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October 8th, 2009, 5:26 PM
.The Chronicles


2 The horizon loomed on for miles, hosting and fine white light in between the deep star prized sky. Oceans waves crash against the cliffs moaning as if they where drowning themselves. Legs stretched over backs to the ground; laid young Rioji and his newly found brother Din gazing at the starry clouds.
“Would you look at that.” Rioji said
“Yea I know.” Din replied.
“So much depth”
“Yea, so many years.” Din said staring straight up. Rioji turn over to his side facing Din.
“When can start over, we can have our life back.”Rioji said with hope in his eyes.
“ Yea but you seemed to be missing one main thing.” Din paused for a sec. “Are parents are dead. Those words struck pain within Rioji. He knew well of this fact. Yet hearing said for the first time the poison soaked emotion came back to mind.
“ That’s just it, They are gone. But you see they don’t have to be.” Even saying that sent chills running up his spin. Din looked over at his brother not saying a word. His blood red eyes posed some sort of glint. Rioji stared back not knowing what to say next. Rioji sat up, and looked straight up at the sky.
“You see Din, when I left like that…. I didn’t’ want them to take you to. A huge part of me couldn’t bar e the sight to see them take you away just like they did mom and dad. I cursed our demon nature just for that fact. But I see now that we were meant for something greater. Listen, this world is not ours; I believe we haven’t truly been at home. So long I’ve walked this earth, feeling that something more is out there. Not knowing how to obtain that power. I need you now more then I ever did. That why I searched for you. With your help, we can have are family back, it can be me you mom and dad all over again. Together we can leave this world and find our true home.” Rioji eyes stay fix on the night sky.
“ It sounds like some dream to me.” Din replied.
“I am a dreamer Din, but this isn’t a dream, this is real. When I started my training, at the eastern temple, I sheltered myself, reading everything I needed to know about other worlds. There’s a vast amount of realms out there. There was so much that I didn’t know. But while reading these achieves, I stumbled upon a relic called The Anistine Manuscript. “
“ And this manuscript shows you how to enter these realms.” Din asked
“ No….It was a list of ingredients.” Rioji smiled faintly.
“What good will that do us.” Din asked
“ When mixed together properly they make a perfume.”
“ You lost me…..wait so ok…what are we doing, what are we girls now.”
“ It’s called the dark fragrance, and it’s use to bring the died back to life.” Rioji didn’t move. He could feel the tension inside his brother raise up, such as his did when he first laid eyes upon The Anitsine Manuscript. The stars seemed to swift a sway upon the black canvas night . Din couldn’t speak, he was trying to keep all hope shut inside of him. The chance to see he family sat passionate inside. But he put that aside. His life cursed life, to roam the streets night and day fighting to stay up top. Leaving with the torment of his parents death. Losing the only family he had left at such a young age. He had found who he was looking for. He was glad for that but was this to much for him. Din sat up and placed he hand on his brother’s shoulder. He stretched his head back and shared the same view with Rioji.
“So you say we are meant for some greater, whatever that is, Im in it with you. You say we can have it back to the way it was, you say we can find our true home, to see her face, to train alongside father. Let’s go for it. If anything it can only be done by a Croni.” Din looked over to Rioji and gave him a huge grin. Rioji looked over and smiled.
“Yea it’s about time the world should see what us Croni’s are made of.” Rioji smiled once more. Im glad you feel that way….we set off tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow huh…well better get some rest then”. Din said in a groan rolled over and went to sleep.

