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November 9th, 2003, 8:09 PM
Chapter 1

A/N: I do not own digimon, just Tabbymon/all of his forms and ShadowTabbymon and all his forms. I wrote this is a script format because I like it better, but it is still written like a story, so this is chapter one. Kira is pronounced Key-r-a. She is Tai and Kari's 7 year old cousin (well rather 10 year old cousin if we're talking about season 2. She is like a month younger than Kari) and in my version, has to live with Tai and Kari, and saw the whole Greymon/Parrotmon battle when she lived next door to her cousins. When the kids go back to the digital world Kira sneaks with them and ends up getting a digimon called Tabbymon. When the rest of the kids leave, and she protests because she knows that her mom and dad hate each other and are trying to take her with one of them and she doesn't want that so she stays in the digital world with Tabbymon and an ancient story unfolds, with Kira as the main char! Oh, BTW just to tell you I have no spell check on my CPU and there is gonna be spelling mistakes here. Oh, can someone make up a name for a Davis/Kira shippy?

[Scene: The digital world. Tai and co. are waving to a small girl wearing a skirt, a blue tee-shirt that is a bit big on her, she has short curly brown hair, green eyes, and a small digimon that looks like Gatomon, just red with orange stripes all over, named Tabbymon waves with the other digimon]

Tabbymon: Don't worry! I'll take care of her!

Kira: *pulls out a pair of goggles and puts them on her head* BYE TAI! BYE KARI! TELL MY MOMMY I'M ALRIGHT!

Tai and Kari: Ok! See you soon!

[Timelapse, 3 years (well less in teh Digital World) Kira(now 10 with a nice new wardrobe, a white tank top and black flare jeans with flames at the bottom and Tai's goggles and her tag and crest (the crest of life) around her neck) and Tabbymon are in a cave reading the walls, the show an ancient battle between the digimon of Life, Ichimeimon, and the digimon of Darkness, Yamimon. Both look like a human, just with digimon like powers. Kira is seen reading the ancient text]

Kira: "...Yamimon attacked with Shadow Death, and Ichimeimon attacked with Angel's Light. Yamimon's attack hit first. Ichimeimon swore that their battle was not over yet and one day there will be a fearce fight between good and evil, and the one torn between the two sides will stop the fighting with each power. It is said the one will be a human, one with great power swayed to dark side to help friends." Wow, what a powerful story eh Tabbymon?

Tabbymon: *shivering* Y-You can say that again.

Kira: Ok! Wow what a power-

Tabbymon: Oh you know what I meant!

Kira: I know, I just like to make you mad buddy! Now let's go try to contact Tai and Kari! *rushes out of the cave*

Tabbymon: *to himself* Why does she keep doing this? I know she misses them, but she can't contact them..... *hears Kira scream* Oh no! *runs out*

[Cut out side the cave. Tabbymon looks to Kira who is looking up at a towering Tyrannomon and a human upon the head of the large dino-digimon. The human, a male around 11 years old with spikey blue hair, a blue outfit with yellow on it, and a cape. He held a whip in his hand and he was angery. Two scorch marks are next to her. Tabbymon looked to his frightned tamer and growled]


Kira: Maybe it's because I live here and I am a digidestend! Tabbymon! Digivolve! *holds out her digivice*

*Tabbymon goes to digivolve but the Caped boy holds out a weird looking device a modified Digivice, a black colored one and Tabbymon stops in mid-digivolve. Tabbymon didn't lose hope*

Tabbymon: Fine! If I can't digivolve... *jumps at the Tyrannomon* BLAZIN' PAW PUNCH! *his paw goes on fire and punches the digimon on the nose and lands on all fours at the ground*

*The Tyrannomon sakes off the attack and shoots a fireball at the small cat digimon*

Kira: No! TABBYMON! *her crest glows a VERY light pink and it protects Tabbymon*

Tabbymon: Who are you?!

The Caped Boy: I am the Digimon Emperor, the ruler of this world. And you will be deleted once I return home.

*Kira's eyes widened*

Kira: *thinking* Home? There is a way out of here?

Tabbymon: Kira snap out of it! We have to get out of here and find Agumon and Gabumon!

*Kira and Tabbymon run past the Tyrannomon and run into a clearning with a TV there and there was a small piece of paper, with Tai's handwriting on it. Kira picks it up and it has a date from 3 years ago and she goes to put it in her pocket when Tyrannomon and the Digimon Emperor appear. He was holding a digimon that looked like Tabbymon in his hand, it was Gatomon*

Gatomon: Let go of me! *sees Kira* Kira! Good to see you! Have Tabbymon digi-

Kira: He can't! *to the Digimon Emperor* LET HER GO! TAKE ME INSTEAD! *to herself* If Kari finds out anything happened to Gatomon I'll fry...

Digimon Emperor: Hm.... I'll take you and your digimon instead of this pityful creature. *throws Gatomon to the ground, snaps his fingers and two rings appear and wrap around Kira and Tabbymon's necks*

Gatomon: Kira! Tabbymon! NO! *runs in to the forest as a Unimon with a dark ring rushes after her after a crack from the Digimon Emperor's whip*

*Kira's shirt turned black, her hair also became long, black and stright. Her crest turns black and a snake appears on it and Tai's goggles appear on her head. Her eyes turned evil. Tabbymon turned a shadowy color and looked to the Digimon Emperor, so did Kira*

ShadowTabbymon: Master, address me as ShadowTabbymon now *bows down*

Yami: Master, call me Yami *also bows*

[Scene, Real World a few weeks after Kira and Tabbymon went evil. Tai's Digivice shows that help signal.]

Tai: Agumon!

[Scene, Digital World. Yami is kinda flying/floating in the air and ShadowTabbymon rushes after Agumon.]

Yami: *holds out her digivice, now the same type as the Digimon Emperor, and points it to ShadowTabbymon* ShadowTabbymon Digivolve now! DEFEAT HIM!

*ShadowTabbymon is swallowed in a black and blue light*

ShadowTabbymon: SHADOWTABBYMON DIGIVOLVED TO................................... *turns into a shadowy version of Tigermon*

ShadowTigermon: SHADOWTIGERMON! Shadow Flame! *a black and gray flame shoots out of ShadowTigermon's mouth and just misses Agumon*

Agumon: *turns around and faces the feirce Tiger Digimon* Pepper Breath! Pow!

*ShadowTigermon uses his tail to cancel out the attack*

Tai: *far off* AGUMON! I'M HERE!

Yami/Kira: *flashes back to Kira* Tai? *flashes back* ShadowTigermon! Fall out! *teleports out*

ShadowTigermon: You got lucky! *runs into the forest and disappears*

November 10th, 2003, 5:18 PM
I read this on PW, I think it's very good although it will be better with extension :).