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October 30th, 2009, 1:44 PM
http://www.dma.wtw-x.net is a good site for info on all Digimon.

Prologue/Brief Summary:

Six human teenagers have been summoned, from New York City, to a different world: The Digital World.
They appear to be Chosen Ones, and not only that , the first humans to be in this world. However, this isn't a random vacation.
The four Sovereign Digimon (Azulongmon, Ebonwumon, Baihumon, and Zhuqiaomon), requested that King Drasil, the Digital World's equivalent to a supreme benevolent God, to bring these teens to the Digital World, give them a little machine called a Digivice, along with a young Digimon to be their partner to stop a great evil: The Dark Lord, Lucemon
Not much is known about Lucemon, but his motives are to destroy King Drasil, as well as the world known as "Earth" and use the humans as slaves and be supreme ruler of the Digital World. Little do they know, these adolescent New Yorkers have the fate of both worlds in their hands.

http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Bandai/Shadowman/LucemonFM.jpg ^That would be Lucemon, in Chaos Mode.

Now for the first scene

(Zooming toward a strange, metallic-looking, yet brightly-colored castle, somewhere in the Digital World, with a jazz orchestrated version of the original Japanese Digimon Opening, "Butter-Fly", playing as the BGM. The movie's logo appears quickly and stays on screen for thirty seconds. After about 1 1/2 minutes of opening credits, the music stops, and the camera zooms a large room of the castle.)

Six teenagers woke up in the same room, in very comfortable beds. However, they had no idea where they were, and their new Digivices seemed to have magically ended up in their hands right as they got up.

Then, somebody seemed to have opened the door. This will be the first Digimon the new Chosen Ones ever meet, but he seems to not be hostile to them, even though he was wielding a large shield in his right hand, and a giant lance in his left. His cape was red, just like the false reptilian face above his eyes.
He then said "I apologize for barging in. And before you start asking questions about why you are here, allow me to introduce myself: I... am Gallantmon, a very noble Digimon. You are here in the Digital World because both your world and ours are in grave danger."

An average build, pale-skinned blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy, of Polish descent, aged 16, asked "Danger? I know that New York can be a pretty dangerous place, but everybody's so used to it that the police will protect us."

The boy was wearing a pair of goggles, a red T-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers.

Gallantmon interrupted, "SILENCE! It is a danger... So much worse than crime. An ancient evil Digimon known as Lucemon has escaped from his shadowy prison, and is plotting to destroy your world and use all humans as slaves. Not only that, but he wants to destroy our beloved God, King Drasil, and rule this world as Supreme Overlord. None of you can even THINK about facing off against Lucemon alone, at least without a Digimon partner for each of you. He is THAT powerful, and the fate of both our worlds is in your hands."

Another average built, 15 year old boy, of Chinese descent, wearing glasses, a blue long-sleeve shirt, black sweatpants, and brown boots, said "So... We're all... Chosen Ones of some sort?"

Gallantmon nodded.

A third boy, a brunette of Latin American descent, wearing a leather jacket, a green button-up shirt, khaki shorts, and black sandals, asked "Who IS Lucemon, anyways?" This boy was 17 years old.

Gallantmon explained "Lucemon is an extremely powerful Digimon, capable of controlling Light AND Darkness to his advantage. He looks a lot like a human, but he has white angel wings on one side of his body, and black demon wings on the other. Long ago, I, along the rest of my group, the Royal Knights, valiantly battled Lucemon. Only a few of us Royal Knights remain, and we still serve King Drasil. I was the one who sealed Lucemon into the deepest depths of the Dark Area."

A fourth boy, 16 years old, an average-built, of Middle Eastern descent wearing an orange hoodie, black jeans, and blue sneakers, responded "Dark Area? Is that like Hell or something?"

Gallantmon said "Yes, but it is far worse. Only the most evil of Digimon stay there forever. Lucemon was supposed to be one of them, but he somehow escaped. However, good Digimon will soon come back from the Dark Area to this world as a Digi-Egg, to hatch, and start life all over again."

