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September 14th, 2009, 7:36 AM
I wrote this poem as a riddle in my English class, let me know if you guys can figure it out :D

Among the many houses
The only important thing
Is the house Chris resides in

He is of another world
Like a martian
In which he is out of his element, he is no longer the greatest.

The beat and the words
Are one
The bass and the rhythm
Are one

He cannot decide which is better
Smooth sound of Quincy Jones
Or the beauty of Andréa Crouch Choir
The music still plays

Butterflies shake the floorboards
With the strength of a thousand men
The shadow of the Lost Children
Shines up and down the hallways
The mood
Made me feel Invincible
A legend became the cause.

O Liberian Girl
Why did you have to change me girl?
Do you not see you’re more precious than any pearl
What makes you better
Than all the woman about you?

I know of noble women
With her style and grace, she could be one,
But I know, too,
That Diana is involved
In everything she shouldn’t know

At the sight of the bloodstains
Glowing in the light
Everyone shouted out at once
The sound hit my ears sharply

He spun and danced on the pavement
In a frenzy
The intense pain of the anger hit him
His friends had been mistaken
And in the statement they realized
He’s bad.

The headphones are moving
The days classes must be starting

It was death during life
It was school
And it was going to get worse but still
The headphones sat waiting
In the bottom of his backpack