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Bay Alexison
October 8th, 2009, 3:10 PM

Don't know why I'm posting here if I knew I'll get killed here :x

'kay, decided to show some of my GIMP images I have done so far after my friend Misheard Whisper had the courage to do so (trust me, his is much better than mines ;) ). Now, I know these aren't as great as the PC graphic elites like Ducky, Baromega, Color Me Evil, etc. And yes, I do stalk. D: Now, I don't mind criticism (since I know these are really basic and amateur :P ), but PLEASE, PLEASE, do it in a respectful manner. No, "this is the worst gallery evar" even though I know I'll get those :P

A Black Cat tag I'm using as my sig right now, featuring Sven, Eve, Train, and Rinslet. I was going for a different style similar to the ones Sweet May at Serebii does it.

Alice from Pandora Hearts. Pretty much I went filter crazy. The render I did things like shadow, soft glow, sharpen, and other things I forgot. :P For the background, I basically used another stock and used the wind blur effect and then able to change the color with gradient.

Pretty much the effects I did were the same like the Alice banner, but with lighting effects. :P

Jessie and James from Team Rocket. I actually like this one. :P

For Val as an early B-Day present. Simple avatar, but it's the thought that counts. :P

Sven from Black Cat. Was waiting for Baromega to make an avatar from this stock, but then I decided to try one for myself. XD

Kotone! XD Did some lightning effects and I like the results. Hate the border, though. :X

Larger pieces
Yes, I'm obsessed with Black Cat, shut up! XDThis one I made as a header for my LJ. I tried to make it more textual, but I failed. XD

I"m still trying to get the hang of GIMP, so don't kill me, please! ^^; Also, sorry none of them are of c4d effects. New styles should be love too. *nods* However, might try c4d effects after I get more practice with GIMP.

October 8th, 2009, 3:29 PM
they're pretty good.
kinda plain tho.
make them stand out.

October 8th, 2009, 3:45 PM
Omg I absolutely love this icon.. :D


Fantastic jog... And the Sven banner is just awesome.. Keep up the good work.. :D

the bitter end.
October 10th, 2009, 11:27 AM
To be completely honest, these aren't very good. =/
Your first one looks very sloppy and overdone, and I hate that color blue on the text.

Render is waaaaaay too low-quality and the background is not may favorite. I also dislike that effect you did behind the text, just try putting it by the focal. The morty banner is the same.

Your icons are okay, though I hate the background on the magikarp one.

The large piece may be the only saving grace of this gallery, I really like your effects and colors.

For your first time, this is good work, especially on GIMP. Keep practicing and experimenting and I'm sure you'll be an excellent graphic artist.