A red-headed girl, of Irish descent, wearing wearing a pink T-shirt, a pair of fale diamond stud earrings, and a black skirt, along with yellow flip-flops, said "You said something about our... Digimon... Partners? When will we see them?"

A second girl, of African-American descent, wearing a yellow bandanna on her head, with silver hoop earrings, a lime green T-shirt, tight blue jeans, and black sneakers, asked "What are these weird things that appeared in our hands?"

Gallantmon said the names of the Chosen in the order in which they said something "Eric, Brandon, Joseph, Tony, Sammy, and Kia..."

The knight-like Digimon paused, and added "Your partners have been waiting for you for a while, and those little machines are your Digivices. They come with a Digimon Analyzer, which has information for EVERY single Digimon in this world. Plus, they have the power to make your partners Digivolve. Digivolution is a complex affair, but let me break it down for you. All Digimon can Digivolve, and most can't stay in a high Digivolved form for a very long time. Being in a Digivolved form can be tiring to some Digimon, who revert back to a lower form after a while. There are six stages of Digivolution. The first is the Fresh form, which is the first form after hatching from a Digi-Egg. Then there is the In-Training, which a Digimon still grows. The third stage is Rookie, which your partners will normally be in when not in a fight, but they still need just a little more time to grow, because they are young. Then, there is the Champion stage. Champion Digimon are not at their full potential, but are very power. The second-to last stage is Ultimate, which includes Lucemon, who is much stronger than most others of his stage. Finally, there is the Mega stage, which includes myself. Your partners will all be able of Digivolving all the way to Mega after a while. But be careful, this world is extremely dangerous. Lucemon's minions lurk all over the entire Digital World. Follow me. It is time to meet your partners."

Gallantmon stopped, and lead the six Chosen to another room, where they will meet their Digimon partners.

(Does anybody like it so far?)

Kung Fu Ferret
November 1st, 2009, 3:52 PM
Scene Two
(In the room where Gallantmon introduces the Chosen Teens to their Digimon Partners)

Gallantmon opened the door to the room that the young Digimon partners were waiting in, then handing the Chosen Teens a Tag and Crest, explaining "These are your Crests and Tags. They can help, along with your Digivices, with Digivolving your Digimon. Each Crest represents a virtue that is prominent in each of you. Eric, your Crest is Courage. Brandon, your Crest is Friendship. Joseph, your crest is Knowledge. Tony, your crest is Reliability. Sammy, your crest is Love. Kia, your crest is Sincerity." Then, he let the Chosen Teens into the room, gently closing the door behind himself.

Gallantmon added "There are six Digimon in here. You don't choose which one is yours. They pick whichever one of you is most fitted for them. Don't be alarmed if they know a lot about you. They've been waiting for you since they hatched from their Digi-Eggs." The room looked like that of a human nursery, with cute paintings of animals and toys on the walls, and pink and blue curtains on the windows.

The first Digimon in the room was a pinkish ball with red eyes, two flowing antennae, and a toothy grin. This was Koromon, who jumped into Eric's open arms. The second was a ball covered in golden brown fur, with a single, large black horn on top of it. This was Tsunomon, who darted toward Brandon. The third one was a pink, squishy blob with two tiny little arms. This was Motimon, who then latched onto Joseph's leg. The fourth, had an actual body instead of just being a bouncing head or a blob, was brown, and looked like a baby alligator with flippers instead of legs, and a red lock of hair on its head that looked like a flame. This was Bukamon, who hugged Tony's arm, and was reluctant to let go. The fifth was a pink ball with blob-like legs, and a blue flower on it. This was Yokomon, who climbed up onto Sammy's head. The sixth, had a sprout of some sort sticking out of it, and also came with little stubby legs. This was Tanemon, who began sniffing Kia.

Gallantmon explained "These are your partners. They may be cute and cuddly now, but when they are able to Digivolve, they will become excellent in the fight against evil Digimon. Try to get them to stick with you in your quest. The Digital World can be extremely unpredictable, especially for humans like yourselves. I'll leave you all alone for a bit, so you can get to know each other. Feel free to take them outside with you to walk around.", and walked out of the room.

