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September 25th, 2009, 6:43 AM
Chapter 1: A New Beginning!
Platina Berlitz is the newest descendant from the Berlitz family. One of the oldest and richest Pokemon families in Sinnoh, Platina grew up as ‘Ms Berlitz’ to outsiders and ‘Young Mistress’ to the servants of her manor. She had grown up without friends, therefore has a cold, arrogant temperament. Servants ran here and there with a snap of her fingers, so no surprises there when ‘Young Ms Berlitz’ became slightly spoilt. But the amount of money lavished on her education was not wasted; young Platina was a very smart child. Despite her cold attitude towards people in general, she was extremely kind to Pokemon. Thus her first Pokemon, a Ponyta which had hatched for her from an egg, given to her at the age of 5 by a certain Pokemon Professor who lived in Sandgem Town, bonded very closely with her.
Professor Rowan has know the Berlitz family from Mr Berlitz (Platina’s grandfather), and Mr Berlitz, who was the late Mr Berlitz’s eldest son. At the age of 65, Professor Rowan went to study in Kanto for 4 years. Upon his return to Sinnoh at the age of 69, he pushed away all his adventures, locked his many trophies in a trophy cabinet, took out all his files and started researching on Pokemon. However, he was undeniably feeling his age, and decided to wait for the next generation to collect information on the Pokemon of Sinnoh region. He made a pact with Mr Berlitz just after Platina was born. It was decided that she would journey Sinnoh at the age of 12, collecting information on Pokemon for the Professor, and also, collecting the twelve jewels needed to complete the Berlitz family crest. Now, as her 12th birthday nears, it is time for her to visit the old Pokemon Professor again, for her Pokemon adventure is about to start… Now, as her 12th birthday nears, it is time for her to visit the old Pokemon Professor again, for her Pokemon adventure is about to start…
Even tough the Berlitz mansion was on the other side of Lake Verity (which was very close to Sandgem Town), Platina still sent out Ponyta, since being with her first ever Pokemon always gives her a sense of reassurance. Platina rides from the back of her sure-footed Ponyta, and climbs down beside the signpost of Sandgem Town. The Pokemon nuzzles her as though to say Go for it! Platina’s nerves clamed down, and she returned Ponyta to its Pokeball. She takes a good look at her surroundings. Sandy white beach could be seen further down on her right. On her left were some houses. In between the houses, she saw a different, high-tech looking building. This must be the Pokemon Laboratory of Sinnoh. She walks up to the building, and the entrance doors slide open smartly to admit her. Inside the lab, countless of books are stacked on shelves, and she gasp in wonder. Her eyes were immediately drawn to a thick, leather-bound book, whose title was The Complete Collection of Pokemon myths and legends. Eagerly, Platina picks it up and scans the Contents. Sinnoh’s Myth, Veilstone’s Myth, The Original Story…
“You seem to have taken quite an interest in this book.”
Platina jumped. She was so engrossed in reading The Original Story that she hadn’t realized that an aged man had walked over, and was now peering at the book over her shoulder. She felt her cheeks pink, and she hastily puts the book back into the shelf. Letting her own interests get to the better of her manners. Platina scolds herself inside her head. “I’m sorry.” She apologizes. “I…”
Platina’s voice dies down in her throat as she looked the old man in his face. His expression was hidden behind his moustache, but his eyes did not look unkind. His arms look muscly (though she couldn’t really tell, he was wearing a white coat). His grey eyes twinkled down at her. She remembered this face from 5 years ago.
Indeed, this was the widely acknowledged Professor Rowan of the Sinnoh region.