pokemon.”

“What my dad said isn't exactly what I say...”

“You two are cut from the same mold...” Romy said almost implying something else was astray in the conversation.

Josh took a while to soak that undiscovered fact in. What did she mean when she said that? Cut from the same mold. Was something in his dad's past that Romy knew about?

“Do you know something about my dad?” Josh asked without thinking.

Romy shot a glare before moving on with Marigold. Josh looked down to Volt who seemed to be still impressed with the Roselia performance. Josh rubbed Volt and gave a notion for them to continue through the route.

Josh and Romy stopped when the saw an opening with cliffs. It was the entrance to Mount Moon. It almost came too quick for Josh's taste; he wanted to know more about dad that he didn't know.

“Prepare. You take any flying pokemon such as Zubat. I'll take ground and rock types.”

“Volt knows low kick. He's is about level 28 now.”

“I don't care if it is over 9000. Marigold will dispose of them easier. Remember Team Rocket activity. It's like you're with...” Romy stopped her sentence.

“Like I with...them?” Josh said piecing the puzzle together.

“That came out wrong. Let's go...” Romy said almost sounding like she was apologizing for it.

They entered the same way that they traveled on the Route like business partners not friends. Speaking only involved calling out strings of attacks or telling each other to watch out for the things lurking in the darkness of Mount Moon. It would have helped if one of their pokemon knew Flash but that couldn't be helped so they had to use Josh's flashlight to guide the way through the pitch black caves of Mount Moon.

They walked slowly through the cave even though they wanted to walk faster to avoid wasting time. The caves were too tricky to be making careless movements so Romy and Josh remained close. It was hard enough to fight off the pokemon in the dark so they wasn't about to lose each other in the process. Marigold and Volt kept close beside each other and quickly taking out any pokemon standing in their way.

After what seemed to be hours wondering in the cave fighting Zubat after Zubat, Geodude after Geodude, they stumbled over the glimmer of light that poured from the exit. Both seemed to be overly ecstatic in finding the exit, rushed towards it. They were stopped by an odd force which caused Josh bounced back oddly against what appeared to be just air. Romy tapped on it. It was a steady Reflect.

“Ah ah...so you two are the two presences I've been feeling...”

Emerging from the darkness a man appeared. He looked different than any person that Josh had encountered especially on the route. He didn't appear to be just a trainer; he appeared to be rather dangerous almost like someone that he fought. Even with his strawberry blonde hair, his eyes showed no mercy even with a smile plastered on his face. The teenager positioned himself in front of the partners, pulling out a pokeball on his way.

“My name is Troy Creek. But you may address me as Dusk.”

“Why are you here? Do you want a battle?” Josh asked.

“Battle? I'm presuming that is what I want. But that is not the only thing that I'm here for. What's your business in Pewter City?”

“I've heard that there is some Team Rocket activity,” Josh said before actually
staring at the R on the man's white scarf. “You're Team Rocket.”

“No. We are Team Rocket...” a more soothing voice echoed into the air.

From behind a man grasped tightly on Romy's arm. The smaller gentlemen were dressed more sophisticated than the man who introduced himself as Dusk. A white button up shirt, a pair of white slacks, and a black scarf defined the rather small child. He appeared to be years younger than both Romy and Josh but he obviously was just as intelligent as either of him.

“My name is Nigel Creek. I prefer the name Gray,” the younger male spoke.

“Who are the both of you?” Romy shouted yanking herself away from the child's cold hands.

“We are part of Team Rocket. I assume you didn't hear my brother the first time,” Gray said coldly.

“You mean that crime organization that steals pokemon to sell them on the black market for money.”

“Don't you think that we are a bit beyond just stealing pokemon?” Dusk interrupted.

“That is all people know about us, Dusk. Obviously they are KRPD, so don't ruin their parade...” Gray paused for a moment to stare at Josh for a moment. “You have a familiar face...”

“Familiar face,” Josh questioned.

“Like an old boss of ours. That does not matter right now though,” Gray shook his head while staring at one of the stalagmites.

“What do you mean!?!” Josh suddenly shouted.

“Defeat us in a battle and I'll maybe speak,” Gray proposed.

“No bro. I'll take them both,” Dusk proclaimed.

“Fine if you beat him. You'll find out what I mean. I'll just observe.”

Gray stepped away from the battlefield and positioned himself near the end of the wall. Gray clutched tightly to a battered Teddiursa plush as he prepared himself to observe the upcoming battle. Josh focused himself towards Dusk and Romy did the same but kept a close eye on Gray as well. It was something about that child came off to be capricious, vile, and repulsive.

“Prepare for a fight...”



“Handle them. Terror and Gaze,” Dusk said pulling out a two black pokeballs.

“Nicknames are pointless,” Gray remarked as he placed a lollipop with his mouth.

Dusk's black pokeball hit the ground and two pokemon emerge. The first being a one eyed monster that appeared to be a mummy and a ghost fused into one while the other was a cat-like ghost with light blue gems for its eyes. The two pokemon bowed as soon as the exited their pokeball to respect their master before turning towards their opponent.

“Using a Dusclops and Sableye, a two rather sluggish pokemon against two speed pokemon, if this plan isn't obvious I don't know what to think of these people,” Gray said giving another remark.

“Shut up. It's not that obvious!” Dusk shouted a rebuttal.

“Finish this. I have better things to do...” Gray said bringing the Teddiursa plush to his mouth.

“Alright then. Terror! Trick Room!”

The time on the room seemingly slowed to a crawl. Drops of condensation dripping from the stalactites seemed to move to a crawl and the Zubats seemed to have lost all of their previous speed, frozen in the stream of the air. The humans seemed relatively unaffected but it was pretty hard to breathe. Gray however did not even seem to notice the change. He just tugged tightly on that Teddiursa, analyzing both sides like a machine scanning for malicious viruses.

“This is a favorable match up...for now...” Gray concluded his analytical gazing to a more relaxed one.

“What is this?” Josh said looking down at Volt who seemed to be having a problem moving.

“Trick Room...” Romy said in surprise. “Of course you haven't seen it. You haven't experienced many ghost type pokemon. We are disadvantage as long as Trick Room is active.”

“What is it exactly?”

“Let me show you. Gaze. Shadow Claw.”

Within an instant, the Sableye attacked both Marigold and Volt before they even had time to move. It was like it was moving at the speed of light. Josh looked over to the Zubats the struggled to fly and quickly deduced what was happening.

“That move speeds up slow pokemon while slowing down fast ones.”

“This is correct,” Gray responded.

“Hey hey! No telling the enemy what is correct or not!' Dusk shouted towards Gray.

“It was a simple deduction. I had to give an answer. That's plainly rude. It's not like they can do anything about it. Right, Dusk?” Gray said now playing with the stick of the lollipop he so easily consumed.

“You're right.”

Josh clinched his teeth. If was true he had no counter for it. More than likely that Dusclops had the ability to attack too. Josh figured scenarios in his head as Romy just complied attacks in her head. Romy was the first to create a sound attack pattern.

“Magic Leaf...” Romy shouted.

A flurry of multi-colored leaves flew into the air slowly. The attack was normally a fast one but was now was slowed. It was effortlessly dodged by the Sableye but the attack hit the Dusclops directly. It was move that could never miss. Josh smirked.

“Shock Wave, Volt!” Josh added.
“No, Shadow Punch, Terror. Shadow Claw, Gaze.”

The Dusclops even with the sharpened leaves in its body dashed towards Volt with the Sableye and attack together. Without Josh telling him, Volt Quick Attack through the Sableye's body for the two could attack other. Gaze's Shadow Claw hit Terror for a critical hitting damage. Volt counterattacked with a Shockwave to hurt the Sableye for some damage.

“So both the pokemon and the trainer's have a strategy. Hit with moves that can't miss. That was smart of the Elekid to actually use quick attack to go through the Sable to get behind him. With Quick Attack's priority, it was unaffected by Trick Room's ability. Very impressive adversaries...” Gray thought to himself keeping himself secluded within the stalagmites of the ground.

“Damn....” Dusk cursed slightly to himself.

“Quick Attack, Volt.”

“Got it. Stun Spore, Marigold.”

Volt dashed away before the Roselia's spores hit the injured Sableye and Dusclops. Being so small, Dusk did not notice the Roselia had even moved with the aid of its trainer. He clinched his teeth as the room suddenly regained speed.

“Trick Room is over...” Gray stated. “So is his advantage with his pokemon paralyzed.”

“Ah....Ice Punch, Terror! Faint Attack, Gaze. ”

With the last of its energy the Dusclops launched a sudden attack towards Roselia. The Sableye disappeared to attack the Roselia as well. It would be an instant K.O if they were to hit. The Dusclop's arms suddenly detached from its body to head towards Marigold and Romy. Josh dashed in front of the attack to protect the two and braced himself for an attack. But before Josh knew it, a pokemon blocked the both attacks with his bare hands launching a powerful shock wave as a counter attack. The attack was so powerful that it K.Oed the Dusclops and the Sableye at the same time.


The Pokemon looked back and smirked. It was a slightly humanoid feline like creature that stood to about Josh's chest. It had yellow fur with jagged black thunderbolt stripes. Its arms were almost the length of its body and its hands appeared to be human-like with the entire five fingers. Its feet had two sharp claws in the front and one in the back, similar to that of a bird's talon. On top of its head it had appeared to be two rounded antennae. Its large tail slammed into the ground.


“He evolved...into an Electabuzz...” Romy said in surprise.

Dusk quickly returned his two fainted pokemon and turned his back. Gray roared into laughter before accompanying his brother near the exit of Mount Moon.

“Congratulations on the Electabuzz. What was it, Volt? Very nicely planned by the both of you,” Gray said speaking between biting his nails.

“You will stop causing trouble in Pewter Town?” Romy asked.

“Of course, but believe I never got to catch your names.”

“Rosemary Kimura...” Romy was the first to state her name.

“Joshua Surge.”

“S-surge. That's surprising. No wonder you had such a familiar face and with an Electabuzz at that. That's bringing back memories,” Gray said scratching his head.

“What are you saying?”

“Your dad, Matis Surge used to be a big leader in Team Rocket knows it or not. He used to use the St. Anne to transport Pokemon illegally across the seas to sell them off. Voltorbs and Electrodes for explosions on building he didn't deem fit. Of course, I'll think you'll remember mostly his searches for Zapdos. When he found it and all...and tired to destroy Team Rocket's adversaries with the power of electricity strapped to his body...”
Gray smiled evil with the impending nature of his Josh's expressions.

“STOP IT WITH THE LIES!” shouted Josh suddenly. “HOW DARE YOU?”

“Why take my word for it? It was Rosemary's dad who was forced to sail that St. Anne.”

Josh turned to Romy for answers. Romy turned away before she could look at his eyes. She knew it was true. The reason why she couldn’t stand those eyes was because, it was those same icy blue eyes that force her dad to sail ships with illegally capture pokemon. That was the same reason why her Dad and her Mom split up. She was lucky enough to even get the job at the gym.

“I'm sorry. Josh...”

“That's shedding light in your dad's life, eh?” Dusk mocked.

“Well I guess this is our time to leave. Tell your dad that he is surely missed,” Gray noted.

“I think you've said enough, brother,” Dusk said.

“I believe so too. We will be leaving now.”

Volt grabbed Josh's shoulder from the back as tears of anger dripped from his face. Romy folded her arms and returned Marigold to her pokeball. She felt horrible now, for condemning Josh for his dads' actions in the past. She exited Mount Moon as Volt held closely to Josh's, not letting him go.

Sgt Shock
September 24th, 2009, 12:31 PM
Chapter 8: Fossilized Flames

“That's interesting news, Jiro. How did you obtain it?”

“You told me to keep a watch on him so I did.”

“You’re as stealthy as ever. I don’t know why you would quit a job that you are so talented in.

“I thank you for your compliment. However, I am good at the job I currently hold as well.”

“I presume that you are right. But Josh shouldn’t be meddling in the affairs of Team Rocket.”

“He defeated Dusk one of the raising commanders of Team Rocket.”

“Did I even fight the same Josh?”

This was an amusing time for Gabriel. He didn't expect Josh to be strong enough to defeat a Team Rocket commander, especially after he himself destroyed him effortlessly. But that was never something to take account for. Gabriel knew for a fact that Gray was much more of the battle than his older brother. He was an interesting fellow that could provide future entertainment. But alas, the missions for assassinations were piling up and he hardly had the time for toying with Josh.

Gabriel poured him another glass of sparkling water before enjoying his freshly prepare meal, consisting of an exotic fish, vegetables, and a sort of red dipping sauce made of Cheri Berry and spices. He cut the fish a bit before motioning Jiro to sit down in the across from him. It was then when Jiro noticed another seat was vacant prepared for a second guest. It was a tradition of him to talk things over with his clients personally before doing the missions. It was in a secluded balcony seat so no one in the restaurant could hear the plans. Privacy was the best policy.

“Why bring up the gym leader thing again?” Jiro stated. “They are only trainers….”

“Ah,” Gabriel spoke as he stuck the fork into a severed portion of the fish violently. “They are not good people, Jiro.”

“You're far from a good person yourself,” Jiro stated pure fact.

“Vrai,” Gabriel said as he dipped the fish into the mysterious sauce before eating it.

“That is something personal that you cannot carry against them.”

“Personal?” Gabriel said after he swallowed another portion of the fish. “Perhaps is it personal.”

Before Jiro could ask another question, a cloaked person entered into the balcony area. The person observed the small gray balcony for a moment and then gazed off into the crawling vines and assortment of flowers that spiraled up the columns. It could be seen that the person was observing the view quite nicely. The air was brisk enough and it held some sort of mysterious charm to it. It was something about the crackling white paint of the balcony as well as the tiled floor that had them intrigued.

After marveling at the beauty of all, the person took the seat beside Jiro. The person’s folded their arms before staring blankly into Gabriel who was continuing with his meal quietly.

“Take your cloak off. You don't have to be mysterious....unless you're not going to pay. Then I just have to track you down some other way.”

“Yes yes,” a feminine voice suddenly spoke.

The lady took her hood off allowing her curled ginger colored hair to fall in front of her face. Her hair was in two different pigtails each curling the exact same way. Her eyes couldn't be seen due to her bangs making her appear to be fun and dangerous, much in the same way that Gabriel is viewed. She had light colored skin, almost a deep honey color. She was thin and appeared to be rather frail.

“I'm here to put out a hit...” the word hit did not match her rather fun voice.

“Hit is such a bad word...” Gabriel said wetting his throat with sip of his water.

“What word should I be looking for then?” the woman asked politely.

“Don't worry about it, carry on,” Gabriel insisted as he took a bite of the untouched asparagus.

“It's this lady by the name of Rosemary Kimura...” the woman slid a piece of paper. Gabriel did not even glance at it.

“Rosemary Kimura? You mean that lady from Celadon Gym,” he stared at the woman inside of looking at the picture. “You should have put that “request” in earlier. It would have been much easier. May I ask why?”

“...Uh...” the woman hesitated.

“I'm not going to lower the quality of my skills just because it's something completely absurd. She could have tripped you in the hallway for all I care. I'm just nosy,” Gabriel responded.

“She took my place at Erika's gym forcing me to move back home with my parents....” the lady sneered at the sheer thought of Rosemary.

“She took your job,” Gabriel nodded his head before bursting out into a fit of laughter. “Obviously you weren’t doing it right. You need more job security.”

“You find that amusing!” the woman voice hardly sounded threatening.

“I find many things amusing. Complaining is one...” Gabriel finished the asparagus and moved on the fish once again.

“Just get the job done,” she said futilely trying to be tough.

“I can't do it right. Geez...” Gabriel spoke once more. “I have OTHER more IMPORTANT people to dispose of first. But don't worry. I'll do this job...what's your name. I just slipped my mind.”

“Fleurette Bard. You can call me Fleur for short. Here's the down payment.”

“Down payment sounds like you're paying for a car…”

Fleur quickly ignored Gabriel witty comment and placed down a stack of cash for the payment. Gabriel seemed to count it visually before finally finished his meal. After the meal, he counted it physically. He seemed to be pleased with the result.

“Okay, Fleur. Please join me for dinner.”

“If you insist...” Fleur said as she looked behind her.

“No worries. Have you meant my silent friend over here, Jiro Shiba.”

Fleur hadn't really noticed him. It was like he had mixed in with the blackness of the night sky somehow even though he was he was obvious a light skinned larger person. He had been quietly observing the conversation the entire time. This man disturbed her slightly but she had to admit that she didn't hated Gabriel at all. So extended her hand and the man took it with a smile.

“Such a nice smile....” she remarked.

“Thank you...” Jiro said blushing slightly.

“Hey dear, order anything you like,” Gabriel said with stride.

“My pleasure,” Fleur spoke quickly withdrawing her hand from Jiro's.

Gabriel fixed his hair in amusement. He knew that this girl was probably not his type of lady even though she was stunning gorgeous. Jiro had that ability to read killer intent and this girl was crawling with it. It surprised him on occasions that they were even friends. But other external factors played into that. Thinking about that actually made Gabriel a bit indecisive of how Jiro was feeling now. He knew one thing; Jiro liked the attention it was written on his chunky face.

“So how are you going to find, Rosemary,” Fleur's voice became sharp and focused.

“No need to get so stern. I have some business to attend to at Cinnabar Island first. That's a bit out of the target's range.”

“What? I’m so going with you if you are going to postpone my job like this!” Fleur forced herself on the party of two.

“Really, I enjoy groups. Are you coming, Jiro? I know it's not your thing. But I presume there are some helpless pokemon that needs your help at Cinnabar Island.”

'”Tell me, why would you say such things?” Jiro sudden proclaimed coming out of his normal stoic voice.

“My target there is pokemon scientist that has been doing studies for the Pokemon Eclipse Theory. Of course that that's not P.E.T's main base but they do pokemon experiment's there,” Gabriel said with a smirk.

“I'm coming too,” Jiro said in a roar.

“Then you get to draw circles to convey your FRIENDSHIP towards them. Still don't know how that works but whatever...” Gabriel said.

“Then it’s settled. Off to Cinnabar Island,” Fleur’s tone of voice was equal to a school child screaming “field trip!”.

“As soon as I finish my sparkling water,” Gabriel spoke.

Gabriel must admit, he proud of himself. He managed to bring Jiro along though it was complete truth of P.E.T project going on there. Mentioning it would instantly anger Jiro. That's why playing games with people are so fun. You get what you need while keeping your motives unclear. Good or bad purpose, Gabriel would take the job. He could hardly care less about saving the pokemon there. But he knew that Jiro cares about pokemon and hates criminal who abuse them.

“Cheers,” Gabriel said tapping the glass and finishing all the contents in one swoop.

It was going to be a good next day. Gabriel smirked as he looked into the starry night sky.


The night had been too long for Josh. He tried time and time to piece those thoughts in his head together about his dad and Team Rocket. He wouldn't have believed it if Romy wasn't so broken by the revelation as well. He couldn't even close his eyes without imagining his dad misusing pokemon in some vile twisted way. He would be crying right now if he wasn't too angry to. The only thing that kept him sane was that Volt was an Electabuzz now.

Josh found himself shooting glares at Romy who dodged them like liquid swerving through cracks. She was now the one on defensive not Josh. Though she had to admit it, she deserved it; she still couldn't face Josh forcing her to lay with her back towards him to fall asleep. But even then, it felt like he was taking a knife with his glare and corkscrewing it in her back. She couldn't go through with the torture of Josh’s eyes. She turned on her back.

“Josh...” Romy said staring into the night sky.

“Yeah...” his voice was back to that synthetic one like when he was in the shower.

“I'm sorry for not telling you about your dad.”

“Why are you sorry for?” Josh eyes darted towards Romy who seemed to be sucked in by its gaze to actually look at his face. “You're not the one that I'm mad at.”

“You're mad at your dad. I didn't mean to judge you by...”

“It's not about you judging me. People judge people all the time. Judging is a fact of nature. I thought I judged right when I thought of my dad was a good person.”

“HE IS a good person. It's just he made some BAD mistakes.”

“I'll speak with him...”

“No, speak with him now.”

Romy pulled a small cell phone from her pocket. It appeared to be a pokeball at first since it had a red and white color scheme but Josh quickly registered as a phone when he saw the numbered buttons. He grabbed the phone and began calling home. Romy watch on as Josh stood up.

“Vermilion Gym. Lt. Surge speaking...” it was unusual for him to pick of the phone.

“It's your son...” Josh sharply stated.

“JOSH! How have you been?”

“Volt evolved....” Josh stated.

“That's great!” Surge sounded genuinely happy. “But that isn't why you called. I can tell by your voice.”

“You were part of Team Rocket....a commander.”

If Josh was staring at his dad right now, Surge would have probably died. Josh's voice had reached an all time cold. The summit of Snowpoint couldn't reach the frozen voice that slithered through his lips when he said the words. Awkward silence flowed between the phones, only the sound of breathing filled the void. Lt. Surge could be heard scrambling verbally to get his thoughts together.

“Yes. I was a former commander of Team Rocket after the war. I guess we need to talk about this when you get back home...” Lt. Surge said sighing afterwards.

“It figures it was true. We will talk dad. Goodbye.”

Before he could tell his son goodbye, Josh hung up. He passed the phone back to Romy who seemed surprised on how Josh handled the situation. He must have had his dad on a high pedestal since he was a war hero. Yet he threw this wrench in his life. That wrench being his former affiliation with Team Rocket. Josh's stomach churned at that fact. He felt as though he was going to vomit at any time. He wanted to regurgitate his lungs through his mouth right now.

“Get some sleep, Romy. I'll see you in the morning,” Josh spat out the sentences like they were just futile words to fill in empty space.

Romy wanted to but she couldn't. She would have gladly gone to sleep if she couldn't feel the aura pulsing from Josh’s thought. Romy could imagine flower welting from the darkness that protruded from Josh’s inner thought. Thus, sleeping was impossible. It would probably cause nightmares if she did.

“People are people...Josh. He changed because of you. He changed to make your future better. He changed because...”

“Loves me...” Josh finished the sentence. The idea was sent rocketing into his head. He felt horrible now. His dad was the only family that he had and he was pushing him away. “Pass me the phone.”

Romy smiled as she flipped open the phone and pressed redial. She tossed the phone to Josh and Josh pressed the phone to his ear. The phone was picked up soon after.

“Hello,” a voice spoke. It wasn’t Lt. Surge.

“Tucker, is that you?” Josh proclaimed. “What are you doing at my house?” Josh asked.

“Your dad invited me over. Well more like begged for me to come. He's bit in an emotional bind.”

“My dad is in an emotional bind? Like upset...?” Josh's images of his dad even upset were hard for Josh to stomach.

“He’s punching through walls and doors alike. What did you say?"

“Get him on the phone, PLEASE,” Josh spoke now worried not for just his dad for anybody in the general perimeter. When he was upset, he lashed out on the world.

“Okay wait a moment. I'll get him.”

Romy stared at Josh for a moment a bit confused. Lt. Surge being upset was something that she couldn't wrap her mind around either. Though she had to admit, the punching down walls and doors was kind of intimidating. Josh pressed his hand against the speaking portion of the phone.

“He must think I hate him...”Josh said feeling worst than before.

“He must adore you for him to break down like that....” Romy said also feeling bad for Lt. Surge while feeling oddly afraid of him at the same time.

After a couple of minutes of waiting the phone was picked up by another person. This person waited for a couple of minutes but was pressured by a person in the back area to speak. His heavy breathing made the words hard to come out. The man on the other end finally brought himself to speak.

“Yeah...Surge speaking...” Surge's voice has lost all of its sternness becoming low to the ground.

“It's Josh, dad. Sorry about just that. I was a bit angry,” even Josh hadn’t seen Surge’s voice that low. He surprised he could form a sentence with his dad like that.

“I’m surprised that you are even talking with me. I forced you to run away then you find out I was some creep in Team Rocket. You hate me because I’m nothing more than a failure. If she was here, maybe I could be half that father that you want me to be...”

“Dad, you're a great father. I should have told you how I felt before just running off. I'll visit as soon as I'm done at Pewter City.”

“Okay...” his voice was still low but was regaining his normal toughness. “I'll be expecting you, son,” his voice hardened obviously trying to regain all manhood back.

“I'll see you soon, dad,” Josh laughed amusingly.

“Be safe. Love you.”

“I love you too dad. You can get away from the phone now.

The click of the phone ended the conversation followed by the sound of the ringer. He was obviously holding back tears when he said I love you. Behind that tough exterior, Surge was a caring father. Josh couldn't wish for any other. Though they had their normal fights, they were there for each other. They shared a bond that could be broken easily no matter what made each of them who they were.

“Are you done now?” Romy said looking at her phone.

“Oh yeah, I feel much better.” Josh tossed the phone over as he said it.

Josh walked over to his green sleeping bag and slipped within it. He felt a bit more serene than he did before. He closed his eyes and controlled his breathing. The sounds of the wind and the singing of crickets lured began to lure him asleep.

“Good night...Josh...” Romy said looking over her shoulder. The same lullaby did it to her as well.


Pewter City

“An Old Amber!” the scientist pressed his glasses to his face and managed to stroke the hairs of his greasy goatee at the same time.

“I doubt you have seen many. But you seem a bit overly impressed with this one,” Josh spoke crossing his arms.

“It's just…” the scientist mouth was basically watering. “This one is in such good shape. It'll be done within the hour.”

“Great great,” Josh couldn’t help but smile.

The greasy haired scientist sprinted off into this lab. Josh took this time to observe the exhibits at the Pewter Museum. The one that he found particularly interesting was the Aerodactyl exhibit. They were normally extinct pokemon being only found in the prehistoric times of the Kanto Region. However modern science had allowed the race of pokemon to be resurrected as long as the trainer found an Old Amber. Though rare to find, Old Ambers normally had a DNA signature within them to reconstruct the pokemon back to life. Aerodactyls were rare mainly for the fact that their DNA was in cased within the sap of a tree rather than a fossil. Erika had given him one that was fully intact compared to many that could be cracked. Josh found himself more than grateful.

“So what are you going to name it?” Romy said suddenly appearing in the museum.

“Don't know, have to see it first,” Josh had pondered that thought. “I thought you hated museums,” Josh said trying to keep his voice down.

“I did. But seeing an Aerodactyl come back to life is a very interesting concept.”

Josh just shook his head and walked around the museum a bit more. He could see his reflection in the brown tile, it was kept real clean. It was worth the fifty dollars to get in here. It was a good thing that he caught the scientist in time. He was about to head back to Cinnabar Island today at noon before he got a good glimpse at the Old Amber that Josh had possess. He scurried off to his back room and from then on Josh had heard only buzzes and switches.

The museum itself had many different exhibits than just the Aerodactyl one that was just the one that Josh found most interesting. There were ones of Omanyte, Kabuto, Omanstar, and Kabutops exhibits as well. But none of them was comparable to the one that Josh was gazing at now. Josh began reading the plate.

“A Rock and Flying type from the prehistoric ages. It attacks the enemy's throat using serrated saw-like fangs. Its wings allowed it to glide fearlessly through the sky while giving it a weapon of choice that can cut through steel.”

“What a scary pokemon...” Romy said shocked at the facts.

“It sounds really cool!” Josh said looking at the exhibit again.

“Isn't' an Electabuzz scary enough for you?”

“Ha. Volt won't hurt anyone, Romy. Besides, you have a Ninorino that can shoot POISON.”

“Zirk is well trained!” Romy proclaimed.

“Volt is too!” Josh said proudly.

“You think you can handle an Aerodactyl?” Romy said waiting for his answered.

“Watch...me...” Josh spelled it out.

An unexpected cry rained through the museum. Josh checked his watch; it hadn't even been five minutes. Could the Aerodactyl be finished this quickly? Josh quickly dashed towards the lab in the back of the museum to find that black hair scientist on the ground, shivering from fear. The creature glared at the scientist from the corner of its red eye.

“Whoa....that is such a cool Aerodactyl...”

“Are they even that color normally?”

“Volt's left eye is discolored finding trademark pokemon is my thing.”

“That happened by accident….” Romy said keeping her breathing low.

“Not really. Volt started the fight with the Pidgetto.”


“Oh yeah...”

The creature that they were looking at was in fact an Aerodactyl. However, its skin was black while the inside of its wings were gray. Its eyes were a charred vermilion color, which felt like it could soak into your skin when you came in contact with him. The pterodactyl was larger than most Aerodactyl, stretching about two inches more than a normal one according to the exhibit. It was a dangerous foe with blood on its mind. From the back of its throat, it sent out a horrifying cry.

“Looks like I need your help, Volt.”

The Aerodactyl sent out another horrid screech before diving towards the scientist. Josh threw the pokeball at the scientist feet. Volt came lunging out of the pokeball, grabbing the Aerodactyl by the mouth. Volt looked at Josh from the corner of its silver eye and gave a half smile. The scar and the discoloration of his left eye had become more evident since his evolution. It made it look awesome, along with the fact it was holding an Aerodactyl's mouth with just power alone.

“Okay Sergeant, Thunderpunch.”

Volt did what it was said and performed a powerful Thunderpunch to the Aerodactyl's face. It flew backwards within a stream of electricity and hit the wall. But it was far from done and suddenly gained attacked with a glowing silver wing attack. The attack struck Volt but it managed to keeps ground due to the two trainers’ right behind him. Volt managed to grab the Aerodactyl's tail before it got to Josh and Romy.

“Good Job, Volt. Shock Wave it!” Josh ordered.

Volt nodded and sent a stream of electricity down the Aerodactyl's devil like tail. The Aerodactyl crashed into the ground, growling slightly underneath its breathing. Josh approached it and ordering Volt to lower its guard with a notion alone. Volt quickly took Josh's side as insurance, straightening its back like a soldier.

Josh knelled down towards the Aerodactyl. Josh put his hand towards the Aerodactyl's head leaving Romy to worry that he might just lose that hand in the process. Josh began petting the Aerodactyl. Though it was uncomfortable and resisted the petting even though its body relaxed. Josh then pulled an empty pokeball from his side and tossed it towards the Aerodactyl. The white light consumed it and entered into the ball. After three dings, it was caught. Josh just smiled.

“Looks like I just caught an Aerodactyl. And someone said I couldn't handle it...” Josh said glancing towards Romy who just rolled her eyes.

“It's only because Volt is so awesome,” Romy said petting Volt who nodded whilst still keeping position.

“He is. Let me go see if that scientist guy is okay.”

Josh walked over to the scientists who appeared to be still begging for his life. Josh kicked him several times lightly before giving him a swift one to flip him over. That was the first time that Romy had no doubts that this was Lt. Surge's kid.

“Stop being a coward. The Aerodactyl is safely in my possession.”

The scientist sprung up from the ground as though the powerful blow to his stomach never happened. He looked at Josh then Romy and shook his head as though he was the hero in the situation. He stood proudly as he put his fist to his hips.

“There is nothing to fear children. The Aerodactyl is safely in control.”

“No. You were crying like some kid...but I do thank you for pokemon.”

The statement confirmed in Romy's mind that this was indeed Lt. Surge child, only he will use kid when talking to a full out adult if they did something cowardly. She sighed. But she had to admit, the scientist with his superiority complex voice tone was kind annoying.

“No problem...” he was about to say children but was shot down by Josh's glare. “No problem, trainers,” he rephrased. “At any rate, it is a male Aerodactyl so keep it safe,” the scientist sophisticated voice thundered.

“Okay. Thanks.”

The black haired scientist pushed his black frame glass upon his thin face. Before Josh knew it, he could only see the tail ends of the white lab coat disappear out of the door. Josh smirked and returned Volt to his pokeball only after patting him on his head for a good job.

“Well. I'm glad that is over...” Josh said smile staring at the pokeball containing his new pokemon.

“You are so your dad's son....” Romy remarked. “Anyway, give a nickname to the caught Aerodactyl?”

“I think Blacktooth sounds cool. Yeah. I'll name him, Blacktooth,” Josh decided to himself.

“That’s fine with me. You guys and your masculine names for your pokemon.”

“We are heading back to Saffron then?”

“I guess we are,” Josh paused taking in a new idea. “We can FLY on Blacktooth now!” Josh exclaimed suddenly.

“W-what? Flying on an Aerodactyl that you just caught, isn’t that a bit crazy.”

“Maybe it is,” Josh paused again and Romy seemed to relax. “But that’s not going to stop me. We will go after it is done healing at the Pokemon Center. People do it all the time,” Josh said with a very adventurous smile.

“O-okay, why not?” Romy said finally coming to her senses.

It was the most sensible way to get back to Saffron City in a hurry and it did sound awesome once she thought it over. She nodded her head, much to Josh's surprise and they headed outside to the city.

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Chapter 9: Triads of Tyranny

“Great job taking down Team Rocket,” Wanye said.

“It was only two of them. Both by the code names of Dusk and Gray, Gray did not fight us,” Josh answered.

“Gray and Dusk, you say. They are the prodigy and the seeker of Team Rocket respectively. The both of you are lucky that Gray didn't battle. He's a genius in battling with steel types. We haven't had anyone to beat him in battle yet,” Wayne exclaimed.

“Hm...He probably didn't see us as an interest to fight. Perhaps now, he does,” Josh said kind of proud of that statement.

“You two great job on your first mission together. You seem to enjoy the mission as well as Josh gaining his second pokemon. By the way, your dad called wondering if you were home yet”

Josh was utterly amused that his dad was this anxious to see him come back. He's only been gone a month or so and practically going to be waiting at the door for him. “That man...” Josh sighed. Josh was anxious to see him but he also had questions in mind about the Team Rocket debacle. It held a residence in his mind even though he forgave him.

“He stated that he has a present for you too. A friend from Hoenn caught something for you at Surge's request. It's a pokemon obviously. I can't say which one though,” Wayne said looking at the notepad on his desk.

“Did you really have to write it down to remember it?” Romy suddenly proclaimed.

“Yeah...?” Wayne said surprised that someone actually caught him glancing at the notes.

“That's good. It was probably Drake who caught it for me. He was a friend of my dad's from the Navy. Though they argue which of the POCE is better, they are close friends almost a grandfather figure to me.”

“Drake, like the Drake hailing from the Elite Four in the Hoenn Region,” Romy stated. “That's so cool. He's like the master of the rarest type in the world. You know someone like that.”

“Yeah, he visits all the time...” Josh said almost in and a slow, disorientated tone.

Josh never took into account that Drake was part of the Elite Four nevertheless the best out of all four of them in Hoenn. He was a tall man but not nearly as tall as Surge. He had a lighter skin completion with a build that surprisingly looked very sickly. His ribs were visible like they were perched upon his insides like a hawk. His eyes were sharp like any dragon's eyes; it was like glaring upon a compressed black hole. His key feature was his long gray mustache that seemingly leaped across the upper portion of his lips. He always wore tattered blue jeans, boots, his long ripped trench coat, and his POCE Navy hat. Drake was an unforgettable person.

“I'm heading home guys. Don't worry I'll come back,” Josh said nodding his head.

“Romy, you should head back to Celadon too. Erika has been wondering where you have been?”

Romy looked away. Josh was sure that she said that Erika urged her to go. After a staring match, consisted of Josh being the player shooting the glares and Romy evading them, Josh finally had the nerve to ask about it.

“I thought Erika asked you to join us?”

“True...I did say that...” Romy paused for a second. “I lied. I can't face her. Especially after I almost failed to protect the gym…”

Josh and Romy had so many things in common that virtually unbelievable. Though it was more visible that Josh was upset, Romy suffered from the same problems as he. When they were disappointed in themselves, they could not face the people that were involved as a self persecution. Josh could sympathize with her about that. While Josh would lash out on the world, Romy would lash out on herself. Despite her tough girl persona, she was very much human and soft as well.

“Do you want to come with me to Vermilion? You are my partner...” Josh was about to withdraw that statement from sounding like they were going out but Romy just smiled.

“Yes we are. Crime fighter partner,” Romy exclaimed although she was holding back a smile doing so.

“Y-you want to come. Especially after my dad, I mean…” if this statement was football, Josh would have fumbled or thrown an interception.

“I guess it will be nice...” Romy contemplated on seeing Lt. Surge in person again.

“Don't worry. He'll be nice,” Josh wasn't quite sure of that statement but however he said it.

“Be back by tomorrow. I'm going to try to find another mission for the both of you.”

“Where's Nick?” Josh said finally thinking about the emptiness in the hallway upon walking.

“Nick is with one of our veteran members, Justice at Cinnabar Island. He's not one to stay around for long, so you haven't seen him.”

“Whew....” Josh exhaled.

“What?” Wayne exclaimed.

“I thought it was only the six of us,” as stupid as that sounded, quite honestly that’s all he saw.

“Yeah....the rest is stationed throughout Kanto. It's not a lot of members trust me,” Wayne reassured.

“Well. That's good. I'm heading home now.”

“Have a safe trip!”

Josh nodded and prepared himself to actually head out. The thought had crossed his mind to let his pokemon out of their pokeballs, so he did. Blacktooh and Volt appeared before him as soon as the pokeballs hit the ground. Volt quickly took Josh's side while Blacktooth just sharply glare at Josh before folding its wings. It still didn't trust its new trainer entirely which made the ride here a bit of a rocky one. There were times that he thought was going to fall off and crash his head on a spiky rock somewhere. There were also times that he had the thought that Blacktooth was actually trying to kick him off of his back. The Aerodactyl was a tough one, but it seemed to have gained a little respect from both its trainer and Romy for surviving the flight here.

Josh offered his arm for the Aerodactyl could roost but it declined the request. Volt shrugged his shoulders and continued up the hallway too. Josh followed them.

“Looks like that Aerodactyl is a bit emo...” Romy said running up to Josh from behind.

“He's new to this trainer thing. Not all pokemon is going to be like “I LOVE YOU MAN” kind of pokemon. They are wild.”

“You have point,” Romy said running fingers through her hair, flicking it to the side.

“Are you prepared to meet my dad? Last time, you didn't get a good impression of him,” Josh knew this more than often happened with the people that his dad comes in contact with.

“I know that you two are similar. Loud, arrogant, and crude explains the Surge family that I have met,” Romy said with a smirk.

“Are you calling me loud, arrogant, and crude?” Josh said offended.

“I'm just calling you arrogant and crude. Can be loud though…”

Josh smiled broadly. There was honestly nothing else that he could do at that time. He didn't want her point to be proven so he remained silent. Romy had achieved what she wanted, so she flicked her hair in accomplishment.

They walked to the outside of the KRPD headquarters. It was a surprisingly warmer day than normal in the Kanto region. The sunlight shimmered brightly, sending rainbow colored reflections of light from the Silph Corporation’s windows throughout the city limits. Upon the yellow and brown bricks of the road, the light exposed many of the shimmering sediments, allowing the road to sparkle as they walk. They call the road behind the Silph Corporation, Main Street, mainly because there were three buildings that attracted many of the tourists. The police department was technically on the far east of town, followed by the Fighting Dojo in the middle, and the Sabrina’s psychic gym being on the far west. The city was often sprawling with businessmen, trainer, and tourist like. Today was no different.

“Romy send out your pokemon,” Josh suggested. “It would make it easier for me to keep in contact with you.”

“They do need some air,” Romy grabbed the three balls from her side.

She threw the all three of them in the air sending three pokemon from their Pokemon. Zirk the Ninorino and Marigold the Roselia was the two that Josh recognized. The third was a mammal like creature with blue skin and white fur. Upon its head was a sickle like horn and its tail appeared to be almost like a bat’s tail. The creature eyes was very dark red but it appeared to be rather calm than dangerous. The pokemon brushed its head against Romy’s leg and gave the same treatment to Josh before returning back to its master.

“Meet Kain the Absol,” Romy said as she brushed the velvet like fur of the creature.

“He seems quite friendly,” Josh said. The creature looked as though it would be more threatening than collected.

“Normally, he doesn’t attract to people like that.”

“And you call me arrogant and crude,” Josh said puffing out his chest

“You just show evidence of being all those things...”

“Who have I lived with for sixteen of my years?!?” shouted Josh.

“There's loud,” Romy pointed out. “You did pose a good point there.”

“Where do you think Gabriel run off to?”

“Gabriel...” his name made her spine tingle. It wasn’t a good feeling.

“I am sure that we will find them.”

“How can you be so sure? I mean he evaded the police this long,” Romy’s voice seemed to lower.

“I’m more than sure that we will find him. He didn’t kill me for a reason, so I am going to be the one that stopped him. He is going to wish that he killed me that day.”

“I assumed that you are right.”

“Wait! I have something for the both of you!” shouted another voice from a distance.

Josh and Romy as well as the rest of the company with the exception from Blacktooth turned. Katrine was seen swerving through the traffic of Saffron City with two different colored devices in her hand. From a distance it gave the impression of being a PokeGear from the Johto Region. When Katrine handed the green and the red device to Josh and Romy respectively it appeared to much more advance. The device had a clear LCD screen that was framed within a painted metal. Though light device seemed to be rather tough across the face of it. Overall, it appeared to be something akin to a miniaturized computer.

Katrine, Josh, and Romy as well as the pokemon moved to the other side of the road to allow the traffic move more clearly as the obtain these devices.

“Here's your Pokevoyace,” Katrine said proudly ordaining them owners of the gadgets.

“Wow. Thanks, Katrine!” Romy said staring at the small devices.

“Okay. What exactly are these things capable of? Nick mentioned that it could understand feeling to hear the pokemon's voice...” Josh was completely unsure in what he was saying.

“The Pokevoyace is a communication device only to be used in the Law Enforcement or the POCE branches of the military. You can't read ALL pokemons’ thoughts only those you have a unique bond with. Any pokemon that you caught really...”

Josh's eyes looked at Volt and then at Blacktooth. Romy did the same for Marigold, Zirk, and Kain. Both of them suddenly grabbed the Pokevoyances from Katrine’s loose grip. The both of them hunted for the power button. Romy was the one to find it first. She pressed the button causing the screen to light up. An Abra walked across the screen as it loaded before turning to this fairly bright menu screen. Marigold, Kain, Zirk appeared on her screen as two small miniature versions of themselves. Romy found this very charming. The loading screen was a bit different for Josh being a Drowzee instead of Abra. In the end the he found himself at a screen as well with his two pokemon.

“These are the pokemon you can feel the emotion of right now,” Katrine went on to explain. “Sabrina, the Gym Leader here, assisted by the Silph Corporation in making this product to react with a trainer in their pokemon. It uses some of the metal found in a “Twisted Spoon” and “Mind Plate” compressed together to make a metal known as “Psychothium.” Psychothium in fact helps the thoughts to be successful transferred to each while the Pokevoyace itself translates the words for the Pokemon and Human speech as well as vice-versa.”

“So how do we…uh…work this thing,” Josh asked. He understood the background, but particulars with technology weren’t his strong point.

“How do we speak with them is what he is trying to say,” Romy translating Josh’s idiocy.

“You just think about it....” Katrine’s voice peaked happily.

“You act like that was self-explanatory,” Josh said looking at Katrine.

“That was what I was talking about!” Romy exclaimed towards Josh.


“Whatever, continue Katrine,” Romy gave a hand motion for her to continue.

“Anyway, concentrate on your pokemon and their feelings. If they want to open up to you, then they will. Just close your eyes close your eyes and think about them. It is that easy. Unless you want me to get into how the concentrations resonate with each other,” Katrine said swinging her arms. She knew quite a lot about this and she evidently eager to share.

“Uh can we pass?” Josh asked.

“Sure. Just concentrate. I know you are eager.”

“Right,” Josh and Romy said before doing as they were commanded.

Josh closed his eyes instantly to feel the world around him. His heart was pounding harder and harder waiting to hear something. Josh felt a presence within the dark world behind his close eyes. He couldn't pin point it until he felt the urge to actually speak within his head. It was like someone nudging your shoulder to get your attention. If Josh could turn his head to view the other presence, he would.


“Please to speak with you at last...Josh,” a gallant voice spoke.

“Volt...” Josh thought.

“Yes it is I. Nice that this thing works. I was a bit skeptical.”

“I can't believe your voice is a so deep. How do you know...?”

“Human speech,” Volt finished Josh’s thought. “Were you listening to that woman’s speech at all? This thing can translate all 493 known species of my race. Besides, I hear you speak it and I've lived near a power plant most of my life. It's kind of hard not to understand the patterns,” Volt gave a warm laughter at his trainer.

Josh knew he was smiling if he opened his eyes. He never expected voice inner voice to be so soothing yet triumphant. It was like the greatest soldier of all time combined with the temperament of monk. Josh wished that his voice was like Volt's inner one.

“I honestly expected your voice to be gruffer....” Josh exclaimed.

“Well. I hear your voice all the time. So I have no complaints.” Josh couldn’t help but laugh at Volt’s statement.

“Do you need anything?”

“No, I do not. But remember, Josh. I'm still your pokemon. I serve you...” Volt paused. “I feel that you better try to contact Blacktooth.”

“Alright but one question,” Josh was almost hesitating.

“Anything, master,” Volt answered

“Why did you trust me?”

“Your eyes master. A pokemon can tell all about a trainer by looking into their eyes. I chose not to break out of that pokeball...well honestly I couldn't break out even if I tried. But still, you are a great trainer. You’re calculating, smart, and headstrong. I like that.”

“Do you like your name?”

“I thought one question was all that you wanted master,” his voice sounded sarcastically amused. He laughed warmly before speaking again. “It's a fitting name. It suits me well.”

“You're amazing.”

“Ah. As are you, master. Now move along. You need Blacktooth to trust you,” Volt spoke proudly.

“Yes. Promise that you'll talk to me again.”

“It needs no promise to what is edged in stone, master.”

Josh focused his mind on Blacktooth for a moment. He could feel the glimmer of disdain in the pokemon's body. It was then, he knew it was him. Josh heart felt like it was bleeding from the inside out now. He could feel the pokemon waiting for him to speak. It was like a dark cloud was over his head, storming torrential rains to drown him. This pokemon was darkness, it was death.

“Speak before I end up seizing throat with my teeth... “Blacktooth’s voice was milky, slow, and sadistic.


“That's the foolish name that you gave me.”

“You don't like it?”

“Do I have a choice? Like when captured me,” Blacktooth voice hardened with the word capture.

“I can release you go if you want.”

“What would be the meaning of that? To appease my inner needs? Like all trainers what to do, huh. You will give me that painfully obvious tale about how a trainer and a pokemon should love each other and become friends. You are nothing more than a liar. All humans are. They try to appease their pokemon just to get what they want. If that is a championship, a ribbon, merchandise, or food,” Blacktooth’s voice sharpened to the word food leaving Josh breath in lightly. “Nevertheless, speak.”

“You're obviously unhappy,” Josh summed up his monologue into three words.

“I’m unhappy? Perhaps I am. But, what if want to stick around for a while, human? Get to know you. Is that what the humans say? Just to prove that you are like any other human. When that time comes…I’ll make you regret catching me.”

“I can release you,” Josh repeated.

“And where would I go, human? Live out in the wild with the rest of my race. Wait. I remember. NO OTHER ONE IS ALIVE. Even if they were, they will be with trainers. So I'm back to square one. Are you happy now?”

“Not exactly, but you can trust me. Trust me just once. I'm not going to make a fool out of you.”

“Are you trying to negotiate....what was it, Josh? Negotiate away because I have no choice.”

“You're not a slave to me. You always have a choice.”

“Nice saying...” he laughed coldly. “ But remember. Choices aren't always one leading in the right and one leading to the wrong.”

“So you're staying....” Josh remarked.

“Staying? Sure I presume I am. Just remember, “master” that I can kill...”

“Anything can, Blacktooth,” Josh’s voice turned to that of a murderer himself.

“So you have killer intent too? You might be more interesting than I thought.”

The connection was suddenly cut like it had been snipped by scissors. Blacktooth had nothing more to say to Josh and Josh likewise. It felt more like creating a ceasefire more than a friendship. But at least Blacktooth was listening. That was the first steps.

Josh finally opened his eyes. He wanted to talk to Volt once more but he knew that it would be better if they actually got to Vermilion City first. Josh found himself being stared at by both Katrine and Romy. Josh wondered how long have they been there just standing there. It was kind of creepy but Josh found no need tell them that. Instead he had something more important to say.

“THAT WAS AWESOME!” Josh shouted, leaving the rest of the Main Street staring at him like he was some mad man. He retreated to the shadows.

“I know, right!” Romy excited but in a lower tone.

“Oh my goodness, you two,” Katrine said as though the Pokevoyace was a normal thing.

“I'll tell you all about it on Route 6, Romy.”

“I have a lot to tell you too, Josh. It was so exciting.”

“Remember. Charge the Pokevoyace at any Poke Center when you can,” Katrine turning back towards the headquarters.

“No problem.”

With that in mind, Josh and Romy headed off to Vermilion City. Katrine looked over her shoulder as the two trainers shared conversation. It was good to see them talk.


Cinnabar Island Laboratories

“Looks like the police are here...” Jiro said as he sat within the window pane.

“We better get out of here!” Fleur said looking among the bodies that skewed across the blue tiled floor.

“No no no. I think I'll be the one to handle this. Just promise that you two can get away. Meet me at the boat.”

“Gabriel. Two Interpol police members is way above your head,” Jiro’s voice was unchanged.

“Over my head…” Gabriel paused. He couldn’t believe he just said that. “I think not. Let me handle them. You two just skedaddle away. Oh, by the way, Fleur. You have blood all over your neck. Treat Nosferasu a treat somewhere else.”

Fleur surprisingly just glance over her shoulder as the purple bat with a set of four wings sipped away at her blood. She just pet the bat happily as the bat drank its meal from the girl's neck. Its red iris of its eyes shined the same color as the blood it was drinking. She returned the Crobat to his pokeball before wiping the remaining blood from her neck with a small white handkerchief from her purse. Jiro eyed her gawkily; he didn’t know what exactly to say to something like that.

“Jiro, Let us go if he thinks he can handle the Interpol,” Fleur said delicately almost mockingly.

“I’m more than sure I can handle them both. Come on. What you saw was against straggly scientist? I was just playing with them,” Gabriel put his hand on his face and tapped it.

Fleur was stunned at that statement. The fact that scientist wasn't exactly the greatest battlers with their Kadabras, did not downplay the fact that he was fighting at a type disadvantage. “What kind of monster was this Gabriel person any way?” Fleur stated. It was something about him. Something about when he flicked that platinum blonde hair as he fought. He was enjoying killing these men. It was filling the thirst in his eyes.

“Why didn't you use your other pokemon?” Fleur asked.

“Rainey against generic Kadabras,” Gabriel seemed genuinely appalled by the statement. “Please, Fleur, keep you insults to yourself. You were working at a disadvantage too you know.”

“Demetrio doesn't like close space nor does Alexia. So, Nosferasu was my only choice. Besides, he knows Dark Pulse,” Fleur said ‘Dark Pulse’ like it was saying ‘unicorn’.

“I guess that makes sense,” Gabriel had to admit Dark Pulse with Nasty Plot was dastardly combination. “But don't question my motives again. I'm one for the challenge and the challenge was to be Psychic types with a Fighting type. Simple as pie,” Gabriel paused. “Well I don’t make pie but whatever. It’s easy. Just leave now. I will handle the two goon of the KRPD.”

Jiro grabbed Fleur from the ground and placed her upon his back. He leaped out of the two story window of the science lab and proceeded to the boat towards the bay area. Gabriel had to admit, for a man well over the two-hundred pound mark, he was like a ninja. Gabriel only could imagine Fleur’s reactions. It was sad that he would have to contemplate on something more important that moment.

The door was forced open showing Gabriel in the room with a blood pouring down the slicked floors. Gabriel studied the two officers to find that neither of them was Josh. He found himself subconsciously disappointed at the revelation. However, he did recognize one of however, Nick Guerrero. Gabriel remembered him from a press conference on television one time in which he told the public about the wild arson on the loose. He despised him for making him look like a sadist. The other man, Gabriel had not recognized.

The man was of a sickly white completion like no sun could have ever reached it. He had short shaved hair with a receding hair line. He was smaller man though his body seemed rather toned for a man his age. His eyes, a cold dark color, mixed between the black of a midnight sky and a blue of the deep sea. Around his chin was a scruffy graying beard that interceded with his cheeks. He was dress simply in a long black shirt and black jeans. Gabriel found him unsightly.

“Who are you?” Gabriel pointed towards the newer (or previously unseen) officer.

“Are you the one that did this?”

“I didn't do ALL of this. But I did most. So what's your name?” Gabriel acted as that was just something you can casually enter into a conversation.

“You're Gabriel Kirk, the famous Coordinator for the Hoenn Region, correct. That’s a surprising, don’t you say?” the bearded man continued to talk.

“That is correct. But since you know that information, I can't let either of you live. So one last time what is your name, sir?” Gabriel eyes flashed with devilish intentions.

“For you, my name is Justice…” Justice bowed.

“Justice, do not him lightly. We have to handle them together. Naomi couldn't douse his flames,” Nick finally spoke.

“See how he handles this. Uriel! You have been chosen....” Justice said.

A black ball released from the man's cold hands and slammed into the ground. From the unique black smoke that emitted from the pokeball came a charcoal black dog. The black dog appeared to have had skeletons all over its body; thin bones on its back, skull around the neck, white rings around its legs, and white horns. Its devil tail wrapped around its masters leg and stood proudly waiting its command.

“A Houndoom,” Gabriel stared at the dog for a couple more moments. “Don't you think that you're overconfident? I have the type advantage...”

“You destroy Kadabras with Combusken. Do not be pompous enough to think that I cannot do the same,” Justice spoke.

“I presume this is a thing of skill,” Gabriel took this time to catch his breath. “Nick,” he began. “You’ve been uniquely quiet. Does a Skitty have your tongue?”

“There is nothing to say. I’m going to stop you here,” Nick kept his statement short.

“Then throw out your pokemon, tough guy,” Gabriel said hunching and taunting Nick with his finger.

“Jolty...you're in.”

Nick threw his pokeball into the air and a pokemon lunged from it to the ground. It was another dog-like creature but this one appeared to be much smaller than the Houndoom. Its body was covered with spiky yellow fur aside from the spiky white collar. It had sharp black eyes that looked up at his master. It felt unsure for some reason. Like something was bothering it.

“Jolty...something wrong,” Nick asked.

“It knows it going to lose, today,” Gabriel said pulling two of his pokeball from his side.

“Do you think we are going to give you a chance to throw your pokeball? Uriel, Flamethrower.”

But before the flames ever reached close to Gabriel, the long body of Rainy the Gorebyss blocked the attack. Uriel was quickly counterattacked by Fire Punch but the flames were quickly absorbed by Uriel's Flash Fire. Zuri jumped backward when she found that it had that ability; it quickly struck back with a Dark Pulse sending Zuri reeling. Zuri was virtually unharmed, but the attack was only to show that in fact it could attack as well.

“Very nice, your Houndoom has Flash Fire. That's all I needed to know...” Gabriel said flicking his hair.

“To know that your pokemon can take Dark Pulses is a good hint as well.”

“But can your Gorebyss take a Thunderbolt?” Nick asked pointing to the Gorebyss.

The Jolteon quickly closed in and stuck a powerful thunderbolt towards Gabriel and Rainy who was still wrapped are his trainer. Gabriel dodged the attack along with Rainy. In response, Rainy performed a powerful ice beam. The attack wasn't aimed at Jolty at all but was aimed at Nick who had to avoid it by rolling out of the way.

“An eye for an eye...” Gabriel shrugged.

“Touché...” Justice was the one that said it even though he wasn't the one that was attacked.

“Honestly guys. I do have boat to catch. So I can't play for so long. Zuri, Brick Break. Gorebyss, Water Pulse.

“Uriel, Hidden Power Ice!”

“Thunderbolt, Jolty.”

Gabriel’s two pokemon lunged into action. Uriel and Jolty performed the two attacks together while Gabriel put his creativity to good use. Rainy had shot the rings of water into something similar to a geyser to get Zuri higher to avoid the attacks instead of Rainy attacking himself. Zuri dived down to Uriel to strike him with a powerful descending chop. Though the attack was a super-effective strike, the dark pokemon kept his stance strongly. The frustration was settling in Gabriel’s face. His normally passive expression had changed to complete anger.

“I'm sorry I can't have this anymore...” the frustration had leaked into Gabriel’s voice now.

Gabriel’s himself lunged towards Nick within a blindly speed. He suddenly appeared behind him and whispered a set of words with his ear.

“I’m done playing….die…” Gabriel’s voice turned to that a demon.

“Damn it…” Nick whispered lowly.

Before Nick could react, Gabriel had stabbed him in the back with his claw like nails induced with flames. Nick looked down for a couple of moments to realize that blood with dripped from his stomach. He suddenly felt weaker and it began to burn. Gabriel removed his hand before the man fell to the ground in his own pool of blood. His entire forearm was covered in warm blood. He just watched maliciously smirking, licking the man’s blood from his fingertips.

Justice quickly withdrew Uriel from the battle to tend to his partner's body. He was in pretty bad shape now. Justice clinched his teeth as he looked at Nick's breathing became harder and harder trying to gain air. Gabriel shrugged before dashing towards the window.

“Well well. Two interpol was a bit too much for me. Too bad I couldn't have taken a better way out,” Gabriel’s voice was back to his normal carefree one.

“I will get you.”

“No. No. No. I don't think so, Mr. Justice. Tell Josh that was a gift.”

Justice quickly began calling the paramedics allowing Gabriel to get away. Nick's life was more important than capturing Gabriel at the time. At least they knew it was Gabriel now. He began working the best that he could with his bloodied patient laying motionless on the ground.


“Dad I'm home!”

Before Josh could even knock, his dad flung the door open of the gym. He observed Josh then observed Romy. The thought of them possibly being a couple (even though they weren't) never crossed his mind. People often assumed when he and Yuki, Josh’s mom, were going out when they first was seen together. So, he never assumed others to be. But the fact that he did marry that woman that he considered his “partner” was kept close in his mind as well.

“Is this your partner?” Surge asked staring at the young lady.

“I am. Rosemary Kimura. But you can call me, Romy.”

“Okay, Romy,” Surge said her name with an exclusive charm. “Come in. Josh, I'm cutting your hair, it's becoming long.” In fact, Josh’s hair had become rather shaggy in just a month or so. Romy kind of liked it but it was obvious that Josh didn’t like it. It obscured his vision.

Surge examined Romy once more. He was impressed with the young lady. Not many of people had a strong stance like she did. It was very womanly and it doubled as one of strength. He felt like she would be a perfect match for Josh if he actually knew how to pursue a lady. But her face was striking familiar, though. The last name felt familiar as well. Like distant memory, Surge quickly shoved the thought aside.

Surge disappeared into the gym which allowed Romy and Josh to follow. The traps was thankfully inactivate because that would have left an impression that Josh didn't want. To Romy, it just looked like Surge had many silver poles concreted into the ground. Josh gave a breath of relief.

Josh had noticed that his dad was less than his normal self. He was rather withdrawn than normal. The volume of his voice was low to the ground and he couldn't maintain eye contact, something that he preached about. His stance was that of Josh’s when he was upset. His shoulders were slumping ever so slightly. Josh knew something was wrong.

“Did something happen?” Josh asked.

“No...” Surge caught himself lying. “Sabrina came just before you did. I'm still a bit reeling.”

“Why Sabrina,” Josh asked.

“Her along with Koga from Fuchsia City were part of the Rocket Triad. That was including me of course.”

Josh took a while to process that. So they were the three top members of Team Rocket. Josh's heart wrenched leaving him to close his eyes. Surge was obviously upset about this too since his cold blue eyes became warmer. This conversation couldn’t be avoided any more. The invisible fissure had become noticeable and it was time to mend it.

“Why were you with Team Rocket?”

“It was my mistake. I couldn't fill the violent void that consumed my body after the war so I went to Giovanni. I became a monster until your mom came in my life to change my life. Unfortunately…she paid that price…not me. ”


Josh could understand. Postwar trauma was something that was common, the traps was contest to this fact. Josh just smiled it off. What his dad saw in the battlefield was things that he couldn't shake off. Violence was all he knew at the time and joining Team Rocket would have been a way to get rid of the pain. Josh knew that was the truth because he had seen his dad wake up in the middle of his nights in a cold sweat.

“I understand, dad. It's nothing for you to worry about. I'm not mad at you.”

“You're the greatest son a man could have,” Surge said holding back tears.

“You're crying...with guest around,” Josh smirked.

Surge quickly shook off the tears before they could form and escaped to the other side of the gym to the bathroom. Josh went to the chair on the other side of the gym, which his dad normally sits at, and sat in it. It was a comfortable seat since Surge had to sit until a trainer would challenge him.

“Hey dad,” Josh sounded.

“Yeah!” he responded.

“Want to see Volt and Blacktooth?”

“Hell. Sure.”

Surge quickly entered back into the main room with the black clippers and a black and yellow towel in hand. Josh quickly grabbed the two pokeballs from his side and threw them. Volt and Blacktooth appeared before Josh. Volt eyed Surge a bit before closing its eyes in amusement. Surge was surprised seeing the Electabuzz so strong and with a battle scar at that.

Blacktooth withdrew itself to studying Lt. Surge from a distance. For some reason, it felt the bloodlust radiating from Lt. Surge.

“I guess an apology is in order, Volt,” Surge said looking the Electabuzz, kneeling down. “You are doing a great job protecting my son, as an Elekid and an Electabuzz. I have a present for you.”

Surge placed the towel and the clippers on the floor and pulled out a dog tag necklace from his pocket. He placed it around Volt's neck and it gazed at it. He seemed to enjoy the memento since it toyed with it between his claws before giving a smile of its own.

“You remind me much of my Electabuzz before I released it back into the wild. I thank you.”

Volt nodded his head, he seemed to like Surge a lot compared to the last time where he tried to fight him. Surge hugged the Electabuzz tightly before picking the haircutting items back up. He proceeded to the chair that Josh was sitting at and flipped it over causing Josh to slam on the ground. Romy's eyes widened. “Is this child abuse?” Josh got up quickly and kicked his dad in the knees. “I guess not....” Romy finished the thought. Surge put the chair back on all fours and Josh sat cross-legged by his dad's feet.

Surge placed the towel around his son's neck before plugging the clippers into the wall.

“May I recommend something, Josh?” Romy said suddenly.

“Sure,” what exactly Romy was going to recommend had him puzzled.

“How about military style mohawk?” she threw it out there.

“Hm...” Surge stroked his chin. “I like the sound of that.

“Where is my opinion? It's my hair!” Josh shouted. “Okay. Okay. I'll try it.”

Before Josh could hardly finish his sentence, Surge was well on his way to create a mohawk for Josh. He saw threads of his blonde hair fall in front of his face. Surge was a beast with clippers, so Josh found himself worried at first. But as quickly as he started it, it was done. Surge wiped the hair from his pants before standing up. Surge took the black towel, amazingly keeping all the hair that the towel caught intact. Surge disposed of the hair and came back with a mirror.

Josh liked the hair cut a lot after seeing it. The slicked blonde mohawk made him look rather different. He seemed to be a little older with it. Besides, anything was better than the mop of blonde that he had on his head before.

“How do you like it?” Josh asked Romy.

'F-fine. Just fine...”

Josh didn't notice it but Surge did. The girl was beet red. She wouldn't have recommended it she didn't like it. Josh was just obscenely oblivious. Surge wouldn't have recognized himself if he wasn't married before. He just laughed it off.

“Hey, Josh!” Surge said suddenly making Romy turn even redder. “Don't worry, it's not about you Romy.” She sighed in relief leaving Josh confused on the transaction. “Drake left a present for you at my request.”

Surge placed a steel blue pokeball in Josh's face leaving Josh to just look at it. Out of nowhere he snatched it. It was obviously a Hoenn pokemon but which one. It wasn't something that would grow up to be a weak pokemon. That just wasn't Drake kind of thing. He tames Dragon pokemon so weakness was completely out of the question. Josh couldn't wait so he threw the pokeball.

Romy gasped from seeing the pokemon but Josh didn't know exactly what to think of the small thing. It was steel type obviously by its steel blue body. It had a long body and appeared to be something of dumbbell. The only real defining feature of this pokemon was that it had a one large red eye. Josh wondered what it was for a couple moments while Romy walked around it envious.

“It's a BELDUM!” Romy shouted all of a sudden.

“Beldum?” Josh knew then that pokemon from other regions wasn't exactly his strong point.

“Beldum is a psychic and steel type pokemon. Beldum uses magnetism by the magnetic waves coursing through its body like blood. He can communicate using these magnetism charges.”

“Wow....kind of like dad's Magneton?”

“Just like my Magneton son. He told me that he brought it to Sinnoh first to teach it Zen Headbutt, Iron Head, and Iron Defense because Beldum's movepool isn't greatest at this level.”

“Hm.. .Interesting. I'm naming Bradley,” Josh named it out of the blue.

“Why?” Romy asked slightly confused.

“It's a tank name from the American Army,” Surge explained.

“Looks like Surges know their wars,” Romy said shrugging.

Bradley the Beldum looked at Volt and Blacktooth for a while. It seemed to be trusting of Volt but the complete opposite of Blacktooth. Josh was slightly amused at the glares this Beldum was giving Blacktooth. It was a very animated steel pokemon. Josh enjoyed having a party of pokemon. It brought flavor to his life.

The inside of Josh's pocket began to rumble. Puzzled in what exactly could be vibrating in his pocket, he took it out. It was the Pokevoyace but it was ringing like a telephone. Did Katrine forget to tell him that it doubled as a phone too? Josh grabbed it and stared it for some time.

“Press Talk, son,” Surge said with a look of sarcasm written on his face.

Josh saw the green button with the word talk spewed across it—Josh gave himself a face palm. He pressed the button and put the device to his ear. He was met by a somber voice on the other side of the line; it was almost like the person’s was crying. It was Katrine.

“Katrine,” Josh questioned the voice on the other end.

“Josh! Oh thank heavens you figured it out!”

“Uh...do I look that incompetent with technology?” Josh asked himself before speaking; he thought he had least looked compatible. “What's wrong?”

“Nick is in the hospital. He’s in critical condition. I don’t know what’s going to happen to him.”

“Katrine, calm yourself.”

“O-okay,” Katrine’s voice was becoming broken with her sobbing.

“Where is he?”

“They are transferring him now from Cinnabar Island's hospital to Celadon. You can meet us there.”

“Got it.”

Josh pressed the red button on the side and stuffed the Pokevoyace back into his pocket. Romy and Surge as well as many of the pokemon waited for his response. But Josh had fallen silent. Josh felt something astray even more than Nick being in the hospital. He could feel something astray about the entire thing. It made him angry in a way that hasn't been. He could feel it bloom like a flowers within the springtime.

“Nick....is in the hospital....” Josh’s voice, it was a unique blend of hot and cold—lukewarm.

“W-what?” Romy clutched her shoulder.

“He's in bad shape apparently. They are taking him to Celadon hospital....”

“Son. Go now. You obvious are caring for this person....” Surge knew this by the invisible ink that dripped from his son’s face.

“I'm going. Blacktooth.”

Blacktooth's sharp eyes darted towards Josh. Josh shot an “I will kill you right now” glare back and Blacktooth withdrew his. It almost like he feared Josh for a moment there. Josh returned both Volt and Bradley to their pokeballs and swung the door of the Gym open. Both Romy and Surge turned towards each other; they never felt a wind like that before. It felt like an evil just broke through, searching for blood. “My god….” Romy thought. She followed him out of the gym.

Sgt Shock
September 27th, 2009, 6:10 AM
Chapter 10: What’s More Than a Monster?

“He's in critical condition right now. We are not accepting visitors.”

“Will he...survive?”

“It's a slight chance that he will. We will do what we can.”

The nurse was as concise as possible. She disappeared back where she had came leaving Josh empty within the waiting room. More than anything, he hated this. Patiently waiting for the nurse to come back to give him the progress they have been making. They kept telling him time and time again that he was helpless in the sweetest of ways. “There was nothing you could.” “I’m sorry about your friend.” “If he doesn’t make it, there is grief consulting provided” These thoughts was subtlety brainwashing him. His hands felt cold as thought they were going to fall off the limb that provided them support. Only the warmth of Romy's hand kept him from feeling powerless or rather soulless.

“Mr. Josh Surge. You have visitor,” another nurse popped her head in before leaving quickly.

Josh didn't want to leave Romy since he had felt like anything less than human if he did. Romy hadn't noticed they were holding hands until Josh pulled his hand away and stood up. She blushed slightly even though her eyes were filling with tears of worry. Josh walked slowly towards the doors and flung it open to view the rest of the dull white hallways of Celadon. They were just like the bland white walls of the waiting room. All of it disgusted him at the moment.

Within the hallway was the lady dubbed as his visitor. The young lady had dark blue hair to the length of her back; her bangs cut perfectly to the middle of her forehead. She was a rather medium sized lady with a childish appearing face but very womanly body. Her red eyes glimmered mischievously as she walked under the bright lights of the hospital. It was like no other person saw her. They walked past her like she was just a normal occurrence. The girl obviously something more than just “normal”, she couldn’t fit into that mold even if she melted herself into.

She glanced towards Josh for a while and noticed his expressions on his face. She kept her seldom expression and closed her eyes. Josh's chin was forced up by a mysterious force. He found himself looking directly in the crimson glare of eyes. Josh too had no expression. The girl was impressed but it wasn't visible on her face.

“You're Josh Surge...correct?” her voice reminded him of his own. It felt like it wasn’t even hers. Like another woman was speaking from this lips of this woman. But indeed, it was this woman speaking.

“I am,” Josh's voice remained frigid.