Not too long after Gallantmon left the room, the Chosen and their Digimon took Gallantmon's advice and went for a walk outside. Not too far into their walk, they encountered a hostile, ghost-like Digimon on the forest path.


This was Bakemon, a minion of Lucemon, who noticed the Chosen and their Digimon, and prepared to attack.

The six Digimon became surrounded by a strange light, and began to Digivolve simultaneously.

Koromon Digivolved to a yellow, theropod (a scientific term for a meat-eating dinosaur)-like Digimon. This was Agumon.

Tsunomon Digivolved to a Digimon with a blue and cyan-striped pelt on him, and a yellow horn on its head. This was Gabumon.

Motimon Digivolved to a ladybug-like Digimon with one claw on both of his forearms. This was Tentomon.

Bukamon Digivolved to a white, seal-like Digimon with purple markings and an orange Mohawk. This was Gomamon.

Yokomon Digivolved to a pink, large, avian (bird-like) Digimon. This was Biyomon.

Tanemon Digivolved to a green, alien-like humanoid Digimon with a purple flower on its head. This was Palmon.

The six Rookie Digimon then attacked Bakemon with their respective Pepper Breath, Blue Blaster, Super Shocker, Marching Fishes, Spiral Twister, and Poison Ivy attacks. They said the names of their attacks while they used them.

Bakemon was defeated, screaming "NO! Lucemon, please! Forgive my failure!" and became data, and scattered with the wind.

Gallantmon wasn't too far away, and applauded them, saying "You did well. I saw everything from a distance. If that were an actual test for you and your Digimon's bonds, you all would have passed with flying colors. I sense a disturbance in data on the other side of the forest. You should go check it out."

Meanwhile, on TV in New York City, on the news, the six Chosen were reported missing the night before, and seemed to have disappeared without a trace of anything.

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November 7th, 2009, 4:39 PM
Scene Three

(Starts out after Bakemon is defeated by Agumon, Gabumon, Tentomon, Gomamon, Biyomon, and Palmon)

The six Chosen and their Digimon were walking off the beaten path, and not too long after they took a "Scenic Route", it started to get strangely dark out, and the wind blew faster than usual. Eric asked Agumon "Do you know where we are? I think we might be lost."

Agumon told him "No, I don't. And um... Eric? Do you feel like somebody's breathing heavily right behind you?"

Eric asked again, "Why do you say that, Agumon?", not realizing there was a guard dog-like Digimon looking straight at them.

Eric used his Digivice's Digimon Analyzer to find out exactly what the demonic canine was. A picture of it came up, and Eric read "Dobermon.... a Champion-level, bounty-hunting Beast Digimon who works for Lucemon, with a bad temper who enjoys eating gourmet data, like that of humans?!" , then pausing for a brief second, before shouted "AGUMON! LOOK OUT!"

Dobermon knocked Agumon down with his paw before growling "It's useless, humans! I could take you all down with one shot! Give up, you little morsels!"

Agumon then got up, and became surrounded by a white light, and began to Digivolve.

(Power Orchestrated version of "EVO", the main Digivolution theme from the third series of Digimon, Digimon Tamers, plays during all major Digivolution sequencces and the first battle they fight in their new Digivolved form)

Agumon said "Agumon, Digivolve to...", becoming a familiar, orange, much larger dinosaur-like Digimon, with a brown head, with a horn on its nose and behind each eye, and blue stripes.

The newly Digivolved Digimon roared its name "GREYMON!"

Dobermon hissed "Mmmm... you humans look so scrumptious. And Lucemon paid me to delete all of you, AND your Digimon, right on the spot! BLACK LASER!", then firing a beam of darkness from his mouth toward the five Rookies, but Greymon used his massive head like a shield, feeling almost nothing.

Greymon roared "I CAN'T LET YOU EAT THEM, MANGY MUTT! GREAT ANTLER!", then proceeding to knock Dobermon into a tree with his horns, then stepping back several feet.

Dobermon howled in anger, then muttering, "You fools! I'm not done YET!", lunging toward Greymon, aiming to bite and claw at his chest.

Greymon then ferociously stomped, waving his tail, preparing for a finishing attack.

