View Full Version : Suggestion: Pokemon RPG GameBoy Suggestions/Request forums

October 14th, 2004, 1:55 AM
This came up to me when I looked around my online sim league's forum, and then it came to my head. Maybe, maybe not, Nintendo of America may not be able to view this forum, but I think it might be a good idea to start a forum to post their ideas and suggestions to help better the Pokemon GameBoy/DS present and future.

Let me know what you think mods. I think it's an awesome idea.

October 14th, 2004, 4:11 AM
This isn’t anything a simple topic can’t facilitate, really. An entire forum would be messy, not to mention no way NoJ or Gamefreak are going to check our little board for ideas.

October 14th, 2004, 6:01 AM
Yeah I agree not to make one, it would just be too much