“I'm Sabrina from Saffron City Gym...” the woman said extending her hand.

“You know your name. You know my dad,” Josh said glaring at the woman taking her hand loosely.

“Actually, I didn't know Surge had a son until recently. But on to what I came here for,” Sabrina said pulling her hand away easily from the grip that Josh had applied.

“You came to speak to me about something...Sabrina. You teamed with my father long ago in Team Rocket. What do you have to say?”

“That is correct. But that is not what I came to speak about,” Sabrina paused for a moment. “It's about the visions I have had since you walked through my city.”

“What of your visions?” Josh's face hardened more than it already was. It could have cracked.

“I wanted to tell you. It was Gabriel who did this to Nick....”

“What!?! You knew Gabriel was on this killing spree! You didn't tell anyone!” Josh was shouting now.

“Neither did you,” her point was clear. “They know now. But they won't interfere. They don't want to cause a scene due to Gabriel being of significant value. It's going to take a move by you to stop him...”

“Where is he?” Josh lowly.

Josh suddenly grabbed towards the girl. He couldn’t get a good grasp on her before Sabrina suddenly teleported behind him to push him down. Josh's anger was obviously swelling beyond his normal bounds since the look of his eyes showed intentions that he wouldn't even think about. Sabrina sighed, thinking twice about telling him the information that he wanted to hear. She was never one to think twice about anything. It showed weakness.

Sabrina pulled out a pokeball and threw it to a ground. A human-like creature with the appearance to of somewhat fox-like appeared from the pokeball. It appeared to have a long mustache like fur around its mouth that fell around the mid-portion of its slender body. In each hand, the creature held a silver spoon. It twirled these spoons waiting for its master order.

“Alakazam. Reflect and Light Screen.”
“Yes, Sabrina...” an echoing voice replied.

After a moment of whispering from the creature, the Alakazam formed a powerful invisible barrier on hallway. This was obviously to keep the people out as well as pokemon trying to break in for no good reason. But it held a reason as well; no one outside of the double layered barrier could hear the sounds of their voices. Even if was just beyond the dark blue door of the waiting room. Josh prepared himself for battle by taking out his pokeball but they were quickly taken from his hand and belt by the telekinetic powers of Sabrina. They floated by her and were placed on the ground at her feet. Josh tried to stand up but was forced down again by Sabrina’s telekinetic powers.

“We came here to talk,” the echoing voice spoke again lingering in the air.

“Tell me where he is!” Josh was now roaring.

“He's heading towards Seafoam Island. You should meet him there. I've foreseen it,” Sabrina eyes showed that she wasn’t lying.

“Then let me out!”

“Josh, patience!” the Alakazam’s telepathic voice thundered from the disrespect he was giving his trainer. “There is one thing that my master wants to tell you. More important than the location of that of child,” Alakazam downplayed the severity of Gabriel. Josh found that as a joke in itself.

“Alakazam is correct. I do have one thing left to tell you.”

Josh fell silent and patiently watched as she struggled with herself to tell it behind her own stone blockades in her mind. He was annoyed by it. If she had the nerve to keep him her, locked in the invisible shackles of her powers, she shouldn’t be conflicted to tell him anything. Of course, Sabrina read those thoughts formed a rather reluctant face. At the end, this statement couldn’t be avoided. It needed to be said.

“To beat a monster, one must become a larger one...” Sabrina said as she turned towards the hallway.

“Good luck defeating him, Son of Surge....” the Alakazam said while breaking the barriers, making a glass shattered sound as they crumbled to the ground.

“That's all!”

“Meet him at Seafoam Island...”

Sabrina with her Alakazam disappeared into thin air after walking halfway down the hallway. Josh picked his three pokeball up off of the ground and glanced towards the elevator. It would be the better choice for him not to rely on the help of Romy. Anyone could be in danger with Gabriel. He had no choice but to leave her here. It wasn't a fact of trust. It was the fact of protection.

He thought twice about it almost conflicted. He didn’t want her involved in this fight, it was his. Though it could be viewed as selfishness, Josh wanted Gabriel all to himself. He wanted that carry that burden of a lost life.

Instead of going down the elevator, he wanted to take the more direct approach. Any second could prove viable to catching Gabriel. His head turned to the windows. They were locked by some sort of contraption. Josh tampered with these locks in the window for a moment and flung the largest one opened. He pulled out his pokeball and threw it out of the window. Blacktooth quickly emerged from it and hovered in the air. Josh jumped out of the window and Blacktooth caught him, remembering those eyes from before. He closed his eyes trying to connect to his pokemon.

“Do you think this is the right thing, master?” Volt's voice suddenly interceded.

“It’s for the protection of the world, Volt. I must.”

“I get that master...but...I believe.”

“Let the kid do what he wants, Volt,” Blacktooth quickly taking Josh's side for the reason that violence was involved.

“I'm just saying that Bradley does not have the ability to even communicate with Josh yet! Get your priority straight, Blacktooth. This is about our master. How can you say something as foolish as that?

“I'm not using Bradley in battle,” Josh thundered suddenly. “Blacktooth and Volt, we are going to train on the island until he arrives.”

“Why are you so adamant in defeating this man, Josh?” Volt inquired.

“HE CANNOT GET AWAY WITH THIS VOLT. Everyone is letting him get away to avoid controversy.”

“This kid has connections. Gabriel is the son of the President of the Hoenn region. I heard Naomi and Nick talk about it when I was in comatose,” Volt exclaimed. “Getting him her, might cause an all out war between Kanto and Hoenn!”

“I don't care if he is the President of the United States. I'm going to hurt him for trying to kill Nick.”

“Do you as you wish master,” Volt conceded.

“This kid got guts,” Blacktooth thought proudly. “I might him a lot more than I thought I would.”

Josh flipped himself on the back side of Blacktooth's back which allowed Blacktooth to pick up speed. Josh picked up his Pokevoyace and strolled to find a map of the region. Once he found the map, he found the place that he was looking for. He placed the device within Blacktooth's face. The winged creature nodded its head following with its eyes the hightlighted route that the Pokevoyace had provided.

“I'll give any further direction, Blacktooth.”

“I never thought I'll be saying this. But let's get this kid, Josh Surge.”

“Where has Josh been?” Romy tapped against the surface of the table before her.

Over an hour had passed within the white prison of the waiting room. Romy had browsed over the several of piles of magazines trying to past the time. But instead, it only worsened the apprehension. Romy just sat within the room waiting for Josh to come bursting back through the room. He hadn’t. She was sure that Josh would come back to at least get the progress of Nick until the hospital closed or allowed visitor, either one that came first. But his sudden disappearance irked Romy. “Where did Josh go?”

Romy opened the door to view the hallway. She looked for the first doctor or nurse that could have seen Josh. The first person to fit this rather vague criterion was a light haired nurse. Romy approached her.

“Miss,” Romy caught the woman’s attention.

“How my I help you,” the woman straighten her stance.

“Have you seen a young man,” Romy went on to describe Josh’s blond hair, blue camouflage, bluish-green eyes.

“Matter of fact,” she kept that “matter of fact tone” as she thought. “He might have been the person’s that exited out of the window. Does he have an Aerodactyl?” the nurse went on to ask.

“Yes, w-where was he headed?” Romy asked panicking.

“Don't know…”

With that said the nurse disappeared with this slightly helpful and not so helpful information conveyed. Romy clutched her hand tightly. She didn't know when or where to go looking for Josh but she felt something was wrong. Was he looking for the person who harmed Nick? Did he know? Where would he have gone? With that she thought she should at least return back to the waiting room.

Against the blue door of the waiting room, she was meant with a torn piece of folding white paper. She picked it from the ground and opened it. She skimmed the letter over then read it over again to reassure herself that what the paper said was true. Her heart jumped out of her chest as she read it for a third time. Romy crumpled it within her pocket as she sprung into action. She began dashing down the hallway as quickly as she could.

“No. No. No. No. This can't be happening. You can't handle him by yourself now. You just can't!”

Romy ran through the hallway as quickly as she ever thought she could have run before. Swerving through doctors, patients, nurses, and visitors alike she pushed through the crowd. It was only when she made it to the elevator, she stopped running. As quickly as she entered, she closed the elevator door to avoid any unnecessary interruptions. She quickly pressed the “down” button as rapidly as she could. Though it flashed, the elevator wasn’t moving. But after a while, it slowly descended.

While standing in the blue carpeted and silver walled elevator, she was forced to think again. The elevator seemed like a crawl to her. She wouldn't have cared if it was light speed right now. She wanted to press the “1st floor” button so many times to increase the speed somehow. But she resisted the urge somehow and waited while the music of the elevator fluttered in the background.

When the elevator finally hit the first floor and the silver doors opened, Romy jetted from it. Despite the large group of people waiting, she ran through them like they were ghost waiting to board the train to their final destination. She headed for the glass door and flung them open almost hitting an elderly gentleman on her way. She apologized but kept running down the road.

Running through the residential area of Celadon City, she kept hope in her mind that someone at her home could help her. Her heart was ready to give way from the pain and her breathing was becoming tenser as she ran. She stopped at the drive way of a medium sized teal colored home. She knocked on the red mahogany door several times forcing the inhabitants to open it. A medium sized, older gentlemen with hair peppered gray hair stared at her for a couple of moment. His thin face lit up seeing that it was Romy but his blue eyes turned sour when he saw that his daughter panting.

“Sweety, why were you running?”

“Sorry dad can't explain. Where’s are my brothers?

“Actually, they are both here. Why?” the older man's feature progressed into further confusion.

“I'll talk about it later, dad.”

“Okay dear. They are upstairs.”

Romy's dad, Leonard, knelled down and kissed his only daughter on the cheek. She returned with a quick hug before entering into the house. She dashed up the white carpeted stairs and dashed into the first room she came across. Luckily, both Kael and Logan were in Kael's room so talking to both of them at once would be easier. She stopped to take a breather while her two older brothers took the time to reconfigure what was happening.

Kael, the oldest brother with spiky black hair looked at his sister as she panted. He maneuvered his slightly larger body from the bed and quickly knelt to his sister's height. His hazel eyes met towards his sister's teal ones as he pressed his larger fingertip upward to bring his sister's chin up as she rapidly increased and decreased her breathing. He was indeed fairly large since he could do this kneeling; standing at least seven foot and indeed he looked threatening. He wore a black skull shirt, torn blue jeans, spiked bracelets, and tattoos all over his body; he indeed lived up to being a pretty intimidating individual. He sat Indian style to talk with his sister properly.

“Sis, what's wrong,” Kael voice thundered, he couldn't help it.

“Kael. Can I borrow a flying pokemon from either you or Logan?”

“Sure sis. But...I kind of don't have one. You know growth spurt and all. I'll have to find a Lugia to fly me anywhere. Ask Logan.”

“Ha ha...” Romy laughed briefly. It was true.

“Logan probably has one.....LOGAN!” Kael roared.

Another male appeared from behind Kael's larger body. He was significantly smaller than his older brother, only taller than Romy by a couple of inches or so. He had smoothed blonde and black hair now, but originally it was a rust red color like Romy's. His eye color was pure blue like his dad. The first thing people will probably notice about him though was his cocky smile. He was dressed in a red t-thirst, blue pair of shorts, and high-cut black and red sneakers.

“Hey. Sis, what do you need?” Logan looked at his sister.

“She needs a flying pokemon!” Kael said standing up to tower over him to increase the intimidation factor.

“Dude. I'm going to need it. It's going to be a tournament soon and...”

Kael basically gave something equal to a human snarl. Kael shoved Logan into the door and pressed him against it. A small ghost appeared beside Kael as he did it. It appeared to be a small grim reaper looking creature with a skull for a face, a black cloth-like body, and a pair of white bones on its back. Its single red eye glared at Logan as well.

“You will let our sister borrow your Noctowl. Got it...” Kael waved his finger as he did the small ghost creature.

“How about let her borrow, Skulker?” Logan said trying to change the subject.

“I have before. She needed his guidance at night…” Kael digressed. “But that’s not the point.”

“How about you evolve it?”

“NO. Skulker is going to stay a Duskull. Got it! But that's not the subject you con-artist. Let my sister borrow your Noctowl!” Kael’s voice rumbled the house when he yelled. Imagine what he fist could do.


“Skulker. Do it.”

If you could see a Duskull smile, it probably would be right now. It nodded it head at its master command and began spinning its head around. This caused Logan to cringe like nothing Romy had ever seen before. He tried to close his eyes but Kael will slam him against the wall forcing them back open again. He submitted quickly to this form of torture handing the pokeball containing the Noctowl to Kael. Kael snapped his finger allowing the Duskull to stop. Skulker busted out in a scary laughter and so did Kael which was madly similar. He released his brother and handed his sister the pokeball.

“Thanks big bro,” Romy said.

“Anytime,” Kael said reaching down to hug his sister. They embraced.

“You too, Logan,” Romy remarked.

“Whatever,” Logan said quickly resuming to the video game that was paused to get his mind of the Duskull's tactics.

Romy smiled at her oldest brother Kael before going back down the stairs. Her dad was still standing in the doorway preparing for her to leave. Leonard gave a slight smile.

“Bye dad,” Romy said reaching to her dad’s height to receive a hug.

“Okay, be safe,” Leonard said providing the hug.

Leonard kissed her on both sides of her cheeks before Romy scurried off. She threw the pokeball into the air and the Noctowl emerged from it. It was larger than most Noctowl's. Logan found it on one of his ranger missions, so it was his partner pokemon. Romy knew to be very careful with this Noctowl for that sheer fact.

The large brown feathered owl stretched it wings before keeping a stronger flight. Romy grabbed onto the talons of the Noctowl. The owl flew higher into the air as Romy pulled the crinkled white paper. She read over the inked written on the paper. “Seafoam Island…” she whispered to herself.

Seafoam Islands, Noon

Nothing could stand in his way as he plowed through Dewgong, Golbats, Weezings, and Zubats like they were inanimate. Volt and Blacktooth worked as well as Bradley who was forced to combat weaker enemies. Bradley wouldn't be able to battle so Josh just used him for supporting the rest of the team. Even he used his electricity from his trainer skill a couple of times to protect himself since all three of his pokemon were busy training.

It was pretty cold within Seafoam Island caves. It was rumored to be the roosting place of Articuno so ice was expected to be here. Josh was used to it though. He never took warm showers to wake him up, always cold, so he never got sick. But now more than ever, the frigidness never effected him. He was working on pure adrenaline training these pokemon for the war ahead.

“I feel a disturbance in static current…a boat perhaps,” Volt mentioned.

Before they started to train, Josh had ordered Volt to create a static web using the power of his “Shock Wave” at a more controlled pattern. The Shock Wave would ride the waves of the water as well as the air for complete surveillance. Even Volt had not believed that it would work, but yet he could sense almost anything in the area. Josh had named the skill “Mantra” since it transformed lightning into something of omnipresence.

Josh quickly returned Bradley to his pokeball. He made his way back through the cave effortlessly with Blacktooth and Volt not too far behind. He didn't enter too far in the cave but just enough to see the icicles on the walls. He was back outside in the warmer more tropical climate of the Seafoam Island. He waited on the beach barefoot as the boat sailed towards his way.

From a distance, he could see the three people on the boat. Two he didn't recognize while the other he did. The one he did though, mattered greatly. It was Gabriel. They shared a glance from the distance. Gabriel himself seemed amused at Josh’s glare. It had changed greatly since there last encounter. For some reason it reminded him of his own. The same glare he had to look in the mirror every day. Gabriel wanted to see how it was when life was fading from it. He couldn’t pass up this chance.

“Jiro…dock it,” Gabriel spoke lightly.

Jiro maneuvered the ship for docking at Gabriel's command. Jiro was surprisingly good at controlling the ship and managed to get it close enough to the beach for he could launch the bridge to the sand. He did so and all three got off the boat one after another, Gabriel being last.

“Ah...Interpol again...” Jiro said staring at Josh.

“How could you tell?” Fleur’s voice seemed flirtation and light. “He's looks pretty normal to me, despite kind of cute too.”

“He's definitely Interpol because I recommend him in Saffron City's Pokemon Center. Remember? Joshua,” Gabriel almost mocked.

“You HURT Nick, monster!”

“My my. All of this undeserved anger, may I defend myself,” Gabriel asked. “He attacked me first!”


Gabriel seemed to be utterly amused at the flame that was in Josh's eyes. Gabriel found this to be a game and Josh was playing it real well. Gabriel just shrugged at his success of actually baiting his rival to fight again, though he initially didn't plan for this to happen this early. But the entertainment was here. It was something that he couldn’t just give up on a whim.

“So what are you plan on doing with that Aerodactyl and Electabuzz? Are you going to fight me?”

“But...my mission,” Fleur said sadly.

“Don't worry, love. Romy is bound to come running. I've heard they have been traveling together,” Gabriel said directing that comment more towards Josh. “I’m going to enjoy mutilating that smooth body of hers. I hope her blood is just as red as her hair or her cheeks. Or maybe I want to watch her teal eyes fall into blackness? Or--"

“Stop it now! You are after Romy just like you were after Nick” Josh shouted.

“I wasn't AFTER Nick fore say. But yeah, I’m out to kill Ms. Kimura.”

“Not if I defeat you first,” Josh’s voice showed hate. Not just hate, contempt of Gabriel’s existence.

“Try and stop me,” Gabriel said bluntly.

“Be careful, Gabriel. You're underestimating him because you beat him before,” Jiro stated.

“I don't underestimate anyone, Jiro,” Gabriel shrugged his shoulders.“Coordinators cannot afford to underestimate even the most unlikely opponent.”

“Get 'em!” Fleur said jumping up and down.

Gabriel flicked his hair and pulled out two pokeballs. The first slammed into the ground revealing Zuri. Flashes of the first fight emerged in Josh's thoughts. The second ball struck into the ground revealing Rainey. Josh touched his neck when Rainey finished showing off from its pokeball. Fleur seemed to be amazed at Rainey's beauty and touched it. But she quickly backed away when Volt shot a full-fledge thunderbolt from his hands. Rainey dodged it but barely, Fleur dodged it effortless.

“That guy tried to kill me,” Fleur laughed after she said it.

“The both of you stay of this,” Josh noted.

“My word is my bond. I will not interfere,” Jiro spoke.

“I guess I won't either,” Fleur said playing with the locks of her hair.

“See you don't have things to worry about. It's just me and you, Monsieur.”

“Then let's began and stop talking...” Josh spoke sharply.

“Well said.”

“You won't win...” Josh grumbled.

Blacktooth went directly for Rainey despite the type disadvantage while Volt faced off with Zuri. Zuri and Volt exchanged punches without the command of their trainers until Volt got the upper hand with a powerful thunderpunch. Zuri flipped backwards impressed.

Blacktooth had progress his fight with Rainey by trying to aim for head with a Bite. Rainey managed to avoid this and hit him with an Aqua Tail, but not before Blacktooth could hit a Wing Attack too. It surprisingly hurt both despite the super effective hit towards Blacktooth.

The four pokemon ceased seeing the attacks were not being called out by their trainer. Even with Josh's ability with the Pokevoyace, he wasn't conveying messages. The trainer was just staring at each other blankly. They absorb each other thoughts through eye contract and body motions. Though Gabriel gave minimum of both, Josh gave a lot more. Josh’s body was jittery with anger.

“What's wrong,” Gabriel stated pointing out Josh’s anger directly.

“Fight for real...Gabriel....” Josh was shaking by now.

“What do you mean?”

“Fight like a fighter not like a coordinator showing off in front of his fans,” Josh’s eyes trailed to both Jiro and Fleur.

“Ha ha. I've been caught. I fought like this the last time we fought. You didn't seem to notice,” Gabriel stepped forwards with a purple flame burning within his palm. “Looks like I have to be even more serious.”

“Then prepare for the law...” Josh stepped up as well, lightning crackled down his right arm.

“This is unfortunate. Power on both ends...” Jiro stated.

“These boys are out for blood,” Fleur said happily.

“Funny that you say that...” Jiro glanced over at Fleur.

“Blacktooth, Volt...” Josh started.

“Zuri, Rainey...” Gabriel stared.

“Thunderbolt! Ancient Power!” “Flamethrower! Water Pulse!

The four attacks spewed out suddenly from each pokemon creating a large tornado of elements. Since the power of all the attacks combined were the same, none of them connected but negated blasting both parties back. Both Gabriel and Josh managed to land on their feet. They observed each other for a moment. The tension of the battle rose to another level. The stability of the air seemed to be rather unbalanced now.

“This is what hatred is made of,” Gabriel stated suddenly.

“Keep feeding yourself that hatred. You will lose to me.”

“Not with that attitude, sir. Not with that attitude at all.”

“You will see. Volt use Quick Attack to a Shockwave. Follow up with an Ancient Power, Aerodactyl...”

Volt performed a Quick Attack in the air and rained shockwave on both of the pokemon. It hit both of Gabriel’s pokemon and followed by Ancient Power struck them hard. Zuri remained standing while Rainey was sent into the water. Gabriel clinched his teeth but he kept his rather performer like coolness. Stage fright was something that he never had, he always impressed people.

“Aqua Ring, Rainey. Zuri, Double Kick- Mega Kick.”

“Don't allow it. Thunderbolt the water, Volt…” Josh stared at Volt who seemed to be reluctant at the command. “Kill it if you must.”

“Now is that nice,” Gabriel stated. He felt the venom dripping from Josh’s lips.

Rainey remained in the water for some time to get its health back. Volt obeyed his master’s command and dashed to the water. His progress was blocked by Zuri who kicked Volt up in the air twice before kicking him back down with a glowing kick. Volt slammed into the ground giving Rainey enough time to jump out of the water. To Rainey’s dismay, it was caught in mid air by the jaws of the Aerodactyl.

“Thunder Fang, Blacktooth!” Josh cried out with a sick amusement his voice. He wanted to see the blood of the Gorebyss in water.

“Don’t allow that. Surf, Rainey!”

“Let me assist,” Josh said suddenly bringing his lightning into play.

As in desperation, the eel suddenly performed Surf to try to slip out of the grip of Aerodactyl. However, Josh shot a stream of lightning through Rainey's Surf, dispersing it completely. Blacktooth continued with the command to crunch into the Gorebyss’ skin. The attack failed when the Blacktooth’s jaw was crushed beneath the powerful blow of a kick. Josh’s eyes widened and his anger suddenly erupted. Zuri looked back when it was done viewing the human that gave that unsightly roar anger. It was now a Blaziken.

Zuri’s long white hair reached to his back and like its master it covered her left eye. Her torso was red while yellow legs that feathered out to appear to be long pants also like her master. Her fist were exposed talons while around her wrist were rings that could be ignited with flames, a dark red color.

“Hm...It appears like that just finished the deal, Joshua. It's over now. I admit....that you had me. But now advantage....” Both Volt and Blacktooth was dispatched easily with two powerful uppercuts by the lightning fast Blaziken. “Lost.”

With the word lost, Josh went into pure rage. Lightning began to strike everywhere leaving Gabriel to just laugh. Gabriel appeared behind Josh. His hand was ignited with the red flames as an alternative to his purple. Gabriel's eyes were now all black with red pupils. Before Josh could react, he was struck in the stomach by the same blow that Gabriel’s had given to Nick. Blood poured from the open wound leaving Josh to still view the forearm that pierced through his chest.

“Game over, rival. You couldn’t stop me if you tried,” Gabriel's said staring down at Josh condescendingly. “Thanks for the experience.”

Those minutes of falling felt like no other to Josh. He just drifted to the ground within the twilight of consciousness and unconsciousness. He could watch Gabriel’s feet walk away from him. Even in this view, he could feel him looking down at him like he was some kind of mangled trash. Josh felt his blood giving warmth to his cold body. He tried to move his arm only for it to splash against the liquid from his own body. Gabriel looked into his eyes. It was like a death he had never seen before. He loved it.

“Petal Dance!”

An array of pink flowers fell from the sky forcing Gabriel to dodge. The petals sent a lengthy gash down the side of Gabriel’s arm leaving Gabriel to step back for a couple moments. Though the attack was powerful, it only rendered Gabriel from making a further approach to Josh. The producer of this attack, a Roselia, came down from the flight of a Noctowl as did her trainer, Romy. Gabriel just stared in amusement before returning his pokemon back to their pokeballs with his mobile arm. Fleur eyed Romy delectably as though she was a meal. She pulled out a small paper fan to mask the smile crawling up her face.

“Are you going to get her?” Fleur stated.

“Not in the mood. I got what I wanted. No need fighting two battles today. Zuri and Rainey are pretty weak right now,” Gabriel eyes turned back to normal. The wound on his arms began healing almost instantly.

“I'll take her then!” Fleur shouted.

“Fleur, we are done here...” Gabriel said intimidating her with his red flames.

Fleur stepped back to avoid the whip of flame that Gabriel invoked from his hands. She hastily boarded back to the boat. But not before sharing a glare with Romy. She smirked and continued on. Jiro followed looking over his shoulder towards Gabriel. He hated this.

“Why was ‘he’ here?” Jiro thought to himself.

“Don't worry. You will get your chance, Romy, “Gabriel said pointing to Romy.

Romy paid this no mind and began tending to her friend’s injuries. From what she could see, it appeared to be life threatening. She quickly assessed the situation before thinking of a solution. It was the one that was written in the letter. She prayed that it would at least give him enough time to make it to the hospital.

“Aromatherapy, Marigold!”

Marigold began waving her flower over Josh's body several times. The wound began to close enough to stop any more blood lost. It was enough to prolong him from dying. Romy was just so pleased that it worked. She hadn’t realized that she was in tear until the hit against Josh’s motionless body. She brought Josh to herself, even though some of the blood dripped upon her own skin and clothes. She truly did not want to lose him. She pulled the note from her pocket and silently thanked the person.

“Save Josh. You are his only chance to survive the flames. Seafoam Island. If you care about him, make flowers bloom...
R.E.S “

She clutched the paper tightly before calling the Fuchsia City Hospital. She held tighter to Josh. For a wind that carried the sweet smells of the seas, darkness had taken its home in it as well.

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I had some catching up to do XD

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I had some catching up to do XD

It's getting better and better as the plot develops, so be sure to keep it going (: Oh and try to put spaces in between each quote the character says, it makes the dialogue a lot easier to read in my opinion.

Good luck!


Okay. I'll do that as soon as I have the time. :P Thanks a lot.
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Chapter 11: What Makes a Monster?

“I am the good guy. The protagonist within the pages of a standard novel, then why does the author of this life decided to pose against this normal concept of life. Good wins over evil. Then why did I lose to him? Why am I not dead? Why I am I so mad? The second try I've had to stop this killer had slipped through my hands like the blood that was poured on those white sands that day. Why does this story take such an awkward turn to create such an unsightly beast? A larger monster crunches on the bones of the smaller on. It is such as sick idiom. Why it true? Do I have the heart to be a monster to easily consume the evil? Why is this battle raging within me? I am I becoming that monster, ogre, or demon. A monster created by Law just as blood thirsty as a criminal. Gabriel, I'm going to clip your wings from your body. One by one your feathers will fall from your back into the pool of blood below you. I want to extinguish your flame with my rains. You're not getting away with this. A man with no morals isn't a man at all. But I'm going to meet you on your side, the one that paved with bodies. Make you understand. Make you hate me just as much as I hate you. What makes monsters? People do. Different reasons, same result. I'm after you. So prepare bro. It's long road ahead. Tread carefully. Don't fall early. Remember you will fall to the King. The King of Lightning...doesn’t expect to strike three times in a row. ”

The night sky seemed to respond with his thoughts, the star glimmered in impression.


The window was open when Romy came in. It was the middle of the night. She didn't expect him to pull off something like this. The nurses had told her that he was acting rather oddly and not to see him. But this wasn’t the thing that she had expected. It was like he had disappeared into vapor, leaving her behind like condensation of glass. She nervously bit the ends of her nails. She was the first to notice his disappearance and she wished that she wasn’t.

She brushed the red hair from his face and placed her precious flower arrangements of yellow and white lilies on the nightstand. Romy gazed out of the window into the starry sky. She closed her eyes to understand what was painting itself before her. She couldn’t fathom the current happens. It was nothing like she had expected in the past. A tapping on her shoulder brought Romy back to reality. A nurse’s face was against hers.

“Where did Mr. Surge go?” the nurse asked moving her head further into Romy’s line of vision.

“He was gone before I got here. Nothing...” Romy hated those words. It felt like it was saying them was admitting that this wasn’t a dream.

“Should I send for a search party?” the nurse said getting a bit frantic.

“I suppose. Even if I said no, you will do it anyway,” Romy said pressing her hand against the pane of the window more.

“Yes. I would,” the Nurse admitted.

“Then go. You won’t find him…” Romy was sure of that fact. If Josh wanted to leave, no one could find him.

The nurse looked a bit shocked with those words. Who will not want a search party for their friends? The best of the best Arcanines, Growlithes, Furrets, and more would be on the case. How could she decline such an offer even if she was going to do it regardless? They will find him in less than a second. But this lady, she is resisting this. She was more than sure that this was something of complete futility.

“Don't you want to find your friend?”

“Of course, I do. But he needs to find himself first. I guess that’s more important than me.”

A petal broke away from the flower. Romy watched the petal flutter to the ground before she picked it up. The flower seemed to be a full strength when it got here, now it was welting. Maybe the negative energy was affecting it, maybe it was grown poorly, maybe an unexplained phenomenon. But one thing was definite, that it represented her broken spirit. It was only by sheer luck that Josh survived that attack. She placed the flower petal out of the window and it fell to the street below.

“Please leave now...” Romy said as she watched the yellow petal fall aimlessly to the blackness of the road below.

The nurse slipped out of the door silently to leave the girl alone. Romy clutched her hand tightly as she continued to glance out of the window of the hospital. Where could he have gone? Why is he gone?

“Be safe...please be safe.... “

Romy grabbed the rest of the flowers from the arrangement. One by one, she threw the out of the window to watch them fall. She stopped at the last flower and stared at it for some time. She took the one out of her hair and threw that one instead. She put the yellow flower in her hair to represent the suddenly missing Josh. She didn’t want to cry anymore. She held back the tears. It was too much. Her breath was broken by those tears.

“Josh. Wherever you are, please don't do anything stupid.”


“I've heard something interesting. Josh disappeared off of the map...” Fleur said more happy than usual if that was possible.

“You're the happy one today,” Jiro remarked to Fleur. “And you haven't said a word since Josh's demise,” the second statement aimed at Gabriel.

For reason, he hadn't. Words wouldn't come to his mouth. He has been thinking about it. It's just been settling in his mind that he might cause Josh to relinquish his life as trainer. Honestly, he wanted to relinquish his life period. It saddened him on the fact that he just ridden a rival easily. He expected more in their second encounter, it was depressing. But he had to admit that he put up a better fight than last time. It wasn't the fact that he beat him that had him shaken. It was the fact that he won't be able to thrash him if he quit or went off somewhere and died was the thing that kept him silent.

“Maybe I was a little over the top with that last blow...” Gabriel pondered to himself.

“Are you ready to get Romy now?” Fleur asked as she bounced up and down waiting for the response.

“You don't mind if I interrupt,” Jiro said looking at Gabriel, he okay the interruption. “That would be very illogical right now, Fleur. We hurt two of the Interpol police officers. It would be better if we stayed low.”

“Jiro is right. I thought that you were leaving us after the Cinnabar Island mission?” Gabriel eyes darted towards his friend.

“I'm staying around for a bit longer,” Jiro said. There were two reasons to this, one that Gabriel knew while the other he had to read between the lines. JIro couldn’t help but to steal a glance at Fleur.

“Oh,” maybe Gabriel was wrong, maybe they are compatible. He waved it off.

'I guess I stay too. The mission isn't done. So what's next for us,” Fleur said brushing the hair from her shoulders.

“Well...this one is going to be fun.”

Gabriel pulled a white envelope out of his jacket and turned it around to allow the others to see the red seal. Fleur looked at it for a couple of minutes noticing the black “R” on the back. She squealed from happiness and seized the letter. She basically ripped opened the envelope as quick as she possible could to pull out the rather thick paper inside. She read it over and squealed loudly again above a frequency that was dog whisper could achieve if it could be used on humans.

“Is this an invitation to the Team Rocket's Black Ball?” Fleur was jumping up and down.

“Yes. Team Rocket invited the Kanto Killer Mafia as a trap. We are the entertainment.”

“I'm not going to be involved in the killing...” Jiro stated.

“Directly,” Gabriel added. He wasn’t involved in the killings at Cinnabar Island though so he basically was not involved. “You will be the one to find this criminal in the crowd. You're better at observing that I am,” Gabriel rolled his eyes.

“Do we get to dress up?!?” Fleur asked.

“It is a formal,” Gabriel answered.

The mixture between a yell, a scream, and a squeal created with vocal alchemy was produced from Fleur’s mouth. Before anything else could be said, Fleur seized Jiro's arm and began making their way into Viridian City. She obviously wanted to go shopping for formal clothes and Jiro was obviously forced to be her date. Jiro above anything hated clothes shopping so that was probably going to be an interesting trip for Fleur. Gabriel laughed.

He stood in solitary for a moment. For some reason, he felt something was watching. A fragrance of death seemed to be fluttered in the air. Gabriel turned around quickly thinking that he saw someone but in the end he just saw yet another Rattata dash across the dusty road. He deduced that his mind was playing tricks on him and headed in the city along with his two traveling partners.


“What's wrong little sis? You haven't been right since you brought back Logan's Noctowl.”

“I'm worried about someone.”

“Who is it?”

“A friend has gone missing from the hospital.”

“Who is it?”

“Josh Surge....”

“You mean the guy from the hospital that was in critical condition when the police found him on the Seafoam Island. He's missing from the hospital. Is he even healthy enough to get away that far?”

Kael along with Romy was driving dirt bikes up until those words were said. Being around two older brothers had gotten her into to this kind of thing. Kael had quickly noticed that something was wrong with his sister due to her erratic driving, she was better than the both of them combine. The bikes were off now and both of them sat on the grass together. Kael's large hand petted his little sister's head. He gave a warm smile.

“Do you know who hurt him? The Police have been very secretive about it....” Kael said softly.

“I know...I can't tell. Wayne told me not to. It's a delicate situation,” Romy said. “Indeed it is,” she added in her consciousness.

“What if I helped you?”

“What?” Romy’s face changed to that “how” expression that people get when proposed something.

“I'll help you find information on Mr. Josh. I am a Ranger you know. Tracking is one of my strong points,” Kael seemed to be proud at that statement. “We should start with his main communication. Who would know where he would have gone?”

“His dad,” Romy paused. “His dad hasn't created some search party yet...”

The thought struck Romy like a bolt of lightning, how ironic that was. Why hasn't Mr. Matis Surge sent a search party? The man's obviously really crazy about these sorts of things. He was in a war. You would think that he would be the first to send a fleet of airplanes or something to find his son. Kael seemed pleased to bring up the thoughts in his sister mind.

“You mind coming with me to Vermilion,” she asked Kael.

“Don't mind at all, sis.”

“Do you think that Logan will come too?” Romy asked.

Kael pounded his fist. That was the answer. Romy just smiled. A sibling rivalry was fun when you weren’t involved. Especially when one brother is 7'0, 305 pounds and the other was 5'3, 151. Kael could normally get what he wanted from Logan, which mostly consisted with what Romy needed. In conclusion, Logan learned fast that it sucked being the middle child.

“Romy....” a voice from the inside shouted.


“An old friend of mine wants to talk to you!”

Romy and Kael turned to each other trying to wonder who exactly could be calling here and wanting to speak with Romy. Nobody that Kael knew actually fit that description. Romy had more of a clue at this point.

Romy entered first since Kael would have to bend down to get through the door. Leonard stood with the phone off the hook, handing it in Romy's general direction. Romy took that wireless phone and sat down on the black leather couch within the living room. The breathing of the other side seemed rather urgent.

“Hello...?” Romy didn’t realize that she added an interrogative twist to the greeting word.

“This is Lt. Surge.” It was indeed him.

“Uh....hi?” Romy said hi as though with another interrogative twist.

“I figured...I...” Surge was tripping badly over his own words. It then occurred that it must be awkward calling the person that he forced to drive a boat of illegal pokemon. She quickly concurred. “I apologized to your dad about the whole thing I didn't want to talk about that anymore when Josh was here...”

“It's not important now. What's important is finding Josh?”

Surge’s voice plummeted silently. Like she had expected, he knew where Josh went. But Romy quickly found that Surge falling silent was never a good thing. She waited for the man to talk. When he didn't, she restarted the conversation.

“So....you do know where he is?”

“Yeah...but I can't tell. He gave me that glare. That glare that his mom used to give me. But...I convinced him to write a letter to you, Romy...”

“W-what?” Romy’s face lost all of its color.

“Come to pick it up. Please,” Surge saying please wasn’t a good sign either.

“I will,” Romy said.

“Okay goodbye.”

Romy was met with a ring tone. Romy placed the wireless phone back to its base before standing up. Leonard expected her to say something but she just walked out of the house quickly grabbing a set of keys to her brother’s car. Kael looked at his dad before pursuing her. He gave the okay and he followed her out quickly.

Romy quickly entered a small car on the driver’s side and prepared to start it but was stopped by Kael's large hand reaching through window. He pulled the key from the ignition and opened the door. He threw Romy over his shoulder and placed her in the back seat.

“Nah. You're not going to drive,” Kael stated.


“I am, so no excuses. I have another passenger to get.”

Kael walked away with the keys in hand from the small car back into the house. Soon after he was carrying Logan on his back like he was a child and placed him in the passenger seat of the car. Kael then walked around and took his seat in the driver's side. Romy still couldn't figure out how Kael had the ability to fit in this compact car. He pulled it off and almost (key word) looked comfortable. But like him never going to evolve his Duskull, he was never going to get rid of this car.

“Thanks Logan for coming along!” Kael said as though he did it voluntarily.

“No problem, brother,” Logan sneered.

“To Vermilion City, Kael,” Romy requested.

“Right,” Kael nodded his head.


“How do I look?”

Jiro thought she looked amazing. It was a lavender dress that beautifully swayed as she walked. It was cut at her shoulders and was embossed with amethyst around the collar. It shimmered when the light struck in different directions which made her ginger colored hair look rather stunning. She wore long white gloves that reached her elbows and elaborate white heels to finish her outfit. Jiro’s face turned as red as a tomato viewing Fluer move elegantly with the dress.

“You look nice....” Jiro said tapping his chubby fingertips together.

“You think. Don't worry I found a matching shirt for you,” Fleur said picking up a lavender shirt.

“Jiro, you look bad in red...” Gabriel said walking in, referring to the redness on his face.

“Oh don't be silly. What are you going to wear,” Fleur said twisting her hand to offer it to Jiro. He accepted.

“I'm a coordinator remember. I have a special suit coming in from Lilycove. You two won't see it until the night of the performance...”

“About your contest....” Jiro began to ask but was stopped by Gabriel's hand.

“It's in a week. I know. Don't you think I've been practicing?”

'Using Josh as a training dummy,” Fleur cocked her head.

“I suppose so. Too bad he wasn't strong enough.”

As soon as the words left his lips, Gabriel thought figured within the crowd. The man gave a slight glare towards him with blood red eyes before disappearing with the crowd. From where he stood, it appeared to be a familiar face. He clinched his teeth as the man’s silhouette dissolved further in the maelstrom of bodies. “Josh…” Gabriel whispered. With that the man seemingly disappeared. Gabriel tried to shake of the images within his head. In the end, he figured that his mind was playing with him once again before sighing. Jiro head Gabriel's sigh but quickly noted it as something of boredom not something of confusion.

“You have a mission and a contest next week,” Jiro stated.

“It's not that. I'll talk to you later.”

“Oh it's because I'm here. You guys aren't trying to DITCH me...” Fleur shot evilly.

“No. No we are not,” Jiro pleaded.

“We're really not. Unless you want us too,” Gabriel smirked.

“NO. Carry on,” Fleur waved it off and proceeded back into the dressing room to change back to her normal clothes.

Once she was gone, Gabriel looked towards the area that he thought Josh was standing. He closed his eyes to calm himself. Why he was suddenly frightened? Even if it was Josh, why was fear instilled in his heart? He couldn’t even produce an answer for this simple question.

“Is something wrong?”

“No-It's just. Did you see someone over there?” If Jiro could hear Gabriel's heart beat, he would have known he was lying.

“I’ve seen no one that we haven’t seen for about hour now. We've been in here for some time,” Jiro answered truthfully.

“Oh. Mind playing tricks on me...”

'Who did you see?” Jiro asked. He paused when he realized the answer. “Josh wasn't it.”

Gabriel shot a glare toward Jiro. Jiro remained calm at the pure mass of intimidation that Gabriel was giving off. That coolness angered Gabriel even more. But after a while he flicked his hair calmly before returning to his normal cool-headed nature. Jiro’s eyes saw the transformation between the two expressions.

“Why am I seeing someone that I already destroyed? He's probably dead on and gone,” Gabriel’s clutched his eye, cursing it for making such an illusion.

“He's disappearance from the hospital rattles me slightly,” Jiro noted. He didn’t sound rattled.

“Don't you get all worried about a dead man as well,” Gabriel said. It was foolish for both of them to be disoriented from a dead man. Jiro gave a laugh.

“But I have a question for you,” Jiro suddenly began to choke on his words.

“Does Fleur like you?”

“Urgh...is it that obvious?”

Gabriel grinned broadly, Jiro assumed that as a yes. Jiro tried so hard to mask that feeling that he felt when he met Fleur to only fine that it was easy to see like that sky. He hung his head.

“You know. She had killer intent washed over her skin. But I can't help but to like her.”
“She probably thinks you’re a goody two shoes...” Jiro looked to Gabriel when he said it. “Well it’s TRUE. You're the son of Bruno Shiba of the Kanto Elite Four. What does she expect, you to be some ruthless killer? Just tell her that.”

“Can a killer and a pacifist really fall in love?”

“Psh. If I could pardon a cliché, anything can happen,” Gabriel rolled his eyes. In honesty, if it wasn't Jiro talking he wouldn't even say something as cheesy as that. Nor would he care to listen in the first place.

“I'm back!!!”

Fleur skipped down the aisles both hands filled with bags. She was obviously wealthier than Gabriel had first anticipated. That in itself was another key difference between Fleur and Jiro. She easily just blew off a thousand dollars, not like that was something that Gabriel cared about because he did that daily on contest. But to see someone else do it, it was a bit of a surprise. Compared to Jiro who barely had money for food since he and his dad mostly sent the money to their family in Johto, she was spending like there was no care in the world. This would actually be the first formal anything that Jiro had ever been to. Too bad it had to be on that Gabriel had to dispose of a crime leader. But nevertheless, it would be a nice night for him.

“So. Jiro, I've bought the tux for you.”

“Thanks...I'll have to pay you back.”

“Oh no sweetie, you don't. I'm an opera singer back at Hearthome City. I get paid big bucks for performances there.”

“And you wanted the job at the Celadon Gym because...”Gabriel held on to the end of the sentence with his brow shooting upward.

“That was before I got my job at Hearthome City. Gabriel,” Fleur said only Gabriel's name between her teeth. “She ruined the job my dad recommended me for.”

“But you got one better...” Gabriel trailed off still not seeing her motive.

“It's the PRINCIPLE. P.R.I.N.C.I.P.L.E! She stole that from me!” Fleur roared.

“I can't believe she just spelled that out...” Gabriel blinked twice before responding further. “School rival or something,” Gabriel asked.

“She's not my rival she's my arch-nemesis!” Fleur clutched the bag's string handle when she said it. “But never mind that,” Fleur's voice snapped back into her normal tone.

“She's your girlfriend...” Gabriel said walking away.

“W-what? She's not my girlfriend...yet...” Jiro face flushed when he said it.

Gabriel laughed as he exited the store. Jiro had to admit, Gabriel always put him in a rather awkward positions. If they were not childhood friends, he would have hated him.


“Hello. Mr. Surge.”

“Hello Romy, didn't expect to see you again so soon. And who are these two gentlemen?”

“These two are my brothers, Kael and Logan Kimura.”

“Hello Mr. Surge,” Kael nodded

“Hello Sir,” Logan followed suit.

“Good gentlemen. Logan is slouching a bit but that's okay. Come it.”

Romy and her brothers entered the house this time, not the gym. It was pretty early in the morning so the gym wasn't open when they got there. An older gentleman had given them direction to Surge's house, which honestly he could have just pointed since it was right behind the gym.

They followed Surge in. Kael was actually grateful that their doors were tall enough for him, mainly because Surge himself was a tall man himself. Overall, they were very impressed at the father's house.

Once you entered the house you were meant with the foyer. The light reflected on the dark stained hardwood floor and entered into the next room. To their right was the white carpeted stairway to the upstairs bedrooms. Against the wall of the stairs and to the left of the door was a dark wood small table. Upon it was just one thing. It was a picture of a young Josh, Lt. Surge, and a beautiful woman. Romy found her picking of the framed picture while her brothers when on to enter into the living room. She stared at the picture for a couple of minutes before being caught by Surge who popped back in. She quickly placed it back but he already saw.

“Everyone looks at it. Don't worry,” Surge said staring over to the picture himself.

They seemed so happy. A young Josh was clutched tightly in his mother's arms. The woman in the picture was smiling warmly while Surge tried to struggling trying to keep his cold one. Her darker brown hair to her shoulders as she cocked her head for the picture. Her eyes were green, the source of the greenish glow that appeared in Josh's blue eyes. She appeared to be rather delicate with her light skin and gentle features. It almost reminded Romy of herself.

“She fell in love with a thug....like me,” Lt. Surge said. “Yuki...” he sighed.

“Let's go. I'm sorry I brought it up,” Romy said.

“I think that is best,” Surge spoke, chest deflating from a large exhale.

If Romy wasn't so good at reading Josh, she wouldn't have saw that his dad was holding back tears just then. Surge entered the room before Romy could observe any further, Romy sighed. It reminded her so much of Josh. She too wanted to cry just then.

Surge sat in the white recliner on the other side of the vast living room. The carpet was a light green color that appeared to be white at first. In the middle of the room was a rug, most likely from Haruba Village in Almia. It was a darker green color with elaborate design renditions of the legendary beast; Raikou, Entei, and Suicune.

There was a fire place on the northern wall. Three pieces of sitting furniture faced it; a love seat, a sofa, and the recliner. The love seat and the sofa was light green cloth with wooden frames. The recliner however was white leather that surprisingly meshed with the entire room. A long wooden table was set between all the sitting arrangements. It appeared to be rather cozy place.

Romy decided to sit with Logan who had kicked his feet upon the table. Surge surprisingly hadn't said anything about it. Kael was already reading over at the note that Josh had left but passed it to Romy before he had the chance to finish it. Romy took the paper and began to read it.


This isn't something that I wanted you to read. My dad convinced me otherwise saying that people always regret the things that they didn't say. I couldn't face you. I can't face anyone actually. You saved me back there. I am grateful. But how can I respond to my savior? How can I repay the same savoir that I am not strong enough to protect? Tonight has been a tough one for me. Looking at those stars, I'm thinking they are against me as well. They chastise me as I walk away from the people that I care about. It's not the fact of space, Romy. But I don't want you to see what I'm willing to become to stop him. No not just him. It is the entire world's crimes that have me bothered. It sickens me that people that are willingly to destroy with the use of pokemon for their advantage; as well as pokemon that are willingly to destroy on their own accord, not because their master said so. To stop this, I'm willing to become a monster, a beast. I don’t want you to see this transformation but I’m sure that you will see the results.”

Romy couldn’t bring herself to view the rest of that letter. She felt like crying but her body seemed to be moving incredibly slow. She mustered up some more strength to read the remainder of the note.

“I’m not sure what path this road to monstrosity leads. Remember that visitor that came to the hospital. The woman had told me the locations of Gabriel as well as this quote, “To beat a monster. One must become a larger one.” She was right. I didn’t want to admit that. I thought was an irrelative detail stamped upon the main picture. Yet the quote was the picture while the location was just the watermark in the background. She had foresaw the lost and painted the road that I should take to defeat him. I want to take that road. I want to defeat the evil.

To you Romy I have some words I want to say personally. Protect yourself. Become strong. Don't let them get to you before I come back. Keep a watch on Nick, Naomi, Wayne, and the other members of KRPD. Become a better warrior.

I'm not going to tell you where I'm going. It's far. I don't want you away from Kanto for so long. I will build my team to grow with me. Don't bother to call because I will not answer. I’m not going to enclose a time that I will be back. I may come back in a week; I may come back in a month, maybe a year. But I will return. I will stop this crime that plaguing the streets that we want to walk on.

So promise me this. Open your heart to someone else. You may not like the person that I turn myself into. You deserve better than that. You deserve someone that would love you.


By the time that Romy got to the end of the letter, the paper was wet with tears. She clutched it tightly as she put the paper back on the table.

“Kael....Logan...” Romy said still keeping her voice strong.

“Yes.” “Yeah.” The brother responded.

“Teach me everything that you know. I want...I want to become stronger.”

“We accept,” Logan was surprisingly the one that said this. “I'll teach you all I know as well.”

“You would really do it, Logan?”

“Yeah, Logan,” Kael responded. “You're willing to get your lazy butt up and do something.”

“Whatever Kael, I can't stand to see little sis, cry.”

“Hmph. The “genius” is really getting out there and doing something. Of course I'm going to help to Romy. I'll help train your pokemon.”

“Thanks guys.”

Surge, despite him saying little to nothing at all since entering, stood up. Of course, he smacked Logan's feet off the table as hard as he could but he didn't say anything else. He was obviously smiling but what they didn't see was the small stream of tears falling from his face. It reminded him of Yuki.

“Good girl....” Surge said exiting the room. “Stay as long as you like the three of you.”

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As soon as he entered the quicker he exited, as simple as that.
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It was long and extricating like the small tunnel was getting longer and longer the more that he walked.
Maybe you mean "excruciatingly boring" or something along those lines. Extricating means being released from like a tough situation or something (according to the dictionary, I've never heard the word before so I checked what it meant). Also the sentence could be restructured maybe, like "It was long and *whatever word goes here*, as if the small tunnel was getting longer with every step he took" or something. I don't know, I had something really good to suggest for that, but I forgot it.

Every other time, he would be with his dad as he searched the area for a legendary electric pokemon. Josh will wait near the water
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I think it should probably be "the sooner he entered the quicker he exited".

Maybe you mean "excruciatingly boring" or something along those lines. Extricating means being released from like a tough situation or something (according to the dictionary, I've never heard the word before so I checked what it meant). Also the sentence could be restructured maybe, like "It was long and *whatever word goes here*, as if the small tunnel was getting longer with every step he took" or something. I don't know, I had something really good to suggest for that, but I forgot it.

EDIT: :p I used the second meaning for excruciating which means great pain. But I see where you are coming from. I strongly thing agonizing would have been a better choice of wording.

You switch from past to present tense here. The will should be changed to a would.

Okay, I'm not going to correct the whole thing because it'd take way too long, but you should probably look over your posts and do a bit of editing before posting them. If English is your second language or something I'm sorry if this comes off as harsh, I'm only trying to help.

I don't think that you were coming off harsh at all. I think you pointed out the mistakes real well actually. A teacher pointed out my past and present tense and I need to work on that. English isn't my second language. I just make casual mistakes. :P Hope it isn't that bad to portray me as such.

Now as for the actual story, I've read up until the end of chapter two so far, and it's pretty good. I like how you've built up Surge to be strong and commandeering of his son on the outside but actually indecisive on the inside, and how you've worked in memories about the Elekid who couldn't defend its owner all those years ago to explain why he didn't want Josh to keep his Pokémon unevolved. Anyway, I'll read some more of it a bit later, but keep up the good work. Just make sure to check your work before posting it.

I think that you did a great job. I do really need to check the work more closely than I have. I'm just so excited to share with people because I already know what happens. lol. But I promise I will fix the mistakes. Thanks a lot for actually reviewing. You have been a real help.

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No joke. When I did this chapter before, I didn't like. Now I have redone this chapter. I love it. Especially the end. I love monologues even though technically they are not monologues but whatever. Well, on with the reading.

Chapter 12: To the Messenger…


“No kidding.”

Gabriel had to admit that even he was impressed. A person wouldn’t have thought Team Rocket could get this snazzy. Though it was held in an underground facility, the appeal of the decorations seemed to have transformed the unappealing outside into something of a sanctuary. It was traditional ball. There were thick silk drapes created from Umbreon’s fur outlining the outside of the sides of the wall. The dark color of the fur was accented by the red fur of its brother, Flareon, to form the crimson R within drapery. There were long tables were on each side of the room and a modern wood organ was put on the opposite wall as the entrance. The lights were had a certain appealing sparkle to them. They create a dangerous but elegant mood when it was reflected against the maple colored hardwood floor. The temperature within was held warm enough for the women and their attire while keeping it cool enough for the women. The balance made it something of a contradiction, but a comfortable one.

Gabriel observed the spectrum of colored dress and tuxedos that even impressed the optimum chic fashion mindful. Many of the women were dress in varied materials such as lace, silk, and velvet. The men weren’t far behind with high class tuxedos to match their feminine counterparts. Both sides, Team Rocket as well as Kanto Killer Mafia, kept their pokemon out of their pokeballs. Gabriel wasn’t quite sure if they were protection or for show. There were distinct different in the taste of pokemon that the two groups possessed. Team Rocket was surprisingly the ones with the better taste of pokemon in Gabriel’s opinion; they held esteemed pokemon such as Persian, Arbok, Vileplume, as well many others. Gabriel also had to admit that the Kanto Killer Mafia held pokemon that a mafia could use to intimidate their rivals; Gliscor, Heracrosses, Mighyena were some of these pokemon. There was one man in particular left Gabriel wondering which of the parties that he belonged to. He held an Arcanine which appeared to both majestic and perilous—the best of both worlds.

The man beside the Arcanine appeared to be rather hazardous himself as he stroked the mane of his dog. The man's face was filled with scars in the general pattern of his own pokemon. He had the cream color hair that gave reminiscences his own pokemon as well. His eyes were a golden color but in the lights it reflected like animal. The man stood tall but he had only reached the height of Gabriel himself. The man shot a stare at Gabriel before cuing him to come over.
Gabriel extended his hand, the man accepted without turning in the general direction. His handshake was firm, almost like he was going to crush his arm. Above that, Gabriel found this rude but he wasn't going to tell that to him. The two men released the grip at the same time.

“So, you're the people that supposed to get this job finished...” the man stroke what appeared to be his mane.

“That is the case, if you are willing to pay...”

“Money has no value,” the voice silky voice stated, money was only paper to him.

“But isn't Team Rocket just doing this for the money,” Gabriel looked at him not expecting an answer.

“That's childish and immature thinking. We're out for much more now. So money is not an option. Name your price.”

“Name my price. Expect it to be much,” Gabriel causally tossed it in the conversation.
“On my word as n Rocket Executive, I will pay handsomely,” the man paused as he closed his eyes. “I will pay as long as my name is Cray Creek.”

“Okay Mr. Creek,” Gabriel liked a paying customer. “Where is the victim?

“He has yet to arrive. It's kind of disappointing really. I wanted him to be the first one here.”

Cray pulled out his pair of sunglasses and pushed them upon his face. He then poured himself a glass of punch and began sipping the drink. Gabriel took this time to walk away but the man grabbed his shoulder tightly forcing Gabriel to jerk back into position. Cray placed the cup upside down. He released his grip on Gabriel soon after. He obviously had something else he wanted to say. Again, Gabriel wanted to say something to this man, but he kept it to himself due to the impending dangerous glistening in his eyes.

“Do you mind entertaining the guest while we wait?” Cray asked. It was blunt as well as sudden.

“What am I supposed to do?” Gabriel shrugged.

“You're a coordinator from what I have heard. The missy over there is a vocalist and I've heard the ranger over there is an instrumentalist,” Cray said referring to Gabriel, Fleur, and Jiro respectively.

“So you know a lot, Mr. Creek,” Gabriel said awed. How did he obtain this information? Gabriel chose not to pursue this further.

“I expect many clients you have taken do not know you. I wouldn't have chosen you if I didn't see your...past work.”

“Like....” Gabriel truly wanted to test what he knew. Then he would be even more impressed.

“Like when you fought that kid, the first and second time. My sons have been watching.”

Cray pulled a brown cigar out of his pocket. He snapped his finger. His Arcanine straightened it stance to shoot embers from its mouth to light the cigar. Cray slipped the cigar in his mouth, taking a breath from it. Gabriel folded his arms and tapped against his shoulder expecting Cray to finish his statement. Obviously, Cray was one for dramatic pauses. He took another breath of the silky silver smoke to exhale it through his nose before speaking.

“Josh Surge was it,” Cray’s eyes flashed golden when he said it. Gabriel’s smirk evolved into a smile.

“Josh Surge?” Gabriel played like he knew nothing.

“Josh Surge, the name of the kid that you defeated twice; once at Celadon City's gym and the second about a couple days ago at Seafoam Island.”

“Ooooh. You're good,” Gabriel’s impression reached its peak. He enjoyed such a well informed audience. It made the experience that much sweeter.

“Now if you please. I have to attend to the rest of my guest. I will pay you something extra if you provide us something to watch.”

“This is going to cost you,” Gabriel said testing the man one more time.

“Money isn't an option. If you must test me...”

Cray stuffed his hands in the confines of his dark red tuxedo. From it, he pulled a bright red diamond. He placed the diamond underneath the cup he set upside down earlier in the conversation. He headed towards the crowds of other guest. Gabriel grabbed the diamond from the table. He liked it; the gem reminded him of blood for some reason. It was just as expensive as the Clampearl's pearl. Gabriel slid the diamond within his pocket.

Gabriel straightened the jacket of his tuxedo. Like his normal clothes, it mimicked the look of a Blaziken with a different color scheme. It was a white tuxedo with a red frilly undershirt and collar with a red cummberband to match. His hair was completely out this time, showing the full length being to about the back of his neck.. His nails were painted different than normal as well; they were red with white flames on them.

“Looks like someone got an early pay...” Jiro said walking up.

“I assume that I did. Anyway....will you mind helping me amuse these people until the target arrives?” Gabriel figured he should at least ask before throwing them on stage.

“I will!” Fleur said raising her hand.

“I guess...” Jiro said. “I don't have my guitar though.”

“I'll be glad to let you borrow mine.”

A young man with strawberry blonde hair walked up. He was dressed in a standard black tuxedo mainly due to his hair being too bold for almost any other color. Within his grasp, he held a beautifully crafted guitar. The man studied Jiro for a moment. He then passed the guitar to him. Jiro held on to it for a moment to feel it out.

“You know. That guitar suits you. How about you have it?” the man stated.

“Really...” Jiro marveled the guitar. It was much more of a higher quality than he was used to. He began to strum it.

“Sure. I have another. I brought both since I heard from dad that a guitarist was coming.”

“Thanks man. What's your name?”

“Troy Creek,” Troy extended his hand.

“Jiro Shiba,” Jiro grasped his hand.

“I am pleased to meet you, Jiro. You are the only one that I haven’t heard about in this little posse,” Troy looked toward Fleur. “I've heard of you. You are Fleurette Bard hailing from Hearthome. You are famous singer there and I have even personally enjoyed one of your performances.” Fleur seemed to be very pleased with that statement. “Of course, I have heard of you. You are the famous coordinator, Gabriel ‘Redheart’ Kirk. I’m pleased to meet all of you.”

Troy shook Gabriel’s and Fleur’s hands before continuing to watch Jiro. Jiro had begun practicing with the guitar leaving Troy to find himself impressed with the man's ability. He played like his soul was pouring out of the strings. Fleur was more than impressed, she was astounded. Gabriel just watched. Jiro had gotten better than the last time, but he knew it wasn't his best. It was a practice run. Gabriel was the only one that could have known that. Gabriel knew his friend’s best as did Jiro knew Gabriel’s best. They were each other’s biggest critic and biggest fan.

“Wow...man. You're good,” Troy exclaimed.

“I've been better,” Jiro stared at Gabriel for the confirmation.

“It was a good practice jam,” Gabriel admitted it. “A little more flare here and there would be nice.”

“You better give these people a show tonight,” Jiro smirked. “I can tell when you mess up.”

“Let's go, Jiro. I want to sing with your guitar!” Fleur suddenly busted out.


Redness consumed the Jiro's face as Fleur grabbed his hand. They dashed (more like Jiro was being dragged) to the higher leveled stage portion of the room. Fleur quickly removed the previous people from the stage and stationed herself at the microphone. She began to warm up with a light song with a back up with Jiro's melody. The entire area went silent. Only the sweet voice of Fleur and Jiro’s guitar strings was heard.

“My god...they are amazing...” Troy jaw dropped as he spoke the words.

“I'm presume they are,” Gabriel hated to admit but they were stealing the show with a practice song.

“But to the mission at hand. You're the one that defeated Josh. Correct?”

“Was it printed in the newspapers or something without my permission?” Gabriel said sarcastically.

“You must be pretty talented to beat. My dad found him quite the asset for defeating me.”

“Josh beat you?!?” Gabriel said before roaring out into laughter. No one took heed of this however due to Fleur’s and Jiro’s performance on stage.

“What do you mean by that?”

Gabriel's laughter continued lightly for a couple more minute. After that, it just became a small chuckle as he looked at Troy in amusement. “Was this man serious when he said he lost to Josh?” The laughing in Gabriel’s head became louder and louder. But on the outside he was back normal.

“You're part of Team Rocket...correct?” Gabriel asked trying to keep his expression smooth.

“Yes,” Troy said sternly. Troy did not like where this was going.

“You are going to need to man up. I mean losing to Josh is absolutely pathetic.”

“It wasn’t just him. He was assisted by that little girl,” Troy roared.

“Romy. You lost to Romy Kimura,” Gabriel kept himself from roaring into further laughter. “How can you look at yourself in the mirror,” Gabriel blew the rest of his laughter air (or lack thereof) out of his mouth.

“They are strong...mentally. I'm not good at double battles by myself.

“Perhaps you're not good at battling at all,” Gabriel pressed his sleeve against his lips like he was hiding what he just said.

“You're a bastard. I hope you know that.”

“Oh. I'm well aware of that fact. At any rate, is that all you wanted to talk about?”

“I wouldn't get overconfident with Josh. Dad found him a bit of a concern. He has the potential.”

Upon that statement, Gabriel walked away. He knew “the potential” was there. He wouldn't have chosen him as his rival for no apparent reason. But that wasn't a reason to lose to him. He was still a weakling. A person couldn’t change what they were meant to be. An antelope could never change the fact that it is the pray of the lion. Though it has potential to run away, it will never defeat the lion. It was elementary.

“Hopefully, he becomes a threat enough for me to get free money then,” Gabriel said flicking a flare of purple flames towards Troy way.

“I wouldn't get too cocky....” Troy stomped the ember out.

Jiro and Fleur finished about several different songs before Gabriel took the stage. This was his normal habitat. It was his world. The stage was something he has been accustomed to since he was very young. Stage fright was nothing more than an amateur excuse for not being cut for spotlight. Gabriel none of these feelings, he wanted the best performance no matter if it was a crowd of young children or a crowd of criminals.

Gabriel sent out both Zuri and Rainey out of their pokeballs. From there, he began doing several routines that he used from practice. There were many featured attacks within the warm up routine; Surf, Whirlpool, Psychic, Flamethrower, Blaze Kick, and many more were seen. Though it wasn’t seen visible in Gabriel, he had to get used to actually feel out having a Blaziken. He had wanted this all of his life. Blaziken was his dream pokemon. He had wished to have one since he was a young child—now it was here at his side.

“Zuri, are you ready for some action?” Gabriel said with pride.

Zuri rolled her eyes, was he serious when he said that. She was always ready. Gabriel found himself laughing lowly. They had too much in common. He guessed that was the bond that they created, on created on superiority.

“Flamethrower, Double Kick, and Aerial Ace. Aout Flamme.”

Zuri shot a stream of flames into the air to form a large disc of fire. Zuri then kicked first to get into the air and the second to break through the disc of flames. She cut through into the ring of fire with several flying aerial aces to cut it into sections. Zuri landed on the ground on both feet, sticking the landing perfectly. Gabriel was impressed along with the rest of the crowd. She could never do that when she was a Combusken. To see the fruit of their practice was something unlike happiness that Gabriel had felt. But now it was the time to follow up.

“Rainey. Follow up with Surf through the Aout Flamme. Whirlpool, then Surf once more to finish our masterpiece, the Fleur D'Bleur!

Rainey shot into the air through the ring of flames. Water shot from his mouth into on to the ground to create a large geyser though the middle of the ring as well as through the openings created by the Aerial Aces. Rainey then dove into the geyser causing it to spiral. From there, he surfed causing the water to go through the cracks more to form petals. At the end, Rainey shot to the top to sit upon of the flame and water flower. This was Fleur D'Bleur, the Blue Blossom. Honestly, Gabriel had expected it to fall on its face but it was executed perfectly. But in the end was a beautiful depiction of a fire and water working together to create this marvel.

The crowd erupted of with applause especially from Fleur. Her name was within the performance so she couldn’t abstain herself from standing up to clap madly with the rest of the crowd. But out of all the people that were clapping tonight, there was one person that Gabriel’s eyes locked upon. He was sitting at the punch table with an aluminum can within his hand. No one saw the man since all eyes was on Gabriel and his now fading masterpiece. The man's blue eyes seemed to mock him as he clapped along with the rest of the crowd against his can. Gabriel was sure it was him. The man stood up and exited like a ghost at his own funeral. Even though the man had left, Gabriel caught a glimpse of his blonde hair, he clinched his teeth. “Josh...”

“That was an amazing performance, sir!” Gabriel found his hand being clasped tightly by a rather scrawny individual.

“Thanks....” Gabriel hardly noticed his hand being gripped but instead, his eyes focused on the empty space where he thought to have seen Josh.

Gabriel soon focused himself to look at the man instead of the mirage that had appeared before him. The man was obviously someone important. The man's hand was iced with gems of all colors. He appeared to be an ancient gentleman since his skin was figuratively melting off his skeleton. Despite this, he had a firm grip.

The man looked like he was about to die there. He's skin was basically hanging off of his skull, eyes sunken in with blackness around them, and wrinkles all over him. The man's hair draped across his face, the silver strings fell behind his ears; only the top of his head was bare. His skin was a bit lighter, but had areas of dark spots from his aging. Gabriel quickly deemed this man as pathetic in his mind even though he was graciously shaking his hand.

“Not to be rude or anything, but who are you?” Gabriel said withdrawing his hand.

“Vincent Allister, leader of the Kanto Killer,” the man greeted Gabriel with a smile. Gabriel returned one for a difference reason.

“So this is my target.” Gabriel looked to Cray who seemed to writing into the air for the man’s demise with his smoke. “So, Mr. Allister, do you mind that we speak outside for a moment?”

“What for,” Vincent seemed to have no idea.

“I'm interested in the Mafia's services. I'm in desperate need of some protection. I'm a famous person. That’s how I got this invitation to this ball,” Gabriel acting was phenomenal, he sounded as though he was in distress. “I have people after me.” To some degree that was true. To Gabriel that had no significant value.

“Alright son. Let's step out for a moment.”

Gabriel finally stepped off the stage as well helping the aged gentlemen off of it as well. He returned both Zuri and Rainey to their pokeball as soon as Rainey descended from the geyser. Vincent himself had give Gabriel some stares but it wasn’t stares that he would have suspected anything. The both of them descended down the small flight of stairs before Vincent reunited with his bodyguards. These guards seemed to have no pokemon on them but they carry guns. Gabriel assumed that was equally intimidating. Gabriel stared for some more time at the guards. “Of course he has bodyguards. Geez, that's lame. But I guess that makes things far from boring.”

Gabriel opened the door for Vincent as though he was opening the gates to the Hell for him. Vincent entered into the blackness of the night as did Gabriel. They were now on the outside of Viridian City. The sounds of Beedrills as well as other bug pokemon lingered in the air. The moon was out, creating a bridge of pure white light down the dirt road. Gabriel took more steps to close the gap between Vincent and himself. Plans changed when guns were loading and more guards appeared. The barrels of the guns suddenly directed to Gabriel. He put his hands up.

“Looks like that man's tip actually paid off,” Vincent kept his back towards Gabriel. “Too bad.”

“You are prepared for me....” Gabriel began laughing, it became consumed the night sky.
“You could be entertaining,” Gabriel remained collected. “It still annoys me though that someone ruined the surprise party.”

“Gun him down men.”

The men positioned their guns on Gabriel’s head. But before their fingers could pull the trigger, the metal of their guns began melt. The molten black liquid started burn their flesh while some of the guns exploded sending their wielders backwards. Gabriel twirled the flames that were created in his hand; like last time, his flames were red. He seemed aggravated since his eyes flashed the colors of his flames, red. Vincent pulled out his pokeball as did the rest of the guards. Gabriel seemed annoyed at that too. He thought the guards did not have pokemon.

“Who told you that I was going to try to kill you tonight?” Gabriel’s voice carried the annoyance that was in his eyes.

“I have my ways to get information, Mr. Kirk. Now surrender.”

“Surrender...I think not.”

“What do you plan to do? Die like a dog.”

“I think you should check what is happening to your guards.”

Vincent’s head turned when he began hearing grunts coming from the back of him. His bodyguards fell one by one without Gabriel moving at all. Before Vincent knew it, all fifty of the guards were defeated leaving only Vincent standing. From the shadows came the two assailants who just easily dispatched. Jiro and Fleur walked out from the shadows standing over the now conscious group of protectors. Fleur kept Nosferatu close while Jiro walked along beside his partner pokemon, a Lucario.