Then, Greymon shouted "NOVA BLAST!" ,as he opened his mouth wide, spitting out an enormous fireball, right at Dobermon.

Dobermon combusted, howling "YOU'LL NEVER DEFEAT LUCEMON!", then becoming data, which Greymon seemed to absorb.

Greymon then degenerated back to Agumon, and Eric, and the others, huddled around him, thanking Agumon, and Eric said "You really gave it to him!", Tentomon happily said "I'm just glad you didn't let that flea-ridden hound eat all of us!" Kia said "Wow. That was actually pretty cool!"

And so, they got out through the other side of the forest, entering an open meadow, with a strange house, built entirely out of forms of solid chocolate, smack dab in the middle of it. Agumon was very hungry after the fight, and led out crew of heroes towards this chocolate house, not knowing who, or what, lied ahead.

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November 11th, 2009, 3:31 PM
(what do you guys think?)

(what do you guys think?)


Well, the next Scene will be up sometime before my 18th birthday (11/19/09)

November 12th, 2009, 10:20 PM
I am thinking of reviewing this, since I am interested in all Digimon fanfics, but it will be a few days before anything will actually appear.

One question though: Why do you describe all the Digimon, but only a few get pictures? The pictures are rather unnecessary since you have the description, and it's kind of annoying (for me) to be reading a fic, and all of a sudden have a picture appear out of nowhere.

Kung Fu Ferret
November 14th, 2009, 6:22 AM
I am thinking of reviewing this, since I am interested in all Digimon fanfics, but it will be a few days before anything will actually appear.

One question though: Why do you describe all the Digimon, but only a few get pictures? The pictures are rather unnecessary since you have the description, and it's kind of annoying (for me) to be reading a fic, and all of a sudden have a picture appear out of nowhere.

I know. It gives readers a better idea.

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November 17th, 2009, 4:03 PM
The next scene will be up around Thanksgiving.

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November 25th, 2009, 6:13 PM
Scene Four
(In the "meadow", which is actually a mirage in a desert area)
So, as it turns out, the peaceful meadow and the house made of chocolate were a mirage, and they were really in the middle of a desert. Agumon, being fatigued after Digivolving to Greymon, and defeating Dobermon, started trying to eat rocks, and then said "Aww... these chocolate chip cookies are stale.", then realizing what he was actually attempting to eat were rocks, and spitting them out. Gabumon looked ahead of Agumon, and said, concerned "I think something in the sand is moving."

It seems that Gabumon was right. A large, green dinosaur-like Digimon with strange black and red horns coming out of its shoulders, came out from a dry riverbed, heading straight towards Agumon. http://dma.wtw-x.net/DMA/DigimonStands/Toei/Tuskmon.gif
Brandon's Digivice opened up the Digimon Analyzer, and he read it out loud, saying "Tuskmon is a mutant dinosaur Digimon that hides to ambush enemies, and then rams into them with the tusks on its shoulders?!" He paused, let out a gasp, and shouted "AGUMON! LOOK OUT!"

Agumon tried jumping out of the way, but was a little too slow, and Gabumon was still in Tuskmon's path. Gabumon became surrounded by a white light.

Gabumon was Digivolving. He said "Gabumon, Digivolve to...", and his shape changed into a striped, blue, wolf-like form, with fur like the pelt that Gabumon wore.
This Digimon howled its name loudly, saying "Garurumon!"
Garurumon grabbed Agumon, and gently placed him on a boulder. Tuskmon said "What the--?! I'll show you to mess with me! Horn Driver!", attempting to gore Garurumon, who dodged, bit Tuskmon on the arm, and whipped Tuskmon with his tail.

Garurumon let go about twenty seconds later, and Tuskmon roared loudly, and muttered "You're tougher than I thought! I guess having humans around makes some Digimon stronger, but you're still going down!"
Garurumon smirked, saying "Oh yeah? How about this?! HOWLING BLASTER!", as he let out a breath of cold flames from his mouth, aiming toward Tuskmon's chest.

Tuskmon was defeated, and Garurumon absorbed its data, before degenerating back to. Gabumon.

Biyomon brought Agumon down to the ground, and Agumon thanked Gabumon for preventing him from being eaten.

