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November 5th, 2009, 12:53 PM
Hi! I'm Cirriex, and I've obviously just joined PC! I joined because I've been a fan of the Pokemon franchise for about nine years, since I was just knee-high to a grasshopper! (I love that expression...) Anyway, It's nice to meet you, but before I sign off, let me give you a brief history all about myself. I'm sure you'll find most or some of it very interesting, or all of it incredibly boring. I hope you enjoy reading; there's a quite a bit to be done, but it should be good fun to read. I hope. :)

Anyway, onto the main show, so to speak. I live in England with my family and two English Springers, madder than a box of frogs and noisier too, an evil black cat who is the eye of my affection, and a gerbil who's brother sadly passed away a month ago (Aww.). Anyway, I've always wanted a falcon or some other kind of bird, but being thirteen years old it might be a bit much for me to handle, so I'll have to wait until I'm older. Until then, I'm happy with my mini-menagerie, and of course my collection in the Pokemon games keeps me occupied. But more on that later. I;
'm quite timid, really; Not in the sense of meeting new people,

I'm quite a story writer, or so I'm told, and I have an idea for a roleplay involving Pokemon, but it needs some work, but I'll probably join up with someone else's roleplay, if I can. I can catch the attention of those around me and people often say I have a "Silver Tongue" Which I'm really quite proud of, but I try not to brag too much. Although I probably have. That's one of my many problems; I'm somewhat absentminded, but I can be focussed when I want to be. I think. My main problem is I get easily distracted, and I can't multitask, so when I do something, I can't try and do another thing... Ah well, I'll manage.

Anyway, other tidbits... My favourite colour is sky blue, and my favourite animal is a Peregrine Falcon, unless like some... different minded individuals, you don't class birds as animals, then I suppose my favourite land creature would have to be a Lion. My favourite pastimes are reading, writing, playing on games (especially Pokemon!), walking the dogs and martial arts, among a few other sports. I'm not a particularly sporty person, but those sports which I do play I tend to be good at, like Tennis, Badminton, Cricket and Basketball. As long as I don't need to use my feet to kick the ball...

People say I'm energetic and fun-loving, which in my opinion is a polite way of saying irritating and mischievous, but I'm also very creative and imaginative. I'm good at most of my school subjects, especially Art, MFL, Humanities and Music. I'm quite intelligent and sometimes devious, but most of the time I'm a good person. Just somewhat energetic and inquisitive. I'm very well versed in many languages, and I can write very good poetry. I'm a fan of most kind of books, particualrly romance and horror, which are an odd combination brought together by the incredible Stephanie Meyer! I also like Darren Shan and Tolkein's works, but as I said, I enjoy any book.

I just acquired Platinum, in fact, it's on sleep at the moment where I'm choosing my starter (I chose Piplup for reasons which will become clear...) . My favourite type is flying, and I usually make a team of solely Flying types which is actually easily manageable due to the fact that every type other than fighting has been paired with Flying at least once. I'm a successful player; When I was six, I won a mini tournament using only flying types on Pokemon Silver. I was so proud and I still like to think I'm at least an OK trainer. My favourite Pokemon in itself has got to be either Skarmory or the ever popular somewhat annoying but still awesome Charizard!!

Well, that's just about it from me. If you do happen to have the time look into the fanfic section and see if I've posted there. until we meet again, ciao!

November 5th, 2009, 5:45 PM
Wow. Uhm, welcome ^^;
Read the rules and FAQ's.

November 5th, 2009, 7:12 PM
Uhmm..So many details on an Introduction? i wonder how long it took you to write all that wall of text. Anyways welcome to this one of the wonderful forums known as The PokeCommunity! If you did not read the forum rules yet,Please take your time and read all of them. If you have any questions read the FAQ! if you still have any questions that does not answer in the FAQ feel free to ask me! And if you need any help you can always PM me! Enjoy yourself on this forum ;)