“Sorry to use you like this, Travik,” Jiro apologized to the Lucario. It accepted.

“I'm actually happy,” Gabriel gave a sick twist to the word happy. “You saved me some trouble,” Gabriel said as Vincent stood quaking. Gabriel gave an empty smirk. “Now back to business.”

“I'm not going to be defeated by a group of kids.”

“Kids...” Gabriel threw his pokeball. “You are going to eat those words. I could kill you right now. But I’m going to give you a fighting chance.”

Zuri shot from the pokeball, landing on the ground. Vincent sighed as he withdrew the pokeball he was holding and pulled out another one. This one appeared to be his strongest of all of them that he held. It was even held in a special ball much in the same fashion Gabriel kept his. Vincent threw the pokeball to reveal a Honchkrow. The bird's sleek black feathers fell from its body as it perched on his master's arm. It seemingly groomed its black feather crest that resembled a hat before sending out a cry. Zuri was unimpressed, a trait shared by her master as well.

“Nice little pokemon you have there,” Gabriel remarked.

“I have one too,” Fleur shouted suddenly interrupting the conversation from afar.

“I also have the advantage. You precious Blaziken won't touch....” Vincent began but stopped when the Blaziken began sprinting towards his Honchkrow and him.

As to prove him wrong, Zuri touched the Honchkrow with her talons as soon as the Honchkrow began to take flight. The Honchkrow flew backwards feeling disrespected at the young pokemon’s competence. Gabriel snickered.

“Looks like your Honchkrow is just a frail as you are.”

“How dare you insult me, child,” Vincent took a better stance.

“Ah.. insult. You....” Gabriel paused. “Your very being standing in my presence is an insult in itself.”

“You don't know how to corner a dragon son. To me you mean nothing. Drill Peck, Honchkrow.”

The Honchkrow dove quickly towards Zuri in a drilling motion hitting her directly in the chest. She flew backwards from the blast but managed to stand up after it. The Honchkrow remained altitude above Zuri. Zuri seemed disgusted on the cheap shot and prepared for an attack. Gabriel gave a notion for Zuri to hold off until he finished talking with this horrible excuse for a human being in front of him.

“Listen. Vincent. I won't show you how to corner a dragon. I’ll show you how to slay one.”

“It's nice talking, Mr. Kirk. But I’m the one with the advantage here. You mean nothing more to me than a blossoming assassin that has bitten more off than he can possibly chew. Now, he’s choking,” Vincent’s confidence was more than rising now.

“Sorry, I wasn’t listening. I lack the ability to speak with dead people. Forgive me. I have better things to do.”

Zuri jumped straight up from the ground to where Honchkrow was hovering. It flipped backwards to send the Honchkrow plummeting to the ground underneath with a powerful Mega Kick. Vincent clutched his hand’s tightly causing blood to spew from it. That was an amazing grip for a person of that age. Gabriel just smiled.

“Ooh. That is a bad wound. You shouldn’t do that to yourself. I would be glad to have done it for you,” Gabriel mentioned.

“I’ve had enough of this. Psychic, Honchkrow.”

From the dust of the battlefield, the Honchkrow began to glow a black aura. Zuri was shot backwards by the powerful telekinetic blow sending it toppling into one of the buildings. The Honchkrow regained its flight before diving in for another Drill Peck. It was dead on sending its beak almost through Zuri's skin. It had Zuri pinned to the wall while blood poured from the wound. This Honchkrow was surprisingly effective, getting three super-effective moves off on Zuri in the entire span of the battle. Jiro and Fleur had become slightly concerned on Gabriel’s progress in this battle; he was losing.

“Have you had enough, child?” Vincent mocked.

“Yes I have....” Gabriel hung his head. “Just kidding, I haven't played like this in a long time.”

“This isn't a game. Honchkrow, Drill Peck!”

“Not this again. Let's do some spinning of our own, Zuri. Fire Spin, Double Kick.”

The Honchkrow began spinning more and more into Zuri's shoulder. But before even more damage could be done, Zuri began spinning into a large tower of flames that sent the Honchkrow flying into the air engulfed in the blaze. Zuri followed up with her famous double kicks in the air. The Honchkrow managed to dodge the second allowing it to fly lowly back to its master side panting. Gabriel seemed disgusted now.

“It can still fly?” Gabriel’s frustration was setting in once more. “I'm very angry now.”

“I'm not happy that your Blaziken is standing either. But let's wrap this up. I have a party to attend to.”

“Let's wrap it up indeed.”

The Honchkrow was suddenly sent flying in a ball of flames by the powerful Blaze Kick. The attack was dead on. The sounds of crackling feathers and flesh could be heard as the bird was sent to the ground or perhaps it’s grave. Vincent's heart shattered as his Honchkrow was so easily defeated. He watched the flames eat at his Honchkrow’s body as it begged for its life. It was nothing he could do.

“Wow....one shot....” Fleur said as she seized Nosferatu from the air.

“They were playing with him the entire time. Gabriel has this....habit,” Jiro paused staring at Gabriel for a couple of seconds. “Gabriel has a habit of fooling people by fighting half-hearted. When he get serious however, he turns into him…”Jiro kept him to be an ambiguous entity.

“So, what do you plan to do to me? You killed my favorite pokemon!” Vincent shouted.

“You won't be missing it long,” Gabriel’s eyes flashed in the moonlight. “I plan to kill you as well...”

Gabriel walked up to the man slowly. Vincent began to back away. The world seemed to slow down as Gabriel closed the gap between them. The crickets stopped singing, the air became stiff, and the moon seemed to stop the clouds around it to view what was going to happen next. Gabriel stopped walked allowing Vincent to take more steps back.

“It's a shame that I'm going to have to mess this tuxedo up.”

Anticlimactically, it was a thud. Vincent's body hit the ground, his skull crashed into the ground, splitting it allowing the final grasp from the Grim Reaper to take a hold of him. Gabriel ran up to him to find that he was already dead suddenly. He looked like he was killed, just then. Gabriel moved the man's head aside to see an entering and exiting wound through the man's temples. It was like a small string was inserted through his brain, wrapped around it, and split it into pieces. Gabriel never felt so angry in his life. Gabriel set the body on fire to assure that he will at least get the reward.

“Who killed Vincent?!?” the suspense rivaled any movie that Fleur had seen.

“Tarvik feels an aura...a powerful one. It is a mixture between a dark and a light one. He has never seen anything like this before.

Gabriel looked around to find this soul stealer. The only soul stealer was himself, no other. There were none to be found. He pounded his fist against his palm, a body language he had never done. Gabriel’s eyes scanned one more time. A shadowy figure appeared before him this time. The man sat on the shingled green shingled roof of one of the buildings of Viridian City. He was toying with what appeared to be pure electricity between his fingers. When Gabriel had finally locked on to him, the electricity dispersed.

“I thought I'll give a message before I left....Gabriel...” a voice rung in the air. “I decided a more personal touch,” he spoke touch like the touch of death that he just gave to Vincent.

“Josh? You killed this man,” Gabriel chuckled in laughter.

“Yes...” Josh’s voice mellowed sickly with that affirmation. “You want to hear how I did it? It was genius actually. I sent a stream of electricity through his eardrum that traveled through the fissures in his brain. Then I expanded it, stopping all brain functions. I shot it out on the other side of his cranium just for the added touch…”

“I didn't think that you had it in you,” Gabriel remained short. He didn’t want to show the slight fear in his voice.

“In me....” Josh gave a somewhat sinister chuckle. “You planted it in me. I just have to let it grow.”

“You're willing to go these lengths. Just to defeat me. You are so interesting.”

“Interesting, can I take that as a compliment? But alas, I’ll be leaving your presence for some time.”

“That's very cowardly. You are running away from your troubles. I can do some major damage while you're gone. Are you willingly to give up those lives that can take? Perhaps Romy will be next.”

“You wouldn't...” Josh laughed the most insane laugh he had given. “I'm more than sure that you wouldn't. Attacking more of the KRPD will cause trouble to you despite your status. Besides, your beloved contest in less than a week. You wouldn't miss that. I could crash it anytime, ruining your precious reputation. ”

“I'm tired of hearing his voice,” Fleur was in a sweat now. His voice was like a madman scrapping his knife against your bedroom window. She couldn’t stand it anymore. “Nosferatu, Dark Pulse.”

“Child, don't flatter yourself...”

Nosferatu shot a stream of blackened energy towards the shadow that was apparently Josh. A silhouette of a creature extended his hand. A wall of electricity blocked the attack. It was Volt, wrapped in shadows like his master was. Its eyes glowed as it sat beside its master.

“Stay out of this,” Josh said bitterly. “I know you're attentions to kill Romy, Fleur.”

“Tell me how you know my name?!?” Fleur shouted.

“KRPD is linked to all of the computers in the regions. Finding information on the three of you wasn't difficult at all. Jiro is the only one I respect here. As long as he stays out of my way...I won't kill you…”

“I'm glad to hear that. But I will protect these two with my life...”

“You are willing to risk your life for this scum,” Josh sent a branch of electricity to force Fleur and Jiro to step back. “What a pity...I'll just have to critically injury you then. But making threats isn't the reason I'm here, Mr. Shiba. I'm here to give a message to the messenger of death.”

Gabriel could feel Josh's eyes staring a hole through him from afar. Those blue eyes were like a possessed demon. It was like he was entering his brain by just staring. Gabriel wanted to avoid the darts that was his line of vision but couldn't. He felt like his eyes was everywhere, his thoughts everywhere. It melted evilly into the surfaces of the land, water, grass, and air. Gabriel hadn’t felt anything like this before. Even Zuri could feel it.

“Gabriel Kirk. I devoted on my life to destroy you. I will throw away all of my emotions to do it. I’m becoming your justice. I’m becoming your anti-venom. I’m removing your cancer from this society. You want to know why. I’m a monster. I’m willing to eat the flesh that is stretched off your body one cell at a time,” Josh’s breathing became that of an animal when he said that. “But not now, I’m going to have to learn to keep that beast away until I see you again. When that day comes, I’m going to reach my Nirvana. But until we meet again, Gabriel Kirk, Au revoir. Isn’t that what you said at the Pokemon Center that day we met?"

“You cannot be serious about what you just said. You can’t be a monster. You don’t have it in you.”

“To tell the truth, I enjoy the way Vincent’s body motionless plopped on the floor. I have to get use to this feeling though. The feeling of euphoria from a kill that feels a person has as well the ephemeral time that you have to feel it. So, I’m not kidding.”

“Do you have anything else you want to say to me?”

“There is one thing. Good luck on your contest,” Josh said mockingly added.

Gabriel suddenly shot out a stream of fire from what burned in his soul at the moment. The flames appeared engulfed Josh but when they subsided he was no longer there. The air had kept his malice. It crept on everyone’s skin that had the ability to feel at the moment.

“We will meet again....” his voice melted into the air.

His voice died into the wind, so did the emotions within them. At any other time, Gabriel would have been completely amused by his statements. Gabriel couldn’t explain. He couldn’t laugh, smile, smirk or anything that he normally did when he approached a situation. He stared blankly into the space. The stars seemed to be dying as well.

“Maybe making such an enemy...wasn't the smartest of your decisions,” Jiro remarked, he too was speechless.

“Nonsense....” Gabriel spat.

Even saying that, he knew it was the truth.

Sgt Shock
October 4th, 2009, 2:03 PM
Intermission: Bursting Storm Clouds


Romy found herself playing with the flower in her hair. She touched its smooth surface that seemed to sublimely fuse with the rest of her hair. She couldn't help but to take the flower out of her hair to look at it. Today she chose a marigold. The orange petals of the flower were a symbol of despair. She chose this plant for that reason; she couldn't get her mind off of Josh. She couldn’t help it. She avoided going to the KRPD today for the fact it reminded her. She expected to see his face around every corner, only to be disappointed at every turn seeing that he wasn’t here. It felt like a nightmare that how somehow lost its way into the daylight. Romy couldn’t shake of this feeling.

“Gabriel, Josh isn't the only one that is after you and your goons,” Romy placed the marigold on the ground. “When we meet again.....I'm going to hurt you.”

Romy tears began to swell up in her eyes. She hated crying but she has been doing it a lot lately. It reminded her when her mother. The ill memories of her mother leaving her children and husband for another man sent the same boiling tears down her face. Those tears were created of anger.

The tears silently fell to the ground soaking the marigold in a light mist of water. Romy knew that this had to be done. She was going to get stronger to face Gabriel without fear. Face anyone without fear for that matter. She couldn't stand it that the person that she actually liked had disappeared. She never had gotten that close to a person before, even in that short period of time together. She wanted that connection back. That connection that she did not have with anyone else, felt like it was dissolving in her hand.

“I miss you, Josh.”

She looked into the night of the sky. Rain clouds seemed to cake together to form larger ones. Romy was met with a rain fall soon after observing these clouds. It was cold. It too reminded her of Josh. Like a far off memory fading into black. She couldn't help but to think about these things. She clutched her arms to her chest embracing the cold. It was her salvation. Her skin felt frozen to the muscles underneath. She couldn't move. She just let the rain fall on her.

“I....” her words were sealed by the frigid air that had embraced her around her neck.

An umbrella shielded her from the rain. The sound of the rain pita patted against the blue umbrella falling down beside Romy's feet. An arm wrapped around her shoulder, for a minute she thought that it was Josh. She wanted to cry though the comforting feeling of it was there, it wasn’t him. She knew that. It was her brother’s embrace; she wanted to fall asleep within it. That’s not the embrace that she wanted.


Romy buried herself in Kael's stomach holding tightly to his waist. She couldn't stop crying even in the comforting embrace of her brother's arms. “They won’t stop falling.” Romy spoke in her thoughts since her mouth couldn’t muster the words.

“I wish...he will just come back...” Romy said.

“Don't worry. He will. ..” Kael reassured. “But he might not be the same when he comes back....”

“He might be a monster. People shouldn't act like monster...” Romy said her voice melting in the rain.

“Unless they are cornered by one,” Kael retaliated. “Let's go back inside, you’ll get a cold.

Romy grabbed around her brothers arm and hugged it tightly. He always knew what to say even when she had no words. She wasn't happy but she felt better. The storm clouds began to subside for a moment yet a streak of lightning told them that the storm wasn't over. A clap of thunder echoed in the air.


Kael guided his sister into the door of the house. Romy wanted to enter into the frame of the door to regain her warmth but she also wanted to stay out in the cold to wait for him. The storm felt as though it was speaking with her, telling her a story on Josh’s progress. She wanted to hear the rest of the anecdote that the storm could tell. Though, she succumbed to her brother’s request. But she did have one thing that she wanted to tell the storm before it left.

“Tell him…I’m willing to wait.”


“Things are going to get fun from now on,” Gabriel had recovered fully from Josh’s threats.

“Fun. You shouldn’t say things like that, Gabriel. You created a beast. Now you have to learn to tame it.”

“You really shouldn't say things like that,” Gabriel always hated Jiro’s way to dampen the mood.

“My apologies,” Jiro sighed after saying that. “You're heading back to Hoenn then.”

“Temporarily, I have a couple of contest as well as going home for some time.”

“I have to report back to Almia. I'll be back as soon as I can. So stay out of trouble. Fleur...” Jiro paused. “Where are you going?”

“I'm going with Gabriel. He still hasn’t held up his end of the bargain,” Fleur toyed with her earrings a bit.

“Fleur, I'm a busy man. I have a life you know. Besides I'm giving you a free ticket to my contest. That should be a girl's biggest dream. ”

“Hmph...” Fleur said continuing to toy with her earrings with a bit more vigor.

“You should get going Jiro.”

“I won't be late, Gabriel. Stay safe.”

Jiro tossed his bag over his shoulder. He began to ascend on the stairway of the helicopter. Gabriel had set up two; the first was to get Jiro back to Almia whilst the other for sent Fleur and himself to Hoenn. It was a parting for now. It was bittersweet in the sense that he has been traveling with them despite his morals being in the “right place”. He was the balance that they needed. Now he was leaving the yin-yang with only the darkness portion.

“Be safe in your missions,” Fleur said happily.

“No you two be safe. Josh will be after you.”

“You're still worried about that nobody,” Fleur rolled her eyes. Even though she had said it, she wanted to whip the words right back into her mouth.

“Don't make any irrational decision while I'm gone,” Jiro looked directly at Gabriel when he said it.

“I PROMISE. I'm not that much of a trouble maker.”

“I'm going now.”

“Take care, friend.”

“Take care...” Jiro looked at Fleur for a couple of moments. “I want both of you to be careful.”

Jiro walked into the black helicopter. The engine was now revved as well as the propellers rapidly turning. The sounds of the machine had now dominated the area leaving speech impossible. Jiro gave a thumb up as he closed the black door of the helicopter with a slam. Soon after the door was closed, the helicopter began to rise into the air. It rose into the clouds of twilight above.

“So...you like him don't you...” Gabriel said eyes shifted towards Fleur.

“W-what?!?” Fleur’s voice became highly defensive.

“That's why you came. You wanted to get closer to him,” Gabriel prodded her defense even more.

“I-“it was no use of lying. “You got me. But now that he's gone I can hate you all I want. You lousy-!”

“Save the compliments for later. We have a long helicopter ride,” Gabriel knew that she hated him too.

“Argh. You self-absorbed....”

“Compliments later, you're so ahead yourself.”

Gabriel looked up into the crimson-orange sky with seemingly painted purple clouds hanging underneath. The black silhouette in the distance of the scenery began coming closer towards their direction. It was their ride to Hoenn. Gabriel picked up his bags as did Fleur with hers. The large plane suddenly busted through the clouds. It almost appeared to be a commercial one being rather large in length and in height. It was red with a large orange stripe down the side. That was the key for telling anyone that this was a private plane of the Kirk family.

“Don't you think that this is a bit large for a private plane?” Fleur asked.

“Please. The best of the best for me, darling,” Gabriel put his fingers to his lips.

“Argh. You can be so...”

“Shut up....already,” Gabriel said turned his head, eyes becoming a bit evil.

“Those eyes....are pure evil. Too bad they don't affect me like they do others,” Fleur said smiling. Only his flames could coerce her to do anything.

“Hmph. You will if I was serious. I saw you back when I pulled out the red flames...” Gabriel voiced almost sounded like a flirtation death taunting you with its sickle.

“You better be serious the next time you fight Josh.”

“I thought that he was nothing,” Gabriel referenced back to Fleur statements only minutes ago. “Don't tell me that you were showing off in front of your crush, Mrs. Bard.”

“Whatever. But...I feel...like something is happening as we speak. Like a demon been awakened.”

Gabriel chose not to respond to that. The plane had finished docking so responding to such things like that was something that he felt was below him as well as impossible. The door of the plane was opened sending a stairway for them to come aboard. Fleur took the lead and Gabriel followed. He looked back at the palette of the sky. Maybe a demon was born. He just couldn't wait for it to blow its fire towards his way.

He boarded the ship and took the lone seat near the window. A glass Lum Berry juice had been poured for him. He sipped it as the airplane prepared to lift off.

“I knew I made the right decision when I chose you as my enemy, Josh Surge.”


“So, you've made it to Sinnoh...”

“It's nice here....”

“We've been there a couple of times. How long do you plan on being in Sinnoh?”

“I haven't decided. I'm doing some business with the S.R.P.D. It will be less than a year though. Don’t tell anyone.”

“You sound different…”

“Dad....” Josh's voice trailed a bit. “Do you remember our discussion about you joining Team Rocket?”

“What about it?”

“Remember saying a violent void was in your heart after you left the war. The one that you couldn’t fill no matter how hard you tried,”

“I do.”

“I think I inherited that void. I can feel it. Is it like a thirst for blood?”

“That’s a good way to say. It was.”

“Yeah, I have it. I think I’ll make good use of it.”

“I figured this will happen. Control yourself, son. That's all I can say. Don't do things that you will regret.”

“I doubt that I will. I’m tired of this world that is consumed in the greed of their hypocritical concepts. The man or woman that took my mother away from me is still walking this earth. Is that fair? Is that justice?” Josh took the paused from his father as a no. “No. It’s not. So I’ve taken things in my own have. I’ve chosen...to dispose of these swine. These people make it hard to stomach life itself.”

“Why feed an emotion that has no power, son? Hate isn’t going to make you stronger.”

“I’m not depending of a fragile emotion as hate. Why would I? I just want revenge. Not for myself. For the people who lies dead in their graves from another, for the women that clutches their pillows at knife from the memories of their rape, for young children without parents to go to. I’m being the true invoker of justice.”
“Take this into consideration. What if you turn into one of those murderers just to get revenge?”

“That’s my own goal. Give them a taste of their own bitter medicine that they force down the innocent people’s throat,” Josh gave a rippling laughter. “Is it hard to hear? Josh seemed sadistically intrigued. “By your silence, I suspect that it is.”

“I can't stop you...”

“No. You can't. It was a pleasure to talk with you, dad. Keep in touch.

“I will.”

The dreaded clicking sound ended the conversation. Lt. Surge placed the phone back on its base and sat back down in his chair. If it wasn't a weekday, the gym would be closed. His mind was too astray to even battle trainers at all of his strength. Hearing his son's voice like that zapped him of all strength that he had built up calling him in the first place. It reminded him of him during and shortly after the war. That malevolent voice tone was something that he hated to hear.

But he was left with no choice but to accept it. His son was miles away training in the mountains in where Yuki once lived. Josh was serious about this monster ordeal. It made Surge want to take a gun to his head. The fact was he was making the exact mistake that he made when he joined Team Rocket in a different way. A father's largest desire is for their son not to make a mistake as himself. Yet his son trailed down the road that Surge himself tried to blockade.

Surge arose from his chair and exited the gym. Once outside, he looked out into the sea. The waters were restless, splashing recklessly into the shore taking everything with it. Storm clouds were coming for the northeast, the direction of Celadon. Rain was about to come.

“Rain....” Surge said to himself.

“Mr. Surge. Your coffee, sir.”

“Thank you, Tucker.”

Surge took the cup of coffee from the gentlemen. It was only slightly warm so he could easily grasp it without getting burned. He sipped it the lightly, clearing his throat thereafter.

“Aren't you worried...” Tucker said stroking his mustache.

“Of course I am...I'm a paranoid bastard, remember?”

“You seem a lot calmer than usual though.”

“Calmer? I presume that I am....” Surge paused for a moment. “I was wondering something, Tucker.”

“What is it, old chap?”

“Don't call me old chap,” Surge said between sips. “Was I that reckless when I was a teen?”

“Obviously, you surpassed me in rank.”

“How does reckless and rank work together?” Surge's face contorted.

“You were a rather reckless individual. That helped you on the battlefield because you were not afraid of death. You were rude, apathetic, cruel....” the list of negative adjectives went on for a while. Surge coughed to break the chain. “But, you were clever and intelligent. Why do you ask?”

“Josh is the same. He might have another list of negative adjectives as well...” Surge said sarcastically. “He's obviously inherited his better traits from his mom. I just hope my traits don't get the best of him.”

“You're not a bad person, Matis.”

“I just did bad things.”

It began raining lightly, causing the pellets of water to spear through the water's surface. It made interesting background music for the conversation since it felt like a grim tone in the first place.

“Your son is not making a mistake. In a sense of things, his intentions are good.”

“A mistake is a mistake even if the intention is good, Tucker. He's going about it the wrong way. He’s throwing his morals just to get stronger. He'll learn...that he needs people and morals.”

“Like the plants need the rain,” Tucker offered the metaphor.

“No, like the clouds need the wind. It helps them to go where they want to be,” Surge finished.

“That was rather poetic for a soldier.”

“I try...” Surge said shrugging.

Surge entered back into the Vermilion Gym with a cup of now rainwater. He splashed the contents against the wall of the green mug. He couldn't explain it. But he felt sad.

“You're a soldier by blood no doubt. Thought your heart is crafted on good intention, it’s becoming tainted. Don't let your soldier blood be the clouds of your thought. Be strong. Maybe you will change the path that this world is going.”

Sgt Shock
October 6th, 2009, 5:13 PM
A Bridge under a Night Rain: Astraphobia

His finger was firmly on the trigger as he watched. Two more guards in the building stirred as they inspected the dead body. He had shot the man in the crest of his forehead, his blood and brains now pouring from the perfectly sized ellipse. Watching them squirm was the only reason he used the scope now, he hardly used it for aiming despite him being several meters away in a different building. His blue eyes flashed an ill glow as he shot two more bullets killing the remaining of the Galactic Grunts in the room. It was nothing more than a game now, he was the player, and they were tragic antagonist that was destined to die by the hero's hand. He learned to enjoy this.

It's been six months since he had joined the Sinnoh Region Police Department. He was more than used to spilling blood now. It was his job. He was employed at the job of sniper when as well as interrogation on the regular basis but today he wanted the more personal touch. It was his last mission at Sinnoh before returning to his homeland.

“Nice shooting, Raijin,” the radio rumbled in his ear.

“The job isn't over yet. I'm going in.”

“Do as you wish, be careful,” the person on the other end knew of his capabilities, giving him orders had no purpose. His brain was programmed to missions, and like a robot was programmed to do its duty.

Rajiin, the sniper in question, pulled up the window of his sniping spot. He was preparing himself to go within the headquarters from the window he just shot through. He pulled out his pokeball and tossed it revealing a white-feathered Staraptor. The bird hovered out of the window waiting for its master. Raijin strapped his sniper rifle to his back before proceeding to jump out of the window to be caught promptly by his Staraptor. It made much more of a stealthier pokemon than his other flying type which he uses for battle mostly.

The policemen and his pokemon crashed through the window of the headquarters. It was a surprisingly smooth landing even though he hadn't truly done it in a long time. He observed the three bodies that were laid waste by his bullets. Their blood glistened in a sick beauty with the glass and the rays of sunlight. His expression was unchanged but the look in his eyes showed the he enjoyed it, much more than he should.

Raijin as well as his Staraptor, Raguel, continued through the narrow passages of the headquarters. There were about five hostages, each life was important. There would be no second chances, no resets. So, taking a life of the criminal would take priority of letting the hostages die. The criminal’s life would be easily replaced by a thief, a rapist, or a murderer around the world. He willingly to take them and enjoyed doing so. Raijin knew what he wanted to do, what he had to do, and what had to be done. The mission was absolute.


Before yet another grunt could even get the word clearly out of his mouth, it was muffled by Raijin's hands. The blue haired grunt tried to pry himself away from Raijin's grip only to find it to be futile. Raijin wrapped his arms around the man's neck only for it to crunch awkwardly under the sheer force of his grasp. He released the man for him to flop helplessly on the floor. For the fourth kill in the day, he seemed to be the least impressed with that one. He continued down the hallway with the bird flying lowly beside him.

Proceeding through the various twist and turns of the headquarters, he found himself spilling more and more blood with more complexes kills. While some was less subtle, others were cruel. Raguel kept its own as well. Its talons ripped through the flesh, its beak pierced through flesh. The purity of its wings was now tainted with the red liquid that washed over its master's face. After its last kill, ripping through a heart of a grunt, it flew back to its master. Raijin petted him for it success. It gave a low squawk.

“Very nicely done,” Raijin's voice was venomous, cruel, and sadistic even. People would have thought he was the antagonist if he wasn’t the opposite.

Raguel cleaned its wing as it roosted on its master's shoulder. Raijin's blue eyes gave a gaze to his pokemon before continuing through the last doors of the corridor only to be meant with a guard.

The guard seemed to study the man extensively with his eyes. Why wasn't he informed of this intruder much earlier? Yeah, he heard the glass shattered but he took it more than just another pointless attempt by the police as a scare tactic. But here is this man, standing in front of him. He appeared to be more of an assassin than a policeman. He wore a black cloak reaching down to his feet with various buckles, pockets, and chains within the general cloth. The only source of color on this man’s clothing was the yellow streak of lightning on the top of his hood and the golden S.R.P.D star and shield on his right shoulder. Raijin's boot strapped against the tile as he stepped forwards.

“Prepare...” the guard's voice lost all the power that intended.

“Likewise,” Raijin spoke.

The guard quickly threw out his pokemon. A small Stunky shot from the pokeball, leaving Raijin to give an amused chuckle of laughter. He turned Raguel to his pokeball before taking another step forward. The guard clinched his teeth with even more worry than before. The guard's heart pounded against the ribs of his stomach. For some reason, the man was just as intimidating without a pokemon. He took a deep breath figuring in the end he had the advantage.

“Stunky, Sludge Bomb,” the guard panicked when he said it.

The purple skunk heeded his master's order, shooting a purple glob of hazardous venom from its mouth. Raijin dodged it inhumanly taking another step towards the guard as he did so. The Stunky continued its rays of poison, none in which connected. With one last ounce of its power, the Stunky shot a larger bomb than before, sending it flying into the white walls of the building. Raijin seemed to hardly move an inch, physically, to dodge it. It appeared to just phase right through him. The guard's face contorted like any man's would if an attack just went through a person's like they were an apparition. Sweat now covered the guard’s face.

“You're wondering how I dodged that attack,” Raijin took his last step that stood between him, the guard, and his pokemon. “I am lightning in flesh. I am the streak of fear that is instilled in everyone's heart during the time of a storm. When you were young, you were quaking underneath the sheets of your bed as the electricity danced across the sky. Even when you are older, you learned to respect it. Now let me show you, why lightning should be respected and feared.”

With that, Raijin sent a streak of lightning through the grunt's heart, sending him toppling down dead. The bolt was sent corkscrewing through the man's chest, burning his heart as well as anything in the area. It was a grotesque but rather silent way to die. The lightning only formed one crackle of thunder. But even a silent death was a death. The man's eyes were glazed over in whiteness.

The Stunky, now without a master, sprinted in fear as though it was next. Raijin's crystal glance shimmered in disgust at the pokemon’s cowardice. He shoved the revolt away from his expression as he entered into the door, once guarded by the now deceased grunt.

Raijin assessed the situation to see the hostages wounded to what appeared to be a bomb-like contraption. He walked carefully forward only to be beckoned by one of the hostages not to come forward with a rapid shaking of the head. Raijin placed his hand on the ground, sent a small wave of electricity through the ground of the room, and disabled all technology with the room. The astonished looks on the five hostages were unanimous for the fact that he disabled all the security as well as avoided to activate the bomb. He approached the hostages and began to unwrap all of them; three men, a woman, and a child.

“Thank you sir,” the woman was the first to apologize. The men and the young child did so as well.

“There is no need,” Raijin expanded a pokeball. “Rikani will guide all of you out.”

The three men bowed as well as the woman before heading out of the room. The child stared up at Raijin who was pondering an escape route for his plan. The small child tugged on Raijin's cloak to catch his attention.

“You're Raijin the Scar...” the boy was lost of words.

“Yes, that is I. You need to escape,” Raijin threw 'Rikani's' ball, sending it crashing into the ground. “Now.”

A Luxray lunged out of the ball and like her master, evaluated the situation. After a good survey, Rikani nodded her head. She grabbed the child and threw him over her shoulder onto her back. Rikani ran out of the room to lead the five out of the building. She was more than capable.

Raijin himself only had one more thing that he wanted to do with this mission. Despite the mission itself being over, he personally had a goal entering this building. He eyed the bomb for a moment, and then looked for the detonator. To his surprise, it was on the desk to his right. He had finally come to terms why Team Galactic grunts were grunts. They possessed the competence of a fly.

He knew too well that there were other Galactic members in this headquarters. The thought of ending their lives was the only thing on his mind. “There are two people in this world,” Raijin thought to himself. “The weak and the strong. I dare say...this group is the former. Goodbye Galactic…”

Raijin exited with the device tightly in hand. Death had its own hold the air. Though there were no longer hostages, there were about to be victims. They were about to be victims of their own crime from an impromptu judging from the God of Lightning. It was a fitting way to be leave a mark on Sinnoh.

Sgt Shock
October 9th, 2009, 7:59 AM
Black Night Clouds

Chapter 1: My Reunion, Our Seclusion

Jubilife City, Sinnoh Region Police Department

“It’s has been quite some time since you’ve stepped on Kanto soil…”

“Six months hasn't it?”

“It must be a bitter sweetness to it, you know. I mean you’ve been a way quite a lot of times, things probably has changed."

“Onyx, do you not think I know that?"

“I'm just saying, Deputy Commissioner Raijin, that they might not recognize you.”

“Please, call me by my real name.”

“Now isn’t that a bit gauche. You normally would snap at me if I even murmured the first letter.”

“They are going to be calling me by that name, I should get used to it.”

“While we are on a first name basis, you should call me Lynx,” the man named Lynx paused. “What was your name again, I forgot.”

“Josh. Josh Surge.”

“Ah, I remember,” Lynx gave a shrug. “You progressed pretty fast in the ranks here, but you left yourself an enigma. You just appeared on our doorstep fore say. “

Inspector Onyx or Lynx Kruger studied his younger-however superior-officer. He couldn't understand how this person could be serious for just a sixteen year old. He found himself comparing himself to the young man. Lynx was thirty-five year old man with children and a wife while this man was a loner with only a father that he mentioned scarcely in the conversation. Even comparing their eyes now he found vast difference. Though Lynx’s were black as night, his had this sense of a warm and caring father. Though a normally easier on the eyes color, Josh’s blue eyes were cold, conniving. Lynx lacked this callous look in his expression. Just being around him made him feel like Josh was going to pull something underhanded or tricky—just like the time at the Galactic Headquarters. Lynx mentally cringed at the thought.

Lynx however was entirely different for that matter. He was basically the “good cop” of the partnership. Lynx's messy black hair tied loosely in a ponytail, soft green eyes, and genuine smile made him a hard person to hate. He was shorter, more maturely built, with slightly wrinkles under his eyes to show the difference in age. But the difference in mature level wasn't there at all. Both of them were men created from a different mold.

“So how do you like me as a partner during our time?” Lynx asked.

“You’re nice,” when Josh had said that it almost sounded like insult—Lynx was oblivious to this. “I always get partnered with the good hearted people,” Josh made the statement with his eyes shooting towards Lynx. Lynx took the compliment in stride.

“Your attentions are good,” Lynx sure hoped so, at times he questioned that himself. “You just have a bit more kick than people are used to. Even me” Lynx laughed lightly. “You had a partner in K.R.P.D?”

“It was young lady actually,” Josh’s voice remained detached. Lynx had expected a little more emotion to that than he gave.

“Ooooh,” Lynx was interested nevertheless. “Tell more.”

“Her name was Rosemary Kimura,” Josh left the name without a description, like it was another name that he just knew.

“Do you mean Deputy Commissioner Kimura from K.R.P.D?” Lynx recognized the name from the television.

“Yes, that is the one.”

“I guess you aren't the only one on a mean-streak, Mr. Surge,” Lynx said amused.

“I presume that’s the case.

Lynx’s face had turned to a featureless expression. This kid was too young to not look at the people in front of him. Josh had changed drastically both physically and psychologically. He was only a bit taller within those six months yet he seemed to look more so like a giant now. His body seemed to have caught with his height, since he seemed much broader than he has. Josh had kept the military style Mohawk; however he kept his hair beyond just a shaved length. His eyes were darker and appeared more sinister. The most noticeable change was written across of his skin—scars. These scars were gifts from various missions; they were around his arms, legs, fingertips, face, almost everywhere. The most identifiable scar was the three deep gashes over his left eye in particular from an out of control Fearow. Both the Fearow and its trainer ended up regretted. In short, Josh wasn't the punk he used to be.

“So, are you ready to go?”

“I just want to get this over with,” Josh referred to the reunion, more than actually going back to work there.

The conversation basically was halted due to the two men pushing through the waves of people entering into the S.R.P.D. Josh seemingly glided through the people unlike Lynx who clumsily fumble through crowds. For some reason, Josh seemed to be thinking more about this return than he initially wanted. Things seemed to pour into his head that he wanted to just push away onto the silver tiles of the center. Just this large amount of people reminded him on how small K.R.P.D was in comparison. Josh could feel these waves of nostalgia even though he was miles away especially when he opened the door to the elevator. It donned to him that he was going back. It was nothing more than a thought than an actual feeling. The two men walked within the blue-carpeted room.

“You had a look in your eye just a moment ago. Are you anxious?” Though Lynx had seen the look, he didn’t know how to decipher it.

The elevator’s music filled the space where the conversation should have been. Lynx tried to take in the man’s expression, absorb it to get a better understanding of it. He was failing miserably. There was nothing to explore, it was like there was no other reminiscence of a soul left within him. Yet there was something that made him human—something that bridged the monster and the human. What or who was that remaining plank of wood on the bridge?


Later that day...
Saffron City, Kanto Region Police Department

“Romy,” Katrine knocked on the wooden door to assure entrance was permitted.

“Katrine, you may enter,” Romy flashed a smile as she repositioned her chair to face the door instead of the window.

“We are having visitors today. Actually more like transfers really.”

“Transfers,” Romy slammed her elbow on the face of her desk, pressing the back of her hand to her lips. “How come I wasn't informed of this?”

“Dad told me not to inform you on anything of the guest. It's a surprise.”

“Don't tell me it's someone from H.R.P.D,” she hated those pricks. “I don't want to talk to them today.”

“Madam Deputy. I cannot tell you.”

Romy fiddled with the ends of her hair for some time before actually picking up the glass of water from her desk. Fiddling with her hair had become a nervous habit now, especially with her promotion. But her nerves had never stopped her from making a clear cut decision. Now she wasn't making a decision or anything, it was just nerves. Who could it be? She pondered this but Katrine stopped her before her logic could get going.

“So how is your pokemon?” Katrine said changing the subject.

“There are fine. So who is it?” Romy said changing the subject back.

“I can’t tell!” Katrine shouted.

“Bring Wayne in here. I strangle it off of him,” Romy said keeping her voice remaining very calm voice.

“Romy, it's someone that coming her from Sinnoh to our north.”

“That would explain the planes,” Romy sighed. “Sinnoh, that’s a bit far,” Romy said toying with her hair again.

“He wants an audience with everybody in attendance.”

“He?” Romy caught on the pronoun.

“Oops,” Katrine quickly put her hands over her mouth.

“So it's a male from Sinnoh. That rules out the Chief of Police there.” The Chief of Police in Sinnoh was a woman, so obviously she wasn’t the one coming. “I don't know anyone from Sinnoh that would know me.”

“Right, right, no one from Sinnoh that you know...” Katrine began to sweat. Romy caught onto the sweat streaming from her face as well.

“So....it might be someone that I know....”

This display of conversion showed that Romy was now a master of interrogation. She had the sweetest attitude while she was pressing you against the grill. She kept a smile on her face. To create an even more flawless one, she would close her eyes and tilt her head. But her light voice would get the information from you that she wanted. She knew what to say, how to word it, and what she wanted to get from it. It was like she was manipulating your very mind, which was a scary feeling.
Romy decided that she didn't want to know now. It would probably ruin the surprise, and her particular liked being surprised. Surprise kept the world interesting. Ultimately, she chose not to pursue the issue any more. Katrine wiped the beads of sweat from her face realizing that Romy had moved on with the rest of her paperwork.

“I've heard it's a Deputy Commissioner like you, Romy. He’s coming with one of his inspectors.”

“That’s quite an important piece of information. Why is he coming?”

“I don't know. But I’ve heard the Deputy Commissioner there is pretty good.”

“Can you at least give me his accomplishments? Not a name though,” Romy said verbally stating that she didn't want the name stated.

“Okay. Like I said he's the Deputy Commissioner of Sinnoh Police Region Department. Since he had appeared, Sinnoh's crime rate has decrease about 45%. Even Team Galactic's new boss, Saturn, had tough time with him. The man defeated Saturn effortlessly. They say that he thinks like a villain and just as ruthless. Recently, he killed a group of criminals before the criminals could kill five hostages. Get this, after he saved the group of hostages, he blew the building with the criminals inside,” Katrine made the last part sound like some folktale.

“That was his work?” Romy asked. “I remember seeing it on the news. Sounds like a real scary person.”

“I can tell you this. They gave him the nickname, Raijin the Scar.”

“Why is that?” Romy put her index finger to her cheek.

“I’m not sure about the name, Raijin. However, the title “The Scar” was given because of the three striped scar on his left eye from a Fearow’s talon.”

“What was the Fearow doing?”

“Katrine, Rosemary! The guest is here,” Nick's voice interrupted the conversion.

“I guess we can ask him,” Romy said a bit pleased.

Romy finished her water and placed the glass firmly on the table. She stood up. The only clear difference from her in the six months was her hair. She kept it the length of her back, wound tightly in a large red braid. She kept her signature flower. But her personality had turned. She was a calmer, more controlled over what she says or does for that matter. She was always in control and always smiling. But when it came to business, she came to business.

Romy dusted the small particles of dust from her white skirt and fixed her small black jacket. She seemed to be pleased at meeting this guest.

“Katrine, where are we supposed to meet?”

“The Dining Hall, Naomi prepared a meal for the men.”

“Alright, let's not be late, Katrine.”

Katrine nodded and exited the room subsequently. Romy neatened the stack of papers piled on her desk and opened the window as well to allow circulation. Romy looked around the room for a couple of moment to see if anything was in order. She looked to her file cabinet, to the flowers, to the paintings on the wall, all the furniture, and then back to her desk again. She then viewed the hardwood floor to notice that one of her flower pots had crashed into the floor. A single flower was in the pot that gentle crashed into the ground, a marigold. She sighed. “I’ll get that later.” With that handle, everything else looked as though it was in order. She exited the office, locking the door behind her.

K.R.P.D Dining Hall

“The prodigal king returns,” Lynx shouted in Josh's stead.

“He's...Raijin....the Scar?”

Josh with Lynx by his side walked into the spacious area dubbed the dining hall. The room itself did not strike many memories to Josh. It was like another space to him since he truly never entered the room, was it new? Josh couldn’t tell at the moment. However there were many people in the room that weren't new, rather nostalgic faces.

His mind seemingly locked on to all the familiar faces in the crowd; Naomi, Wayne, Katrine, Nick, and Romy. His lip curled to make a smirk. Lynx seemed to be slightly shocked with that smirk. He hardly ever smiled but when he did, he kept it for a reason that wasn’t happiness (even though it was unclear that even that was of happiness). Romy studied Josh from the spot behind Wayne’s back. She didn’t like that smirk that he had on his face, but she couldn’t stop herself from smiling. Wayne gave a look to Romy from the corner of his eye. He honestly expected her to be much happier additionally tons of more animated that she was. He assumed it to be nerves.

Josh paced the perimeter of the room studying everyone he knew and those he didn’t. Josh approached Nick first, it was the least he could as an apology. He was standing upright now, so Josh quickly assumed that he was okay. Josh gave him a loose hug before Nick spoke.

“Josh! You're Raijin the Scar,” Nick stated.

“I assume that I am,” Josh’s eyes became flat as a song’s ending. “I'm glad to see that you're alive. I left before I could see you recover,” Josh tried to muster up enough emotion to make it convincing.

“It's fine. I'm just shocked that you are the Raijin. I thought you would be a lower rank than Deputy Commissioner.”

“Was that an insult?” Josh scratched the sideburns for his face. “Witty as ever, Nick.”

Nick laughed. “I try”

Romy found herself analyzing his voice pattern now. The calmness was basically dissolved from his voice leaving a rather gruff sounding residue as voice. She couldn't explain it. It was like a voice of serial killer, it even had a degree of sadism. Like the killer was control over everything his felt except his urge to kill. She couldn’t come to terms if she liked it or not. But one thing was for sure, it sent chills down her spine when he spoke.

Josh continued his way down the row, Lynx followed not too far behind introducing himself. For some reason, she wanted him to stay further up the room. She wanted to examine him more. But her time for this assessment was quickly winding down with his progress now to Naomi positioned in the middle of the room.

“Naomi,” Josh’s eyes lowered to the shorter, albeit older woman.

“Josh, you have grown,” Naomi stated.

“Really, I haven't seen it,” Josh looked away.

“You really have. You're filled in a bit more. What do they eat in Sinnoh?” Naomi said jokingly.

“I’ve been bulking up for obvious reasons.”

“Do you want to tell her the time that you and Volt took down a Mamoswine?” Lynx said smirking.

“You had to bring that up...didn't you?” Josh stared down Lynx.

“Should I tell them that Volt and you did it barehanded?” Lynx smiled broaden.

“I did what was needed of me. At that point, it was tossing a Mamoswine to knock it unconscious. It was charging towards the village and I didn’t want to kill it, so Volt and I knocked it out personally.”

Everybody's mouth in the room dropped. Romy could have swore she could have heard her jaw shatter on the tiled floor. Wayne dropped the mug of coffee he was drinking when it processed through his mind forcing him to kneel down to pick up the pieces. Naomi helped Wayne out considering she needed to think about what was just said.

“He went from struggling to even battle to tossing Mamoswines over his head in six month....beast....” Nick said to himself.

“My god. What training did they go through?” Naomi said picking up the shards of earthenware mug.

“What the hell happened in those mountains? Should I pay a visit?” Wayne thought.

Josh glared down Lynx for a couple minutes. He really didn't want to brag about particularly. He did because it needed to be done. Snowpoint would have been trampled if he didn't. All he wanted is to protect those people, good thing he didn't mention how Team Galactic was involved there. He had to teach them a lesson in pain for that. It was blood on the snow that day.

“So how did you get that scar?” Wayne asked picking up the remaining smaller pieces of the mug.

“You can't even say. You knew that was coming...” Lynx said helping Naomi and Wayne up.

Josh touched the three deep gashes over his left eye. What should he tell them? But before he could speak, Lynx took the conversion full speed ahead.

“A trainer lost control of their Fearow somehow leaving Josh to take care of it. What was that guy’s name, Josh?”

“It was some Bird Keeper person that wanted to battle me because our eyes met or something of that nature.”

“He might have well had an exclamation point over his head,” Lynx shrugged. “Anyway, he was too weak of a trainer to fight with his newly evolved Fearow and it clawed at Josh's eye. Josh grabbed it and bit it in the neck to stop it from attacking,” Lynx’s expression seemed to be in amusement while Josh had none.

“He bit...” Katrine started.

“A Fearow...” Wayne continued.

“To stop it...” Nick finished the sentence.

“My god....” Romy finished the train of thought.

“My eight would hurt it. It would be a waste of time and effort for them...” Josh said defending himself but to no avail. “So I proceed to my own defense.”

“Wow....” Wayne said surprisingly.

“Nevermind this,” Josh found all of this small talk irrelevant. “I just glad that I'm back,” Josh finally glaring at Romy, who hasn't said anything directly to each other since Josh entered the room.

Josh finally made it to Romy and Wayne at the end of the chain of people. He wasn't smiling in full; he lost that ability to do so. He extended his hand, Wayne took it. Wayne looked down to see that his hand was almost crushed under Josh’s sheer power.

“What a firm handshake,” Wayne said looking the grasp on his fingertips.

“Thanks...” Josh said blankly, releasing the grasp.

“Do you want to catch up with Romy?” Wayne said suddenly throwing the words in his face.

Josh said nothing. Instead he looked behind Wayne's shoulder to find Romy. Romy walked from behind Wayne and extended her hand. Josh looked at it for a moment but didn't extend his hand back. Romy withdrew the handshake. She was obviously angry at Josh now.

“Honestly...I was expecting a greeting like this...”

Romy suddenly felt Josh's lips against hers. She could feel her skin and his. Josh rubbed his thumb against her face, to push her hair away from his vision. It was surreal; she didn't know what to think. Six months ago, wouldn’t have thought this day was possible. She could feel her heart about exploded, racing at a speed to rival any man-made or god-made creature or machine on this planet. But it was gone before she could think anything else. The broke the kiss in something similar to a slow motion.

“Damn...that was bold...” Wayne said looking at the two staring at each other.

“Oh wow didn't expect that...” Naomi whispered.

“Kid got sass....” Nick replied.

“How come I'm not surprised?” Lynx said looking to Wayne. “He's been bold before. Normally it's more emotionless bold but it doesn't surprised me.”

“The kid...changed a lot.”

The sound of Romy's hand against Josh's face echoed in the room. Josh had relatively no expression. Romy breathing was heavy. She couldn’t come to terms to why exactly her palm connected with his face but it happened. Josh just turned his eyes as he stroked the side of his face to soothe the pain.

“Well…that was unexpected as well,” Naomi said sweating.

Romy wrapped her arms around Josh and he held onto her as well. She pushed herself away after a couple of seconds, she was blushing, and he wasn't. She straightened her stance preparing for what he may say. He just stared at her blankly. Nothing could break that emotionless glance. It was rather angering to a person who waited for his return which felt like an eternity.

“Miss Kimura...” he began.

“Josh, you know formalities aren't needed,” Romy reassured.

“Perhaps they are not.”

“Especially with an introduction like that...” Romy said between her teeth.

“We need to catch up,” Josh stated. “I have things that only your ears should hear.”

“Deputy Commissioner Kimura and Surge, you may leave if it is of importance,” Wayne stating.

“I was planning on leaving before you said that, Wayne.” Josh was making a line in the sand for Wayne to cross.

“Kid has spunk now....” Nick folded his arm.

“May I be excused, Wayne?” Romy asked out of respect. Josh’s job truly wasn’t on the line so he could say anything he wanted at the moment. She however couldn’t.

“Go on ahead....” Wayne said, aghast.

Romy and Josh left the room together leaving Katrine, as well as all of the adults in the cafeteria alone. As soon as the two steel doors closed, the room was enveloped in conversion. A mass number of them were the connections between Raijin and Josh, despite them obviously being the same person—an alter-ego to say the least. Wayne wanted to know personally from a person that had seen the change, that person being Lynx.

“Inspector Lynx...” Wayne started.

“Ya,” the Inspector scratched his head when he spoke. It was obviously a habit.

“Who taught that kid....”

“What, his mannerism or his fighting style?” Lynx asked sarcastically.


“I don’t know who taught him the assassination techniques. However he wasn't like that, personality wise, when we first got him. He hardly ever talked actually, that was until...he met him.”

“Met who?” Katrine was the one that asked.

“His mentor,” Lynx answered.

“Mentor. Like the Chief of Sinnoh?” Katrine asked again.

“No...Fuya isn't one to take up an apprentice. Besides she’s a woman.”

“I could have told you that she doesn’t take apprentices....” Wayne spoke that in spite.

“He's mentor...was actually on the other side of the law. A felon actually...” Lynx rubbed his chin as he said it.

“What could he have learned from someone like that?!?” Katrine almost shouted.

“He apparently learned quite a bit. It might have been deliberate, it might have not been. But he learned from that man.”

“I see....”

“Well let's talk about the rest over the meal.”

As on command, a warm plate of food was being served by a young man. The young man placed the food on the table and quickly scurried off. The group of law officials took their place at the table preparing themselves for a long feast as well as a long talk.

D. Lawride
October 9th, 2009, 9:21 AM
Heya! Sorry, but I've only recently started the reading. Imanaged to read to the end of chapter 2 of the first story, and now read the first one of this. Assuming they're "different" stories. In the sense they're like two books. I'm getting confuzzled with myself.

Anyway, I like the work you did with Surge and his son in the first ones, and the organization of the police department - which is something barely mentioned anywhere - was pretty good. Now speaking in both, of course. Josh's personality also seems contrasting between the first chapters of the two stories, which I could say its good, considering the context, right?

Now, some corrections you might want to make. I didn't remark on all, but these seem to be the ones that caught my eye. They're a bit big, so careful. <.<

“Six months hasn't it.”

A minor error in terms of punctuation. "Six months, hasn't it?" Might be what you meant.

“It must be a better sweetness to it, you know. I mean you’ve been a way quite a lot of times, things probably has changed."

Where "better" might mean "bitter". In my opinion, anyways. Maybe I'm wrong. <.<

Inspector Onyx or Lynx Kruger studied his younger however superior officer.

Now, this might be contradicting for some peple, and others might agree on it.

"Inspector Onyx or Lynx Kruger studied his younger - however superior - officer."

Adding a "-" might be useful where they're put above.

it was like there were no other reminiscence of a soul left within him

"It was like there was no other(...)"

There are fine. So who is it?

"They're fine." Its common to make the mistake because what's written isn't much how its heard spoken.

and she particular liked being surprised

"...and her in particular(...)" I'm not 100% sure if the correct term is "her".

But however there were many people in the room that wasn’t new,

You might consider using either "However" or "But" because you'd be repeating yourself as it is above. Also, "...there were many people in the room that weren't new(...]" Is a change you might want to make.

"I thought that you will still be a lower rank that Deputy Commissioner."
"Romy swear she could have heard her jaw shatter"

A confusion in terms of the verbs, I think. In the context it was, it would probably be "I thought(...) you were still" instead of "you will still be". Also "Romy swore(...)" might be the correct way.

“What is the hell happened in those mountains? Should I pay a visit?” Wayne thought.

“It was some Bird Keeper person that wanted to battle me because our eyes met or something of that nature.”

“He might have well had an exclamation point over his head,”

This reference to the mechanic made my day. xD

So, summing it all, though, its a pretty interesting story I will definitely try to read when I get time. Keep at it!

Sgt Shock
October 9th, 2009, 10:14 AM
Heya! Sorry, but I've only recently started the reading. Imanaged to read to the end of chapter 2 of the first story, and now read the first one of this. Assuming they're "different" stories. In the sense they're like two books. I'm getting confuzzled with myself.

To answer you question. Yes. Black Night Clouds six months after the happenings of Brewing A Storm. Essentially it is the second book.

Anyway, I like the work you did with Surge and his son in the first ones, and the organization of the police department - which is something barely mentioned anywhere - was pretty good. Now speaking in both, of course. Josh's personality also seems contrasting between the first chapters of the two stories, which I could say its good, considering the context, right?

Yep, Josh has changed drastically between now and earlier. I'm going to keep it at that because I don't want to ruin anything else. >_<

I'm glad that you caught the reference. My god, I'm so happy that people actually noticed that. :)

Corrections. Yeah. I didn't notice they were that big....*cringes* Correcting it now. So thanks.

Overall it is pleasing to see that someone is reading. Keep it up.

EDIT: Fixed all the problems that you saw as well as some that I saw. >_> I'm such a clux. I just want to get the fleeting thought out of my head. :(

Eliminator Jr.
October 10th, 2009, 7:55 PM
It was 11:58. “Are these the last two minutes of his life?” He stared off into the sky. Was he going to ascend up to the clouds today?
This was the only mistake I can remember. There were one or two other grammatical ones but I'm pretty dodgy with grammar so I don't want to say "do this" then realise I'm wrong. If this guy is thinking to himself in the quotation marks, then the his should be changed to my.

Anyway, I've just read Chapter Three, this story's picking up a lot. Your writing is great and you're good at description and stuff. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more but I'm going to take a break because your chapters are like novels XD But yeah nice work. Very entertaining read.

Sgt Shock
October 11th, 2009, 7:25 AM
Anyway, I've just read Chapter Three, this story's picking up a lot. Your writing is great and you're good at description and stuff. Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading more but I'm going to take a break because your chapters are like novels XD But yeah nice work. Very entertaining read.

Ha ha. I don't even realize they are that long really. XD But thanks. I will change that mistake as well. :D

Sgt Shock
October 13th, 2009, 5:11 PM
Chapter 2: Sprinkle of Rain...

“It has been quite some time…”

“That it has. These months in Kanto have been tough,” Romy blew the rim of the teacup to cool contents down.

“All of you did well without me. Did you run into with Gabriel or his goons?” Josh eyes darted upwards to view Romy's face. Her face was serene; he took that as an unsaid no.

“He has not. Gabriel's been on a tour of contest in Hoenn. It would pose...difficult to attack him there or for him to attack us here for that matter,” Romy said making rather light of the situation.

“He hasn't tried to kill you yet? I'm more than sure you are his next target,” Josh's eyes were still gazing up at Romy despite the position of his head changing.

“I've tried to get the help of the H.R.P.D. But they do not believe me that Gabriel is responsible for the killings. His parents have more than enough power over there.”

“I'm well aware...” Josh’s voice rumbled.

“I must admit you are much more different,” Romy remarked.

“I've had some tribulations. I've been taught things that I couldn't see before.”

“Like what?”

Romy forced herself to actually sit across from him. From the beginning of the conversation, she had been circulating around him like a vulture viewing a fallen animal. She felt uneasy talking with him even if he was the person she was looking for a half of a year. It just felt different now. It was like she was not even speaking with someone her own age anymore. It posed difficult to hold a conversation; it felt like water in her hand, it just slipped right through.

“I've seen the things that evil creatures are capable of. I've seen life as it is. A cold and merciless place for both humans and pokemon,” Josh finally looked down to observe his now empty steak plate.

Josh placed his fingertip within the pool of red steak sauce on the right of the plate. He moved his finger from side to side smearing it on the teal colored plate. He then took the remaining sauce that he didn't smear on the plate and licked it from his finger. The entire notion caused a severed breath to enter into Romy’s lungs. It reminded her of an animal.

“You've seen it too with Team Rocket. You know what exactly I am talking about. How did you cope with it?” Josh asked.

“I have seen some gruesome sites in my time as Deputy Commissioner. But all that you can do is get the people behind it all,” Romy stating back to what she has seen in those six months.

“See. I couldn't cope with it. I'm becoming a larger and larger animal to stop these fiends. Losing parts and parts of me as I do so. I don't want to stop myself from sinking into the abyss. But it is one fragment of me that I couldn’t shake off. A remaining piece of the puzzle that stops me from becoming, so I gave my last piece of emotion to you…”

Romy touched her lips; she still felt the warmth from the kiss. That was the last piece of emotion that he had. What was that supposed to mean? What did he see or hear during his time in Sinnoh to make him like this? What exactly created the being known as Raijin the Scar? She needed to know these answers from the man’s lips. She didn’t know who was standing or rather sitting in front of her anymore.

“What did you see in Sinnoh?

“I saw the truth...”

Romy’s vision deterred from its normal path to view Josh’s left eye. The pupil of that eye was pure silver now; so when he said that he saw the truth, it gave the appearance of a demon. Romy’s heart began to thud abnormally. She clutched tightly to her skirt waiting what he would say next. Josh gave a slow blank before starting his sentence again.

“There is an order in life that must be protected. No matter the cause. Something as simple and fragile as emotions cannot be tolerated in the real world. To protect this thing, someone has to be the martyr to protect this order. I chose to give up things that could interfere in my missions. I chose to give up the light. It was blinding my way to my true purpose. It means nothing to me anymore. ”

“How do your...” Romy was at a loss of words.

“How do my pokemon think about this?” Josh finished the sentence; he cracked his jaw thereafter from a pain of talking. “I've chosen this path with them. They know that I no longer feel like I used to. I care for them, and they know. But they know I feel nothing for taking a life now as well as protecting one. Honor has lost is meaning. Why can’t people come to terms with the truth? Methods such as manipulation, deception, and control are the most efficient way to defeat a foe. Why should we have a chosen set of rules to play by while the enemy gets away with anything? Our pride gets in the way. Therefore....”

“No more, Josh!” Romy shouted. “Where did you get these ideas from? I mean. What about being a role model for people?”

“What is exactly a role model? It’s nothing more than a ploy. People always search for a hero they can model themselves after. Why should I put on a face to be someone else’s pillar of strength? They need to become their own. I found mine.”

“I...why? Why did you leave to become like this, Josh?” Romy spoke under her breath.

“To protect you....” Josh said even though it wasn’t completely meant for his thoughts only.

“Protecting doesn't mean you have to give up everything else in the process. Josh!” Romy swung her hand,this time it was caught.

“It's the path that I've chosen. I just need you to be my light in the dark. You can be the person everyone looks up to. You can be loved by the people of the regions. You can be everything. Just walk a different road than what I have chosen. I've become what I hated the most. I’m a regular hypocrite. Tossing morals away just to become stronger,” Josh put Romy's hand on the table and placed his over it.

Romy stared at him from the other side. She didn't notice that she was even crying until the drops of water fell on white tablet cloth beneath her chin. She wasn't sobbing, she was overwhelmed. She felt a small fissure in her heart that she thought was going to be mended today become wider.

“Hold on to that piece of my heart, Romy....”

Josh took his hand away from Romy and stood up to look through the window. If he had any more feelings left in his body, he would be crying too right now. But he couldn’t, tears were a sign of weakness. Without the drips of water to relieve the burden he carried, it left him to think about what he just said. He had no regret, he lost that too. He just glanced over his shoulder to look at Romy. Romy’s tears had stopped with the only evidence being the wet stain on the sleeve of her jacket.

“We will stop all this from spiraling lower than it is...” Romy spoke softly.

“I don’t think it could get any lower without burning in brimstone.”

Romy and Josh took their chance to take in the silence. They needed it right now. They could feel each other drift apart through the currents of stillness. They were no longer in the room together. They felt like miles apart. Romy wanted to reach out while Josh wanted to drift further into sea. The confliction within the tranquility left lurking despondency in the room.


“So do you mind telling us about his mentor now that you have eaten?” Katrine said anxiously.

“Yeah, Yeah. I'll tell you just promise that all of you will listen. Just pay attention.”

“We are a bit anxious to hear...” Nick explained.

“Alright, I'll tell you the best that I can,” Lynx explained. “The story begins six months ago during Josh’s first job for S.R.P.D…”

Lynx began telling the story as best as he could, leaving everyone in the room silently awaiting the anecdote.


Six Months Ago
Sinnoh, Sunyshore City Asylum

“So you're the new guard, I was expecting someone a bit older.”

“You’re Cyrus....from Team Galactic....”

“Team Galactic? Those worthless puppets of flesh. They are nothing to me anymore. I abandoned them long ago. Those simpletons meant nothing to me then and they mean nothing to be now. So sit, boy. If you're going to be the one watching me, you should make yourself comfortable.”

Josh heeded the man’s advice, taking his seat in front of the man within the small white room. The man glared at Josh from the confines of his now long blue hair. He sat in the middle of the brightly lit room, arms restrained tightly to his chest in a white straitjacket. His square jaw seemingly cracked when he spoke while his dark eyes wondered. The bridges of his eyebrow seemed to fall flat on his blank expression. This man was Cyrus, formally Team Galactic, a fallen idealist of his own mind.

“Child, you have that look in your eyes. That thirst for revenge against the people who wronged you. Ha. You're wondering how I know that look. I had to glare at the look every time I walked by a mirror.”

“I'm nothing like you. You're a soulless freak who only thinks of himself as the God of a New Earth.”

“To have that taken from me was the worst mistake that this world could have made. Look at it child, look at all the lives being lost from this ongoing warfare between what's good and what's evil. What’s right and what’s wrong. These unsightly wars of ethics leave many without family, without home, without people to go to. That's why I chose to leave all my feeling about this world behind. It's hopeless case. Denying me as God was the nail in the coffin for this world.”

“I won't allow you to say things like that. You're not the person that will change this world. You lost that chance when you sunk into the darkness.”

“You have admiral traits, I must admit. Too bad it didn't help you in Kanto did it?”

“What did you say?!?”

Josh grabbed the collar of Cyrus' straitjacket and slammed him against the wall. Cyrus' expression remained solid even when Josh increased the pressure tenfold. It almost felt like the wall was going to implode on several occasions. After a couple of moment of seething, Josh soon loosened the grasp. Josh threw Cyrus to the ground in the process. Cyrus gave a weak chuckle, it was amusing to him.

“Child, tell me your name? I want to know it,” Cyrus sudden spoke still laying on his side.

“Josh Surge,” Josh couldn’t pin the reason for him telling his name.

“Well, Mr. Surge,” Cyrus brought himself to an upright position. “Do you honestly expect to be the sprinkle of rain on the barren wasteland known as this world?”

“Why do you say that?”

“You have a look in your eye that I don't like as well. Your foolish sense of justice gets you nowhere. Do you think that you can change the world at its current state?”

“I believe in the law...it would bring justice to those who have done the world wrong.”

“So you plan to take these villains into custody for them to only escape.”

“You're in custody aren't you? It means it’s a working system,” Josh defended.

“That's because I chose to be here. It's not hard to evade the police. I lost everything at that pillar that day and had nothing to live for. The knife was obvious an option, choosing that would have liberated me from this wretched rock. However, I will not allow this world to live without me—it’s only source of life and sense.”

“You’re not the only source of life here. You can’t change the world, Cyrus!”

“And can you?” Cyrus expected a response from Josh, he didn't get one. “You are imperfect as the rest of human race out there. Imperfection is nothing more than agreeing that you can't achieve perfection. You are defeated before you even start. It's amusing really. People can't achieve their true potential until they strive for perfection. Perfection at all cost disregarding all emotions.”


“The kid took what Cyrus said to heart. No matter how he cut it. He felt like he was right. His current methods for defeating injustice weren’t working so he turned to his. It surprisingly worked wonders for him....job wise,” Lynx sighed.

“So Josh is walking down a path of hell to serve justice...?” Wayne's face gave a unique expression when he said it. It sounded awkward when he heard himself speak it. But it sounded truthful as well.

“With lack of better terms, you could say that. He's doesn't give the opponent anything that they wouldn't expect from themselves. The kid is ruthless,” Lynx shrugged.

“I'm assuming he has his eight. All law enforcement is recommended to use eight pokemon due to the new law opposed to the trainer six.” Nick asked.

“Yeah he's got eight. It’s a pretty powerful set too. The team fits him nicely.”

“He only had three when he left,” Naomi tapped against her cheek. “What's his team?”

“Ah...” Lynx paused; it was the obvious next question. “See I can't tell you that. He'll have to show you. He doesn't like people to know.”

“Hm...I guess we will be seeing it then,” Katrine sighed. “So you two are the Sinnoh's reinforcements. I never guessed they would send an Inspector and the Deputy Commissioner. Things must be calm up there.”

“Josh has scared them senseless. Before he left, he kill fifty of Team Galactic members with their own Galactic bomb. Even with him gone they wouldn't dare to attack. Chief Fuya figured that it would be better for Kanto if he went. I couldn’t agree more.”

Lynx finished the last portion of his bread as he stood up. He brushed the crumbs off of his jeans. He hadn’t expected to entire room to be blanked by a wave of silence. Maybe he was just used to telling the stories about his partner that he was oblivious to what exactly he was saying. He scratched the sideburns that interceded with his cheek bone. He hadn’t planned on saying this yet, but he felt like this was a good time.

“With Raijin the Scar around,” he began. “Consider your criminals dead.”

Not captured, dead. Never once, a person that Josh encountered came to a cell. They all went to a grave. He would always use some underhanded reason to justify his actions—never once he was condemned for it. It left a bitter taste in Lynx’s mouth; however Josh would always put an innocent person’s life before criminals. To Josh, they lost their will to live and they were better off dead.

Lynx began heading to the door. He stopped when he grasped the silver bar of the door. The cafeteria was silently absorbing the thoughts. “They might not realize it, but the kid is washed in blood now.” He closed the door behind him; leaving the room to settle in their own contemplation.


Interesting Author Note

I love doing monologues. You don't even know. The one with Cyrus is only one of many in the story. I mean you should read his monologues in the game. I couldn't help but incorporate his speech making skills (also inherited by Josh). I just thought I tell you that. This chapter was pretty short compared to my other ones.

Sgt Shock
October 15th, 2009, 11:09 AM
Interesting author note:

I'm slowing down on my updates to about one a week (or every five days) for the sheer fact that I have too many chapters to update (I am to about Chapter 13 on Black Night Clouds O_o). I'm also resting from actually writing the story due to that fact. This will A, let new readers to catch up, and B, let me work on two of my other novels. :D

Keep it coming everyone.

D. Lawride
October 15th, 2009, 1:53 PM
So, a retrospective, right? Gotta love this kind of chapters.

I read through the chapter indeed, Josh's personality, per say, seemed eerily similar to someone else's personality. I had one of those "Could it really be...?" thoughts when you mentioned Cyrus for the first time in the chapter. Nice move in it!

I love doing monologues. You don't even know. The one with Cyrus is only one of many in the story. I mean you should read his monologues in the game. I couldn't help but incorporate his speech making skills (also inherited by Josh). I just thought I tell you that. This chapter was pretty short compared to my other ones.

Yeah, each and every one of Cyrus's speeches in the games had a morbidly good taste to them. Another note, I didn't really notice if it was really shorter or not - it felt the same size as the others. o_o

“You're in custody aren't you? It means it’s a working system,” Josh defended.

The quick response over there is easily pictured and definitely worth the laugh I gave at it in the middle of such a "serious" situation in the pragmatic. Good job there, too!

Now, for my usual section of some stuff you might want to correct (beware spoilers :p):

These months in Kanto has been tough.

"Has" should probably be replaced with "Have".

It would pose...difficult(...)

I might be wrong about this one, but in the context, I believe you meant difficulties.

Romy said making rather light of the situation.

Once again, I might be wrong. But perhaps "Romy said, making the situation rather lighter(...)" would fit better.

“I've seen the things that evil are capable of

Between that evil and are capable of, you might have forgotten something. People, perhaps?

“It was gruesome sites that I've seen

"It were the most gruesome", maybe?

Losing parts and parts of me as do so

Two parts might be missing in this sentence. First, you might consider adding an I between "as" and "do so". I don't really remember the context (I've been writing the review for an hour xD), but adding the "I" might fix it.

What did that supposed to mean?

"What was that supposed to mean?" might be the correct way of putting it.

I care for them they know

Not really an error, but I thought you would consider putting it this way:
"I care for them, and they know".

Those simpletons meant nothing to be then and they mean nothing to be now.

I had some doubts about the "be", so maybe you misspelled it and wrote "be" instead of "me"? I didn't quite understand. (The Be, not the sentence.)