Tony said "I wonder who'll Digivolve next?" Palmon told him " How do we know? We're Digimon, not psychics!"

Tuskmon left a parting gift for the six Chosen and their Digimon, a pitfall that led to a foul-smelling cavern.

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November 30th, 2009, 1:22 PM
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November 30th, 2009, 2:18 PM
XD lol nice fanfic i really like digimon and this thread is nice.=P

November 30th, 2009, 2:24 PM
I would like to say that the random images are rather annoying. Anyone interested in reading a Digimon fanfic should know what they look like, and if not, could look it up themselves. Anyways, I'm not much of a reviewer, so that is all you get.

Kung Fu Ferret
December 2nd, 2009, 12:43 PM
I would like to say that the random images are rather annoying. Anyone interested in reading a Digimon fanfic should know what they look like, and if not, could look it up themselves. Anyways, I'm not much of a reviewer, so that is all you get.

I threw them in because sometimes, I'm no tthat good at descriptions.

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December 6th, 2009, 11:45 AM
(Next Chapter will likely be up before Christmas!)

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December 16th, 2009, 12:15 PM
I hope to get it up this Saturday or Sunday!

December 18th, 2009, 6:24 PM
Oh my gosh! Digimon rocks!! And does ur fic!!

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December 24th, 2009, 10:54 AM
(Thank you! And I couldn't post this scene earlier because my Internet connection was total crap!)

Scene 4

The Chosen and their Digimon continued walking, reaching a strange, high-tech town in the middle of the desert. They saw a wide variety of Machine Digimon inhabiting this odd place, mostly Rookie-levels like Hagurumon, Commandramon, and Kokuwamon. Several of these Digimon ran past them in a panic, as if something was chasing after them in a deadly game of Cat and Mouse. Then, a brown, semi-humanoid Machine Digimon landed from above, and followed the fleeing Digimon. This Digimon was Guardromon.


Sammy looked at her Digivice, and the Digimon Analyzer came up, and she read it aloud, "Guardromon is normally a kind Digimon that protects weaker beings from harm. But when a hacker or evil Digimon gets control of him, Guardromon wreaks havoc and attacks the Digimon he used to protect."

Sammy happened to be directly in Guardromon's path, and Biyomon got in front of her human partner, and a white light surrounded the pink, bird-like Digimon.

Biyomon said "Biyomon, Digivolve to...", becoming a large Digimon like a giant Bald Eagle with a massive pair of horns.


The newly Digivolved Digimon announced its name, "AQUILAMON!"

Guardromon seemed to be under Lucemon's control, and attacked Aquilamon, saying, in a monotone voice, "Destroy... the Chosen... DESTRUCTION GRENADE!", but Aquilamon dodged it, and the attack hit the ground several feet away, between Aquilamon and her human partner.

Aquilamon then said "I won't let you destroy my FRIENDS! GLIDING HORNS!", and rammed Guardromon with her horns, aiming for the middle of the enemy's body. This did a good amount of damage to Guardromon, and Aquilamon finished the fight with a ring-shaped pulse of wind and energy from her mouth, shouting "BLAST RING!" Guardromon's data disintegrated, and Aquilamon absorbed it.

Then, a Hagurumon, Commandramon, and Kokuwamon ran toward Aquilamon, who then degenerated back to Biyomon, and said "Thanks for saving our city!" Sammy said "Don't mention it. We're the Chosen Ones, and one day, we'll defeat Lucemon, and bring peace to both the Digital World and our home world!"

A Kokuwamon elder, holding a sceptre, came out of a strange, robotic-looking hut, and said "Thank you for saving us from destruction! Is there anything we can do to repay you?"
Biyomon told him "I can't think of anything right now, but we need to go, but we'll come back some day!"

The elder Kokuwamon smiled and said "You are all very humble. And we haven't seen humans in this world for YEARS! I wish you luck!"

The Chosen and their Digimon then made it out of the odd mechanical village, and headed toward a mountainous region.

Kung Fu Ferret
December 31st, 2009, 1:18 PM
The next scene will be up soon

December 31st, 2009, 11:31 PM
I find it sort of odd that you are writing a 'script', yet don't use the format used for scripts...