October 8th, 2009, 5:28 PM
Chapter 3 – Rioji awoke the next day to the sound of his brother hurling fire into the morning sky. To see him train in the morning as always before brought great joy to him. He knew deep down within his heart that he could fix and restore what was lost. He’d own Din that much for leaving him alone. He was determined to have his family back again. His nightmare of a life was over; his constant self petty for being who he truly was had seemed to a vanished just as the stars faded goodbye. Slowly but clearer his dream was becoming reality. Rioji stretched out with a fresh yawn and stood up.
“ Did I wake you” Din said stopping his last flame mid air. Rioji passed his hand above his eyes to shield him from the bright morning horizon.
“ No…It was time I got up anyway. I didn’t think you still trained in the morning.” Rioji smiled walking over to him.
“Well there’s a lot of thing you don’t know about me.” Din grinned. “Any way..say”. Din looked around aimlessly as of trying to spot something. “Say where that stuffed black rodent looking thing that talks? ”Din said still looking around. Rioji folded his arms.
“His name is Kiu….and he looks more like a monkey thank you very much. And he not here because I sent him on an errand I needed.” Rioji said in a huff.
“Oh he’s gone huh…. I wanted to get some target practice before breakfast and I needed something moving.” Din said calm and serious scratching the back of his head. Rioji just sighed and walked off into the distant woods
“Hey wait!” Din yelled after him. “When is he going to be back? I haven’t finished and I’m starving.” Din raced to catch up with Rioji. The day seemed perfect. Blue skies all, around. The lights seem to hum while it shines amongst the vast green treetops. The native birds began their song while the small wooden imps gather the fresh morning dew. Running back in fourth from their rocky dens, they whistled along with the birds tune. Rioji walked along the path laid with small rusted coins and shrines covered in moss. Din looked around before stopping to think. He placed his hand upon his chin. Rioji stopped and turned around.
“What is this place, it seems like I know of it just never been.” Din asked. Rioji lowered his head just a little before speaking. He paused for a second. His tone was very soft yet he hosted a faint smile in the corner f his mouth.
“If you’re thinking that this is the Merchants Pass then you are correct. The shrines you see lay out a road where most merchants used for safe traveling. This place use to be a holy passage or at least that’s what they called it. Merchants stopped here to pay offerings to the gods for a plentiful seal and safe passage form pirates. However the pirate found out about this passage and ambushed them. No one knows which sides prevail. For you see no bodies, no carriages, horses or weapons were found. They say that the gods intervene and sent them all into another rift in time. A few villages’ they don’t live to far from here, clam to have seen bright auras of white and purple lights. This has become one of the most mystical places known to this world.” Rioji matched his eyes with Din.
“So then it isn’t a mistake we came here is it.” Din smirked “what is it you are thinking?’ Din asked this time being serious.
“I’ve spoke to some of the residents in the local villages when I was younger. Each of the stories matched perfectly. That light they saw, the strange humming sound. There’s no dought in my mind that what they witness, was a rift opening to the demon realm.”

“So then I must ask, how do you know this? Or are you just hoping to be correct.” Din interjected.
“Just let me finish. That type of rift is known as a Mankin Shin. It a certain type that opens by its own accord. There’s no telling when it will decide to open again.”
“So the point to this story would be….” Din interjects once more.
“Would you let me finish…? However, opening a Mankin Shin can be forced with the right amount of energy of and opposing force.”
“That could be anywhere, what makes you so sure it’s the Demon Realm.” Din stops him once more.
“That my brother” Rioji smiled. “Would be because of its color. I told you before I studied these realms. Each aura host is own color. It can span into a mixture of three no other source has recorded anything above three. The one to the Demon Realm, is white and purple, that’s why I have to ask them myself to make sure of it.”
“So…have you been to this Realm.” Rioji grin vanished.
“Well…no I haven’t been.” Rioji admitted.
“Ah Ha…So then you really don’t know where it leads.”
“Wait just a sec. I don’t need to have been there. I already know its there. And believe me, knowing is more enough.” Rioji said in a huff. He face drop to a faint stare. He looked over to the side. With that same soft tone, but this time there was no smile.
“I…know it’s there okay. I didn’t go because I hadn’t found you yet. I wanted you to be right there with me. Maybe we can find out something about are name. Why mom choose to live here instead. The answers I seek has to come from here, I can feel it.” Rioji just stared off Din decides not to saying at first. He knew that he wanted to hear these answers himself. And he too poses a few questions. “Anyway…it’s not the right time to go just yet. We have a few tasks to complete before we go. We need to gather a few things.

