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October 11th, 2009, 5:45 PM
A journey fic with a bit of a twist.

Glory Days

Chapter 1: After the Credits Roll...

Dawn really was the best time to go see Lake Verity. The setting sun cast beautiful rays of light that reflected off the water and onto the cool and crisp surroundings. In the sky, Starly tested out their newly developed wings, feeling the cool updrafts for the very first time in their life. If you were lucky, you’d be able to see the Magikarp jump. Their shiny, red scales would make starry eyed viewers out of all. Such a beautiful dawn, was never to be missed by a man such as Cornelius Verner. He was old, but a life shone bright in him that could rival any 10 year old receiving their first pokemon. He wore a hard-cloth dapper suit, dark brown in color. A fedora managed to conceal a bald spot that had taken to the top of his scalp where wispy grey hair had once sat. His heavy, grey mustache shriveled in the cool air as dull blue eyes scanned the Lake serenely.

“Vul…” A small brown fox growled lightly to the side of him.

Cornelius turned around to see his pet Vulpix striding over. She walked a few paces before stretching out and releasing a long sigh while her five tails all stretched out with her. Cornelius smiled, he’d never intended on keeping his old Vulpix’s pups, but there was something about this one that lit him up inside. In all his years of traveling through the cities of Sinnoh never once did his trusty Vulpix leave his side. She was with him for every gym battle and trip to the pokemon center, every Pokemon he caught and every poffin he tries to make. Cornelius had long since retired from the training business, taking up a comfortable, yet humble home in Twinleaf Town.

“Come on, get over here.” He said tiredly with just a hint of playfulness in his voice.

The small Vulpix, still not fully grown, enthusiastically jumped into the man’s arms. Cornelius stumbled back a bit with the pokemon in his hands, tottering dangerously close to the bank of Lake Verity before finally falling down with the Vulpix on his chest.

“Get offa’ me you mangy mutt!” Cornelius shouted playfully.

Cornelius got up and wiped his dapper off quickly. Repositioning his fedora, he looked at his Vulpix seriously. She still only had five tails, but they were all fully colored, meaning she would split off a sixth soon. Cornelius knew from experience that all Vulpix needed exercise. They needed some type of way to relieve all the pent up fire growing in their bodies, a thought that deeply troubled Cornelius. He had no intention letting her go, but he didn’t want to confine her to an unhappy life just to appease his need for companionship. There was no getting around it though, his back was going out slowly and his eyes seemed to be slowly getting blurrier. Keeping up with a full-time pokemon was going to be nearly impossible.

Cornelius cast his eyes once more over the beautiful lake. It was said that legend had made its home in the lake somewhere. Cornelius wasn’t surprised, he would live there too if he had gills. He looked at Vulpix, she wasn’t used to being out this early. He decided it was time to go.

“Well…” Cornelius grunted while making his way back to his home. He passed a couple of trainers making their way to the Lake. They were young, probably around 11 or 12. He smiled broadly.

“Ah! Good to see two young boys interested in the beauty of nature in its most primal state! Right?” He said with his eyes slightly gleaming.

The two boys stared wide eyed at each other. One was wearing a bright red beret and had on a dark blue, long sleeve jacket. He had calm collected eyes and hid his hands in his pockets for warmth. The other had messy blonde hair and an orange and white striped shirt on. He had sharp features and his eyes were fast and wide. The one with the beret started,

“Actually, we’re going to see if we can find the legendary lake poke-“

The blonde one cut him off and said,

“Yeah! We’re going to see the beautiful nature thing and the primal lake! Really pretty! Ha ha ha…”

The other kid let out a pained gasp as a not so playful elbow was jabbed into him. His eyes widened, that might have been a bit more than what was intended. The blonde one whispered something quickly in his ear sharply. The other one groaned and nodded his head.

“Do you want that creepy old guy to find that pokemon?! We have to be the first or else it won’t count. Got it?" He said forcing another elbow into the boy’s stomach.

“Oof… got it!” The boy with the jacket managed to gasp out forcefully through his pained breaths

The blonde one turned back and grinned slyly.

“See you at the beautiful lake and the primal ribs! Am I right!? Haha!”

Cornelius dropped his head gloomily as the two boys sped off, the blonde one half tripping every step. Vulpix walked up cautiously, nudging her trainer lightly to see if he was okay. He was usually a cheerful man, but something about those boys just made him feel, well, old.

“I wish I was young again… So many questions I’ve left unanswered. So many years wasted…” Cornelius waited a few minutes, staring at the spot where the boys had stood. He was thinking of himself. He was a fast youngster. Always looking for the next battle. In a way, he was similar to the blonde boy.

He and his Vulpix shuffled slowly back to their house. Cornelius stopped at the front door as his phone jittered noisily. He fumbled with the phone, still baffled as how to use it. He managed to press the talk button and a morbid voice came through.