Kung Fu Ferret
January 1st, 2010, 12:31 PM
I find it sort of odd that you are writing a 'script', yet don't use the format used for scripts...

I know! It's weird, right?

Ninja Caterpie
January 1st, 2010, 2:15 PM
I know! It's weird, right?

Don't call it a script then?

January 3rd, 2010, 3:57 PM
I might be nuts here. But this sounds more like a concept than an actual fanfic. I don't know if this is the right section for this. I can't really review this or give criticism, because I'm not entirely sure if this is a fanfic or just an idea that you're posting.

Kung Fu Ferret
January 6th, 2010, 3:01 PM
I might be nuts here. But this sounds more like a concept than an actual fanfic. I don't know if this is the right section for this. I can't really review this or give criticism, because I'm not entirely sure if this is a fanfic or just an idea that you're posting.

It's both. No, seriously!

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January 15th, 2010, 1:33 PM
Scene 5

The Chosen and their Digimon have safely gotten out of the desert, but shortly afterwards, they fell into a strange hole, covered by nothing but a strange looking disc. They ended up in a foul-smelling sewer. Joseph then said "This place smells like my grandpa's toilet AND my cat's litterbox!" Tentomon asked "What would those things smell like?"

Joseph explained "Like something that died and is decaying!" Tentomon then said "Most Digimon don't really die or decay. We usually come back as Digi-Eggs, unless another Digimon absorbs or scans our data before it can form a Digi-Egg. But I don't know much about that. It's Anubimon's job to take care of the whole reincarnation process."

Eric asked "Who's Anubimon, anyways?"

Agumon explained "He's the one who gives deleted Digimon their final judgement. He lives in the Dark Area. Y'know, the place Lucemon escaped from. Remember what Gallantmon told you about the Digital World?"

Kia said "I think we all remember it, right?"

Suddenly, a green, slug-like Digimon with a large tongue and a huge set of teeth, ran towards the Chosen, screaming "SOMEBODY HELP! MY HOUSE IS BEING ATTACKED!"
Joseph said "Where is your house?"


The blob-like, stalk-eyed Digimon explained "My name is Numemon, just follow me! Hope you can catch up! If we don't hurry, my house will be destroyed! And my mom's in there!", then running off as fast as he could, leading the way.

The Chosen and their Digimon partners followed Numemon, and a zombie-like beast Digimon was attacking a house made of scrap metal and pipes.


Numemon then said "That's Raremon, and he just won't give up until he eats my mother!"

Gabumon then asked "Why would he want to eat your mom?"

Numemon shrugged, and said "Hurry! If you don't stop him, my poor old mum will have a heart attack, and get eaten alive by Raremon!"

Tentomon then said "I can't let that happen! Tentomon, Digivolve to..."

Tentomon began to Digivolve, becoming surrounded by a white light, then becomig a large Digimon that looked like a large, mutated, bluish rhinoceros beetle that could probably fit well in a movie with Godzilla, or maybe Predator.

The newly Digivolved Digimon announced its name, "Kabuterimon!"

Numemon then said "Thank King Drasil!"

Kabuterimon flew over to Raremon and jabbed him with his horn, before Raremon turned around and shouted "BUFFALO BREATH!", and breathed a foul-smelling breath from his mouth.

Kabuterimon blasted it back at him by flapping his wings, stunning Raremon momentarily, allowing Kabuterimon to finish the fight. He let out a blast of electric energy in the form of a ball, and shouted "ELECTRO SHOCKER!", and shot the ball in Raremon's gaping mouth. Raremon then said "NOOOOOOOOOOO!", before getting deleted, and Kabuterimon absorbed the data before becoming Tentomon again.

Biyomon asked Numemon "Do you know a way outta here?"

Numemon then said "Follow the path, and you'll see a ladder. Climb it, and you'll reach the coast of this area. Now, I need to check in on my mom. Thanks for saving my house!"

The Chosen and their Digimon found the path, and were on their way out of the smelly sewer.

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May 29th, 2010, 10:09 PM
Actually, I'll remake this fic from the beginning on PE2k!