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October 29th, 2009, 1:42 PM
Chapter one: Ninja council one: The exam [The new team 7].

As I walk into my fourth hour class...our social studie's teacher eyed on someone everytime they walked into the room. I stood silence for a moment but, then turn to my row partner and whispered. "W-what's going on?."
He shrugged.
"I don't know" he replied.
As soon as everyone was seated our teacher walked from East to West eyeballing at every one of us.

"That's it!." I slammed my desk.
"What's going?!."

The teacher fell in silence as everyone looked at me in surprise.
"my god..." Alan muttered.
"What are you doing?!." Johnny whispered with a hiss.
I glared at my social studies teacher as everyone still looked surprise by my action.
"Curious aren't you my dear?." she only said. My eyes were filled with flames as she spoke. "Something doesn't feel right. Tell us!." I demanded madly. "!". everyone had that expression on their face. My teacher only smiled at me and she walked in the middle of the classroom. "Alright everyone. Be on guard this will affect half of your grade." She proclaimed. "....H-half?." Alex hesistated. She nodded.
"Alright. I will tell you." She replied giving me a sly smile.
"This exam is to show your how well you can not only work together but, to see if you can survive together."
Everyone fell in silence.
"......what!?." Alan boomed. "We just have to write the answer down!."
Our teacher shooked her head. "No no." She laughed.
"........." Alan said nothing.
"Is this a outside exam?." I asked glaring straight at my teacher. She nodded with a sly smile.
"Indeed my dear."