Cyrus a weak chuckle, it was amusing to him.

Aside a personality error - just kidding, who am I to say that? - you should maybe put "Cyrus gave a weak chuckle(...)"

You can’t change the world, Cyrus?”

I actually thought about considering this or not, but the interrogation mark might actually be an exclamation mark, at least I think. Then again, you're the author, you might have intended it that way. :p

So, all in all, it was a great retrospective chapter. I'll keep reading. ^^

Sgt Shock
October 15th, 2009, 2:30 PM
So, a retrospective, right? Gotta love this kind of chapters.

I read through the chapter indeed, Josh's personality, per say, seemed eerily similar to someone else's personality. I had one of those "Could it really be...?" thoughts when you mentioned Cyrus for the first time in the chapter. Nice move in it!

Why thanks. :D I was hoping people to be like hm... Josh's dialogue sounds familiar. Who could it be?:D

Yeah, each and every one of Cyrus's speeches in the games had a morbidly good taste to them. Another note, I didn't really notice if it was really shorter or not - it felt the same size as the others. o_o

Interesting enough, I found them rather appealing especially for a Pokemon game. They are amazing.

EDIT: Finished all edits made by D. Lawride. Thanks man.

The quick response over there is easily pictured and definitely worth the laugh I gave at it in the middle of such a "serious" situation in the pragmatic. Good job there, too!

I couldn't help myself when I made that dialogue. XD ha ha. I needed a witty comeback.

All in all. I think I'll did pretty well grammar wise. As you usual, I thank you for pointing out the grammar mistakes I did miss in my proofreading.

It seems like you like Black Night Clouds a lot. :D It's fun to write to the point I have to stop myself some time. Thanks for the review.

Sgt Shock
October 18th, 2009, 4:44 PM
Chapter 3: A Broken Mirror Makes Good Knives

“Finish this, Karele, Magical Leaf the Politoed.”

The remaining of the opponent's point dwindled into nothingness with that unavoidable attack. The gentle gown of the pokemon fluttered as it spiraled to the ground after a clean execution. The remaining multicolored leaves of the pokemon gently dispersed to create this sort of glass confetti as though it was celebrating its own victory. The pokemon, a Gardevoir, floated to its trainer, wrapping its green arms around his neck to form an embrace. Its red eyes never left the sinking Politoed of her coordinator’s opponent. It brushed its green hair with the look of boredom written across the very gentle face. It both pitied the trainer as well as the pokemon bound to it for being weak—something worth being pitied, especially in the finals.

“The winner of the Slateport City Contest, home region hero, Gabriel Kirk,” the announcer finally proclaim though the match had been over for about five minutes now.

Gabriel waved to all of the fans in the crowds as he stood on of the floating water platform of Slateport City Coliseum. It was a satisfying win for the most part since he put himself at a disadvantage entering the water pokemon themed contest. Aside from the silver platforms that Gabriel and his pokemon stood on, the rest of the arena was clear water that washed in from the port. All the water pokemon had the ability to run, hide, attack at full strength, as well as an aqueous shield for protection. This led Gabriel to an epiphany, to enter the tournament without the aid of any of those clear cut advantages. Gabriel possessed a water pokemon, Rainey, but what exactly would that prove. That he could fight on the same level, no, a higher level. He thought not. He was more than talented at water pokemon battles. So he tried something new. He succeeded with much more success than he initially planned.

So now he stood there with yet another Nurse Joy presenting him a ribbon. Gabriel found the ribbon to be unattractive compared to his last couple; this one being only a normal pokemon crest with an aquamarine ribbon. The ribbon itself wasn't even made of the flashy material that he liked. He sighed, taking it with a smile. In all honesty, he wasn't smiling for the fans exactly. He was smiling mainly on the fact that he thought the competition was a complete folly. No one would know that however, to them he was just another carefree coordinator that just won his contest.

“This is what this completion has now. People that they call coordinators, waste of time.”

“Do you have anything to say Mr. Gabriel?” the announcer said suddenly manifested, shoving the microphone in Gabriel’s face.

“No, I don't. I'm just glad to be here!” Gabriel spoke that in a convincing tone.

“I give you my congratulation on your tenth straight win. What will you do now? Is it Lilycove for you?” The announcer badgered Gabriel further.

“Thanks and like everyone else here,” Gabriel took the microphone. “You'll have to wait and see.”

Gabriel pushed him gently into the water. It was followed soon a crash of the waves, leaving Gabriel to laugh lightly—this laugh, however was fake as well. He walked onto the glass floor to the back stage area as the crowd cheered for him as he left. He put his finger to his chin. Like everyone else around him, they were in the palm of his hand. But he had to admit this was drudging now. It felt like he was going to an office now, not a contest. One after another: he entered, won, got the ribbon, left the arena, and then repeated. The flare of it all was gone now, like a dying fire in rain. No one was a challenge. Perfection was something that felt almost absolute to him, he was tough. He returned Karele, who was lightly hovering while around his neck, to her pokeball on that thought.

Gabriel continued to his private dressing room. As usual, the door was decorated with an assortment of flowers and letters. Gabriel had not the time to read through all of them, he was already bored out of his mind already. Indulging himself in praise that he already knew was pointless so he just entered. To his surprise, someone was in there.

“Good show. Do coordinators always have to match their pokemon.

“Of course, Fleur, it's only appropriate,” Gabriel cover his mouth with his hand amused. “But I must admit, you did a great job designing it.”

“Why thank you.”

“It wasn’t a compliment fore say, I’m just stating facts. Without me, the attire would be garbage.”

The costume in question was a tuxedo, created by Fleur’s own hands. The jacket of the suit as well as the pants was a clean white color, as Gardevior skin. The undershirt was a light moss color with a red tie to match the horn within the crest of Karele’s chest. The length of the jacket was about to the end of his thigh to mimic the length of Karele’s elegant gown like body. In turn, it gave a stunning look of the coordinator and the pokemon making it appear as though they were going to a ball themselves. It was like everyone in the crowd was given an invitation to observe the beautiful dance that they had performed. Gabriel did not disappoint.

Fleur eyed Gabriel a bit more and laughed a bit. He hated to admit that she was a good asset to have around. Of course, she wanted him to pay her back two fold with the mission she had assign him. That didn’t matter right now. She just moved her hair from her eyes and crossed her legs; straightening her white sun gown as she did so.

“So, did you enjoy the show?” Gabriel asked.

“It was....normal for you,” Fleur mocked.

“That is what makes it boring,” Gabriel seemed to agree even though that was meant to be an insult.

“Perhaps you should go back to your side job,” Fleur throwing in a hint for him to actually get her job done.

Gabriel had to admit, he had blown it off for several months now. She has been more patient than he imagined, so he planned to milk that patience as long as he needed. But obvious that she was at the end of her wit and Gabriel was at the end of his amusement. To each his own, they were at the end of something. They needed something to change.

“So where is Mrs. Romy? I haven't been keeping up with the things in Kanto lately.”

“Actually, she has become the K.R.P.D Deputy Commissioner in this short period of time. I've heard she is actually really strong now. A fitting muse for enjoy for you, correct,” Fleur said almost like she was manipulating him.
“Oh, I'm well aware of what she is now. I said where, not how she was doing. Get with the program,” Gabriel waved her off amusingly.

“Argh...” she grumbled.

“She is at Saffron City at the moment,” another voice drifted into the room.

“When did you get here...?

Gabriel's eyes turned to view the person who gave him such good information. It was familiar face that he saw in the crowd today—Jiro. Jiro sat in the corner of the room, cross-legged with his eyes closed. Gabriel smirked noticing that Jiro had become thinner; it was evident since he was wearing a tank top. This was either from a lack of food or he becoming more disciplined than he already was. Gabriel could not decide so he left that unresolved. Jiro’s hair was only slightly longer when Gabriel had last seen him but a lot more messy. Other than that, he hasn’t changed much. Gabriel was actually kind of happy to see him.

“So how's the ranger job?”

“Fulfilling,” the one word made it clear that Jiro was telling the truth.

“That answer wasn't the answer that I wanted to hear because I'm just bored...” Gabriel's voice was obviously very truthful as well. “I never got to meet with the coordinator with honey-colored hair either...” Gabriel noted.
“I thought you were doing well coordinating. You had a spectacular win today, did you not?

“I'm doing too well. It’s almost like I’m perfect,” Gabriel took that thought in for a while. “Well maybe I am perfect but that's not the point....”

“Don't be too excited. I have something to give you.”

Jiro, with his eyes still closed, pulled a white envelope from his bag. He placed it on the ground. With a flick of his hand, the envelope slid its way to Gabriel's feet. Gabriel kneeled down to pick it up. He opened it slowly, and examined the insides. There were pictures as well as a request for a man's head. He was actually surprised that the general list of murders that this person committed especially being a person of law enforcement. The picture was pretty disturbing of all the mangled members of team Galactic from their Galactic bomb. It captured the cataclysm perfectly. There were bodies, upon bodies heavily burned by the sheer power of the bomb. None of the faces was recognizable anymore, almost like death wanted them to remain as nameless as they were. Gabriel’s face transformed to more of a half smirk.

“This man's....hands are the same color as yours.”

“If you mean drenched in blood, than you are right,” Gabriel gave a soft laughter. “This man's sound interesting...” Gabriel laughter progress manically. “This man, Raijin the Scar, is there no picture him? I want to glare into his merciless eyes.”

“I cannot do anything about that. I’m just the messenger. I obtained this during your contest. It was by a man by the name Saturn who requested this man's death for the death of his men. He figured that you would take such request.”

“Rajin, what is he? Is he a demon? I would love to fight a demon for he could breathe his infernal flames,” Gabriel's voice of amusement became that of insanity. “Where can I find this man?” His voice became calm again.

“He is currently in Kanto that moment. He is part of the interpol visiting Kanto division as reinforcements. Raijin as well as his partner Onyx is in Saffron right now.”

“With Romy...” Fleur perked up. “Two birds with one stone.”

“That's such an ugly expression, but the truth nevertheless. Two people will die.”

“Raijin and now Romy isn't something you can just toy with. Both of them are high ranked members of the Interpol. That's not an easy task. To put it into perspective, they are equal if not greater than the fourth member of the Elite Four - almost champion level. They shouldn't be underestimated.”

“You are comparing them to the likes of Lucian, Drake, Karen, and formerly Lance. That's a bold assumption, Jiro,” Fleur said biting her thumb afterwards.

“Raijin, in particular, defeated Lance in battle if that's not proof enough. A former champion and master of dragon types in a sparring match,” Jiro shook his head. “He shouldn’t be taken lightly.”

“All this trainer talk is making me sick. You can take this music somewhere else if you think you could scare me out of my pray.”

“Remember, Gabriel. My dad is part of the Elite Four; even he could touch Lance a battle.”

“Your dad and my skills do not equal, Jiro. What do you not understand?” Gabriel waved his finger.

“Ha ha...” Jiro laughed instead of doing what he wanted to, that being wringing Gabriel's throat.

“So, let me call my dad to get me some transportation over there. I would hate my hawk and my canary to migrate any further,” Gabriel speaking about Raijin and Romy respectively.

Gabriel walked to his bag and pulled out a white cell phone. He pressed the numbers quickly before shoving the phone to his ear. After a couple of minutes of ringing, the phone was answered.

“Son?” the man's deepened sophisticated voice huffed.

“Dad,” Gabriel's voice almost sounded genuinely sweet.

“Sorry for the wait. I was playing tennis with Garland.”

“Have you won yet?”


Gabriel’s stepfather, Cliff Kirk, was probably the nicest yet richest person that you would probably meet. He was the owner of a wide spread airline and boating company by the name of Aeolus Incorporated so he always provided the transportation needed for Gabriel’s endeavors. Beyond just that, he was a huge fan of contest. He would normally come to Gabriel’s contest when he had time—something that Gabriel’s mother had stopped doing years back. The man hardly had a flaw; he possessed intelligence, humor, and business skills. Yet, he happened to be completely oblivious of the nasty double life that his son lived. That wasn’t the end of cluelessness, especially about his wife. Other than that, he was just a great person that enjoyed playing tennis with his Golduck, Garland.

“Do you need something? You were great out there. Too bad that I couldn’t be there for it,” the man sounded upset about not being there for his son performance, step-son’s performance rather.

“I just want transportation again. I have business to attend to in Kanto,” Gabriel kept his voice upbeat. He wanted to keep his step-father oblivious to his other job.

“Oh yes. Well then, I'll send Blair with the airplane. How was the contest win?"

“It was great! I won first place, yet again.”

“That’s phenomenal!” Gabriel could visualize Cliff waving his arms as he said that. “I guess you can’t stay on the phone much then.”

“No, I cannot,” Gabriel mentioned “Thanks dad. Love you.”

“Love you too, son.”

Gabriel clicked off the telephone and rolled his eyes. Obviously he was acting. It was a different act than what he performed in front of those crowds of people. This one seemed more defined like he has been working on it for several years to perfect it. Of course, he liked the man he called his father though he quite technically wasn’t his father at all. He never really had an argument with the man nor did show any obvious hate towards him. He just thought of him more of a tool to get what he want.

“You almost sound like meant that...did you?” Fleur asked.

“Meant what, my sweet dandelion?” Gabriel's voice returned to that sweetness on command.

“That. You don't even act yourself around your own father....” Fleur looked towards Jiro for answers. He was mediating so none was received.

“My my. I thought that would even fool you. Maybe I'm getting a bit...rusty...”

“I just know who you really are.”

“Fooling people who memorized your true color is hard indeed. But nevertheless, an actor can only play his part,” Gabriel brushed his hair from his face once more. “Shouldn't we be going? I have some flowers I need to pick from the Garden of Life.”

Jiro finally stood up from the ground. He tossed his bag to the other side of his shoulder. He walked towards the door, he began to turn the knob but was stopped. He sighed slightly. He remembered a time when Gabriel actually could love people, understand people.

“Would you kill your step-father if you had the chance, Gabriel...?” Jiro asked.

Gabriel remained quiet. He squirmed his way in front of the door to allow himself to open it for his friend. A unique expression was written on his face. Gabriel glanced up to view his friend’s impassive expression; he was waiting for his answer. Gabriel wrapped his mind an answer, and with no effort, he spoke it.

“Yes. I would gladly take his life for the right price.”

The door made its last click against the back of the opposing wall. Jiro left soon after. “Maybe a monster with a blood as cold as his could knock him out of this trance...” Jiro stuffed his hands in his pockets and prepared himself to go back to Kanto.

“So what's wrong, Romy? You do not seem yourself.”

“What's wrong? Nothing…it's nothing.”

“Your face is like a sheet of paper. Something has to be wrong. Are you sick?”

“He's a beast now....”


“Josh. He.....” Romy paused as she tugged on her jacket. “He's a monster. It's like I could visibly see the blood on his hands. Just dripping from his fingertips, I could see the murder in his face. The man I once knew died in those mountains. All that's left is a cold shell of a judge.”

“So you do not love him?” Katrine panicked.

“How can you love a person who cannot feel love anymore?”

“I--” Katrine was left speechless.

“You don't understand how it feels when you are around him. He thinks because its meaningful destruction is right. He assumed this attitude that emotions are nothing more than worthless items that can be tossed away.”

Romy could come to a conclusion that blossomed in her head. The flakes of snow that Josh had endured during his time at Snowpoint had frozen his heart. He himself then crushed it soon after. Now he was nothing like who he was. If she could have turned back the hands of that day, she would be winding the clock back right now. Things just felt so different. He felt so different. His skin even felt cold when he placed his hand upon hers. Romy wanted to be that light that guided him out of the darkness not be the one that kept it at bay. She did not want to tell Katrine this, so she remained quiet.

“It is not his emotions...that he needs any more. It's not.....me...that he needs anymore,” Romy finished.

“He just kissed....you...” Katrine rebuked.

“As of then....he let me go too. The last thing that he held close into this world,” Romy heaved.

Romy pushed open the window of her office. She sat upon the window pane; she needed a hug right now. She needed something the comfort her from this pain. She gazed down at her pokeballs. She grabbed one and glared at it for a couple of moments before tossing it without looking back. A pokemon smoothly exited its pokeball and wrapped its arms around her. It knew that she was feeling upset. It grabbed around her waist tightly but gently as well. She petted it while still looking out of the window.


Zirk now towered of his trainer. As of three months ago, he was a Nidoking. The muscled violet body kept close to its trainer while its dark eyes gazed down to her. Its cheek basically ran up against hers without his large horn touching her. It also wrapped his tail around her to form another embrace to comfort her further. Romy rubbed in teal inside of his ears as she continued to lose herself in the blueness of the sky.

“Shall I leave?” Katrine interrupted but Romy did not give an answer.

Zirk darted a look towards her and nodded his head. Katrine obeyed the pokemon's request and exited. Katrine did want to tell her about what she found about Josh. About those fifty people that he killed that day before he left Sinnoh. But this wasn't the time or the place, so she found herself glaring at Romy from the crack in the door that was gradually closing by her own hand. The door snapped into place leaving Romy alone with her pokemon.

“Thank you, Zirk...” Romy noted. The pokemon gave a low grumble to assure that it was okay.


“We have to see how good you have gotten...”

“Do you have to honestly? I believe that would be a waste of my efforts, Wayne.”

“It's a simple mission.”

“Simple....crime isn't simple. Just tell me what you need me to do before I run through your files and find one myself.”

“Dually noted...”

Wayne took a gulp from his beer before slamming into the desk. “Well...damn...this kid is like talking to a brick wall.” Wayne hadn't really thought of the mission until now so he scurried through the paper hurriedly to find something. “He's very liable to kill me right now.” Wanye thought as he flipped the files frantically. He was stopped by Josh who picked out a white piece of paper from the folder. He glanced over it before placing it back down.

“I'll take that one,” Josh’s voice rung sickly toneless.

“Uh...yeah,” Wayne peaked from under the face down paper. “We have been trying to pin this man down for about a month or so....”

“I've read the information,” Josh assured. “He more like skimmed...” Wayne thought.

“He's dangerous....” “Wait...should I have said that?”

Josh gave a blank look before smacking the beer can from the desk. Wayne watched as the silver can flew across the room to slam into the file cabinet. Wayne shifted his mouth in a bit of surprise. That can was half full, he wanted to finish it. Now he couldn’t. Too bad he wasn’t nearly drunk enough to not look at Josh’s expression.

“I don't care, Mr. Black. If you need to exterminate a pest, you call an exterminator. I'm just going to make him an example.”

“And my liquid bread had something to do with this...how?” Wayne pondered. “I guess that's true.”

“Hm...I'll leave now. I have a general idea where this man is headed.”

“Damn....how....?” “How is that possible?” Wayne reworded from the initial thought.

“Simple...I know his next target...” Josh's eyes glistened. It almost looked red.

“Is he a demon? I'm more than sure he's a demon. This dude is a DEMON,” Wayne thought hysterically. “You go get that person. I'm more than sure you're capable...”

“I'll be leaving,” Josh headed for the door.

“Wait. How about a partner to go with you,” Wayne could at least recommend.

“I normally like working alone against thugs like this.”

“How did I know he's going to say that?” “I still recommend that you bring someone.”

“Choose. I always have Lynx.”

“He knows you're capable.” “Hell. I know you're capable. Your eyes sparked red just then.” “But someone of our branch should come with you so we won't look so...”

“Pathetic....” Josh finished. Wayne didn't find it funny. Josh was probably completely serious when he said it.

“First he smacks my drink out of my hand and then he disses my unit. Who gave this punk a chance in the first freakin' place!” “Anyway, I'm sad that you feel this way. Please proceed to bring Romy along with you.”

“Hmph...You’re so predictable. But, sorry, I'll pass. Romy doesn't need to see the swine being brought the butcher.”

Josh left with that point made. Wayne had to admit though, the kid seemed completely confident in his fighting prowess now despite him being a complete jerk just then. But he did miss the kid before he went on that quest. He was like a salvation that was given by being baptized in fire—a double edged sword. Wayne almost thought that he should have grabbed someone on deathrow to this. It was probably the same caliber that Josh was going to give.

Wayne turned over the piece of paper to see the man's face that Josh was probably going to dismantle right now. It was a thin faced man of a rather pale completion. His eyes were a deep green color while his short hair was a dark black. Beside him was a larger tad-pole like creature with bulging muscle as well as a hypnotic whirl on its stomach. This man, Mr. Ergo Gild was a high ranking criminal within the Kanto Region. Armed robbery, assault, arson, murder; name it, Gild has done it. The towns could never pin anything on him and anyone close was either killed the next hour or silenced permanently by the beatings of his Poliwrath or the poison of his Dustox. He was a very dangerous man. But now is a different story, his adversary is very much a demon himself. That what he was worried about.

“I have a better observer in mind...” Wayne thought.


Fuchsia City, Night

“Dynamic Punch, Poliwrath...”

“Weakling...show him, Volt. Thunder Punch-Gilgamesh...”

Volt swept muscled Poliwrath off of his feet to knock them into the air. Volt proceeded to pound the Poliwrath repeatedly with its fist enhanced with electricity. Volt then slammed the Poliwrath into the ground with a powerful thud, shattering all the tiles in the room with the earthquake. This was the power of Volt now easily disposing the opponent. Volt, now an Electivire, stood over the bloodied body of the beast. Volt peered down at the fading blackness of the Poliwrath's eyes and turned its back. Josh gave a half smile towards the man as his hand quaked on his empty pokeball. It shattered under pressure.

“Give up, Mr. Gild. There is nowhere else for you to go,” Josh mocked as he approached the skinny man on the other side of the room.

Ergo Gild stepped back a couple of step; he was fresh out of pokemon and ideas. He could feel his hand quaking now as he stared at Josh from the other side of the room. His slender face was flushed of its color and he felt like he was about to cry now. He had never seen anyone be so brutal to a pokemon. Was he next? The strings of Ergo's black hair fell over his face as the sounds of Josh's black boots cracking the broken tiles underneath became louder. When horrid crunching of tile stopped, Josh was in front of him. The air chilled around him as Josh stared down.

“Ergo Gild...” Josh spoke. “You're life will end here....”

“But can't you just take me in...” Ergo felt the words lounged in his throat like a candy being consumed too fast.

“Take you in,” Josh paused. “People are evil by nature. People are misguided by instinct. Only a selected few has the ability to achieve innocence. Saying they will change for better usually mean that they will never. They say that just to harp on the mercy of the person whom has their life clutched tightly in their hands. So no. I will not give you my mercy. Not after what you did to the people you cared about.”

“But officers can only kill in self-defense.”

“I’m defended myself. You attacked me, remember.”

“You took the attack...on purpose.”

Josh's tongue licked the trickled blood from his cheek. Earlier in the battle, Josh took an Air Cutter from Ergo's Dustox. Of course, Josh wasn't expecting it since Air Cutter could only obtain a move like that through tutoring, but he had the opportunity to dodge it as well. He chose not to for this moment.

Ergo could feel the intent now. He could feel that burning desire for Josh to see him dead. Though Ergo himself clutched a dagger in his hand, his body was frozen. When he had grabbed the courage to thrust forward, he was stopped by a tremendous grip from Volt's hand. Josh licked the blade before ordering Volt to crush the man’s hand. Volt obeyed breaking the man’s wrist in two. Ergo gave a shrill from the pain, while Josh just gazed upon as he writhed.

“You're a monster,” Ergo said between his tears of anguish.

“I have enjoyed our battle, Mr. Gild,” Josh raised his hand, lightning circled around it. “But now you die.”

“Flamethrower, Molt.”

A stream of flame interrupted Josh, forcing him to step backwards. This left Josh sharply glared from of the corner of his eye. Wayne stood with his Magmortar standing proudly beside him. Molt had its cannon like arms folded and its eyes closed as its master walked towards Josh. Wayne seized Josh’s collar forcefully taking him to the ground. Like a reminiscence of Cyrus, he showed no emotion even while pinned to the ground.

“What do you think you're doing?” Wayne barked.

“Obviously you didn't hear me when I said I was exterminating a pest...”

“His children are present. Did you forget that?!?”

“His children would have been the victim. The best thing I could have done for them was to kill the slime that was about to kill them. They would have the pleasure to know that he is gone forever out of their lives.”

“Josh...” Wayne sighed heavily. “You're coming with me, Ergo.”

Wayne proceeded to read him his rights. Afterwards, the rest of Wayne's men took Ergo away. Ergo managed to catch the glance that Josh was giving him, he closed his eyes in fear. The best thing that ever happened to him was being carried away in these silver cuffs; anything to keep him away from Josh.

“Wayne. Don't get in my way like that,” Josh would have sounded upset if he didn’t sound like anything at all.

“That was very much illegal. You're lucky that you're not being taken away in those cuffs too,” Wayne spat. “Did you ever think about Volt? How he had to watch you kill try to kill that man?”

“He has watched me kill many people. He himself had killed many pokemon. All my pokemon has,” Josh remarked.

Volt, who had taken his time enough tend to the Ergo's children, looked from the corner of his scarred clear eye. It had seen many of the people that Josh had killed. It was numb to it. The Electivire whipped its larger body towards Wayne before extending its arms in a greeting. Wayne hugged him tightly. It wrapped its wire like tails around Wayne, being careful not to electrocute him in the process. He was still rather kind, though he too had showed some degree of change. During that battle, he showed a different side, almost like an animal was within him. He was fierce, strong, and emotionless in battle. But outside of battle, he was as kind as ever. Too bad his trainer could not know the difference.

“How have you been, boy?” Wayne asked.

Volt just nodded its head. Wayne rubbed him on Volt’s stomach. Wayne could feel it. He could feel this pokemon's tension. It didn’t like killing. Wayne's eyes darted towards the Poliwrath. It was dead. Volt regretted the unrestricted punches that he unleashed on this opponent. Yet it couldn’t bring himself to stop. It was his master’s will, it wasn’t going to disobey that. So it killed, pushing its own emotions aside as it did so.

“I know boy…” Wayne spoke.

“-vire….” Volt kept its voice low.

Wayne rubbed the pokemon on the small orb like antenna on his head. Josh gazed at the interaction, almost envying it if he could. Yet he showed no regret towards it all, his pokemon and him vowed on this. Josh wasn’t about to withdraw his vow.

“It looks your pokemon is just as worried about me as I am...” Wayne remarked.

“Hm. Perhaps. He has been a bit different as of late.”

“No, you have been very different as of late, Josh,” Wayne said to himself. “I appreciate that you found Ergo. I would never have guessed, Fuchsia.”

“You followed me here. I don't remember tell you anything about me coming here.”

“You're right. You didn't tell me anything. But do you not remember I wanted someone in my branch to see you in action. I decided ultimately that would be me...” Wayne glared at him. He was mad.

“You're eyes looks furious. Are you mad at me?”

“Damn right. You have to get your priorities straight. Your intentions are good but your actions are like a fragmented mirror. I don't know if they are good or bad. You seemed to be enjoying the pleasure of battle which would be fine if didn't have that killer intent.”

“I’m making use of the mirror that has been broken. I forged a knife out of it. Emotions are nothing more than just tools I can use to manipulate. It is as simple as that. You use what you have. So, do not criticize me for things I've already observed. Volt, return.”

Josh returned Volt to his pokeball as he walked passed Wayne. Josh gave a whet glare at Wayne from the corner of his eyes. They seemed to have that flash in them again, that vermillion desire to kill. Wayne would in fact be fearful at them if he wasn’t pissed at the time. So at the moment, Wayne was unaffected. They shared this glance for a couple of moment before Josh kept walking forward.

“I'm glad that you had the pleasure to see me in action...”

With that he was off, Blacktooth the Aerodactyl swooped from out of his pokeball allowing Josh to grab his talon. He ascended in the air. They shared the certain look now; the both of them were predators, seizing people throat allowing them to dangle from their teeth. Wayne thought of them unfitting at first, now they were perfect. Both of them being monsters of the same mold, Blacktooth went on instinct, what was Josh’s excuse?

“I have to think of something to bring that kid back...” Wayne exclaimed.

With that, he was off as well. He had enough on his plate to think about right now.


Author's note

Fun chapter to right actually. I wanted to show Josh's relentlessness, so why not like that. :D Gabriel re-entering the scene is going to be pretty huge. Next chapter is going to be a nice break from all this emotional thing, due to an introduction of quite possibly my favorite character.

Tell me what do you think. Comment and review.

EDIT: I totally forgot to mention. I have a reference to a friend fan fiction in this chapter. You see, our fan fictions are happening around the same time--though we tried to keep our paths as far away as possible for it won't be a complete joint. When Gabriel mentioned, that he didn't get a chance to see the girl with Honey-colored hair, he was talking about Cassandra's hair from Convergent Paths by Nokyo-Chan.

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*exhales deeply*

Man, that was one hell of a good fic to read. A long time ago, I never used to be into violence and M rated stuff, but now that I’ve seen and read enough of it, it’s like water off a duck’s back. I want to commend you, Sgt. Shock, for, by far, being a better fan-fic author than I could ever be. Keep up the good work.

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*exhales deeply*

Man, that was one hell of a good fic to read. A long time ago, I never used to be into violence and M rated stuff, but now that I’ve seen and read enough of it, it’s like water off a duck’s back. I want to commend you, Sgt. Shock, for, by far, being a better fan-fic author than I could ever be. Keep up the good work.

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This is more of a warning. My new character has some colorful language, so be warned. You'll see why I made his language so bad. :D lol. It fits his personality real well. On with the story.

Chapter 4: How Loud Can A T. Rex Roar?

Any other time, Romy wouldn't think about coming to a bar. However this time, she needed someone other than Katrine to talk to at the moment, so she resorted to her partner. Soon after Josh transferred out of Kanto to Sinnoh, Romy was given a new partner to work aside. Of course, they didn’t share the same bond as Josh and herself, they held a different one after a while. He was more like an older brother to her; she could never see him as anything else. So, know where he was on a Friday night wasn’t difficult at all, especially when she knew he so well. There were two reasons to suspect that he was here; reason one was that it was payday and the second was that he would always get wasted on Friday. If Romy was lucky, she could catch him before he was completely incoherent.

Romy slipped through the wooden doors of the pub, virtually unseen by everyone within the building. She searched the crowd trying to not be noticed by any of the person, she was much too young to be in here. The dim light and the dark hardwood floor made it pretty difficult for anyone to see anyone. A counter stretched out across the entire length of the building. The light fixture was ruggedly shifting from side to side, an attribution to the not so sturdy neck and the reckless blades of the ceiling fan. Throughout the entire tavern, there were about ten tables, each with three or more chairs. The table themselves seemed to be worn while some were actually bearing cracks. However, cracked the tables were people sat within them—the place was filled to the brim.

Romy tried to manage to stay as low so she could not to be seen by anyone. This task seemed to be much harder than she anticipated especially with the wondering eyes of the bartender. Romy patiently waited for the man’s vision to be distracted. When it did, she sprinted to the other side of the pub, hiding her small body behind many of the men’s larger ones. It was there where she spotted him within the crowd.

The husky man was sitting at the far side of the tavern with a large mug of beer clutched tightly in his hand. His eye was halfway glazed over from the intoxication but it was obvious that he was still coherent (by barely). Romy slipped into the chair beside him. He hadn't noticed until she ran her fingers through his messy black hair.

“Romy? There are two of you...” the man remarked, even his normally clear voice was severed by his slurring voice.

“Rex? I need you to stop just for one minute,” Romy eased Rex's hand down that possessed the mug of beer.

“Alright...I've already had about eight...” Rex gave a thunderous laugh.
“So...what's on your mind?”

“Besides the smell of alcohol....it's almost like Wayne's office.” “I'm having a problem.”

“With who, doll?” Rex hiccuped. “Wayne's drinking partner never surprises me. You would think Rex was his son...”

“I'm having a problem with a friend....” Romy started.

“You want me to cream 'em,” for a drunk person, that was pretty clearly spoken.

Right now, she wanted to take him up on that offer. Seeing Josh’s icy expression broken by Rex’s gigantic fist would be something pleasurable to see at the moment. But, giving Josh a fight wasn't probably the thing she was exactly looking for. In the end, she denied the thought in her head all together. She continued with a different approach.

“Hypothetically...” Romy smiled. “I have a friend that is become more and more...”

The word barbaric but that described Rex by a long shot, so she retracted. Romy shuffled through the corridors of her mind to search for a word to replace it. Yet, she couldn’t find a word that would adequately describe Josh. It felt like it was impossible.

“If it’s so...” Rex was interrupted by a hiccup. “If it’s so hypothetical, why are you thinkin' so hard?”

For a man who just drank through eight mugs of beer, he was dead on. Even when consuming alcohol, Rex never missed a beat. He went by his hunches more than anything else, logic took a backseat when he battled or took any problem. Though that sounded very logical, he probably didn't think much about it. The thought probably just crossed his mind and he said it, like many of the things that he did.

“Nevermind...” Romy lost the urge to tell him.

“It's about the guy...” Rex couldn’t pin his name on it. All he could remember at the moment was his blonde hair. “I don't like 'em...” Rex admitted.

“You don't like Josh?” Romy questioned.

“And by the look...” Rex burped loudly. “on your face, you don't like 'em either.”

“He's a good guy,” Romy resisted the urge of saying “was”. She didn’t want to put it into the past.

“The man is much more than he's worth.”

“You have to see on your own. He's really kind...”

Rex’s features collapse upon his face before he smiled broadly. He straightened his shoulders, as much as a half-way drunken person could, and slammed his large fist on the table. He looked Romy dead in the eye leaving Romy no choice but to look back.

“If you say he's kind, than show me. Bring it out of him,” Rex roared.

“As soon you get sober,” Romy added.

Rex's gave another one of his rather thunderous laugh, clapping his hand ceremoniously. He gave a smile before gulping down the ninth mug. Romy took this time to leave the man alone with his work. She rubbed the man's shoulder before scurrying off. That was her partner. He was the gruff, heavy-metal loving, giant known as Rex Cordell that Romy learned to love over the six months.

“I guess I have to see you later, Terry,” Romy spoke.

Even drunk, his body seemed flinch from the sound of his first name. He hated being called Terry, long preferring his nickname “Rex”. But he seemed to be slightly numb to it in comparison to his normal reactions to his name—which was yelling at the top of his lungs.

“See ya at work…” Rex slumped.

“That's if you don't have to kill a Rampardos-sized hangover,” Romy eyed the bartender to assure her escape.

“Urgh...hangovers,” Rex muttered.

“That's why you don't drink kids. See you at work,” Romy waved.

Romy slid out of the small wooden chair heading quietly to the door as soon as the bartender’s attention was distracted.


Next Morning
Saffron City Condominiums

“Hell. I shouldn't have drunk all of those beers....”

Rex staggered out of his bed to get to his feet. He hated damn hangovers but loved beer. He couldn't prioritize which one that he liked or disliked more. So he dealt with both. Rex lied within his bed for a couple more moments; technically, he had no choice since the room was spinning. Rex gazed at the alarm clock that was still going off. He couldn't successfully read the numbers. To him it looked like”5481” but it was actually “7:56”. On top of that, it wouldn't stop moving for he could hit the alarm off. He swatted at for several moments, missing it seven times before quitting. To top it all off, his head was pounding through his skill; for a moment he thought he could feel parts of his brain ooze from his ears.

“Why...?” Rex murmured.

He gave an attempt to get out of his bed, but instead he just kind of flopped out of it. One of the pokeballs that he kept on the cabinet fell off and opened. A small rodent appeared from the ball. The pokemon had sand colored skin, big black eyes, long white claws on both its hands and feet, and an array of browns spikes on its back. It was a Sandslash, one of two of Rex's first pokemon.

It kind of poked at his trainer for a while. Rex rolled over on the floored to stare up at his pokemon. It cocked its head at it downed master. It started to kick him repeatedly to get him off of the ground. Rex grumbled.

“I hate hangovers...Ace....”

“Slash....” Ace the Sandslash folded his arms.


Rex got to his feet. His legs felt like jelly when he walked towards the bathroom. He promptly guessed that this is what happens when you drank about two hundred dollars of beer (he had a high tolerance to alcohol). Rex found the strength to stumble to the bathroom of his condo with Ace following not too far behind. Rex kneeled over his sink for a couple of seconds allowing the boiling in his stomach to cease. Ace seemingly looked at his master for some time, kind of scolding him.

“I know. I have to go to work today. Romy would be pissed if I didn't...”

He twisted the knob of the sink to allow water to shoot into the white basin. Though his vision doubled slightly as he did it, he cupped his hands, he caught the water successfully. He splashed the water into his face. He cursed himself since it was far too hot but, it successfully got him out of his trance for the most part. Until then, the image in the mirror was only a blur of colors. He could now see himself fully within it.

He could now see his rather chubby sized face. Despite him having thicker facial features, his face had a sense of definition. His jaw line was strongly chiseled and his cheek bones slightly visible. The point of his chin was covered with black facial hair much in the same ways as his head. His black-colored eyes were rounded but the end had sharpness to them. The color of his skin was a lighter tan color, one of the many traits that he had of his dad.

Like the thickness of his face, the body followed. He was a relatively larger individual, towering over many of the people that he normally kept in contact with. This was followed by his rather enormous build. As many remarked, though he accepted with pride, he possessed a rather large gullet to fit with his larger sized body. He wasn't a huge fan of working out. Drawing, music, and battling was more his thing. Too bad drinking was too.

“Can ya leave now?” Rex looked down at Ace. “I'm kind of getting dress here.”

Ace just shrugged and left out of the bathroom pleasantly declining in watching his master do anything involving removal of clothing. It closed the door behind him.

Soon after taking his shower, Rex felt a little better than he had. Normally it took him some time before he halfway recovered from his hangovers but today was different. It almost felt like an accomplishment. He still felt a bit sick, but at least he didn't crash in the shower. However, he could still feel like something was bothering him.

“I remember Romy coming to see me at the bar....” Rex twisted the knob of the shower.

Rex slid the door open of his shower, stepping out of it carefully. His black hair was still dripping massively so he reached for the towel hanging up the bar. He dried himself off still trying to remember everything that he said to Romy.

“She must really care about that guy. Something about the guy irks me in a way a guy doesn't like to be irked.” Rex began putting on various articles of clothing. “He's just dangerous. Not to just criminal but to everyone around 'em. Not to mention he's not one to party with.”

Rex gave a loud yawn and he threw the blue t-shirt over his head before trying to realize how they got there in the first place. He shrugged before exiting the bathroom to see his partner sitting beside Ace. Romy flashed a smile towards him.

“Romy?” Rex flashed a smile back.

“Rex,” Romy scratched behind Ace's ear as she said it. “You don't look bad for a person who had to drink himself to oblivion yesterday.”

“Hey. I partied yesterday, business today. Simple as that,” Rex gave a half smile. He wished he could put this hangover aside though.

“Ha ha....” Romy's laugh was weak, something was wrong.

“Romy?” Rex sat on the bed on the other side of Ace. “What's wrong?”

“Josh almost killed a man yesterday.”

“He probably had no choice,” Rex acclaimed through diplomacy or making excuses for anyone was never his strong points.

“He had a choice....the man was out of pokemon, he disarmed him. Even then he wanted to kill him.”

Just the same way that Rex wanted to kill him right now. This Josh fellow wasn't realizing that he was hurting more than just himself. He was hurting everyone that cared about him. Rex couldn't stand that.

“Do you want me to crack his skull?” Rex suddenly remarked.

“W-what?” Romy said in shock. It held much more of a threat than yesterday since he was sober and knew what he was saying.

“Do you want me...?”

“I heard you the first time. NO, you don't need to go viking on him.”

“Come on! That's why the call me the Terror of the Waves, Romy. I can smash that puny wench's head off of wimpy his shoulders!” the words came out like a roar. But overall, Romy found it to be completely amusing coupled with Rex’s facial expressions.

“Do all people from Cianwood City like this?”

“Nah. Just my dad and I,” Rex stuck his tongue out. “But seriously, if he's hurting you without even touching ya, you might need to cut him off.”

“I can't do that...Rex.”

“What made him like that...?”

“Gabriel....” Romy's voice faded, making it sound unfamiliar in her own throat. “An assassin from Lilycove City,” she choked.

Romy's hands were now trembling. It was involuntary like a blink or taking in air. She couldn’t come to terms with what to say after that. That one man caused so much trouble. Gabriel had sowed the seeds of darkness resting within Josh's soul. She hated him.

“And why isn't this person been caught yet?” Rex's brow raised in confusion, it was perplexing.

“He's basically untouchable. His mom....is the president of Hoenn region....if we hurt him...”

“Doesn't Josh know this?!?”

“He knows. He's willingly to risk it. He probably would encourage a war right now. I can see it. He hates the....” Romy couldn't bring herself to say the word. “World.”

“Man. I wish the world was easy. Like you can just level you your pokemon and about the sixth or seventh gym and random trainer will stop the entire bad guy force. It would make our life better.”

“Then we would be out of a job,” Romy said shrugging.

Romy's finally stopped shaking. She had regained her normal calm charm. Until then, she did not notice that Rex was holding her hand. She slipped her hand from his grasp and smiled.

“See you at work...”

She left out of the room quickly. Rex found himself smiling. She still held her heart to for that devil.

“I'm too old for her anyway...” he sighed. They were only four years apart.

Rex put Ace on the back of his neck as well as picking up all eight pokeballs, including the empty one that Ace rested. He placed all of them on his pocket and headed out too, slipping on a pair of sandals exiting the door.


KRPD Headquarters, Saffron

“Raijin, the God of Thunder. An appearance of a demon, but sits in the heavens in Japanese Mythology, I'm much more of a Norse fan myself.”

“How are you?” Josh questioned.

“One of two of your partners...”

Rex approached Josh to relay him the news. As precaution for Josh's recent actions, he was instated two different partners; Romy and Rex was chosen. Josh's face soured slightly on the idea. He barely even read half of the paper before sliding it back over to Rex. Rex smirked in amusement.

“You're stuck with us, pal...”

Josh seemed to be slightly amused at the man that walked into the door. He didn't even appear like a warrior or a battler. He seemed like the normal twenty year old you will see cruising upon a Mantine somewhere in the middle of the ocean. He kept these words to himself but the seemed to have written themselves upon his emotionless expressions. The differences between them were there even by the way they stood.

“What is your problem?” Rex stated.

“This world honestly, allowing people like him to run around without prosecution,” the “him” being Gabriel. He referred most people of criminal nature by a pronoun though so it was ambiguous. Among those, child and peasant as well as man and woman were high on his list.

“Let me have you know! Never mind, I don't want to talk about it to someone who obviously doesn't care. I'm your partner now along with a person that cares for your sorry ass.”

His expression didn't change. It didn't melt like ice or condense like vapor. It remained the same. The only person that cared about him, despite their short time together, he wanted to cut off. He wanted to devote all of his energies for a perfect world, not realizing that this world would never be perfect. His eyes remained steadily glaring at Rex leaving Rex wanting to rip them out of his sockets.

“Fine. The both of you are my partners,” he concluded, his voice remaining calm and assured. “But stay out of my when I'm working.”

“Oh, you're real cool. But remember this. You need people. People always are not going to need you. Get that through your %&#$*# head. You don't seem to understand. Romy #$%#@$ loves you....” Rex roared. “I don't know how. I don't know why. I don't even know how someone could physically like YOU. But she does. She has faith in you and ARGH!”

The thoughts couldn't fathom in Josh head. They seemingly bounced off of his skull. He was numb to them like an anesthetic had been pumped directly into the bounds of his brain. The words didn't even come to mind. He left those words with that kiss. He left feeling with that kiss. He left “LOVE” with that kiss. The four letters no longer held a meaning. He devoted his life to protecting people.

“You may not have noticed. But some criminals do things for the best of their family interest. Not are criminal deserves death.”

“How dare you preach to me and I do not even know your name?” Josh interrupted. Josh's blue-green colored eyes sharply glared at Rex. For such a unique combination of colors, they harbored pain. Rex couldn't stand it.

“I was right when I first saw you,” Rex started. “In cafeteria, though you appeared to be in control of your emotion, you're nothing more than a JERK! Go DIE in a fire!”

Rex turned quickly out of the small room and slammed the door behind him.

“By the way, my name is REX CORDELL! REMEMBER IT!”


“Rex? What wrong, nephew?”

Naomi was met with an array of mumbling word that sounded something between an awkward mix of a Pokemon and a caveman. Rex had inherited many of the traits that her brother that included the rather unique anger expressions. One in fact being showing his bottom row of teeth over his upper lip when he was angry. It almost made him look barbaric. Naomi laughed lightly.

“What's wrong?”

“That Josh guy. He....”

“No cursing...” Naomi inserted.

“He freakin' annoys me. He thinks he's this region's savior. No, he thinks he's the world's savior.”

“He wasn't anything like this before Sinnoh, Rex. What transpired made him who he is? But I believe there are some fragments of the old Josh in there. He just is shoving it aside. He knows that it’s wrong but in his mind he's doing what's right.”

“But my dad...my dad wasn't perfect either. He changed his life around after jail...how can Josh deny people that chance?”

“I don't know, Rex.”

“Already feel like I'm going to throw up. He didn't help much.”

“You should head to the bathroom.”

“I'll think I'll do that.

Naomi gave a smile to Rex allowing him to leave. Rex seemingly dashed away in the direction of the bathroom. Naomi just smiled. That was another thing he had inherited from her brother, a love for beer and the hate for its consequence with it. She smiled delightfully before flicking her red hair. No matter how much they disliked each other, they would have to work together. She began walking towards Wayne's office.


Airport, Pewter City

The plane descended a couple more feet before throwing the latch open, sending a stairway smashing into the heliport. A red carpet was rolled out from the stairs to the slate colored concentrate. A man descended from the stair; like a crimson angel. He was dress in a long red fur coat that was particularly heavy with fur around the collar. His nails were painted black with a unique flame nail art on the surface of them. His eyes sharply gazed like a hawk. This was Gabriel and he was back in the Kanto region.
From behind him was Fleur, dressed in a beautifully in a white dress with yellow lace and Jiro who was dressed rather ordinary compared to the other two. Fleur and Jiro kind of looked in opposite directions to view the town below.

“Looks like nothing has changed in this dreadful region,” Gabriel flicked his hair as he said it.

“Should we head to Saffron?” Fleur asked.

“We shall,” Gabriel eyes kind of met hers. She wasn't expecting a yes.
“I think you are making a mistake Gabriel,” Jiro mentioned.

“I'm not going to fight him,” Gabriel beckoned. “Fighting a group of people is sooooooo not my taste.”

“Then what do you suggest,” Jiro was afraid to asked.

“I think it would be better if you just tagged along a found out.”

Jiro frowned. He didn't like the way that sounded. Of course he wasn't going to fight groups of people. He preferred the more finesse, an assault more beautiful. Whatever he was planning, it wasn't something that he approved up. The death sparkled in his eyes when he said it, what exactly was going on now.

“Time to play, Elle,” Gabriel spoke.

Gabriel pulled a red and blue pokeball from the inside of his coat. On the top of the pokeball it possessed small wings sprawled. Gabriel tossed it in the air to showing a Swellow with the reversed color scheme of a normal one. Its feathers were crimson as Gabriel's coat but its talons and various other feathers were blue. Gabriel jumped up to grab the talon of the Elle. It was rather strong, picking Gabriel’s weight effortlessly off of the ground.

“Meet me there.”

“Why couldn't we take the plane there?”

“Geez. Don't question me anymore, Fleur. Especially with dumb ones,” Gabriel’s faces turned serious.


Fleur pulled out a pokeball from her purse. She glanced at Jiro for a minute noticing that he only uses his Lucario so he lacked possession of flying type. Good thing she was a flying type specialist. She pulled another pokeball from his back.

“Angel and Concetto. Take flight, my pokemon.”

She threw the pokeballs in the air showing a beautiful golden Pidgeot and a Honchkrow. The both gently circled in the air above the both of them. She grabbed onto the Angel the Pidgeot allowing Jiro to grab onto Concetto the Honchkrow. They ascended to the sky, heading for the general direction of the Saffron City.

Legendarian Mistress
October 25th, 2009, 3:28 PM
(I apologize for the lack of a more appropriate review, was a bit sick this morning... -_-)

Josh has yet to defeat Gabriel, and that makes me wonder if he'll ever be able to do it. Other than that, it was a good chapter. Didn't really like Rex, though.

Sgt Shock
October 25th, 2009, 3:36 PM
(I apologize for the lack of a more appropriate review, was a bit sick this morning... -_-)

Josh has yet to defeat Gabriel, and that makes me wonder if he'll ever be able to do it. Other than that, it was a good chapter. Didn't really like Rex, though.

I don't expect everyone to like Rex. Not in the beginning. He is going to serve more of as a comic relief than the rest of the people especially when...nevermind. Currently people are going to be like, he's too brash for my taste. But you'll get to know him soon or later. What about him did you not like? lol. Just wondering.

Anyway, as for the Gabriel and Josh thing. You'll just have to see. Maybe, just maybe a wrench is going to be thrown in it all. :)

EDIT: On a side note, I want people to NOT like Josh right now. I don't think it is a success at the moment. I think I have to make him more hateable.

Legendarian Mistress
October 25th, 2009, 3:54 PM
Either way, he has two of my favourite Pokemon, that's why I think he's cool.

And as for Rex? The fact that he got up Josh for no reason.

Sgt Shock
October 25th, 2009, 3:58 PM
Either way, he has two of my favourite Pokemon, that's why I think he's cool.

And as for Rex? The fact that he got up Josh for no reason.

Doesn't Josh need someone in his face right now? :P lol. But I can see your point. You'll just have to see how the story unfolds.

Sgt Shock
October 29th, 2009, 3:11 PM
Chapter 5: Scherzo of Violence

“Looks like you've met your new partner as well as rejoined with an old one.”

“Why can I have Lynx back?” Josh asked.

“He's going to help us crack another case. Besides, you need people around your own age.”

Josh's facial expression remained calm while Romy’s and Rex's seemed to be troubled. Wayne divided his glances evenly between the three of them. They were a pretty good assembled team. Josh being the calculated thinker, Romy being the subtle attacker, and Rex being full out power; they were the perfect team to take out almost anything, on paper. Chemistry would become the issue at hand here.

Romy's and Josh's chemistry were probably shaky now and by the look of disgust on Rex's face, he wasn't fond of Josh right now either. Rex and Romy were a perfect combination and with Josh added within it would produce results. Where were they ready to put their feeling aside for the job at hand? Wayne had to see.

“Gabriel...” he started the sentence with the name. “Gabriel's back in Kanto.”

The first expression displayed on Josh was one of a sadistic joy. His lip sharply turned upward and even showing his teeth slightly. Romy found the strength to look at that smirk. It was like an animal's, a beast. She didn't like that. “People shouldn't act like monster....” she whispered to herself.

“But I'm not ordering you to find him,” Wayne wrote that statement to Josh personally.
His eyes were locked upon his when he said it.

“Why not,” Josh sneered. His face had hardened beyond their normal means.

“You're not ready....as a team. Remember, Gabriel doesn't travel alone,” Wayne gave that as an excuse.

“Ha ha...fine.”

“I'll be sending the three of you to Viridian City. There are supposed....”

“Team Rocket activity,” Romy finished.

“Gang activity more like it would be more accurate. Ever since the death of Vincent,” Wayne gazed at Josh once more. “The Kanto Killers and Team Rocket have been at it. Vincent's son has taken over since the death of his father six months ago.”

“So you are sending us to fix it?” Rex asked.

“Fix it?” Josh answered. What needed to be fixed? Nothing was broken.

“Everyone here knows that you were the one who killed Vincent that night,” Wayne chastised Josh’s visually and vocally.

Josh laughed. It wasn’t however, a laughter or joy. It had that sense of coldness, subtle amusement for something not meant to be enjoyed. Was this a joke? They actually knew that he killed Vincent. He honestly didn't expect them to find out. To put it simply, he had no regrets on killing the man that day. He was at his weakest, so Josh seized the opportunity from the man that caused him pain. Now, he will be the one that had to clean of the mess they should have resolved ages ago. It found it utterly pathetic of K.R.P.D.


“Silence before you say thing,” Wayne snapped. “You still have superior officers. You forget that. Just because you're one of the best and you know you’re the best doesn't mean you should...forget it. That's out of my way to say.” He paused in recollection. “Just head to Viridian City,” Wayne finished.

“Aye sir,” Rex responded.

“Yes sir,” Romy did too.

“Whatever,” Josh looked away.

The three of them exited the office leaving Wayne in the office alone or so he thought. From the shadows, Nick took the seat that was once occupied and slammed his elbows on the desk. Nick stared amusingly in Wayne’s face. Wayne was obviously stressed about the entire situation.

“Someone's stressed?” Nick mentioned. “And you're not drinking at that.”

“Josh scares the crap out of me. He smacked the can out of my hand last time we were in here.”

“He said that he was going to make you quit...I didn't think like that though.”

“The kid is a bundle of fire now. I can't control it.”

“You did pretty well back there,” Nick mentioned.

“It took me everything in my power to stop staring in his eyes and put my foot down. It's like staring into Giratina's eyes.”

“It's that intense, huh?”

“Hell yeah,” Wayne mentioned.

“Why not let him hunt Gabriel down?” Nick asked.

“Gabriel will find him...I’m pretty sure.”


“I'm surprised that he can keep up, Blacktooth?”

“Sebastian is pretty quick, aren't ya boy.”

Rex began rubbed the back of the large dinosaur like creature. The creature gave a gentle roar but remained constant speed. Sebastian was a Bastiodon, one of many creatures of Rex's ancient themed team. Along with the entire Viking culture, he loved the era of the dinosaurs. All of his Pokemon reflected one of these two fragments of history that he loved. He showed complete respect and love for his Pokemon. They returned this love. That was astray with Josh lately from what Romy could see.

“That's a neat Aerodactyl he has there,” Rex mentioned looked up to see with green underside of Blacktooth's wings.

“Yeah, I saw him get it. He was so proud of him too. He said he could tame it even though it was wild,” Romy looked up as well.

“What was he like before....?” Rex sighed.

“He was kind, gentle, light-hearted, and calm. I would always joke about how he was Lt. Surge’s son and was destined to be loud and arrogant,” Romy stopped herself before she could reminiscence any further. It was anomalous to be reminiscing on something that was just six months ago. It felt like years.

“I give him calm,” that was all that Rex would give him from the list that he was given.
“But was he really a nice person before this change?”

“He wanted the change the world. He wanted it to be better...”

Josh gazed from under the hood of his cloak to look at directly at Romy. It gave her the inclination that he heard what she had said. For an eye color so easy on the eyes, Romy couldn't stare at it any more. She sighed. “He doesn't even wear camouflage anymore....” Romy noted to herself. That was true; he was only wearing thick black pants and a black tank top besides along with the gray cloak. He didn't even feel the same person. They shared a glance. The line of vision between them was felt like a frozen thread of air. She quickly snapped her eyes away.

“You don't understand do you, Rex?” she finished.

“People change. That's one thing that you can't change,” Rex smirked.

“We are almost to Viridian so prepare,” Josh barked from the air.

“Yes. Josh,” Romy finished.

“Afraid?” Josh spoke directing it towards Rex.

“I'M AFRAID OF NO MAN!” Rex roared. Romy laughed at Rex's retaliation.

Josh flew ahead of his partners to get to the town first. Rex clinched his teeth tightly as he watched Josh fly further ahead.

“Geez that guy is a stick in the mud...” Rex remarked.

“I guess...”

“Good thing we are almost at Viridian...”

He was right. They were at the other end of Viridian Forest now. Viridian Forest was much easier to get through when you were riding on the back of a Bastiodon. They exited the Viridian Forest and entered to Viridian City.

The town wasn't that small however it wasn't that large either. It fit perfectly the first and the last town a trainer would go through their Kanto journey. It seems rather relaxing. The rocky cliffs to the east of the town lead to the Indigo Plateau while the dusty road to the south lead to Pallet Town. The town itself was surrounded by the lush trees of the Virdian Forest so the town held much of the same smell and air as the forest itself. There was a small lake beside the exit of the town and about five or so buildings.

Viridian City seemed peaceful and relaxing, but bloodshed tainted this town's history. The Gym Leader was once a man by the name of Giovanni. He was the leader of Team Rocket long before being dethroned by a traveling trainer. Giovanni was a vile man who killed many trainers and pokemon alike, living up to the blood stained “R” that his followers wore on their chest. When the city had achieve any sort of peace, the team that Giovanni himself created had reemerged and the town had be unknowingly seized by its grip again.

Rex and Romy looked around to find a glimpse of Josh, only to find him in the Pokemon Center. Romy leaped off of Sebastian and headed to the Pokemon Center as well. Rex rubbed Sebastian on his back before jumping off also.

“You did good job man. Time to rest,” Rex speaking to Sebastian.

He returned him to his pokeball. He placed Sebastian's pokeball back into his pocket before headed to the Pokemon Center.

The glass doors of the Pokemon Center slid open to show the standard pink and red interior. Behind the long counter was yet another Nurse Joy. She looked liked her, sounded like her, and had a Chansey like her. There was no denying it.

“How do you address, Nurse Joy? I mean, is she an entity?”

“She is a person...?” Romy tilted her head in bewildered by the statement.

“She has sisters, cousins, and aunts that look just like her. She's an entity and that is my conclusion,” Rex looked towards the Nurse Joy. There was absolutely no way a person could always look the exactly the same.

“Nurse Joy,” Romy ignored him even though she was laughing on the inside.

Romy approached the counter to place her pokeballs on the table. Nurse Joy scooped the pokemon up, positioned them each in the chamber, and closed the latch. Joy smiled broadly with the finished deed.

“I'm so sorry about Nurse Joy,” Romy spoke.

“I get it all the time,” the Nurse smile, clamping her hand together in front of her stomach.

“Even she knows she's a clone. Where is the Nurse Joy’s hive, huh?” Rex’s left eyebrow rose really high as though he was doing some make-shift interrogation.

“We don’t come from a hive,” Nurse Joy laughed pleasantly. “Nor am I a clone. All of us have our differences. Do you want me to heal your pokemon too?” Nurse Joy asked. Obviously this wasn’t the first time she had heard such a story, she read it on Pokepedia.

“You may get away this time, Nurse Joy,” Rex waved his finger. “But, I’m going to find the truth behind the Joys one day.” “To answer your question, my boys need to rest too. So yeah,” Rex grabbed into his pocket pulling out his eight pokemon as well.

“The both of you are law enforcement?” Nurse Joy asked as she scanned over the eight balls.

“Yes,” Romy said pleasantly.

“Wow. You all are young. Are you with the man over there?” Nurse Joy pointed to Josh who was contemplating at a small table.

“You can say so...” Rex’s response was unclear.

“How old is the man over there? He appears to about twenty,” Joy asked.

“No. He's the youngest of our group actually,” Romy herself did not notice that until she just said it. “He's sixteen, I'm seventeen, and Rex is twenty-one,” Romy finished.

“The law enforcement is getting younger and younger. Reminds me of trainers when they could actually leave at ten, ” Nurse Joy spoke.

The healing chamber gave a unique sound that almost sounded like the music that was playing through the center. Nurse Joy quickly turned, grabbed Romy's eight, and placed them in her hand. Romy latched them on her belt, one by one. Joy then gave the same treatment that she did with Romy’s pokeball, placing them within the red machine.

“You don't have a belt for your pokeballs, sir?” Nurse Joy asked. She noticed earlier that he got his pokeballs from his pocket.

“I don't like belts,” Rex smirked. “Why do I have to keep my pants up with a belt while I have all of this?” Rex rubbed his stomach. Romy and Nurse Joy laughed. “Don't like shoes either. They are the worst.”

Romy had noticed that a long time ago. He never wore shoes and very seldom wore any kind of other footwear. He preferred being barefooted to everywhere that he go. She never had the chance to ask him where he picked this habit from. She shrugged.

The familiar tone rang again. Nurse Joy passed Rex his pokeballs as well. She bowed courteously and the two bowed back. Together, they approached Josh at the table taking their seat. Josh seemed to be listening to something though it didn’t sound like much, but talking. He did not acknowledge the two sitting down in front of him. His face seemed to be focused on the words that slithered their way through the very pores of the stereos.

“What are you doing?” Rex said snapping the silence.

“Recon...” he responded.

“With....” Rex threw the conversation further.

“I tapped the phone of the house beside the Pokemon Center before you came here. I'm listening to them.”

“Is that legal in Kanto?” Romy asked. When legality was questionable, that was never a good sign.

“Probably not....” Rex answered.

“Nurse Joy informed me that the house to our north is owned by known members of Team Rocket.”

“So what have you learned?” Romy asked. She might as well make the best of it.
“Kanto Killers are sending their gang members tonight to finish their business Team Rocket.”

“That's good. They aren't going to involve the people of the town.”

“I won't count it out,” Josh interceded. “They are planning to burn this town to the ground.”

“Do you think the three of us can take on the top members of both?” Romy asked.

“None of the Rocket Executives are going to be present here or any of the high mobsters from what I have heard. However, this doesn’t make the situation better.”

It was still dire situation. Kanto Killer was a powerful mafia created by a person hailing from Pallet Town. A kid at the time by the name of Vincent Allister lost his first pokemon at an early age through Nidoran poisoning. Professor Oak felt as though Vincent was too irresponsible to hold another pokemon in his possession and quickly denied him another pokemon. Vincent grew in solitude for long times after. His parents sent him to a rehabilitation center, but it turned out to be nothing more than an insane asylum. But during that time, he learned many of his trade. When he was released he created the Kanto Killer Mafia with several other members of the center as a coup d'etat of Pokemon world. He had a horrible existence. Just like Giovanni he killed pokemon and trainer alike. He would sell the humans' organs and everything on the pokemon for handsome prices on the Black Market. His existence was horrible. Josh was happy to bring it to an end. But, yet the Kanto Killers were still alive now feuding with Team Rocket in rebuttal the opposed hit on Vincent.

Josh realized that this was his fault. It had to be done. Vincent couldn't go any more in his horrible ways. But initially that wasn't the reason why he did it. He wanted to send a message. But that was in the past and now he was going to send the last stake in the Kanto Killer and send a blow to Team Rocket as well. Josh took off the headset.

“You two can relax until tonight. I'll expect the both of you to be back.”

“I guess I'll train,” Rex spoke.

“I thought you didn't like exercising?” Romy asked.

“Hey. My pokemon does. I can't deny them that. Besides, it’s bearable when you have pokemon to work with.”

“I'll join you,” Josh answered.

“Woah,” Rex paused. “Really?”

“I want to see what you’re about...” Josh justified.

“Then you will get me too. It will be a sparring match,” Romy spoke triumphantly. She wanted to show him how she had improved.

“Suit yourself. Meet you in Viridian Forest.”

“Don't underestimate me,” Rex spoke as soon as Josh stood up.

“Wouldn't dare...” Josh finished.

He was off with that. Rex smiled. Maybe Josh wasn't all that bad. He's just a man on a mission.


Vermilion City, Vermilion City Gym

“Thunderbolt, Magneton!”

A strong bolt of lightning sent the Beedrill flying into the wall. It fainted soon after leaving the trainer, a brown haired child, defeated. He returned his Beedrill. He was out of pokemon. Lt. Surge even managed to defeat his Diglett defeating his entire game plan somehow. Tucker escorted the now crying child out of the gym before returning back to Lt.Surge's side. He returned his pokeball.

“You could at least say a good match, Matis?” Tucker proclaimed.

“The kid brought a poison type against steel. I can't say a good game against that.”

“You defeated his Diglett. When did your Magneton learn Magnet Rise and Tri Attack?”

“Every since that girl with the raven colored hair and her friend beat me, I haven't had a decent challenge since.”

“When you teach your Magneton “MANGET RISE” you stop their strategy.”

“Is that my fault?!?” Surge barked.

“They don't expect you to have a move other than Thunderbolt.”

“NOT MY FAULT OKAY. I froze his Diglett with Tri-attack and Magnet Bombed to death. Not my FAULT. Should have had freakin' Ice Heal; a man gets tired of getting beat by the same pokemon!”

“You've been aggressive as of late,” Tucker pointed out.

“Aggressive. What the HELL are you talking about?”

Lt. Surge finally returned his Magneton back to its pokeball. He was obviously flustered. The hardness of his face wasn't its normal density. It was aggravated by life itself. He shoulders were rather tense; he was standing as straight as a board. The smallest thing seemed to bother him now. If his coffee wasn't sweetened the way that he wanted, he would flip out. If people didn't come to the gym on time, he flipped out. If you breathed wrong, he was flipped out. Nothing people did was satisfying Surge at all. He was stressed and Tucker knew it. It was written all over his face.

“This is about Josh isn't it? You do know he's back in Kanto.”

“I'm well aware of that,” Surge's voice came out as an unintentional shout. “I'm well aware of that,” he repeated as gentle as a soldier could.

“Then why are you so wound up?”

Surge paused in breathing. He then took a breath that doubled his normal one. He didn't want to say it. He couldn't bring himself to say it. He visited Josh when he first got back. He didn't seem the same. Surge ultimately felt like he failed in raising him. He had become a killer like he was in his life. He wanted him to be happy. He wanted him to be better than he was. Now they were the same. Surge hated that.

“You don't know how it is....”

“I do,” Tucker interrupted.

“Sorry about that...” Surge forgot in his anger that Tucker's son, Luke was in the war as well. He was now paralyzed from the waist down from it. “How is he doing anyway?”
“Just fine...he's gotten used to it.” Tucker paused for a second. A tear could be seen in his eye.

“I'm sorry for bringing it up.”

“Some children are going to follow in the footsteps of the father even if you try to divert them. Josh will come back to his senses when he realizes that death only leads to more death.”

“I hope that you're right.”

Surge took his seat. Another trainer had entered the gym. Surge readied himself for battle.


Viridian Forest

Josh had to admit, Rex and Romy together was a rather tough opponent. Rex himself wasn't that much of a calculated battler. He was brute force, blunt, and lacked any subtle movements. With Romy aiding him with assistance from both defensively and supplementary through Toxic and Protect, Rex became much more of an issue. He had to rest for a while. The both of them had earned his respect as a battler. Even he had to admit that he was overzealous taking the both of them on in a doubles match. Josh however held his own in the fight.

They had long stopped the sparring match. They didn't want to wear their pokemon out before tonight. But Josh had to admit, it’s been a while since he fought such a great combination. Aegir and Adelle work wonderfully together.

Aegir, the offensive Feraligatr, battled much in the same way as his trainer, Rex. On could tell that he was Rex's Feraligatr, it wore gauntlets, leather armor, and a horned helmet like viking. It also attacked with an ice axe created by an Ice Beam. Rex and Aegir shared the same mannerisms. They both shared a booming laughter, a powerful war cry, and a thrill for battle. Josh had no choice but to acknowledge that Aegir’s and Rex’s battle chemistry even if it was reckless.

Adelle being a Mismagius focused one protecting Aegir with Protect and counter attacking with Toxic. Instead of the normal hue of normal Mismagius, it possessed a hue of the night cloud. Its silvery gray body drifted beside Romy, the white bead necklace clacked against themselves as she did. Just like her master, Adelle was very subtle in attacks. Josh had to stop it from sing its Perish Song several times through the battle. If Romy hadn’t stopped it once, Josh would have indeed had a fainted pokemon right now. Though Josh initially saw this as a sign of weakness, Romy justified the point that a fainted pokemon still has to recover for some time. Adelle and Romy made a great team, in was no mistaking that point.

“The two of you impressed me...” Josh noted.

“You're a pretty tough costumer,” Rex remarked. He had to give what credit was due.

“You've gotten better Romy.”

“You have too.”

Even their conversation was precise. Josh and Romy hardly ever stared at each other. It was like they were angry at each other. Rex knew that something was wrong since her attacks weren’t as precise. Rex wasn't the one to notice small details but after six months with a person, you kind of know there battling style if a person was off. She was holding back and Rex believed Josh noticed that as well.

“What is wrong?” Rex asked.

“Nothing,” Romy smiled.

“She lies...” Josh asked. “You ordered Adelle to unnecessary movements. I know that you are more competent than that,” Josh stared at her. “Especially with the Perish Song.”

Blacktooth the Aerodactyl swooped down and roosted and Josh's shoulder. He was actually the one in question. It was obvious that Adelle knew thunderbolt or thunder since Romy cried it out. It would be the end of the match if she did so but she stopped her attack and aimed it at Helio. A mistake since Helio was a Garchomp thus immune to lightning based attacks all together.

“I know you knew that Helio was a Ground type...” Josh added. His eyes were locked on her.

“Forgot okay,” Romy snapped. “It's done, okay.”

Romy walked up to the Josh's Garchomp, Helio. Though he looked intimidating, Helio was rather friendly. He wasn't like any other Garchomp. He was black and orange compared to the blue and red color of a normal Garchomp. All over his body was broken horns and he even was missing some teeth. The horns on his head was broken completely off of his head so he knit caps, this one happened to be brown. But the signature of the Helio was his goggles; black framed goggles that he kept upon his head and put on his eyes when he was digging. He was a rather unique Garchomp. Romy had taken quite a fondness of him.

“How did you meet Helio...?” Romy asked.

“I found him. He was left by his trainer who had abandoned him for his short comings. I took him in. More like he took the liking of me actually. He followed me everywhere that I went so, I decided to take him with me. He's become more than an asset,” Josh rubbed Helio on his stomach. “Not to mention that he’s become more than just company, but a friend.”

Both Rex and Romy noticed the shine of caring in Josh's eyes. He truly did love his pokemon. Even though Josh himself hadn't showed remorse for the things that he done, he never wanted to drag his pokemon into his killing ways but his couldn't deny their protection either. If he was hit by an attack from a Pokemon, it would be sure death. He had no choice when he ordered his pokemon, and they knew exactly what they had to do.

