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September 24th, 2009, 2:22 PM
Dunno if the title got you excited or not, but after getting a little confidence in my 'abilities' as a fanfic 'writer' (i do it for the lols) i had a try at the whole roleplaying thing. and another fanfic idea was born from that. It's nothing much, as its in Roleplay format (1st person) but anywhoo..
Its just a small experiment, to see how it would be if the main character were 'emotionless' and 'cold'. Enjoy.

'Yeah,' I shifted my eyes, listening closely to the receiver on the phone, 'm'kay.'
I disengaged the phone and threw it carelessly onto my bed, it was still messy from when i got up just seconds ago.
'Got me up for that?' I rubbed my heavy eyes, it was early morning at the orphanage, Dark skies shrouded the grounds, making it hard to see outside. It was no different from any other morning, truly, and what with being used to it I was completely unaware of the extra shadow that crept up behind me.
A floorboard creaked. I ducked.
A fist appeared out of nowhere from behind me, just missing my head.
'Close,' I grabbed the arm conjoined with the mysterious fist with my hands and brought the body connected to both down with a thump in front of me, 'but no cookie.'
'Ow-eeee!' Yarai pained, 'what'd you do that for?'
I looked at him, pointing out the stupidity in his question. Yarai had always been like this, run first, think later. This is why i've been better than him at the martial art he taught me, he didnt think it would happen, but of course when you're like me it always will. It would efficiently be what ends him if he weren't more careful.
'Yeah i get it,' he brushed the dust off of him, 'so what was the call?'
I met the second question with another stare, answering with disdain,
'A call from Professor Elm. Nothing important.'
Yarai stood there speechless. A call from the proffessor was usually very important no matter what it turned out to be. Using the common sense he so rarely used he put the pieces together and came up with an answer.
'Y'know, it's just past your 16th...' he said, pointing out the obvious, 'Maybe he's got you a pokemon?'
I closed my eyes, showing complete lack of concern, picked up my jacket and opened the door. Yarai sighed.
The door slammed shut.

Halfway along the road towards the proffessor's laboratory I looked to the left to notice a young kid getting bullied by a group of older Teenagers.
'Hmph,' I spoke to myself, 'Lucky for them it's not me. I'm in the mood to swing for someone right now.'
I looked straight ahead again, the laboratory loomed over me like a castle, minus the flags and gargoyles. I open the door and saunter towards the professor.
'Yo, Elm,' I called out, 'you rang?'
'Why hello there Ross,' The professor turned around revealing his receding hairline and geekish figure, he smiled, revealing braces, 'I have a surprise for you.'
I itched my ear, 'Wanna bet?'
'You're always so disapproving,' Elm let his smile down and walked towards a pillar like machine, 'Surely you'd be excited about your first pokemon?'
'Yeah well, it's not exactly going to be a Steelix is it?' I centred my vision on the pedistal, ignoring the professor's stare, 'Go on then, tell me.'
The professor clicked a button on the side of the pedistal and a hatch opened up, revealing a pokeball.
'This one's new,' he picked it up, saying with pride, 'it's quite the specimen, i've done all the research i can on it.'
I snatched it off of him and immediately threw it up into the air. I watched the ball open up, releasing a dazzling pure white light that formed into a pokemon, human shape, pink skin, red garments. The Tyrogue hopped side to side, throwing its fists into the space in front of it, it was shadow-boxing.
'Uh?' I looked down on the midget in disgust, 'why would i want something as weak as that?'
A sharp pain was felt on my stomach. I doubled over.
'Tyyyy!' The pink nuisance had struck me, given me a serious stare and then as if nothing had happened it returned to its shadow-boxing.
'You little-' I was cut off by Elm's hand.
'Careful now,' He explained, 'that there Tyrogue has the same attitude as you, don't go making it angry.'
'Wha-tever,' i managed to stutter, 'So where's the legs?'
'Excuse me?' Elm stared at him blankly.
'Yeah, You said you'd give me pokelegs.' I assured him, 'they make you run faster or somethin'?'
Elm let out a hearty laugh, 'No no no, you are mistaken. I said i'd give you a Pokedex,' He reached into his coat pocket and produced a red shiny pokedex.
I looked at him, dumbstruck, 'eh, oh alright.' I snatched this too off of him, my eyes met his glare.
'Don't snatch,' he warned, 'I've yet to give you your pokeballs.'
'Of course,' I looked solemnly at the prof, 'Please?'
A look of relief and triumph rippled through the prof's face, he reached into his other pocket, 'here you go, you can use these to-'
'Catch pokemon,' I finished, 'i know what they do.'
He handed me the pokeballs, i looked to the side, watching the pink fighter punch air, 'Is that all then?'
'For now, yes,' Professor Elm looked upward, pondering.
There was a silence. Followed by more silence. Hello? Professor Elm? You there?
'DUDE SNAP OUTTA IT!' I yelled in his face, he finally responded and motioned me out of his lab.
'You,' I raised my pokeball, 'Tyrogue.'
The pink fighter stopped his shadow-boxing and looked up.
'Return,' I commanded, 'now.'
The pink fighter changed to a crimson red and fluctuated through the air toward the pokeball. The pokeball shut tight.
'Heh.' this was getting all too easy, the pokemon was my slave.
I walked towards the door, pocketing the 'dex and pokeballs.
'uhh... Wait!' The professor ran to stop me.
The door slammed shut.
'What a nuisance.'

