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September 17th, 2009, 4:48 PM
Clash of the ninja's: The re-make of team7 (based on the naruto series. This is a remake version with different charectars on my own.)

Right before I could say anything to my teammates. Wind, Zero avenged and I all stood at our new hokage's house. Lady Midori Chi. Sadly Lady Angela had been replaced after the terrible incident that had occured back in "The forest of secrets".
"Alright everyone please head to the training grounds and we'll all get started." Lady Midori announced as she studied each of our excited yet, nervous face.

When my team and several other teams had gathered at the training grounds Sanataria-sensie had made a appearence in front of two large blossom trees. "Alright everyone let the first pre-exam begin" Sanataria-Sensie announced. "Everyone gather up front here. Each team will obtain something I'm about to give." As we approached closer Sanataria-senise gave a sly smile. Wind and Zero avenged looked deeply disturbed but, that didn't make them flinch.
Sanataria then took out two different type of crystals. "These are the crystals you'll need. If you cannot obtain them you will fail without warning." Sanataria informed. "Since I only have two crystals in my hand all seven teams are going to be battling for the crystal." Everyone fell in silence. "...!" "!!!" "!?" "..........." Sanataria ignored our whimpers and silent complaints and went on about the exam.
"You will only have about four and a half days to complete this exam before passing." Sanataria explained. "Also. All of your team members must be in good health. Severe injuries will be unacceptable and that will count as being disqualified. Any questions?."
Sanataria looked around while everyone was seen with nervous and fear expersions. "no questions?." Sanataria asked joyfully. "then let the exam being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!."

After Sanataria's shout we all dashed into "The forest of secrets, as we carefully began searching for the crystals. Yes, Sanataria didn't bother saying where they were so it'll be a exam of hell....

chaperter one

chaptet two coming up soon!

September 18th, 2009, 6:22 AM
Awww.. Lady Angela isn't a Hokage anymore.. ;;

Nice story.. :D

September 18th, 2009, 5:48 PM
It seemed a tad short, and I found a few spelling mistakes. In the beginning you spelled "appearence" wrong. It should be "appearance" and at the end you spelled chapter wrong twice. The chapter is probably a typo, but that means you should proofread.