“I’m sure that Wayne told you, Romy, about what I planned to do to Ergo Gild. Don't get things wrong. I have no remorse for those who done the world wrong. My blood has gone cold and my heart frozen, life means nothing to me. I do not want my Pokemon believe the same way. That part me is where the old Josh thrives. I can't shake some of him off.”

“Maybe you never will...” Romy said as a reflex.

“Perhaps I cannot,” Josh stuffed his fist in his cloak.

Rex and Romy watched Josh along with Helio and Blacktooth exit the forest. Under the dim lights from the canopy of the forest, Josh appeared like a wondering shadows. That is how Romy had viewed him now. Someone that she could see, however never touch. She wanted to cry, but her eyes couldn’t produce the water that she wanted to stream down her face. She turned her face away from Rex, who was trying to view if she was crying or not.

“Are you crying,” Rex nudged her with his elbow.

“I guess...I guess that I have cried too much over him already.”

With that she left the forest as well. “Why do the good girls never fall for the nice guy?” Rex sighed with that thought before heading out of the forest himself.


Author Notes: Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy with Crest of Royals and my newest story that I have yet to name. X_x. At any rate, I have a present for all of you that will be below. It's a promotional picture that I drew. It does however has a spoiler in it; a person in the team that hasn't join yet. O_o So, hope you liked the chapter and like the picture. By the way, there is another Convergent Path (by Nokyo-Chan) reference within the Lt. Surge part. Maybe she will REVIEW MY FAN FICTION SOME TIME! *cough* *cough*. Anyway, see you around.


Legendarian Mistress
November 2nd, 2009, 5:14 PM
Gabriel’s back in Kanto, huh? Interesting, not. Rex has a Bastiodon? I thought they were supposed to be as slow as? Obviously, Rex’s isn’t. Another appearance of Blacktooth got me excited, so I hope you can keep showing him regularly.

(Sorry about the lack of a review yesterday, I feel bad...).

Sgt Shock
November 2nd, 2009, 5:34 PM
Gabriel’s back in Kanto, huh? Interesting, not. Rex has a Bastiodon? I thought they were supposed to be as slow as? Obviously, Rex’s isn’t. Another appearance of Blacktooth got me excited, so I hope you can keep showing him regularly.

(Sorry about the lack of a review yesterday, I feel bad...).

Don't worry about it. :D I'm glad you had the chance to review. Despite being a musclehead (though not muscular at all), Rex trains his pokemon pretty well. They are pretty fast despite their species.

Don't worry, you will see Blacktooth regularly. I try to give all the pokemon equal playing time (aside from Volt because he is the main one and is going to be get a bit more than the others).

I'm glad that you liked it. :)

Sgt Shock
November 3rd, 2009, 5:46 PM
Chapter 6: Waltz of the Bloodied

The sounds of gunshots ran through the halls of the Pokemon Center. Josh watched through the glass windows as shots flung back between the two gangs. The bullets wisped back and forth like they were waltzing to a blood-tinged song. In real life, all battles weren’t settled with just pokemon alone. People were killed using guns as well as attacks from pokemon. It was the merciless reality of things. Blood was spilled; Pokemon and human alike. Pooling and streaming through the very soil of the town to almost every inch of it like a blanket of red snow. It was difficult to watch, yet Josh found himself glued to the battlefield that Viridian had become.

“Ready....” Nurse Joy spoke. She manifested like mist to Josh's side.

“Yes. How can you live in a place like this?” Josh responded.

“You get used to it after a while...”

“I won't allow anyone to live these conditions.”

“There is someone that is in more trouble than I in the world. You cannot be there for everyone...”

“I'm well aware of that. Someone in Sinnoh region might be suffering from an abusive husband or someone in the Johto region might be getting robbed as we speak. I cannot be everywhere. But the places where I am at,” Josh's eyes panned over. “I will stop.”

Josh opened the door of the Pokemon Center. He opened his cloak to reveal his eight pokemon balls. If he had the choice, he would be shooting everyone in this crowd with his sniper rifle. Romy and Rex however disagreed. They wanted to use their pokemon just to diffuse the situation until the police would come. For the sake of his two partners, he chose not to kill the people.

“Bradley. Costello...” Josh pulled out the two pokeball from his cloak and threw them.

Bradley the Metagross and Costello the Empoleon exited from the pokeball. The two massive pokemon were chosen out of all the pokemon in Josh's arsenal for the fact they could handle bullets; impervious to them actually. They would be good protection as well as a good offense. Bradley also had a unique ability to levitate and break apart. If things were to be bad, Josh himself kept a dagger with him as well as a hand pistol. Right now, he had a plan to disarm all of them, so he was unsure if they were needed.

“Good luck out there...” Nurse Joy's voice consumed with worry.

“Do not worry. I will handle it.”

Josh exited the Pokemon City, under the night sky with a blood stained ground.
He pressed the button on the communication device latched on his ear. For a minute, he heard a sleuth of rock music that quickly turned off when he heard Josh's breathing.

“Sorry man, just getting into the zone. Ready?” Rex's voice rang loud and clear.

“Affirmative. Are you?”

“Ready to rock boy. Keep up.”

“That won't be a problem. Romy, are you there?”

“Yes....” her voice rang lightly.

“Are you ready?” Josh responded.

“Ready,” she sounded in firm.

“Operation began.”

Josh released the button. He took a glance towards over the battlefield. The Kanto Killers were holding their ground on the east side of the town while Team Rocket held their ground on the west. From what he could tell, the Kanto Killers had the most variety in pokemon typing while Team Rocket held mostly dark, poison and fire types. Both were going to be pretty difficult to take out with killing someone. Josh rubbed his hand across his head.

“Bradley, disarm the people with Psychic. Rex and Romy cannot close in with their pokemon without it.”

Bradley acknowledged this with its eyes turning purple. The sounds of bullets had stopped as the weapons floated in the air. Many people on both side ordered their pokemon to bring their weapons back with their psychic, but Bradley was equipped with a Psychic Plate instead of his normal Leftovers for this mission. The psychic was much too powerful to stop.

Several Dark Pulses was sent into the air but was stopped completely by a Light Screen. It was soon broke but along with the weapons of the trainer. Josh walked under the raining pieces of shattered weapons. His head was down. He was walking the middle of the place where no one dared had gone. There were bullet shells and gun powder under his feet. He stopped when he was directly in the middle between the two battling parties.

“All of you...” the last piece of weaponry hit the ground. “are under arrested.”

“Who are you,” a commander from Team Rocket cried out.

“Does it matter? He's in the middle of our fight!” a Kanto Killer cried. Everyone, attack.”

A flurry of attack shot from both sides to converse on Josh. A wave of water arose from both sides of Josh. The pressure of the water was strong enough to block the attacks. It was definitely something of a Legendary Pokemon potential. The two rising waves left a small strip of land that allowed Josh to walk easily between the two.

“You are...definitely the King. Costello.”

The Empoleon jumped from the back of the Metagross in the air to be by his trainer's side. Josh smirked and rubbed him on his head. He pressed the communication button on his transmitter.

“Romy...tell Adelle. Thunderbolt.”

As commanded, the pokemon launched a thunderbolt within the sea of water. When it subsided it left only a few survivors. The combination of water and electricity devastated pokemon and trainers. It weeded out the weak, only leaving the stronger to be standing upright. It showed the experience edge for most of them. Those was left were either leaders or higher commanders.

Two men that were still standing from the attack were people that Josh recognized while preparing his message for Gabriel that night at Black Ball. This first that saw was Dusk. He hadn't change much so Josh dismissed him as a not a threat. The man that he was more interested in was a man by the name of Cray Creek. Out of all the people, he did not have a drop of water on the white suit that he boldly dawn to the battle. The figure that Josh found the most intriguing was that his cigar. It was smoldering. One would have assumed that he would have just lit it, but the flame was too ancient and the cigar was too short to say so. It had been smoking before the Surf and obviously smoking after it. It proved that he was the most experienced here.

“Wow. This officer is good...” Dusk remarked.

“You don't recognize him,” Cray took a breath of his cigar. “He's the kid that you fought within Mount Moon.”

“Pleased to see you again, Dusk,” Josh giving a greeting.

“I must battle him!” Dusk said pulling out his pokeball.

“You're not the one I want, Dusk,” Josh pointed at Cray. “I want you.”

Cray did not even break his position. He just stood with his head slightly tilted upward, taking in his cigar smoke. He flicked some of the ashes before clean placing it back within his mouth.

“I have interest in you....but our fight is too premature. Son, handle this.”

“You have an interest in me yet you send your child towards me like a dog. Fight me like a man,” Josh's voice became vicious.

“I said I have an interest in you,” he paused. “I didn't say that you were a challenge. Besides, I did my work here.”

Cray suddenly jumped into the air allowing a large pokemon to catch him. The pokemon that he was riding was cloaked within the shadow of the night. Josh was unsure what it was, yet it was large enough for Cray to sit upon relaxed.

The golden glimmer of Cray’s eyes stayed fixated on Josh as his pokemon continue to ascend further into the sky.

“I like the look in your eyes. Show me more. I might be interested.”

Cray flew off allowing his son to take center stage. Josh stood his ground in front of him disgusted. The look on his face was like glaring at death itself. He snapped his fingertip allowing his two pokemon appeared on his side.

“No Electrabuzz? Volt was it?” Dusk asked.

“He's an Electrivire now and no. I don't want to waste his energy of a weakling like you. Just stand aside.”

“I wouldn't get cocky,” Dusk pulled the cliché comment to make he look cool.

“I don't even have to let you get your pokemon out. I can kill your right here....” Josh stated. Dusk's hand shook.

“Y-you wouldn't.”

“You better chose now. Before I kill you,” Josh pressured.

“Terror, Bandit!”

The Dusknoir from before as well as a new pokemon exited their pokeballs. The new pokemon was a Banette. The smaller and more mischievous ghost stood ready for its master to take its master command. That was until he saw Josh's eyes. It quaked in fear as well. Until then, Dusk did not know that Ghost-pokemon held fear as an emotion. But like nothing he had ever seen, the pokemon stood there; frozen like a statue.

“I'll make this quick. I don't want to keep my partners waiting.”

“DON'T LOOK DOWN ON ME. Terror, Fire Punch the Metagross.”

Terror disappeared to only appear before the Metagross. It threw a Fire Punch towards the pokemon, only for Costello to block it away easily in his partners stead. It counterattacked without Josh even saying anything with Metal Claw. Bradley followed with a powerful Shadow Ball sending the Dusknoir flying. Josh watched as the Dusknoir fainted, leaving the Banette traumatized. He stared at Dusk for a little longer. One move made his pokemon faint. How could he compete with something like that?

“Bandit...use....” he at a loss of words. He wanted to say Shadow Sneak. But, he couldn't.

“Sword Dance, Aqua Jet, Shadow Claw....”

The pokemon processed the attack string so efficiently leaving the Banette in a worst shape that the Dusknoir. Josh seemed apathetic towards either of the pokemon and approached Dusk. He was about to send another pokeball out, but Josh's hand clasped tightly on his wrist. Josh twisted his wrist.

“You lost. You're weaker than me now. Drawing this out would be a waste of my efforts,” Josh spoke. But it didn't feel like Josh was speaking at all. Dusk couldn't remember the last voice that sounded so cold.”

Josh tossed Dusk by his wrist to the ground. He began to walk away but not before he heard another pokeball being expanded. Josh quickly turned around and drew his pistol. Josh clutched on hand around the man's wrist while pressing the pistol to his forehead.

“Game over. You lost. Unless you want death your game over,” Josh pressed the pistol harder. He has done it before; he wasn't scared of doing it again.

Before Josh could get a response, Dusk had fainted himself. Josh looked down upon his condescendingly. He hated cowards. He left he were he was. He probably wasn't going to wake for some time.

“How is the battle over there, Romy?”

“You're finished?” Romy said in shock.

“Pretty much. Cray got away,” Josh added.

“Ah. Rex is battling. I've taken out many of the high guards though. It would better if you stayed out of Rex's way though. He's pretty careless in battle of his surroundings.”
“I wasn't planning on interfering. A man's battle is a man's battle.”

As soon as he finished that sentence, a tree came crashing down. Josh hung his head slightly. If reckless had a face, Rex would be the spokesperson. He was basically taking out houses, trees, and pokemon alike with his attacks. The serving leader of Kanto Killer was having quite a time dodging all of the attacks from his Rhyperior. The attacks wasn't fast, they were just random leaving the man guessing. Before he knew it, the man's pokemon was head deep and fainted within a pile of rocks and debris. Rex soon ordered his Rhyperior to capture the leader in a Rock Tomb as well, trapping him safely within it.

“Now…you're under arrest, bub,” Rex said smiling.

“I'm guessing....subtle isn't in your dictionary...” Josh said walking up.

“Subtle. *%[email protected] that....”

“Could you hold back just a tad in town? Look at all the damage that you created,” Josh stated.

Rex looked around for a couple of seconds. He didn't notice that he was tearing down so much. He gave an earth shaking laughter before talking again.

“Well. Damn. I was sober this time,” Rex said scratching his head.

“Who is going to pay for this?” Josh asked.

“I guess that's coming out of my pay check. I'm expecting an e-mail on the cost,” Rex sighed.

Romy walked from out of the shadows of the forest and she too observed the damage.

“You were sober this time...” she said. “At least you too are talking.”

“I guess we are...” Rex glanced over to Josh. He was looking at the Kanto Killers' leader that Rex had captured.

Josh went to him and knelt down to her. The man stared up at Josh with his glassy eyes. He had his teeth clinched as Josh began knocking on the Rock Tomb. A rock beside the prisoner fell causing him to squeal loudly.

“Listen...” Josh started. “I strongly advise you stay still while we talk...”

“Yes.....” the man voice was low. Beads of sweat were dripping from his graying hair.
“I want to know all you have to say about the Kanto Killers and Team Rocket. Or...” Josh flicked the dagger out of his pocket. “I'll start with your fingers.”

“O-kay...o-kay. I'll tell.”

“And here I was thinking I'll get to be the bad cop,” Rex folded his arms.

“You've been the bad cop too long anyway,” Romy added.

“But he makes me look like I'm wimp. My freakin' masculinity is at stake here.”

“Shut up for a moment...” Romy snapped. “We have to listen what this guy is squealing about.”

The three of them went on the listen to the man talking about the murder of their leader as well as other complications they have had with Team Rocket. They thought they would settle it here but obviously Team Rocket had seen it coming leading to this bloody warfare. Somewhere in between it got out to the police, allowing the three of them to handle it accordingly. An interesting side note was the P.E.T project. Until recently, the Kanto Killers had been selling pokemon limbs and swell as full-fledged pokemon to Team Rocket. But as always things got heated when business was involved. Kanto Killers had planned to stop selling to Team Rocket for a higher paying Team Galatic and was about to announce it the night of Black Ball. As a rebuttal, Team Rocket hired Gabriel to send a message to Kanto Killers. It was a horrible mess but in fact Josh himself was very much involved. His hands were the one that was drenched in Vincent's blood.
When the man by the name of Lexington finished speaking, Josh showed no glimmer of emotion. He raised his hand to knock down the one of the rock that held the Rock Tomb up but was stopped by the Rhyperior himself. The Rhyperior had Josh in somewhat of a bear hug, forcing him to stop completely.

“Dude...” Rex stated. “The man told you everything he knew. Killing him would have no point.”

“Can this pokemon release me now? I'm losing circulation...” Josh stated.

“Gramlock, you can stop now it now,”

Gram released the lock on Josh, dropping him down lightly. Josh dusted his pants off and headed back to the pokemon center. But before then, he took a gander at Romy. She did not seem to notice him. It was an unexplained silence between them.

“I respect you as an officer....” Romy began. “I'm not sure as a person anymore.”

“Didn't I tell you before...honor...is just a word to me now,” Josh answered.

“But like you said. There is a part of you that won't melt away either. I'm banking on that part, Josh.”

“Well!” Rex roared loudly. “I think we had enough for today.”

Romy took her leave ahead of Josh leaving Rex and Josh alone. Rex gave a slight smirk.

“I don't see why she digs you so much....” Rex added.

“I don't see it either,” Josh noted.

“So you aren't blind. That's good to know,” Rex shrugged. “Time for beer,” he added.

“Rex, wait...”

Josh kind of stared at Rex for some time. Rex cocked an eye. He honestly had planned to just leave to the bar. It was rather upsetting to have that interrupted for the moment.

“You....understand her more than me now,” Josh spoke. “Can you understand me?”

“Honestly, I thought you hated me,” Rex shrugged.

“You're different....” Josh added.

“But honestly. You need to prioritize what do you care about more? Protecting people or eradicating the world of criminals. Though is sound relatively the same...” Rex nodded, they did sound the same. “Protecting people does not always involving killing, dude. People can change. All people aren't evil. If they were, they would be no innocence.”

“How can you say that?”

“Because my dad...wasn't perfect, he made mistakes,” Rex smiled. “Good night man.”

“Good night...” Josh held his head down. He didn't know what to think.

“Figure out if you want to be a douche or not so I can figure if I can like you.”

For the first time in a while, Josh smiled. Not one of demise or satisfaction of a victory but a smile. Rex from the corner of his eyes saw this. He smirked. There was something left in this kid after all. It was just his desire for his perfect world that made him what he was. Rex would just have to accept that.


“Have you heard...?” Fleur starting the conversation.

“Obviously not since you're asking, do you mind telling me,” Gabriel pressed his hand against his face.

“Raijin, Romy, and another person managed to take down members of both Kanto Killers and Team Rocket last night. Effortlessly at that....” Fleur said taking her seat beside Gabriel.

“That would explain why we cannot seem the find the group. I'm getting tired of waiting...” Gabriel brushed the bangs of his hair from his face.

“I'm surprised that no one has noticed us,” Fleur crossed her legs. “I mean I'm sure the International Police knows something about you.”

“I assume that they do...” Gabriel laughed lightly. “But they can't touch me...”

“Why is that?” Fleur asked.

“I'm famous and I have resources. I can slip through their hands any time that I want. But that doesn't change the fact that I'm BORED.”

Fleur took a sip of her coffee. She had to admit, he hadn't been touched this long so why now? But picking a fight with a group of police officers was dumb even if Romy was the one targeted as well. Gabriel was the master trickster and could get around anything. Though effeminate, he was dangerous in battle. It was almost scary. But the truly scary was when his eyes turned black at Seafoam Island. She hadn't truly thought about that since then. But those eyes never left her mind's eye.

“Why did your eyes turn black at Seafoam Island,” Fleur asked.

“Oh. That's a secret...” Gabriel said staring from the corner of his eye. He brought his tea to his lips.

“I guess that is okay,” Fleur took another sip.

“But truly....”

Gabriel line of vision swerved when he saw a familiar looking man walk into the Pokemon Center. He took another sip of his tea. It was that man from Cinnabar Island that one time. Justice was his name. But Gabriel had long learned his real name. His real name was Colden Darke. He was one of the veteran officers of K.R.P.D, hailing from Ecruteak City. He appeared to be rather different than the last time they met though. From the inclinations earlier, Gabriel had thought was younger. But that inclination was long gone. He appeared to be his age; forty-eight.

“Fleur stay down...” Gabriel remarked.

“That's that Justice guy.”

“Colden Darke,” Gabriel smiled while keeping his voice down.

Colden swung open the gray trench coat, pulling out eight pokeballs. Gabriel watched Colden place his pokemon on the desk of the Pokemon Center. He suspiciously watched Nurse Joy as she placed them within the healing chamber. At one point, Gabriel thought that Colden had seen him, but he kept his cool. Though unsure if Colden actually saw him, Gabriel took this time to cleanly escape from the man's sight. Fleur just stood up and left.

“Why did we leave?” Fleur asked. “You handle Officer Guerrero and Darke before. Why not now?”

“Believe me. Officer Darke isn't someone to pick a fight with. He's homicide police. He's probably the one after me the most at this point.”

“Besides Josh and most likely Raijin,” Fleur added.

Gabriel smiled broadly. He had long figured out who Raijin was, he was surprised Fleur hasn't. It didn't really occur to Gabriel until recently actually. Josh was the legendary officer of Sinnoh, Raijin. Figuring it out wasn't that hard. They shared many of the same traits. He did state that he would give all his emotions to kill him. He did very much that with the resume that he complied, written in the blood of his enemies. Raijin was Josh wasn’t two people, they were one.

Fleur while waiting for Gabriel to speak began doing her makeup. She was applying lipstick with the aid of her small pocket mirror when Gabriel spoke.

“Raijin...” Gabriel started. “Is Josh.”

As soon as he finish, Fleur's lipstick suddenly lost direction and smudged into her cheek all the way to her ear. She placed the top on the lipstick and cleaned her face with a handkerchief. She smiled.

“Come again,” Fleur asked.

“Josh is Raijin. They are the same person,” Gabriel expression didn't appear to change.

“That's an interesting turn,” Fleur wiping the remaining lipstick from her face.

“I always do research on my victims...” Gabriel said nodded.

“Victim,” Fleur questioned. “You are going to be in for a fight, Gabriel.”

“We will see...” Gabriel cocked his head and smiled.

“Raijin and his party are coming back from Viridian. K.R.P.D is heading out handle all the arrest...”

Gabriel and Fleur looked over their shoulders to see the Jiro jumped down from Fleur's Honchkrow, Concetto. Fleur's beautiful blue eyes stared at Jiro and wrapped her arms around his stomach as he came down. Gabriel assumed them to be an item now. They surely acted like one.

“I've missed you,” Fleur spoke.

“I've missed you too,” Jiro said staring down.

“And I'm going to miss lunch if you two keep going,” Gabriel smiled. “But good work nevertheless. No wonder security been kind of low.” Honesty, aside from the fact of Officer Darke, no one else seemed to be around.

“Don't think we are going to have to wait much longer,” Fleur said as she looked over her shoulder.

“No. I saw them from Route 5.”

“Should we fight them upon arrive,” Fleur asked.

“I have a better idea,” Gabriel mentioned.

Legendarian Mistress
November 3rd, 2009, 5:52 PM
WOW!! SS, that chapter absolutely rocked! Rhyperior, well, it's another of my favourites. You're doing an excellent job. And it looks as though the tension between Josh and Gabriel is intensifying.

Sgt Shock
November 8th, 2009, 2:43 PM
Chapter 7: Out of the Frying Pan...

To: 7_ReX_r04r @ Pokenet.com
Subject: Thanks.

We will like to thank you for all the hard work that you did protecting our town. However, much of the damage that you could have cause could have been easily avoided thus needs to be paid for. Luckily, we have much of it paid for so you will only need to pay about $230 of the cost. Have it repaid by Friday of this week. Thanks for the helping with the cost and we thank you incredibly for helping us with Team Rocket and Kanto Killers. Have a nice day, Officer Cordell and good luck in your future endeavors.

Viridian City Mayor Office


Rex slammed the can of his beer on his computer desk. At least it wasn't as bad as when he went streaking in the middle of Cerulean City. Of course, he was completely hammered, but they didn't take that as an excuse. He slumped slightly as he clicked the window off to bring him back to his desktop of a group of Vikings sailing the sea. He cut his laptop off after that. I guess he wasn't going out this Friday.

He rubbed on Ace, whom was wrapped around his neck. With his other hand, picked his beer before he stood up. He headed to his kitchen where Josh and Romy was sitting at. Surprisingly, Josh had made the breakfast as well as fixed a plate for Rex. He took the seat beside Rex and picked up his fork.

“This isn't some war ration substitute is it,” Rex couldn't stop his impulse for asking.

“No...” Josh said. “That would be better than what was found in your refrigerator,” he added.

“Well...I kind of haven't had the money to buy grocery. I normally go out to eat,” Rex rubbed his head.

“So how much this one is going to cost you,” Romy asked as she placed a piece of egg in her mouth.

“230....” Rex slumped as his visualized himself writing that check.

“At least it wasn't a thousand like the streaking incident,” Romy sipped her orange juice quickly trying to mask a smirk.

“HEY. Don't speak about that,” Rex's face turned beet red.

“Streaking...incident...” Josh's face transformed to complete confused.

“Rex, drunk as fish, went out into Cerulean City with on top of Sebastian completely naked. Of course he got arrested, but his aunt came to his rescue for him not to get jailed.”

“Yeah....thanks Romy. Now I'm embarrassed,” Rex said lowly.

“I feel sorry for Sebastian,” Josh mentioned as he sipped his orange juice.

“Oh. He was drunk too. So he didn't mind,” Rex smiled.

“You really need to lay off the alcoholic beverage,” Romy mentioned, while she eyed the half-filled can of beer.

“Okay....” she did have a point. “Can you pour this out, buddy,” Rex’s voice almost cracked with sadness.

The Sandslash nodded before he took the can carefully with its claws. It then jumped off of Rex's shoulders to waddle to the sink. Once at the base, he jumped upon the sink. He poured the liquid out of the can, and threw it always. It returned to its master shoulders to be greeted with a strip of bacon.

“Good job, Ace,” Rex said petting Ace.

“I'm surprised you did this is voluntarily....” Romy said taking a bite of her omelet thereafter.

“I have guest over. I can't be drinking.”

“It didn't stop you from opening it in the first place,” Josh sipped another small amount of orange juice.

“You are heading towards douche fast...” Rex said picking some bacon and stuffing bundle of coiled meat in his mouth.

For a while, it was sort of a silence amongst the three of them. Rex, despite being the last to get there finished his food. To top it all of that, he gulped down his orange juice quickly.

“Did you taste the food?”

“Yeah....do you have more?” Rex asked.

“On the stove,” Josh said pointed without turning around.

Rex got up once again, to head to the plate of food on the stove. Yet something caught his eye while he was there. It was an unusual smoke coming from other side of the town. He stuffed some food in his mouth before staring outside more closely. It was coming from the general direction of K.R.P.D center. Rex's face contorted.

“Guys....” Rex's mouth was still filled with food leaving the words to be halted.

“Repeat that,” Romy said finally finishing her omelet.

“There are smoke coming from in the city.”

“What?” Josh stood up.

“I think it’s coming from the K.R.P.D center.”

“Katrine is still there...” Romy said standing up now as well.

“Things just get from bad to worst...”

“Looks like they are heading this way,” Fleur adjusted her binoculars. “They are running like there's a fire. Oops. There is.”

“This isn't the plan I would have chosen,” Jiro added.

“Not everyone is as sweet as you,” Fleur took her eyes away from the binoculars. “Some of us just prefer to be sour.”

“Is that what makes us a good combination?” Jiro asked.

“I presume that's right.”

“Shouldn't we be heading back?”

“Wonderful,” Fleur's eyes was now locked upon the trio. “That’s just wonderful.”

Fleur pressed the zoom on the golden binoculars towards Romy, who was running beside the other two men. She was more than excited now--her face showed it. Her red lips seemingly curved upward forming a beautiful, but sneaky little smile. Jiro himself wasn't particularly glaring at anyone. But he couldn't help but noticing the person that he would probably be fighting, Rex. He showed no particular emotion towards him. He would just be an opponent to hold him off.

“I might be able to get my money back from Gabriel...” Fleur stated. “Especially if I kill her myself,” Fleur smiled.

“Our orders weren't to kill from my memory, Fleurette.”

“Oh, I know. It will be an accident,” Fleur smiled.

Jiro formed a half smile. He really hated the thought of Fleur's delicate hands killing anything. However if she wished to do it, he was powerless to stop it.

Fleur placed down her binoculars finally to pull out her white cell phone. She began pressing the keys to push it to her ear. She smiled towards Jiro as the phone rang.

“Are you done, down there?” Fleur asked before the person on the other line could even speak.

“Wow that was rude...” it was Gabriel.

“Well are you?” Fleur asked again.

“You see smoke don't you. Or do I have to add a bit more to it,” Gabriel asked.

“Oh it’s just fine. If it’s burning to the ground...” Fleur smiled.

“Well. Goodbye. I'm going to be having guest soon.”

“Good...” Fleur's eyes traveled Jiro. “We have a guest we have to attend to too.”

Fleur flipped the phone back down, placed it back in her pocket. Thereafter, she pulled out a pokeball. She threw it within the air allowing the force to open itself. The beautiful Pidgeot shot from out of the pokeball. Jiro helped Fleur upon the back of Angel.

“Jiro, aren't you coming?” Fleur asked picking up her binoculars as she did so.

“I'm walking. It's no need for me to bog down your Pidgeot.”

“She doesn't mind. Do you Angel?” Fleur remarked. The Pidgeot sang astounding confirmation.

“She's way too small for me. I prefer to walk...” Jiro smiled. It was very much the truth. He did prefer to walk. It just consumed more time than flying.

“Okay. Don't be late,” Fleur stated.

She flew off towards the area of the smoke. She looked back towards the Jiro as her and Angel went higher into the sky. “He is too good for a person like me.” Fleur sighed as she took her binoculars to gaze at Jiro beneath them. He was smiling. “Way too good for me.” She pried her eyes away from his, yanking her attention to the deed at hand.


“Are we here too late?”

“No. You’re here on time.”

“Figured...it was you...”

“The same can go for you, Josh.

The conversation melted with the flames. This was the first time in six months that they had met eyes. Hate. All other words lacked feeling—or meaning for that matter. They just stared at each other. Nothing was spoken after the initial conversation. The flames that consumed that building behind them filled the void of the silence with its crackling. Josh's eyes lost all luster in them. The black clouds that consumed his heart was now dripping it his eyes. He couldn't stand even looking into Gabriel's face.

“You're Raijin, Josh...” Gabriel's voice spoke each word with a separately—consumed by the spaces in between.

“Who ordered you to do this, Gabriel?” Josh's voice was diamond. It had every right to be.

“I did this...on my own accord.”

Gabriel turned towards the burning building. He opened the palm of his hand and waved it with the motion of the blazes. He seemed absolute stunned by its deathly beauty. His eyes narrowed.

“Your friend is the only one alive within the building...” Gabriel mentioned. “I personally killed everyone else. Too bad the main officers were there. That would have hurt you hard...”

“Who the HELL this guy think he is, dammit?” Rex roared.

“He's going to be dead.”

“Alright...if you battle me and win, your co-worker in there won't die. But you have to win.”

“Josh we will handle the person,” Romy said beginning to run towards the building.

“I'll come too.”

Rex and Romy shot ran past Gabriel in almost a blur. He did manage to catch a glimpse of Romy's eyes as she pasted. Romy’s eyes traced his very outline as she ran past him within the millisecond. If she had the choice, she would have killed him right there. Gabriel, seeing this contempt in her eyes, flashed shorten smile before stepping forward to confront Josh. They were about to be locked in a life or death situation.

“Now I can handle you accordingly.”

“I wouldn’t be too sure, Joshua,” Gabriel waved his finger.

Out of nowhere, a stream of water and a powerful blue blast stopped Romy and Rex respectively at door of the flaming building. Romy turned around seeing a rather familiar face while Rex folded his arms viewing his possible opponent.

“It’s been some time, Romy,” Fleur pressed her hand on his hip. “So long, hasn’t it.”

“Oh look. A wild nobody appeared,” Romy shook her head.

“HOW DARE YOU MOCK ME?!?” Fleur erupted. “Demetrio! HYPER BEAM!”

Demetrio was a Gyrarados which more than intimidating even without the twilight colored beam coming from his mouth. Rex and Romy was forced to dodge it, sending the beam flying through the glass doors of the burning building. Rex tried to make his way back to Romy to be met by yet another blue orb. He clinched his teeth when as he turned back to see Jiro and his Lucario standing firmly.

“Who are you?” Rex roared.

“Jiro Shiba and I am your opponent. I do not wish to be so please will you stand down”

“The hell if I am...”


“Why are you with them? You don't seem like killer man.”

“I'm protecting the ones that I care about. My friend and my....” he stared at Romy.

“You're willingly to put one of our friends on the line to protect yours.”

“I'm willing to do what it takes,” Jiro voice was monotonous and stoic.

“Then I have no choice, Yggdrasil. Show him how we rock.”

Gabriel turned his face as soon as Rex sent out his Torterra and then again when Romy sent out her Absol, Kain. Gabriel turned towards Josh now. He still hasn’t chosen his pokemon.

“Katrine....” Gabriel started. “She is begging for your help. You're...” Gabriel's eyes looked to the flames, “on borrowed time.”

“You don't understand...I've been waiting for this. Too bad I won't have time...” Josh smiled. “To soak it all in. “

“You don't have much time.”

“I don't need it.”

Josh sent out his pokemon quickly, he already had chosen the pokemon that he wanted to use long before this began. It crash into the ground and from blinding white light, a white pokemon exited. It gracefully drifted to its trainers side. From the top of their body from the bottom of it was pure white and it would appear to be human on many different occasions. Its body was like it was wearing a white kimono with ice crystals jutting from his body; around its waist was an purple obi-like portion. The entire eye was green unlike most with has a yellow sclera and blue iris. It was a Frolass.

“Wow...beautiful pokemon...” Gabriel admitted.

“It’s only fitting that a person like you be defeated by the something that marvels beauty. I thought it would be irony.”

“Don't be too sure. It’s an Ice Type,” Gabriel obviously had the advantage.

“Then go and try.”

“You brought this to yourself.

“Stop stalling...” Josh roared. “You've taken everything away from me. Everything thought from me. So if you aren’t going to pick then die!”

With that word, the Froslass shot a powerful ice beam towards Gabriel way forcing him to block with his own fire. He barely even did that since he had to deter it. He shrugged his shoulders. With that the building began to collapse.

“Are you heartless enough to battle me while your friend is about to burn to death?”

Josh stopped. He never had been this torn. There were many things that he did in his life that he had regretted. He didn't want this to be one of them. Though he hated it, he revolved his life around this moment. He wanted to bring justice to the injustice. But now, just now, things felt different. Was he really going to jeopardize a person that trusted him with his own greed?

“Make your decision...” Gabriel stated. “Me...or your friend.”

Josh dashed past Gabriel towards the burning building, but not before dodging a Blaze Kick. The Blaziken stood in front the building, her arms folded. In the end, this wasn’t a decision that he could make. He would have to fight Gabriel to get through even if he wanted to save Katrine. Everything was banking on this battle. But was it the time?


“No. Officer Surge, I have this handled!”

A man in the gray trench coat suddenly appeared along with his Infernape beside him. The man fixed the tie around his neck as he looked over towards Josh. The blackness of his eyes seemed to be dull against the whiteness of his skin. He swept back his hair along with stroking his chin. He took a small lollipop out of his mouth. It slammed into the ground sending red crystals everywhere. The man took a step forward, crushing the red crystals underneath his feet.

“I've lost a friend because I was obsessed with the mission once. Don't make the same mistakes.”

“Officer Darke...” Gabriel cocked his head, clinching his teeth as he did so.

“Now leave. Do not let those dark clouds get the best of you from making this decision,” Colden nodded towards Josh. “Remember Gabriel...” Colden took his stance. “You address me as Justice. Officer Surge, Go.”

Josh quickly returned Xue back to her pokeball. He stormed within the building to combat the flames. Now a battle was raging inside of the building and out of it. The outside a battle of Colden, Rex, and Romy against Gabriel, Jiro, and Fleur was starting; while on the inside would be Josh against the time alone.


Everything that Josh's remembered about the center was now engulfed in flames. He couldn’t take a step forwards without taking in some of the black fumes. The flames had engulfed everything that he once knew. It made Josh hate him more, more than ever had. But the objective had nothing to do with Gabriel, yet had all to do with him, Katrine was trapped somewhere within here.

“Costello,” Josh brought his arm to his mouth.

With his free arm, Josh threw the pokeball on the ground causing the Empoleon to come out once again. Costello looked from the side of its eye and folded its flippers. It had already assessed the situation. Ever since it was a Piplup in the Sinnoh region, it had been vastly superior than most. For that same reason, it was exiled from its friends and family. It dubbed itself the King of All Seas. Though conceded in every sense of the word, he lived up to that name, time and time again.


“Yes milord...” even his subconscious voice sounded as though he should be the one being addressed higher.

“Assist me with these flames.”

“Why else would you beckon me, milord?”

Costello stretched its arms, allowing water to swirl around his feet. Costello unleashed a powerful wave to douse the flame enough for Josh can make it through easily. Josh had a good inclination in where Gabriel would have put Katrine. It was his way of mocking him. “Go down that hallway and it should be the fourth door on the right...” Josh whispered to himself. Josh's head turned to the hallway that stretched to the right of the receptionist desk. He dashed towards the hallway while Costello remained surfing slightly on the water that it had created.

“How do you know where she is at, milord?” Costello asked.

“He recommended this place to me. He probably knows it....” Josh added.

“Gabriel?” Costello answered.

“Ironic isn't it”

“Quite definitely.”

Josh could feel the warmth of the flames getting stronger. Sweating had poured from his forehead as he stared at the now burning pictures of the past chiefs. As Josh had expected, the flames was coming from the same place where this had all started. “LOUNGE.” The black plate with traced with gold paint sat on the ground virtually untouched by the fire. Josh's eyes faded to black.

“Costello...Metal Claw on the door.”

“Yes Master...”

Costello took center stage, quickly cutting the flaming door. Josh busted into the lounge to find Katrine tied to the large table within the middle of the room. She had been hurt. It was obvious since her face was covered with blood; she was pinned down by Razor Leaves. Her eyes were closed as though she was sleeping but her lung did not seem to move. Her light brown hair was sprawled against the wooden table, showing her face had lost all of its color. Her blood washed the table with an unsightly stain. This is what Josh is wanted to stop. This is what Josh hated. This is why emotions were worthless. In the end, someone that wasn't involved is going to get hurt. In the end, someone is going to be involved. A friend, a coworker, a family member, a pokemon were all at risk. Monsters needed monsters to stop them. This is the point that he wanted to get across.

Josh ran to Katrine's side. He pried the Razor Leaves from around her wrist and ankles. He took her on his shoulders and was about to leave when the building started to shake. This building was about to fall—with Josh and Katrine within it. Tiles began to tumble from the ceiling and Josh began hearing the foundation of building crack from the pressure. Not only was that, the fumes of the flames finally getting to him. He clinched his teeth. “It's not going to end like this...”


“The building, it’s coming down.”

As though it was obeying Romy's order, the building itself came tumbling into the ground, tier by tier. The stone from the top of the building crashed within the roof and the entire building imploded in itself. Romy's eyes had widened when she saw the building fall to the ground as the flame consumed it.

“Dementrio! Hyper Beam, Honey!” Fleur shouted.

Romy involuntary dodged the beam. She just stared at the burning rumble of building. Two of her friends were in the building. She didn’t know what to think at the moment. “Are they dead?” “They can’t be dead.” “Why…?” Romy clutched her arms tightly with that thought.


On command, the blade upon the Absol's head charged with lightning. It swung its head causing a large bolt of lightning to shoot into the sky and back down to hit the Gyarados with a double super effective blow. The attack also sent Fleur reeling backwards, eventually leading her to fall on her back. She returned her fainted pokemon to its pokeball and suddenly lunged at Romy. Romy dodged it causing her to fall on her face.

“Why can't I beat you? Tell me...” Fleur's eyes filled with tears of anger.

Romy didn't even answer the question. Instead, quickly she ran to the pile of flaming rubble that was once the K.R.P.D building. She was stopped by Rex's large arm even though he was focused on his battle with Jiro. Romy struggled to get past the massive arm that stretched out in front of her but couldn't. She fell to her knees in tears.

“The man risked his life to save our friend...” Rex spoke. “The least that we can do is to fight our opponent.”

“Well said...” Jiro took a step forward.

“That doesn't mean I'm not going to whoop your ass for hurting my friends.”

“Just try...” Jiro said. “Tarvik, Ice Punch.”

“Enough of this, Yggdrasil. Hit ‘em with an Earthquake!”

“No,” Romy cried out.

“Don't worry. Yggdrasil's earthquakes won't disturb the rubble,” Rex assured. Yggdrasil, the Torterra, was only careful pokemon that Rex had on his team. Rex had sense enough to use him.

Whilst the Tarvik closed in towards Yggdrasil with the Ice Punch, Yggdrasil responded with a powerful Earthquake. The both pokemon was sent flying and both fainted from the blow. Jiro and Rex returned their pokemon.

“That Lucario could have dodged that....” Rex thought. “What are you trying to pull?”

“Find your friend....”


With that, Jiro walked towards Fleur to scoop her off the ground. He then returned Tarvik back to his pokeball before walking off. Jiro brushed the tears from Fleur's face. She was still crying so he was there to comfort her.

“Aren't you going to help your friend?”

“We've done our job...” Jiro added.

“You were just trying to hold us off.”

“That's the generally idea. I didn't like it. It was underhanded trickery. I hope to have a clean battle with you someday.”


Jiro gave a half smile before seemingly disappearing leaving Gabriel and Colden still fighting.

Colden was fighting to par or even better with Gabriel. Gabriel's Zuri couldn't even keep the pace with the blows from Colden's Infernape, Vulcan. The grayness of its fur and its fading redness of its flames was evident that the Infernape was definitely an older one. Then why was Zuri having such a hard time keeping up? It was almost frustrating.

“Double Kick, Zuri!” Gabriel shouted.

“Naive, son, try harder,”

Zuri performed the Double Kick beautifully yet it was easily dodged by its elder Infernape. The mistake did not go unpunished. Vulcan attacked with a flurry of Mach Punches, followed by a powerful Close Combat to send Zuri flying. It crashed into the ground but stood up soon after. It wiped the blood from her mouth; then cleaned its feathers from dust.

“I'm assuming we had enough fun for today. Zuri, return,” Gabriel withdrew Zuri.

“So you're not going to resist arrest.”

“I didn't say anything about being arrested,” Gabriel's finger tips were ignited with flames. “Au revior.”

Gabriel waved the fingertips sending a stream of flames towards Colden and Vulcan. Vulcan quickly pushed the flames away from his master only to find that Gabriel was gone. Colden clinched his teeth.

“Good job,” Colden rubbed the back of his Infernape. “You're getting too old for this.”

Vulcan gave a look basically saying, likewise, before Colden sent him back to his pokeball. Colden approached the rumble that was now the K.P.RD center. Colden stood proudly in front of the rumble. It had been his home for years now. It was sad to see it go. But more importantly, Officer Surge as well as Katrine was still within the building when it fell. They were probably nothing more than broken bones right now. Colden shook his head.

The sounds of the fire engines finally made it to the scene. The fire fighters quickly began working on the flames while Romy watched. The streams of water rushed towards the flames trying to keep it down, the water fell in conjunction with Romy's tears. It soon came to the point that they had to use water pokemon to stop the flames from spreading any further than it already did. Rex however was giving more than the firemen and women could handle with a mouthful for their tardiness.

“Josh...” Romy spoke lowly.

“I'm sorry...” Rex stated finally ending the harassment of the firemen’s ears. “I should have gone in...”

“No...no you shouldn't...”

“She's right...” Colden added. “You wouldn't have done any better.”

The firefighters sudden stopped spraying when the rubble began to move suddenly. The rubble exploded-- showing a large green shield. When the last rock crashed into the ground, Josh with Katrine tightly in clutched in his arms was revealed. Josh himself was surrounded by his eight pokemon; the pokemon were holding up the eight layered Protect that shielded them. It was obvious that Josh had gone through a fire since most of his clothes seemed charred, but he didn't have any major damage. Josh stumbled forwards allowing the safeguard to fade into beautiful shards.

“He's alive...” Romy tears stopped.

“And badass...” Rex added.

Josh had long lost consciousness yet his willpower alone kept him standing. Rex quickly leaped over the rubble to catch the two people before they fell on the ground. “Man...I hate how cool you are. But damn, you did the right thing.” Rex noted.

“Get the paramedics...!” Colden shouted. “That kid...what is he?”


Author Notes: I just want to give the whole poke.net thing credit to Nokyo-chan. It is all over her fan fiction. Check it out.

November 9th, 2009, 4:09 PM
wow. WOW. I have to say, this is one of your best chapters.

Sgt Shock
November 10th, 2009, 7:33 AM
wow. WOW. I have to say, this is one of your best chapters.

Wow. Thanks. :) I didn't know that you were reading, I'm glad that you are.

November 10th, 2009, 3:35 PM
Wow. Thanks. :) I didn't know that you were reading, I'm glad that you are.

Your very welcome! I have to say, this is one of the BEST fan fictions i've read.

Sgt Shock
November 10th, 2009, 3:41 PM
Your very welcome! I have to say, this is one of the BEST fan fictions i've read.

Thanks a lot for the encouragement. ^_^ It is a pleasure to have readers around.

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November 12th, 2009, 11:34 AM
Chapter 8: Spiraling Madly

“Have they awoken yet?” Romy folded her arms waiting for the nurse to speak.

“Yes. The both of them have. They will recover.”

“Can I see one of them?”

“Katrine's father is with her at the moment, so Josh should be open.”

“I will, thank you,” Romy bowed.

Romy had come accustomed to these white walls, even she herself had to come here after a couple of missions. But, this hospital always reminded her of the time that she came to visit Josh, to find that he wasn't here. That was her biggest fear even now. Even though she clutched a different assortment of flowers; in her eyes they looked the same as the ones that was meant for him the first time. She could feel her heart pounding and pounding.

“Hey Romy!”

Rex suddenly took her side. She gave a faded smile. She wanted this time with Josh to herself. However, she did not know that Rex had already assessed that. He gave a half smile.

“Romy...I wanted to ask you a question...”

“What?” Romy panicked. If he was about to ask her out, she didn't know what to say. It was probably a no. She clutched the flowers.

“Do you think I have a chance with Katrine?” Rex asked. Romy sighed in relief.

“You and her dad have a lot in common....” Romy started. “and she has been...quite fond of you.”

“Aw...I should have saved her....I mean I have water pokemon. I'm such a screw up. That's probably another one that probably fall in love with Josh,” Rex covered his mouth after saying that.

“Say what?” Romy yelled in her head. “So like me?” Romy smiled.

“That did NOT mean to come out. Yeah, but I think Josh is meant for you.”

Romy heart lunged out her chest like a Tauros. “What? You think...”

“Yeah. You two make a fine couple although you're missing out on this,” Rex pointed to himself and smiled. “But I learned that I really like Katrine and her dad really likes me, so....I hope she does.”

“Seeing you like a love sick puppy is rather out of character for you.”

“Shut the hell up,” Rex said as he began heading the direction of Katrine's room.

“Wayne's in her room right now, you might have to wait,” Romy shouted.

“I'm okay with that...”

He went as quickly as he approached leaving Romy alone again. She had to admit, she would have liked him if her heart wasn't stolen by Josh. But at this moment was that even a choice. He has been kind of wrapped up with this police thing and he did say that—she hung her head. He did say that he couldn't feel for someone anymore, love someone anymore. She found herself in a maelstrom of confusion when she got to his room number.

“Sir....this is a hospital. You have to wear it...” Romy heard from the inside of the room.

“I don't have to wear anything,” that was definitely Josh's voice.

Romy quickly slipped into the door to see the brunette haired nurse standing with a hospital gown expecting Josh to put it on. It probably wasn't going to happen; it was in the nurse's best interest to actually stop asking.

“Nurse, he's about to be released, it's no point,” Romy interrupted.

“You have a point. So why do you bring the flowers?” the nurse asked.

The nurse peered at Josh, then to Romy, back at Josh, then back to Romy again. She came to a consensus as seen by her nodding her head. She took a deep breath before speaking again.

“You two are brother and sister!” the nurse spoke loudly and clearly as though she was correct.

“Not quite...” Josh and Romy said simultaneously. Of course Romy's had a bit more emotion.

“Oh. Okay then. I'm off.”

The nurse quickly took her clipboard off of the desk, to exit the room leaving Josh and Romy alone. Romy fiddled with the end of her hair and brushed it against her lips.

“You're doing it...” Josh noticed.

“Doing what...”

“You're nervous...you're doing that thing with your hair,” Josh pointed it out.

“Um…yeah,” Romy quickly shook of her nerves. “Here are some flowers.”

“Ha. I could never take care of something so beautiful,” Josh stated.

“Josh, why would you say something like that?”

“I was just being truthful,” Josh's face remained unchanged.

“You can't let yourself get close to anyone anymore, because you don't want him to hurt anyone you care about.”

“You always stir feelings in me that I don't want to be stirred again.”

“As do you,” Romy spoke.

“You make me want to stop all that I got myself into that day when I join KRPD. You leave me torn...”

“I thought I was in control of everything until you came back. You ruined that,” Romy remarked.

“You know that I can't love you...” Josh added. “My emotions won't allow it.”

“Then consider this one on the house.”

Romy's lips suddenly met Josh's. Romy found this kiss to be longer than she had first thought. She found herself moving her lips away to stare into Josh passive expression. They shared a silence. But it wasn't the silence that Romy thought she would feel. It was heavy, remorseful, and empty. Nothing like a moment after a kiss should feel like. It was almost emotional murder for the both of them; taking a knife to each other’s souls and twisting it.

“Sorry,” Romy said turning away.

“Why can't you accept that we can't be together...?” Josh asked.

“You make it so hard for me to love you. You put on that face knowing that you can still feel the flesh of my lips still warm against yours. Why did you have to take this route? Why did you leave me?”

“I wanted to protect you.”

“Have you ever thought that people may love you?”

“Love...means nothing.”

“HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT WITH A STRAIGHT FACE?” Romy slammed the flowers on the ground. “I've been in control of the KRPD many times since you left. I've been control of my emotions. Yet, when I am with you, I can't control myself. I can't think straight, rationally, or even strategic. You take everything from me. I'm blindly chasing after you.”

“I cannot care about people anymore.”

“You can't say that! You went through the flames of a building to save Katrine. You risked your life for her and you say that you don't care about PEOPLE. If that was true, you would have gone directly for Gabriel, neglecting Katrine’s life all together. So, that's an obvious lie and the fact that you can say that with empty face disgusts me. You disgust me! Why can't you accept your feelings? Why are you obsessed with killing Gabriel? Why won’t you love me?!?” Romy was crying now. “Because I wish I hated you like you hate me. But, I can't....” her voice was now chopped with the tears.


“Bye, Officer Surge! I have other business to attend to.”

Romy stormed out of the room leaving Josh to wonder what exactly happened. What began as a pleasant kiss, spiraled downward and burned into flames. Josh finally got out of the bed allowing his bare feet to hit the cold ground white ground. Josh stroked his chin for a moment on for him to involuntary touch his lips. He suddenly felt himself become warm.

“I only want to protect you....Romy....”

He walked towards the window. There were many things that he lost during his time away. He never knew that Romy might have been one of them.



“Officer Cordell....”

“Woah, you never call me that. What is wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong. I've just been unclear lately.”


“Never mind that,” Romy paused. “How is Katrine fairing?”

“She's doing fine. She is more than grateful to Josh.”

Even mentioning his name sickened Romy. This time she was playing with her hair for a different reason—she was frustrated. Rex quickly noticed this now. When she was business she was business, but there was obviously something wrong with her. Her statements were too concise to be her normal self.

“What happened between you and Josh?”

“Nothing happened, Officer,” Romy said. That is what made her angry—nothing happened.

“Okay. Okay. Call me Rex. You can even call me, Terry. But don't call me, Officer Cordell. It’s very not like you, Romy,” Rex slumped slightly.

“I suppose it’s not. I'm sorry, Terry.”

Rex cringed at the sound of his first name, but remained calmed. Romy, who seemed to have lost the tension in her shoulders, approached Rex. She gave him a hug around the neck.

“Maybe I did miss out on something great, Rex.”

“Hm...” Rex looked over.

Romy released the hug and continued up the hallway towards Katrine's room leaving Rex bewildered exactly what she meant. He quickly decided on his next visit. He walked from the direction which she just came. There were many questions that Rex wanted to ask a certain someone.

Romy continued her way through the hallways, filled with nurses and doctors, to find the room that Katrine was staying at. “Room 43-D” Romy read off the plate on beside one of the doors.. This was the one. She opened the door to see Katrine sitting up within the bed, happily chewing on a plate of food. Wayne was watching her carefully before Romy came in and even then, he only pried out a glance. Romy took a seat beside her Chief.

“Romy,” Katrine said happily.

“Katrine, I'm so glad that you're okay. You shouldn't be up,” Romy smiled.

“I need to get my energy back, Romy. Besides, I don't need you worrying about me. My dad is already worried sick,” Katrine eyed Wayne as she said it.

“Damn right. You almost got killed because I wasn't there.”

“You had a mission to attend to. All those people from Viridian weren’t going to bring themselves to jail.”

“That doesn't matter...you could have died—without Josh.”

Romy turned away in the disgust of the name. She appreciated what he did for Katrine, but not what he has done for her. She knew that it was selfish but that was all she could think about at the moment.

“Did Rex tell you?” Katrine asked. “He went to Josh's room to thank him on my behalf.”

“That's sweet of him,” Romy kept herself low.

“I think he likes me...” Wayne shot a glance. “Anyway, what are we going to do about Gabriel?” Katrine asked.

“What are we going to do about, Gabriel?” Romy asked. She interlaced her fingers.

“About him since we are on the subject,” Wayne finally stared at Romy. “I can't allow him to get away with this. I would go myself if I didn’t have to work on creating the new headquarters. So in turn, I've decided to send the three of you: Josh, Rex, and you as well as Colden and his team after him. That would be your objective along with one other.”

“What would that be?”

“The Kanto Killers and Team Rocket aren’t going to take the arrest lying down. I'm going to need your group to defeat the any members that comes in your way,” Wayne explained.

“I'm coming too,” Katrine spoke suddenly.

“Hell if you are,” Wayne interrupted.

“What else can I do, dad? I mean, a receptionist isn't much use without a building...” Katrine held her head down.

“I had planned to transfer you to Johto until the time of the KRPD is back.”

“And miss out on all of this...”

“You almost died!” Wayne shouted.

“I don't care!” Katrine shouted as well. “It’s better than being useless...” Katrine tacked the last statement on like a P.S of a letter.

“She's right...” Romy stated. “It would be better if she came with us.”

Wayne's face glazed over with his worries. But his face soon came back to reality but his eyes kept that glossy look of vexation never left. He seized the bottle water he held in his hand tightly, unscrewed the cap, and gulped all of its contents on one sitting. When he was done, his large chest seemed to deflate. He closed his eyes.

“If you wish...Katrine,” he spoke reluctantly. “But only after you heal up,” Wayne grunted.

“I'm well aware of that, dad. Thanks!” Katrine extended her arm and Wayne leaned over to fall into the hug. He returned it.

“You have to be careful though. I don't want to see you like that anymore.”

“I need to get stronger to protect myself. I want to be like...” Katrine turned her head towards Romy. “Like you.”

Romy smiled. She never thought of herself as a strong person. She was adamant but not strong. She took a while to soak in what Katrine had said whilst keeping a rather leveled facial expression in the process. She tapped her finger against her folded arms and smiled. That was the only response she could think of at the moment. She certainly didn't feel strong right now but it was better to just take in the compliment in stride.

“Thanks, Katrine. Get some rest...”

“I will, thanks,” Katrine smiled.

Romy stood up and headed out of the room. If Katrine haven't notice it, she was probably one of the strongest people that Romy had ever met. Not many people can keep in good spirits like she could despite all of the things that she went through only hours before. She could have lost her life today and yet she was smiling, carrying on like nothing had happened. It was times that Romy had envied her. She had it all; she was beautiful, intelligent, humbled, and optimistic. Though she was heavily introverted, she would care for the people around her. She would make a fine addition to the team. Besides, Romy needed a girl to talk to.



“My son, going and doing something heroic, that’s my boy.”

“I just did what anyone would have done.”

“That's the point.”

Lt. Surge approached his son who was now upright, lacing his boots. He took a seat beside him on the bed. He gave a broad smile to his son who was still focusing on tying his boots without paying much attention to his father’s presence. He took his sunglasses off before speaking.

“Do you think you did the right thing?” Surge asked. “I mean that was your chance...”

“My chance to do what,” Josh barked involuntarily, however shot down quickly by his father’s glare. Even now, his father had that hold over him.

“You missed your chance to get revenge on that Gabriel kid,” Surge mentioned.

“How do you know about that?” Josh finally looked up to his father.

“Reconnaissance, you didn't think I was going to get the details before coming to see you.”

“Typical dad...” Josh's face remained unchanged when he thought it. “Anyway, I'm not sure if I did the right thing.”

“Hmm.....” Lt. Surge looked up to the ceiling while stroking his chin. “I was in a similar situation once while battling the terrorist group, Ormagi, at Orange Archipelago. I was forced to choose which was more important; a life of one of my soldiers or the life of the mission. I would have probably would have never had the chance to finish the mission but I couldn't replace a life either. I was wondering what the right thing was for myself. You know what I figured,” Lt. Surge eyed Josh who had seemed to be anticipating what was going to happen next. “I chose abandon the mission to save my comrade.”

“But you might have never got the chance to catch the terrorist anymore?” To Josh found that to be illogical, yet he couldn’t find a logical situation out of that either.

“But how could I have lived with myself knowing that I could have saved him. I've lost many people and friends to that war. My mission wasn't important compared to the lives that were lost in my behalf. Any of those lives could have been me.”

After a long moment of silence, Rex loudly interrupted the two’s moment upon entering. He folded his arms and remained quiet even though he probably just interrupted the moment. Lt. Surge gave a chuckle before putting his sunglasses back on.

“A friend of yours...?” Lt. Surge asked.

“Yeah, I guess he is.”

“Did I interrupt something? I can leave,” Rex said as he gave the notion with his thumb.
“You didn't. I was just leaving,” Surge smiled.

“Sorry, sir. I didn't mean to rush you out like this...”

“Nah. I gave my son something to think about.”

Lt. Surge approached Rex who was still at the doorway of the room. He extended his hand towards and Rex grabbed it tightly. Surge seemed pleased about the firmness of the handshake before walking off.

“I didn't catch your name,” Lt. Surge pressed his glasses down to the bridge of his nose giving Rex the view of his blue eyes.

“Terry Cordell. But everyone just calls me, Rex,” Rex said nodding.

“Well, Rex. Take care of my son.”

Lt. Surge seemed to have smiled broadly at the last statement before walking off, pushing his glasses back upon his face as he did so. Rex's face kind of contorted in confusion before going back to the mission at hand.

“Hey man,” Rex propped himself against the pane of the door.

“Something wrong?” Josh's mind was obviously still wondering.

“Nothing is wrong,” Rex sighed. “I just wanted to tell you thanks....on Katrine's behalf.”

“It’s more like your thanks more than hers,” Josh's mind suddenly darted back as well as his eyes.

“I---” Rex fell silent. “I like her, okay. You saved her and I want to thank you. Happy...” Rex began to grind his teeth.

“I'm indifferent,” Josh shrugged.

“Okay...” Rex cleared his throat. “Now that's over with....”

It was a long pause in the conversation due to Rex walking close to Josh. He sudden seized him by the shirt and pressed him against the window. Josh looked dimly surprised on the sheer power of Rex, but other than that, he had the same icy expression.

“What the HELL man?” Rex shouted.

“What do you mean?” Josh eyes squinted. His grip was tighter than he initially prepared for.

“I thought I told you before. Romy loves you. But look what you do? Shoot her down for no apparent reason.”

“I have a reason...” Josh interrupted.

“Then tell me.”

“When did you become her match maker?”

“When she became mine, so spill it,” Rex’s voice was now leaving up to his name. It was within a roar.

“I want to protect her...does that make you happy?” Josh finally admitted. “Do you not think I don't care about her? Do you think I'm an emotionless rat? Well I can't help it. I am that emotionless rat that you think I am. Do you think I want to be this way?”

“What would being this way bring?” Rex looked on. The suspense of this conversation deepened.

“I want people to hate me for I can do what I wish. I'm trying to push everyone away. I want to be lonely for no one can get hurt.”

Rex suddenly slammed him to the ground with a large amount of power. His face seemed to be serene but he shook his head. He then took in a deep breath.

“YOU'RE MORE RETARTED THAN I FIRST THOUGHT!” Rex shouted at the top of his lungs. Many people would have thought he was trying to speak to all the floors above and below him. He huffed heavily afterwards. “Pushing people away isn't going to freakin' save them; you're putting them in more danger.”

“How so? If people do not associate themselves with me, other people cannot target them. It's simple,” Josh rubbed his cheek. It stung from the toss on the ground.

“Who taught you that nonsense? Is it the same person you that that stupid “emotions are worthless thing” from?”

“Cyrus...” Josh murmured.


“Cyrus taught me.”

“You will listen to someone like that; a crazy occult freak that tried to destroy the world to create a new one. That is not exactly the person I would write a Dear Abby letter to,” Rex gave a grumble from the back of his throat.

“Cyrus might have not been a saint. His view on life, however, being cold and relentless place is nothing less than the truth.”

“He tried to destroy the world to make a new ONE. You can't apply a sense of justice to that. It just won't work. You'll just transform into a merciless killer a while, man.”

“But I can't let what happened to Katrine happen to anyone else.”

“Letting go of your emotions isn't going to make this easier on you. Discarding your friend isn't going to make life easier. You are just creating your own personal hell when it is all over. When we do catch Gabriel, what would you do then? Your goal would have been met and your life will just go on terribly.”

Rex extended his hand to allow Josh back to his feet. Josh took it but still staggered a bit from the power of the toss. Rex kind of rubbed the back of his head after seeing that it was taking a bit of a toll on Josh.

“I'm sorry. My anger got the better of me,” Rex admitted.

“I deserved it...” Josh seemed to come to terms with what his father had said. “A woman once told me, if I became a monster I could defeat a smaller one.”

“Even a monster can have things that they care about man. You'll have a better chance against Gabriel if you don't fight him with that monster eating away at your heart. You made the right decision today to not fight him.”

“You're pretty wise. I thought you were just a general drunk,” Josh tried to crack a smile. He couldn't. Rex waved it off.

“General drunk, eh? Get that a lot. But thanks for the compliment...” Rex extended his hand. “Friends.”


Josh slammed his hand into Rex's palm, giving him a firm handshake. Rex smiled as he retracted his hand after the handshake was finished.

“Live on and party on, man.”

“I'll try...thanks Rex.”

“No problem.”

Rex left the room leaving Josh to sit down and reflect on himself. He stared down at his hand. Figuratively, they were drenched with blood now. He never could actually feel the blood dripping between his fingers now. “What is happening…” Josh dug himself in the palms of his hands. He could feel tears drip down from his face, rolling off of his cheek like they were being held there for so long. Now he was the one crashing down to the ground. Nothing made sense, he was torn down the middle between the monster and the human.


“He didn't fight me. Why didn't he fight me? Was I not good enough him? Was I a waste of time? I was more than sure that he would fight me instead of going after that tramp.”

Gabriel had found himself completely uneasy about Josh choosing to save his friend instead of battling him. He felt like he was more important. Fighting him should have been top priority. Why would he choose to save someone? People were meaningless if they didn't provide a source of entertainment. So why? Why didn't he provide the thirst of entertainment that Gabriel now longed for?

“Gabriel...?” Fleur approached him. Jiro already knew what the problem was.

“What do you want?” Gabriel voice wasn't calm at all. It held a sort of venom that injected into the skin once the words hit your ears.

“You haven't been quite the same since you set fire to the center,” Fleur seemed concerned.

“OH. You noticed. I’m sorry I didn't want it to be so....recognizable,” Gabriel smiled. “How could have not?” he said in the back of his conscious.

“I'm thinking that was is a bad idea. The entire KRPD is now going to be after us.”
“Should I care,” Gabriel smiled but it wasn't the one that he normal gave anyone. It was sadistic. “I'll burn any of them to the bone.”

“What stopped you with Colden?” Fleur stated.

“I have something particularly special for that meddler later on.

Gabriel pulled the black fedora over his eyes and laughed slightly for the creation of his plan. Jiro watched him as Gabriel eyes seemed to sketch the blueprints of the plan into the air. Jiro knew now that Gabriel true colors were showing. It was apparent on his face. He could no longer keep the act of the calm coordinator that just wanted to have fun. The sadistic killer had butted its evil head from his gentle demeanor. He hated when thing didn't go his way. He always did.

Gabriel, though a talented coordinator, had many flaws that his mother kept hid from many parts of the world. Of course, Jiro knew them personally. When he was a young child, he killed one of the teachers at a trainer school because they did not give him the pokemon that he wished. Upon that, he killed Zuri's original trainer to obtain the Torchic that he wanted so badly. Of course, that didn't go well with the entire school leaving him to be arrested. That did not go well. Gabriel unlocked the power of his trainer skill as a young age and scorched the school down. The mayor of the town quickly covered it to be a tragic gas fire leaving Gabriel to be the only survivor besides Jiro himself. The only reason why Jiro survived this was because of Gabriel. He saved him for a reason that has yet to be known. This made Gabriel out to be the hero of the crisis not the murderer. All the members of the HRPD that knew about were sent away leaving Gabriel's repetition untouched.

So from then on, Gabriel believed that he could do anything that he wanted. In fact he could. His mother let him have everything that he want and do anything that he wanted to do just to appease himself from that killer instinct that fledged its wings in his soul. In fact he wanted to be a trainer at one time and even got to the first gym but lost. He didn't like the fact of losing leaving to his undying hate for gym leaders. He even tried to kill the gym leader of Rustboro, before it became Roxanne, but was quickly halted by his mother beckoning to him. She guided him in the direction of the Pokemon Contest soon after.

He became a contest prodigy. Of course, some of his first contest was fixed to win in his favor. He soon got the hang of it to the point that he no longer needed his mother's bribing. But something in him never was right. He never like it when he lost but it was always bored when he was winning too much. It left him in a paradox. He began using his skills to kill people. It was the only thing that could give him the thrill without losing. He became his hobby, his passion. It created this person on the other side of his reflection.

“I'm off to bed,” Gabriel spoke suddenly. “I think that I have enough to think about.”

Gabriel went off to the recesses of the Lavender Town's Pokemon Center. Of course he had the look his face like he was the normal coordinator Gabriel but the look in his eyes was different. They were glossed with the thirst for blood. No one could see it. You had to feel it. Even the feeling of ghost around this town could not equal to the aura around him.

“He’s back…” Jiro spoke lowly

Jiro walked off to the recesses of the Pokemon Center as well. Fleur seemed to be washed over with confusion. Jiro looked over his shoulder and closed his eyes.

“I'll talk to you when he's sleep. Meet me at Lavender Tower,” Jiro explained.

With that he was gone as well. Fleur sipped slightly on her cup of tea. Her hands were quaking and she didn’t know why.


Author notes: I revealed a lot about Gabriel in this chapter but it still a lot to learn about him. It gets complicated to say the least. ^_- I want to hear some theories people.

Thanks for the reviewers and the readers. I noticed now there are a lot of you that aren't the reviewing types but still reads the story. Thanks to all of you as well. Hope you enjoyed the chapter.

Sgt Shock
November 21st, 2009, 9:23 AM
Chapter 9: To Those Who Fell In Darkness

Josh could visually see the six months of destruction that stretched itself. An endless flow of blood that drained itself into the darkness below Josh's feet. Within the river were faces of the people of that he killed during those six months. It was just their faces, their cold colorless faces with their eyes glazed in white. One person in particular glared at him, his lips moved but he couldn't hear any words. But he could feel the person's words getting to him. Though he couldn't hear them, they were there. It was eating him alive. He eventually forced himself to awaken.

“I never had a dream like that...” Josh's face was soaked with sweat. His heart was pounding. He had to touch his face to remember that it was a dream.

Guilt had seemed to have seeped into his skin finally. His icy expression that was frozen on his face for so long had melted into a pool of sweat that dripped from his face. It was something painful, if he had a knife, he would have put it to his throat. It was like a planned camisado; like guerrilla troops had finally shot him in the side on his temple with a corkscrewing bullet labeled “sin”.

Josh took in a large amount of air before pushing himself out of the hospital bed. For a while, he felt a reminiscence of homesickness lingered in the depths of his soul. It was that far away from here. He could actually walk, but the doctor had requested that he would have to stay overnight. So now he was force to watch the drifting shadows that loitered on the milky walls. He envied them right now. He wished he could drift away and melt sublimely into the surface of the wall to be never seen again. But he couldn't. It had finally soaked within his pores. He felt cold.

“I need....” Josh tucked brought his knees to his chest, watching the shredded moonlight fall into the window. “I need help....”

He couldn't piece together why he was feeling all of this now. Why? Why was he feeling it now? He had easily pushed such fragile emotions aside but he was feeling it now; hitting him like an oncoming train. The word “pitiful” came to mind when he thought of himself. It was like all of his “courage” had left him.

“This is pathetic. Absolutely pathetic....” Josh murmured to himself.

He grabbed towards the remote that rested on the table of the hospital bed. He grabbed it strongly and turned on the red button of the television on to see flashes of a man. It was Cyrus. Though Josh's eyes hadn't adjusted properly, he could still see that emotionless expression and the blue hair that was his signature. Though the television screen separated them, it felt like they were staring at each other through the glass. Josh turned the volume up.

“Ty, are we ready?” the blue haired woman shuffled her way into the camera, microphone tightly to her mouth, biting at the bit at the story ahead.

“We will be ready in five, four, three, two, one,” an off scene voice thundered.

“Hello. I am Gabby Mari from Channel 82 News reporting with our on-going documentary on “Shades of Black—Tales of Fallen Crime Lords”. Last week, we interviewed Archie from Team Aqua as well as Maxie from Team Magma in a jaw dropping double feature. But now we have traveled to Sunyshore City Asylum to come face to face with probably the most ambitious of all the crime lords, Cyrus Akagi.