September 27th, 2009, 2:55 AM
i'm aware of the double posting thing, but pasting my work onto the edit plane doesn't exactly seem to work.. oh well..

A Word Called Hate

The rain drizzled down on route 29, moistening the ground with water and turning the soft dirt into various mud patches, One trainer was walking on these mild conditions, not seeming to care where the tall grass was or wasn't.

It was, being so early in the morning, typical weather and not the best way to start any day.
'Usually i'd be sat in my room, listening to my music, or drawing stuff,' i thought, 'Now that I have that Tyrogue pokemon I can try to do what i've wanted to do for a long time.' I stopped in the middle of a patch of tall grass.
'And now, i'm going to test myself.' I looked about, hoping to see a pokemon. After about five minutes of searching suddenly an orange blur darted in and out of my vision, heading west.

I froze for a second and in the realization of what it may have been, I began my pursuit, making every step faster and faster, i was sure of it. It was a Buizel.
'You're not getting away,' I swung the pokeball from my pocket and threw it in front of me, 'Tyrogue, Chase it!'
The ball opened and let out the same burst of light i saw as before, revealing the same pathetic pokemon, it began to run, 'I hope you can run fast. I wont tolerate failure.'
The pink runt gave me a glare and then continued running not just faster than me, but possibly faster than that buizel. Catching up wasnt going to be a problem now.
I commanded, 'When you catch up you will hold it down and wait for my arrival.'
Almost as soon as i finished the order the Tyrogue vanished completely, moving faster than the my eyes could cope.
'Tyyyy-rouge!' There was a dull thud heard.
I was coming to a clearing in the grass and where the sound of my Tyrogue's cry came from, 'Maybe the runt has its uses after all.' I thought as I caught up with what I thought was a successful 'capture'. I got out into the clearing. I looked around. I was wrong.
Tyrogue lay there with a grazed face, it had obviously suffered from a tail whip. The buizel was nowhere to be seen. How infuriating it was.

'You,' I pointed at the injured pokemon that i was shamed to call my own, 'You Failure!' The Tyrogue looked up with hatred in its pained eyes. It wanted to punch me in the gut, i could tell. It couldn't however, because i was now it's master.

