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September 29th, 2009, 5:04 PM
Well... This is one of my first FanFics.. I think I'm going to like this one though. Its rated PG 13 for Violence, Minor Suggestive terms and the fact that Kingdom Hearts was rated T for Teen. Anyway, enjoy!

~Part 1~
Prologue (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?p=5170188&posted=1#post5170188)
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3


He was running… Running, running, running… He was running away from the darkness… It was all around him, he could barely see his blade, even though it was light… Light frozen in ice… He took his blade and attacked. The darkness rushed away… Leaving him alone… All alone… “Welcome… To Castle Oblivion.” A voice said. “Who’s there?” He demanded, his blade ready to strike.
“Nobody… Just me. My little project, and me, maybe you have heard of it? From… Sora? Was that his name?”
He hadn’t heard that name in years… Ever since the last message… “Confused? Hm… Maybe Ansem wasn’t wrong after all…”
“Ansem!? But! Sora…!”
“You don’t get it. You were made only from the Keyblade’s memory of Sora, but Riku’s body. You were originally supposed to look like Ven… But, since the Keyblade wanted Riku… “
He attacked the nothingness. The voice faded away… Leaving only a few words left… You…Weren’t… Supposed to exist… Roxas…
Roxas… He heard that name before… That was Sora’s Nobody… Nobody… Nobody… just me… The voice was a Nobody… No… He thought, it can’t be true… “The Organization!”

He managed to run out of the dark castle… He knew that it was Castle Oblivion, he destroyed it himself. He ran all the way to town. “Your Majesty!” He cried.
“Huh? What is it?”
The ‘Majesty’ was a short person, well, mouse really… “King Mickey! The Organization! They’re back! And they’ve brought Rox-“
“I know… Allen, I need you to understand something. The Organization, they’re-“
“Sorry I’m late, I just found out.” A voice called.
A person in a full suite of armour came walking into the ally. He was a little shorter then he was, or well, Allen was. He was wielding a small dagger and a dull sword. “What did I miss?”
Allen glanced down at the King. “Oh nothing… I was just telling Allen that he should watch out for Roxas and the reformed Organization.”
Allen gave the King a puzzled glance, then looked at the full suited person and said, “Yeah… That's it… Anyway, Javon, your Majesty, shouldn’t we get going?”
Javon removed his helmet, revealing a bald, African American face. “I suppose so…” Javon said while cleaning his helmet.
Allen touched his keychain that was attached to his Blade. Another suite, much like Javon’s but with a red ‘X’ on the chest plate, appeared on Allen’s body. He grabbed at something behind his neck like a hood and a helmet appeared over his head. “Then lets go.” He replied.

The armours on both Javon and Allen were coloured black, with gold parts on the chest plate, shoulder pads, nee caps, shin guards, boots, back and gloves. Allen’s had a large red X on the front of the chest plate, right on top of the golden parts. Underneath the armour, Allen was wearing blue jeans, a red top and a few bracelets, one said ‘Sora’, another said ‘Kari’, the next one said ‘Riku’ and the last one said ‘Ven/Roxas’. When Allen’s not wearing his armour, there is a large shoulder pad on his right shoulder, showing people that he was with the ‘Knighthood’, a small group of Keyblade users who have joined together to stop the Nobodys. They succeeded last time, but with the new Organization, they’re coming back.

They finally reached the gates. Allen turned around and removed his helmet like a hood. “Isn’t it nice?” Allen asked.
The King turned around too. “Yeah… I guess this is why they call it Twilight Town.”
“Guess so,” Javon said.
“Welcome…” A small voice said, “Please come in…”
“You’re Naminé… Right?” Allen asked.
“Yes… You might be wondering, since you are a part of Sora… Why am I here? Well… As you know… This is the Virtual version of Twilight Town…” Naminé explained.
“I get it. Don’t worry.” Allen reassured.
“Good, cause we have a lot to talk about…”