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October 24th, 2009, 12:02 PM
This is my first try at a fanfic, please feel free to suggest.
(Please note that this idea came up from Espibe's infected pokemon.)
Chapter 1
Beginning of the end.

Another wonderful night full of peace and joy as wild pokemon roamed around Lake Valor and the rest of it's surroundings the trees moving side to side it seemed as the trees danced with the air and the fallen dry leaves made a rustle noise Ash, Brock and Dawn sat next by the river bank looking down at the water "It sure is nice to be in Lake Valor at this time" Said Dawn, "Sure is" replied Brock, Ash stayed quiet laying down and looking at the stars above hoping to test his luck he slowly scanned the sky hoping to see a shooting star, the stars where bright and shiny making Lake Valor glimmer and keeping the pokemon safe and sound. As Ash watched through the sky withouth speaking "I'm going to grab something to eat, im quite hungry" groaned Brock as his belly was grumbling as Brock got up Ash saw something coming their way as night turned into dawn from the sky as it got close Ash got up and shouted "Guy's lets go a meteorite is coming our way!" quickly Ash, Dawn and Brock along with Pikachu who was sleeping quietly ran into the woods for shelter as the meteor bombarded Lake Valor it send loads of pokemon flying off into the air as Starly's left flapping their wings trying to get away from this huge impact from the meteorite was not an ordinary metorite it was covered in some sort of gooey material as Ash, Brock and Dawn watched in daze as pokemon approached to examine the metorite fallen from the sky everything turned back into night as a nosey Poochyena looked through something popped up bursting into the air making the pokemon back up to see what was within that meteorite as the shadowy figure looked down upon them it revealed itself to be a Deoxys which had something falling from it's hands it seemed like goo but not just your ordinary plain goo something more then that it moved and it spreaded out jumping over the pokemon that were near it, then soon enough the pokemon where struggling to keep it away as Ash, Dawn and Brock watched in astonish the pokemon changed shape they turned red with outlines of yellow and green their eyes glowing red soon enough it seemed as it was a hazardous infection.

end of chapter 1 please feel to express if I should continue or not. (please note this is a draft.)!