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September 30th, 2009, 12:01 PM
This story follows the adventure's of Deaysha, and is also the basis of a ROM hack I'm working on for TeamUber forums of the same name. http://www.teamuber.net

There aren't really any seperate chapeters. I've divided the story based on Gyms or other important events. This is both a Chris Brown fanfic as well as a Pokemon fanfic.

Rated PG-13 for ocassional language and suggestive themes.


(Deaysha wakes up in her home in Bark Town and turns on the TV and sees a commericial)

TV: In order to get more females to compete in the Pokemon League, R&B superstar Chris Brown, Gym Leader of Tappahannock Town, has an announcement.

CHRIS: To all the up and coming female Pokemon trainers, the first girl to becoming the League Champion may challenge me at my Gym in Tappahannock Town and win me as their prize.

TV: Why don’t you tell them the rules.

CHRIS: To compete in the Pokemon League you must first earn all eight Gym Badges then head to the Pokemon League and challenge the Elite Four. After defeating the Elite Four you will be the Pokemon League Champion. You may then travel to Tappahannock Town and challenge my Gym there. May the best girl win!

DEAYSHA: Oh my god, I have to get to the Professor’s lab and get a Pokemon!

(Outside the Professor’s lab)

DEAYSHA: Hey look, it’s Rihanna! It seems a lot of celebrities are into Pokemon now. (approaches Rihanna)

RIHANNA: So this is Professor Redwood’s lab? If I get one of those rare Pokemon I’ll be able to win Chris over for sure. (sees Deaysha) What the hell do you want? Out of my way! (kicks Deaysha)

DEAYSHA: Ow! What a *****.

(The Professor Redwood shows up)

PROFESSOR: Hello, Deaysha. What brings you here?

DEAYSHA: Hello, Professor Redwood, I’m here for a Pokemon.

PROFESSOR: Yes ever since that new challenge was announced a lot of girls have shown up to get a Pokemon. Follow me. (They go inside of Professor Redwood’s lab) These are the three choices of Pokemon, choose wisely.

DEAYSHA: I choose you, Pikablue!

PROFESSOR: You’ve chosen the Water-type Pokemon. Excellent choice! Now can you please do me a favor. The PokeMart in Old Bark Town is holding a parcel for me. It contains very important equipment so I need you to deliver it here ASAP.

DEAYSHA: No problem, Professor.

(In Old Bark Town, Deaysha gets the parcel from the PokeMart at is on her way back.)

DEAYSHA: Now that I’ve got the Professor’s parcel I should be headed back to his lab. (her cell phone rings) Yes, Professor?

PROFESSOR: H-hello, Deaysha? It’s a disaster! Um, um, it’s just terrible! What should I do? It… Oh, no… Please get back here now!

DEAYSHA: I’m on my way!

(On her way back to Bark Town, Rihanna confronts Deaysha)

RIHANNA: You got a Pokemon at the lab? And now you want to get to Chris, right? What a waste, a tramp like you. Don’t you get what I’m saying? Well I too have a good Pokemon. I’ll show you what I mean!

Rival Rihanna wants to battle. Rival Rihanna sent out Pikagreen, Level 7.
…. the first Rival battle can be boring so we’ll skip the details.
Deaysha defeated Rival Rihanna!
RIHANNA: Humph. Are you happy you won?
Deaysha got $300 for winning.

RIHANNA: I’m going to be the world’s greatest Pokemon trainer. Chris, here I come! (leaves)

(Deaysha arrives at Professor Redwood’s lab and talks to a police officer there)
OFFICER: I heard a Pokemon was stolen here. I was just getting some information from Professor Redwood. Apparently it was a young tall female of Carribean descent. What? You battled a trainer like that? Did you happen to get her name?’

DEAYSHA: Rihanna.

OFFICER: The singer Rihanna? No way! Well if your sure we’ll look into it right away. Later, Professor.

PROFESSOR: This is just horrible. But enough of that I have a gift for you. Here’s some PokeBalls to capture more Pokemon you find in the wild. You can carry a team of six Pokemon total. Also I would like you to complete this Pokedex for me. To do it you must catch every single type of Pokemon. I know it’s a hard task but I bet it’ll impress that Chris Brown even more.

DEAYSHA: In that case, you can count on me Professor. I’m going to become a Pokemon Master. Chris Brown, here I come!


September 30th, 2009, 8:40 PM
Unfortunately, only well-written script fics are allowed, which this isn't. It's just mainly the dialogue, with no to little narration and description.

the first girl to becoming the League Champion may challenge me at my Gym in Tappahannock Town and win me as their prize.
Because that's what all girls want. Chris Brown.