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October 3rd, 2009, 10:44 AM
Chapter 1: The First Chosen, Tom
Pallet Town, Kanto

"Mom! Where did you put my lucky jeans at?!" A voiced shouted. This voice belonged to Tom, the self-proclaimed best pokemon trainer in Pallet Town. He was a young boy, no older than the age of twelve, with short shaggy, brown hair, and a black teeshirt, and blue jeans. But as you know, he wasn't currently wearing said jeans, as he was looking for them. I'm sure you are wondering what made these jeans so special. It was the fact that he wore these jeans the day he met the love of his life... Celia. Celia was the girl next door (literally speaking) who simply adored pokemon. Tom himself never really put up with them until after he had met her a few years back. Notice how I said a few years back. Yup. Same jeans. He has his mom fix em' up when he grows a new size or two.

"They're down here, Thomas! If you actually kept up with your stuff..." His mom replied. Her name was Angela. A former trainer herself, when she met his father, Terry, she stopped training, and settled down. Tom always felt that she may have regretted this, but she did her best to assure to him otherwise.

Tom jogged downstairs, and slipped the jeans on. He felt ready. Ready for what? Today, Celia was going to introduce Tom to Professor Oak. Oak was the leading head in pokemon research. He gave pokemon to new trainers, and Tom was going to get one; at Celia's request of course. He would bend over backwards for her; And he didn't know why. Tom whipped up his backpack.

"I'll call you from Viridian, mom." He said. He gave her a hug, and left. He ran down the road to Celia's house. She was waiting on a chair on her porch, and looked delighted to see him.

"I was afraid you wouldn't come!" She said. Tom blushed, and smiled.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world."

To be Continued