View Full Version : The Love Letter (based on Beyond the Flames)

Flameburg Moltres
September 19th, 2009, 1:36 AM
The Love Letter

Moltres, my love!
I can't give you up.
For you have been so kind to me,
If you were to be disapear from my life,
It'll be the end of me!

Azura, my love!
I will never leave you!
I'll stay strong, and do anything...to protect you!
But if I was to disapear,
I'll still remember you.

Oh Moltres!
This can't be,
Flee to the coast,
As The Legend Thief is after you.
Or this can be the end of you and me!

Azura! Why me?
Can't he just go for you?
But I'll escape,
So I won't be destroyed.
Farewell, stay safe!

Argh, Moltres. I'm dying.
But...I will always love you.
I don't have enough time to live
Please, avenge my death.
For me, this is my final breath. Ahhh!

Azura! No!!!!
Please don't leave me.
I can't live without you!
But I will avenge your death,
For you are everything to me!