October 8th, 2009, 5:30 PM
I rub my eyes to clear this state of confusion
For the dust from this world has clouded me so
Wondering what has happen these pass few years
Yet rubbing only makes it worse
As I slowly realize nothing is for the best
Or at least that is what this world has shown me
Sweet words no longer set well
For my heart doesn't know how to react
Would it really matter if I found my sweet talker
Could I be the one I use to be
Cut by the the one who stole my heart
To save me from reality
To show my soul true affection
Can I return
Reverse the strife
Erase those memories
Throw away pass emotions
And just start over
I don't want to runaway from love
Nor do I wish to only dream of such a word
I'm slowly falling.......

October 8th, 2009, 5:33 PM
Unsettling words that crash my ears, I will not stomach this at all. Stating that true affection doesn't exist. These false tales, these tattered rumors do not sit well. For I know what lay with my chest. I do not see this world through rose-tinted glasses nor have I ever. My life is not auspicious, yet I remain benevolent to the best of my capabilities. Don't force torpor lives upon me, for you can only see with your eyes. I may act pusillanimous because it not my nature to take self inflicted risks. So I plead do not belittle me for not knowing the meaning of audacity. Callused reasoning won't pierce this insulation. Rusted outlooks only prolong harsh ideals and won't seep through my non-judgmental ways. This world has no room for my kind. For within the realm of my mind I see with my heart.

October 8th, 2009, 5:33 PM
A sm..le ..s a powerful weapon..when ..t's used the r..ght way. Yet somet..mes .. wonder..how long w..ll th..s sm..le stay? Laughter ..s the greatest..and m..ne ..s just the best. But a laugh ..s only to h..de..the pan .. feel w..th..n my chest. My fr..ends br..ng me great pleasure..when .. hold them t..ght. To leave and part our ways....s my only fr..ght.. .. want to sm..le because ..'m happy..not to h..de the shame. For the love .. feel..just from hear..ng your name.... can only go so far..w..th th..s sm..le of m..ne. Because of l..nger..ng thoughts...of ..t be..ng a waste of t..me.

October 8th, 2009, 5:35 PM
I fear your tales
Tales of the truth
The truth of my past
You lay them down before me
The truth of everything i wanted to be
The story of my life
The one I cannot enjoy
At the bottom
Never to rise again
The truth of my lies
The truth of everything i've created
I find myself in a daze
I swear to god, how does this end
Tell me no more
Write no more
Your voice, your poison tears
No more truth is left
Send me a pleasent lie
Make me something I'm not
Does it feel like rain
Drowning my hope
Filling my lungs
No more do i wish to drift
Fill me with lies of glamour
Fill me with light
No more truth
No more tales
Write no more, please
Save me from what i've become

October 8th, 2009, 5:38 PM
You smile in shame as the old man laughs and spits his verse. Carefully crafted upon the wind it sways to your ear. You cant my dear reverse this cruse. I withdrawal from my stall in for which i my crawl beneath my labyrinth where indeed the great star did fall.
I can not, will not seat here in-vain within your insidious plan to in Duse your plot. yet you must'n listen to the voices tales of sorrow and pain, but of the drunken images you've yet to gain. Wipe up your spill while i place this pill upon the sill to erase the sinful nature for which indeed you did feel.
This slothful rhyme is not just a crime to place upon the reader to waste their time. Listen to me cries the old man as he perches his lips from a sour lime. To write no more, i am told is surely worth your weight in gold. For the love you search, sadly is truly cold. But the love you seek is not your to take. Sex is the desire brought on by lust. For i know it's not one you must trust. The shimmer of hope within their eyes is just a mere reflection. if you listen to my words they shall bring you great protection. And now my dear you have learned my lesson.
Hee hey Hoo ha, he laughs once more. You see my dear you heart is sore right down to the core, yet it's not the reason your soul is poor. Your soul is sour from the lose of your power and nothing is left but it to cower. An elephant dances through your thoughts to improve your chances of gaining more glances. For indeed must listen as the sunshine glistens over your deepest ambition filling your mind with a sick superstition.
You stupid child, umm hmm, i mean my dearest. The elephant's whimsical nature is not deemed the queerest. Pay no mind to his movement or dance for it is you not him who has only one chance. Do you get it my dear, do you know what this means. It is him your heart truly fens. This is pure yet this love is forbidden. That is why my lesson can never be written. You smile in shame as i tell my tale. This choice is only for you to prevail. Think my child, think long and hard, but never i say let down your guard.