“Dad? Are you there?”

Cornelius looked at the device bewildered. He never had had much experience using the thing. He preferred letters and personal visits over electronic messaging systems. His family had to practically strap the phone to his hand to get him to use it. He squinted at the phone. He held it arm length away and shouted,

“YEAH! I’m right HERE!”

“Augh! Don’t talk so loud Dad. Remember what we said? Hold the phone close…? Press the green button to talk…? Don’t SCREAM into it”

Cornelius’s brow furrowed at the thought of his own son talking down to him like this.

The young hipsters of today… I tell ya’! no respect for there elders!

“Hey! I don’t need to be told anything twice! My mind is still as sharp as a Skarmory’s wing!” he grunted back.

“Right… Well, some of us have been thinking.” Suddenly the tone got a bit more uncomfortable. “We know that Mom dying has been hard on you…”

“No.” Cornelius said shakily, he knew what was coming up.

“We just want to help. We can give you a new home! There’s people who will take care of you! Come on… you’ve always said how you’ve wanted to live a rich life! These people are practically your butlers!”

A nursing home?! We’ll see about that!

Cornelius held the phone as close as possible and shouted.

“NO! I told you that I don’t have to be told twice about ANYTHING! I can care for myself! I can take care of the whole world! I could take care of a thousand f***ing Snorlaxes and still have enough food to feed a whole family!”

He angrily pressed what he though was the “end talk” button and threw the stupid machine down onto the ground and stomped it mercilessly.

“If he wants to talk to me, well… He can fly his little ass over from Kanto and do it face to face!” He said panting heavily in anger.

“Uhm… Mr. Verner? Are you… okay?” A woman’s voice trailed behind him shakily.

Cornelius whipped around to see his neighbor, Mrs. Karbopolis. She was kneeling down holding a small Bonsly while tending to a garden she had outside her home. She cocked her head nervously hoping for a quiet answer.

“Oh! Well… er… I’m fine! How are you Mrs. Karbopolis? Aha! Cause I’, just dandy as ever! Ha! Haha!” Cornelius said, trying to regain his disposition.

“I’m… good.” She said, still in awe. The Bonsly was wriggling to get free from its kidnapper. It cried out impatiently.

“Well, that’s good. How’s your boy?” He said with angry pictures of his son flashing through his mind.

Mrs. Karbopolis let the Bonsly go and stood up and said smiling,

“Well! Barry is going to be getting his pokemon in a few days! He’ll be traveling around with that boy from across the way! What’s his name again…? Well, he’s a nice kid. Not as “jumpy” as Barry, that’s for sure.”

Cornelius was lightening up now. “Oh really? Has he decided what starter he’s going to pick?”

“Barry? Pick anything ands stick with it for more than three seconds? I don’t think so.” She said, rolling her eyes. She had often wondered why Barry had taken to being like that. He’d never even seen his dad but they were just so similar in personality.

“Ha… I was like that when I was just starting. Oh the memories I have of that adventure. He’ll be having the time of his life. No doubt. No doubt.” Cornelius said, reminiscing about getting his first Vulpix. He was only 10 back then, but they still allowed 10 year olds to take the Sinnoh gym challenge then. The age had been elevated to 12 recently. Not a big increase, but it made a world of difference. Of course there wasn’t really an age LIMIT on when you could start your challenge.

Suddenly Cornelius got a crazy idea. Maybe it wasn’t crazy, but it was definitely out there. He began working himself up at the thought of this new and exciting plan.

“You know it really wouldn’t be too far fetched and idea to go on a second trip would it, Mrs. Karbopolis?” Cornelius said with his eyes practically sparkling in enthusiasm. “After you go once, hell you don’t even have to stop! Just keep battling more people earning more badges… And when you’re done, why, you can just flat out repeat!”

“I…” Mrs. Karbopolis started.

Vulpix was starting to get excited at the tone of her masters voice. She was wagging her tails and barking a little bit. She’d caught on to this ploy, and she couldn’t wait.

“Great! So you really think I should do it? Hell, I can see from that expression that you think it’s a great idea too!” Cornelius said, practically tripping over his own words.

Suddenly the boy with the blonde hair and his friend came walking back.

Oh, its that kid and his friend. What was his name again? Barry…

Cornelius whipped his hands out and smiled.

“Guess what boys?!” He shouted,

“… what?” The two boys asked cautiously.

“I’m taking the Sinnoh Gym challenge!”

"WHAT?!" all three gasped simultaneously.


Basic Plot got set up, first chapters always worry me though. Now that I've grounded my story I can get down to the serious writing.

PS: Am I the only one who finds startiong a fic to be harder than actually writing the actual chapters?

PSS: CC would be lovely.

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