Whilst I was wondering on how to punish the pokemon I noticed a small bird feeding on worms that were showing through the mud, it seemed happy and contempt.
I despised it.
'Tyrogue.' I comissioned an order, 'If you have any use you can defeat that bird. If you cannot then I have no interest in you.'
The pink weakling rose and gave me the hateful look again, i ignored it and motioned it toward the feeding pidgey. It looked directly at it's foe, confident that it wouldn't lose again.
'Tyy!' It yelled out at the pidgey, getting its attention. The pidgey looked up, a worm still hanging half out it's mouth. The small brown pidgeon gulped down its meal and then charged, filled with anger. It was obviously enjoying its meal.
I sighed, 'Tyrogue! Fake Out!'
The pink pokemon disappeared in a blur once more and appeared centimetres away from the pidgey's beak. It threw its opened palm toward the startled bird, stopping faintly before it would make contact. The Pidgey flinched and I saw my chance, 'Now, Tackle.'
The Pidgey didn't stand much of a chance, it was still in state of shock from the Fake out. Tyrogue made contact, sending the bird flying into a tree trunk. It was unconcious.
'Again,' I said with a cold voice, 'finish it off. It lost.'
I turned around and let out a wry smile, i heard the thud that was the final blow and i then returned my pokemon, a beam of red light was then vacummed into the red and white orb i held in my hands.
'Well done,' my face reverted back to the emotionless stone that it originally was, 'maybe you have your uses after all.'

I then clicked onto the fact i wasn't the only one on the route, I looked square ahead of me. There was another trainer in the vicinity, this one seemed to be in control of a Ralts.
I watched as the tiny white pokemon attack what was made out to be a harmless wurmple. What I also noticed, was that the move used was Psychic. Very odd for a pokemon to have learned so early in its battling career.
The move hit the defensless wurmple, sending it flying backwards into a tree, suffering the same fate as the pidgey beforehand.
'One hit KO.' I thought, 'lucky.' however, the other boy looked shocked, and was confused as to why the battle was so short.
I spoke out the answer he so wanted in my usual tone of voice,
'Wurmple is a bug-type pokemon. You were against the odds, it was a critical hit. Besides, with a move like Psychic you were guarenteed a one hit win with the weak pokemon in these areas.'
The trainer turned around, obviously intimidated by my way of speech. I let out a small chuckle to myself.
'Seems like we have a fresh one.'

He stood there, staring me bravely in the face. He was a little smaller than me with hair that went down to length equal to that of my own, only brown in colour. Even his eyes matched the colour of mine. I'd have called him my twin, but the general clothing put me off. The black and white striped scarf made him look like a football supporter, it was long enough to be a banner it seemed. And who is he trying to be like with that headband?

I stared him back, 'What you looking at?'
'Nothing much,' he let out a grin, thinking he had from that point gained the edge. He was far from it.
'Funny guy,' I retorted, coldly, 'seems you actually have a brain in there.' He seemed slightly put off when i said this, his facial expression changed greatly. He didn't argue back, he was thinking on the perfect comeback. I bored very easily.
'I'm sorry but i'm not about to just stand here waiting on you thinking on a comeback,' I turned to walk away, not giving him the chance, 'You're outta your league, go home.'
I started to walk in the direction of Cherrygrove city, thinking to myself on what was coming up ahead.
I felt a sharp pain on the back of my head. I looked down to my left foot. A small pebble had landed next to it. Swinging around I stared down the thrower, that annoying wretch threw a stone at me!
'If you apologize right now i might be able to guarentee you'll leave this route in one piece.' My face had even less emotion than before, my eyes glowed an acid green as i waited on the apology i ordered. He stared me back, confident in what he was about to say. There was nothing worse he could have replied with at that moment, my mood was set.
'Blow me.'

I wasn't going to let some mere comment get to me, I chuckled, and keeping my mood i then set my eyes looking him seriously in the face.
'Lets try a fake out of my own.' I thought as I flicked one step in his direction, immediately stopping afterward. He anticipated that i would try to do something along those lines and as a result had already turned to run and foolishly tripped over a fleeing Rattata. I laughed at his misfortune.
'You have brains,' I explained, 'shame you don't use them to back down when you need to.'
I looked up into the sky, it was approaching afternoon, and i was hungry.
'I'll let you off lightly this time,' I said, walking off again, 'luckily for you i skipped breakfast.'
As i walked off i looked back briefly at the figure lying on the marshlike ground, a small blurred movement came from his mouth, I couldn't hear it, luckily for him i had lost interest long ago.
'At least he knows his place.' I turned back around. And the defeated figure faded out to nothing.

September 28th, 2009, 11:46 AM
Double posts or not, i'm going to keep going, it's not my fault nobody is reviewing.