October 8th, 2009, 5:39 PM
Taste the mist as smokey vapors dance in sweet swirls.
Feel my melow tention as snowflakes melt into a haze of crisp apple essence.
Let your gaze entrance you into never ending thoughts and visions.
Have your eyes glaze over with every motion of my glass.
Don't hold back.
Don't let my vapors drifth into the atmosphere.
I'm not here to control you.
But don't, i beg you take me for grantie.
Everybody wants something they can cradle.
Everybody needs an escape.
But as much as you burn for your next turn.
Don't let my crystalized powder lure you into my snowy prison.
I move silenty through my showcase and can creep up at any moment.
Just be patient my friend.
And enjoy my frost written whisps of pleasure.

October 8th, 2009, 5:42 PM
Stuck in this wave of insomnia like a heat wave brought on by hell and it's dwellings.
No longer do i wish to hear you tales of romance and betrayal.
I tire of them like a tasteless meal.
Take this dish for my sight and yourself form my life.
Nothing is left for you to say.
Find someone else to listen to your frostbiten lies.
For i see passed your calisted heart.
You may stay if you prove yourself useful.
But i doubt you can bring back the moon and my stars.
This world is over.
And the one who can save it is sleep and can not be awaken.
Nothing is left, just a picth black sky and this dry meatloaf you've placed infront of me.
Leave now and bring me more souls, so they can pose as my guest for the new year.
In the last hour you'll have to live with the one you love.
Isn't that what you want?
No, then why such a smile?
If not then so be it, but you'll have the lost to bare.
Slowly,the streets begin to feel like new flesh.
Is this your doing?
Can you not live in my world?
Tell me now, what is your wish?
Trees, you want trees!
Then move to kentucky they have more than enough!
Take your faded life and drink no more bleach.
For you have striped my world of it's color.
And left no soul to linger around.

October 8th, 2009, 5:43 PM
As the decions weighs on my heart this day of mourning, God pleads to me to gain souls for his lost war. A war meant for all to kill the incision placed in thier hearts and souls.
" I need you now, more than anyone." God claims. of all the days to pick me for such a task. " This worlds is going to end pretty soon. I fear and uprise of malice as the people rest." The one who I have loved in life and my dreams was no longer.
" I'm already dead, tell me why should I spend time in a world that is destined to end?" I said, feeling my other self get the best if me.
" My dear child, the one you love and long for is here amongst my grasp." Claimed God
" Spare me lord! You dare temp me with my mothers glimpse!" My heart was stained in hate and love. No more did I wish to live. If she was here, then I had what I wanted. plus no more did I wish to hear the cries of God and see his tears of holyness. Would I walk through that gate?Shedding the light of all life with the rise of honor. Should I return to the depths of the earth and have my soul rip my mind in half? Will I become some pawn in this circle of gods puzzles? Curse the nature of a good son! Cusre the purity i've gain through my life's efforts! "Tell me, what did i do to deserve such a title?" I ask gritting me teeth.
" You my child have given your life so that your mother could rest in peace" the lord said unto me.
" If I had done such a task then why isn't my brother here to share this glory?"
" Your brothers heart is lost to darkness. His kind is not welcome in my kingdom."
"I'm not quite sure what you've been told. I'm a demon, not some holy monk!"
"Yes my child, I know your class. In my eye's you are the Heavenly Demon. the only hell bound creature ever to enter thr gates of heaven. That is who you are Rioji." the lord grined.
" But I'm not quite sure what this unfolds for me?" I asked.
" Here Rioji, Take this sword." Before I could get my imput in , god al mighty conjoured up a golden mist and placed it infront of me. Taking shapeof a sword. "Take the sword of Velourium and purify the souls of tainted hearts. In doing so, you will embody a vast army for me."
" So I'm just some puppet because you fear to step foot on the world you've created!" I yelled, feeling my other self come closer to takeing over.
" Enough of your tongue! You are the one who will save us all from distruction. This is your role in life and you will follow it" Lord al mighty bellowed. Before I could get my opinion I was casted out of heaven.

