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September 19th, 2009, 10:13 PM
Hello, this is my first piece of writing I shall showcase here at PC, as I am a fan of the Digimon Series, I wrote a little oneshot story about a group of five teenagers chosen to be the new Digi-destined. I hope you all like it...

Sunlight beamed through the window, onto the whiteboard and onto the girl's brown hair.

Nina Ramirez however, was unaware of it as she’d once again been distracted by a small grey bird fluttering outside the window. Her trance was broken by a sharp screech.

“Nina! What are you doing?” her eyes darting to the source of the sound, “Have you already completed your assignment on Government in China?” said Mrs Tanto, her Legal Studies teacher.

“Almost.” was her reply.

“Almost won’t get you decent grades enough to pass year 10 Miss Ramirez, you know you’re already behind in your work.” she said, “I’m going to have to put you in detention to catch up on the work”.

“But Miss, I ca-“

“Nina, you will have to catch up or I can’t let you pass year 10, it’s as simple as that, sorry.”

By now her classmates were all listening in to the conversation. She dreaded choosing this class.

Fletcher Nequam was arguably the most intellectual person in the school; he’d never gotten anything less than an A+ in his worst subject Art and had a perfect school record.

He was in a Media class, they were watching the movie “Star Wars: III Revenge of the Sith” and then to write a 1000 word essay on the depictions of good and evil displayed in the movie. For him it was an easy task, he might even do 2000 words, just for fun.

“Does anybody know what made Anakin be tempted by the evil side?”

One of his fellow classmates Jack Kingsbury raised his hand.

“Sir, was it because he hated Obi Wan Kenobi?” asked Jack Kingsbury.

Fletcher laughed, he couldn’t help it but it was obvious that Anakin Skywalker was tempted by evil because he couldn’t bear to lose his wife, Padme.

“Mr Nequam, a word outside, please.” Mr Beaumont said.

Fletcher stood and made his way past the other students; they all seemed to be enjoying him getting in trouble. They stood outside the classroom, with the door closed.

“Fletcher, you know we don’t accept bullying.” said Mr Beaumont.

“How was I bullying Jack?” he questioned.

“Just because you’re an above average student, it doesn’t give you the right to insult and tease others.” His tone had gotten serious, “I’ll have you give you a detention.”

“What!” his heart nearly stopping.

“Verbal bullying is just as bad as physical bullying.”

“Can’t you just give me a warning or something sir?”

“I can’t, it would show a sign of favouritism towards you.”

They returned to the class, Fletcher now ready to cry at what had just happened.

Alice Borkowski was always a shy girl; everyone had said so, even her parents. She’d been in the school library, looking at the fashion models on the computers.

She secretly envied how they were perfect; they were skinny, beautiful, and envied by women all around the world and most importantly didn’t have heterochromia, a defect which made Alice have two different coloured eyes – a blue & green one.


She spun around to see the librarian Ms Heath standing in front of her, glaring down at her.

“You know you’re only allowed to use the school computers for research and school projects – not to look at rubbish.”

“I’m sorry Miss; I’d finished my work and saw I had a few minutes before the bell went.”

She lowered her head a bit and her charcoal black hair shifting, covering her face.

“Sorry Miss Borkowski, but inappropriate use of the school computers warrants a detention.”

“Yes Miss, sorry Miss.” Came her gloomy reply.

Tony De Luna was not a health person; he’d often eat pizza and watch TV all day, never exercised which had resulted in him being overweight. So how he got into the Physical Education class had baffled him.

Of course he didn’t participate in the class, he’d always make reasons as to why ranging from his religion didn’t allow such a thing to he was sore in various body parts and didn’t want to injure himself further.

“Tony, what’s your reason this time?” asked Ms Luck, his Physical Education teacher groaned.

“I have a cold Miss and I’m afraid I might get hypothermia” he replied, with a fake sniffle.

“That’s the eleventh time you haven’t brought your uniform this month Tony, the school rules clearly say that a student must participate in all classes and you’re not.”

She said, turning to face the sun

“Maybe a detention will teach you to actually bring your uniform to class.”

Tony didn’t mind being given a detention, either way he still wouldn’t bring his uniform to class.

Santo Aiton was a kind and caring boy, he’d always use manners and help when able to. He was struggling to stay awake, he had stayed up the previous night until midnight finishing all of his homework from that day.

Standing outside his Maths Methods classroom, he remembered he had forgot to complete the homework, he’d done all his other subjects work, but forgot to do this. He began to worry and wondered to what he could do.

He figured that seeing as he was an average student, Mr Parks would let him hand in it tomorrow. He sat down, in the middle row.

Mr Parks strode into the room, looking less calm than usual.

“Everybody hand up your homework and then continue with Quadratic Formulas.”

All the students placed their work on the front of the desk, with the exception of Santo. The class returned to their work.

At the end of the class, when the bell had rung,Mr Parks said “Santo, could you please see me after class.”

Other classmates looked towards Santo with curiosity as to why, but Santo already knew why.

When all the other students had left, Mr Parks turned to Santo “Where is your homework?” he inquired.

“I-I forgot to do it Sir.” Came a nervous reply.

Mr Parks sighed, he hated doing this to such a modest student, but he had to fellow the school rules, “I’ll give you a Thursday detention.”

Santo stood there, trying to plead with Mr Parks to dismiss the detention, but Mr Parks stood defiantly.

September 19th, 2009, 10:15 PM
The group of students sat in the computer lab, which was used also as the detention room.

Fletcher glanced around, checking who else was in this week's detention.

In the front he saw a tan skinned girl with dark brown hair who had placed her legs up onto the chair next to her, not caring the consequences. To her left was a overweight blonde haired boy who had managed to sneak a chocolate bar into the detention. In the corner sat a small black haired girl, she sat there stiffly, not wanting to gain attention. A seat behind him was a boy his age with blue eyes which seemed to be not focusing on anything at the moment.

He knew their names as well. Nina Ramirez. Tony De Luna. Santo Aiton. Alice Borkowski.

Tony turned to check the clock, it read 4:27. Only three more minutes until the detention was over. They all sat there in silence, waiting for the bell to end their captivity.

With only ten seconds left until the bell, Fletcher stood, readying to leave.

Suddenly the teacher's computer at the front came on, a crimson red screen appeared. Fletcher noticed this and rushed over to investigate. Santo and Nina soon followed, wanting to see what had happened. Tony and Alice had taken their time walking over.

"What's wrong with the computer?" Questioned Santo.

Fletcher madly pressed buttons on the keyboard, with the screen still crimson.

Instantly a red beam shot out of the computer screen and hit each of the five students. They were slowly being dragged into the computer monitor.

"What the hell is going on!?" Screamed Nina who was clinging to a chair.

One by one, they were sucked into the monitor which then went back to a black screen.