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September 17th, 2009, 8:56 PM
Well, I never thought I'd make a topic about Power Rangers again. Ever since Wild Force, which I couldn't get through ten episodes of, I've been pretty much put off by anything connected to that franchise. But I still like to see a piece of Power Rangers now and then just to see what new gimmick they're using.

Well yesterday, I got a chance to see a few episodes of Power Rangers RPM. And I probably should have waited until today, because I was still getting over being sick. Posting on forums is easy while sick, but apparently watching kids' shows requires ten times more effort, even without the need to use a keyboard or mouse. Go figure.

Anyway, I thought it was actually pretty good (despite the horrible theme song). I've seen pretty much the entire Japanese Go-Onger series subtitled (except for two episodes which I can't find ANYWHERE), so that was all I had to work with as far as any potential comparisons were concerned. You can imagine how surprised I was to find out just how different this series would be from Go-Onger, as well as any other Power Rangers series to date. This show has a much darker tone than any other series (at least so far). And it takes risks that other series' would never touch (like dealing with death, though only briefly), and guess what? The characters can actually act! Yes, the characters in this series seem to have taken a few acting lessons.

Now, I'm not up to speed on the current episodes yet. I've only seen the first three. But I'll try to explain what the premise is as best as I can.

Basically, the series opens with an explanation of how all of Earth's computers were taken over by this super virus called Venjix. In a nutshell, the virus is actually a sentient program created by another major character, which started creating an army of robots to destroy human cities and pollute the Earth. So the survivors all escape to this city called Corinth, which is shielded by a forcefield, making it impossible for Venjix to launch a direct attack. So people are basically safe from Venjix's forces.

One year later, two guys, Ziggy and Dillon are seen in what can best be described as a very Mad Max-inspired post-apocalyptic desert. Dillon is trying to find the city of Corinth, when he bumps into Ziggy who claims to be from the city. The two go through a bunch of enemy droids, called grinders (well, it's better than putties). Eventually they reach the city which is guarded by a bunch of turrets (I don't mean little pill boxes, I mean big giant grand cannons). Dillon throws one of these metal doughnut-looking bombs at the turrets (he used the bombs several times against a bunch of grinders beforehand), destroying them, and allowing him to enter the city, where he encounters three Rangers (Red, Blue, and Yellow), who proceed to royally obliterate the remaining grinders.

That's basically the first episode in a nutshell. Gee, can they possibly be more doomsday and apocalyptic if they tried? This series seems to be Power Rangers meets Terminator. What I don't understand is why Venjix doesn't just blast the city with a super laser. They're basically using his/her/its own technology, so why not just develop some kind of shield killer or ion cannon and wipe them out with it?

Overall though, I like it so far. It's still not as good as Sentai, but at least it seems like they're putting a bit more effort into this one. I just hope it doesn't lose its edge and become overly repetitive like the previous series'.