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October 7th, 2009, 3:45 PM
Chapter 1

That morning started out as any other. Aaron and Abigail Johnson tumbled out of bed
at the exact same time before staggering to their feet and practically killing themselves
trying to get down the stairs. However, while the day had started out as any other, the twins had done something new. For in between the “staggering to their feet” part and the “practically killing themselves” part, the pair had washed up and gotten dressed, which was very unusual, especially for a Saturday morning. So, why the rush, you ask? Why break the routine? Because it was that day the twins set sail for the Hoenn region. Of course, they were already in possession of Pokemon, Abigail with Charmeleon and Aaron with Wartortle. They had received their Pokemon as eggs when they first came to Pallet Town, eight years ago. Now thirteen, the two had been deemed ready to go on their “journey”.

"Journey..." Aaron said, "That's so lame."

"Totally lame," Abigail agreed.

Abigail glanced down at Charmeleon who was tugging the hem of her shirt and gesturing towards the door with an irritated growl. She grinned down at him, she had raised Charmeleon from an egg and was completely confident in his ability to crush all opponents. Finally giving in, she followed him to the door where Aaron was waiting with Wartortle, matching scowls on their faces.

"Alright my dears!" Mr. Johnson said while clapping her hands together and smiling coldly. "It’s off to Hoenn!"

It was several hours to Vermilion from Pallet where the twins would board the ship that would take them overseas to their destination. Neither spoke to avoid conversation with their icy, adoptive mother. Besides, they always knew what the other was thinking anyway.

"Here we are my dears!" Mr. Johnson said.

Abigail glanced at her brother nervously who was stoically staring straight ahead. She gripped his arm their way to the dock where they would board.

"You’ll do wonderfully," said Mrs. Johnson.

She then proceeded to smooth Abigails' hair down and pin her bangs back with a clip she had pulled from her own perfect locks. After that, she magically flattened out a particularly rebellious piece of Aarons' hair and straightened her skirt. She pressed a kiss to each of their foreheads and gently pushed them towards the boat.

"Off you go." Mrs. Johnson said.

Aaron and Abigail stared at each other stunned. That was probably the most tender display of affection they had ever received. However, they had more pressing matters: the distance between them and the man who would collect their tickets was getting considerably smaller, for instance.

"Tickets please." the ticket master said.

The pair handed them over and the man waved them through after a moment of inspection, telling them to sit wherever the liked. So they did. Friday practically skipping in anticipation, all nervousness gone; and Hain dreading it.

"Oh my God!" Abigail yelled.

"Oh my God," Aaron said.

There had to be at least eight or nine dozen other children and teens on the boat. All going to Hoenn. Aaron heaved an unhappy sigh. He really didn’t like socializing. He ran a hand through his hair, effectively mussing it.

"Let’s see if we can find a less crowded area, okay, bro?" Abigail asked.

"Couldn’t agree more," Aaron said.

The twins headed farther towards the front until the masses of people finally thinned out. Aaron noticed that most of the others had migrated into groups of twos and threes, most likely of people they already knew.

"We can sit here, bro. There’s only one other person and she seems nice enough." Abigail said.

Abigail guided him over to one of the few free spots next to girl perhaps a year or two their junior. She had long dark hair and brown eyes, she was playing with an Aipom.

"Hey," Abigail said. "Mind if we sit here?"

The girl glanced up startled, but shook her head and indicated they should sit. Abigail plopped down next to her and Aaron sat by his sister.

"My name’s Abigail and this is my brother Aaron. It’s nice to meet you."

"I’m Alexandria. Please call me Alex," the dark haired girl.

"Right. So what are you going to Hoenn for?" Abigail asked.

"I want to become a Top Coordinator and Pokemon Master," said Alex.

"Don't we all?" Aaron asked.

"Well, yes, I suppose." Alex said.

Alex frowned inwardly, Abigail seemed nice enough but her brother appeared to be a jerk. So for his sake she added...

"I'm also going to visit my friend, who started before me." Alex said.

"Ah, you're lucky," Abigail whined. "You'll have someone you know there already, waiting to sweep you up in his arms like the gallant prince he is."

"I never said it was a boy," Alex said while turning an interesting shade of pink.

Abigail just grinned like an idiot and released Charmeleon who seated himself at her feet, glaring at everyone that passed. Aaron released Wartortle so he could join the fire-type Pokemon in boring metaphorical holes at strangers.

"So," Abigail said while shifting closer to Alex. "What’s his name?"

"France and it’s not like that, we’re only friends!" Alex yelled.

Abigail nodded sagely in response and turned to Aaron to whisper something in his ear. Alex quickly decided that perhaps Abigail was as much of a jerk as her brother. She was surprised when the older girl suddenly whirled around and started firing questions at her. Most of them involved her Aipom.

"Do you have any other Pokemon?" Abigail asked.

"Two Eevees," Alex said.

Abigail paused and even Aaron looked over in interest.

"Eevees?” Aaron asked. "Those are really rare. You really have two?"

Upset that he didn’t seem to believe her, she released them and explained how they were gifts from her parents. After she returned them Abigail stopped speaking and simply tugged at her brother’s sleeve every now and then, in response he would either nod or shake his head. This in Alex’s opinion, was weird. Just as it seemed they would spend the next five hours in complete silence someone walked over.

"Hey, it seems quite over here. Mind if I take a nap?" a boy asked.

He had black hair and caramel eyes and had an athletic build.

"Yes," Aaron said.

This guy looked like a terrible flirt and if so much as spoke to his little sister, Aaron would castrate him. Like wise, he wouldn’t let him make any moves on Alex either. The boy was obviously not used to such a response, if his surprised expression was any indication. So, sensing a premature defeat he turned to Alex.

"Mind if I sit next to you?" the black haired boy asked.

Alex didn’t dignify him with an answer but shifted over slightly, more out of politeness than anything. She was thinking along the same lines as Aaron, not that she knew that that this boy seemed like the kind who would tease you to no end. When the younger girl allowed the boy to sit next to her, Aaron was tempted to just grab Abigail’s wrist and find somewhere else to sit. However, he decided that he didn’t want to live with the guilt of allowing this guy to harass Alex.

"So, I’m Seth, by the way. Seth Carry." the black haired boy said.

He was not dignified with an answer. Seth was beginning to feel increasingly uncomfortable, especially with albino boy glaring daggers into his temple.

"Hey, who are you? When did you get here?" Abigail asked.

Seth glanced over and saw that it was the older of the two girls speaking. Her companions gave her bemused, "did-you-really-not-notice-him" looks.

"I’m Seth," Seth said with a grin, thinking he was getting somewhere.

The girl was pretty at least.

"Abigail." Abigail said.

"Actually, it’s Adler."

Her stare instantly turned icy.

"My name is Abigail, you insufferable dolt."

"Ah. You wound me," Seth said with a smile.

That was it. Aaron was going to ****ing murder him.