The camera panned over to Cyrus who was still bound tightly to his strait jacket. His eyes seemed to be fixed on the camera, but his mind seemed to project through the glass. He nodded to tell Gabby to continue. She knelt down.

“So, first question. How does it feel to be back in your hometown of Sunyshore City?”

“Do you not mean how does it feel to be imprisoned here? It is not much different from when I was in my youth...” Cyrus response held that anger that could be achieved by anyone but himself.

“Do you care to tell us more?” Gabby put the red microphone to his lips.

“It's a poetic trial that many children in the world have to endure. Parents that cannot be pleased with anything that you achieve, a child that cannot find the meaning of bonds, and a meaningless world that cannot see a true prodigy and savior. It's sad...” Cyrus voice became crackly at that point; it was like it could have snapped.

“That was stunning,” Gabby was more excited than she began. “Next question, how do you feel about the current state of Team Galactic?”

“Don't you mean the soulless skeleton that Jupiter, Mars, and Saturn are holding together? Or shall I say, what is left of them anyway? I've heard that a certain someone demolished them...” Cyrus's dark eyes coldly stared at camera. Was that statement towards Josh? “Nevertheless, what I feel about them? Apathy. I could care less if they all fell into a sea of sharks and eaten alive.”

“So cruel...” Gabby squealed. “That leads to my last question before our commercial break. From the grapevine, it has been rumors,” Gabby seized the dramatic pause that was filled with Cyrus's slowly timed breathing. “Do you have an apprentice on the opposite side of the law as yourself?”

Cyrus gave an empty glare towards Gabby who waited tentatively for his response. Cyrus lowered his head, giving a low but dastardly laugh. Gabby brought the microphone and herself closer.

“That's true. A young man actually....” Cyrus started. “We are akin. We share the same frozen blood that pumps through our veins, the same cold expression, even the same heart. He's bound to become like me one day...”

With that, Josh sent the remote in his hand threw the television. I managed to catch Cyrus on a freeze frame, showing the television fading to black with that murky expression on his face. The television screen cracked one more time, turning it off completely to send a stream of smoke to activate the sprinkler system. It enveloped the room with a mist of water.

“I'm nothing like you...Cyrus....”

Josh couldn't tell if he was crying. All he could feel was water dripping down his face.

Lavender Tower, Midnight

“You came...”

“Did you not tell me...?”

Jiro had been attending the graves of the Pokemon that was buried at Lavender Town. His hands were dirty with the grave dirt; he had been fixing many of the graves that hadn't been attending to in years. He even gave flowers to many of them that were lost within the sands of times from lost trainers who had forgotten about them. Fleur grabbed the last bouquet of flowers from Jiro's hand and placed it on the grave of a Pichu. She knelt down beside Jiro who was standing up beside the grave.

“What did you come here for?”

“I wanted to talk to you about my friend, Gabriel....” Jiro remained looking at the grave before him. “I thought I should tell you now.”

“Tell me what?”

“Gabriel wasn't always like this,” Jiro smiled. “He was kind and caring at one time. He was the first friend that I ever had. You see, I was always teased at school because I wanted to be a Ranger when I grew up. Of course, my parents couldn't afford the Ranger School so for the longest time; so I just stood being in trainer school. But, it was one person that didn't laugh at me that day. His name was Gabriel Kirk. He seemed to be pleased at the general idea of Ranger School though he himself never wanted to be one. He approached me and said that he thought I was real cool and he wanted to become my friend. I gladly accepted his invitation...but of course, he always got involved.”

“Who?” Fleur's stomach began to churn.

“Gabriel's alternate personality, Largo...”


“Have you ever seen Gabriel's eyes turn that color when he was angry? That's a piece of Largo.”

“What is he?”

Jiro finally pried his eyes off of the graves to Fleur to address he properly. She lowered her shoulder, bringing her blue eyes to look into Jiro's. He took in some breath.

“I can't explain much about it. From childhood, Gabriel had succumbed to what he believes in entertainment. It created a thirst for more...thus....Largo appeared.”

“What can we do?”

“Stay out of his way.”

“So, that's why you have been around so long. You want to bring Gabriel back,” Fleur stated.

“I cannot say that, its confidential. Will his thirst for this murderous entertainment ever cease? I just hope that Josh is going to be there to stop him if I cannot.”

“I'm not sure if Josh even survived,” Fleur added.

“Oh...he's alive. I feel him. Largo does as well.”

Jiro headed out of the Lavender Town leaving Fleur alone with the company of the speechless dead. She found herself reflecting against her own hate for Romy now. Was it going to turn her into a monster like Gabriel had turn to? Until now, that is all she had thought about. But things had long faded into black when she thought of how Gabriel had turned. She made her mind up as well.

“Miss the tower is closing...”

Fleur nodded her head to one of the sages of the tower and exited accordingly. She closed her eyes to hear the whispers of the Gastly and Haunters behind her; sing a lament of despair. It was a bad omen.

“Things...always become complicated with me,” Fleur sighed.

“Looks like you're all set, Mr. Josh Surge. Your dad had come by earlier to handle any paperwork, so you are free to go.”

That was probably the best string of words that Josh had heard all day despite it just beginning. Last night progressed to be a never ending nightmare; he was probably working on less than an hour of sleep now. Overall, he was very irritable and generally depressed at the moment. He took the offer to leave the hospital as quickly as possible. Though his feet were dragging, he squared his shoulders and moved as though nothing was wrong.

“Josh!” the voice was familiar but sounded like a white noise.

His body moved over to see Katrine prancing down the hallway. She was bandaged up from all the damage that she took, but generally she looked better (from what Josh's could make out). She pranced down the hallway as though nothing happened and she was just come from her regular check up. “How does she do it?” Josh thought as she approached him.

“Josh,” she waved her hand in his face.

Josh gave a sleepless expression while Katrine smiled happily. She waved her hand in all direction to catch the attention that she had already obtained three waves ago. Once Josh's eyes locked on to her, she stepped back taking her normal bouncy stance.

“Looks like we are getting out the same time,” Katrine's voice held happiness and only happiness. “How does she do this?” Josh asked himself again.

“I guess that's the case,” Josh remarked. “Are you sure you should be out?”

“Oh, I only had a couple of burns and cuts, nothing big!”

“You act like it was a paper cut or a burn from a match...” Josh could feel his voice dragged from fatigue.

“I'm fine really.”

Josh was unconvinced but if the doctor had gave the okay, he couldn't deny her. He heaved a heavy breath. Katrine took her spot beside Josh and bounced up and down.

“You don't look well,” Katrine mentioned.

“How did you guess?” Josh's eyes peered over. The blackness under his eyes was a great indicator.

“I don't know? “ Katrine looked up. She had to be kidding or was she? Being the daughter of Wayne, that was hard to tell.

“I didn't get any sleep last night. I had....something...on my mind,” Josh mentioned.

“I had something on my mind too. What was yours about...?”

“I rather not talk about it.”

“Mine was about Gabriel,” that statement held less bubbles in her voice, yet it still came out bubbly.

“You don't have to talk about it...” “So she is hurt...?”

“I'll get over it....” she began. “Anyway, Romy came by.”

“Really...?” Josh's voice was the one to hollow this time, for a different reason.

“She said to meet over to Rex's place. Do you know where it is?”

“Yeah...I do. Saffron Condominiums ”

“He's in a Condominium? I didn't know Rex is that well off.”

Josh hadn't thought about it. For a man that was filled his refrigerator with just beer and baking soda (not to mention the various fines he had to pay for stupidity), he was in a very nice place of establishment. KRPD probably paid him nicely though, he was quite the talent despite his recklessness.

“Well...the government does pay us nicely when we do things. So I guess that's how.”

“At least he has some sense of saving,” Josh kept under his voice.


“It nothing,” Josh beckoned.

“Then let's go!”

With that Josh's arm was seized and they were heading out of the Saffron City Hospital into the main street of Saffron City. The metropolis itself seemed to be more bustling than normal. The towering buildings that once stretched out into the sky seemed shorter with the lack of the smaller KRPD center. With the main street being directly behind the Silph Corporation building, Josh and Katrine could see the burnt remains of the building to the north of them. It wasn't that far from the Gym and the Fighting Dojo. The charred remains were being circled by various trainers coming initially to challenge Sabrina at her gym.

“Looks like it’s become a bit of a tourism attraction...” Katrine said looking at the remains of the building.

“It sad really,” Josh wanted to use pathetic yet, lacked the nerve to say it right now.

“Dad has been handling all the press. Who knew that the press in Kanto was such badgers, you know.”

“A good story is a good story I presume,” Josh reflected back on last night's interview with Cyrus. “No matter what it is said....” he grumbled.

“What was that?” Katrine looked towards Josh. She heard it but she did not know exactly what he meant.


“You know...you don't have to talk about it if you don't want to,” Katrine mentioned remembering what he said when with the thought of Gabriel.

“That’s nice of you,” Josh mentioned. He needed that niceness right now, even if he couldn’t admit it.

Katrine tried to pry her eyes off the burnt building, but failed. At the end, she forced herself to look at the brownish and yellow bricks that created the roads of Saffron. Josh had noticed the suddenly lost of conversation from Katrine forcing him to nudge her slightly with his elbow to grab her attention.

“I've known that place all my life,” said Katrine. Her voice was broken.

“You shouldn't think about what is lost but how you should fix it,” Josh answered.

“Hm...” Katrine looked puzzled. “Why...? Nevermind.”

“I've lost many things on my transformation to my own success. I didn't noticed how much I've lost until it was gone. It's too late to try to receive it now.”

“I guess....”

Katrine stole her final glimpse of the burnt building before focusing her entire attention on the road that Josh's was treading ahead of her. Josh looked at the many stories of the building trying to remember which of this saffron colored building where Rex lived. It soon came to Josh's memory that the building where Rex lived was directly to the right of the Silph Corporation. While Josh was in the general area, he figured that he would just take a glance into the Silph building from the glass doors. He peeked around the corner to view the building. The entire first floor was filled with people in luxuriant business clothing walking through a rather broad layout of the building. It was as though nothing had happened only six month ago.

“Have you heard?” Katrine interceded. “The Silph Corporation has a new boss now. The son of the Mr. Martin actually, his name is Dallas Martin. He's only a little older than we are actually.”

“By how much,” Josh asked.

“Dallas is only 19. He just turned 19 yesterday....”

“He didn't get the reception that he wanted did he? With the building burning down an all...” Josh wanted to avoid mentioning it but it came out involuntarily.

“On the contrary, he hardly cared that it was his birthday since Gabriel reappeared. Even though he had a great covering up the entire incident around his father's death, but he never gave up his grudge towards Gabriel. He had made it known to the “Crystal Queen”.”

“Crystal Queen?”

“Alice Kirk, Gabriel's mother and president of Hoenn. She denied it all together and Gabriel's reputation has been more than safe with her around. That's why we couldn't touch him.”

Josh soaked in the information. Things have gotten pretty political or have long since been. Josh had noticed during his time in Sinnoh that the power struggle between the four main regions was becoming heated. At this rate, sparks are going to fly and burn the forest around it—that forest being the people.

“This way, Katrine,” Josh was tired of thinking of these affairs.

Josh was the one to grab Katrine's arm, gently tugging her to the building right beside the corporation. Josh released his grip on Katrine and opened the glass door for her. She happily curtsied before entering to the building. Josh followed closing the door behind him.

“He's on the 40th floor.”

“He’s that high up,” Katrine didn't like heights at all.

“Heights aren't something to be afraid of....” Josh mentioned. He flew on many planes before, heights wasn't something he was afraid. Especially when your dad is Lt. Surge, height was never a fear.

“I don't even like the city that much. I long prefer the tranquility of the country.”

“Country girl—eh?” Josh spoke amusingly.

“You can say that,” Katrine said with her hands behind her back bouncing up and down.

“How about we take the elevator that, its painless,” Josh answered.

“Better a fast death than a slow one,” Katrine smiled.

Josh gave a vapid shrug due to his fatigue and headed towards the elevator on the opposite side of room. He was almost stopped by the receptionist, an older man, but the receptionist was quickly shot down by a glare.

“We are here to visit someone!” Katrine said in delight.

“Ah. Terry...? He told me to look out for you yesterday. I didn't expect such a beautiful girl...” the receptionist paused. “And such a beast.”

With that Josh gave a glare equivalent to death melted into his eyes, the receptionist fled back to his desk, quickly assuming the position as though he was busy. From Josh could see he was shuffling through blank pieces of papers. He shook his head.

“After you,” Josh beckoned.
“With pleasure,” Katrine said. She stepped in the circular elevator.

Romy heard the elevator coming up to the floor. It was probably them and sadly, Rex wasn't up yet. She stared at the clock noticing that it was about noon now. She had check if Rex was still breathing on several occasions—no one she had met slept this late. When in fact he was still alive, she became more relax. So now Romy was sitting in this rather medium size living corners studying the area. She took the liberty of cleaning it.
Before she came, the place had been a mess. Beer cans, chicken bones, seven week old pizza crust, as well as various other disgusting food remains. She had clean it all up as well as vacuumed the entire area since it obviously did not cross Rex's mind that he would have some guests over. She would have tackled Rex's room as well but was a bit nervous what she would fine, so she passed. So now she was sitting on the black leather sofa, in a rather empty but clean, living corner that only generally had a couple of furniture and a wide-screen television. She took this time to relax.

The door of the slid open to reveal it was indeed Katrine and Josh. One she was glad to see while the other was not so much. She was obviously disgusted since her entire expression changed. But she quickly changed her position to greet the both of them.

“I'm pleased that the both of you could make it...” Romy eyed Josh to study his expression. It had none. “We’ll start as soon as Rex wakes up...”

“I'll get him...” Josh answered.


“If he hadn't got up by now,” Josh barely even finished his sentence before kicking the door open. “I'll have someone wake him up.”

Josh entered into Rex's room, which in itself would be considered a dangerous task. Like the former shape of the living room, it was a mess. Clothes were sprawled out all across the room and food was everywhere. Josh seemed relatively unaffected by the mess while the two ladies looked on bewildered on how a room could get into this position. Josh leaped over the clothes to find Rex's pokemon, Ace under a pile of t-shirts. As soon as the sun hit the pokemon face, it sprung up to see Josh kneeling down to it. Ace looked around to assess the situation. He then looked up to see that its master was still out cold. It rolled its black eyes.

Ace then took the initiative. He climbed up the nightstand. Once it got to the top, it slightly pushed his partners, still in their pokeballs, away from himself to get a better stance. After stretching for a little while, the Sandslash suddenly jumped in the air and performed a powerful “Body Slam” to Rex's chest. It was surprisingly effective since Rex's had to heave for air as his eyes shot open.

“THE HELL!!” Rex suddenly shouted. “What that for, huh?” Rex snapped.

Ace pointed to the people around him. Rex stared in surprise before shooting a glare at the alarm clock. Rex, still trying to regain any breath that was remaining in his chest, began to stay up. Ace quickly shook its head, leaving Rex to remember he was only in his boxers.

“Josh get out, two ladies in the door, feel free to come it.”

“Gladly.” Josh remarked. “I'll pass,” was Katrine's reaction. “I rather not lose my breakfast,” Romy said simultaneous with the other two.

Josh leaped back over the mountain of clothing and exited the room. Romy the door quickly leaving Katrine to close the door.

“YOU KNOW YOU WANT A PEEK!” Rex shouted to Katrine.

“Again, I'll pass! 'kay thanks,” Katrine closed the door with that.

Romy had taken her seat on the black leather sofa once more leaving Josh to sit on the white recliner. Katrine plopped in the middle of the floor. Conversation was surprisingly, for Katrine at least, thin. Katrine looked back and forward. They didn't even share a glance or a word or nothing. They hardly even breathed at the same time.

“Can either of you tell me what is going?” Katrine said sweetly.

“I have nothing to say,” Romy said coldly.

“......hm....” other than that, Josh was silent.

“Did the two of you have a fight?” Katrine asked. She reflected on the conversation as soon as Josh came back. “How can you love a person who cannot feel love anymore?” was the words that came to mine.

“Hey, Josh,” Katrine said to spark the conversation. “What do you think of Romy?”

Only Josh's eyes seemed to jerk towards her. He gave that same glare that he gave receptionist, but Katrine being the person that she was, wasn’t affected by it at all. She just maintained her normal bouncing stance.

“I think she's a forgiving person....who I wish can forgive me for the things that I've said,” Josh spoke. If it was one thing that last night taught him was that he couldn't be like Cyrus. “I want to say that I'm sorry.”

“Okay...I'll tell her. Romy,” Katrine was about to relay the message.

“I've heard. I'm unconvinced. I can still feel the frigidness in his voice.”

“Okay!” a voice roared interrupting completely.

Rex, with Ace around his neck kicked, opened the door of his bedroom loudly crushing all hopes for the conversation to continue. Rex quickly took the last available seat beside Romy on the sofa, and kicked his feet up the table. Romy wanted to say something but this was his house, so she lacked that right. She lowered her shoulders and sighed heavily.

“As you know, Katrine...”

“That's me!” Katrine raised her hand.

“Was brutally attacked by a man by the name of Gabriel Kirk as of....”

“Yesterday,” Josh stated.

“Also as of yesterday, two groups of four will be assigned to search for Mr. Gabriel Kirk as for the remaining top members of Kanto Killers and Team Rocket. I have taken the liberty of marking all of our current targets.”

Romy materialized copies of the papers and they were passed around the room. Josh looked over them. There were a couple of faces that he recognized easily. The ones that he recognized were Gray from Team Rocket as well as his father, Cray. The others were just faces; faces that had to be exterminated. Subconsciously he hated thinking like that and struggled producing the thought, but it formed anyway. The rest of the team took a bit more time viewing it over.

“Why isn't the two people that with Gabriel on this list?” Rex looked at Romy for answers.

“Though they have aided with Gabriel on many fronts we cannot put them as top priority unless thing occur. Believe as much as I would want to get my hands on Fleur,” Romy smiled. “I'm willing to put that aside for just now.”

“Anyway, how exactly do we find this people?”

“That's why I have called someone to give us a bit of insight.”

As she said that a man accompanied by a thin woman walked into the room with a large suit case in hand. He walked in surprisingly unceremoniously despite how he was dress: a white suit, white vest, red undershirt, and long white long coat. His entire body was thin, up to his face. His hair was a tangerine color that could only be matched by a setting sun. His skin was of a healthy complexion but it was obvious that he was more of an indoors man than an out. He walked smoothly with his hand in his pocket, closing the door quietly behind him. He placed the suitcase on the table forcing Rex to quickly withdraw his feet. The man's green eyes searched the room. It stopped when they came in contact with Josh.

“I've heard about you,” the man's voice was suave and collected, but had that sense of power and authority. “Raijin...the Scar from Sinnoh correct?”

“I prefer my real name...”

“Josh Surge,” the man finished Josh's sentence before he could even answer. “Well it is a pleasure to meet you,” the man extended his hand; they were covered with thick black gloves.

“Pleasure is mine, Mister,” Josh took his hand.

“Dallas, Dallas Martin of the Silph Corporation,” the man formed a smiled.

Josh hadn't noticed until now what he assumed to be a fur scarf was actually an animal, a Pokemon. It had wrapped around his neck but when Dallas had extended its hand, it revealed its head. It was a Linoone, a normal-type weasel like creatures. Like its master, it had tangerine color hair instead of its normal brown streaks.

“I see that you've noticed, Roy...” Dallas looked over his shoulders.

“I have.”

“He's nothing compared to your pokemon however. So do not fret that I will attack. I'm well aware of your capabilities, Mr. Surge. But I believe I have ramble on too long, pleased to meet you nevertheless.”

Dallas casually escaped from Josh's grip and focused attention to Romy. He flicked the spikes of reddish-orange hair with his black gloves and bowed.

“Miss Deputy-Commissioner Rosemary Kimura...” he straightened from his bow.

“I didn't expect you to come here yourself, Mr. Martin?” Romy admitted.

“Please call me, Dallas. Formalities are not need in such a situation. You are doing me a favor that I should have done long ago. Find Mr. Kirk. Besides, with such products I prefer the more personal touch,” Dallas's eyes shifted to his traveling secretary. “Write this down, Angelia. I presented Rosemary as well as her associates to the newest tracking device technology as of...” Dallas checked his clock. “12:32 P.M.”

The skinny but older woman scribbled the notes for future reference while Dallas opened the suitcase himself. Within it were four chips. He took one out in particular and waved it between his fingers aimlessly even though it was probably multi-million dollar technology. He placed it on the table as a person would place down a face down ace in a card game—in fact, this was his ace.

“This is my sweet revenge to the person who gave my father his untimely death. All my anger, fury, spite are within these chips. I call them, Ire,” Dallas put his fingertip index finger to his forehead while keeping the entire hand open. “Ire is an addition to yet another device created by the Silph Corporation, the Pokevoyace.”

“Now, what does it do,” Rex asked as he brought his feet on the sofa, sitting Indian-style.

“Yes. Good man. I suppose that you would like to know what it does,” Dallas seemed like he was itching for that question to be asked. “The first and the least anticlimactic is the satellite tracking. This will be using my own personal satellite, “The Deoxys-Alpha” to track any person that is registered to its name. I've registered all the criminals that this group is searching for, a present to those who has fallen in darkness, essentially.”

“It should keep an eye on me as well then....” Josh mentally added.

“Of course the more useful function...” Dallas awaited a remark from his audience.

“What could be more useful than a tracking device?” Katrine asked.

“All of you are asking such concise questions,” Dallas shook his head and bowed again.

“It's an amplifier...”

“For whom,” Josh asked.

“For the trainer of course, I've been doing some study on the neurological bond between trainer and pokemon. More importantly to answer the question, why some people can develop trainer skills while other trainers lack that ability? In honestly, all people can perform it without or with actually speaking telepathically with their Pokemon using the Pokevoyace. Trainer skills or Keop Illsk is the name of the phenomenon in which the pokemon gifts the trainer the use of one of their particular skills. Those skills like the pokemon can evolve greater than just minor protection. Have you shown them yet, Josh?”

“Shown them what?”

“How you trained your Keop Illsk?” Dallas cocked a smile.

“It has been no need for it.”

“On the contrary, you used it whilst the building was falling.”

“How did you know?”

“I'm...” Dallas ran his hand through his hair. “Gifted in that area. Give them an actual exhibition of what a Keop Illsk can do.”

Out of command, Josh suddenly stretched his hand out closing the metal briefcase as well as bringing the Ire chip towards him. A trail of green lightning could be seen trailing thinly in the air that he controlled. When the chip was within his reach, he toyed with it for some time while it still levitated. It gently fell in his hands.

“Electromagnetism. As you well know, Ms. Kimura, Josh only held the ability to create lightning just a minute ago. Through training with his pokemon he developed a set of skills from himself.”

“Okay...quite frankly, I'm confused...” Rex admitted. Rex himself has tried and failed to train his Trainer Skill for quite some time.

“Oh. It will help you understand your trainer skills if you are not as gifted.”

The secretary, Angelia that had stood quiet the entire time during conversation tapped Dallas on his shoulder. She leaned over his shoulder and whispered in his ear for a couple of seconds before quickly withdrawing back to her beam-like stance. Dallas gave his signature nodding of the head before bowing.

“I wish I can speak with you all more about this brilliant device; but it appears like I have a business meeting to attend to that I simply cannot afford to miss.”

“Can you at least tell us how to install the things?” Rex had to refrain from cussing unnecessarily there.

“It is a slot on the side of the Pokevoyace. It ‘s simple, just put it within the slot like a slot on a hand held device,” Angelia tapped him on the shoulder again. “Mrs. Angelia, Silph Corp is only a brisk walk away. Do not rush me or you will be fired,” Angelia withdrew quickly. “Nevertheless, I have to be going. I pray for your success.”

Romy nodded as the man exited the room quickly. He flashed a smile towards her before continuing through the door.

“One more thing...!” Romy shouted.

“Yes....” the man as well as his pokemon stared at Romy.

“How much do you want for them?” Romy asked.

“Considering them on me,” he waved it off with the back of his hand.

Dallas was off leaving the four members of the newly assembled team petrified at his down-to earth personality.


Author Note: Sorry for the wait guys. COD Modern Warfare 2 got in my way of posting as well as school work. Anyway, hope that it was worth the wait. Things are going to get real heated from now one. The next chapter is my favorite chapter title. XD Thanks to everyone.

Sgt Shock
November 29th, 2009, 5:17 PM
Chapter 10: Acerbity Makes Things Sweeter

“Metal Claw...”

The rocket-like claw suddenly seized the guards' neck, crushing the throat of the man causing blood to splatter all over the sand colored tile. The claw of the creatures detached itself from the mutilated neck to return back to its own body. Gray stepped over the body grabbing the key from the guard as he did so. He stopped when he got to a certain cell of interest—his brother's cell. Gray smiled broadly.

“You are truly pathetic,” Gray crossed his arms as he peered within the confines of the dark cell.

“Pathetic?” his brother, Dusk, spoke in defense. “You didn't see the man that I saw.”

“Honestly, I think you will be better off dead. But dad has found a better use for you...”

“Anything could be better than being in this dump.”

“Oh, I wouldn't say that...” Gray twirled the keys around his finger as he said it. That sent a chill down Dusk's spine. “Do you know of Yeshusin?”

“The originator of the Pokemon Eclipse Theory,” Dusk said in response. “Who in Team Rocket hasn’t?”

“He desires another test subject. You have been chosen,” Gray's smile continued to his ears. Anyone would have thought that the smiled would have crashed into them by now.

“So I'm the next guinea pig, huh?”

“Failure like that cannot be atoned by simple means, brother. You know that.”

Gray began unlocking the prison door. He swung it open triumphantly and stood within the entry way. The shining behind him made him look nothing more than a silhouette within Dusk's vision. Gray looked down to his older brother who was crawled against the wall like some animal cornered by its predator. They each saw each other as something different, something other than brothers. Dusk saw his brother as a monstrosity while Gray saw his brother nothing more than pawn, coated in a white paint just to be tossed aside for the use of the king. That 'king' being his father.

“Tell me if I do not leave. What if I choose to rot in this prison?”

“Honestly, I wish that you could just rot; to leave your skin to just fall off the bone to feed the worms beneath your feet. You are a waste of oxygen. But alas, Father found some use for you. Some desire to keep you around. I have yet to figure it out.”

“Everything is so logical with you. Failure should be in your dictionary. It's something machine can do as well. They malfunction. They rust. They fall apart. Yet you find me like I'm something that could be easily replaced. Everyone is not a prodigy like YOU, Nigel.”

Gray's right eye twitched madly at the sound of his name. It didn't even sound well coming from his brother's accursed lips. He quickly grasped his normal demeanor back.

“Nevertheless,” Gray began. “You're coming with me.”

Gray began to order the mysteriously cloaked pokemon forward only to be stopped by his brother's hand. He arose from the corner that he curled himself. He approached the light filled corridor. His eyes peer through his younger brother's chest as he exited the jail cell. The bells of the alarm finally sounded. Both brothers looked up.

“You're going on your own accord?” Gray was puzzled. It would have been much of his own enjoyment to capture his incompetent brother.

“I'll rather go on my own accord than give you the enjoyment of dragging me there.”

“Did you tell any information?” Gray snapped.

“That's for me to know...? I'm just a test subject...remember?”

Dusk brushed against his brother's shoulder as he exited. The emptiness of his eyes showed that he no longer cared about Team Rocket or his family. Gray folded his arms. He felt an ominous air coming from him. Gray clinched his teeth before progressing to follow his brother out of the jail. Gray looked over his shoulder suddenly. He felt another presence, one that was projecting throughout the entire jail. He quickly signed it off as a feeling a paranoia.


“I have received Troy, Father.”


“We should be there shortly.”

“Hurry back.”

Cray ended the conversation there. No wish of safety or a glimpse of love. To him, Gray was only carrying cargo to its bay. He had more important thing to attend to. That important thing was Yeshushin.

The laboratory had become colder. The thermostat read lower than zero degrees Fahrenheit. Cray found this only to be the power of His Grace, Yeshushin. A creature not entirely pokemon or entirely human floated within a large container. Crystals has begun to materialize heavily on the glass surface and mist began to cloud the very glass tube. But the creature floated in silence. Though his body had been frozen, it was kept alive by the mixture of crushed Starmie gems, and the oils from Meganium's leaves, both known for their regenerative factor. Yeshushin was then frozen over by the power of a Cloyster's Ice Beam. From then on, it had kept the temperature how it would have like.

Cray placed his hand on the glass and admired the creature’s greatness. Though silent it felt like he was reaching to him. He began to love the creature more than he even to love his own father and his children. He found it to be his key to rule this world. It told him what to do and where to be. He couldn't live without the creatures guidance; it was his 'god' and the true mind of Team Rocket. Cray couldn't help but adore the creature.

“Sir...” a scientist cleared his voice to catch Cray's attention.

“How the progress going,” Cray's eyes never left Yesushin's.

“Not good.” Those words weren’t the exact words that came to mind when he was talking about Yesushin. He turned to view the man. “We are trying our best to harass his power. I believe the team before ours had tapped in my of the creatures power before. I don't understand why was cannot.”

“Fool. It should be a simple task,” Cray began scraping off some of the ice from Yesushin's tube.

“The success of incorporating it within your cells cannot be repeated. We have lost many of the subject trying to merge part of the cells. You and your Pokemon, Gospel, has been the only two that has survived.”

“Yesushin is not going to bless a person that is not worthy of his grace. No scientific analysis is going to say anything about that. Your next subject is going to be more like me.”

“I'm not sure if that would work....”

“What are you saying?” Cray crossed his arms.

“Yesushin is probably going to reject him too. We need a more worthy test subject.”

“Try it on the next subject anyway. Rejection would only be a fitting punishment for his lost.”

“Should I suggest a better subject?”

“Who would to suggest, De'Angelo?”

“Josh Surge.”

Cray took this time to pull take his line of vision off the creature to De'Angelo. De'Angelo von Deain brushed the silvery almost scaly hair from his face. The paleness of the skin seemingly faded in the ice-ridden white walls. He held this annoying but heavily sadistic half smile during almost any conversation that he held. This conversation in fact was one those. He seemed amused at almost everything that transpired. If it went from killing young children from experiments in his basement to doing it for his job, he kept that smile on his face. In his mind, morals was only scientific barriers that blocked true scientist from pure bliss. That is why Cray brought him to Team Rocket. He was the only person that could possibly use Yesushin's power to its full potential.

De'Angelo thin body seemed to move amusingly seeing Cray's questioning expression. Cray indeed had a question but he lacked the wording. It could be seen how Cray's eyebrows moved inauspiciously trying to develop why exactly what he was trying to get across. In the end, he developed a question that he found appealing enough ask.

“Do you think he can handle it?” Cray's question finally materialized into words.

“Hm...of course we are not going to get a chance to get the serum to him voluntarily.”

“I didn't say that. I said do you think you handle it. I'll handle the rest.”

“His body holds enough Soul Will for it to work. It was similar to that of Cyrus...”

“Cyrus...Soul Will. Hm...” Cray seemed to be interested in his own right now. “Do it.”

“As you wish...”

Cray pressed the latch on the side of the tube. The air in the room felt like it was suddenly being sucked within the lungs of the creature; hording it like an animal crops all of the pray in its territory. Yeshushin fell to Cray's shoulder. With the lack of its left leg, those parts being merged physically in Cray and Gospel, it could not stand on it's own.

“Take.....” Yeshushin's voice was arid but had a sense nobility and strength. “my....arm....”

“Yes, Master,” Cray spoke as he ripped Yeshushin's arm, an aqua colored liquid poured from the socket.

“Josh....I want....him...under...my...reign”

“You will. I will make sure of it. Now rest milord.”

Yeshushin's bluish skin on its left shoulder suddenly turned black and was replaced by various tentacles. Its almost human face seemed to fall into sleep underneath the lengthy black hair the fell from its scalp. Cray placed the creature upright with the tube and close it while still keeping the arm tightly in hand. When Yeshushin was comfortably within the tube, he closed it. Cray passed the limb to De'Angelo who admired the specimen.

“Use it. The master has spoken. He wants this Josh...and his wish is my command.”

“Yes, Mr. Creek.”

As a child happily receiving a gift his parents, De'Angelo left the room to “play” with it.. Cray whipped the blood from his suit as he watched the scientist happily attack a new theory. Cray could care less about the merriment that swelled in De'Angelo's heart but what he did care about was Yeshushin's participation. What about this kid that he found interesting?


“What should we name this team?”

Though a simple question, it lacked an answer at the moment. None of the people in the room could give a good name to the team actually. Josh couldn't find a need for a name, but of course everyone found a need for it. Josh soon succumbed. It would be better off that they would give a name to the team than remaining nameless. It would be easier for the public. Josh found the need for the other three to decide.

“How about...? Super Stealth Team GO!” Rex shouted.

“Ridiculous name number 5 for Rex, let's move on,” Romy said as she filled the paper with the suggestions, none in which she liked.

“How about Storm Division for Criminals?”

Romy looked throughout the group for the person that made the suggestion. Romy searched widely for the person who suggested such a great idea. She soon realized that the voice was coming behind her. She turned to see Colden with a small plate of cheesecake in his hand. He placed the fork within his mouth to allow mobility for him to actually rub Romy's head.

“Colden!” Romy said. “That's such a good name!”

“You think?” Colden spoke only after he took the fork out of his mouth.

“I think it fits us well,” Katrine said happily.

“It's okay...” Rex seemed disappointed.

“S.D.C would give first impression,” Colden placed a piece of cheesecake in his mouth after speaking.

“Thanks! So what have you been doing since...?” Romy's eyes wondered to Katrine. She didn't want to mention burning to her right now.

“Performing T.6 to the criminals at Fuchsia Bay before they are sent to Sunyshore.”

“T.6?!?” Romy fell silent. Rex and Katrine had no idea what that meant. She only knew because she had to help with interrogation with Colden before.

“What's T.6?”

“Terror Skill 6,” Josh folded his arms. “You will use something as cruel as that on Team Rocket and Kanto Killers.”

“That's coming from the person who has used T.9 before,” Colden smiled broadly when he said that. He put a piece of graham cracker crust in his mouth.

“What is it!?!” Rex was probably the least to know, he had nothing to do with the interrogation team.

“Terror Skill 6 involved the use of a move by the name of Imprison. Imprison normally used in a pokemon battle to block the waves in the pokemon's brain to stop the user from using attacks that the user him or herself knows as well. But using it on human can block the specific wave pattern to a particular essential function. It can be used to stop the person from breath, moving, increase or decrease heart beats, and much more. It's a good way to getting information out of people. It was cruel but effective. I believe it was you that created this skill,” Josh finished his explanation with another crossing of his arms.

“Yeah...” Colden swallowed his piece of cheesecake. “It was me.”

“What pokemon that uses it? It's not a lot that can, you know.” Josh mentioned.

“My Ninetails.”

“How can you be so cheerful after doing something like that?” Romy asked. She couldn't even bring herself to use T.1 on the occasions that were needed.

“It doesn't affect me. You get used to it. So, what is the S.D.C going to do now?”

Romy went on to explain the devices that they had received from Dallas. Rex offered his for Colden could look at more closely. He found it to be rather interesting though slightly complicated before handing the device back. He shook his head before finally finishing the last piece of cake from the white plate. He placed the plastic fork on the paper plate and folded it.

“I wish you all success. You will probably see me more often since I'm going to be searching for Gabriel using a different road.”

“I'm sure that we will,” Romy nodded.

“Well. I'm off. Lunch break is over for me,” Colden stuffed his empty hand into his tattered trench coat.

“Be careful.”

“I've worked criminals before.”

“Thanks for the name!” Katrine said jovially.

“No problem.”

Colden bid his farewells before heading off leaving the newly name S.D.C alone once more. Everyone similar noticed that Josh was eying the burnt building. Of course, trainer was trying to savage anything that they could out of the ruins of the building even with the bright yellow tape obviously had “DO NOT CROSS” printed on the front. A older gentlemen with a megaphone shouting out orders for the people to leave. To say it bluntly, he was unsuccessful.

“What's going on here?” Josh approached the man, the rest followed close behind.

“They won't stop messing with what is left of this building,” the older gentlemen said a bit disgruntled.

“Past me the megaphone,” Rex said suddenly.

The man gave him the megaphone and Rex prepared himself. He stretched for a couple moments before put thing megaphone up to his face. He took a deep breath.


The face palms happened simultaneously through the other three members of S.D.C as well as the gentlemen. But how crazily Rex that was, it was effective. The trainer scattered like cockroaches in every direction. Rex just smiled when he pass the megaphone back to the man.

“I always want to use one of those,” Rex said victorious.

“Could you just yelled at them?” Katrine said kind of embarrassed.

“No. You get a better reaction if you be true to your nature,” Rex nodded when he said it.

“That was true to your nature?” the gentlemen almost pursued that question but were stop by Josh.

“It's worthless to ask.”

“I see...” the man studied Josh. “You seem familiar.”

The man stepped back for a moment before stroking his scruffy black beard. His head cocked from one side to the next examining Josh as though he was some endangered creature. He was obviously a business but was dressed different. He was wearing a long dark blue coat that was zipped up to his neck, ending at a fairly high color. Underneath that rather long coat could be seen that he was wearing a black pair of slacks as a white dress shirt. He swept back his stringy black hair before extending his hand. Josh stared at it blankly.

“Raef Blackburg, Chair of Urban Technology Development with Silph Co. You must be Josh Surge,” he retracted his hand in worry that he might offend.

“What were you doing here?” Josh remained unconvinced that he wasn't involved in the salvaging.

“They were becoming quite distracting for my company. I had to stop them. I decided to do it myself,” Raef gave the best smile that he could after that, it was utterly convincing.

“Do it yourself, eh? This is coming from the person that makes robots. I find that unappealingly amusing.

“Dear. You are on to convince. But nevertheless, I am the one that has to be leaving now. I bid you farewell.”

Raef left soon after, but not before bowing courteously to both Romy and Katrine. Josh watched him from over his shoulder as he went in the direction of the Silph Co. Josh couldn't put into words. But something about Raef made him cringe. There was something behind that perfect smile. It was like a bitterness turning into something sweet while on your taste buds in just a second. It was something different, something particular that he didn't like.

“That man...” Josh spoke lowly. “Has the same heart as me....”

“What?” Romy said.

“Forget it...what's our destination?”

“We should be heading to a small village on the side eastern part of the region. Of course it is not on trainer maps but it seems like Gabriel is heading that way. I do not know why though.”

“Do we need a reason? He's a wanted criminal,” Rex said that a bit more exasperatedly that he would have wished.

“We can cut him off is with take Pewter City to the east cutting through the path known as “Dragon's Wake.”

“Isn't that where Lance trains when he can't make it to Dragon's Den in Johto?” Katrine asked.

“Yes. That would be the one. Of course...the trail is hard.”

“That's not a problem. We can fly....” Katrine looked to Rex. He lacked a flying Pokemon so he frowned. Besides he hated flying.

“For Rex's sake, he can take his Bastiodon. We just have to accommodate for any...”

“I'll stay down with him. I'll ride Helio,” Josh spoke suddenly.


“It would be illogical if three of us are flying while one is on the ground. Imagine if it is an ambush...”

“True....” Katrine seemed a bit impressed.

“Sounds like a plan,” Rex said. At least he won't be riding is silence. It would be close but not complete silence.

“Then we are heading off to Pewter City. Like old times...” Romy didn't realize she said it until Josh gave an expression. The fact that he gave an expression told Romy that he said it. “Sorry to bring it up.”

“What is there to be sorry about?”

Josh walked away before she could see his true expression. He was smiling. He didn't want to show Romy that. He stills in fact what her to hate him for her sake. No matter what guilt he suffered. He wanted this emotions away from him. It was hard to push them off with memories like that.


Author notes: I'm so sorry guys. I wanted this chapter up days ago yet I couldn't find the time. Thanksgiving just had me swamped with people and urgh. Anyway, it's over and now I can turn my attention back to all of you. :) Hope the chapter was worth the wait. This story is going to take a bit of a different dimension but not totally. Hope you enjoy how it unfolds.

Legendarian Mistress
November 30th, 2009, 4:52 PM
Well, well. Chapters 8, 9 & 10 were the most interesting chapters so far. I thought it was right of Jiro to reveal to Fleur that Largo is lurking in the darkness. What will happen when they return to Pewter City, is what I wanna know? Why does Dusk and Gray’s father want one of his sons to be an experiment? The mystery deepens, just as the plot thickens. I’m looking forward to more, and am very sorry that I was part of the reason you were unable to post Chapter 10 sooner.

Sgt Shock
December 4th, 2009, 9:22 AM
Chapter 11: Fragrance of the L.O.S.T

Alice the Crystal Queen brushed her flowing blonde hair while looking herself in the mirror. She had a yet another business meeting and she did not want to be late—perfection was never late. Of course, she had other business to attend to that was more important than the multi-million dollar company that she owned. She had a certain someone to meet. It was someone that she hadn't since she heard of his existence. It wasn't something to be gingerly about though. She was meeting the person who taught her son, Gabriel, how to kill. A man by the name of Zak Shiro long preferring the name of the Shroud would be visiting her earlier this morning. He was representing his organization, L.O.S.T, a group of mercenaries and assassins for the regions. She had been eager to meet them. Of course she didn't mind him coming, she loved guest, but they wanted to speak about her son. That concerned her greatly.

“Elizabeth...” Alice snapped her finger. A young maid quickly came to her side. “Brush my hair while I figure something to wear for such an occasion.”

The maid bowed courteously before taking the hairbrush from Alice's hand and began brushing the woman's her. Alice stood up while the maid brushed the woman's hair. She walked to her rather massive wardrobe and slung it open to reveal almost thousands of sets of clothing. Of course, this wasn't her entire collection, but she as ten of her designers to create as much as possible to appease her. If they didn't they would have been fired, but from the look of it, their jobs was a secure as ever.

“What to choose?” Alice cocked her head back and forth just for the fact to make Elizabeth work harder. “Elizabeth, stop doing it so hard. I'm trying to think,” Alice snipped.

“Sorry, milady,” Elizabeth said lowering her head.

“Sorry cannot mend the pain of my scalp at the time. Be careful or be fired,” Alice snapped.

Elizabeth calmed her brushing down to just a casual motion while Alice shuffled through the various articles of clothing. After about what seemed to be an hour (though it was only about fifteen minutes), she decided on a beautiful white dress that seemed to be rather revealing even when she pressed against her chest. She was pleased with the flowing dress, so threw it passively her bed.

“Enough with the brushing,” Alice put her palm in Elizabeth’s face. “If you are not going to brush my hair to actually to make it straight, don't brush at all. You need to learn how to brush, Elizabeth. Maybe that is why your hair looks so bad. Beside it is that ugly brown color....” Alice looked to her maid's hair; it was a deep brown that could be almost considered black. “You should really consider dying it.”

Alice pushed Elizabeth to the ground causing her to fall hard on the white carpet. Alice rolled her eyes as she continued to her private bathroom to prepare even more. Elizabeth headed out, but was halted when her legs and arms was encased by crystals.

“You will not be going anywhere. I still need you around,” Alice bitterly snapped.

“Yes ma'am.”

Alice possessed an incredible power, a trainer skill even though her herself wouldn't consider herself a trainer. She had this ability to create this very unique crystal structures from any surface. This crystal could be used not just for protecting herself for various other things. These gems gave her the ability of omnipresence—she could peer through them to see anywhere and anyplace. She could also see glimpse of futures but they were never accurate enough to make true judgment. This posed essential in making her business decisions. She could see into any competition, make a counter and put it on the market faster than her competitor. When it came to an offer, she could see what his opponent would offer before time and make a higher offer to appease the client. In the end, Alice was a fairly powerful woman not just politically.

After about an hour, Alice walked out of the bathroom with her rather elaborate white dress. It had the general flow of a wedding dress without the long trail but appeared professional enough to be used for any meeting. Not that an assassin would care about a person was dress but it was still the thought that counted. “Look the best no matter who was involved.”

Alice snapped her fingers to release her restraint on Elizabeth. Elizabeth stood up and brushed the dust the shatter gems off of her.

“Where are you supposed to meet his fellow?” Elizabeth asked.

“I wouldn't meet him anywhere else. That was a painfully obvious answer, Elizabeth,” Alice waved her hand as though it was completely obvious. To be honest, it was rather unclear.

“Where are you meeting him then?” Elizabeth asked. She had no clue.

“He should be meeting me in the dining hall,” Alice answered.

“Should I notify security?” Elizabeth said shockingly. It was highly doubtful that a person would get into the rings of security without getting into trouble.

“If he is as good as he said he would get past them. So no. I want to see if the leader of L.O.S.T is all talk and no action. Pass me my Pokemon,” Alice spoke commandingly.

Elizabeth grabbed the two pokeballs from the other side of the room. She handed them to Alice who casually attached them to the lock on the side of her belt. It was more of a precaution move. Alice always had one. If this fellow had planned to attack her; her Cloyster and Dewgong could handle him swiftly with one of their ice attacks. They were trained by the best of the best for her protection.

“Can you pass me those white boots that I bought on last Thursday,” Alice asked in more an order than a question.

Elizabeth did as she said. She went directly to the shoe wardrobe to pick up the box of shoes. But, before she could make it halfway across the massive room, Alice shouted yet another order to get her handbag. At the end, left a rather fatigue Elizabeth, but a rather pleased Alice. Alice left the room quietly leaving Elizabeth to be nonverbally dismissed. Elizabeth sighed in relief.

Alice found her house to be quite charming though it did have one flaw, the size. It was a rather large mansion that overlooking the sea of Route 124. It was three-story building that towered over the other expensive houses in the area. The house itself was a French style with a mixture of Victorian. The outside color was gold which leaked into the inside with the various 24 carat gold features. The large window of the house allowed light to pour in to effortlessly into the pathways of the house. None of the hallways were narrow, allowing many people at a time to walk back and forth without running aimlessly into each other. Painting by only the famous artist such Cazz DeTonnere and Fiego the Smeragle hung on the walls of her home.

Of course to ease the pain of walking the entire way down to the first floor, Alice had installed elevators. She found them to pay for themselves though she and her husband was the only one that was allowed to use them. No one else had the Keycard.

When she approached the cream colored doors of the elevator, she pulled out a card from her handbag. He slid the card within the slot and waited from the confirmation. The elevator door open quickly allow her to enter smooth. She pressed the red down button on the elevator and the door closed.

“I wonder if he is there yet,” Alice said as she pulled out her hand mirror to view her face. Of course she didn't look any different than a couple of minutes before she was still very self conscious.

The elevator stopped giving sort of an enchanting ring when the door opened. To her left was the spiral stair case, which she never used and to her right was the door to the living quarters. She took the door in front of her since it was the one to lead to the dining area. She swung the door open to see a man sitting the table reading one of the books that he had found on the bookcase just behind him. The book was title “Soaring” by an author that was no longer legible. Alice did not even read that book herself but the man seemed rather interested.

“Zak Shiro?” Alice said as she walked to the chair across from his.

“To those who would listen, I have many names. I soar to the sky namelessly and aimlessly above all. I am all and I am none,” the man reading a line from the book. “Zak is an alias of mine. But, yes I am he whom you seek.”

“You do not have the decency to even tell me your true name!” Alice seemed truly offended.

“Does it matter? The Shroud is all I need to go by. Nothing more,” Shroud closed the book almost in a defiant matter. “Shall we speak what we came here to speak for?”

“Can you at least take your cloak off?” Alice clinched her teeth. She hated people who hid in their mask or cloaks.

“If you wish...”

Shroud took the hood of his cloak to reveal a younger man within his mid-twenties. His face appeared rather boyish but his was obviously a bit older since he had slight butting of facial hair from his chin. His eyes were a scary light blue that possessed a rather immense glow from them. Shroud had deep brown hair that reached to the back of his head and only a little after that. Alice seemed rather surprised.

“You are young?” the words came out as a question.

“The original Shroud died many years back. I'm actually the second generation. But I know many of the questions that you seek.”

“I was hoping to speak with someone with more experience in the field. I deserve the best.”

“I believe that I have started to kill since I was 7. I do believe that is enough experience in the field. So ask your questions before I ask mine...” Shroud kicked his feet on the table.

“Why did you want to speak with me?”

“Of course, your son has been disgracing the skills of L.O.S.T. The worst of all he is becoming more and more involved with the police. This would bring....unwelcome....” Shroud began to think as he rubbed his rough under developing beard. “What is the business term? Image...”

“You want to speak with me because Gabriel is bringing your company a bad business image. Truly you cannot be serious. It's not like you have reputation to keep,” Alice seemed to be having fun with this concept.

“Image is everything. You know that. That's why you have had so many plastic surgeries to stop your aging.”

“I'm not afraid of the knife... but that is not the point. Where is my son now?”

“He is currently in Kanto being followed by four members of the K.R.P.D,” Shroud had now pulled out a dagger and cleaned his teeth between each fragments of the conversion.

“Do you think you can stop these people?” Alice answered.

“L.O.S.T is not your son's bodyguards. I would prefer if they killed him. That would put me best situation.”

“How could you say that to one of your own,” Alice staggered from the shock of the statement.

“Obviously he has forgotten the creed...” the words came out as a jumble since the dagger was still in Shroud’s mouth as he said it.

“I don't care who you are. You will not hurt my son,” Alice threw a crystal shard towards the Shroud's face. He caught it between his index and middle finger.

“I thought you would be more of a professional woman than that...” Shroud fiddled with the crystal. He began to toy with the crystal before it turned a black color before it shattered. Alice jumped. No one has ever broken her crystals before. What power was that?

“I'm just notifying you. If this continues, I will be force to aid the KRPD in finding and killing Gabriel. I thought it would be fair enough to give a chance to talk some sense into him,” Shroud voiced hardly kept that cool demeanor that it once had. It was venomous, cruel, and serious.

Alice grabbed at the silence. She didn't know what to think exactly. Was Gabriel causing that much problems to be noticed by the international police on such a level? She believed that she told him to keep a low profile. This was becoming more and more complicated. At this rate, he might come back. She sighed.

“I believe you have a business meeting to attend to,” Shroud spoke as he put the hood of his cloak back over his face.

“Yes....” Alice took a deep breath. “Much more important than you,” she added.

“Then carry on,” Shroud took his stand. “Not hurting my feelings any.”

Alice headed out of the general area of the dining room. She didn't bother to say goodbye to a person who gave such grim news on Gabriel. But she did have a question for him. She quickly turned back to see that he was gone. She clinched her teeth. “He really is that good,” Alice told herself before exiting the dining room entirely.

“Looks like we are making good progress,” Katrine said as she looked at the map, a holographic spread that shot from the Pokevoyace.

“How long do you think we have to make it to Dragon's Wake?”

“About a couple of hours...” Katrine said as she mapped the route out to assure that she was correct.

Rex was more than excited at hearing that news. For the entire ride, Josh had been silent leaving no room for conversation. He often had that blank stare into space, but this was something of a different degree. He appeared to be think of something than just the scenery which consisted of a jagged mountain past and miles of forest. His mind seemed to be absorbed into his own thoughts. This made Rex more than uncomfortable.

“How much longer do we have until we get to Dragon's Wake?” Rex reiterated the question. It was promptly ignored by the ladies.

Katrine and Romy seemed to have a fun time talking while they sailed the air on Katrine's Togekiss. Their conversation ranged from everything to Josh, their pokemon, and most importantly their trainer skills. Rex wanted to tune into that part of the conversion but the trampling of his Bastiodon's feet drowned out most of it. It left him wondering if they were doing this on purpose to smite him for something.

“Josh...” “Hell. If he isn't going to say something, I am.”

“Yes....” Josh stroked his Garchomp's back as he spoke.

“How can you live life like you do?”

“I ask myself that some times. You're so carefree, how you do it,” Josh was up for a conversation which surprised Rex massively.

“I've always been the wild kid, the class clown. Yeah I have my issues. My father was put into jail from crimes he committed. He told me to always keep my smile and I did. Life is too short.”

“What made you join the K.R.P.D?”

“I was angry at my dad at the time. I wanted to get away from him, be a better person than he was. So I joined something to stop crime. My dream was to become the Chief of Police in Johto…but…it never panned out.”

“What crime did your dad commit?” Josh asked. He didn't have the right to judge.

“I rather not talk about it,” Rex avoided the topic nicely though it was evident in the back of his voice that it was something serious.

“I understand.”

Katrine happened to look over the wings of the Togekiss to see the two men actually taking now. Katrine tapped Romy's shoulder to catch her attention. She turned to causally view her other two team mates talking.

“Wow. Josh is actually speaking,” Katrine was great at pointing out the obvious.
“I can see that. Your point,” Romy stated. She couldn't help but saying “your point” mainly because she had lacked to see it.

“He's opening up. He talked to me the other time and now he's talking to Rex,” Katrine said it, not realizing that he wasn't opening up to Romy at all.

“I guess he just likes you two,” Romy didn't want to bring it up. It was there.

“He likes you. I know it!” Katrine's voice peaked to scream.

“He doesn't like me and I'm over him,” Romy said almost like she was definite. “I view him only as a co-worker!”

“You lie,” Katrine said dastardly as she looked at her from the corner of her eye.
“Whatever you say...”

“I--” Katrine's conversation was dropped as she eyes glared down the javelins.

Katrine suddenly grasped tightly to the blue and red hair of the Togekiss to steer the oncoming spikes. From what she could see, they were yellow and purple they also appeared to be quite poisonous. “Ariados' Spikes,” she questioned to herself.Katrine knew what these were capable of. Ariados' spikes are lethal by nature. The Ariados held fairly venomous blood, so when they shot their spike they also were poisonous. They were known to kill things as large as a Salamence to something as small as a Cleffa. They weren't something to take lightly.

“Helio,” Josh shouted. “Fire Blast.”

“Back 'em, Sebastian. Metal Sound!” Rex cried out.

From Helio's mouth, came a large cross of fire that widen as it increased speed. It managed to take out many of the spikes in the air allowing them to rain down like comets. Sebastian rattled the plate on its head to knock the rest of the spikes out of the air allowing Katrine and her Togekiss, Delight, to land safely on the narrow passage.

Katrine and Romy jumped off of Delight's back to allow Katrine to safely return the pokemon to her pokeball. She gave a slight sigh of relief as the rest of the spikes rained overhead.

“Good thing we did split up,” Rex commented. Josh was definitely right about an ambush.

“Who would attack us?” Romy asked.

“How about you ask them?”

Josh pulled out his handgun and shot a spiraling bullet through the trees to his north. Two shadow split to avoid the attack. He kept with shooting rapidly within the trees until the shadows stumbled into sunlight. It was two twin girls, one indeed with an Araidos.

“Who are you?” Josh barked. He was good at saying that.

“I don't think it matter. What are you doing here,” the first twin with forest colored hair spoke.

“Don't tell me you're another one from Crystal International wanting our assistance?” the second twin with a sea blue hair spoke this time.

“We are K.R.P.D,” Romy flashed her badge. Rex was actually kind of surprised to see it.

“Kanto Region Police Department, so I'm guessing you're after Gabriel too,” the forest twin spoke.

“Interesting we are too,” the sea-haired twin finished.

“Stop with the mind games!” Josh roared. “Get out of our way before we end up hurting you.”

The twins looked on at a shock with those words. The both of the pressed their finger on their opposite cheek and viewed the team. The both of them wore their hair out with lengthy spirals down the side of their face. Their eye colors were the same as their hair style. Their skin colors were a darker one, making Josh believe they were not from this region. “Why were they here?”

“So, what business to you have, K.R.P.D?” the twins spoke simultaneously this time.

“You may call us as a whole, S.D.C. We are looking for Gabriel to put an end to his reign of terror,” Romy stated.

“Oh...then you have to get through us. We want him for ourselves. We are under order.”

“That's right. Shroud would be devastated if you got your hands on the organization's information.”

“Shroud,” Katrine questioned. “Who’s that?”

“Like we will ever tell you, Ivy, let's kill them,” the blue haired one spoke.

“Alright, I do think that is appropriate, Iris.”

Ivy and Iris suddenly sprang into action, each with a blade in hand. Sebastian quickly jumped into the way only to be surprisingly overwhelmed by the women's strength. It was like they weren't even human. Rex quickly returned Sebastian to his pokeball before they had a chance to crack his face plate. Before the swords could get to Rex, Josh sent a bolt of lightning from his hand to force the women back. The two women progressed towards Romy and Katrine who appeared helpless at the moment.

“Don't you think you forgetting about someone?” Josh spoke.

“No we are not,” Ivy spoke.

A spider web stretched itself out to pin both Helio and Josh to the wall of the cliff as well thick web to keep Rex out. Rex roared out of anger before pulling out a pokeball. He was stopped by Katrine’s glare.

“No...” Katrine spat. She knew well that Josh and Rex could get through these webs.

“What do you mean?” Josh said as he stared blankly at the webs that “contained” him.

“This is our fight,” Romy stated. “You and Rex have been wondering our power, haven't you? You want to see how much I've improved. Besides,” Romy put her fingertips to her lips. “I don't need a man to do my work for me.”

Romy and Katrine pulled out their respective weapons; a staff and a whip. Rex folded his arms as he saw the two ladies take their battle stances. This wasn't just a pokemon battle. This was an absolute brawl. Rex knew well what Romy was capable of; Josh knew what neither was capable of. It would be a pleasure for spectators.

“You will tell you what we want to know,” the timid Katrine was no more.

“Ladies you are out of your league if you think you can fight with L.O.S.T,” Iris was amused at this.

“L.O.S.T huh. Lethal Oligarchy of Stealth Tactics,” Romy seemed amused as well. “Gabriel was from that organization right.”

“No more talking!” Ivy snapped.

Ivy slammed her sword into Romy's staff as Iris attacked Katrine. Katrine snapped her whip around Iris's sword sending it flying into the canyon below. Iris stepped back a few steps before sending a flurry of knives towards Katrine's way. She whipped them aimlessly away with only several cracks of her whip. Katrine was obviously a lot better than either Rex or Josh for that matter had even realized.

“This is girl is pretty good,” Iris said astonished herself.

“Everyone takes me lightly because I'm the receptionist. I'm well enough trained.”

Romy gained the upper hand in her battle as well by pushing Ivy away with her staff to push her away. Romy counterattacked with a powerful blow in the stomach sending Ivy riling for the woman's attack. Romy retracted the staff.

“I must admit,” Ivy began.

“You two are much more surprising than we thought,” Iris continued.

Ivy snapped her finger causing the Araidos to come to her side while her sister pulled out a pokeball. Katrine tried to stop her from pulling out her pokemon with her whip. It responded with a web to stop the whips progress enough to send it snapping back. Iris threw her pokeball during this time of recuperation.
A Mothim shot from the pokeball glimmer as he emerged from it. Unlike any Mothim that Katrine had seen in her life. It appeared to have death in the pupil of its orange eyes. Though it had a degree of being adorable, it glamored the idea of killing something. The Mothim flew to its trainer side.

“Now its four on two,” Iris spoke.

“Not for long...”

“Don't think we are going to let you have your pokemon. Mothim, Aerial Ace!”

“Ariados, give them a Pin Missile!”

The attacks were swift. They were obviously trained to be that way. Katrine and Romy found themselves dodging attacks from the two bug pokemon while trying to balance on the rocky road. It posed difficult. The footing was already loose, along with the attack shaking the ground; it was hard to keep up.

“What’s wrong, ladies?” Iris began throwing knives within the maelstrom of things that they had to dodge.

“Is this much for you?”

“Katrine...?” Romy whispered.

“I know,” Katrine said calmly as she whipped away a pin missile.

As on command, the flurries attacks were stopped by a dome of solid rock. The twin clinched their teeth as the dome crumbled down to reveal the two policewomen with their two pokemon. Romy's being a Zangoose while Katrine's being a Furret. Despite the difference in the pokemon's appearance, the fierceness in their stance were the same.

“What was that?” Rex said lowly.

“My trainer skill,” Katrine smiled. “I can control anything in current environment. It's kind of tricky though. I can only use it when there is a large amount of an element around. Wind is the trickiest one while Earth is the easiest one. It's Geomancy.”

“Oh,” Rex was impressed at this. “I wish I had control over mine….” He said lowly.

“Never mind that nonsense, Mothim! Bug Buzz!” Iris shouted.

“Not quite, Hyper Voice, Jean!” Katrine shouted.

The two sound based attacks sent a curling sound into the air. However the Hyper Voice got the better of the Bug Buzz, sending the Mothim flying backwards. It regained its flight soon after.

The Araidos was doing horribly however compared to its partner. The Zangoose was much quicker than it was and all of its attacks failed to slow the creature down. To put the icing on the cake, the Zangoose held Immunity to the Araidos' poison, rendering the long ranged attacks useless. The Zangoose seized the upper hand with its fist engulfed in flames. It cracked its knuckles against the Araidos’ face to send it flying in a ball of fire and slamming into the jagged rock wall. Needless to say, it was fainted after such an attack—almost burned to an arachnid crisp. Ivy returned her pokemon stunned.

“Finish them, Iris!” Ivy said as she ran away.

“No problem...” Iris was cut off by the string of attacks that the Furret pulled off.

Though the Mothim was faster, the Furret had made use the height of the cliff. It trailed up the side of the cliff to reach the Mothim’s altitude. It flipped its body allowing its tail to glow in silver. It slammed the tail onto the Mothim’s head, hitting it with a powerful Iron Tail. Jean the Furret followed up with a bolt of electricity its mouth. The stream of lightning struck Mothim with a pin pointed intensity. The Mothim fainted soon after. Iris returned her to pokeball before taking suit of her sister and leaving.

“Don't think this is over!” Iris cried.

The twins escaped easily with “Smoke Ball” that dispersed silver smoke to cloak their route. Romy shook her head before kneeling down to her Zangoose to pet it.

“Zane, Slash the webs,” Romy ordered.

Zane obeyed only one the webs that stopped Rex from progressing further. They were no need for slashing Josh's or Helio's webs due to the fact that they had already escaped them. Josh emerged from the trees of the forest as he wiped the remaining threads from his black attire. He then progressed to help Helio get many of the webs that was caught between his horns. As he did so, he began to speak.

“The both of you did great out there,” Josh stated. “Your trainer skill must take a lot of practice, Katrine,” Josh pulled a long web from the dragons back.

“I still can't get many of the elements down,” Katrine returned Jean to her pokeball.

“What is your first pokemon then to have that trainer skill?”

“Hm...You’ll see him,” Katrine turned away.

“Now that is over with,” Rex sighed. He truly wanted to fight too. “We can get back on track.”

“Romy,” Josh spoke suddenly. “Why didn't you use your trainer skill back there?”
“Sorry, Mr. Raijin, but not everyone has complete control of their trainer skill. I'm still learning,” Romy said as she returned Zane.

“You're lying. You have control over it. You would have gotten this far without it,” Josh's voice seemed violent when he said it.

“Maybe I am...” Romy just walked away.

“Is this a Lover's Quarrel?’Cause damn, I don't want to be in one if it’s like this,” Rex said smiling.

“We are NOT dating!” Romy cried out.

“I guess you just made her even angrier, Rex,” Katrine said stating the obvious once more.

“Yeah....” Rex stared at Josh who seemed to not care. “Let's go.”

Rex and Katrine released Sebastian and Delight respectively before heading off of once more. Josh jumped on Helio's back with that look in his eyes. He hated this. “What did I expect from her?”

Legendarian Mistress
December 5th, 2009, 6:35 PM
Quite an interesting chapter, my good friend. Will L.O.S.T be appearing in more chapters to come? I certainly hope so; I enjoyed reading about them and their background. As a side note, this review will be up by tomorrow (as I write it, it is 4:18 PM Saturday afternoon).

Sgt Shock
December 10th, 2009, 10:38 AM
Chapter 12: The Despotism in Duality

“I must admit, it's been quite some time since we have spoke, Gabriel.”

“Largo...I must admit that it has. Six months was it.”

“Six months you have been shutting me away in the confines of your heart. Or what's left of it anyway?”

“Why can't you just be a good boy, Largo, and stay down?”

“Stay down? Gabriel. There is no medicine, no mental cure and definitely no psychiatrist that can keep me locked away forever. I've been sleeping, waiting for my spot.”

“You have no power, Largo. You're nothing more than a tool that I use. I can put you away if I want.”

“Really now, I'm more than amused that you would say something like that in my presence. Do you forget that I'm your true self not that mask that you wear every day?”

“You are not my true self?”

“Then what am I? Am I perhaps your ruler and you are nothing more than vessel I dwell in? Do you not remember the night that I awoken? That night. That beautiful night. You didn't have the nerve. You had a soul. I have no useless attachments or fears such as these. Yet you call me the one the tool. Yet you call on my power every twist and turn you cannot control. Who reigns over whom, Gabriel?”

“I reign over you...”

“Even then, it felt foreign against your lips. Like crop being grown in an opposite environment only to have their roots frozen or dried. Amusing really, open your eyes to see what I have done to show you have no control over me.”

Gabriel opened his eyes. There was the distinct smell of blood was in the air; polluted the air with its metallic, bitter, hollow, but fresh aroma. He panicked as looked to both sides of him to find that Jiro and Fleur were safely sleeping. But the stench did not dissipate, something was dead, a lot of something. He shot from his bed and progressed through the hallways of the inn that they had checked into. It was a log cabin style home, so the hallways appeared to be darker than normal. He almost was regretting it now. He looked down to see it. It was a trail of blood.
He could feel his feet follow the trail. The small smears of blood became larger like stream the more that he progressed down the hallways. The blood began to expand than just walls alone. Ceilings, walls, lights, and doors were now covered in the crimson liquid tissue. Gabriel wanted to stop walking, but his feet wouldn't stop moving. He knew what was going to happen next. It was a story of logic. Blood came from living things, these things only lost blood when they were hurt, and then they would die if this amount of blood was lost.

Gabriel descended the stairs to see the sight—fifty people, dead. They were piled upon each other like a pit grave. Twisted necks, stab wounds, burns, and various mixtures could be seen in the corpses. Gabriel fell to his knee. He wanted to vomit. The smell of the rank bodies filled the room, weakening Gabriel's knees.

“I thought you said killing was fun?”

“When did you do this?”

“Isn't it obvious?” “Tonight...”

“Stop it...get out my head.”

“Oh, I thought you had power over me. Look at what you did. You were so proud what you did years back because you got what you wanted? Isn't that right?”

“I just...”

“There is no excuse for that. Now...” Gabriel's hand became absorbed in fire. “Burn this place to the ground...”


Gabriel turned his attention to Jiro, stopping his flames at the moment. His eyes seemed to quake out of it sockets. Sweat poured down Gabriel’s face and unconsciously tears. Jiro assessed the situation before taking in some rancid air. It almost clogged his throat instead of soothing his fear.

“To tell the truth Gabriel...” Jiro started. “I'm here to stop Largo.”

“That's why you've been tagging along...” Gabriel's voice was heaving.

“The Ranger Union sent me to investigate your killings of Pokemon.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“No one can forget those flames,” Jiro stated.

“Are you going to take me in?” Gabriel stated. Even he was unsure if it was he that was saying that. It was definitely unsettling for the both of them.

“No. I'm not. I'm going to help you beat this.”

“Beat me...that idea is ridiculous…” Gabriel shoved the thought away. “Can you...?”
“Consider it done.”

Jiro extended his hand, sending a wave of aura to sway Gabriel asleep. It’s been quite some time he had to use his aura to control Gabriel. It sent back memories that he didn’t want to recreate in the already Jiro managed to catch him before he hit the ground and threw him over his shoulder. He headed back to the room where the three had slept, a small suite on the other side of the town.

“Fleur....?” Jiro's voice whispered.

“Yes...” Fleur was already awakened long before Jiro’s whispered into her ear.

“Can you get up now? We have to leave?” he beckoned.

“Why?” Fleur panicked.

“I can't tell you...” Jiro was lost at words. “But, do not open your eyes until we are out of the building.”

“Alright, I'll get our stuff.”

Fleur stood up. Jiro knew she could feel it, that dankness in the air that death emits. It woke her up. Though hesitate, she did what she promised and collect all that she could. She then proceeded to close her eyes. Jiro grabbed her hand, guiding her through the wood corridors. He seemed to be relatively unaffected by the added weight of Gabriel on his shoulders. He just moved as quickly as he could with Fleur's hand clutched tightly to his. They progressed down the stairs.

“What is going on? I feel like...?” Fleur began to open her eyes.

“No, do not open them,” Jiro roared.

“Okay,” Fleur gave a gulp before closing her eyes tightly.

Jiro managed to pave a way through the bodies that now created the ground of the first floor. He guided Fleur through the corpses and managed to open the door. The devastation didn't stop at the inn. Feeling the fresh air of the night, Fleur opened her eyes to see that the horrid. She fell backwards back into the house to see the pain there too. It was impossible now. She screamed as loud as she could.

“My god....” Jiro's voice was whimpering now.

The entire village of Dragon's Wake right outside of Pewter City was burned to the ground. There were even more bodies on the street; children, mothers, fathers, grandparents, pokemon, everything. Jiro's eyes began to stream tears down his face. It brought back memories that he tried to push away. Those memories of that day at the school, his heart wrenched. He covered his mouth with his gigantic palm trying to stop himself from screaming now. They contorted in ways that bones couldn't possibly go. Bones broke the skin in many of the bodies while in others limbs were missing only to be found farther down the road. Splattered on the ground was not only blood but organs, ripped clean from the body. The sight couldn't be fathomed by anyone—man or beast. There were no survivors.
Jiro sent out a scream of anger. It echoed into the night sky. The nightmare had reoccurred.