Bidoof Battle

The sun was up high in Cherrygrove City, keeping the ground remotely dry, leaving the mudpatches into normal ground to walk on. To the northern parts the PokeMart and Pokemon centre proudly displayed their blue and red roofs to the visitors, to the south, a calm rolling wave hits the beach near the houses, to the north, a route for many to take, the one way forward. To the east, a moodless aura walked in, flowers wilted in disgust and the tranquility of Cherrygrove city was, for a moment, out of balance.

I looked at the four houses dotted around the south, at the pokemon centre, at the pokemart and lastly at the beach.
'Cherrygrove city?' I looked around once more, 'I must be in the wrong place, it's way too small to be a city.'
I noticed the north exit of the town, it wasn't that far away, i wouldn't have to worry about the so-called city for much longer.

As i approached the exit to the town I spotted a kid, in his early teen years, short barber-cut hair and a skinny physique. He was standing by the north exit and the start of route 30, he was in the way.
'Move it,' I told him, 'you're in my way.'
He seemed slightly intimidated but confident in raising his own ego, much like that ralts trainer from before.
'Heal your pokemon first, theres a pokemon centre over there.' He kept it short and brief, but his young squeaky teenager voice ruined it.
'I heal when I choose to,' I looked down on the runt, 'you got that?'
He let out a wide grin, 'Then we battle here and now!'
I must admit he caught me off guard, I didn't expect one so young to have a pokemon. He relinquished a pokeball from his backpack and threw it up into the air,
'Go Bidoof!' his grin widened, he had obviously never done this before.
The white light from his pokeball quickly diminished revealing a small beaver-like pokemon with huge buck teeth and little beady black eyes. It's trainer's grin annoyed me.

I sighed deeply, and I took the pokeball from my pocket containing my own pokemon. I rolled it along the ground casually, and summoned the pidgey-beater.
'Tyrogue.' as soon as i finished that one word my own pokeball opened up in a dazzling bright light which receded revealing Tyrogue once more, this time in a proper battle stance, it faltered a little. It was still damaged from the tail whip it had received before, i ignored it, 'I'm in a rush, i'd like to make this quick.'
'I was planning on making it quick anyway,' the kid squealed, obviously excited, 'Tackle attack Bidoof!'
The small beaver started to waddle over to where my Tyrogue was standing, and i called out my rather simple defense,
'Fake out.'

The fighter ran towards the beaver and as before, swung an open handed palm towards the unsuspecting pokemon, it stopped before contact, and the beaver pokemon flinched to the point it was almost on its back, i called out a Tackle attack and sent the bidoof bouncing back to the trainer. It struggled to get back to it's feet.
'Oh No!' The kid rushed to his pokemon, 'Bidoof, are you okay?'
'Doof Doof!' The bidoof seemed to give out a faint smile before centering it's eyes back on the battle. I looked on at this waste of time, and frowned,
'Are you quite done yet?' I asked, breaking the mould, 'I did say i'd make this quick.' With that said I called out another move,
'Tackle again,' My voice was cold, it felt somewhat relaxing. I then whispered to Tyrogue, 'and when you clash, be sure to show me one of your other moves, I could use the knowledge.'
'Bidoof, you use tackle too!' and as the bidoof started prancing towards Tyrogue the kid met his eyes with mine, he was being foolish.

The two pokemon, fearless, full of confidence, clashed, immediately Tyrogue started another attack, just as i had ordered. He began to spin around on one foot rapidly until a small puff of dust rose from the dry ground, He vanished into the dust. The bidoof, trying to show its power, jumped into the dust cloud with another tackle attack, only to be walloped back with an already extended arm from the hurricane. Tyrogue stopped spinning and let the dust clear, the body of the Bidoof lay there, twitching from the pain it had suffered. Whilst my Tyrogue, stands tall and proud, limped back to me, it looked at me for praise.
'We keep going.' I gave it a cold look, I didn't return it. Instead, for successfuly carrying out an order for once, i gave it the privalege of walking alongside me. The Tyrogue let out a small jump of contempt as it walked alongside me, still limping.
I ignored it.