October 8th, 2009, 5:44 PM
I'm floating down a river, no one is around.Middle of the night.i marval at the stars and feel my heart over flow. Is someone up there watching me. Is someone having fun controling my life. Why i ask, why do i have to be this way. A life with sorrow and pain.People i want to forget and some i want to remember for thr rest of my life. You know who you are and you know that you where there for me.The rest of you ****ing bastards can kiss my sweet black ass.Who ever you are passed the stars, what the **** to you want to do next. i can tell you this that i'm ready for whatever you bring along the way. tears beging to over flow me, pain comes to mind, heart strian is just around the corner. Be still my heart, no need to beat out of turn. You made it through the ruff years of my life. i need you to stay strong for me and i need you to have my back. no more pain do i want to cause you. i'll be at a better place in life. It's time the heart, soul, mind,and body joined together and form ME. Don't fight with each other any more. I'm done with that, all i want to do is just float here down this river and think about life.

October 8th, 2009, 5:45 PM
They say that men are from mars and women are from venus. And that's what I feel in my heart today. I long to be with you, but how can I, when your light years away. My mind wrapped in memories of our passed, only prolong the pain I feel for you.Blinded by the moonlights gaze helps, yet it's not enough. Feeling the cool summers night breeze, hearing music of the night,seeing shadows laced among the ground only makes me wish you where right next to me. mapping images in the stars, hoping they can show our future together.I lay here floating amongst the clouds. Yet that's how I feel,cold, light as a feature. I know I have your love ,I hope I have your love. It's the only thing keeping me chained to this earth, I can bare the weight, no love is to strong because i know what your love is worth.Till the time we met again, i'll stay here drifthing into the stars. Even though I my be on Venus, I'll still know that your on mars.

October 8th, 2009, 5:47 PM
Mind, Heart, Body,and Soul: I would say that Im at a lost.For mine
conflicted and battle with each other to gain dominance. I feel them
all, because each are apart of me. So it hurts when I cant choose the
right one to follow.

My Mind~ He is afraid of being wrong. Every
thing that's places itself in life has to be solved in some from shape
or fashion. Pride would have to be his sin. For he hates feeling like a
fool. Yet he is sharp and at times to the point. But there are the
times hes been completely blindsided. He's very imaginative, and I
thank him for blessing me with sweet dreams most of my life. That's why
I can say 'I'm a dreamer'. He doesn't thrive on revenge but he does
know the meaning of that word. He is very critical of himself, and
doesn't know the worth in his talents and ideas. Even so, he is always
willing to solve a problem for a friend; that is a talent he is proud
of and loves to show it. Yet giving all this, he feels he must control
my heart. That's where he speaks out.

My Heart~ Sad to say
doesn't speak up when he needs to. That's only because when he does, a
door slams in his face. Though I have come to notice he has became
stronger over the years. Even so it's still hard for him to speak out.
He's not sour, and I would say he's genuine. He loves when people
become close, to show any sign of kindness. He doesn't believe in
hurting others because he knows that pain. Every thing excites him, and
is willing to share any part of himself with anyone or anything. That's
where he speaks out.

My Body~ He feels hes along for the ride and just want to move about dancing.
loves his rest, and can get jittery when he goes without. He is strong,
and fights off any germ. He can withstand addiction and able to control
whats inside him. However he is under total control of the mind and
very seldom breaks free.
So at times he feels locked. That's where he speaks out.

Soul~ He tells me more about myself than anything. He feels every
twitch, every tingle, every emotion, every heartache, every slap, every
handshake,.He just wants to fly. Lift up and just see the world. He
wants to find others like him. He's happy go lucky and has always
brought me out of troubled times. He helps me move on in life. He never
turn tail and run. He has kept every promise and every secrete.He is
the reason why I seldom become violent and he is the reason I have
lashed on those who send him over the edge. even so, he doesn't like
confrontation and truly hates to argue. He hates when his nature is
threaten for he just wants to be himself. He wants my mind, heart, and
body to speak as one. That's where he speaks out.

October 8th, 2009, 5:50 PM
This i just a bunch ofrandom peoms and wrting i had stored, read them and let me know

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