They were met by the same devastation. None of them seemed to show any fear however though this was more than unexpected. The S.D.C progressed through the tarnished dirt road that was once treaded by the people of Dragon's Wake. The town's square that would have been covered with people due to the markets was now covered with the bodies of those same people. Fountains that were once flowing crystal clear water were now tainted with the blood of the innocent. Dismembered bodies were laid waste throughout the entire town; hanging out of windows, run through by the spear-like post, and crushed underneath the large statues were some of the more horrible deaths.

“Who would have done all of this?” Rex spoke between his teeth.

“Isn't it obvious,” Josh expanded his pokeball. “Volt, you're needed.”

Volt the Electivire slammed on the ground upon exiting his pokeball. Volt's red and silver eyes seemed to view the apocalyptic scene. He gave a low grunt from the side of his mouth before slamming his fist into the ground. A web of electricity weaved through the bodies as well as through the buildings. Romy, Katrine, and Rex seemingly watched as the Electivire seemingly heaved a large sigh. It brought its fist up upon giving Josh a telepathic report on the situation.

“Tell the rest of your group that there are three living creatures left. They are who you think they are…” Volt folded his arms.

“Volt says that their three living bodies in the area, and they are three that he recognizes. It's highly doubtful that they are survivors of this cataclysm.”

“Then who are they?” Rex roared.

“Gabriel, Jiro, and Fleur,” Josh seemed to have little to no astonishment on his face.

“I knew it,” Romy crossed her arms.

“They are on the move,” Josh commented.

“Then let's go.”

The four as well as Volt continued through the waves of corpses. Out of all of them, Katrine seemed the most visibly discomfited. She had only truly seen this type of thing through picture and video alone, close up was a different experience. Her heart was racing beyond their normal limits as the continued throughout the town. After some moments, she found herself within one of the large arms of Rex.

“Only a little longer before we before we catch these damned murderers,” Rex said that in a vigorous tone.

“You really know what to say,” Romy said in sarcasm.

“I think it was sweet,” Katrine said as she held onto Rex.

“ah ah ha...” he blushed but quickly shook it off realizing it wasn't the right time.

“The three of you,” Josh barked. “Volt and I are going pursuit.”

“Josh—wait!” Romy cried out.

It was too late. Volt and Josh had already moved ahead of the group, moving the speed beyond light itself. Rex as well as Romy crossed their arms in the anger. Katrine gave a faded, somewhat dull smile. No matter what they felt, they were powerless to stop him now. All they could do now was to follow his lead.

“Dammit. He's fast...” Rex murmured.

“They didn't call him the God of Lightning in Sinnoh because he was slow,” Katrine mentioned.

“How does he do it?”

“He or Volt,” Katrine asked.

“Both would be nice…” Rex proclaimed.

“They move at incredible speeds for two separate reason; Volt through Motor Drive while Josh himself transfers his electricity to his feet to move light speed. He has pretty interesting uses for lightning,” Katrine shrugged.

“I thought Motor Drive can only activate when Volt is hit by an electricity attack,” Romy asked.

“Did you forget Josh can create lightning?” Katrine flashed a smile.

“Smart ass kid,” Rex nodded his head.

“We better follow him before we lose his trail...” Katrine began dashing in the general direction of Josh.

Rex and Romy nodded accordingly before dashing as well towards the direction in where Josh was headed. Hopefully they would get there in time.


“Another powerful presence is coming...who now?”

“K.R.P.D most likely. That more than unfortunate, we can't possibly fight them like this,” Fleur panicked.

“That is more than correct, my dear...”

Jiro and an already shaken Fleur turned to the sound of the voice. Upon one of the larger buildings in the area, Josh and Volt stood; Josh with an unusually cruel smile on his face. Jiro and Fleur seemed to eye the exit, they were so close from escaping and now this man stood in their way. This wasn't something that they wanted, not now. All they had to make it through was the wooden gates and somehow lose this man in the forest. However even that seemed impossible now. This man's blue eyes stared down at them, aghast.

“Drop him....” Josh commanded.

“I cannot do that,” Jiro himself was unsure if he could defeat Josh. Not like this.
“You don't have much of a choice on this matter. Remember that night, when you said that you would protect Gabriel and Fleur with your life,” Josh looked for a response from Jiro, he nodded. “I'm going to make you ante up to those words. Now...”

“Hear me out...” Jiro started. “Please....please...let us escape...”

“Why would I do something like that?” Josh's face washed with a muse of violence. “After all he has caused me to go through; after all I have lost getting to this point. You are going to plead for me to let you escape. What's this foolishness?”

“This foolishness...is my friendship towards him. You do not all the underlying tribulations that he went through.”

“What he went through,” Josh roared in laughter. “I'm not interested in such folly. Just hand him over before I'll have to pry him out of your dead hands.”

“I cannot…”

“You'll regret those words...” Josh murmured.

Josh suddenly catapulted himself with a stream of lightning towards Jiro. Until then he did not see that Josh was wielding a knife underneath the end of his cloak, he managed to dodge it at the last second. He soon found himself dodging several different from Josh's blade. With each passing moment, it became more and more difficult for him to dodge. The blade's swings were blinding now. He could only dodge them now by the sounds that they made when the cut through the air. At last, Josh stabbed Jiro in the upper chest causing him fall to his knees. Josh pulled the thin, spike like blade from Jiro's skin, causing him to fall unconscious from the blood lost.

Successful, Josh licked the blood from his blade before heading towards Fleur who was now quaking in fear at the lost of her own protection. She fell backwards trying to reach to her pokeball only for her wrist to be seized by Josh's. She could feel her carpel's in her wrist snap in his hand, crunching them like ice between his teeth. She yelped in pain.

“Thanks for the catch...” Josh mentioned as he threw her from where she was into the wall of a building--the after effect being the obvious unconsciousness.

Josh approached the still hypnosis-inflicted Gabriel. It was more like stalking, like a poacher. He raised his blade. Gabriel's eyes shot open, iris consumed by a burnt vermilion color. Gabriel grabbed the sword by the blade; Josh kept a low pressure though he subconsciously wanted to cut through his palm.

“We meet again...Josh...” Gabriel started to speak. His voice was torture to a person's soul. It could be only be explained a low growling tainted by the muse of death.

“So...you're the monster that lives inside of Gabriel. Largo was it?”

“How do know about that?” 'Largo' amused.

“Pokemon Eclipse Theory, what did you expect during my times at Sinnoh? I wasn't just training, Largo.”

“Then you know what I'm capable of,” Largo paused for a moment. “Why did you release me then? You must have known that Jiro was my cage.”

“I wanted to take you in as the killer not the performer.”

“Good answer. But isn't it a bit over zealous.”

Gabriel or Largo rather pushed Josh's blade away from himself. The long gash on his palm from the edge of the blade began healing allowing only the blood to be the only attest to the fact that it was there in the first place. Largo licked the palm of his hand, allowing his tongue to curl up his now pale palm. Josh could now see the fang like teeth where jutting from the gum. This perked Josh's interest to what exactly 'Largo' was. However, he kept it to himself.

“You die here,” Josh stated.

“Not going to happen. I should give you thanks. With those two around,” Largo's eyes shot from the downed Jiro and Fleur, “I would never be able to escape.”

“It matters not since you are going to be killed.”

“Don't think you will have the chance on that one,” Largo shook his head condescendingly. “I'm much more powerful than my other half.”

Josh, enveloped in a white lightning, appeared behind Largo only for him to cut completely through Largo's shoulder. The white blade phase through him completely, almost like he was a ghost sort. This left Largo to heave a rather heavy sigh of boredom. With a snap of his finger, Largo had made his escape within a torrent of flames.

“Not now…little child, I don’t have time for this. Enjoy your catch. It’s the only meal that you are going to have tonight,” Largo taunted as his voice faded.

Josh's anger fumed into a physical manifestation, causing him to let out an inhuman-like roar. Volt managed to stop Josh's from doing any more damage from the lightning that emitted from his body by absorbing it. After calming down slightly, Josh returned Volt to his pokeball. His face assumed that icy expression once more.

“Looks like we are too late...”

Rex, on his usual means of transportation, trotted up to Josh whom was still breathing heavily from his escaped target. Lightning crackled from the sides of Josh's mouth as flames would a dragon. Josh slammed his fist into the ground, but his eyes were focused on Rex as well as the now approaching Romy and Katrine.

“Where were all of you?”

“Hell if you going to blame us for you running off,” Rex shouted.

“That's right,” Romy spoke softly. “You ran off without us.”

“Let's not blame each other. Gabriel got away, yet again. We can't be discouraged,” Katrine said offering the sense of reason in this conversion.

“How many times are we going to let him get away?” Josh threw that statement towards Katrine. It smacked her innocent expression off her face. “Do know how many times a person can a person say next time? They can say it an infinite number of times from their mouths. Next time might never come,” Josh's voice held despair even though it was hard to tell. “Next time might be a last time for someone else.”

“What do we do now?” Katrine was checking the radar on the Pokevoyac. None of the targets were appearing. “Wherever Gabriel has gone, he's not here anymore.”

“Take them into custody,” Josh barked.

“If you going to bark orders like that--” Rex was stopped by Romy's hand.

“It's no need. He'd just keep at it,” Romy stated.

Romy approached the unconscious Fleur. For some reason more than any other time, she pitied her. She scooped her off the ground to place her on the back of Sebastian. She squared her shoulders, trying to mask the feeling of guilt she felt before heading to the now life-threatened Jiro.

“Let him die,” Josh turned his back. “It's nothing you can do. I sent electric waves coursing through his blood stream with my blade, Zeus the Cloud Gatherer.”

“I'm not going to let him die, Josh...”

“For what reasons should he live,” Josh inquired.

“Do you need logical ones or ethical?” Romy asked as she knelt to Jiro's side.

“Tell me both,” Josh longed preferred logical yet he felt the need to here the other side as well. It was that nagging thought of Cyrus that pushed him to say “both”.

“I'll give you the logical one first. Say if we let him die, any information that he knows about Gabriel will die as well. To say the least, our only lead about where he should be going will be lost to us. Not to say the fact that interrogating him might bring us closer to something larger,” Romy extended her hands over Jiro's body. For a person who obviously didn't like pure logic, Romy was the master at it. “On top of that, he's a ranger from the Ranger Union in Almia. He's probably on a mission to observe the killings of Pokemon here by both Gabriel and Team Rocket. Interfering in his mission could cause bad relations between Almia and Kanto. Killing him would leave worst options in the end than taking him into custody.”

After slamming Josh with his desired “logic”, Romy continued to her initial mission of healing Jiro. Josh silenced himself to observe Romy's trainer's skills. To him, it only appeared to be a flurry of pink peony flower petals and mist. The mist however had that healing property. It had the ability to repair cell damage if she concentrated enough on it. She was focused immensely while keeping the eye contact with Josh at the same time.

“What about ethical,” the word felt foreign in the roof of Josh's mouth.

“For one, he's a human being trying to protect someone who gave his dream a chance. Secondly, he's not the bad guy; he never once killed a person with Gabriel six months ago. Thirdly, he has a family that he is providing for....” Romy paused as Jiro stirred--a good sign. “Lastly, he is a friend of mine as well,” Romy managed to catch a glimpse of Josh's facial expression.

“What?” Josh gave hollow voice to such a puzzling revelation.

“I met him in Ranger School. A rather quiet guy who never really talked to anyone else around, I decided during our time at the Ranger School. We were friends. I didn't want to mention this to you earlier.”

“Hmph...” the grunt in Josh's voice at that showed that he was completely revolted.

Romy removed her hands from Jiro's chest, allowing the wound to settle for a moment. Jiro was now breathing even if they were brusque.

“Rex, can you take him on Sebastian too?” Romy asked.

“Alright, I have other pokemon I can travel on.”

“That's great. Katrine, can you start on the report for the people here...”

“Already working on it,” Katrine was typing on a small portable computer she kept with her.

“We will be moving out then.”


Author's note: WHAMBAM! This chapter makes you think doesn't it. ha ha. All you knew just changed planes. I'm feeling really awesome right now. So you might get another chapter soon. Hope that you like the chapter.

Legendarian Mistress
December 13th, 2009, 5:00 PM
Quite an interesting chapter you have there, SS. It seems as though Largo is finally free, but what I’d like to know is when will Gabriel be good again? That aside, I thought it was really mean of Josh to nearly kill Jiro with his electrified knife... what was its name again? I’m looking forward to reading more adventures about Josh and the gang.


Check my fic’s thread; I’ve updated it with Chapter 6 part 2. And check your PMs as well... a little thank you present in regards to the other story is waiting for you.

Sgt Shock
December 16th, 2009, 9:42 AM
Quite an interesting chapter you have there, SS. It seems as though Largo is finally free, but what I’d like to know is when will Gabriel be good again? That aside, I thought it was really mean of Josh to nearly kill Jiro with his electrified knife... what was its name again? I’m looking forward to reading more adventures about Josh and the gang.


Check my fic’s thread; I’ve updated it with Chapter 6 part 2. And check your PMs as well... a little thank you present in regards to the other story is waiting for you.

His knife is called Zeus the Cloud Gathering--and yes he was over the top in this chapter. In terms of Gabriel being good....I can't tell you. It's up for the readers to see what comes next.

I'm glad that you like Largo and the chapter.

To any other reader. My next chapter is coming in a few.

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December 16th, 2009, 10:32 AM
Chapter 13: Death is only mourned once...

“So, where is he?”

“I do not know....”

“So what do you know?”

The punishment for hesitation was yet another Shadow Ball from the Xue, Josh's Froslass. The ball of purplish color energy struck Jiro and absorbed through the pours of his skin. He yelled out in pain as the Shadow Ball's vile power went to work, wrecking through his memories as well as breaking his body down. Sweat dripped from his brow as the pain finally lowered keeping him at the bridge between life and death. Jiro's eyes were basically glazed from the pain, but somehow he was still conscious for better or for worst in his case. Josh grabbed a clump of his hair and forced him to stare within his eyes.

“Tell me where Gabriel is?”

“I...” Jiro was struggling to keep consciousness now, “I do not know...”

“You’re lying,” Josh remained cool but it was obvious anger the drove him.

“What if he's not lying?” Rex folded his arm.

Josh chose not to speak with Rex, who might possibly be right in the situation. He continued to pressure Jiro with various questions that he either did not answer (due to consciousness issues) or could not answer (due to not knowing). At the end, left Josh with more question than he had answers. Josh's face changed into a contemplation expression, which reminded Rex of a supreme king from a sci-fi movie.

“I think that it is time for you to go to sleep now,” Rex mentioned. It was pretty late, about midnight.

“I haven't got a single piece of information yet. I'm truly thinking about my interrogation technique.”

“What would that be?” It surely was something to think about when you said something like that; Rex had to know.

“You see. I can control electricity correct?”


“What you didn't know is I can control anything dealing with an electric charge. So theoretically, I can control the sparks that are sent from the brain to the neurons and vice versa.”

“Whoa, dude. I'm not even a scientist and I know that can kill a person. What are you trying to do?”

“Unless you have a better idea,” Josh peered over to Rex.

“Anything is better than killing the dude. What is your problem man? Sometimes I think you're a nice guy and on the flip side you are some sadistic freak. Who is Josh Surge? Is he the tolerable one or the obsessed one?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“I'm trying to say that you are playing two different people man. Just like you said there are two sides of Gabriel, you aren't much different,” Rex's eyebrows collapse downward forming this rather serious expression.

“I truly hate being compared with Gabriel.”

“So I'm not the first. I'm sure as hell isn't going to be the last if you keep on acting like this.”

“I just want to put an end to all of this,” Josh's voice rose.

“Man…you are so annoying!”

Katrine made herself the median between the two of them, pushing them away from each other. Unknowingly to both of them, their fist was balled up about to brawl. Katrine looked at the two men back and forwards, hoping one of them would drop their guards. Rex was the first to do so, coming back to his normal expression. For Josh however, the emotion just sucked away from him to create this expression of solitude. Josh returned Xue to her pokeball.

“Go to damn sleep,” Rex spoke.

“I plan too,” Josh walked off.

“I thought you two were friends,” Katrine said. It did look like it on the route up here.
“We are. I guess…” he trailed off, were they from how they acted. “He's just annoying when he gets like that,” Rex stated. “How is Romy doing?”

“She was just tired from all that healing. Nevertheless, she is resting.”

“How's that other girl? Fleur was it?” Rex found himself asking more questions than he wanted.

“She is doing fine. I had to wrap her wrist up since Josh snapped it.”

“That is practically woman abuse...” Rex had to push these feelings of anger aside. He hated men that hurt women, a trait that he adopted from his father.

“So that why you didn't fight Iris and Ivy?” Katrine tilted her head.

“What?” Rex hadn't realized he said it aloud. “Yeah…my dad always taught me not to hurt women…so I don’t.”

“Your dad must be a great person despite the circumstances that he went through,”
Katrine sighed; she knew that Rex hated talking about this. “Forget it,” Katrine mentioned. She turned her head to Romy, who was now awake. “It must really hurt her inside...” Katrine whispered.

“What hurts her inside…?” Rex wondered.

Romy stared out into the black sky above them. She seemed to be having a silent conversion with the stars. Low whisperings uttered from her lips. At times she appeared to be crying, her green glow in her eyes began watering to produce a slight tears. Though she tried to hide it, she was staring at Josh as well trying to push the memories away. Katrine as well as Rex approached Romy slowly.

“What's wrong?” Rex asked.

“I want to talk to him,” Romy said raising her head. “I just can't get the strength to anymore.”


“You know why. You saw what he just did. He could have killed Jiro with those attacks.”
“Talk to him about it. He's much more willingly to open up with you.”

“Not like how I was acting in the hospital that day...”

“Go. What can he do but give you the cold shoulder?” Rex mentioned.

“Wish me luck then.”

Romy arose to her feet, it was like they wanted to stand up; she did not feel any ache. She found her body moving slowly to Josh, who was lying awake though he appeared to be motionless sleep. Romy pushed him several times before Romy was forced to view his eyes once more. Those eyes that she once loved now feared. Josh sat up.

“May I help you?” Josh asked.

“I want to talk with you,” Romy hung her head. “And apologize for what I said at the hospital. I let my emotions get the better of me.”

“I don't hate you, Romy. I just can't love you. Love means nothing to me.”

“Like life?” Romy stabbed involuntarily. She didn't come here to pick a fight with him. “Forgive me.”

“No. You're right. That's why I'm willingly to protect it and take it. Either way it's the same with me,” Josh took a deep breath. “Romy, do you understand that I died that day?”

“Died...” Romy became nonplussed.

“The day at Seafoam Island I died –both physically and mentally. I met with death, felt its cold hand against my shoulder as he dragged me away from life. At first, I thought of it as a solace from all of my blunders in my pitiful life. I came to terms with reaching death's benefits, the silence that bestowed a person consciousness, a perfect sleep. I wanted to be relieved of all my emotional attachments—burdens.”

“Then what gave you to will to live?”

“Will to live? Let me ask what do you think about life? What makes it important? Death makes life significant. If life stretched on to infinity, what would make the word “life” significant? Without death, life is nothing more than an abyssal amount of time occupied by slabs of meat and flesh. Death makes one's life significant. Life is celebrated many times during their existence, death is only mourned once. It holds more power leaving a scar on people. “

“So you want to leave that scar on crime? That why you're doing this.”

“It's logical, is it not?”

Romy finally took sat beside Josh. She stretched her legs as far as she could against the blades of grass. Romy lower her shoulders before taking a deep breath. A cool breeze brushed against the both of them.

“You know. Death isn't a salvation to most. The person often wishes for death, only wishes they could mend their living mistakes. If that's your will is to give people protection while being a judge to the malefactors, you might want to think that over.”

“Why?” Josh's voice became defiant.

“You'll see, when the times comes,” Romy smiled.

“Understanding death...” a voice suddenly spoke, it was Jiro. “Is only half of life. I'll tell...”

“Tell us what?”

“About P.E.T...and Gabriel...”

Jiro though obviously still affected by the effects of the Shadow Ball stumbled on the grass in front of Romy and Josh. The color in his eyes was bleached, leaving him to look obscenely ill-looking. His shoulders and arms slumped downwards making him look like a primate. Though he was reeling from the attack, he was willing to speak.

“Gabriel was one of the first experiments of the P.E.T project. As you probably know by now, Gabriel suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, harboring another personality. He once had it under control though at times it did show itself. His biological father, Theodore Roderick, was something of a perfectionist. He couldn't accept that something that of his genes created something imperfect. He set out to change this, researching ways in cure this disorder from Gabriel's mind altogether. He turned to the only thing that he hadn't tried, Team Rocket and their Pokemon Eclipse Theory to splice Gabriel's DNA with a pokemon power. Though he appeared to heal at first, it only made Largo stronger...leaving Theodore to his death. It satisfied Largo for the moment of time, Gabriel had clear conscious. Yet the urge to kill came back as quickly as before. The next victims were the school that we had intended. In the end, he only found that killing appeased the monster that his father created so he kept killing to appease that monster.”

“Are you talking to give a reason for Gabriel's killings? That is ridiculous…” Josh mentioned.

“I do not approve of anything that Largo does. I'm just trying to help my friend,” Jiro answered.

Soon after that statement, Jiro collapse to his knees. The after effects of the Shadow Balls appeared to be much more than Romy would have thought. Yet Josh didn't show remorse on that fact. Romy helped Jiro to get to his back to at least rest peacefully.

“Every time I think that you are coming back to me, Josh, you walk farther away…” her voice became chopped at the end.

Romy proceeded to help Jiro sleep comfortably before walking away herself. Josh took in the silence; deep down, he longed the true death of all of his emotions.

Cold sweat dripped down the side of Alice's brow as she woke from her sleep. She could feel that he was roaming the earth now. That slow melody in the air that rang every time that he took a step was drifting in the air. Largo was awakened again, she could feel it. It felt like Gabriel was calling out to him, reaching towards her while Alice tried to pull him away. Yet, she couldn't. He was stationed tightly in the tar of the darkness that surrounded him sinking slowly in its ebony grasp.

Alice slipped out of her bed, allowing her feet to hit the ground without her husband, Cliff, not to be disturbed. Cliff was oblivious of the life that his wife and his step-son had to suffer through. She didn't want him to leave off of something like this, so she kept it to herself. Besides, she didn't want him in danger—she didn't want to become a widow again.

The thoughts now began to collectively bother her. The only idea that she could think of is the use of her crystals. Maybe they could give an insight on Largo, it was worth the shot. With that confirmed, she brought herself to a place that could shower her with more light. She chose a place on the chair by the window. She opened her palms.
A sphere like crystal shaped itself, molded from the woman's consciousness alone. One moment at a time the crystal slowly molded into itself perfect shape. She peered within the crystal to see a small glimpse of a vision. It startled her to the point that the crystal shattered within her hand. The shards missed her hands barely but the shards clattered against the floor causing Cliff to sprint up instantly.

“What was that?” Cliff his voice was of fear; he apparently thought that someone had broken in.

“It's nothing; I just dropped this glass...” Alice never told Cliff about her powers as well because it might spark a conversion about if Gabriel had powers.

“I see,” Cliff sighed in relief. “Have you heard of Gabriel? That must have you worried.”

Alice blonde hair fell over her face as she turned away. She would never visibly so such signs of weakness yet she was doing so right now. She rushed into the bathroom before Cliff could actually see her tears.

Though she was in a dark room in the middle of the night, it gave her the sense of comfort. She needed some time to herself after the images that displayed themselves within the crystal just then. She flicked the lights on, showing that she rather close to the sink. Alice turned the faucet, cupped her hands underneath, and splashed her face with it. The cool water felt kind of rejuvenating though it couldn't soothe the thoughts behind the face. She put her head to view the mirror to see that a man was standing behind her. It wasn't Cliff.

“You!?!” Alice shouted creating a ring of crystal spikes around his neck.

“Then you know why I'm here,” it was Shroud.

Shroud simply plucked the spikes from around his neck, one by one, picking them like petals of the flower. He placed the crystals within Alice's hands before pacing the bathroom. This time he was wearing tattered black cloak inside of a tattered brown one, it didn't make much of a difference for Alice's disgust.

“How did you get in here,” Alice barked, but she kept her voice low.

“Is that what matters at the moment?” Shroud tilted his head. “You know what I am here about?”


“He killed a slew of people at Dragon Wake. More so,” Shroud's eyes seemed to wonder the room. “Largo is now in control. I thought that you told me that killing would satisfy Largo. I have no problem with killing for pay or even killing to satisfy yourself, but overdoing both isn't something my company believes in.”

“Can you stop thinking about your company?”

“Can you stop thinking about your physical appearance? But that is not the point I'm trying to make, dear. Iris and Ivy told me that specifically about Largo's killings though they couldn't stop them because they ran into a strife on the way,'” Shroud was well aware that the girls fought K.R.P.D. He was disappointed in them, but pushed those feeling aside. “Nevertheless, do you have any idea to stop this before I put mine into action? Did you speak with him like I said?”

“I did not,” Alice found no need to hurt her schedule maybe that was a mistake.

“You're such a woman of business yet you can't handle a simple personal business by request. You are horrible,” Shroud shook his head.

“This is coming from an assassin?” Alice interrupted.

“It's my job, lady. I don't badger you about your jobs do I? Like always, we digress. Back to the task at hand,” Shroud had his way with words to be able to bring a good comeback without losing his place in his conversion. “Control Largo before someone disposes him…”

“No one is strong enough to defeat Largo!”

“Then explain your vision, didn't you see...”

“STOP IT!” the crystals in her hand shattered.

The shout sent an echo through the bath room, causing the door to fling open with a concerned Cliff on the other side. Alice turned away from Cliff to see that Shroud was no longer there. Was he there in the first place? She could deny that he was here, the now dust in her hands were placed there by him. She knew for a fact he was there.

“What is going on,” Cliff said with the confusion in his hazel eyes becoming worst.

“Nothing...” Alice was out of excuses. “It was nothing.”

That seemed to suffice for the most part on Cliff's expression. He walked up to his wife, wrapping his small arms around her shoulder to lead her back into the bedroom. He then assisted her to lie down on the bed.

“Tell me what is happened?” Cliff took his seat beside his wife.

“I had a dream about Gabriel.”

“What about Gabriel?” Cliff continued.

“Something...bad is happening with Gabriel,” she had the decency to clue him in on at least that.

“It's just a dream, honey. He’s probably fine.”

“I wish I could say that,” Alice shook her head.

“Then don't worry, in the morning, we will try to contact Gabriel.”


Alice slipped underneath the sheets as did Cliff. For him, this was going to be like any night; for Alice, however, it was going to be a rough one. Those visions were burned into her very thoughts right now. She could now hear the screams, ringing elegies in the back of her mind. She brought the sheets to her mouth and closed her eyes. The very least she could do is try to go to sleep.

Josh brought himself up to survey the surrounding area. He had made it a habit to lay a web of electric current throughout to about a half of mile where he would rest. Today he had caught an unknowing moth within it, and it was time to suck them dry. He got to his feet. It was now about morning, the only evidence of that fact was that the moon's light seemed to lack its previous luster.

“Who are you?”

Josh physically pointed to the shadows. Through training, Josh had the ability to sense and pin point different electrical currents. Humans differed from birds; birds differed from mammals, and so on. It wasn't hard for him to tell the difference in people now. This person however, was someone that he didn't know, so he assumed for it to be an enemy. Josh drew his pokeball, it was Rikani's. He subconsciously enjoyed the choice.

“If you want me to exterminate you, I will oblige.”

“Josh Surge, I presume....”

“Who might you be?”

“I have no name. I'm just a messenger for his majesty.”

“And who might that be?” Josh questioned.

“He has chosen you for spreading his greatness.”

“If I refuse,” Josh spoke folding his arms.

“There is not refusal. You have been chosen by his majesty, Yeshushin.”

“I will not be under anyone's rule. I am my own ruler; I do not need something guiding my every movement.”

“Yet Cyrus has corrupted your very way of thinker. Tell me, what is the difference?”

“I don't view Cyrus as a god. I view him less than a human being. I'm nothing like him,” Josh stated.

“Nevertheless, you do not have a choice in this matter, Raijin!”

The man shot the syringe filled to the brim with the blue liquid towards Josh. However it exploded in mid air, not a drop even touching his skin. He stared at the azure colored blood almost in a disgusted trance. There were people that injected themselves with that repulsive substance voluntarily. He couldn't help but laugh at the insanity of it all.

“Enough of this foolishness,” Josh spoke, ending his laughter on an abrupt end. “I said I refuse. You have no choice in that matter. In spite of your parasite that you believe is a god, I refuse. Now come to the reality of things. He won't save you from me right now. He won't bring you out of this present. The truth is, without any of my company to stop me; I'll be free to kill you right now.”

The man took a step back, shocked from the words that left Josh's lips. The intent in his eyes was like nothing that the man had ever seen before. It was like evil was engrossed in Josh's very eyes. He began to sprint away only for his leg to be between the teeth of the Luxray's mouth. When Josh released it, he didn’t know. What he did know was that the fangs were piercing through the muscle effortless becoming one with the bone on the first bite. She was meant for this, Josh had trained her to kill on sight. Rikani's job was nothing more than a merciless devourer of flesh.

“You will die here,” Josh spoke the words one at a time, slowly enjoying every word.

“Please no...”

“Don't wake up the other three. I don't want them to see such...” Josh searched through his mind. “justice.”

Josh placed his hand on the man's now exposed face. He could see the fear in the man's dark eyes as watched the streaks of lightning emerge from Josh's palms. Though he hated to admit it, a person's eyes truly did look their best in their last minutes. Yet, they also looked their worst while they were begging for mercy that they didn't deserve. He was indeed a monster, especially when the link of lightning left his control to strike through the man's skull. His life had ended. Only to be mourned, never celebrated again.

Legendarian Mistress
December 17th, 2009, 5:25 PM
What an interesting chapter, SS. If I may ask, who was that man that Josh killed? And so Jiro reveals Gabriel’s secret... what other secrets will be revealed, I wonder? Keep up the excellent work, my friend, you’re doing a superb job. Also, what will Dusk and Gray’s father do now that his pawn is dead...?

December 18th, 2009, 6:37 PM
The title is what really drew me in to read this.

Sgt Shock
December 19th, 2009, 6:21 AM
The title is what really drew me in to read this.

It's actually really good to know that the title has that effect. :P Thanks for reading. I hope that you liked it.

Sgt Shock
December 27th, 2009, 4:06 PM
Chapter 14: Dura Lex, Sed Lex
The Law Is Harsh but it is the Law...

“How is the test subject?”

“Why don't you see yourself, pops?”

“You're alive, Troy?” Cray questioned with a frown on his face. He was hoping better news than that.

“Did you think that your little alien friend could stop me from living? Besides, I have unfinished business with several people in this world.”

“Who will those be?”

“Nigel, Josh, and you in no particular order,” the boy spoke. Cray could imagine him shrugging with that statement which evolved the frown to a full expression of disgust. “I’m bound to find out how this body works, father. When I do, I will search for you.”

“Not if I exterminate you now...” Cray's voice became solid—or increased in solidity.

“How do you plan to do that? I've already learned one thing that I can do.”

With that spoken, he severed his arm from his body allowing it to roll to the front of the cage. Cray stared blankly at the dismembered limb for a couple of moments to see the same limb grabbing it from the bars. It was an obvious regenerative factor, beyond any that he had seen from the P.E.T. Perhaps the cells was not rejecting him entirely, creating this middle ground between nothing and something--an imperfection, yet a success. Cray laughed. It was too bad that he hated every fiber of his being right now. He would have posed much more useful.

“Simple put, father. I'm no longer Troy or your pawn Dusk. I’ve being thinking…” the boy pondered for a second to soak in the thought. “I don’t think it is appropriate to call me any of those again. You may call me, Thanatos.”

“Thanatos, the personification of death…” Cray looked down towards the man. “You will never get out of here to cause death.”

“Don't be too sure, father dearest. I have every means of getting out of here.”

The newly named experiment, Thanatos--the former name of Dusk--stared from behind the cage doors of his cell. Though behind a steel bars, his stared projected his entire feelings through them to Cray. It was the mixture of pure hatred and enjoyment at the same time. It almost felt as though he could rip through the bars right now to seize Cray's neck. It was almost unsettling though he himself could care less about threats; this one seemed to be the best one. Yet he couldn't dispose of him, if he could regenerate something like an arm in less than a second.

“De’Angelo,” Cray barked.

“Yes,” the scientist appeared out of nowhere.

“Is there a way to kill this experiment?” Cray folded his arms.

“Highly doubtful, he has learned that he can generate any cell in his body. It appears to be anything part of his body, including his head. It would be problematic.”

“Of course it would be problematic,” Thanatos mocked. “Though every cell in my body is aching in pain, I can generate them over and over again making me immortal. I don't need to sleep nor do I need to eat. I'm the perfect being and I plan to be much more than Yeshushin.”

“You are nothing compared to Yeshushin, nothing more than a cheap imitation,” Cray defended.

“No. I don't want to be an imitation of anything. I want to be original. I don't want to be obsolete. I don't want to be your memory. I'm no longer living in your shadow,” Thanatos stretched his arms towards the bar. “It's only time.”

Cray pried himself away from the prison. Listening to what his son's voice had turned into left a sense of an awkward intoxication in his body. He was had hoped that Troy would just curl up and died like the rest of the experiments that failed. Yet this creature known as Thanatos stood before him; creating his own agenda for the world. Nevertheless, Cray did not plan to let him escape so he was not a threat any longer. He walked away with that in mind, dragging De’Angelo along with him.

“What about the other test subject,” Yeshushin was displeased, thus that same feeling trickled to Cray.

“He rejected him,” De’Angelo didn't specialize in sugar-coating facts. He preferred them cold like that they should be.

“Excuse me,” Cray folded his arms.

“Not only that, he killed the messenger,” De’Angelo spoke in that smooth uncaring tone.

“Do you really want someone like that under Yeshushin?”

“You pose a good point, but that is what your master wants correct,”
De’Angelo seized the chance at gain the upper hand on Cray for once.

“I do not wish to bring harm to our father. If this Josh character will not accept Yeshushin we will have to make him accept it.”

“Don't plan on that either. He's far from a toy that can be used,”
De’Angelo shot the plan down at close range leaving Cray to give a glance equivalent to death.

“Fine, what is your plan?”

“I say we let him come to us and let us come to him.”

“How do you plan that?”

“Just leave that to me, Cray-sama,” De’Angelo mocked.

De’Angelo flashed his patented smirk towards Cray before heading off to his work. For some reason, Cray disliked the idea; knowing too surely that it wasn't going to work like De’Angelo had planned.


“What the $%#@, Josh,” Rex spoke calmly. That was more than enough of a surprise.

“You could have at least taken the man capture before killing him like that,” Romy added.

“I don't know. He could have been put in a situation that wouldn't allow him to be so lenient guys,” Katrine sympathized.

“Surely the lot of you would have done the same thing,” Josh said defending himself.

“There are other alternatives than just killing Josh. You should know that. It should be your last priority.”

“Now are we going to stand here worrying about the past, or are we going to be on our way?”

“The past is…what makes us…” Romy folded her arms walking past Josh as she said it.

They had made it halfway to back Saffron City before Josh told them about the man and Rikani's kill. She had picked the corpse clean before the other three woken up, to drag what's left of the body to the nearby river as the means of disposal. It was only of the fragment that was left of his conscious that forced the words to come from his mouth. He knew that they would react like this, but however it was much calmer than he had expected. None of them, including Rex, overreacted. It was like they had come to terms what Josh was doing; he didn't know if he wanted them to come to terms with it.

“You are going to need that mentality, I suppose,” Romy mentioned as he folded his arms.

“Your eyes...” Jiro spoke, binded to his the rope that clutched his arms tightly to his chest, “reminds me of Largo.”

“They are the eyes of a killer, what do you expect?” Rex mentioned.

Fleur was up now. Her vision alternated between Romy and Josh. It was like something broken was between them, she could feel it. Fleur was gifted with this ability to feel the flow between things; if that was wind, water, or feelings. There was definitely a change of flow since six months ago. It was disturbing in sort of an odd way.

“If you want to speak, do it,” Josh's eyes darted to Fleur though his head didn't turn.

“What have you turned to?” Fleur asked.

“I've turned into the law...wasn't you the one that mocked me? Weren’t you the one that wanted Romy dead?” Josh’s sentenced at that disturbing flow into each other. “None of this would have started if it wasn’t for you. I don't know what is stopping me from cutting the very larynx from your throat,” Josh waved his weapon, Zeus, almost like a mad man.

Fleur gulped with the thought of her larynx being removed from her throat. She silenced herself with that thought. Jiro shook his head, telling her that she shouldn't talk anymore. She gladly took him up on that offer.

“Have you ever thought about how changed? How have you thought how much pain you bring people? Is that what the law is about? Is that what you want to law to be?”

“Are you questioning my means?” Josh spoke considered. Was he questioning his means that he logically built from sand to sturdy bricks?

“Do you believe order and chaos are the built from the same mold?”

“No...” Josh asked.

“Then why do you embark on a quest to merge to two realms?”

“The law isn't something that pandemonium can just push aside. It has to be just as relentless as the chaos it fights again.”

“Then is it order or is it more chaos?”

Josh tried to approach the sentence logically. “Chaos is discord without form. Order is a calm structure. Then using force to create order is the action order or chaos? The idea is logical yet the action is chaos...” Josh reached a conclusion that he didn't like. Everyone awaited his answer.

“It is chaos...” Josh admitted.

“Why do you kill? Why do you bring yourself down like this? Why are you following Largo's path,” Jiro pressured further.

“Shut up!” Josh roared. His composure was lost now, creating this madman’s expression.

The shouting created an awkward silence. Josh's teeth gritted against themselves violently at the idea. Romy's eyes sparkled with the thought of seeing an emotion, though a negative one formed Josh's face. Exposed, like a kid being called to the principal after a deed, Josh watched Jiro closely.

“The law is harsh, but it is the law. I must uphold it.”

“Then uphold it,” Jiro stated. “Just do not break those bonds that you hold dear.”

“What do you know about bonds,” Josh spat.

“It is the thing that keeps me trying to bring Gabriel back,” Jiro eyebrows folded inward.

Josh took his sword to slash the ropes that held Jiro and Fleur. Though his mind deemed it irrational by all meanings of the word, he found the impulse to let them go. Fleur stared at the severed ropes on back of the Bastiodon stunned. It was almost surreal. Was he letting them go? Has Jiro talked some sense into him? Her heart made thudding sounds as she stepped off of the Bastiodon’s back. Her wrist still a reminder of what Josh can do and will do.

“You just a manipulative bastard,” Josh stated.

“I wasn't trying to manipulate you by all means, Josh. You made that decision not I. But it won't go without a reward.”

“I can't promise that I won't kill Gabriel if I had the chance,” Josh stated.

“That too, will be a decision that you will have to make. I bid you farewell.”

“Thanks...” Fleur spoke timidly.

“Leave before I change my mind.”

Rex handed them their pokemon allowing the both of them to escape on Fleur's flying pokemon.

“Romy...” Fleur stated before becoming out of sight. “I'm sorry....”

“It's over. Just leave before he really changes his mind.”

The two ascended to the sky. Romy, Rex, and Katrine observed the facial expression on Josh's face. None of them could decipher his facial expression. It wasn’t emotionless yet it had no emotion. It was this paradox that no one generally liked.

“You do know we just lost our lead on Gabriel,” Rex mentioned. He couldn't hold back his smile.

“I'm well aware of that,” Josh walked forward. “They were of no use.”

“That wasn't the reason you let them go,” Romy in spite of it all.

“Feelings are....”

“Irrational,” Katrine finished with a smile. “Yet that didn't stop you from saving me.”

“I hate it all,” Josh stuffed his hands in his pocket.

They continued on their way through the Route as empty handed as they exited with.


“I knew that you would come, Largo.”

“De’Angelo? It has been some time, hasn't it?”

“I'm surprised that you remembered me. Aren't I your first blunder?” Largo mocked.

“I don't consider anything a failure. You came out a lot better than I thought however hence why you are here. How is Gabriel?”

“Annoyingly assertive,” Largo's tilted his head. “So why did you call me here?”

“To help me get into someone's head...”

“Not a problem, do you want me to toy with him a bit?”

“So you know who I'm talking about?”

“How can I not, I can read your thoughts. They are basically screaming it to me. Josh isn't it?”

“Do you mind a partner in this endeavor,” De’Angelo pressed forward.
“Thanatos,” Largo searched through his mind that was the only name that came forward. “Isn't that against your boss's orders?”

“Hm...perhaps,” De’Angelo admitted, it was no need lying since Largo could see right through him.

“I don't mind if he doesn't get in my way. If he does however, I'm going to kill him.”

“It won't be that easy. You see, he cannot be killed any means.”

Was this some kind of joke? Largo thought to himself as his brought the cup of coffee to his mouth. The taste of the black coffee left bitterness in his mouth, he was fond of that flavor. It was nothing compared to the taste of blood however, it was a fitting substitute for the moment. He placed the porcelain cup upon the table, waving some of the stream towards De’Angelo's way. The scent of the freshly made coffee brushed against De’Angelo's face.

“You're giving me a partner that cannot be killed,” Largo reiterated.

“A perfect one for you might I add.”

“In theory...” Largo sipped the black coffee. “That would be correct.”

“In theory, you would help to bring Josh to our side by any means necessary.”

“Are you commanding me,” Largo mocked.

“I'm suggesting since we were putting things in theory,” De’Angelo spoke wittingly. “How much do you want to get paid? I know that you're pretty avarice.”

“In a different way than my other half,” Largo wanted something that is a bit more…useful to him.

“You want me to get rid of Gabriel…”De’Angelo waved it off as though he could get a piece on a whim.

“You're the quite the business man. But can you provide,” Largo placed his chin on his the back of his hand.

“I'll work the kinks out. Consider it done. When can you start?”

“I'll start tonight. Tell this...Thanatos fellow to meet me at Lavender Town.”

“Pleasure’s mine.”


“I've received the reports from my daughter,” Wayne cleared his throat.
“It couldn't be avoided. Did you manage to capture anyone involved?”

Josh's face shifted involuntarily with the question being asked. Of course, Wayne already had received the information from Katrine, but he wanted to see how Josh justified the action. Josh sublimely caught the message.

“I did it because...”Josh lacked a reason, much to his demise. “I find no need to tell you the reason,” Josh spoke bitterly.

“You still are trying to put on this emotionless prick attitude. I know your reason. You have a heart left,” Josh cringed when Wayne said it.
“You did the right thing. If it is one person that can bring Gabriel to his senses, it is Jiro.”

“What do we do now?” Josh folded his arms.

“I don't have a clue honestly,” Wayne spoke nonchalantly. Maybe it would be nice if we rest for a while.

“Rest,” Josh's voice shook with that word.

“Yeah, we need to find out where Gabriel's or Largo's next target,” Wayne hated this split personality thing.

“Then we search.”

“Blindly without a place of establishment, I think not. Besides, Colden and his team are searching clues. It's no need for two of our best teams to be out. So you're dismissed.”

“Fine...” Josh stated. “Yes sir,” he rephrased.

Josh exited through the hallways of their current establishment, Wayne's home between the Cerulean and Saffron. It was a ranch which serves as a Pokemon Daycare in where Wayne's grandparents lived as well as Katrine and himself. It made a pretty nice replacement in terms of size. In terms of functionality, it was too casual to be considered a good structure for to stay.

The ranch house itself was pretty large to appease a large group of people. The style of the house appeased the mixture between country and city pretty well. It was made out of wood that was painted with this chocolate brown color with white accent walls. The windows were clean—taken care of by a slew of Ambipoms that could clean the hard to reach places.

The inside was gigantic with a large amount of space and comfort. Though not particularly overly classy with not the best assortments of furniture or accessories, but was nice for the area.

Josh met with the rest of his team within the dinner hall of the area. For some reason, they had grown silent. Rex in particular was staring at his cellphone as it basically rung off the hook. Katrine and Romy stared at it for some time as well. Josh just grabbed it, annoyed by the ringtone mostly, and answered this.

“Hello,” Josh asked.

“Who might this be?” the voice sounded fairly familiar, yet Josh couldn’t grasp it.

“A friend of Rex's, he's not here at the moment,” even though he was lying Josh's voice was so convincing, it almost made Romy and Katrine believe him.

“Oh. That's unfortunate. Tell him that Terrance called,” the man sounded a bit disappointed.

“Will do.”

“Thanks,” Josh was then met with a dial tone.

Everyone's sight locked on Rex whose head was down during the entire conversion. Everyone came to expect something to come from Rex's mouth. He normally wasn't this withdrawn—or withdrawn at all for that moment.

“Who was that?”

“My brother...” Rex muttered.

“What?” Katrine and Romy had that degree of shock. Josh didn’t.

“His name is Terrance Cordell and he is the Chief of J.R.P.D. He’s my older brother.”

“I wish I had a brother,” Katrine mentioned.

“I have two,” Romy added.

“Single child,” Josh looked away.

“Lucky for you,” Rex slammed his head into the table again. “What's our mission?” he needed to change the subject.

“Currently, we have none,” Josh obliged with the subject change. That turned heads. “Largo has disappeared out of sight and since his signature is different from Gabriel, we cannot track him as effectively.”
“So what do we do?”

“I guess we wait for the right time.”


“You're my partner?”

“For the time being,” Thanatos looked from the corner of his eye.

“Then it’s a deal.”

“What are you getting from this?”

“Extinguishing my other half,” Largo smiled. “What did he promise you?”

“Nothing…” Thanatos shrugged. “He already gave it to me. Freedom…I’m just going with the flow.”

“What are you after, Thanatos?”

“Revenge against the people that wronged me,” he laughed.

“I'll think we will make a good team.”

The contract molded of revenge and greed was created with that handshake. Two monsters stalking the moonlight trail paved with blood threatens the fabric of the law. A low toned song dangles freely in the air.

“What's your plan against Josh?” Thanatos tugged on his cloak.

“I'm going to attack to the two things that he cares about most.”

“Who might that be?”

“Romy Kimura and Matis Surge, his closest friend and his father, I'm going to bring out the side of him that he keeps stored away. That weakness that he always tries to hide away,” Largo spoke as the sinister look in his eyes became dominate.

“Then who is going to take who.”

“I'll take Romy, you'll take Surge. Simple as that,” Largo stated.

“Sounds fun,” Thanatos admitted.

“Then let's get to it.”


Author's Note: Sorry for the wait guys. We are coming to the climatic end of the first half of Black Night Clouds. The second half of Black Night Clouds starts as soon as this one finished. XD Hope you like it.

Sgt Shock
January 5th, 2010, 9:33 AM
Chapter 15: Sleep's Half Brother

“It's you...”

“So you were expecting me, were you not?”

“No I wasn't initially. Someone tipped me of your coming.”

“My mother perhaps, that's a very resourceful woman.”

“I did not know that she was your mother, she remained anonymous when she called.”

“So I guess her precognition works to some effect. Then you know what is going to come next, Rosemary Kimura.”

This was the last place that Romy had expected to see Largo, within the room of the ranch with everyone sound asleep. Earlier tonight she was informed by a source, now known to be Alice Kirk, of Largo's targeting of her. Though the conversion was brief, it was precise leaving her to expect that it would be happening tonight of all place. She could see the vileness that consumed the eyes of Gabriel's body. It definitely not him behind those eyes, they almost cried out for them to be saved from themselves. Romy took a step forward.

Largo had a different air to him, partly due to his appearance. He no longer appeared to be his normal coordinator self. His blonde hair had turned to a grungy black that formed a veil over his right eye instead of his left. His eyes were only black with a small ring that formed of a blood color to be called an iris. Everything else about him to the way that he dressed to the way that he kept himself was different. Largo was an alternate person—not just an alter ego.

“So are you going to fight your way out of this?”

“Tell me. Is Gabriel still in there?” Romy asked.

“Why do you ask?”

“Are you the cause in why he does the things that he does?”

“Partly yes, partly no, I'm nothing more than a demon that he tried to exorcise much in the way you are trying to do with Josh.”

“What do you mean?”

“You're trying to change a demon is. You're not getting your Josh back...”

“Shut up!”

“It's the truth. This is his true self. Can you deny a person's true nature?”

Romy knew this conversion was heading this way. This was about Josh after all, just like Alice had warned her. How did Alice know her phone number was beyond her, but it has proved very useful even now. Romy prepared herself. She knew her head was slowly become poisoned by fear. That was when her powers were at their peak. She prepared herself.

“What are you planning to do missy?”

“I'm planning to kill you.”

Romy suddenly spewed oil like liquid from her mouth sending it at Largo's feet. He jumped back realizing that the liquid was corroding the ground floor in where it had landed. After a couple more shots from the oily poison, Largo found himself with his back behind the wall. He observed the black ooze. It was almost as though it was created through the alchemic formula of darkness and poison if one could obtain the night in their hands. It was dangerous, if one shot hit, it would melt him down to the bone. He laughed as she wiped some of the liquid with the back of her hand from her mouth.

“That’s a pretty nasty power. Do you really want to take this moment away from Josh?” Largo mentioned.

“If it brings him back,” Romy mentioned.

“It could distant the both of you further. Did you ever think of that?”

“No, I have not.”

“See that is the same weakness that will have you KILLED!”

Before Romy could react, Largo had drawn a knife trying to sever Romy's head from her neck. She managed to step back before launching a counter attack. The attacks from both sides were stopped when a large figure blocked Largo's knife with its bare arm. That figure was Rex; however it only vaguely looked like him from the darkness. “He used it...” Romy thought to herself as she got herself steady “He never uses it.”

“Stay....stay away from Romy....” Rex’s guttural almost hissing spoke.

“One's company....” Largo shrugged as he made his way towards a window while avoiding the holes that Romy’s power made. “Two is a hassle.”

“You won't get away....”

Rex, or what appeared to be him, began shooting bullet created from pressurized water from the cannon like openings from his arm. The bullets clipped Largo's arm sending him flying out of the window, shattering the glass. Rex lunged towards the window, almost on all fours to view if Largo had fallen properly. When he got there, Largo had already vanished. Rex sent out a spine tingling roar.

“You promised yourself not to use your trainer skill...?” Romy mentioned.

Rex answered in what appeared to be a grunt before collapsing on the ground. It took all of his willpower to even have control over it for just that moment. No mattered how hard he tried to train it, he could never come to terms with understanding his Keop llisk. Romy smiled knowing that at least he had control enough to save her for that period of time.

“Thank you, Rex...” she rubbed her hand against the hair of her friend.

What was he doing up in this sort of night. Did he receive a phone call much in the way that she did tonight? Fate had dealt a very odd hand in this ordeal. Why wasn't Josh chosen in this strife?


“Thunderbolt, Raichu.”

Lightning danced from the Raichu's cheeks in bolts that streamed towards the enemy before him. The man braced himself for the impact as the thunder struck into his forearms. He skidded backwards for a moment, however he was virtually undamaged. Though the scars were once visibly on the blue skin of the beast, they closed almost soon after. This foe wasn't human and now Lt. Surge knew this too well. He gave a grunt from the back of throat his throat.

“Who are you?”

“You mean something to Josh, correct?” his voice had that hiss to it. Surge found it annoying the moment the first word left his mouth.

“I'm his dad. Why do you ask?”

“Because I'm here to kill you...”

The man lunged towards him with a knife closed tightly with his palm. Surge, the detailed-orientated man that he was, saw the blade to allow him to dodge it quickly. His Raichu attacked the metal knife with a stream of lightning to shock the man's knife from his hand. Surge followed the disarming with an elbow to the man's stomach, causing blood to jut from the man's mouth as he flew backwards. The intruder wiped the blue blood from his mouth. He gave empty stare towards Surge.

“Those eyes...” Lt. Surge clutched fist. “They remind me of that child. Those empty black eyes reminded me of a hawk's—one that flew in the night.”

“I don't care who I remind you of, you are going to die here.”

The mood in the gym began to change serious as the snapped his back into place. Surge took a step forward. He could see the murderous aura that his intruder was emitting. He could remember the years that his aura was washed in the same materials that made a murder. Those times had changed, yet there were plenty to take his place. While some recovers from their past transgressions, others step forward in progression to this endless chain of law and crime. He pulled out his pokeball. There were no other ways to avoid this.

Fighting this person, with no pokemon or not, was the challenge before him. There were no gym badges at the end of the battle, no smiling faces, and no beginning trainers. This was a battle for his life; one that he was willing to protect. Surge clutched tightly on the dog tag around his neck. “Yuki...I will protect our son.” Resolve burned in his eyes now.

“Speak your damn name...” Lt. Surge had reverted from the loving dad back to his war leader, blood was about to be spilled.

“I have no name. I go by the name of Thanatos.”

“Do you have any damn pokemon or are you going to risk fighting me like this?”

“You see...” Thanatos pulled the arm of his cloak down to expose his arm. “My body has been enhanced to the point that it is of pokemon's build. I'm not exactly pokemon yet, I CAN DO THINGS LIKE THIS!”

His arm transformed in several tentacle spikes to shot towards Surge. Surge as well Raichu dodged the lances that shot from the man's arm to counterattack with a powerful thunderbolt that trailed down the blue path that was given to them. Thanatos snapped the tentacles away from himself before the lightning could reach his main body. Surge smiled.

“So you're insides are as tough as your out,” a slow smile crept up Surge's face.

“How do you think that?”

“Remember that punch. I asked Raichu to charge my gauntlets with electricity. Since they hold electricity for me to use, I can expunge it with my punches. So I know you can die.”

“I'll let you try...” Thanatos snapped.


“You are going to wish that you never said that,” Surge plucked the rest of his pokeballs from his side as he spoke.

Surge released the rest of his pokemon; Electrode, Magneton, Manectric, and an older Electrabuzz. The four pokemon stood around Lt. Surge proudly. The Raichu and Electrabuzz folded their arms as they studied the person before them. They were two of his two war partners; he had kept a tracking chip around the Electrabuzz's, nicknamed Private Buzzer, neck just in case he needed him again. The pokeon willingly came back to his former master's partner as soon as he told him about the future that Sabrina had foretold. Now this night has come. He had prepared himself.

“Thunderbolt...” Lt. Surge shouted. The order was unanimous. All of his pokemon shot a powerful ray of electricity from their body.

The bolts of lightning corkscrewed together to slam into Thanatos chest. He tried to deter the bolts of lightning with his hands alone, however with the power of five pokemon was becoming evident. He was sent backwards into a ball of electricity into the other side of the gym. Smoke lifted from where he had slammed into the ground. Surge made an advance forward.

“Get the hell up...I know that wasn't enough to kill you. So get the hell up and fight me.”

“Here was I here thinking that gym leaders were just trainers that gave out badges. You're the third right. I thought that you would have weaker pokemon to fight with.”

“All gym leaders are equal, no matter the order. We are just restricted to use less than powerful pokemon due to regulations.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

Thanatos stumbled from the smoke allowing azure blood to drip from his arms and chest. That was definitely a powerful attack to send him reeling. He hadn't truly come to terms with what this body was capable of and much to his dismay; the gym leader he was going against knew his pokemon well. He snickered at the thought of his defeat before cracking his neck to prepare for the rest of the battle.

“Now I won't disappoint. DIE!”

A long lance-like tentacle jetted from Thanatos' arm towards Surge. The army man stared at before catching it with his bare hand. He yanked him towards him to land a powerful combination of punches. His Raichu followed up with a Thunder Punch to the man's face, followed by the Electrode's Sonic Boom to send him into the air. Magneton launched a powerful Thunderbolt along with Manectric's Flamethrower. For the finale, Buzzer jumped on Lt. Surge's shoulder to reach Thanatos to send him plummeting down with a Seismic Toss. It dug his shoulder into Thanatos's chest as is crashed into the ground. It flipped backwards after the conclusion of the attack.

“Nice job, Private...” Surge took some steps forwards to observe the damage.

“You're a good battler....” Thanatos' body contorted sickly as he stood up. Like a contortionist, spinal cord curved inhumanly as he stood to his feet. Blood dripped from every pour of his bluish silvery flesh as he stood in front of the person before him. “You're going to die here, Matis Surge. Devil Relevance...”

The attack was like no other that Surge had seen from him. It was something of a black beam, almost like a thin Hyper Beam’s light. It was fast almost, too fast even glare at. Yet the beam had this sense of shimmering darkness as it moved. It twisted through Surge's line of defense like a remote controlled arrow. It would be a directly shot. Yet it wasn't. A body had taken his place. The ink that ran through everyone's veins was now on Surge's face. Though it wasn't neither his nor his pokemons. He watched the body fall. Like slow motion it fell, like rain drops falling from a cloud. Tucker had taken the attack in Surge's stead at the cost of his own life.

Tucker knelt over in pain. The life in his eyes fading with each drop of blood that oozed from his stomach. It was a slow death. The attack attacked the nervous system making the neurons in their body revolt against the body. Surge watched as the sleeps half brother slowly wrapped its arm around his friend's neck.

“I guess...I'm going to die like this after all,” a smile appeared on Tucker’s blood soaked mouth. “Tell...Luke...I love him and...tell...Josh...to change the world.” His final moments began to move too quickly for Surge to comprehend. His eyes began losing their color and that smiles began to lose it form.

Before Surge had the chance to even reconcile with that last wish, he was dead. A moment of silence turned to a year of silence in his head as he watched one of the already few war buddies fade. He could never get used to this. Everything to die in front of him now—first best friends in the war, then his wife, now he painfully watch a post-war friend die. Rage enveloped his soul now.

“Everyone, THUNDER!” Surge's voice bellowed that of a dragon now. The limits that once held him, shattered into broken voice of a lightning wyvern now.

Storm clouds circled the room, masking the entire gym within the shadows. Lightning linked itself from cloud to cloud, forcing Thanatos to take a step back. He prepared himself for an attack yet was stopped by the first Thunder from the Electrode, then Manectric, Magneton, and Electrabuzz followed. The last pokemon to release his Thunder was the Raichu who performed an unparalleled the bolt to knock Thanatos out of the gym. Unlike the Thunderbolts, the Thunder sent him completely crashing through metal walls of the gym. Surge slammed his fist against one of the plates of the gym allowing it to push inward. A large gun emerged from the inner workings of the gym. He was now determined on killing this person. He stepped into the darkness of the night. But, he was gone.

“Electrode, survey the area ...” Surge commanded as he brought the gun to his hip.

The Electrode began reading the waves of the electronic current similar to Josh and Volt's Mantra used at Seafoam Island. After a couple of minutes of meditating, the spherical pokemon shook its entire body back and forth similar to that of when a person shook their head. Thanatos was nowhere to be found. He had left, successfully with a life grasped in his hands. He wished that he could have left with his life within his. Yet that wasn't going to happen. He took Tucker's life. The only thing he could do now is clutch tightly on the gun that was still filled with rounds yet still empty with revenge.


The morning felt different—Josh was met with a murky light rained from the bottoms of storm clouds. A bird didn't sing, a cricket didn't chirp, and the wind didn't blow. Only the sound of his alarm clock woke him. It was an uncomfortable way of waking up. He had long expected someone to at least knock on his door to wake him up. He wasn't met with such a luxury. Instead it was that sorrowful light of the sun trying squirm through the caking layers of clouds. It felt unfitting.

He stumbled out of his bed, trying to let his vision cease from the blurring. It took a deep breath as he allowed his bare feet to touch the ground. For a spring morning, it was cold. He found himself shivering. A cold morning had never made him shake, why was this different? Josh took in a deep breath as he began to walk to the door to the bathroom.

His shower was a warm one that in it made the morning different. Only when the water dripped down his body, he noticed that the warmness was rather comforting. It was almost swaying him back to sleep as well as waking him up. He reached towards the shower's handle to turn it with a slight creek. He exited the shower almost humming the melody of the drops of water.

Josh finished his morning routine with clothing himself. He hardly felt like dressing in black right now, it was weird that he even felt anything right now. Yet his hand wavered over a hoodie that Tucker sent over during his time at Sinnoh. He pulled yanked it from the closet and pulled it over his head. It was a white with a yellow symbol of the circle and lightning bolt. It was rather comfortable and still smelled fresh from the store. He tried to crack a smile yet it wouldn't come right now. He sighed as he walked to the door; he was met with the door opening for him. Romy stared at him from the other side of the doorway.

“Romy...” Josh's voice questioned her coming here.

“I have news for you...” she spoke grimly.

“What kind of news?”

“I...I should tell you that I was attacked last night. Rex held them off and is recovering. But is not what I came here to tell you...” Romy's voice fell slowly into despair.

As she mouthed those words, one by one those three words attacked all the walls that Josh built around him. Brick by brick the walls fell into tears, a substance that Josh's thought no longer existed in his world. Everything crashed around him as the tears pelted against his white jacket. His serious expression began shattered like a stained glass being defiled by a child. “Tucker....is dead...” he mouthed the words himself. Even then it felt like it was in slow motion.

“I...” Josh choked. His mind was lost of words; his mouth would not produce them. His face began to flush like all the colors were being absorbed by the thick rays of light.

Everything was coming at him at once. He could feel everything just fall apart one by one; his expression was the first, followed by his stance, followed by his thinking, and finally his very being. Tears streamed down his face involuntarily now. All he could see now is the blurry silhouette of Romy. He could feel his arms shaking, his legs wobbling. Why did it hurt so much? Why did this feel like this now? He fell to his knees. It no longer mattered who saw him. He just needed someone to hold. He needed someone.

“Josh...” Romy murmured sympathetically as she knelt down to him. “Okay its okay....”

“No...” Josh tried to keep his voice from sobbing. “No it's not....”

He was right. No matter how much trying to reconcile the situation, it was still that mosaic piece that formed the tragic scenery before them. A person that Josh had known since birth was dead. The person that was like the uncle to him had left this world. There was nothing that he could do about this. Everything was wrong. Now she could only watch as the person that she once tried to hate, cried on her shoulder.

“I'm sorry...”

“There's nothing to be sorry about...”

“It’s my fault. If I hadn't got....” a sob interrupted the train of thought. “If I hadn't been born....he wouldn't be dead. Maybe....I'm the one that deserves to be dead.”

“No...no....that's not true.”

Josh's tears hadn't stopped leaving tears within Romy's eyes to bear its head. She felt so sorry for him now. The man that she once so no emotions were now pouring his emotions out in waves on her shoulder. She placed her hands on his back trying to stop his jagged breathing. She rubbed trying sooth his thoughts. They were too torrential to sooth. She could only quell the storm that circled around Josh's soul right now.

Confusion and anguish whirled in his head in storms. His sobs just subsided, yet his tears haven’t.

“Why...I thought...you thought...I hated you...”

“For a person who is crying, you thought that sentence out,” Romy smiled as she ran her fingers through his blonde hair.

“I-I just....”

The sentence oddly failed. His eyes began losing their color and his eyes fell on his eyes like a blanket of snow. The feeling of nausea consumed him now. Everything was losing shape and then color. Before he knew it, he had fainted from his tears--unable to come to terms with all the feeling at once. Romy pitied him. Death, something that he was so used giving, he now couldn't receive. It was sad in all sense of the word.


Author's note: Sorry for the lack of a post last week. I had things to do--World of Warcraft lol--and my various other task involving New Years and such. XD I hope you like it.

Legendarian Mistress
January 10th, 2010, 7:41 PM
It was sad how Tucker died. I wish Lt. Surge could've saved him. Thanatos (sp?) got away with it, too. Not good. I look forward to reading the last chapter and Intermission, while waiting for the new part. Keep up the good work, SS.

Sgt Shock
January 15th, 2010, 3:48 PM
Chapter 16: The Scars Left Behind

It was now the night before the funeral. Wayne had deemed in necessary for all of Storm Division to actually rest for a while. As a team they had decided to go to the funeral together to reconcile with Josh. Yet they couldn't be with him all night while his tears have stopped. Every night up to this point had been filled with tears and thoughts that he wouldn't normally think. It was times where he would presses that same pistol that he use without hesitation to kill others to his own forehead. Every time the same thought would reach his mind how it would affect other people not just himself. Even now with the barrel to his forehead and just cried as sweat slithered down his face. This was his personal hell. Escaping from it wasn't something he could do. Not this easily.

He threw the gun away from himself, allowing it to land without firing since the lock was still intact. He just sat within the green walls of his room; it almost felt like a different room. It felt like the hospital room in where he saw the news segment with Cyrus. There were no dancing shadows on the wall—the moon was new. Yet the darkness of the room had long replaced those shadows. He was scared for some reason. The next morning he will see the body since the viewing. He could still remember the emotionless body of the friend that he held dear. He brought his knees to his face.

“Master...” Volt voiced lingered in the air as he brought himself out of his pokeball. He has long learned the workings of the ball to do so.

The Electrivire wrapped his larger yellow arms around him allowing his master to fall within them. His eyes show an immense amount of compassion for his master. Yes, he has made some mistakes in his life and some wrong turns. But that didn't change that he was his master. That will never change. He grasped his tighter to his body.

“Humans are very complicated creatures...” the Electrivire cool voice lingered. It had the same valor when he was an Electabuzz yet had the gruffness as a person would expect from a fully evolved pokemon. “You've watched me grow and I've watched you grow. Never once we disagreed on the way that we were growing. I wanted to become stronger and so did you. But this path has sent you to a path that you don't even like yourself. You're blaming yourself for something that is not your fault. You can't change what happen. But you can change the road that you're going down. Did you realize the people that you carelessly taken the lives of may have had people who are suffering like you are now...”

Josh hadn't realized that, that in itself has showed how different they have grown. He was more than sure that he was doing the right thing yet when he boiled it down to its fundamentals, it was wrong. Everything that he knew. Every philosophy that he picked up on the way was as flawed as his logic. He was too immature to interpret his own emotions that he threw them away carelessly. Or so he thought he did.

“Tucker's death isn't something you should blindly search for revenge. Realize your wrong and your emotions are a part of you. Not a distraction,” Volt finished his emotional means of talking to just snuggle his master.

“I'm so...stupid...” Josh spoke somberly.

“That you are....” the Electrivire rubbed his head. “But I'm just as stupid...”

“You're so cruel...” Josh hugged him.

“I learn from the best...”

The rest of his pokemon suddenly busted from their pokeball to circle around their trainer. He stared at each of them. Raguel the Staraptor, Xue the Frolass, and Blacktooth the Aerodactyl hovered above him. Helio the Garchomp and Costello watched him slowly from where they were standing. Bradley the Metagross and Rikani the Luxray stood beside him trying to reconcile him as best that they could.

“We are here for you,” Raguel stated.

“Don't expect this often from me,” Blacktooth roosted on Josh's shouldered as he said this.

“Be strong my child...” Xue rubbed his head.

“You're strong. Don't let this bring you down. You faced all the other problems. Face this one,” Costello nodded.

“Now stop y our cry and face this like a man,” the female Luxray, Rikani, spat.

“That was mean...” Helio glanced over his large shoulder. Rikani grunted. “Anyway, be strong little one he finished.

“Our master is a confusing one. He push through this,” Bradley spoke confidently.

“All of you...are the best pokemon a man could have....”

All eight of the pokemon closed around to collectively give him comfort. A smile finally cut through his emotion. Of course, it still hurt and his heart was still broken. Yet they were mending it slowly with their love. Emotions were a part of life. A part of life that he neglected for so long has finally fallen back into place. It was nice to feel something again. He had to admit, first it sucked. Now, he just wanted to say his last goodbyes to Tucker. He fell asleep peacefully in the arms of his pokemon with the tears finally ending.


The day of the funeral rain pelted in the same fashion that when he left Kanto a couple of years back. The clouds were gray yet translucent and broken enough for the sun to shine down on the people waves of people dressed in all black. After portions of speaking from various members including Tucker's son, Luke, though bound to a wheel chair he spoke in front of the crowd of people. There were times were Josh found himself staring Luke and his Marowak it reminded him of Tucker to the point that he had to cry from time to time.

“Though I have lost a father this day, the world lost one of its few guiding lights. Others may be born today, while others may die this day. He was a man built on morals and would never forsake them for his cause. He wanted the world until the day he died. Now today, we are past this torch to guide the world on a better path. We lay to rest our hero, our friend, and my father and remember how he changed this world...and how you will.”

The young man's eyes began to form streams of tears as he muscled through the last words. The touching words of the broken son were only topped by the final moment. The 21-gun salute was preformed with by lines of Magmortar and Blastoise as well as their trainers. The ashes of the flames and the slight sprinkle of the rain fell over Tucker's casket as they prepared him to place him in the lot. Josh could feel his grip get tighter on his dad's arm. He looked over to him; rubbing is massive hand through Josh's hair.

The placed the white casket down to the depths of the grave. Josh watched it go lower and lower as did his heart when he saw it. He gave his last goodbyes within those faded words to himself. The pain was now settling as the sense of closure finally closed the wound that was in his chest for the past week.

The flowers came next after Tucker was set within the grave and the last prayer over the congregation was given. Surge and Josh held separate flowers; Surge's being red while Josh's were white. They placed the flowers at the same time as they gave the last chapter to a friend that they both had in common. Surge wrapped his arm around his shoulder. “Change this world...Josh,” Surge whispered. Those three words began to stir feelings. “Change the world by an example...” that is what Tucker lived by and you should.

