View Full Version : The Mighty And Powerful Giratina

September 24th, 2009, 6:33 PM
Oh Giratina,
The Mighty And Powerful,
You Should Be So Sorrowful,
Travelling To The Disortion World,
You Will Pay,
Mark My Words,

Making Poor Me And Cynthia Too,
Travel To This World With You,
Oh No! Guess Who Is Here?
Cyrus Ready To Burst With Fear,
Oh Looky Here,
And Looky There,
You're Ready To Give Cyrus A Scare!
But Cyrus Is Determined To Do Anything,
Including A Battle,
Between Me And Him!
But Giratina Wants To Battle,
And I Dont Back Away,
Like A Herd Of Cattle,
But I Battle Cyrus And Get That Done,
Capture Giratina,
Yes! I Have Won!