Josh put his head against his father's chest. The funeral had given him more than just closure for the dead, but a new purpose of living. He clinched his fist as he walked away from the grave with his father. “The person I am isn't the person I want to be known for. Change for the better.” The funeral had come to a conclusion while Josh himself had opened a chapter.

“I'm going to go speak with Luke...” Surge gave the notion with his thumb.

“I have some things I have to mend up...you go ahead.”

Surge gave the best smile that he could muster after a funeral before proceeding to Luke on the other side of the graveyard. Rex, Katrine, as well as Romy all dressed in what would be expected of a funeral walked up to Josh.

“Before anyone says anything...” Josh stated. “I want to apologize to each of you for how I was acting...” his voice was calm, serious, and had feeling within it. His words were as warm as the breeze now. Not a single crystal of frost was on his words. Romy ran up to him to hug him. Josh kissed the top of her head.

“You're such a jerk...” Romy muttered.

“Sorry that I've been gone for so long...”

Rex and Katrine had sense enough not to interrupt this moment. They instead patiently watched as the moment came to a finish. The broke the embrace and Josh continued on his way.

“Rex...I'm sorry man. Up until I thought you were just being a jerk...”

“Stop...you thought I WAS the jerk....” Rex was almost stunned. Josh laughed a bit.

“Sorry. I didn't realize that you were actually trying to get through to me and I want to thank you and apologize. You were right and I was wrong....” Josh bowed.

“Man if you don't get up I'm going to club you. I understand and it's cool that I'm going to get know you. I accept your apology...knucklehead,” Rex suddenly grabbed Josh's neck to rub his knuckles against his head.

A smile reached Josh's face as he laughed. Rex released him soon after. “You're a really cool kid. Don't lose yourself like that again.”

“Sorry you met a bad side of me. You won't see it again. Katrine,” he turned to the last person on his list to give his apology to. “You've seen me in my best and worst in the K.R.P.D. You know that I was nothing more than a kid when we meet. Then I thought grew, yet I haven't. I hope you will see me grow more for the better....”

“Awww... apology accepted!” Katrine spoke.

Josh took this time to actually appreciate the friends that stood with his during his darkest hour. The word friend, he thought was nothing more than another word. Love was nothing more than two consonant and two vowels only days ago. Now both words had meaning. He needed people like they needed him. Why were the storm clouds so thick over his eyes before?”

“This is the last day that I will let these black clouds consume me. A new man born today. I will never kill again...”

A unique wind allowed the petals of white flowers from Tucker's grave fluttered in the air. Josh plucked one of the flower petals from the air allowing the still raindrop covered petal to lie in his hand. He clutched the petal allowing the cloud's tears to rub against his hand. He looked up. The sun was now breaking. The first rays of light bathe his face in its luminous gaze. Tucker was watching. He could feel it. For him, he was going to change.


“Looks like you didn't get your target either...” Largo mocked.

“It hurt him enough. At least I have a body on my belt...” Thanatos stole a glare.

“But the wrong body nevertheless,” Largo shrugged. “We are still commissioned to do his D'Angelo's work.”

“I'm not involved in any of Team Rocket's work. I'm just doing this for revenge against Josh.”

Largo studied Thanatos closely as he said that with a slight smirk on his face. He nodded it off as a bit of a foolish goal before continuing to gaze upon the waves of people exiting the grave site. Unknowing to them, they have been watching the heart-stirring funeral the entire time. They even took the liberty to dress for the occasion even though they were uninvited guest that just observed from afar. Nevertheless their presence was there and they had made an impact.

“How's your other half holding out...?” Thanatos shrugged. He figured he would ask.

“Annoying...” “I am not going to let you get away with this...” Gabriel inserted. “Shut up you!” Largo mentally spat. “Definitely annoying,” he spoke aloud.

“That would be unfortunate if he gains control.”

“That would never happen,” Largo shrugged.

“What two handsome men doing out in the middle of nowhere like this...?”

Both Largo and Thanatos we soon blessed with the presence of a young lady, accompanied by a white Hypno. Her black hair bounced as she descended with the aid of the white umbrella. Her dark skin was contrasted with her white dress. Yet out of all her splendor, she appeared to be dangerous with the shape of a black star on her forehead. Her black eyes studied the two men closely as she closed her umbrella with a snap.

“Mirror White, Rocket Executive...”

“What are you doing here? Did my....that man send you,” Thanatos asked.

“No no. I'm just relaying a message. De'Angelo is dead...” she brought the tip of the umbrella to her mouth.

The man that commissioned them together was dead, but the reason was left unknown. Was this young girl the murderer of the scientist? How did she find out? There were many other questions to be answered. She just gave tat child like smile before allowing her arm to rest on her Hypno's head. It seemingly cared not.

“Do you care to prove that...?” Thanatos continued with his barrage of questions. He obviously did not trust her.

“And I thought you would never asked,” Mirror remarked snapping her fingers.

A small portion of space beside her began to distort, showing a physically disfigured and dismembered version of De'Angelo. His blood still fresh on his body with his mouth filled with crimson. His eyes were glazed to the back of his head and his silvery hair was wrapped around his neck like a noose. The remaining skin that was on his muscles dangled sickly from his body like it was scratched painfully off of it. It was definitely him. She made sure that his lab coat's name tag was still visible though covered with blood everywhere else. It was probably a cruel death though neither Largo nor Thanatos had sympathy for the man's death. They just needed proof that he was indeed dead. Mirror snapped her fingers to allow the body to disappear back into the dimension in which she brought it.

“Now would you two men do a favor for little old me...?” Mirror spoke with a smile on her face.

“What would that be...?”

“Kill that man...” Until then Mirror's voice was childish and playful, now it was cruel with a snap of finger. She pointed the umbrella towards Josh as he entered into the truck with his father.

“Josh Surge...wasn't Yeshusin interested in him,” Thanatos questioned.

“He's too much of a dangerous. Cray is just too blind to see it. Besides, right now...his soul will isn't going to match Yeshusin to even accept him. I want him dead.”

“What if we don't accept?” Thanatos took control only to be properly put into place by Largo's hand.

“What's in it...?” Largo asked.

“I can get rid of your other half...Largo,” Mirror proposed.

A sharp pain shot through the bounds of Largo's brains as the proposal peaked his interest. Gabriel however wasn't about to have this. He was vigorously trying to gain control of his body only to be shoved effortlessly back into his own mental chains. Largo smiled as the pain in his cerebrum subsided to nothing more than a slight headache that was easily curable with time. He turned to Mirror as the look in his eyes turned to something of agreement, even though he hadn't verbally spoke it yet. She flashed as smile as well.

“You have yourself a deal...” Largo spoke. “How do you plan to disperse such a pest?”

“I figured you would ask that,” Mirror mentioned as she twirled the end of her hair.

“You see I have a certain power to control dreams. Dreams are nothing more than the inner workings of the mind. I could easily get that weakness out of you.”

“That seems to be the case,” Largo bowed. “You have my services.”

“What is in it for me, Mirror?”

“I could...kill your father.”

“You don't have the power to negotiation at that, Mirror. You can't fool me,”
Thanatos gave a sharp smile.

“Aww...poo,” Mirror spoke in defeat. “You caught me,” she waved her finger. “But that doesn't mean I don't have plenty to offer. You can even name your terms if you like.”

“I want another piece of Yeshushin...”

“You should have just asked,” Mirror seemed to be pleased giving up a portion of the very core being of Team Rocket. “Deal.”

“Looks like we are in agreements. But why Josh?”

“He...and his organization came into one of my dreams...” Mirror admitted. “With him around...”

The wind stopped her statement causing white dress to flutter in the wind. She bit the end of her fingertips desperately trying to grasp the words that she needed. Her face contorted in a mad fashion that was very uncommon for a human to even make. Her eyebrows flexed downward while the rest of her face took a mixture between flustered, confused, and slightly insane. She let out a breath of air before continuing despite the winds not halting.

“He's going to become an issue in the future...to put it lightly. But the both of you are not going to let this happen,” her face wore that placid smile. “Right?”

“Of course...” Largo chuckled a bit. “That is if you can keep up your side of the bargain, Mrs. White.”

“Consider it done,” her voice peaked in happiness. “Only after I see Josh's funeral,” she spat suddenly. “Tootles. I have things to do...people to see. Somnus.”

“Yes Madam...” the Hypno bowed allowing both her and him to teleport in a flurry of white butterflies.

The white butterflies soon dissolved into a white mist that sprinkled over the air. That was the only reminder to the both of them that she was there in the first place. One remaining butterfly drifted into the opening palm of Largo, only to be crushed effortlessly in his grip. Though beautiful, it was crushed effortless in his hands without a single glance.

“When are we going to execute this plan...” Thanatos as Largo crushed butterfly into dust.

“Not now. Neither of us can close in enough and security is going to be tight. Besides, you haven't got full control of your powers yet.”

“You don't have full control over your body nor your pokemon...”

Both statements from both of men were true. None of Gabriel's pokemon would listen to a word that Largo spoke and he was still suffering from Gabriel's mental insertions. Thanatos was still struggling to control Yeshusin's cell. Though he was hiding it well, every cell in his body still racked with pain. The pain wasn't something that would quell with time. He needed to learn how this body worked and how it functioned to be at top performance.

“A month or so we will start. I need to...convince...my pokemon that I am the same person.”

“I guess I can learn a thing or two about Yeshusin...”

“Why would you bargain another piece if you don't understand it,” Largo spat.

“I figured since fiber of my being is telling me to gain more of him, I should listen.”

“Maybe you're being controlled...”

“Maybe the same thing could be said for you, Largo,” Thanatos mocked.

Largo chose not to pursue that statement and proceeded to jump off building. Perhaps that was the truth. Gabriel wasn't going to give up without a fight. He wouldn't have wanted it any other way. Thanatos gave a low laughter as he followed him down the building.


It was the day after the funeral, yet some of the images were still fresh in Josh's brain. He wasn't used to feeling anything when he woke up—now he was meant by several emotions. They were more like belated emotions than new ones. All the feelings that he thought was successfully thrown away had been stored in the recesses of his mind, now released with a turn of the valve. He took this time, just sitting in his bed, to realize what had happened. How did I store these feelings for long? Josh questioned as finally removed the sheets from his bed.

Doing this, his eye caught the piles of clothes that was cleverly—or not so cleverly, stuffed in the corner of his room. Last night, after the funeral Josh decided that he never would wear black again. It brought too many memories of Tucker and maybe a change of pace was what he needed. He took a deep breath before turning back to see a mysterious man standing in his room. At first he thought it was him still getting himself together. He rubbed his eyes only to see the man was indeed there.

“Joshua Surge...” the man bellowed.

“Well...this is not creepy at all,” Josh reached towards Volt's pokeball realizing how much he missed cracking wise comments.

“Looks like you are getting better I suppose,” the man crossed his arms.

“WHO ARE YOU!?!” Josh roared.

“I suppose...introductions are necessary.”

Josh gave that, you should have done that in the first place look, before rising properly from his bed. As a precaution, clutched Volt's pokeball prepared the launch it at any time. He took a deep breath the man slid the white hood of the cloak off of his head. An older man, about in his late fifties, was behind those shadows. The man’s hair was about shoulder length that was flowed effortless from white to violet. His chin was covered with white hair in the form of a curtain. His skin was almost an inhuman pale, accompanied with crimson color eyes, made him appear more than just a human. Josh could see the tattoos that almost appeared like tiger-stripes on his complexion. For some reason it made him think of a person from biblical times.

“Rainer Thunderscape, I've come to meet you...Josh,” the man gave a warm smile. Obviously he wasn't here for an attack, so Josh released Volt's pokeball.

“How did you get in here?”

“I walked...” Rainer shrugged the question off. “More importantly I've noticed your change in Soul Will, my child.

“Uh...Soul Will?”

“Soul Will is the measure of the true desire of a person's heart. Pokemon can normally sense. That is why some pokemon warm up to people faster while others has to be convinced. Of course, being seized from their homes and families has an extensive factor in that as well, but that is not the point at the moment.”

“How did you realize my Soul Will changed....? Unless you’re...” Josh felt his voice trail.

“I never said I was human, you assumed. But that's not the point that I've come to make, Mr. Surge,” he laughed.

Josh studied him closely trying to find what he appeared to be if he wasn't human. He was obviously a pokemon probably a legendary. He gulped lowly realizing that it was indeed a legendary. Was he a legendary beast? He flipped through the confines of his mind to the rug from Haruba Village. Wait...there was one.

“Are you...?” Josh was stopped by a motion from Rainer's hand.

“Yes yes. But we really should wrap this up, I'm on a bit of a schedule,” Rainer rubbed his head. Josh gave him the notion to continue and he did. “My brothers and I saved you at Seafoam Island and I was wondering if you could repay that debt.”
“How did you save me?” Josh didn't want to sound ungrateful. But he was curious on how exactly did they save him.

“Miss Rosemary wouldn't have known where you are or how to save you for that matter,” Rainer smiled broadly. “We couldn't afford you to die. But we didn't expect how you would react, you left our region...and changed,” he took a deep breath.
“With the black night clouds lifted from your soul, you can effectively help us.”

“Do what?”

“Stop Yeshusin and Team Rocket. You will need the help of familiar friends and unexpected allies on your journey to defeat them,” Rainer suddenly closed the space between Josh and himself in what appeared to be a teleport. He grasped his hand tightly. “You're more important to this story than you think. You're the wind of change and you have my blessing.”

Josh stared at him not completely understanding what he meant by the winds of change or the blessing for that matter. The man just grasped his hand tightly while closing his eyes and murmuring a couple of words from his lips. He released the grasp before allowing Josh to have his space back. He looked from the corner of his eye as his body was turned towards the door. He nodded before opening the door.

“You may be gifted with a skill that has been known for killing people.....but remember, death isn't the only way you can change a person. It may bring about change, but it is not the only way. Remember that.”

“You don't have to tell me twice. I won't kill again.”

“That's good...”

The click of the door was the only thing Josh heard before bringing up his head to realize that Rainer was gone. What exactly did he do to deserve this? He took some air through his nostrils continuing through the bathroom. The fact that he had come to terms with his emotions did bring back one thing negative, the guilt. No matter which way he cut it. If he was definitely this wind...he would have to lead by example. He would have to become the exact thing that he told Romy only months ago that was completely futile. “I'm a monster....” Josh clinched his hand so tightly that he could hear his knuckles crack and his skin stretch. “How can I be a role model after what I have done?”



“There is more than one way to become a role model. One is through achievements while the other is through example. Josh all you have to do is change your ways. You vowed not to kill again then don't. Kill the Raijin name and start anew. This is your chance...don't back down—become.”

“Thank you Volt...” he spoke staring at his pokeball.

“No...thank you.”


Author Notes: This is the last chapter of Black Night Clouds and we will be jumping into the third book, On the Wind's Surface. There is an intermission after this that I will give to all of you tomorrow. Thanks for all the support, it has definitely come a long way and I thank all of you.

Sgt Shock
January 19th, 2010, 8:24 AM
Intermission: Howling Breeze—Peaceful Winds

Josh and Luke McTeer, Tucker's son, had taken the time to help Surge around the Gym. Surge in fact had taken many more trainers than usual to appease the lost of the day for Tucker's funeral. This was the first time that the two had actually had the chance to talk one on one. He was only about the same age as Surge, probably younger so Josh could easily relate to him. During this time, they had become relatively close—almost like siblings to one another. He was calm and logical yet he was caring and warm. Until then, Josh hadn't thought it could be possible.

Luke, confined to a wheelchair due to a landmine (which surprisingly didn’t blast his legs off) during the war, was about the same build as Lt. Surge and would probably meet him in height if he was standing. His skin was a tan color that was covered with peach colored scars much in the way Josh’s body was. Luke even cracked jokes at Surge several times in the same day that his son had more battle scars than he did which Josh found astoundingly funny. Overall, Luke was someone that he could talk to and he was glad that that they met. Josh ended up telling the brown haired Mohawk soldier almost everything that came to that point.

“Josh...” Luke's voice had the same accent of his father. The British soldier kind of voice, it was a bit more evident in his than his father.

“Yeah...” Josh looked towards him.

“I've heard about your friend...” Luke made emphasis on friend thus meaning probably Romy. Color sucked itself from Josh’s face. What was he about to say?

“What about her?” he tried hard to keep his composure.

“I invited her over and I was wondering if you would do something...”

“Do what...?” Josh's face buckled.

“Ask her out,” Luke's facial featured lit up. Josh's fell solid.

“What?” he spoke stunned.

“Your dad told me all he knows of what happened up until now and you just filled in the details. From what I can tell...” Luke's blue eyes shifted to Josh. “You love her…”

Before Josh could even speak to this, the door opened allowing the breeze to enter from the outside. Romy, dressed in a white dress, entered into the gym. Her dress fluttered into the wind allowing a very beautiful scene within the doorway. Of course, this scene was completely ruined with Surge’s random shouting for the next challenger to enter, but it didn’t stop Josh from staring. His face turned red from embarrassment—both the good one and the bad one. She looked around the gym as the now monstrous—slightly insane voice of Lt. Surge rang in the air. She approached Josh and Luke who was against the wall after seeing them. Of course, Luke was the one waving her down like he was helping an air plane to land while Josh retreated almost shyly to the corner.

“Thanks for inviting me, Mr. McTeer,” Romy spoke sweetly. She was in a good mood.

“Just call me Luke,” Luke smiled. He wheeled backwards for he could nudge Josh forward with his elbow. “Josh has something to tell you. Ask you rather...” he looked to Josh who has become mute during this time. The teenage boy was quivering madly.


“Yes, Josh,” Romy tilted her head. His knees were knocking against each other. Josh had never felt this nervous before.

“I was wondering...” his heart lunged from the bridge of his chest. Why was this so hard? Why can't I speak? “If...” the word fell dead in his mouth. He was now quaking crazily. Luke eyed him with that smirk.

“Say it...” he whispered noticing Romy's attention fading to Surge's battle, Electrabuzz versus Dugtrio. Surge was shouting madly about the type disadvantage.

“Romy...I was wondering if you would...”her attention snapped towards him, Josh's mind went blank. Luke rolled his eyes. “Would you go out with me?”

Romy stepped backwards with her face now assuming the red color that Josh's did earlier. Her heart was now racing along with his as this silence—between them, not the gym. Her breathing became jaded as she took in the thought. How long was she waiting for this? What should she say? What should she do? Everything seemed to be crashing down on her in tons, this time in a positive way, not a negative one. She could feel herself trying to speak the words “Yes” but they wouldn't come out making Josh worried. Instead, she ran into his arms and pressed her face against his chest.

“How long has it been since I've been waiting for this?” she shouted.

“About....9 months...maybe 10,” Josh counted off in his head.

“You don't supposed to answer that you,” Romy said matter-of-factly.

“I wasn't....” Josh said realizing how stupid he must have sounded.

“I like you better this way,” she raised her head to view Josh's face.

“You don't know how much I hated myself, but you stood by me and persisted. I thought that I didn't have love and yet you showed it to me. What kept you believing...”

“Because no matter how cold your glares were...I knew I could endure the blizzard to get to you.”

“You will never be out in the cold again—only in my arms.”

“That was good...” Luke mentally noted as he stroked his 5 o'clock shadow.

The two was now locked in an embrace; this however distracted Lt. Surge thus causing him to lose his current battle—much to the dismay of his Electrabuzz who fainted to a Magnitude. He glared over to his son and his now girlfriend, a smile crept on his face. Throughout all of the despair that he has went through, he has his smile back. Any father would be happy seeing the smile, once lost in the winds of a storm has found it way home. Though a long road was still far ahead, it was a future worth fighting for.


“Yes...” Josh replied to her.

“Don't leave.”

“I won't. I'll battle for our world. I don't want these hands tainted with blood, I have to used them to hold you,” Josh smiled.

“You're amazing...” she closed her eyes.

“No. You are,” Josh took a deep breath. “One more thing...”


“I want to save people...including Gabriel...”

Romy raised her head confused. The fact that save and Gabriel was wrapped in the same sentence confused her. Why did he need saving? She questioned this to herself. Obviously, it was Josh that knew why. She could see it on his face. Yet she couldn't read the words like coffees spilled on a newspaper. There were words behind it, yet they couldn't be seen. She took the liberty to ask only after she had gathered the appropriate wording.

“Why does he needs saving? All has done is kill people...”

“I have to. Is there much of a difference?” Josh questioned. “I can see a slither of hope within him. I plan to draw it out.”

“Then I have no choice to be with you.”

If it was one thing that Josh learned in the dark, it was that people has their reasons for the being there. Though they may be fumbling through their own rain-filled clouds, they have their means of escape. Romy, Katrine, and Rex was his light and he wanted Gabriel to see that Jiro and Fleur was his. He wanted to drive Largo out and bring Gabriel end for that change. It wasn't a personal revenge anymore. It was a guiding light.

“You're so noble...”

“I wish I have known that earlier...” Josh meditated on that thought. There was many things that he wanted to take back, now couldn't. He was only lucky that Romy was forgiving enough to look over them.

“Then lets us be that guiding light and let us rid this world of Team Rocket.”

“That we shall,” Josh nodded.

Romy and Josh sat down side by side, holding hands with her head against his chest. It felt so nice, for the both of them.


“Looks like Largo has made an agreement with Team Rocket,” Shroud spoke crunching the candy between his teeth. “You know I can't sit back and watch this transpire.”

“I'm well aware...” Alice took in a deep breath. “Maybe I was foolish enough to expect that he would be of any use after Largo has been born.”

“You’re a really bad parent considering you will just throw your child's life away,” Shroud turned towards her.

“Is that what you want?” Alice's eyes darted towards him. He smiled.

“I'm doing it for my job. What's your excuse?”

“I consider this a job. I want him dead. I don't want anything to do with him
anymore,” she paused. “I don't have son.”

With that she walked off, with her white coat wavering as she walked. She had personally provided L.O.S.T with money just to get rid of Gabriel. To her, he was no longer someone that she had made. He was a monster that needed to be put down like a dog corrupted by rabies or serial killer plagued by insanity. She cursed herself for not coming to this conclusion earlier. It was no way to bring him back. He will just fall deeper and deeper into hell. She couldn't have him ruining everything that she worked years to obtain. Alice brushed her hair from her shoulder.

“I'm expecting you to do your job, Shroud.”

“It was nice for you to pay up front...” Shroud cocked an eyebrow as he opened the suitcase. His eyes widen as he viewed amount of money. “Very nice of you,” he added. “Ivy, Iris. Could you take this to the backroom?”

The two girls appeared almost out of nowhere to receive the money filled briefcase. They seemed engulfed about the amount of money within the case—making unanimous facial expression of shock. It was indeed something completely different. It was quite easily a sum of 1 million dollar locked tightly with the black leather. It was obvious that she was rather avaricious of her reputation. However, this time it wasn't something for Shroud to gripe about. In fact, he was pleased that a person so consumed with their own image would kill their own son just to keep it. It must be nice to have anything swept under the rug.

“Thanks, Crystal Queen,” Shroud said with a smile.

“Get the work done...and you will receive more where that came from. Use any of Crystal International's resources.”

“I think we will do well on our own.”

“The offer is on the table if it arises,” she said as her voice began to fade.

“If I did that...” Shroud's arm became consumed with darkness. “It would be too easy.”

Alice gave laughter as she disappeared into the night. Shroud, though an assassin, didn't like the laughter. Though his business was built on these feelings of hate alone, she was like no other client that he have had. Maybe experience was a factor. He closed his eyes. “Alice Kirk....you will do anything for you reputations.” He popped another piece of candy within his teeth.


It was all black. Why couldn't he see anything? It was like he was drowning within a pool of oil. He could feel the liquid stick to the inside of his throat choking him. Why won't he just die? Was it possible to die within your own mind? It was painful enough. Pain normally meant death. Why was he fighting the pain then if it would futile lead to death? He wanted to cry out to the world. Yet this place wouldn't allow him to die or rather be erased?

“Why can't someone help me...” he thought as he reached for the small pen-line of light raining from the top of the black lake. It was much larger when he had first started to see it. Was it dimming or was he just getting deeper? He didn't know. “I want to be saved....”

Gabriel reached out to the sky, clinching his teeth as he began to fall further within the lake. He was now stripped down to his very soul—he even questioned if that even belonged to him. He could feel his body with in the grasp of the devil so he wondered if his soul was wound tightly in a jar. To think that he had come so far just to fall into darkness this deep, he wanted life to end. He wanted Largo to be gone. He wanted life to be normal. But after all the lives that he had taken, the former would probably happen before the latter. He would have to come to terms with death if that time would ever come.

“I want to live...” Gabriel thought taking another swallow of the darkness.

Even now, all he wanted is spotlight. Yet now he felt them to be unfitting—undeserving. They would just tease him now; like that small light on the surface of this lake was doing to him now. What he believed at one time was his savior had become yet another thing that was within his grasp, but could never touch. If he could differentiate the feel of the water from the feel of his face, he would have known one thing. He was crying and it was nothing that anyone could do about it.

“Why....” he mentally asked himself. “Tell me why I can't escape!” he shouted.

Maybe all of those lives were coming back to haunt him. He deserved this and maybe....he shoved the thought aside as tears mixed in. He could see them. They were like small gems falling from his eyes. They had that sense of vanity as they ascended with the black surface. He envied them. He closed his eyes. There was no difference between the two clouds of darkness.


Jiro could now feel it. These cries felt all too familiar to him. He was reaching out, trying to work to the pain to contact him. If only he could find a way, a way to bring him back. Yet he was out of his hands. Maybe destiny wasn't going to deal him the hands that he needed for saving his friends. He felt like he was out of opinions. All he could do now is try his best to deal that hand that he had wanted to play himself to another.

“What are we going to do?” Fleur asked.

“We are going to try our best...” Jiro turned to her. “We are going to try our best to help K.R.P.D find Gabriel.”

“You have faith in Josh and his group even though they almost killed us,” Fleur pulled back the ringlets of her hair from the grasp of the wind.

“Do we have any other choice? I've tried so long...” Jiro took a deep breath. “I want to bring him back.”

Fleur reached to Jiro's large hand to grasp it tightly. He looked into his eyes as they almost watered with the passion he held in his soul. The sun that faded behind them emitted an orange light against the grass that they stood. Everything seemed fragile in the sunset. Just like Jiro as the last remaining portion of his friend was ripped away from him—like the wind ripped the blades of grass from their roots. Fleur took a deep breath as she increased her grasp.

“We will get him back,” Fleur reassured. “It would be my pleasure to help in anyway.”

“What if they kill him...?” Of course that doubt was there.

“It is a choice that they will have to make,” Fleur smiled. “Besides, I think you gave Josh a bit of a direction.”

The winds began to increase leaving both of them to just listen to the howling. Was it a breeze or was it a gust? It felt gentle yet rough. It continued howling like a wolf. For a moment, the both of them thought that they heard it crying. The wind changed direction allowing it to blow against their face. It was an unusual phenomenon. Yet it felt fitting for a situation.

“It's crying...” Jiro took a step forward.

“It seems like everything resents change,” Fleur closed her eyes as she said this.
“Yet it is just the unknown dimensions of change that scares people not the change itself.”

“You think this is for the better.”

“If an old friend cannot help, a new ally may,” Fleur nodded.

“I hope he makes the right decision...” Jiro took a deep breath.

“All we can do is to give our aide from afar to guide that change.”

The sky began to be enveloped in the purple blanket of the night. A couple of stars could now be seen sparkling brilliantly above despite the rays of lights being much strong. Perhaps those starts want a clear look at what would happen next. They too would have to wait for fate to pave its course. This was the first time that impatience ran through Jiro's blood. His free hand rapped against his thigh rapidly.

“Please...just....help him.”


Author Note: Sorry for the delay. I had school work I had to do the day that I promised this and quite frankly forgot. I hope that it was worth it. Anyway, I will be taking a bit of a break to get cracking on On the Wind's Surface. I have two chapters done and that's way too close to where I am now. Please keep the views and the reviews coming. :)

Legendarian Mistress
January 20th, 2010, 3:54 PM
Review of Chapter 16 and the Intermission...

I think you’ve done an excellent bit of work there, my friend. I loved the description of Raikou’s human form. Am I right in guessing that you formed that idea from my own? Anyway, good luck with “On the Wind’s Surface”... I got it right that time, didn’t I? I just wish I could be as fortunate as you are when it comes to thinking of plots for each of my chapters.

Sgt Shock
February 19th, 2010, 6:47 AM
Black Night Clouds, On the Wind's Surface

Chapter 17: Breathing Air, Exhaling Gust

It took weeks after Josh had finished mourning Tucker's death. Like he said before, he could only mourn a death one time—that one time staying in your heart for eternity. He took those days helping his dad around the gym, getting him slightly configured with the massive amount of trainer washing in. During those weeks, Josh had grown his hair out to the length of his back as well as obtained a thick, while rather well groomed, beard. Now those days were gone and he was heading back to the K.R.P.D for the work.

Once steeping foot in Saffron City, the first sight that he saw was the new K.R.P.D center's metal frame. It was obviously going to be twice the size of the previous center since the frame work itself almost was half of the Silph Corporation. They were in fact was the one funding such a project along with Kanto's government. Dallas himself was often seen at the construction site along with Katrine and Wayne who both observed the project closely.
Josh continued his way through the roads of the city searching for the rendezvous point. Was it the Pokemon Center or the Pokemart? He shuffled through the thoughts of conversion with the young woman early today. He wasn't too sure, but he decided that would be the first place that he would look. If there was a good meeting place, it would be the Pokemon Center. He decided to walk with Rikani and Volt since he was kind of lonely.

“Do either of you remember what she said...?” Josh spoke.

“Nope...” Rikani spoke, hardly caring for the matter.

“You really should listen when people are talking to you,” Volt looked from
the corner of his blind eye so in fact he wasn't looking at him at all.

“Volt?” Josh spoke pathetically.

“She said the pokemon center,” Volt shrugged.

“You're such a help,” Josh hugged him around his belly.

“It's nice having one of these again...” Volt patted him on his back.

After releasing his embrace on Volt, he continued onward to the Pokemon Center confidently. The group of three took their time however. It was a nice day—the air was warm, the humidity was low, and the wind was blowing. It's been some time since Josh just had a time to himself to respect a day. Everything felt different. It was a good feeling.

“So this is what you were like before you met me,” Rikani mention curling her tail.

“Kind of...” Josh spoke.

“Meh. You're good trainer. I suppose that won't change.”

“You liked the cold-blooded killer didn't you...?” Josh questioned.

“For the most part, yes. I got to do whatever I want to.”

“Like be a savage,” Volt added.

“Shut up you!” Rikani shouted.

“You two...” Josh looked to both sides of himself. Was he in different dimension to not notice they bickered so much? “I can assure you, Rikani.
You will still be able to fight. Just not kill.”

“That is half the fun, Josh...” Rikani spoke.

“I can always release you,” Josh smiled.

“Nah. I've become attached to your sorry ass,” Rikani gave a low growl after that.

“You're such a foul mouth...” Volt sighed.

Josh laughed. Though they were the perfect team when it came to double battles, they often fought. He wondered how he could keep his composure. Volt had developed such a dignified personality almost his soldier while Rikani's personality was nothing more than a street thug. That however made a good complimentary persona. Volt could be conservative while Rikani could be aggressive. He loved both of them nevertheless.

The door of the Pokemon Center slid opened revealing Rex, Katrine, and Romy as well as mysterious fourth person sitting at the table. He took this time to actual observe this person. He almost looked familiar. Josh took this time to compare him to another certain person at the table, eyes sliding back and forth between the enigmatic man and Rex. He realized the similarities between the two despite them appearing none at first. They had round about the same jaw line, some rounded eyes, and the same chin. But they stopped there.

This new person was relatively thinner than Rex in the face and throughout his body. His hair was the silver-blue color that Josh couldn't describe with either of the color choice; despite that, he knew it was a about the same lengths as Rex's but kept a lot cleaner. His eyes held this dark gray color that was similar to that of an ash gray yet it didn't appear to be menacing like the color would suggest—it was like a sterling silver almost. They were sincere, almost like none that Josh had seen. The hair on his chin however was a different color than his hair; it was a dark blue color that covers the entire length from the ear to the chin back to the end. The color of his skin was about the same color as Rex's.

“Look who arrived,” Rex's voice almost like he was pleading for help. His breathing was heavy. Was he nervous? The thought stunned Josh for a moment. After the paralysis wore off he approached the table. “This is the Chief of Police from Johto....and my older brother, Terrance Cordell,” Rex introduced.

Josh and Volt formed something of a shocked expression in unison causing Romy and Katrine to laugh. Josh extended his hand allowing the man to grasp it tightly. It was a bit of a habit for Josh to assess a person by their handshakes—yet another trait he inherited from his father. It was stern yet it held some looseness. Terrance gave a smile. It was like humility within an expression. It was something to envy.

“Hello, Mr. Surge,” he released the grasp. His voice made Josh wonder if they were even related. His voice was serene, leveled, and of a medium pitch--it almost sound like a teenager despite being older than Rex. “Like my brother said I am the Chief of Police at J.R.P.D.”

It took Josh to notice the difference between the Chief that stood in front of him and the two chiefs he had come in contact with. Wayne of course was the very reckless, gruff, and lay back individual and Fuya...well Fuya was just demanding, cold, and distant. Josh guessed there was at least one positive Chief.

“Please to meet you. You're much different than two Chiefs that I've met.”

“Not really...” Terrance spoke modestly.

“Yeah you are,” Katrine admitted. She has met all four so this wasn't her first meeting with Terrence, she knew one too well.

Terrance laughed before taking a sip of his bottle water. He cleared his throat.

“What brings you here,” Josh asked finally taking his seat. Volt and Rikani took their place beside him as well.

“I've come to warn you all about some things. So, thought the first place I would go is to see my brother,” Terrance looked at Rex who seemed to shove his brother's glance back in his face.

“It seems like your brother has problems with you...” Josh mentioned because it was obviously wasn't the other way.

“Hm....” Terrance looked towards him. “We...ours....” he stumbled over his words.

“Our past is complicated....” Rex used a very low to the floor voice with that. It was weird.

“Do mind if we talked for a moment, Rex?” Josh mentioned suddenly.

“Sure,” Rex grumbled as he stood up.

The two men soon arose from the table. Josh dragged Rex to the side to allow them to own the only possible privacy within this very active building. Josh fixated his eyes towards his friend folding his arm.

“You're not acting normal,” Josh slammed his palm against the wall to make his point. Rex sighed.

“I guess it wouldn't be fair if didn't tell you. He stole my dream...”

“Your dream?”

“He stole what I wanted to become and I can't help but get all jealous when I see him. He's much better than I am,” Rex eyed his brother talking to Romy and Katrine at the table. “I haven't forgiven him.”

“Is he should you forgive?” Josh smiled. “You persuaded me to think clearly with emotions.”

Josh left with that successfully conveyed he's feelings towards the matter he returned back to the table with the rest of the group. Rex stared at him for a little while impressed. “Looks like I'm going to like the new Josh...” he thought as he continued back to the table.

“So there have been attacks on the Chiefs...” Romy relayed the last part of the conversion.

“Yes. Fuya and Oberon as well as I have had threats on our lives. None of us was seriously injured.”

“So you suspect my dad is going to be the next target,” Katrine spoke after a gasp.

“More than sure,” Terrance's voice even sounded sure. “Team Rocket has made their move in the other two regions and spreading in ours. It's more of a hazard now.”

“Who is it attack exactly,” Josh asked. “I hope they’re not that dumb to use Grunts or regular commanders on the top people of the police force."

“No...” Terrance shook his head. “They are using executives. I had a bit of a tough scrimmage with them before he retreated...”

“My my...”

Josh muttered to himself for a couple of moments trying to grasp the intensity of the situation. Why would anyone attack the top members of International Police without expecting security beefed? The fact that a gym leader as attacked should have gave them the notion that security will be high. Either they were really stupid or they had a plan. Even if they had a plan, it wouldn't yield good results. He sighed with nothing coming to mind.

“Everyone, be on high security...” Terrance warned. “I'll stay around Wayne in case things get heated.”

“In the mean time, we can find the rest of the criminals on the list that Dallas created for us,” Romy manifested those papers from her bag. “A man that goes by the name of Dice is in the area. He has strong financial ties to Team Rocket by the information that we was given. He was last seen trying to cross the border to Johto.”

“He wouldn't make it far. The government has issued a warning in the Johto area to inspect all background information of people cross through Thojo Falls. So it's he's probably turning back.”

“Katrine...” Romy looked towards her.

“On it...”

She pulled the Pokevoyace from her bag and pressed the button combinations to allow the holographic map to appear once more. There were indeed a couple of bleeps on the map. Dice was probably not the only criminal in the area, but the outburst was insane amount. What was this Team Rocket's doing?

“It's insane....”

“That's exactly what happened at our region before the attack...” Terrance mentioned. “They must have paid them to thin our forces...” he took in the situation. “My unit will protect Wayne...considering he does need that much protection. The four of you--”

“That's S.D.C!” Rex shouted.

“S.D.C,” he spoke with a smile. “Handle Dice and his goons. He is the highest priority....”

“Yessir.” “Yes” Sure” Josh, Romy, and Katrine agreed. Rex just remained quiet.

“I think we should leave them alone...” Romy whispered in Josh's ear.


Romy whispered the same thing to Katrine. She smiles broadly giving thumbs up. Obviously she had a plan,that scared both of them.

“Hey Josh and Romy! Wayne wants to see you...”

“What about me,” Rex’s brow folded.

“Oh it will be quick. We will be right back!” Katrine said grabbing Josh's and Katrine's arm.

The three left the pokemon center allowing the two brothers alone with Josh's two pokemon still lying beside the table. There was silence and a certain tense between them. It was more heavily asserted from Rex to Terrance than Terrance to Rex. Yet it was obvious too that Terrance had something to say.

“It's summer time. Why are you wearing a long sleeved shirt, Terrance...?” Rex asked.

“I like long sleeved shirts,” Terrance smiled.

“I always could tell when you were lying. You're trying not to make me jealous.”

Terrance fell into silence. He straightens the wrinkles of his long sleeves gray shirt before speaking again. The sleeves ended about at his knuckles, allowing much of his hand not to be shown.

“I'm sorry.”

“That's exactly what you said...three years ago,” Rex clinched his hand. Terrance shifted uncomfortably.

“I never meant to hurt you...” Terrance sighed. “That's why I didn't want the job.”

“But you accepted it...”

“Only after you didn't accept my offer to give it to you...”

“What if I wanted to earn it, Terrance?” Rex was shouting now. “Not handed to me like you always do!”

“You act like I want to be in the limelight all the time, Terry,” Terrance's voice was slightly raised but not shouting.

“But, guess what, always are. Dad always liked you and Mom always praised you. I was just the knock off little brother that no one understood.”

“That's not true at all and you know it, Terry.”

“Stop belittling me.”

“I'm not!”

“Yet you put that fake smile on just like dad did when got arrested!”

There was a long silence within the Pokemon Center, everyone that was in attendance observed the fragmented air between the two men. There was no difference between the breaths of the two men and the wind whistling outside—both held intensity. Terrance's face had collapse to nothing more than shattered mess while Rex just looked down into the surface of the table. Everything had stopped—the hour hand, the minute hand, the second hand, the doors, the music—everything.

“It still hurts...doesn't it....?” Terrance spoke lowly. “You would have said it if you did...”

“One moment...Terrance....” Rex took a deep breath. “EVERYBODY MIND YOUR OWN DAMN BUSINESS!” he shouted. Sweat dripped from the side of Terrance's face as the Pokemon Center became engulfed with activity again. “Resume...”

“You're often comparing me to Dad. I thought you forgiven him for he has done.”

“I have...or I thought I have. It's kind of hard to...”

It was many years back from the incident. It was during the downfall of Cianwood City where everyone was almost at wits in of surviving. An inner strife within Johto region had forced many of the people to fight against one another and the regions was almost at the brink of destruction. During this time, everything within their family was falling apart and people looked for people to blame. Neighbors fought neighbors and friends fought friends. Things were tough under the blood tainted skies. Everything was in peril but their family was together consisting of a fisherman, a housewife, and their two children.

As the Civil war raged on, their closely knitted family began losing everything one by one. First it was money, their father could no longer support the family. Then the food, it began to become scarce. Then came the fallout. Their father being the mayor of Cianwood began to steal money from the government. At first it was small, then it became large enough for the people to noticed. Before they knew it—their father who was once an esteemed member of the community-- was carried off in handcuffs for several major counts of embezzlement. This left the family broken. Rex could never trust his father while Terrance understood it was for the family. Yet his father gave them that line...to never give up their smile. It was harder said than done.

“Dad did that for our well-being...even if...”

“He ruined our name. He knew my dream and so did you,” Rex mentioned.
“I'll quit right now if you want me to, Terry,” Terrance spoke.

“No...Maybe you are better off for the job than me, Terrance,” Rex stood up.

“Don't be ridiculous,” Terrance closed his eyes. “You're much better with people than I am.”

“Let's go you two,” Rex caught the attention of both of the pokemon who had been watching carefully as the conversion unfolded.

Rex chose not to speak leaving Terrance alone within the Pokemon Center. Terrance took a deep breath as the doors of the Center slid open.

“You always will be better than me,” Rex spoke with the last words coming out of his mouth. He left.

“Yet I'm always the one that is jealous of you....” Terrance spoke to himself.


“How did it go...” Josh look towards Rikani and Volt.

“It was...a learning experience.”

“It was freakin' intense!” Rikani shouted deciphering Volt's code.

“Fill me in later, 'kay guys.”

“Yes sir.” “Yeah sure.”

Josh returned both of the pokemon to their balls before continuing onward through Saffron City. Romy and Katrine was basically interrogating Rex on what happened whilst Josh decided to respect his privacy for the most part. Besides they were on a mission and Josh had a bit on his plate. He held Romy's hand tightly as she continued with her barrage of questions with Katrine as her cosigner. In the end, was a very secretive Rex who didn't murmur a word about the conversation had gone.

“Give the man a break,” Josh shrugged. At least he could hear it from his pokemon.

“It’s...” Rex's eyes shifted. “It’s about that...”

Romy stopped her sentence. She knew what that is about. She shot a sharp gaze at Katrine to tell her to stop as Rex continued onward through the path. It was very unusual for him to act like this and she should have figured what this was about. She felt guilty for badgering him while Katrine just looked on slightly confused on the matter at hand. She waited until he got a bit farther away to speak.

“It's about the Chief selection three years back...” Romy mentioned.

“You mean after Chief Eldridge died...” Katrine's eyes became concerned.

“Actually...it was before Chief died. Eldridge hand-chose the next Chief on his death bed...” Romy tried recollect the idea from her head that he told her months back during Josh's absence. “It's always been Rex's dream to become the Chief of Police...”

“Really,” Josh questioned the holder of his hand.

“You don't even know how much he wanted the job. It was his dreams since he was a small child especially about the Johto Region War when he was younger.”

“So he trained himself to be a Chief...”

“Have you ever wondered...why he is paid so highly?” Romy asked.

Josh stroked his chin, matter of fact, he did wonder that? “Yeah...”

“He's our best mind...”

Josh and Katrine gave that shocked expression that could be only seeing in an animated world. Romy laughed coolly as the two kind of froze from the amount of shock that swelled. At once Josh thought he was going to hyper ventilate but quickly shook the feeling off. “Say what?” Josh said to himself. He didn't consider Rex as an unintelligent individual; however, the best in the K.R.P.D was a bit to take in.

“Excuse me...” Katrine pondered. “Why wasn't I informed of his intelligence?”

“Well...it isn't something that he likes to boast about,” Romy said sighing. “He was the top of his class and probably the best battler that we have. I didn't hand chose him as my 3rd in command for no apparent reason. He certainly deserves being the Chief. His only flaw is that his personality is a bit offsetting if you don't him well,” Romy smiled. “He is the cream of the crop and the best of the best...”

If there was one thing that would collapse his mind, this was probably it. He guessed that there were more to Rex that met the eyes as all creatures. Getting to know yourself and other people was the sheer fact of life. He smiled. “Maybe there is an outlook for anything and anybody...” Josh dually noted.

“Let's catch up with him,” Josh smiled.

“Yeah let's,” Romy agreed.

“LUNCH TIME,” Katrine piped up exasperatedly.

“Should we invite, Terrance?”

“I don't see...” Josh thought about that for a while. Maybe it was the best for them to actually be separated for a while to cool off. But, it would seem rude if they didn't ask. “Let's ask him.”

“I'll do it,” Katrine mentioned.

“Meet us at the PokeCove,” Romy smiled. That was probably where Rex was. It was his favorite food place.

“Gotcha,” Katrine gave a thumb up before turning back the PokeCenter.

Katrine ran off, not before seeing a glimpse of Romy's and Josh's kiss. Katrine moved the hair from her face as she examined the two. It was indeed quite the scene—obviously they thought that they were alone. She giggled. “It’s nice seeing them together.” The smile inched up her face before she returned to the Pokemon Center.


“What do you think I was STUPID?”

Rex snagged the end of sandwich vigorously, tearing the honey wheat into his mouth. He was obviously still pretty livid about his brother. Josh and Romy kind of stared down the amount of food on Rex's plate as they sat down across from him. He stared at Josh as he viciously ripped the end of the subs. It suddenly hit Josh how intimidating Rex could be. His arms were huge that could rip his head from his shoulder. Why wasn't he scared he scared of him again?

“We didn't think you were stupid...” Josh propositioned. “We just thought...”

“I was dumb,” Rex finished as he stuffed the rest of the sandwich—almost half—down his throat. Josh cringed slightly.

“Uh...” his mind went blank.

“Josh...” Romy whispered. “When he's angry, he can eat like that...mostly due to his trainer skill. So stay on your toes.”

Josh just nodded as Rex quickly ensnared the slab of steak within his teeth. He tore through it without the use of steak knife before continuing to the various other items on the plate. Was he imagining that this food was Terrance? If so, Josh felt sorry for the Chief. He hung his head as the waitress appeared out of nowhere with yet another plate of food for Rex as well as Josh's and Romy's plate. The young waiteress—a woman with deep black hair was the person to serve them. Ambidextrously, she placed the three plates in front of their respective buyers bowing.

“Thanks for the coming to Pokecove,” the young woman with darker skin bowed.

“We are going to have one or two more coming...”

The door of the restaurant swung revealing the ever so bouncy Katrine alone. Josh felt relieved for some reason. The sight of Terrance might have made Rex physically explode. He shook the thought away while he waved Katrine on to the table. She cleverly evaded many of the people before sitting in the stall beside Rex.

“What would you have to drink,” the waitress brought out a pad.

“Chocolate Milk please!” Katrine put arms up.

“I thought I was the only one that ordered that here,” the waitress spoke with a smile. “What do you want to eat?” she handed her a large menu only for her to shake her head.

“I know what I want,” Katrine bounced up and down. “I want a Fried Chicken Cordon Bleu on wheat bread, everything on it.” Katrine made the order with a smile. The waitress in turn scribbled it down on her pad.

“It will be a couple of minutes,” the waitress smiled.


The waitress nodded before disappearing within the crowds of the Pokecove. Katrine repositioned herself in the stall. Josh and Romy expected Katrine to actually tell them why Terrance wasn't, but was only met with silence. She stole a couple of French Fries from Rex's plate. He stared at her menacingly yet she didn't seem to mind. She even stole some more fries before actually speaking. Rex grunted lowly as he snapped another piece of a different sandwich in his mouth.

“Where's Terrance?” Josh found himself asking.

“Oh. He said he wasn't hungry. I think he wanted to give Rex some space,” Katrine said reaching for Rex's plate.

“You can have some of mine,” Josh offered taking Katrine's hand away from Rex's plate. Romy sighed in relief. Rex looked like he was about to explode.

“Thanks!” Katrine said as she helped herself to a hand full of Josh's fries. She downed them down quickly before continuing the conversation. “Rex!” She hugged him around the neck. “You're so quiet. What's wrong?”

Josh and Romy shared a look, a fearful gaze between each other. What would she say next? They both of them panicked as they figured it was going to be something to set Rex off the edge. They braced themselves for the upcoming storm.

“I heard that you were good at chess!” Katrine said happily.

Rex stopped his bite of food before continuing onward. He exactly cracked a smile when he heard about it. He took a deep breath allowing the food to actually settle.

“DAMN RIGHT I AM,” he shouted suddenly, not to mention proudly.

“Let's see how good you are?” Josh said as he finished his food.

“I'm warning you. I'm good.”

“Let's see about that.”


Author's Notes: I am sorry for the late post. I've been on hiatus to give myself sometime to think the storyline over. I hope that it lived up to the wait.

Legendarian Mistress
February 22nd, 2010, 3:11 PM
This chapter has undoubtedly started a new leaf for Josh and his companions. I particularly liked the part where Rikani said to Josh that she was "attached to his sorry arse." That made me laugh, as I thought back to the former Rikani who used to kill because she was "allowed to do whatever she wanted".

I like Rikani very much, but am just wondering when you're going to put in a description of her. Because in her first appearance, there was no description...

Sgt Shock
April 7th, 2010, 5:36 PM
Chapter 18: Reflection against a Dark Plane

“Do you have a moment?” a middle aged man whispered from the other side of the bar counter.

“I can spare one,” the waiter, a young lady with dark colored hair spoke as she grabbed a small glass.

“I don't want to interrupt or anything, Mina. You are on the job and...”

“Just sit down and speak to me. I'm used to juggling more than one thing at once.”
Ironically, Mina was holding three glasses and two plates as she said it making the middle aged blonde man to give a light laugh. She managed to easily place down the various items before taking a seat on the opposite side of the counter upon a dark colored stool. She linked her fingers together while pressing her chin upon where all the knuckles met. This was the usual indication that you obtained her full attention, a luxury as well as a rarity among things. She flashed almost seemingly perfect smile as the man open his lips.

“Would you mind getting me a cherry pie,” the man spoke suddenly. Mina's face buckled.

“I thought you were here because something important happened.”

Almost depressed on the lack of information, Mina pulled the small glass container from where the cherry pie laid. She carefully pulled the white china from the glass before placing the lid back on the table. She gave herself a mental note to tell the baker to whip up another one before returning to her seat across from her acquaintance. Almost impatient on the man's slow reaction time, she pushed the plate over along with a fork without him even asking.
“I thought you were coming here for...” Mina's voice faded, strains of her hair covering her left eye.

“We have been assigned to a mission,” the man spoke forking the delicately made cherry pie; Mina's expression to this almost made pure light with this revelation.

“Are you serious, Jeddy?” she spoke exasperatedly arising from her chair and leaning over the counter.

“It's Jedrick,” the man spoke with smile rivaling that of Mina's. “And yes, I am definitely serious.”

“WHAT IS IT!?!” this came out a shrill instead of her voice. It caused a very uncomfortable scene within the PokeCove. She smiled it off like she didn't sound completely crazy at all.

“It is...” Jedrick spoke as he wiped the beads of sweat from his freckled cheeks. “Our mission is like all our other colleagues.”

It took a while for Mina' to accurately transfer the information in her head. After what felt like minutes, which was promptly used by Jedrick to consume the rest of the pie, she gave that “oooooh” expression a person gets when an idea struck them. He nodded his head slowly.

“We better not fail like the others,” Mina spoke gingerly.

“Of course, but unlike the others I don't think we should attack them directly. K.R.P.D is on pretty alert right now,” Jedrick spoke. “Who wouldn't be,” he spoke coolly.

“I'm aware of that. Besides, I have a pretty interest in a certain K.R.P.D officer beforehand. I'm just hoping my little bait would be enough to snag such bait.”

Mina began to twirl her hair almost with a bit of flirtation mixed within. She was obviously thinking of something pretty nasty with her face contorting into a rather mad expression. Only Jedrick could read them since the expressions were normally masked behind the innocence of the woman's face. The woman like himself was a Rocket Executive—not like any Rocket Executive that would be mediocre trainers, they were the best with skills to match. It was only time before they made their move and the time was now.

“So...what are we planning,” she spoke as her eyes darted towards him.

“It seems like you have it out on someone. Why not wait to see how that pans out first?”

“Oh you're so smart, JEDDY!” she rubbed his shaggy blonde hair so much almost like static trailed her fingertips.

“So we are waiting until then when the little badgers are away,” Jedrick spoke looking away.

“Sure. You should be getting back to the docks now. I know your break is far over.”

“He he....you're right,” Jedrick spoke as he readjusted his suspenders.

“Aw, you just look so cute in those suspenders!”

“Not as cute as you in that waiter suit,” he smiled.

The both of them shared a chuckle before Jedrick went on his way. Mina's hair drooped almost in a wave as she stared off into space. There were more than one side of Mina like there is to everyone yet hers held a dark reflection within a light surface—like a darkened mirror that casted no reflection visibly. With a smile edged into her face, she turned away to continue with her work.


Standing idly into the pane of the glass windows, Josh's eyes peers through the translucent surface into the deep blue sky above. From the angle, he appeared like a battle-scarred monk with his softened features against the heavily marked face. His blue eyes always reflected that inner sadness, however peace now. That bleached smile, that calm demeanor, and that glow in his shattered soul—all written on his face. He had made a habit of wearing dark goggles like his father would wear sunglasses both for the same reason; they didn't want people to see that sadness.

Katrine approached him slowly as she clutched tightly to a cup of strawberry milk. This felt like the perfect time to speak to her about some of the sadness that she was feeling—images that she pushed aside. She tugged on the back of white hoodie that he was wearing causing the shimmering blue-green iris to view her. He formed a smile, a weak one but a smile nevertheless.

“Yes...” his voice had assumed this very dreamy yet stern paradox from his mouth.

“Josh...how do you do it?” Katrine's light brown hair swayed in front of her eyes. “How do you deal with the pain of seeing so many people dead?”

Katrine went on explaining those nightmares about that night as well as her own terrors with Gabriel and Largo. Though his eyes were closed, Josh seemed to be absorbing the information through his mind's eye. The blood, the fear she felt, the look in his eyes, the death that he brought—all was reacted into her head in this dream. She would then wake in this cold sweat with warm tears. She tried to tried to hide them with her smiles yet they didn't seem to fill the void like the normally did.

After explaining her troubles, there was handcrafted silence between them. Josh's features, which now looked rather different with his beard and back length hair, was shaped into this very concerned expression. He swept back his hair as he sat within the concaved area within the window's pane. He put his knee against the wall before taking in a deep breath allowing them to fill with fresh area. For some reason, Katrine felt like something wise is going to be said from his mouth. She was right.

“It's better to have nightmares about it than not to. Days after...I was not fazed by such bloodshed. You hid your pain behind your smiles, Rex with his anger, and Romy with her calmness. I felt apathy. It didn't bother me in the inside like the rest of you. I realized how envious I was now. You felt the pain of all those people, torn from their very lives at the hands of a beast and I didn't.”

“Why would you want to feel pain?” Katrine found herself asking.

“Feeling pain is a part of being human. I wanted to feel like I was human again,” Josh's warm smile behind that shaggy blonde hair almost made Katrine blush. “That pain will probably never leave you,” he spoke as he arose from the window pane. “And don't let it until we avenge those people.”

“Do you plan to...” she couldn't bring herself to use the word 'kill' but it was the only thing that could fit in the blank. “What do you plan to do with Gabriel?”

“Are you suspecting that I plan to kill him after I vowed I would never kill again? Katrine...” Josh's voice fell hollow. “I will never kill again,” he repeated. “No matter the person's sins or what he have done, I will not kill. However...”

Josh began to roll up the sleeves of the hoodie, revealing scars amongst scars until a stream of black ink appeared. The blank ink formed words. These words were the vow of the Sinnoh Region Police Department. “I will not show mercy.” Katrine could feel her heart skip a beat. Why was it so hard to look it?

“Do Romy...?” Katrine was about to ask yet the answer was obvious.

“Yes. She does. I vowed that I will not show mercy and I won't. It doesn't mean I have to kill yet he will feel the pain of the people that was lost in his strife for blood and sanity. I need everyone behind me...that includes you Katrine. So don't give up.”

With those words, he was gone. Don't give up; she repeated those words to herself. Only one other person said that to her. That person...she meditated on that. A smile appeared on her face as she brought the room temperature milk to her lips. That person was her mother.


“Rex is something wrong....”

Aegir, Rex's Feraligatr, folded its muscled blue arms as it glared within its master wavering gazes. He knew him well enough to know that something was breaking him down slowly. The alligator could see the thoughts slowly poisoning his master's thoughts. He had to watch his master slowly self-destruct. He always seemed angry and often bottled it up into this small glass container that had now begun to crack down the side. Rex was falling apart deeply in the inside with his brother being around; Aegir knew that.

“You're pretending that it’s alright, Rex. It's not....” Aegir warned.

“You act like...it’s easy...” Rex reached for his beer. For some reason, Aegir sent an imposing glare towards his master.

“You're falling apart. Look at you,” Aegir snapped. “You have ever potential to be one of the best officers in K.R.P.D with your mind and your brawn. You refuse to use either at times. What has gotten into you,” the alligator scorned.

“Why are you down my damn back so suddenly!?!”

“Only because your friends are going to need you more than ever, Rex, they are going to need you. Not this…” Aegir paused.

This was a forced silence between the pokemon and his master. It didn't belong yet it needed to be there. Both of their breathing was becoming jagged like they were torn by the rib cage before they could reach the lungs. Rex hadn't noticed how deep he had fallen. The drinking only started when he lost everything, his health was the next to fall. Aegir had to painfully watch this—all of his Pokemon had to.

“I lost everything that day and I can't help, but feel angry at everything now.”

“Just because you didn't obtain what you wanted at first, you are willing to give up your resolve. You have forgotten what means most to you.”

“I haven't...” Rex clutched his hand tightly.

Rex struggled with this thought. Quite technically, yes, he had given it up; it was no longer obtainable. It felt so distant now like a fading light of the setting sun. Every day he thought about that past—about the dream that he lost to his older brother. It was tearing him apart, no matter how hard he tried to forget about the pain--drown it within his alcohol—it wouldn't disappear. Thus, leaving the broken man that lived life as though he didn’t care about what happened. Nothing more than a shell that tried to pretend everything was okay when it wasn't.

“You need to stop, Terry....” it was the first time Aegir had ever called him as such.

“I...” Rex's voice fell within his own throat. “I really want to.”

Until then...Aegir hadn't noticed that Rex was crying.


Author Notes:I'M BACKKKKKKK! Sorry guys for the wait I've been real busy with school work and chilling. Now I'm back to where I belong and that is my fan fiction here at Pokecommunity.

In this chapter you definitely seen a bit of Rex's character that you haven't before. All this time, you probably thought he was a fluff kind of character just there for comic relief--yet he has his own problems as does Katrine, Romy, and of course Josh. :) Stay tuned in for how his character develops even more. :)

See ya guys in a few. Hopefully I can get Chapter 19 up. :)

April 8th, 2010, 5:53 PM
Hi, it’s review time! Red highlights are mistakes I corrected and green highlights are thinks I want to talk about. Now, I can’t comment on the plot or anything since I skipped up to chapter eighteen, but I can focus on grammar, so that’s what I’ll be doing.

“Do you have a moment?” a middle aged man whispered from the other side of the bar counter.

“Just sit down and speak to me. I'm used to juggling more than one thing at once.”
Ironically, Mina was holding three glasses and two plates as she said it making the middle aged blonde man to give a light laugh. She managed to easily place down the various items before taking a seat on the opposite side of the counter upon a dark colored stool. She linked her fingers together while pressing her chin upon where all the knuckles met. This was the usual indication that you obtained her full attention, a luxury as well as a rarity among things. She flashed almost seemingly perfect smile as the man opened his lips.

“I thought you were coming here for...” Mina's voice faded, strands of her hair covering her left eye.

“We have been assigned to a mission,” the man spoke, forking the delicately made cherry pie; Mina's expression to this almost made pure light with this revelation.

“Are you serious, Jeddy?” she spoke exasperatedly, arising from her chair and leaning over the counter.

“WHAT IS IT!?” this came out a shrill instead of her voice. It caused a very uncomfortable scene within the PokeCove. She smiled it off like she didn't sound completely crazy at all. That makes no sense. And you only need to use one set of ‘!?’, there’s no need for a second exclamation point or anything else.

It took a while for Mina to accurately transfer the information in her head. After what felt like minutes, which was promptly used by Jedrick to consume the rest of the pie, she gave that “oooooh” expression a person gets when an idea struck them. He nodded his head slowly.

“I'm aware of that. Besides, I have a pretty interest in a certain K.R.P.D officer beforehand. I'm just hoping my little bait would be enough to snag such bait.”
I’m probably just nitpicking, but using ‘pretty’ in that type of sentence seems odd to me. Also, I’m not sure what’s going on with that bait thing, you need to replace one of them with something else.

Mina began to twirl her hair almost with a bit of flirtation mixed within. She was obviously thinking of something pretty nasty with her face contorting into a rather mad expression. Only Jedrick could read them since the expressions were normally masked behind the innocence of the woman's face. The woman, like himself, was a Rocket Executive—not like any Rocket Executive that would be mediocre trainers; they were the best with skills to match. It was only time before they made their move and the time was now. Now, I’m questioning my changing of that green comma to a semicolon, but with a comma, it sounds like you’re referring to the mediocre trainers as the best, which obviously isn’t what you’re going for.

“Oh you're so smart, JEDDY!” she rubbed his shaggy blonde hair so much almost like static trailed her fingertips. That’s not needed. Replace it with ‘that’ or with a comma (and alter the ‘trailed’).

“So we are waiting until then, when the little badgers are away,” Jedrick spoke looking away.
“Not as cute as you in that waiter suit.” He smiled.
The both of them shared a chuckle before Jedrick went on his way. Mina's hair drooped almost in a wave as she stared off into space. There were more than one side of Mina like there is to everyone, yet hers held a dark reflection within a light surface—like a darkened mirror that casted no reflection visibly. With a smile etched into her face, she turned away to continue with her work.
Staring idly into the pane of the glass windows, Josh's eyes peered through the translucent surface into the deep blue sky above. From that angle, he appeared like a battle-scarred monk with his softened features against the heavily marked face. His blue eyes always reflected that inner sadness, however peace now. That bleached smile, that calm demeanor, and that glow in his shattered soul—all written on his face. He had made a habit of wearing dark goggles like his father would wear sunglasses both for the same reason; they didn't want people to see that sadness. You’re missing a word here… or something.

Katrine approached him slowly as she clutched tightly to a cup of strawberry milk. This felt like the perfect time to speak to her about some of the sadness that she was feeling—images that she pushed aside. She tugged on the back of white hoodie that he was wearing causing the shimmering blue-green iris to view her. He formed a smile, a weak one but a smile nevertheless. Nothing grammar-ly bad here, but it’s kind of confusing. I can’t tell if you’ve suddenly switched point-of-view or Josh is reading her thoughts or something.

“Yes...” his voice had assumed this very dreamy yet stern paradox from his mouth.

“Josh... How do you do it?” Katrine's light brown hair swayed in front of her eyes. “How do you deal with the pain of seeing so many people dead?”

Katrine went on explaining those nightmares about that night as well as her own terrors with Gabriel and Largo. Though his eyes were closed, Josh seemed to be absorbing the information through his mind's eye. The blood, the fear she felt, the look in his eyes, the death that he brought—all was reacted into her head in this dream. She would then wake in this cold sweat with warm tears. She tried to tried to hide them with her smiles yet they didn't seem to fill the void like they normally did.
Unneeded word.

After explaining her troubles, there was handcrafted silence between them. Josh's features, which now looked rather different with his beard and back length hair, was shaped into this very concerned expression. He swept back his hair as he sat within the concaved area within the window's pane. He put his knee against the wall before taking in a deep breath allowing them to fill with fresh area. For some reason, Katrine felt like something wise is going to be said from his mouth. She was right. Okay, so it apparently is from Katrine’s POV. You really should use scene breaks when changing POV so you don’t confuse the reader.

“Do you plan to...” She couldn't bring herself to use the word 'kill' but it was the only thing that could fit in the blank. “What do you plan to do with Gabriel?”
Josh began to roll up the sleeves of the hoodie, revealing scars amongst scars until a stream of black ink appeared. The blank ink formed words. These words were the vow of the Sinnoh Region Police Department. “I will not show mercy.” Katrine could feel her heart skip a beat. Why was it so hard to look at it?
With those words, he was gone. Don't give up; she repeated those words to herself. Only one other person said that to her. That person...she meditated on that. A smile appeared on her face as she brought the room temperature milk to her lips. That person was her mother. I think you could have used a better word here. It took a double-take for me to get it (it made me first think, ‘What? The temperature suddenly turned into milk?’)

“Rex, is something wrong… ?”

Aegir, Rex's Feraligatr, folded his muscled blue arms as his glared within its master wavering gazes. He knew him well enough to know that something was breaking him down slowly. The alligator could see the thoughts slowly poisoning his master's thoughts. He had to watch his master slowly self-destruct. He always seemed angry and often bottled it up into this small glass container that had now begun to crack down the side. Rex was falling apart deeply in the inside with his brother being around; Aegir knew that.
This sentence seems weird. I think I understand what you’re trying to say, but it needs to be rewritten. Also, ‘gazes’ needs a tense change, since I doubt Rex is two people.

“I lost everything that day and I can't help but feel angry at everything now.”
Until then...Aegir hadn't noticed that Rex was crying. Aegir is concerned about his trainer, focusing his attention on his problem, but didn’t notice Rex was crying. That seems weird, especially since the Rex’s voice should be cracking because of it.

Alright, your writing is fine, but you really need to look over your chapters before you post and do a read-through. You have tons of grammar and misplaced words, which makes the chapter hard to get through. A read-through would get rid of tons of those and would definitely make it easier to read.

Even if I’m not quite sure what’s happening, I’m going to try commenting on the characters I saw (you can take my opinion with a grain of salt since these characters are strangers to me). Mira was annoying, if perky, and seems like a 2D villain, though she’s also the one I like best since she’s also rather interesting. Josh makes me grit my teeth, though ‘wise men’ usually do, anything coming out of their mouths more confusing than helpful. Katrine didn’t show much of a personality in the scene she was in, so I’ll skip her. Rex was boring, but struggling alcoholics don’t tug at my heart strings, so that’s just me.

That’s all I have to say about this. Just remember to re-read your chapters before posting, it makes so much of a difference, as I can contest to.

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Hello. First off I will like to thank you for taking the time to actually read at least one chapter of my story. I will admit this is probably one of my more rushed chapters since I was like a month behind; with that said, I will admit that grammar isn't my strongest point and I could indeed work on this a bit more. Now more to the depth of my response.

First off, it might not be the wisest thing to take up a good characterization from this chapter alone. I know for reasons of time you had to skip to this chapter. As a writer, I am more of a person that would take my time with characterization throughout the entire chapters instead of creating on mold that the character follows throughout the point. Developing a character's personality is just as important throughout the story than sticking with just one. With that said, when you read my story it would be better if you read where the people had come from and how it changes. I completely understand your assessment.

Even if I’m not quite sure what’s happening, I’m going to try commenting on the characters I saw (you can take my opinion with a grain of salt since these characters are strangers to me). Mira was annoying, if perky, and seems like a 2D villain, though she’s also the one I like best since she’s also rather interesting. Josh makes me grit my teeth, though ‘wise men’ usually do, anything coming out of their mouths more confusing than helpful. Katrine didn’t show much of a personality in the scene she was in, so I’ll skip her. Rex was boring, but struggling alcoholics don’t tug at my heart strings, so that’s just me.

That’s all I have to say about this. Just remember to re-read your chapters before posting, it makes so much of a difference, as I can contest to.

Mira is far from a two dimensional character. The perkiness is a facade that goes with her much more crueler personality. Though from the outside appearance alone, she would indeed appear very bland. Yet as the story progress it will bring a better light towards her. I can assure you with that. I cannot stand the same of villainous bad game that always appear calculating. You can have a very deep and very evil character without appearing cold at first.

Josh's character, please put your prejudice about wise men aside (lol jk jk.), has developed incredibly from where he had come from. It almost impossible to know his character from this chapter alone. Yet that is my only defense for this part.

This chapter didn't show Katrine's personality at all. So let's skip that. XD

Now, Rex. Hm. How can I say this? Up until this part, Rex's character has always shown to be this head strong, incredibly masculine, and tough character. The chapter before realized an incredible pitfall within his character--having his dream to become Chief of Police by his own older brother--thus starting his alcohol addiction. If one would have just looked at this chapter alone, all you could see is he was having an alcohol problem and your heart strings will not be tugged as you would say. I have to say that you are a bit mistaken, however I understand completely.

As I said before, you are more than correct when you said that it would be wise of me to re-read my chapters before I read them. This chapter is one of few that I didn't take the time to read through thoroughly and I apologize for putting you through this anguish of bad grammar. I hate being corrected with grammar and it bothers me, but I'm lazy too. But I can say, I do have a systematic way of character and developing characters.

You can ask Kyuu when I heard that you were going to review I was nervous. I was nervous because you will not understand if you jumped chapters.

Good review however, I will correct many of those mistakes that you pointed out and thanks for your time.

EDIT: I made some stupid mistakes from typing so fast and it's not that I don't know the grammar rules and such its just that I'm getting the thoughts out as they come. :) That's a flaw I suppose.

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I can’t really say anything that Dagzar hasn’t already said. But it was a very good chapter. I will admit that I’ve not heard of Mina before. Is she someone you made up for this chapter? Will there be more Rikani appearances soon? I certainly hope so, because I love Luxray.

I’ll have a talk with Dagzar and see if she minds accepting another “client”, as such.